Paint Watercolor Roses in 4 Different Styles - For All Levels | Manushree Mishra | Skillshare

Paint Watercolor Roses in 4 Different Styles - For All Levels

Manushree Mishra, Watercolour Artist

Paint Watercolor Roses in 4 Different Styles - For All Levels

Manushree Mishra, Watercolour Artist

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14 Lessons (1h 36m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Basic Strokes

    • 4. Easy Loose Style Rose Part I

    • 5. Easy Lose Style Rose Part II

    • 6. Advanced Loose Style Rose Part I

    • 7. Advanced Loose Style Rose Part II

    • 8. Ink and Watercolour Style Rose Part I

    • 9. Ink and Watercolor Style Rose Part II

    • 10. Ink & Watercolor Style Rose Part III

    • 11. Realistic Style Rose Part I

    • 12. Realistic Style Rose Part II

    • 13. Realistic Style Rose Part III

    • 14. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

I am so happy to have you here, here’s what we are learning in this class :
In the first section of this class, we'll be learning about the basic strokes to enhance brush control and we will also be learning to paint basic strokes which are a foundation of every rose flower.

We will then take this knowledge forward to create our first very soft and simple loose style rose.

In the next section, we will be creating our advanced loose style rose which is slightly different than the previous one and an absolutely gorgeous looking rose. We will be learning about the concepts of lighter and darker values and how to leverage that to create layers and depth in our rose.

Next up we will be experimenting with ink and watercolors to create a very unique style of roses. We will begin by familiarising ourselves with a dip pen and the variety of strokes we can achieve through it. We will be then crafting our ink & watercolor roses.

This class is designed to be enjoyed by artists at all levels and is in real-time so that we can join along in every step together and complete all the flowers. So what are you waiting for? Grab some watercolour and a beverage of your choice and let us explore roses in four different styles :)

Please note,If you have any questions at all, you can always leave a message for me here or on Instagram @thewhimsicalcreative and I’ll be happy to answer them.

I welcome your questions, comments and feedback.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Manushree Mishra

Watercolour Artist


Hello, hello!

I am so happy that you’re here!
I am Manushree a watercolour artist from India. I create florals that bring in a sense of calm, peace and positivity. I adore vintage colours and that's what you’ll find plays a huge role in my florals. I am a cat mum to a darling tuxedo cat named Felix :)

I was always the kid who would be tucked away in a corner of their home with painting supplies and a huge creativity book, whereas that kid in me never really grew up my love for art just kept compounding over the years and even though as I was pulled towards the corporate world in lieu of adulting, the art crept in and continues to blossom every day.

I feel am a student of life, I love learning new things (have learned so much... See full profile

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1. Introduction: I everyone, This is Monastery, the artist behind the whimsical creative and I'm back with my turns can share class. In this last, we will be painting watercolor roses in a variety of different styles. In case you are an absolute beginner before the colors and have no prior experience, I would highly suggest you check out my class on vintage floor hundreds just to brush up with the basics and get up to the base on. If you do have some X experience with water colors, then you're absolutely sorted to get started. With this lot, we will be beginning this class with basic strokes just to enhance more brush control on De Familiarize ourselves with strokes off arose. We will then be taking this knowledge forward and creating our first time of roses, which is very soft on dreamy, which is this style, and it's very easy to make. Once we're done with that, we would then be moving on slightly more want style, and that is this style of loose roses, which I'm asked about all of the time we're gonna be creating these step by step Andi. Then we will be bringing in a different element into the flight that is in we would be exploring How to create these beautiful ink and watercolor does is which club so unique we would then be wrapping this class up by painting a realistic style off laws which would look something like this. I'm so excited to have you here and I can't wait for us to get started. This class is designed for all skill levels on is at a really time space so that you can literally paint every single stroke along with me. So what are you reading for? Let's gather our supplies and get started. 2. Supplies: Let's have a look at all the supplies that we will be needing for this class. Let's look at the people first. I'm using canceled multiple, 300 GSM people. I'll be using different size off this paper. You can pick any paper that you have. Just make sure that it's 300 G's. That's important. And now let's have a look at our brushes. We'll be using three wrong Josh is Two of them are from silver Black Gulbudin sizes fall in six and then I have a Princeton headed pinged on Rush inside six again. So any don dresses that you have what work Absolutely fine. You don't need to have the exact same ones even also be needing a people called the Devil excess water and paint. Then we will also be using this mapping, and this is a large mapping nip on our core attacking holder. Any nip in that you have should work fine for our projects. For the ink, we will be using Dell around me Acrylic Artist Inc. In the shade bones number you can use anything that you have are even if it's a blacking, that should work completely fine for our pains, We will be using a deep, dark shade of pink on sheds. I'm using Majella Mission, Gold Rose Matter and permanent dread. We will be mixing these two sheets together on we will be adding a little bit of sepia to it Took attack Village. Hello. So the sepia is from sin Ilir, for our greens, we will be using fellow green on greenish number. Both of these are from sending here again. We'll also be mixing a little bit of superior with these two. Apart from that, we will be needing a ballot. I'm using my ceramic plate. You can use any palate that you have Plastic Palito, ceramic ballot both off them book. I also need a jar of clean water On Lastly, you will need a pencil on a razor. You would want to use an HP pencil, which is pretty light and then another investigating. So that's it for our supplies. Let's get started 3. Basic Strokes: So before we begin, let's have a look at our basic strokes. Thes strokes would help us create are different kind of process. So let's get started. At our basic stroke, you can take any color of your choice to practice this, I will be using mine number six Brush Princeton size six Being headed tench and let's get started. So if you have taken my only off Florence classes, there will be a couple of strokes which you will be familiar with and some of thes between you. But as a good starting point, I suggest Let's just do this woman on that will ensure that in our subsequent roses that we create people have an easy time. So the first joke that we have is I'm going to be joined straight vertical lines, which are being for that we will be using just the tip of the brush and will not be using the penny of offers. Barely touching with the difficult brush will create 10 vertical lines like sir, so this is by keeping it at a 45 degree younger. You can also try this, like keeping it almost at 90 degree angle. If you've seen that work small, easier fear. That way you can get even more in on strokes. Just practice. Couple off these strokes. I'm barely touching with my brush on people and just using with tip of the brush to get these vertical lines. Okay, so this is our full stroke. The second stroke that even be practicing is going to be a horizontal stroke. They will create the similar ping line, just making sure that it's horizontal again, utilizing only the tip of the brush. I'm just moving across the beach, so barely touching your try to go as tennis you can. By doing these exercises, you will get better at Rush Country, which comes in very handy ones who start reading first. So a couple of peace and you turn this now you can take some time and do maybe in in Dia page of things, just to get show only comfortable with them. That sword stroke that will be doing is we will now be utilizing the belly of the precious well, and we'll do horizontal lines. But I barely touched my brush. Just observe my impressions can at probably a 60 degree angle. All right, Dutch, I push on the belly. I lift up and then go again. Street. So what do you have to do? ISS. You will try to create a continuous line of the sort there in barely touch. When in the more you push down, it's slightly gently start coming up, then come to a point and then street. So just keep doing that without lifting your crush. See how far you go. Let's just read this couple of times again, barely touching with my brush pushing down on the belly, creating the stick straw gathering. Memphis's up, Coming to a point again on pushing down again. I'm coming up, pushing down again and again, coming up, pushing down again, coming up, pushing again so you can practice just also a couple of times. Or I would suggest take a blank sheet of people and practice, please, one in diabetes full of his dreams, and they will help you a lot with the brush control. That is extremely important to say you are beamed, Lance, just doing that again. Okay, this was our cultural. Now that we're done with it, let's get some schtrops which are gonna be specifically helpful are rules, plus, so now being start creating comma strokes or cease troops moving up my brush with beans. Now for the first stroke, What we have to do is you have to create a construct which is basically like this, but this is very flat, so you will have to actually created like so what is happening iss one edges taker and then the other ridge is cannot. So do you do that? You start by creating a thing edge of impressed down and go. So this is how you create this stroke? Let's practice it again. Rest all go left, Chris Stone, Go. This is a very important stroke. Forecloses. We just try practicing this press down, go and lift. So this is what you want. You should be able to do it in both directions. What I mean by that issue should also be able to do it. I mean, water direction, which is like so but sometimes it's a bit difficult to do it like that so you can just rotate your page on it becomes like, so mix. So you would want to practice it Any port directions on in different sizes. Let's go and practice it. He wanted to feel like dance B C's jolts cake. Now we'll be creating awarded one someone in my cage around a bit. It's about becomes easier for me to create these. Okay, Now what we do is we try to combine these two strokes that we have known. It's the next stroke that you'll be creating us going to be sort of like being young because you become mining these troops. So this is my first seats stroke. I'm gonna start my seconds. She stroke here and try to come about my first stroke. So you want to create something like this next time? Wouldn't do that again. If you want, you can buy your making the second stroke. You condone the page around and do it. More food. Basically, this is what you want. You want them to be one facing the This is how you will report them to be. This is what actually creates the sender off models reach out. You can lift your brush Also. That's not a problem. Okay, Young making stroke. Okay. See? Stroll. It's true. So basically what we What is happening is we're trying to over love you trying to trap these truths around. Eventually, what you would want to do is create strokes like this start image, and then the other one start finish. So now you're trying to create dropping strokes. So let's do that again. So so some more. So when we make the center of the rules, see strokes a very 10 and tightly What we mean by that lead up pins. That curvature is very small. Listing enhanced looks very tightly wrapped like this. Now, after you're done practicing this one the next one stroke that morning or would use this. So this is like the stroke. What do you have to do this Touch the brush or should down called it a boost. And then you like this will given some, but I d to the pittance. So again, it's as if you were making a bigly So light salt. You have to do this at the brush, push it down, girl with bring it up. We should down again and bring up like so So these are all the strokes that we have to purpose for our was make sure that you practice them joining totally and then you'll be ready to move on. Painting Argos is 4. Easy Loose Style Rose Part I: Let's begin painting are four style of roses, thes air, Super simple and easy to paint. And as you can see, they look very beautiful. So what we do is we just learned how to paint these. Let me put this piece society so that we can create another one of our own. I've just taken any for sheet of people. You can take any size of people that you want now for this. Let's discuss our color palette ones. The colors that will be needing is you need some sort of for Dr Congo. I've actually makes true was madder and a deep red get this sheet and then added just a hint of sepia Do it. And this is my green. That makes up for a scream together to get this sort between again a bit of superior. And then you also need a very light wash of the skull. A. So this is what you see here? No, we'll be using two brushes to paint our houses. The 1st 1 is my silver Blackwell with fresh number six. This one and the 2nd 1 is my Princeton Brush Heritage series and size six. So these are two brushes that we have. I'm gonna load up one with the lighter shade of the same color that is like a value off this color and then the other, which will have a dark about just this. Okay, And this source is pretty simple. It's just a basic see strokes that we have blown in our practice sessions. So we'll just pay better attention right here. We're gonna go ahead, revenge the ballot, and this is gonna be my supersaturated wash off color in this brush. And then in this one, I'm gonna take very light warship the same godless. I'm just gonna touch it and drop it here. And that's it you would want, despite the wash, to be very want to leave. That's what I'm to me. It's so more. Now, what we'll do is we'll take this color and then you will create a You will see strokes. Like how we learned the greater was. So we're gonna create our see stroke like this, and then another one likes So it's okay and then we'll take our brush noted with a lighter value of the same condom which has not of water and carefully create see strokes around this. Make sure to leave a lot of lights face because white Theis is extremely important for phones. So this is how your own says he will actually need to know when to stop. So this is where you should stop. This is the first draws its on now while it's read, What you can do is you can rinse off color from this rush and takes on green color and violets red. You can drop it so that there is this beautiful bleed Bend green Hutchins slows So one year , just basically it's nothing fancy. Okay, so we're pretty much done with this rules. I hope you're painting along with me. So let's go ahead and being another one of thes. So the first step is make sure the to have Russia is ready and loaded. So I just rinse the green, comes this one and I'm gonna get loaded with this light pink color as to what we're gonna do is we're gonna create a pixie stroke like so, and then you're gonna create another cease troll like that and you're gonna stop here. You will take your brush with lighter around. You mean go ahead and just slightly on one side and create our seas jokes, believing the whites in between to form a circle on. That's it. This is our second rules. One more fresh to create means. So why let's Rhett, you can go ahead. And I think this one almost tried. So you have to let it be Do you should leave. It's wet. You can have those foods. All right, let's go ahead and eat another one. So again, bay 60 stroke what I'm gonna do with the military to pick a monstro Parsons stroke. So my brush is at a almost 40 degree angle and boarding it like how you would hold a pen and then I will press it of it and lift it up so that it again, inspector that point and the same thing on the opposite side to create sort of like a yin yang strokes. And I'm gonna fill it with another 3rd 1 No, While it's wet, I'm gonna take my grudge, the translator value off the same condo, and I start to wrapping around this centre off the rules that we have created, making sure to project at just slightly it one off the and just that we get that beautiful happening on this. Is it gonna leave it here with these roses? It's important that you know when to let go on. Leave it. So a good rule of thumb is whenever you're happy and you being that the shape of the rose has been achieved. That's when you should just like if you actually keep messing with what will happiness will lose its shape. So I resist the arch to keep do more and just stop. Do you think that it's almost there? This is it. Now I'm gonna go ahead and create another one right to you. You can actually have different media shoes with your center. You don't have to have the same center. If you want, you can have a slightly bigger that's also fine. But the basic concept actually remains the same. I want to be doing there with just two strokes. Will be doing the same thing with this one like this. And now to stop while it's 10 Rhett dropping some green color and create your let's go ahead and create one more right and you would want to create thes center, see strokes quite tightly wound together like so. OK, but my watery wash the same. Adding more. See strong student napping the center about. Okay. - Okay , so this is our first kind of total was very simple. Very lose Andi. Very quick. Now we'll continue filling out the entire page with these roses so you can practice it along and being too long. 5. Easy Lose Style Rose Part II: Well, continue filling out theme Diabate with these roses so you can practice it along and being long. Okay. - Uh uh uh. 6. Advanced Loose Style Rose Part I: let's get started creating these kind of roses which are slightly advanced. And this is how you can see we construct them so it starts. But two way small see strokes trying to overlap on each other. Then we have least 45 most troops again wrapping this initial combination of C strobes that we did. And then we go ahead and build more betters, more layers, all rapping together the centre region until you come to this point where you have all these pedals which are wrapping this center that we created a commission. So let's get started and see how we can create this kind of rituals. Mixing some beamed you. So far, this trolls I can be using my Princeton headed had shown six number brush right here. You can see on a couple of things to consider is if you look at this rules right here, you will see that the center is very dark, right? So when we're painting this rules, we would remember that when we are creating the centers, it has to have the highest or strongest value off that color. And then as we proceed forward, we would be diluting the color with water and then we would have lighter values around. So, values is something that we discuss in the jail in my car lottery class. So if you're interested in that, make sure to check that out. But for Apophis is right now in value scale is nothing. But, um the scale off lightness to darkness off the same color. So let's go ahead on. And this is gonna be my color, which will be using on it has very less water. As you can see, it's very concentrated. It has more pigment and lady less water. So now what I'm gonna do is I will go ahead on and start creating small circles. The four step is you can see my brushes almost out of 45 degree angle. I've been created very 10 to dropping. See, strokes are common strips like so this is the beginning off our rose. Now what we do way will be wrapping this to combination of C strolls with more system. We want to create rapping, see strong. So be one about them around. Just go ahead and wrap it. You can touch the inner layers a bit, but make sure that Julie thes white spaces because they are extremely important when we're working with use laurels. If you let go of these white spaces that will end up looking like a big blob, which is something we don't want. And once you're happy with the darker values, see strokes. What we'll do is we'll grants this brush with water. Andi, it very less pigment. Just wipe off the extra water, very less pigment. We will come back on, create more overlapping wrapping seats, trucks like this. So it's gonna take a while to craft this roles. It has a lot of layers at peace. I'm just creating See Stroke Andi, the last swole kind of stroke that we practiced in our basic strokes section. That's what I'm using to cocked this. Okay, now I'm gonna go ahead and dribbles even more figment from my brush so that it has barely any pigment and you pull hit again and just keep creating. So I would probably stop here because I'm really happy with it. You can go ahead and remove more pigment as and make it even more watched, like so, and give it a couple of more betters talks. Someone struck here next thing I'm gonna do was while my outliers on it. I'm gonna grab some green color and create my leaves. So allowing for this lead to happen gonna create my leaves in Crete, them in whichever direction want. I'm trying to find places where the thing hasn't dried yet, sir. Back. You can get these beautiful leads can and that's it. This completes our first rose. Let's do it again. Another important thing is I would suggest you want to try to overthink it. Just try to move religion swiftly. That actually helps a lot with creating it in a lose fluid style. So let's go ahead again. We'll start with our two. Complementary sees Mehdi type dropped like so, and then we'll begin dropping them with Morsi strokes on around the circle. Once I'm happy with my initiative Darko Value Center. I'll go ahead, reads my brush lightly, and I still have some color. Or I can just dip into the lighter colors, are brighter value to seeing color and then and start creating bigger see strokes again, sometimes stretching a big here and there. So you wanna have pick interns, charts like this and then just rinsing the brush again to have even lighters badly off the same color even more. Yes, this is even lighter Just going. You can see. See strolls on and overlapping on dropping. See struts Once I'm done, Lemon, A little bit of this screen here. The genes that I'm using here, AJ Greenish number by Sen India on they don't psyche movie again by senator. So again, finding a sport trance not dried up yet on Go ahead and start creating my giving a chance for the slough lead to happen. Okay, this is another girls which is done. That's practice a couple of more times. Start. You are able to see it clearly and you notice that No, to rosewood like look the same ago and that's absolutely fine. I think that's the beauty of lose roses. He always come out a bit different than the other. Once again, I'm just creating small sees chokes, leaving some white space in between. I'm happy with my center market. Touch it. I'm gonna rinse my brush off once and whatever pigment I have left with that, I'm gonna go ahead and start wrapping Morsi strokes around my emission center that I've created make sure to come from both direction, meaning tryto have sees strokes dropping from this direction in this direction as well. That also brings lot off. But I think that once I'm happy with this again and go ahead and rinse my crush further lightening up the color that I have on my brush and just more cook you are predators more fluid. This trucks, huh? And my So I have a crush, just barely water and any figment. Sometimes you can go in and also create 7. Advanced Loose Style Rose Part II: though out of metal struts like this how I go about creating that IHS, you just create better like strokes. You can see here. They always look great if you create them out. So this is again when we've just done by Andy leaves our student drying ready. Go ahead, Stewart. Okay, so we're done with this. It's still this one more time and we're gonna try and go slow. So let's start with the fourth step, which is creating this. That is our complimentary sees joke. So now we'll create even more Tennessee strokes wrapping this alone, See, like this, leaving white spaces. Maybe you want to create 6 to 7 strokes more like I'm happy with this center. Depends on how big or how small you mark your center. We would be creating these construes that I'm gonna dance my brush off with water and I'm not gonna dip it into the paint again because I still have being here. You can see and I've been barely captured in some places and continue dropping around with more. See strolls, then Once I'm happy with this second layer that we have done our Petain's again, Rinse it with water remove the excess for to running your brush across the rim off your order and again just creating more over nothing sees jokes. Okay, on this it This is a very small jewels you can see because we are helped. A pretty small Andi. Go ahead. So you can. It's up to you. What size you want your goes to be. It can be smaller and larger can be any size to want. Okay Likes not to go ahead and plead to one more hell. So the size of your rose would depend on the number of layers metals that you create. Less of the number of players betters, the smaller the rules would be. Go ahead and start again. Two. Complementary. See strokes. Now let's start wrapping them with more kennels in strokes. Once you're happy, you can stop Andrean's your brush removed the excess water from it. You just want a transit ones and whatever color you have right now in the brush, go ahead with Kana and just wrap more. The center that we have created allow the rush to cut some off these concentrated in your so that create natural bleeds and it will not look as if dissenters separate from the entire feels. But make sure to reading some white spaces. Win just went ahead and green slime brush again. Again. No money to is creating more. See strokes. Probably finishing with the out of it. It's and I'm gonna give it one year. Okay, then why everything expect. Let's go ahead and create leaves. Sometimes you can also choose to give it a nice them, like so you can also I up into it. That was stripped. I think I'm gonna add one more year. Okay. So yeah, that's order. That's it for our our best Rose. I hope you liked it. It will take some practice on letting go. Okay, so just let go off it and work a little faster. And that's how you get this result. I hope you enjoy that. And let's who want to. In extras 8. Ink and Watercolour Style Rose Part I: for this style of those, we will actually be using our mapping pen or a defense. This is a mapping, never from Jeannot. And this is a name holder from Gardocki. I'll be mentioning all the products that I'm using in the project description so you can go ahead and see what our projects we have used throughout this class. I don't worry about that. So before we begin, I wanted to talk a bit about think that I'm using. This is the thing that I'm using its tail around me. Artistic Kralik Inc in corn. Um, well, this is the shade off the ink. So usually what I do is I transferred it in a small bottle like this because it's more convenient. Just make sure that you're walking is a bit deep so that, you know, you're thinking easily Get inside. That gets me. So just go ahead and reef in this important that I have with some think because I'm running out so you can use any. And if you want, you can even use blacking. I just personally preshow Doc Browning, too. So that's what I'm gonna be using now before we begin. Let's just explore our mapping being a bit. Let us go ahead on see the kind off strokes or lines we can get through it so that the mapping pain, if you want you can get very 10 lines like this. I'm not applying any pressure, but if you want, you can get even. Take her lines with this so you can see now and playing pressure, and I can get a variety of lines. So Mike's just practiced this a bit, the kind of lines that you can get and you see that the lines are usually very uniforms. Make this on. You can also go ahead and practice swirled. It's running order things. You long when you concede the the space in between the nips. That's when you know that it's running out of things. You have to fill in more. You'll have to dip it and there is a board and again you. So go ahead and create some swirly. It does make this recipe noise or something. You really like it. Okay, thank you. Go ahead on start making some more squirms. Just play around and try to get to know your name and what all put insure that spend full speed. - Okay , So once you're comfortable with your pen, be big. Go ahead and start looking at our reference image on. We will be actually going hand, Andi. 9. Ink and Watercolor Style Rose Part II: so I'm just looking at my reference image, this one. Now make sure that you get your reference image and what I do is try to loosely interpreted . So wherever I see the screens of metal that is there, I'm gonna put Mark. Okay, so I see one here, another one, like so, Andi, feel free to add any your own twists to it doesn't have to be exactly like how it's in the image. This image is just here to so as our friends. But feel free to add you to stoop. - Yes . And then if you're happy, you can stop. I'm gonna make one more here, especially this one. So like this and I think I'm gonna stop now. The key is that you let it dry completely. Don't try to watercolor use for the color on it when it has not tried. I'm gonna go in and make up move. He'll This time I'm just gonna make it out of my imagination. So what I'm doing is I'm just making these weekly lines on wrapping them around each other . - I'm gonna stop with this in here and let's make up more keeping this in very use. So that is auto ones. Time to give me, like, use minimal marks, Upping just where you feel You need to define trees of the bedroom. And I'm as I'm creating these petals. I'm always burying my line. Sometimes I have sick strokes the other times I thin strokes. So always trying to create a variety read, and you don't want to create their leaves. Same for the lease. I'm just reading the line strength going from take two thin Just to create a lot of interest. Very well, you feel that you could put on leave. Just took that. We don't have to worry too much about it being perfect. Picture. Just enough. I'm gonna dark my kids sit on so that I don't much want any of thes is to join. Usually like these kind of patterns. They're fun. Oh, theme. Happy accidents that happened. Just give it so much more character. Okay, maybe we can have one Hell, let's go ahead. And, uh So once we had done making these, we will let them try. I'm going to remove the thing from then give it a nice rinse on. It'll clean it up, then you can dry it paper, doll or fish. You gonna keep it aside going on back. It's now. We wait for this to dry completely until it's dry completely cannot put water on it. Once it's done, you come back and do it. 10. Ink & Watercolor Style Rose Part III: So now that you can see that our ink illustrations are completely dry on these roses, I will go ahead on take some. Hello. You can again choose any color of choice. I am actually using the same pink color order was medical of it we've been using. You can use any sort of being good, So I'm going ahead with a light wash of color because the ink is already going to give us a contrast. So make sure that your wash of color is quite light mixing a lighter wash of this kind of I didn't want to do it. This looks good on are they? Go ahead and start from the center. I'm not gonna fill the entire center. I'm gonna leave some white spaces and fill in between you can see like so I'm just falling along the shape, leaving some white spaces and filling it in. You can also choose to go outside the lines of bit. That is also fine. It it's just a little extra something to try that as well. I guess this one's done. No, I will go ahead and do the other ones in the same way. It's just reiterating it 10 strokes here on leaving north of white space in between following the in strokes that we have created and just be very loose with it and try to do it a bit swiftly and you can very well get outside the lines That's also framed on one here . Same thing. So a trick with this is the less is always more to make sure that you don't overdo it and it's gonna turn out really great. So that's still the last one. No one will go ahead on, get some green color leaves and simmer. Lovie, that ISS you would want to leave in some white space. My instant adding hint of this beautiful for some of these You can also make it a bit dark for all those who can be just for no the ink outline. I don't have to be perfect. Just remember that morels here are the better this time looks and there are most Yeah, 11. Realistic Style Rose Part I: Let's begin creating are realistic style rules for that. What I've done is I have taken our sketch and lightly sketched it out on my watercolor people, so you'll find the sketch in the Project Resources section. Make sure toe either trace it on your water color people, or use a very light pencil and sketch it out. Next thing what I'm doing is I'm taking a very light wash off our was matter on the right that we mixed earlier and applying it across the face of the entire rose. I'm leaving little bits off white spaces here and there. We will be building this rose layer by Leo very slowly, so it will be very gradual, the shades that we will be using the first letters very light. Next, what builders will makes a slightly darker color. And then we'll start defining and outlining the petals like you can see me doing here you can use to brushes. I find them really helpful, but with one dress you can lay down the color, and you can keep another brush clean, with which you can blend it out so that the edges don't look very hard. As you see me to hell. I'll keep on outlining and defining the petals. You have to make sure that the first wash is slightly with. It's not completely wet, but just slightly. If it's a lot with, then all the color would start spreading across. We don't want that, but you wanted to be a tad with so that you can easily blend out the colors that you are putting in. Just keep defining all the petals, just putting the slightly darker shade and then going ahead with another blush, blending it out. With this day, you would want to be very patient. You cannot go ahead but more dark values. Initially, you'll have to gradually build it. But the end result is so worth all the effort. So, using the tip off the brush, I'm again outlining all the petals with the darker shade and then going again with my clean brush to blend out everything so that it looks more for the centers you would want to add in darko values. Wherever you find falls and freezes off the petals because they will be a lot of areas in the centre, which would be dark, which is the wrapping, Bart off the pedal. Uh, so now we'll go ahead with another layer again with a slightly darker shade with them. The previous Leo and I will repeat the same process. I will actually outline the edges with one brush and then blend out all the color with the other brush, so you would want to blend away from it. So I'm putting color close to the edges of the pedals and then dragging that pained out very gently with the other brush. I'll continue to being that 14 dire flower head this time. I'll also make sure that if there are any falls in the petals that I defined them as well. Uh, okay. - Uh , okay. - Uh , now, as we approach the centre, off the flat will be areas which are very dark and have no light coming into it. The's are the areas which are beat between the falls off the battles. So I'm just gonna go ahead directly with my saturated color and fill it out. So here we wouldn't be planning it. Necessarily part charity putting out the flat color just to intensify those areas and make sure that they're very dark. - Uh , 12. Realistic Style Rose Part II: for the next step, I will be creating a extremely dark shade off this raid. For that, what I'm going to do is I'm gonna makes little bit of sepia to the existing shade to create a very dark culo, which would be helping us finally defined the darkest areas and the shadows. So I'm going to repeat the same step of defining the petals with the stock color on. I'm not gonna blend it out as much as we were blending out the other layers because we want it to remain concentrated and very close to the metal edges. So just using this shade mixed with sepia on repeating the entire process of defining on the pitons on blending out very slightly with a clean brush. Andi, As you would see, this is going to bring out such a huge difference. It basically defines Thean die off level and gives it so much depth and definition. So make sure to define the centers extremely well with the sculler. Just follow along as I'm painting, and I feel you should be fine. Wherever there is a taco area or taco shadow, I'm making sure do back in the sculler. Really well in those areas. - Uh , so now I'm just adding a little bit more superior toe the initial mix off the color and greeting an extremely dark strayed and just defining barely on the areas which are the darkest. So make sure to do that. So now that we have added are finishing touches to our rules, I'm pretty happy with it. The same goes for you. If you feel that there is enough depth and definition to your bees, you can stop. Next up, we will be painting our spot. For that, I'm going to repeat the same thing I'm gonna spend the entire was, but with a very light wash off our color, and I'm gonna let it try. Meanwhile, I'll be mixing up sap, green and greenish number to create a very deep, dark clean for our stems. And I'm going to just create our stems and leaves. So one thing to notice for leaves is I will be leaving little bits off spaces, fight spaces in between. And that's gonna add highlights when we paint our lives. So you can also do that. Another thing is, um, I'm lining my stem, so I'm making sure that the stem. Witches in front is a little lighter, and the one riches at the back is a little darker once again to bring in more depth for painting leaves. As you can see, I'm just painting them, basically just filling in on the sketches that we had already created. Just making sure to leave a little bit of ICT spaces in between because they'll act as highlights. I am going ahead on dropping in some of the darker pigments. So for that I'm actually using to Crush is one with the light of value on and then the other with the darker pigment or value, so that we have a lot of interest in our leaves on Not a very okay. - While my leaves are still wet, I go ahead and drop in a darker color over and the veins would go just so that the color blends very easily and nicely. And when we will actually be creating Baines, these will give a nice shadow. The veteran betweens that we are doing here. I suggest finishing off the leaves so that we can. More oneto are small butts and more at more details to them. 13. Realistic Style Rose Part III: way will be going ahead and adding details to our the first part is slightly bigger. And I'm gonna repeat what we did for the rules that is defining the petals and blending out on the color with another clean brush. So I'm just going in, defining the grease is and the falls off this tiny bite in just blending out the colors. Why, I'm done doing that. Just feel. Please take your own time are to define these details in the small, tiny bird. I'm again going ahead and mixing a little bit more off sepia on intensifying the color and creating more darker values and shades. The words thes center off this, but and then once I'm done with that, I'm going ahead and blending out everything just so that there are no harsh edges. Once I'm happy with all the details in this bigger, but I will be moving towards the small about which is gonna be a little easier for the smaller. But we just have to make sure that there are a slight white spaces between each petal, so it looks like a lot of pedals are just carved and close together and then vile it's slightly red. We will go ahead with a green color and give it very small, tiny leaves, Um, which are at the foot off this dining bod, and that's pretty much it. For that. We'll go ahead and give. Those tiny leaves toe are bigger, but as well. Whenever you're creating these leaves, make sure that you create them very swiftly. Andi, they shouldn't look toes stiff, but they should have a lot of movement next time going ahead and taking a very dark value of green on adding some shadows to my stems. Just defining it even further, though I'm making sure toe are dark of values toe toe the stems which are behind and right just below the flower just to make it more realistic. Next, we will be adding rains to our leaves. So for that, we villa can be mixing a very dark green, which leans more towards greenish number and with just a hint off sub green on that bit offs appear to. So we will go ahead and define the beans as you can see what I told about creating that center vein veteran weight touches gives it such a nice stepped when you're creating the actual means. I'll continue creating veins for all the other leaves, and once we're done with that, that's it will be done with our realistic style rules. Uh, - and that said, all the details are done in our realistic style. Rose has come out looking really pretty, and I hope you enjoy spending it. 14. Final Thoughts: I hope you enjoyed this class And you were able to learn all those floral elements on plumbers and combine them in a beautiful composition. That victory for the next steps. What I want you to do is make sure to upload your creations in the project Country off. Discuss on do that Me on instagram After whimsical creative If you share them on instagram I love to have a look and share it with others on. If you enjoyed this class at what? Wanna continue learning more from me first? Please make sure to give me a review here and then second, you could follow me here. That way, whenever I know the new class, you'll be notified first. Thank you so much for joining me on creating art.