Paint Two Different, Gorgeous “White Space” Abstracts! | Suzanne Allard | Skillshare

Paint Two Different, Gorgeous “White Space” Abstracts!

Suzanne Allard, Color, Painting and Creativity Teacher

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8 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Mark Making

    • 3. Choosing the Color Palette

    • 4. Botanical Abstract, part 1

    • 5. Botanical Abstract, part 2

    • 6. Adding Delicious Details

    • 7. "Old Wall" Abstract

    • 8. Metallics and Wrap Up

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About This Class

Hi there, my name is Suzanne Allard, I’m an abstract and floral painter as well as a creativity teacher. If you ever feel the urge to create that’s because you were born to create or that feeling wouldn’t be there.  Even if you are scared or don’t think you have “talent,” that urge and desire means that you have the capacity to create.  You just need the right, non-judgmental environment in which to do so.  This class is perfect for loosening up, making marks and shapes with color and seeing where that takes us. We will work on two different abstract styles that have lots of white space (blank paper).  Let’s set your creative spirit free!

Calling all “creative” and "not creative" people who want to paint!

  • In this class, I’ll show you how to be playful with color, marks and shape and let yourself truly have fun and explore.
  • I’ll be by your side painting along with you with lots of visual coaching.
  • Join a friend or two and turn this into virtual painting party with family or friends if you so desire. Or do it by yourself.  Either way, you’ll be surprised at what you create!
  • I’ve also included a digital download of the pieces we create and the reference artwork.  You are free to enjoy these but not to sell the artwork.
  • Let’s have some fun and learn to relax while making something beautiful!

Packed with all the techniques and approaches in Suzanne’s work, key lessons will cover:

  • Making marks with a variety of tools and brushes
  • A process for choosing a color palette
  • Creating a botanical abstract that has energy and movement
  • Adding those all-important details
  • Creating another abstract that resembles a crumbling or old wall
  • How metallics can make any work come to life

Come along for a relaxing, rewarding paint session!


Resources and Goodies:

Check out Suzanne’s recommended books and supplies on her website where she also has the "Your Creative Adventure" email newsletter with creative inspiration, tools and tips and a free artwork download, all at:

Be sure to download all the goodies in the resources section! Of course, these items are for your use only, not for sale.

Find Suzanne on her blogFacebook and Instagram.  She also just launched a Youtube channel!  Join her on Pinterest for inspiration.

Follow Suzanne here on Skillshare and look for her next class, she'll be adding them every couple of months!