Paint a Galaxy Hair with Watercolors + FREE line art template | Watercolour Witch Eliza | Skillshare

Paint a Galaxy Hair with Watercolors + FREE line art template

Watercolour Witch Eliza, watercolor illustration&character design

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7 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Tools

    • 3. Bonus - Trace the lineart

    • 4. Let's paint the hair

    • 5. Splattering

    • 6. Bonus- Face

    • 7. Summary & You Have a Gift

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About This Class

I do believe coloring should be fun and not something you worries over and over.

Not something that makes you even more frustrated and anxious.

So come, take my class and discover the true joy of painting!

In this class you will learn all my tricks on how to successfully paint a galaxy/ nebulae pattern hair. 

This class is suitable for all levels. You will get a downloadable line art template so all you need to do is to grab a brush and some watercolor paints, and paint a pretty galaxy. 

In the class I'll explain:

  • My secret splattering technique
  • The most important thing to know when painting a galaxy pattern
  • My hack on how to transfer the linework onto watercolor paper
  • All along the class in an easy to follow and fun way

(And as a bonus I show you how I painted her face with aquarelle pencils)

By the end of this class you will get all the skills you need to paint a beautiful galaxy/ night sky patterned hair with watercolor.


See you in the class!

Eliza, the Watercolour Witch






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Watercolour Witch Eliza

watercolor illustration&character design


I have a little gift for you.

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