Paint Roses in Watercolors using Live Inspiration - Side & Top views! | Suruchi Gulati (palepinkstudio) | Skillshare

Paint Roses in Watercolors using Live Inspiration - Side & Top views!

Suruchi Gulati (palepinkstudio), Illustrator & Graphic Designer

Paint Roses in Watercolors using Live Inspiration - Side & Top views!

Suruchi Gulati (palepinkstudio), Illustrator & Graphic Designer

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6 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Paint watercolor roses with me using real references!

    • 2. Supplies & watercolor techniques that you’ll need

    • 3. Painting a rose - Side view (1)

    • 4. Painting a rose - Side view (2)

    • 5. Painting a rose - Top view (on student grade paper)

    • 6. Painting a rose composition (on artist grade paper) and final thoughts!

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About This Class

I’m so excited to welcome you to my first skillshare class! This is a topic that has been so widely requested by all of you and I’m so happy to be finally sharing a detailed class on it with you all! This class will cover every topic that you’ll need for mastering and painting watercolor roses in your style! I will start with all the supplies that I’ll be using and some color mixing tips if you don’t have the exact shades, what brushes and papers I’ll be using. We will also practice strokes and different watercolor techniques that you’ll need for painting roses in this style, and also generally use while using watercolors. Then we’ll jump into building layers while we paint a detailed side view of a rose. Then we will also paint some loose top view of some roses and I’ll be demonstrating these on both student grade and artist grade papers so you can see the difference good quality paper makes and how that might be the reason that you’re struggling if you’re a beginner! This class will give you lots of insightful tips and tricks that I’ve learnt along the way, that you can put in your tool box and use along the way on your watercolor journey! :)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Suruchi Gulati (palepinkstudio)

Illustrator & Graphic Designer


Hi friends! My name is Suruchi Gulati and I am a watercolor artist, graphic designer, freelance illustrator, and a flower seeker.

I was always that kid(and now a grown up) who’d be left behind on any trek or walk, because I’d get lost admiring the smallest details in nature. I was overwhelmed with all the beauty of our planet and wanted to capture it in all ways possible. My source of inspiration for my painting has always been our glorious planet and all its creations! 


I live between India and Ireland but I work on projects worldwide. I have been painting all my life but I started Palepinkstudio in 2017! I sell my original artworks and merchandise and my services include custom art, wedding... See full profile

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1. Paint watercolor roses with me using real references!: 2. Supplies & watercolor techniques that you’ll need: Hi, everyone. Welcome to my skill share class on how to pained truces in watercolors in this entire class , I'll be teaching you how to be in two different styles off roses. So one is going to be a side view on the other is going to be a top view off the rose. This part of the class. I'll be showing you exactly the supplies that I'll be using on also telling you the supplies that you can use in case you don't have the facts in one's. Also, I'll be showing you a few different acne gives off what follows that you need for bending the rules is in the style that I'm gonna be showing you. So this is the brush that I would be using on. It's a sized Well, um, goldens and Tadic Princeton. It's by their heritage line. Um, yeah, I think a big round rash well before thes style of roses. And you can take any John rush. Did you have I was suggested to take a size heat or eight or dan or toe? If you have even 16 is okay. The pains that amusing are mainly by wins it and you turn, except for one lemon that I have by Van Gogh. So I have a pink from bins renewed it, and I have a few different shades of greens, from using green gold olive green on a darker one. Now, if you only have a limited ballad, or if you only have the primary colors, you can very easily make these shades yourself by color, mixing so you can achieve a pink by mixing Jed and White. And if you use a lot of water, Lenny Baby, very toned down on you can make a green by mixing just to get low on blue on, depending on how much blooper and how much yellow uber, it's gonna be either cool or a room yet cream. I'll be using a handmade garden, people Andi. I would recommend it to use according people for painting, because we'll be using a lot of water on building a lot of layers. So if you have, if you don't have a good paper, it's going toe back a lot on You won't get nice bleeds, and I will be showing you the difference between using a good quality paper on a student. People later on depending the loose roses. So, yes, let's get started with the practice strokes. So I want you to see the petals off the jewels and you can see it's a very gradual wash, It being pink on Dwight. It's just feeding into each other, and there is no harsh line. So that's what I'm showing you here. So what I'm doing is I'm facing some being using my brush on. Now. I am actually taking a lot of water in my band. Sorry on my brush, and as you can see, I'm basically moving that that being replaced or little and I am just disposing it around. So this is called pulling the paint technique. We're basically supplies some paint, and then you pull it downward. That's exactly what I did, and you pull it down with the instead of more being. So that's what creates the nice radiant That's very smooth on. Like I said, you do need a good quality water color people for this. If you're using a normal paper, you will not get so by normal. I mean, for just using any paper. You will not get this mood effect because watercolor paper is designed to hold a lot of water. So now, Adam, showing you is basically, um, the fact that you can use the tip off the wrong brush, which is very pointy on you can just make very 10 lines, even though this is a size too Well, John brunch is considered pretty big a Z. You saw that I created those linear strokes, which I'm going to use him for making this stems. Next. I'm demonstrating a technique called red in wet, where I am bending layer off bend, which is pretty watered down like you saw. And now I'm going to be going on dog off it with more concentrated paint so that, um, creates again a nice creedy in. But this time, instead of pulling the pained, however adding will be into this. What this does is it gives more depth. So as you can see, this is a lot more rider on again. The wash is very smooth. There's no harsh lines Now. What I'm trying to show you in this shows is that even though the stem is separate from the battles, we still see a hint of green, you know, at the bottom. So that's why I do this where I basically waas while the battle is still damp, Not very red, but it's still damp. I I had a little bit of green, and I feel like that creates a really nice transition from the being on green. And, you know, we don't see any harsh lines because, you know, I mean, we're trying to be in a flower here. We're not doing color blocking, and I feel like it just looks a lot more natural this way. And this is a trick that I've learned. So now I'm just showing you off your more than your strokes for the stems on the trick. Your stooges schools low more like joining the dots instead off trying to make them die thing in one go. And I also like to keep natural by, um, with few imperfections here and there. I don't want to stem to look like a straight line. Then I make the leave by pressing my tip flat on, um, adding a little bit of being very started because that usually get that usually doesn't get a lot of pain, a bit of the quick movement and this needs practice. But, um, I will be making a separate video for how to be in two leaves because there's a lot of tricks that you can use. Uh, okay. Lastly, I just want to show you how you can lift off some band. If you feel like there's extra pinioned or also to get more transparency, you easy to take a paper doll on you go and have your being detained while it's still damp on some being transferred to be, which are leaving your player more transparent and with less beaten. Okay, is that these were a few techniques. Now let's jump into the actual paintings. 3. Painting a rose - Side view (1): Okay, so whoever Bean saying a side view off alive rose. So we have a knife reference in front of us, and I've kept it just beside where I will be painting so that it's close to me and I can see exactly um, but I was repeating, so I'll be mean using one shade for the rentals, I'll be burying the capacity by varying the amount of water I use. And that's why I have two small, many ceramic bowl, which I'm using to mix my paint because I'll be using a lot of water here was really building. There's very slowly, so I'm taking a pretty watered down, um, paint in my brush right now. Andi, Chris started making the first layers, so I'm going to take it slow on. I'm just gonna follow the sheep off the battles, as I see. So I would suggest, if you can in, instead of following the painting here if you can. Actually, cattle, Jodrell was, that is quite helpful because, you know, it's it's three dimensional rules, right? And trying to fuel, you'll be able to see the unique petals more clearly. And so right now I'm just putting the first layer stone. I'm not trying to build a depth or dimension right now. I'm just trying to get the basics cheap put down on paper. Um, using I'm kind of just drawing the brush, and I'm moving the being hair in there, but every want to on the border to be. Now, in order to show the difference between sorted layers, I am going to be leaving a little bit of white space. So if you see, I have left a very tiny amount of white space toe differentiate to patterns that I'm painting right now, If we don't leave any white speed, it's just going to be one law, um, off being so I'm sure you saw the first video. Very practiced some techniques. So here I'm using the first technique that I showed you, which is pulling the pain. I have made an outline, and then I'm really pulling the pain down, creates a nice creedy int, and, um, the battles looked based off this way. I'm not going fastball with this. I believe this them in jail time so you can see how I'm slowly building form on. You could see how I'm actually looking at your shower and then translating that into my painting. I've taken some gene Andi. I am. I didn't slowly at the bottom. Like I said, I want the flower to the base Soft, luminous, on full of flight, on more three dimensional job than just color blocking. So I don't want to stem to be completely, um, standing about a separate green line. So bring it this way. You add more. I've to be anything. Now. Wife started taking a little bit of a darker, more concentrated being. Also along the along the edges. Um, I'm I'm basically looking at visual travel and wherever I see and feel the need for ah, more darker color. I am going in with that on now. We'll be painting the greens like ice showed it to you in the first video you built using the tip on. Follow along. Whatever you see, take it slow. I I like it when I make the stem. Slowly. Andi, I'm joining the dots. Sort off instead of making one street line. It just looks very unnatural that way. And I'm also taking a little bit off, Doc Agree? No. As I go down, um, down the stem. I am taking a Murdoch Rashid while painting the stem, not really following any technique off watercolor. As such, this is more like drying stem using a paint brush. So the best thing you can do here to make sure to make sure you get a nice even stem is being consistency should be right, Um, as you seeming mixing in that little ballad. I'm always mixing it really well before I bring it to my people. I don't want my brush to be bought. These marched and paint or I don't want it to be uneven, or I don't want any lumps of being long the way I wanted to be, very evenly quoted in a very even solution off being. So it has the right consistency on. It's not, um, it's not either too much water or too much paint While the stem is still damp. I am going with some areas with Dr Green again, as I see it in the individual was better, but I want to add some dimension. Now It's time to being then the youth on. That's actually my favorite part. I really enjoy being doing leaves. I find them very beauty because we do have a live reference off flower be to have uneven leaves. Your unlike when we're being loose floors, we can do whatever we want. So I, um, basically sketching the shape off believe I'm gonna drawing it and then doing it with tape . And then I am feeling it with the wide apart off the brush. Well, you know what? I actually feel that the bottom part of my stem is a little dark. So I am gonna lifting, beamed off with dry brush on a bit of Bieber dollars on, and you can see that digits. It just gives so much more life to stem on more transparency. And it doesn't look as flat as it was looking earlier. The reason I redid to do stem first before going back and working on the petals is because I wanted the first layer to get a little dry. It's still damp, as you can see. When I went over it, I can still plan the colors. It's not completely dry yet, but I did feed for it to get a little bit dry. Otherwise, the color is when it's too wet. The colors just plead into everything and it's not possible to definition in certain areas . Now we need to do is let the pedals dry completely before we go with them and to Morty dealings. So I'm just gonna finish up whatever I feel stem needs before I work on the pedals again. So another thing with watercolors is that I might feel like the color is pride enough while its bread and when it's just starting to dry, it loses a lot of color on the call has become a lot more dull while while they try. And sometimes you feel that it's just not how bride or wife dies. Wanted it to be exactly what happened to her, that I'm going back again. Um, I am opened, Um, while it's still damp before we completely that this drive for D Day ailing leader on. Okay, so now I finally felt that the color is fine. So now I'm gonna completely let this dry and then in the next video being add dealing. And if you have a hairdryer, which is a creative will toe, have I working with body colors, you can speed up the process and dry it completely before be in the next video, I'm gonna show you how. Add a lot Monti dealing to the petals and really get the flowers you know come alive on people. 4. Painting a rose - Side view (2): Okay, guys. So we've let the spending drive or quite some time on now it's completely dried of the touch. So I'm gonna go on goldenrod and at moody deals. And as you can see, this time, the colors are not blending. They're staying where I'm adding on, and I'm deliberately adding them wherever they want more depth. And then I'm gonna take some water in my being and I'm gonna spread the being the holder. So I keep adding spreading and lifting till I find the long satisfied with how my patterns look. And there we have it. I am satisfied with how this looks on. And I finished painting the side people off this rules on in the next video was officially you have being the doctor. You in a more loose style to keep watching 5. Painting a rose - Top view (on student grade paper): in this video will be beating the top you off the rules and it's gonna be a loose style. So I'm just showing you the rules. Yours, you can have a look. We're going to be unraveling the other battles from the center toe the outer part off to yours, and we will start from the center, which is basically where the stem is. So I'm going to start with the inner betters. I'm applying light to medium pressure here, and I'm going to be forming a lot of Gove's so shaped that looks looks like that. Now I keep making these letters using the same see strokes. Some of them can be 10 0 and some system can be fickle. So all the strokes have to point back to the inner circle. They can't be flying around anywhere. I'm repeating the same thing, and I am making the strokes wider as he moved towards loud patterns. So while the first layer is still a little damp, I go in with more concentrated on this kids. More depth. As you can probably tell, the colors are not blending nicely on this paper because this is not a watercolor paper. This is a drawing paper on, and what happens when a lot of people start being saying is they're very frustrated with, you know what? They see others creating, and they feel frustrated by they can create the same thing. That's usually because your supplies are not trade. So you have to buy watercolor people that will allow you to create or seem less plans that you see us creating on, not leave you frustrated with this kind of look. So in the next video, I'll be showing you the same technique off painting this truth. But we'll be painting on what ago Load 300 GSM cotton paper and you will see a difference for yourself. 6. Painting a rose composition (on artist grade paper) and final thoughts!: So in the last video, we painted blue style off a dock, few off the rules on a drawing paper, which is not four watercolors on. Now I am making the same cruise on a boat fellow people, that is 300 GSM on. It's quite a heavy weight people, so it will be able to take a lot more layers on. So I'm going to start with the inner betters. I would like to medium pressure here, and I'm going to be forming a lot of Gove's so shaped that looks looks like Now I keep making these letters using the same see strokes. Some of them can be, you know, and some of them can be pick up on as I moved towards the outer petals. My strokes are definitely going wider on. They're also getting more watered down so they will be more chance loose end. So all the strokes have to going back to the inner circle. They can't be flying around. So while the coast layer is still a little damp, I go in with more concentrated and and this creates more debt. Now the difference you will see from the last video where a painted the same style froze on a joint paper is that the colors did not blend well on. They were very patchy and where they have blended very smoothly and nicely. How much is that? A little bit more being with a bit of a browned and dread. Um, I'm not quite sure when I kid pride. Yeah, that's why I left it between doff. So if you make any mistaken watercolors, you can always lift it off. Given that it hasn't dried yet, Then I'll be adding from leaves on. They'll also be pointing back to where the main stem would be. Notice how I pressed the tape flat to create the leaf sheep. So sometimes I like to straw the leaf out with the tip and then fill it in like I am doing it here. Or at other times I like to just press it flat and create the shape. While um, I'm I'm pressing it down. I'm following the same steps that I used for the truce. But for the yellow rose, I, um, adding, kept with more off or in sheet. So you can. I had a bit of orange or jet to your yellow when you're adding being to create depth. Otherwise, the yellow roses and local flat. Yeah. So I keep ending the drawers of and some leaves till I find the competition looks pretty balanced on page. Okay, so we're almost done here. I hope you will pick up the tools, Howard, and use them in your own unique style of painting For the class project. I suggest you will pick up as yours or any other flower. But since you know specifically learned her pain Tojo's, maybe you should try and find one hand. I want you to really absorb it well, so very often so busy in our lives that we don't really look at a flower. Anything in nature as closely as we can. The intricate fools off the schedules, the color is, Then you do each other the soft goals of each battle. I want you to really look closely on finance position and then paint rose in her own unique style. So it can be a not work that you can truly call your own. Andi, I look forward to seeing them in the glass projects and I'll be dead, help you and give my feet back Okay, guys. Thank you so much for watching this class on. I really hope you learn something. And you saw me being in real time. Andi? Yeah. I see you in my next class. Bye. - Yeah .