Paint Quirky Objects: A 7 Day Watercolor Challenge | Juliet Meeks | Skillshare

Paint Quirky Objects: A 7 Day Watercolor Challenge

Juliet Meeks, Designer and Artist

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9 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Intro + About the Series

    • 2. Supplies + Painting Warm Up

    • 3. Day 1: Donuts

    • 4. Day 2: Potted Succulents

    • 5. Day 3: Patterned Rug

    • 6. Day 4: Ladybug

    • 7. Day 5: Teacups

    • 8. Day 6: Globe

    • 9. Day 7: Bouquet


About This Class


Welcome to my next class in a series of themed 7 day watercolor challenges! This class is perfect for beginner watercolor artists, but is also for any experience level. Check out the first challenge, Paint Expressive Florals.

For this challenge, I will be guiding you through painting seven different random objects in a playful illustrative style. We will be looking at the materials you will need if you are brand new to watercolor. I’ll be explaining my painting choices along the way, and how and why I use certain materials and my style choices to help guide you. 

I encourage you to complete painting all objects 7 days in a row, but you are welcome to stop and come back to finish at anytime at your own pace. Doing this challenge consistently over one week will help you stay in the groove, and help you to develop your style intuitively. 

• Follow my guide to painting different objects over a 7-day challenge
• Start and stop the challenge at your own pace
• Perfect for beginners new to watercolor
• Extend your challenge with an additional 7 day prompt!

Share your illustrations on Instagram with us by using the class hashtag #quirkyobjectschallenge and I will be sharing your work on my Instagram stories!

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