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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (41m)
    • 1. Intro - what this class is about

    • 2. Comparing to Phtoshop

    • 3. Paint and colors

    • 4. Shortcuts

    • 5. Selection and masks

    • 6. Fewer options and compatibility

    • 7. Complaints

    • 8. Summing it up

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About This Class

This class is for everybody that wants to learn about Paint Tool SAI, especially begginers. If you are an advanced connoisseur of this software and still manages to learn one thing or two, then I gladly achieve my objetive. Here I talk about tools, colors, shortcuts, selection, masks, compare this software with Adobe Photoshop and a quick way to make the compability between those two work. Time to learn!

Meet Your Teacher

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Gabriel Ortolan

Illustrator & Animator


I graduated in Technology in Graphic Arts (almost the same as Graphic Design) by the Federal Technological University of Paraná (Brazil) and also completed a Post Graduate on Comics and a Post Graduate on Game Design. Right now I'm trying to improve my drawing skills. It's not only something I believe I'm good at, but also my passion, although still have a lot to learn. And by doing that I discovered another thing I love: animation. Well, in fact, tradicional animation. Check out my Youtube channel for more videos.

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1. Intro - what this class is about: do you? Hi, everybody. I'm Gabriel And this project is about paint to sigh and a quick lesson about the basic tools and workspace used this after this project is for beginners that want or need to. You spent two side and don't have much free time to explore absolutely everything this program is able to, and I really need to put it to use and fast. The projective year is took over the basics as much as it is needed, so that you can have no the program pretty well without having to go too deep. And it's possible. It's so let's do it. 2. Comparing to Phtoshop: So this is the class object paint to sigh, and I'm gonna find myself comparing it a lot with a door before the shop. That's because for shop has many purpose and one of them is to create an art. And so it's this you're not gonna find many tools to, for example, deleting and part off in me much. Oh, are changing the caller off a photo. And I believe the four shop is a softer that most people get to know and use it to create an art. I'm going to show you this softer bench, does I that I find myself using a lot to replace for a shop and disease much lighter and much more simple than for a shop. So, for example, to illustrate, I'm going to create a new file that you're gonna name it and you're gonna have a preset chosen. Or if not, you can run away by having mind a with and ah height, for example, 1200 by 800. And here you have it. Some units as well. Same goes for a resolution. It can customize it. And when you're done, you can confirm it. So what? You are seeing is basically all there is to paint to side, not a lot off blends or your style use and anything like that to side is a lot more simple and a few shortcuts that you can use own for a shop you can use here to like, for example, transform control t. So we're going to choose and have transform it, See as it is, specs elated. You could somehow find strange debt. Dairies layer panel next to the color panel to battle. This is customizable right here. Surely your panel truly right here it is. And show color bandeau to the right. I find myself used to it because I barely use any off this stuff here. And I mostly find myself using mode that has a lot off useful choose. And yes, it has multiply screen and overly the same as I told that own for a shop. I used the most opacity and a new layer. And I most use this spaniel here having to choose color. And they have similar way off work to for shop, as you can see here, here, you rename it for example lord, here you flip horizontally. So we have normal and inverted. And if we have here multiples files open, for example, and you call us true, you will have the possibility off switch between. So there is basically it when you would compare to for a shot. So you may ask, why use paint to sigh over four? Well, apart from being lighter and much more simple if you don't need to use all the bland's and ah Lear properties and the futures in whatever and you can do, Oh, in one layer, go for it and try in experiment. And I'm seen artists that have done their works there there arts on just one layer and it turned out to be very beautiful and the dead's it. 3. Paint and colors: next, I'm gonna show you one of the most basic and important things. That is the color picking on paint to sigh. And first off, you have to know that neither off these have to be seen. For example, if you wouldn't turn it off, you could turn it off. If you have true, making it appear again color will you have a color wheel And if I don't need the color of you? But I just needed to show what they're the court for the RGB that could be done as well. Same goes over here the U. S. Situation and value and you're gonna be realize that it doesn't stop on what numbers Just even numbers. Double clicking doesn't open piano for exclusively speaking a caller you have juicy from here, which I find a little meat exhausting. But you get used to it, especially if you have the scratch bed. What do you use this scratch bed? It's a place where you can basically put the colors that you're most going to use. For example, if I'm going to use these green a lot, you can place it here. So let's say, for example, that I am on a different color. You basically click out true, choose that color and apply it the way you want. The undo and redo are separate from the control Z and control white, and you can even clear own scratch brat. So that's here that you click. If you don't want that color, for whatever reason. And here you re do, Oh, scratch beds and control Z. It's undo and control. Why is read? You'll and you can see here that it's not number. So did a like No, I did not lie. It happens that if you peek over here, there is the possibility off. Find on number. But through these light over here, it can happen. So let's talk about the brushes themselves. I mostly use he's one, that he's a normal brush watercolor that we can see here that changes as we go harder and off course. Do you raise her? So it is. It is basically all the tools that I need to. I do my work and there is a lot off possibilities off parameters that you can change. So I advise you to experiment. Try different values and land is how much we blend with the other color. Like for example, I'm going shoe set to 100 have this purple over here C s. It turned out tool blue. But if we start over here, it's purple. And if you start right in the middle off them, it's a mix off them. But if we said to destroy zero, it's purple and remains purple. So I really devise you, too. Try out the variations off this perimeters over here. 4. Shortcuts: in the stock. We're going to discuss a little bit about shark goods. They are a little bit different from for shop, and mainly because they are not abuse their not intuitive. For example, we is. Do you have this? What? Primary and secondary color as X. And, uh, these two have control. T has transform, but the majority off them, they're not up views. They, for example, let's select the converse and resolution insides. If we click our the appeared as a canvas resolution and the if a click s, it appears as the compass eyes. So it's to you here can select the way you won't expand here. You can specify the value off them, for example, before it's 1200 by 800. For example, if we expand to 100 for two top, it will be 1200 by 1000. But as I was saying, the majority off them were not obvious. Like the first letter off the chart cut as resolution are our size s And, uh, the tools are not obvious either, because when you click and if sport Bence you being as we good thought, Daddy's for brush actually is for ambush. The is for brush and C is for watercolor. We'll still have obviously the e for a razor, but outside for a net, he goes pretty confusing. There is also a big difference between delete and erase for delete. You delete that layer that holier and for erase. You just erase that content and leave the layer. It's too intact. And if you try to press D with the layer active, you also delete it. So beware off that fact, which is strange because it feels like it should be right here right on this position. And all the sharp cuts are customizable and skin bar chart tickets, temp works as well come true, even and control bliss. I like the way that they're active, because when you move right here, what will right used to have that apply it as a reverence. But if we switch sides, for example, right here the reference changes and we can see here, if any, off the control shift and out or even the space is pressed, see which I believe it's on it. Way to show what is happening right here. 5. Selection and masks: not from the time to talk about selection and masks on being to say there's no search priority off tools. For example, the elliptical selection toe and the pretty girl allows so, too, are not present, as we can see here that has a limit options. But you can manage it to select everything want mainly because this to over here and this to over here no tonight speak color. The first is the selection bills. You and it's going to select everything you drop now, but you may be a winner in white isn't flashing equal shoot for the shop. For that, we have to change to free trip here, and we we make any other changes. It will go only in this election. Just meet now the selection you razor, you d select what you just select. This may proof user full plenty off times, and you have a selection that is so tiny that you don't need to pick other way. Other toe so pretty is full tools, but if you're supposed truths like Big Yaris, you can choose one off another tools. For example, the selection is square to let's see, that's moost use full when either as transparent background like, for example, this one or when you weren't to selected the whole were a king area and copy and based over here in the selection to the square selection toe, you have a few options that depending on how we're going to make you're going to be much more free in programs like for a shop, because this is very limited transform that you can, um, distort and spin scare you that you no longer have ability to spin just, uh, the distortion or the shrink or in large, free deform that you can freely deform. It's the way you want. But as I said, no, um, no round points. There's no, um, greets and so one and finally, rotate that only irritates you don't have any other options unless rotate and when you're done, click. OK, uh, last so, too, that you can draw any shape you want and if, um, I believe there are other selection tools that work the same way. But if the beginning in the end doesn't match, it's automatically, um, like it as we are about to see and for last, the magical want to. That has, um, by default. Transparency, uh, it basically select old the image that it's not transparent, depending on the settings. And there is that option color difference that the lower you put the number for a simple around 10 the more effort you're going to make true selected. That said color. For example, around 10 it's selected on Lee the Brown, but he's you put a higher value, Let's see 200. He selected all three colors entirely, so be aware of that fact. So the lower the number, the more effort you're going to make to pick every color you want in the higher develop, less effort you're going to make. But these comes with downsides as well. Um, for example, have true de select the colors that you don't want to be part off the selection? No. At least in my opinion, these matched want over here. He's smarter than the one we got on for a shop, because look what we got here. A purple area that we free, um, have the configuration, right. We only select these one. This purple area? No, next to recur, sir. There is a plus sign. We cannot see it, but he's there. If you don't believe me on, Let's try to select cities Braun soon. Over here, let's try to move it and, well, not. Let's select again the purple in the brown areas. If I don't want a color to be there, just hope out we can see here and that, um, blessed size change it to minus. And we I have only to click on the color that we don't want to be part off this election anymore. And, well, uh, the color doesn't get you be depart off this election, and that is how we select things on Went toe side. No secrets and rather easy. Now, if you want to learn how to make masks, you need this. Previews. Knowledge you need should learn how to make a selection to create a mask. First Greek owned knew that your set over here that looks like the icon off holder. This will be the mask. Next, click on the new layer and automatically its feet on the new folder just created No, this will be the mask, and these will be the content. Now click on the mask and click on any selection to You want hum but also to who is fine and the selection friends who It's also fine. When it's done, click on the new layer mask to create a mask. At first you will only be seen, Ah, see the wet off the that said mask. But then, little by little, it's going to appear under the mask. Now, if you click this icon over here on the top, that is identical to this one, we re lease the mask and we fit leak eat again. We apply it again. No, um, this icon that looks like a pin over here below. If it's not feasible, you release the content but still keeps the mask. If it's feasible, it's link it back together. If it's visible, we have a link between both off the Mask and D Continent. If it's not, it releases the link between the mask and the content but keeps the mask appearing. And if we could take this as well, we can do whatever they want. This content 6. Fewer options and compatibility: so unlike for the shop bench, do Sai is a lot more limited because it was not meant to make big additions on an image it is supposed to paint, as the name implies. But he's do. You can try and play with the older parameters over here. So just a mirror up. It has the basic tools that we found own for a shop and, uh, the way that you can pick colors. He's a little different from what we we are used to, but I believe that all that waas not needed so that you can great from scratch and it has bean eliminated. So it does make big toe sigh Ah, lot, lot lighter and much more simple to explore. But if you don't find a way to do whatever you want, look inst you safe as photo shop and this is the biggest in my opinion advantage. So let's see. And if he opened Photoshopped used to You have the way that you left on being two sides divided by in the years and you can make the addition here, So never forget that you can save as being too side, but you can export as well Many other options, but can stoop safe s for shop 7. Complaints: now as speak to Sigh is really cool and off that there are a little complaints that I have to. First of all, there's no way you can see all the tools something is have to be left behind because here are normal tools. But if you want to see, for example, are Giambi's lighter? Just it is not if you keep them all in one panel, and there's no way to shrink the spirals so various our studios matter. For example, we can see here that there is allowing ghost truce at the birch size, but we cannot see them. The other one is that there is no way you can make something or leave something outside the arc part. For example, if we click here, nothing will happen. Buddy figured it here and see as it did not complete the brush size. I find it very annoying because sometimes I went to leave part off the image outside off that we can be seen, and here he could see out again for the yellow brush debt I used. And that leaves the opening for the third complaint. That is, it's very hard to move the art board because if you want to live like here and de select with control de when we select again and there is no way to select the outside off the image, eat gets goods, which can be very annoying. So having mind that you already have to make all the space that you have to work and be aware that usually you have to have in mind this size already in mind so you can use this as few as possible. And so here is my complaint. It's very hard to move the art around. 8. Summing it up: So, to sum it up, what we have discussed it about being to sigh there. Ross a brief cooperation with other before her shop colors paint short goods selection in mess compatibility with photo shop in a few things, so that's it.