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Paint Beach Coasters in Acrylics + Resin Cover

teacher avatar Debasree Dey, debslilarts | Acrylic Artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

19 Lessons (2h 35m)
    • 1. Hello & Welcome Back!

    • 2. Art Supplies!

    • 3. Turning Papers Into Coasters

    • 4. Insights & Sketching

    • 5. Sky & Clouds - Part 1

    • 6. Sky & Clouds - Part 2

    • 7. Ocean Water

    • 8. Velvety Sands

    • 9. White Waves - Part 1

    • 10. White Waves - Part 2

    • 11. Tree Trunks

    • 12. Tree Leaves - Part 1

    • 13. Tree Leaves - Part 2 & Shadows

    • 14. Final Words

    • 15. Bonus: Cover Your Coasters With Resin

    • 16. What is Resin

    • 17. Resin Supplies

    • 18. Preparing The Resin Mix

    • 19. Resin Pour & Final Outcome

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About This Class

The serenity of the beach entices me. The walks on the velvety sands and the sound of the palm leaves elevate my senses. Embracing these scenes with a delightful cup of coffee and these beachy coffee coasters is the best way to tackle this serene nostalgia.

I invite you to join me in this class and learn to create these coasters on your own.

In this class, you will learn:

• Sketching out the scenes
• How to create beautiful white clouds against the blue sky
• How to create the ocean in just a few strokes.
• How to paint the velvety sands touching the ocean water..
• Easy ways to create realistic looking waves.

Finally I will teach u a very easy way to paint the palm trees and they shadows on the beach to add bring life to your coasters.

This class is beginner friendly. So if you are new to acrylic paintings, you can definitely learn a lot here. It will give u a lot of confidence to paint ocean waves and fluffy clouds.


1. Acrylic Paints (listed below)
2. Acrylic Paper / canvas board
3. Brushes - Flat brush and round brush
4. A plate - something to mix paint on
5. Water
6. Tissue paper

Colors I used in this class:

1. Titanium White
2. Chrome Yellow
3. Prussian Blue 
4. Dark Green
5. Dark Brown
6. Teal Blue

7. Black

Buy Resin:

Watch this video to understand how I store my fluid acrylic colors.

If you are new here, do check out my other classes and create masterpieces:

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Debasree Dey

debslilarts | Acrylic Artist



Download my eBook. 


Working as an artist for 7 years, I have carved my own path into the art world. There were many big stumbling blocks and also bigger accomplishments. All of which lead me to become a Thriving Creative.

Collecting my experiences, I have built this ROADMAP for you!





Hi, my name is Deb. I'm a self-taught artist, acrylic art guru and a creative entrepreneur based out of Pune, India. Academically, I've done MS from BITS Pilani, worked in corpor... See full profile

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1. Hello & Welcome Back!: The acidity of the beach entices me. The walks on the velvety sands and the sound of the palm leaves illegal to my senses. Embracing the scenes with a delightful cup of coffee every morning. And this BCCI coffee coasters is the best way to tackle this city in nostalgia. Hi everyone. My name is Deb, and I am an acrylic artist and an art educator based out of India. I have changed my white collar job to being a full-time artist in 2015 to pursue my interest in art and to educate others about acrylic paintings. If you want to know more about me, please visit my Skillshare profile or connect with me on Instagram. Today, I'm super thrilled to invite you to this class where together we will be creating for expressive beach Coasters with acrylics. I will be showing you all the art supplies that you need to create this coasters. We will first start by sketching out the scenes, and then we will dive right into creating the paintings. In a very step-by-step is the approach I will teach you how to create this beautiful white clouds against the blue sky. How to create the ocean in just a few strokes. How to paint the velvety sands touching the ocean water. Really easy ways to create realistic looking widths. And finally, I will teach you in a very easy way to pinch the palm trees and their shadows on the beach to add life to your coasters. The one with the mini Beach Island may look very complicated to you, but we just easy step-by-step guidance. You will be surprised at what you create. So do not worry at all. I am here to guide you along the way. You're going to see my every move in creating these paintings. Starting with how I mix my beans, how I use just a few basic shades of colors to come up with all different shades. And how I apply my brush strokes on the Canvas. All you need is your canvas boards, your acrylic colors are accurately papers. Your interest in art and your time to dedicate to this class. At the end of this 1.5 our class, you will be ready with your four mini beach coasters that you can enjoy every morning with a delightful cup of coffee or tea. So I look forward to seeing you inside the glass. 2. Art Supplies!: I'm so excited you decided to join me in this class. So let's get started with all the art materials that you need for today's class. So since it's a co-star, you definitely need for small canvas board. So the ones that I have, your four inches by four inches scan was board, which is absolutely the perfect size for coasters. But if you have something like five-by-five, you can use that as well. But I think this size is just for effect. Here is a, the difference between couple of Canvas balls that I had and I wanted to show you guys or who see this is cleaner than this. So not that it makes a huge difference, but you'll get this kind of analysis in different thicknesses. Well, so this extremely limited, this is two millimeter or something like that. You can see the difference clearly in Spanish, team and business kind of take. Not that it makes a huge difference, but yes, you should notice on a bike introduced last, I am not going to be using these posters because I just want to try out something new. I saw the first time when I created these four big things on also as I need them on, is once and you should definitely do, we're doing it for a stem on this one. I just wanted to try out the petri or it's almost like a cardboard that I had for a long time. I don't even remember what I caught it from, but must be some art supply store. It's very thick, it's very tickets. So on, I think for 100 GSM or mitosis 100 GSM or 700 years and I don't remember, but it's the peak one and I did. I just want you to look for the demo barbers for the sake of teaching. I taught, I would be doing it on this one. And also to figure it out on my own because I'm never painted on this fever still faint alcohols. These are them since these are sought peak, It's almost like up guide board, you know, or maybe the sheep that they use for framing in frame shops, you know, the material that they put around the picture. I think this is something like that. So it's, it's really peak. So this is just to give you an idea. If you one to try on something other than the Canvas pose, you can always totally do it. I'm going to show you how I'm going to use a shockwave. But before that, let me show you all the art supplies that you're going to need. And this is mode that I have cosine started to like a dork. It's like a writing board. So this is how this looks like. The one that and his counsel, I kind of like this and like sticking on the stuff on this backside. You'll see very shortly how I am going to place the place my NPV paper on this deal cleared. All right, So that's where some of this material, and now on to some acrylic paints. So that follows that you're going to be needing for today's class are my most favorite feel. Prussian blue. Clone, yellow or green. I may not. It, but I'm just keeping it handy. Black and white and dark brown. All right. So these are the very basic colors that I'm going to be using for this class and come up with all the other unless I'm shorter. Video very recently on the fellows that I use how I keep them, stored them in this plastic bottles, where do I get them from? And it is uploaded on my YouTube channel. So I would highly recommend that you go and watch it to get a good understanding of the difference between non peak body acrylic paints and the fluid acrylics. These are all fluid acrylics, right? So now for this class I'm going to be using these colors. But if you have only take body acrylics, you can totally do that. It's going to be totally fine because for this painting, it really does not matter whether you're using fluid acrylics or TPP body acrylics, you can use whichever you have, whichever you prefer. But I'm going to be using these ones. And I showed, you should totally check that video out to get an understanding of how what are the different kinds of active means. All right, and I like I mentioned in that video that you will figure out is that I always work with that. Just the basic colors, just a basic of the basic colors that you're getting any brand and then come up with all the different sheets just by mixing that bellows. So I haven't really done a video on that checked, but I'm planning to do that soon where I teach you guys how to mix all these basic colors to come up with different shades of colors so that you know, you don't invest a lot of money and buying oil, different types of colors, just by the basic ones and you assorted for life. Okay, Now coming to the acrylic brushes. So I have quite a few brushes over here, but I don't think I'm going to be using all of them, but I have kept my three different sizes of flag brush. So the sizes are eat for N2. So you see, this is since this much is our painting surface. So I have those sizes that I feel is right for this. And what I would recommend is if you guys are just starting out and you don't know what kind of brushes to buy. You can buy a state of these flat brushes, okay. So it can be any brand. Honestly, I am not a very bad person when it comes to actually crushes or colors or anything. But I think if you just go to Amazon, you would see that a lot of flat brush sets that you get. And if you see the link that I post below on the Amazon, at least I have kept quite a few seats or flat brushes. So you can choose whichever fits your budget and you can just go for it. So I am keeping these three brushes handy. And we'll see how I'm going to switch between these brushes and pH my work. And this is another brush that ideally like it's Danone. It's a bit expensive, so I don't recommend you investing. If you're just starting out, but I have actually started to like, is trash and dark, so I'm keeping it handy. I might not use it, but I just wanted to keep it. And then you're going to need a round brush. So for the round brush also, I have this set of liner brushes, which is also kept in my Amazon store. If you've seen the link below. And I have started to light those miniature branches like anything at, especially when it comes to working on some muscle. This is like this. Those brushes are the best. You should totally go check it out. If the link below, I think it's a state of saving or nine brushes, I can't really. But those are some of the amazing brushes for fine works. So the one that I have here, I cannot read the number. I think it's fun. Okay. No, it's it's number 1. This is number one and I think this is number like the tiniest possible. This is again, a sage from the dealer only. And this is like the tiniest that is possible. So when you're working on small pieces like this, it's always recommended that you have some of the miniature brushes, brush sets to be. Let me show you the brushes that I talking about. I think some of them pure shear or in scattered all over the places. So this is one of one of the brushes from that set. So I think yeah, I think it was a stage of nine, I guess minor seven. So you see the penis of the brushes for the size is 0 tree by a 0 for beta 0. So it's lead even below 0 in on the eye like VDD, pin and couple of moray has me show you this. See within the theme one. So I recently I, I, I, I got a couple of questions on my Instagram asking which pin brushes do I use and which one way recommend TL. I highly recommend this one. You see this one? This is like soul, tall bristle yet it's so clean. And you're going to have the entire state of Utah so you can see all the different sizes that they come in. Okay, So now that you know how these brushes Luke, just go for it and get the one that you like. And I think I'm going to keep this pin one hour TO for me to use it, not to show it. It's but I'll keep it dry so that's all you need and you need a glass of water to wash of your veins. And I'm going to use this glass palette to mix on my colleagues. Okay, So that's pretty much all your need and keep couple of tissue papers handy. And that's it. 3. Turning Papers Into Coasters: All right, So now I am going to cut this paper and see how this turns out. I am doing it for the very first time. So I'm kind of excited to find out how this works and store it. So this is my cutting board. Get your lead me to a link to the inch side. I kind of like working with inches more. Okay. So this is each 0.5. So this is where you see the numbers on the top. This is a 8.5. So what I'm going to do is I am good at this also in 8.5, this cutting board, I have come to find that it's so, so useful. I mean, I never really used it much before, but very recently, I have started using this cutting board for all. It's, it's really helpful. Well, if it said nearly pick before and it's gonna give Bandicoot chocolate addict. That's fine. Okay. I think I'm done. All right. So the mixed job is to cut it into four equal pieces. We have got a square shape of this A4 size that I had. And now I am going to see this. This is the reachable in trait. One thing Chief for four boxes on this side, 12344 boxes of this site with little bit of extra ages on the stage. So let's go for it. Right. So I think yeah, I did a good job. And not wait good to put the same thing for faeces I've done. And I think that creates job done by me. They are absolutely I'll same size. All right, so now I'm going to remove it. Writing Boyd and see how I'm doing basic. So this is the same thing that you guys can do it with. The, with the canvas is also okay. So I'm going to create all the four big things together. So it's not like I'm we do finish one and then start off with the second one because one thing is it seems stain because the, by the time you do one and come back to it again, it would have dried. Otherwise they would have to wait for the train Dame. I think both those places are pretty much similar rooms or agonists. Is that or they'd say, I don't know, I would avoid Whichever a famed should. Say they like. Ok, and now I have kept a double sided. And what I'm going to do is I didn't do small pieces. And so what I do is I don't want this to get stuck on this. So what I do is I put my finger on it little bit so that, you know, the DOM becomes a little loose. So it doesn't stick very hard. And bean, I play it thinking and we're going to do for us the other ones. Okay, so now I'm going to remove the other side and I'm going to stick a tube. This is something I am doing for the very first time. This has been in my mind for a very long time. I always skipped wondering what it would be like if I drew it like this, but anybody tried it on. So this is the first time I'm trying to do. And then actually, I don't even know how it's going to feel AFT raised her painting, but I have an intuition that it's gonna turn out just perfect to speak to him. You see it came out so easily because I have put your finger marks or your just good to keep a little bit of space between them. Okay, So the reason I did this is most of the time relation with I use this masking tape and put it around on the forward edges rate. But if I do it now my age will remember weight. Now, if you prefer that, by all means, do that. But if you're working with the Canvas boards, like the ones that I did earlier, it's kind of difficult to places of masking dip around it. And you want to paint the whole in King Lake. And I think this is a great way to make sure that yourself is, does not move and gives you an easy way of building. I remember when I did this for staying on the concert of the gang was born. I was holding it like this and I was feeding. And in the process, what was happening was the bottom service or the David that I was being done on. The beans were getting on the table. On my hand, it was a little messy to correlate and being so a feast, all those difficulties. So that is why I came up with this idea and I want you to try it and see how it looks like. I have a feeling that it's going to work out. Great. So whether you're doing on FADH2, people who like this or on our board like this, try this thing out and let me know if it worked great for you. Okay? So that's our, all our surfaces are really everything is done. I have, this might be sad. I feel like painting a bookmark with this one, which I'm not sure if I loop, but that's it. And everything is really your brushes. And in the next video we will get straight to building the beautiful beaches, okay. 4. Insights & Sketching : All right, So now it's time for us to start our painting. But before we start, I just wanted to share a couple of insights. So she is are the four pictures that I took as reference 1234. As you can see, they are like pretty portrayed size photographs, right? So one thing that you are going to learn in this class is how to change a photo as for your needs. So our knee heel is to paint it in squares, right? And we should be able to do that without so much of difficult to do. So one of the things that you would learn inside not to get too attached to a photograph while you are looking at it to paint. And and you will also learn how, how do you change the painting or the photograph as far as how you need to go about it. All right. So having said that, these four pictures I am going to attach below so that you can have a look at it. So this is a first one. All I'm doing is just looking at the proportion and creating whereas enlighten you cave. So if he be teared, have noticed fine. And I'm not doing anything is for this one, I'm just creating the horizon line. Risk. Everything I'm going to do with the paint 11 thing I can do for this one is just very lightly. You can see I'm not pressing my fiance too hard, just creating the beach. Gallo. Didn't read it, but it has to go. Okay. So that's all for this one. Now, the next one, it will cease pretty much in the same between both of this, right? So I'm creating page and line of dots have enough on your I don't want to get too much into detailing and creating a line or the beach, the sidebar. So just to differentiate that. Okay, moving on for the third one. In this one, as you can see, there are, there is only sky and water, there is no tea or anything. Just all of them has some trees. So that we're going to do later. And for this one I'll just pretty much aligned in the center. And this is where the like don't, don't go too dark lines with sudden, but it's a simple one, is fine. And the final one, okay. You had the sky is too much and the sand is doulas, right? So this is where I am going to do that horizon line. And this is where my life is going to evolve. Okay, so that's on our four sketches are done. 5. Sky & Clouds - Part 1: And take out all the colors. So this is how we're going to do it, guys. We're not going to get in to details of all the pixel. We're going to create more of abstracts, abstract landscape. And you will see how much easier it is to do this kind of stuff with accurately beans. Okay, so the first step, what we're going to do is create the sky. But for all four of them, I'm just taking out all the shades of blue that I need. So we will do the sky and the water as well, that the C bar token. So all of the blue related stuff is what we would do it. And I'm picking out a picture of green also. And I need a bit of black. Red black is coming up. I'm going to add a little shit up in the clouds. So could that I need just to be black. So on the colors are done and I am starting off with the biggest flat brush that have to get. So she flat brushes I have taken out. I might switch the Buddha's smaller one, but let me start with a big one too covered up the Beagle space. All right, so let's start and just join my colleagues around. And let's start with the first one. Starting off with depression genes and adding some teal blue to this. Don't, don't stress too much on labeling it nicely and advocate, just, just go with the flow. Just keep adding on us. Don't focus too much on blending because we don't want to blend all the fellows and come up with one smooth follow. You see, you see on the mocks the brush marks that you can see that D of actually painting. So you want those mocks to be visible in dorm one to blend all of them. Okay. So they added white to lighten the blue over here at the bottom of it. And adoptees dock at the bottom is like, that's how they go. So as you can see, I am focused on adding photos without trying to do much decoration in the BDI. Simply adding colors is giving me so much of brushstrokes and creating such. Jh, gorgeous texture. Even though when you look at them, photographing seems like a smoothly blend sky. But that is not our focus on doing okay. See the way I am adding the color. Starting out with steely blue from the bottom and mixing it up with so I I'm not exactly following what Holden photograph is because the photograph is like a smooth sky, right? I am trying to create some textures of my own and playing around with it. Okay, so pretty much my sky is done. And now what I'm going to do is on the same brush, I am not going to wash it. All I would do is get rid of the excess paint and become a bit of white and add the Cloud or withdrawal. So you'll see what's happening is the blue is pretty much a wet. It hasn't dried it, and before it dies, I am adding the white flows so that it looks like it's kind of blended into the sky and not really it doesn't look artificially animal. Okay, so that's pretty much eight. So what I'm doing is I'm very gently touching the bristle brush to the Canvas. Very gently. I'm not putting racial and I'm going to add a bit. So this is the benefit of doing it immediately because the blue is wet. It is giving us like really nice-looking excuse of the Cloud. So it's not like bright, prominent white because the white is kind of getting blended with the background. And we're coming up with such beautiful clouds. Okay? Okay, I think let's go ahead and create all the skies and then I'll come back to doing though water. Okay, What do you say? Let's get to the second one now. I am sounding with depression on the top. As I'm coming down, I am switching to white and mixing it up with the blue so that we get a lighter shade of blue by the time we reach the horizon. And again, like you would have learned by now from the first one, I am trying not to create a clean blended sky. I want all these brushstrokes to be visible. Okay, so that's pretty much it. The sky is done. And now we will add the Cloud exactly the same way we did the previous one. So I am wiping off the excess, picking up a white and adding the white very slowly, not putting too much pressure. And if you see the cloud in this photograph is like bright white and we're really good that we're going to get that, don't worry. So at the moment we're focusing just on adding some little white flowers which are kind of getting blended with the blue in the background. Okay, so small strokes, you see I am not using the entire flats help is off my brush and then I'm holding it like this and using the shorter site to create this model floats over here. If you find that difficult, that is why I have this small one, or we hope you been all this switch to the small one. And p this more than once here at this. And actually you can pick the benefit of using a small brush and add more cloud so we can, you see, it's not blending too well. So what we're gonna do is we're going to revisit it later once it has dried. And though just for the ages, I am going to use this brush. And she'd the ages of the club just by, you know, smudging the age like this to the blue. So keep the big toe in front of you so that you can see how things are progressing and are demanding a bit more of a shock. Like I said, because the background is pretty whit. No matter how much I do know the white would not be very vibrant white. It's going to be mixed up with them. The loo. And later on we're going to come your visit displays. Actually, you know what, now that I'm getting sick and dying on top of this, it's kind of getting dried. It's getting hot in una now. So the way there is kind of warm sets giant faster than it used to before. So this part is a bit wet. So I can do visit this area a bit later. And I'm going to add some Greek clouds to this as well when IT visited, read them. Okay. So I think that's pretty good for the diaper. Don't get you focused on getting the minute. Just focus on getting the overall structure. Okay, now, let's move on to code one. 6. Sky & Clouds - Part 2: This is the same brush I'm using. I'm not washing off, not wiping adult on I'm doing is picking up some d nu and going all around date. You see little bit of Prussian blue is remaining on my brush, right? So that's showing through my colors and that's giving a beautiful shape. So I really don't mind. But all I'm doing is just filling up color. I have not tried to blend or do anything extra. Well, good. So pretty much it's all done in denial. I am going to take some white and add on the toe kind of. So if you see the photograph shows something like the phase of the sun coming from HIO. So he's bored, I'm trying to do added between weight and jiving, eating old election. Who shall move that? She's, again, it's not a really prominent thing. I'm doing a fan of lightening it up. Just a little bit is fine. And I picked up white and I'm just going to create all the beautiful clouds. So before the glue dries, I am going and again, I am switching to this a shot age of the of the flat brush because stack we hit me. Go on a smaller area. Again, this one also has quite a bit of green clouds. So I am Richard II visited again with my small brush under the later. But do you see we are doing abstract clouds, right? So we're not too focused on getting everything the way it is. We kind of creating some abstract chips of the bloods. That's it. We're done. May not going to do too much over here. All right, so let's move on to the last one. And so as you can see, these two are kind of delish and this one is again. But again, you get the door whichever color you want, Don't get me or anyone is restrict you from the gallery. Jonah, your score will go ahead and do that. Again. I am, I have my focus on making the brushstrokes visible. So I a marine from Prussian blue to light, Prussian blue. And as you can see, lot of brushstrokes are visible. Can I totally love that? So it doesn't look like a plain, simple, solid, boring sky. It has a lot of marks going on and that gives a lot of lot of energy to the tape. No. Okay. Next same thing, just wiping off the excess paint and I am moving on to creating some clouds with the white right now. Switching to my A-sharp age of the Brucella again. So for this one, maybe I don't have to revisit it again because this pretty much looks like the way it is and I am happy you did just don't book-to-market ratio. And use the short side of the painting and of the flat brush and you are done. So this one is done. So these two has a little bit don't create loud these. Again, I'm not washing this brush off because I can use this with Lindsey. So let me revisit this one. Okay. I'm going to do is just add some bright white. So it added then going in brushing it. Okay. You know what I feel this place is still not dry, but it's okay. It's not going to be a huge problem for me. Now. The ages and vendor blending it up into the 18 so that the ages of not two prominent Juneau. Okay. So I got really good white clouds over here, right? And I want to add a bit more art or ratio, which I like, but I teach bright white. Again for the small flat brush also, I am using the shorter, the shorter side to create length. Really small. Okay? And we'll come back and add the green innovate. And for the other one, this one. And I'm just going to add a little bit of white space. Doesn't need too much advice. Okay, Done. Now we are going to create a beautiful gray and add a couple of them, Okay, Not the way I am just going to take like a tiny bit of black, okay, absolutely this plus this much. And adding white geoid. Because black is a very highly pigment to tolerate. So taking just a little bit off it would create a lot of dark place and we don't want too much of this one. I just come pure and very softly, gently. I am going to add a little, we don't create strokes towards the bottom of the skulls that we just added. See, it's not going to be these amounted to write or anything, but it's just going to make your sky looks so gorgeous. If you feel the need to add a bit of white to blend it in, feel free to do that. Okay, I think this is done. And now for the second one, I am going to decode again just to be black and create some Create and just around this white clouds. So you feel free to choose whichever technique you feel bad. Also, I am switching between the two techniques and I just realized that. So sometimes I'm doing depths like this. So picking up my and lifting my brush and going on the canvas couple of times. So this is one way of doing it. And I feel if you are a beginner, it's actually a fantastic way of turning this kind of things. Another way that I am doing sometimes is this. I'm going, I'm not lifting up the brush from the canvas. I am keeping it on it. And I'm going in this round and round motion that with very less pressure. And that way also I am getting like really beautiful, it loads. Okay. So try both of them out. You can actually have a rough sketch book to try this on. And figure out which one you like or which one is giving you a better outcome and feel free to come back. I think the sky is starting to look really, really nice. Just adding a bit of gray here. Pulling trait and a bit more of 20 to maybe. Okay, see if I go round and round, Apache might end up brush or what's your, what is happening is because this spot is kinda of wet. I am not getting the desired outcome. So because of that, what I'm doing is I'm just going in dabbing. So the white stays white and it does not change the color of things. I think this is lovely. I totally loved this. Okay. Guys are done. If you feel like adding a bit more because I feel like I come back to all of this. This is a bit less right? So just to match up all your course does feel free to change it the way you want. Again, it other than we did on the ground, I will just go and have a bit. You see the changes in emotions that I'm doing. Which a lake so subtle that I don't even really realize what I'm doing. So I started off with the dogs and 10. So sweetly are shifted to the predominant own motion. We are done with this guys in the next step now we're going to go and do all the waters. 7. Ocean Water: Now, if you remember, I get this brush aside because I thought I'd use it for the water park, but I feel the species sorted list and I want to do it with precision rather than enough, we need multiple banks. So I am thinking I will do it with this small size brush, which is the number two. So I am going to clean off this big flat brush. I think it's work is done. Okay, So now let's start off with the water. So now for the water, I actually like using a bit of green with a deal to give that water look at Snopes, really nice. So using same technique. I've tried to blend anything, just adding fellows in horizontal motion. Okay. So will the ADI red, it's touching the beach, the sand area. I'm adding a bit of white just to light any and it ends when the sand. So we'll just a beautiful white addition to that we have then again, I'm going back to adding my whose genetic goddess of the health. I'm filling up this entire space first. Then we will get to designing it as far as per our wish. Okay? So, okay, so now the whole thing is done. Now what we're going to do is I'm adding a bit of white. Again. See, this is where the difference between abstract painting and a realistic painting gums. I'm not going to be find anything specifically. Okay. I'm just going to add a couple of strokes orally, but it's going to give me the illusion of realistic seascape. Ok, so what did I do now? I just added a little tiny touch of weight in horizontal motion. And that is giving me such nice Luke of the water, right? Okay, and now the top area, I am going to add blue. Using the flat age of the flat brush. I am trying to create a straight line. And then just a couple of strokes from it. You see very softly, I'm just using that fellow and lepto and created just a couple of strokes here and there to show some water lines. So I'm not getting into too much detail of each of those lines. Just a very random motion. So feel free to just watch this part once again, if you because it was just such a small, tiny step, I did not have too much to do. Your OK. Now it's again the same thing that we will do. We'll using teal, blue, and green. A bit of white and become only on the way to the shoreline. Ok. And now as we move up, you see how fast I do this. We will gradually switched to the Prussian blue and gave although what delights see, I just applied the colors but you see the kind of lines marks that are already visible. But it's giving me look of the sea without even me trying to do anything. All I did was I just applied the colors will take up the pitches. Now. Although if it is done, now I'm going to pick up a big push in blue and create the horizon line really nicely. Don't fret over speeding up very perfect straight line, it's via inhibitors. And then you see fairly loose brushstroke. I don't have too much of paint on my brush. So that is why I'm getting this broken lines. And broken lens is what we want here. So very obliquity. My brush so loose and barely touching the surface. Okay. So I'm just scratching the surface with just a little bit of leftover. I know that I have. And you see a little bit of enol is actually visible from the back. So do you see that D is kinda of visible from the back and that gives such a nice one to land. Without even trying much. Just by using lists bent. You can create such amazing water lines. And I'm just using that lift of a pressure on my brush at creating just a few shadows and stuff like that on it. And that's it. We're done or we go. Okay, Now let's move on to this file. See my brush has regional fashion new, so I'm just wiping it off. Because this one is we want to keep the same folder as the jump. So study all the d blue and a bit of green. So see, even though I have good thought. Reliable with your bot, you can actually start. If you look at the picture, the shoreline start somewhere, He'll even though it is under the water. Okay. So for that reason I'm not going to come down and I'm going to stay over these AVI and said, Okay, I think down a little bit because I did not see the big job when I was doing it and I thought this would be my shoreline. But that's okay. Okay. So my entire ADA has been uploaded and now I moved to add again the Prussian blue. To create the shoreline. And gently blend is John Darwin into the light area with few giant brush strokes. That's it. It's done. And now this one has a really small area to be gathered, right? So switching to deal blue. And let's go. And I'll end with the page of green and white. So if you move your brush in the horizontal, deduction, automatically you get all these beautiful wave lines, water lines. You don't even have to try too hard to get this. And then I am adding a bit of dark blue on this horizontal. I look at this, we will get to a little later once we start with the shorter the beast, that's been really good at e-tailing off it. But for the time being, just adding a few of the Okay. That became not too much. It's okay, Let it be later with a small brush, we can add a bit of it. So all of our water lines are done. And you see, this is too dark. But actually you know what, we are going to create some leaves on top of it. So I think when we do that it's going to be fine, but I'm just adding a little bit of blue in between just to lighten it because I don't want to be super dark. Dry brush strokes absolutely less a deal on my brush and just moving in that direction. Okay. Okay. I think I see What's the problem is, I think in the screen, the camera, It's looking really dark, but in reality it's actually not that dark. So I think the camera is beginning into big dark, but I think that's fine. Once I didn't, I think it's gotta be light, lighter. Don't anyone see the exact color that I am adding? All right. So on the wall, does art have been done? They feel a little bit of white is showing through you. Just so over here, do you see there is a line that has been formed because of the shadow in the water. So that is what I created sounds by adding one line over here. Okay, done and I am washing off. So one thing about Washington Rogers is don't keep them in water too much, too long because this is what happens. See the color. Stay in the brush. So the moment you are washing, just wash them off really clean. And then yp talk on a tissue paper. That way. Your brush stays good for a really long period of time because there is, you're gonna have to Washington it in water. There is a lot of water, sorry, the palette that stays back. Okay, Same thing. Washing off or the values. And I think it's looking damn gorgeous right now my conduit to stop the beach area. Okay, so in the next video we are going to add all the beach. What I'm going to do now is I'm going to pause it here for some time and probably start recording the next step after a while because I want to give it at least like five to ten minutes. I think it is pretty much giant, but just to make sure it is 100 percent dried. So you should also give it some time after you've done this, gives some time for this to get completely dried before we hit on to the beach, but all right. 8. Velvety Sands: All right. So now my papers are completely dry it and I am going to take out the next color that is required for creating the beach. So I am going to use only the dark brown. That's a monocot I'm going to use along with white. You can feel free to add a touch of orange if you are filling. Too excited to add colors to your beach, being free to do that. I think a touch of orange makes it really nice one. But I think I'd stay up all night, so let's get started. So for the first one, let's start from here. So first thing you do is mix up these two corners and see, just like the V. Actually, you know, what I found was a bit of yellow along with it, not orange but just to yellow. So as I was saying, so on a cap goes on up, John, a painting, It's always dock on the job and dark at the bottom, a Saint Domingue status light up on those. So that is exactly what we're going to do show I would just start from this corner, which is the darkest corner. And as I'm going approaching, the waterline is going to get laid off. That's why remember when we were doing this, I asked you to keep it light as an add more white to us the end. So that is exactly white. Now, again, we are going to follow the same technique, not trying to blend everything, but the focus is on adding the color to the canvas. And I'm picking up occasionally white just to tone it down. So this is the benefit of sticking the paper with double-sided blue. And it's not the stabbing me to be in to. I don't even have to fool it like this with my left hand. It's really easy to paint like this. So this is something that I do, rather than mixing it all on the plate, I kind of like picking up on the colors that I need to blend and a comment at them directly on my canvas. After building for almost 56 years, this is one thing that I have realized that doing that always makes me feel good about what I'm creating. Because I get to see all the monks that are getting created. And now we're moving up more and more white. So now I don't think I'm going to take anymore of the condos, the brown and the yellow, and I am going to use white and see this is, this is, this is the most important area. How I'm mixing these two. Be attention. So this one I really tend to keep liquid into the dark, one of the unviable high, very close to the waterline. Do things. First. I'm going to wipe it off and pick up more of white, but absolutely less whites. The I haven't picked up too much and the pressure has to be really, really this. So I'm barely touching the Amherst. And I'm using the same what isn't constructs to get it into the blue. So I am actually getting insight paint. And I'm kind of blending it in together. Maybe less paint I have. Okay, That is why I'm able to do this. Okay. Now, after this is done at a show you a very quick, easy way if you feel it's not blended properly. So I am fight a fight with that trait now. But if you want to do this, what you can do a simulation, not even washing it is completely dry that but you see whatever lift to what I have just broken up, just a little bit of it mixed up with the brown and coming and adding it here. And it's done. Now. We're not going to do too much over here because the next step, we are going to add all the waves, the white wavelengths again. So that is when you will see how beautifully the two things blend into each other. So even if it is not much blended right now, it's fine. You've got maybe death that. Alright, moving on to the next one. Okay, So here if you look at the picture for this one, the second one, you see, USE that. It's light here at the bottom and the dark over Europe because of the sand is being wet. Okay, so that's kind of a tricky situation of what tRNA it's a bit different from what we just did here. We started from dark to light, but we sure. But that's okay. We are on flows and weekend do this. So what I'm doing is I'm picking up, down and I am adding a line where it is duck mixing it up with yellow. So this is my dark area. Okay. See, every time I'm picking father, dean or this I'm not putting this entire multiple of the Brazilian to it. I'm touching just a Barnum. So this is this is the amount of paint I'm backing up just a little bit on the phone because I don't want too much paint. Because if you give too much of paint, it will not be able to play around with it the way you want. You will be controlled by the paint rather than you controlling the paint. Okay. Shortest my sheep band performed. Next, I'm just going to add beautiful yellow. And immediately next I am adding some white to show the light of the eye. Okay, so that's it done. Notable microbiomes you see just in one shot I got an x, so good lines over here. So use that, use that, that is the benefit of using actually fence. Now, this white area is again the lighter area. So that I same thing I'm doing is adding the light brown and getting onto on top of the blue just a bit. Just a bit. Not too much, but keeping this line not absolutely straight, but kind of baby in-between. And you will see how beautiful it looks once we add all the water lines to it. So as of now, let's leave it at that. I just that this shape, I don't like this dark brown, but what? We will be able to edit it when we add the light as it the white. Okay? All right, so now let's move on to the third one. If you feel I'm going too fast, feel free to pause it. Watch it one more time. And then joint okay. Okay. This is again same as the first month, so we're starting with a dot at the bottom. And incomplete Hello. That's enough of brown and yellow. Now we switch to white. And we keep lending and weighing up all the way to do. She'll oops, you see I append to add a little bit of white. At the bottom. You see why I'm just adding backfill of brown. Ok, now, we are only going to go up almost touch the water line. And now what do we do? We use white and midi generally goo on top of that. You're not going too much into the blue, just enough to go, but up all the white lines in between. I'm just a little bit in the middle so that it looks like the image together, they're not separated. Okay? So this is done. Again on the jointed legs will get covered. Once we add the portal. Done, we withhold one. Let's move on to the fourth. So if you see the fourth big toe is Betty White dish, right? So I am starting with what Allen from the bottom. And I'm adding quite a bit of white to it from the beginning, et cetera. Okay. So people who gently at on the water and this bot we are just taking in just a bit into the water, That's it. Now, if you feel that your your your door black brush with the teammates like the way I just did. I would do it once again, Alito with a thin brush and you can actually follow that is if you go through you to do it with the with the flat brush. Okay. But we are done on our shorelines, are done on the beaches, have been honored. The main basic cholerae is done and now we're going to add on those wavelengths to it. So on to the next step. 9. White Waves - Part 1: Washing off my black brush, it's done. Maybe we needed little later. Okay, Now, this is the brush that I'm going to use. Remember the one that I told you from my liner brush set. Still with this elongated to prison. This is the one I amplitude use, okay? And you can see how beautiful it allows to create all that nice wavelengths. So the one fellow that we need most, what this is white. I'm just going to keep a bit of GW just in case I need a bleach. So let's start off with the first one. So what we're going to do is first thing, we're going to create the water line. So we've got that photo and it's going to create the final outline of the water. Okay. See already it's so critique. And now we're going to extend this line inside. And NumPy or not, we do in all these lines, the small length up to the mainland is done. We know when to go in detailing of it and do one by one like that, then that becomes realistic painting that we ever eaten the abstract style, right? So what we're going to do is to randomly add a few lines. So you feel him obese. If you follow the photograph, you would see that I'm not doing it the way it is in the photo. And I am kind of making my own lines. And I want you to have fun with it in or not gets traced out by looking at the photo and thinking, oh my God, how ugly do create all loose small lines. I am actually not going to be at the photo much just for reference once in a while and just deleting this line spleen and armed on my own. So all I'm doing is creating horizontal lines. In some places it's little slanted lines. See, my focus is mainly on this area where the joining has happened. And I'm feeding some nines will be Yaso with that. You know, it doesn't show too much. C, What was your media? What isn't a lens that epitope go We lines because this is like at the end of it. Starting to go a little bit in the blue area or the soul and adding a few lines. All right, I think I quite like it. But if you feel like adding more lines him free, I don't want to get too much into the details. All banding lines, you know, it says as long I have fun doing it. I do it. I feel it's getting too much. I leave it for Dino. Sometimes it's actually fun in green, this small, small strokes on a, this kind of flake, so many to do. So you don't have to really look at the picture and see whether you're doing it right. Just, just says Add, keep adding this small lines. It's very meditative. So have fun with it. Don't stress out. Okay, so that's oil. And to make this wave on the beach look even more nicer. Do you know what we're going to do? We're going to add a bit of shadow below it. Because below abbreviate there is always a shadow because of weeks does shed. The wave looks beautiful activity. So for that, I am going to create a bit of green fellow here. Okay, So now I pick up this screen and add at the bottom of this line. Maybe I need to make it. So I'm adding a bit of water because you don't want it to be teal. And you can feel free to add not the RNA v small line that we have done, but in some of them, if you feel like you could just add a little bit shocked him because these lines actually makes the white lines look beautifully. Okay, that's it. We are not getting into too much. I think it's something beautiful and looking through the camera now, I think we need to the camera you actually see how good your painting is looking. Because sometimes when you are too deep into creating a painting, you don't see it the way it is looking because they have too much into the baking. So because take bath goal a case like you know oh, okay. From your painting to get it to show the camera. That's also a way of looking at it. Okay, now I've washed my brush, pick that for white. And we'll move on to though second month. Okay, So now you see what I'm going to do is I am going to add the wave line, not exactly where the brown line happened. I'm adding it a little bit below it. Somewhere like show the shape that I want to do. Remember I was telling you when doing the sand hill that I do long to like the line and I enjoy that when doing the waves, I will connect it. And that is exactly what I am doing now. And you can see there is a small line of water coming home. This is kind of creating problem for me whether I'm doing but it's okay and manage. Okay. So she ordered or the NYSE. And then over here, I'm going to fill it up quite a bit to wave and create a few lines that goes onto the water. And P and some of the wavelengths. If you want to learn more about treating babes, I have two other classes already uploaded, so go and check them out. It's, it is more in detail of the techniques of creating waves in this beam D. I'm not really following all of that because I'm creating it in loose abstract style. If you want to learn more, you can do that. And so most of the things that I'm doing actually is what I am. I have learned from doing those kind of paintings and those are the techniques that I'm implementing. You're not exactly detail, but it's pretty much the same rules that I am tonight. All right, So I think my array of your is done and I think it's looking gorgeous. Okay, Now we agreed to add it as a bit of shadow to it, which is pretty simple. You see it's kind of non-feasible months, so I'm adding more of black to it. Okay, That's tool duck. So an add more white to it. So putting these lines becomes really easy way to have the right kind of brush, you know. So having this really nice liner brush is pretty important for creating such paintings. I'm just adding a few lines here and the area in between. 10. White Waves - Part 2: So this is what happens. I get so sucked into the bean thing icon to step back and look at the painting. And that is exactly what I want you guys to do. So after this, so let me just do a bit more. Okay. Now I'm looking at it from my camera and I think it is looking brilliant. What do you think? So? See, I can keep doing this forever, but we have to stop at someplace. So the moment you feel you, we hope you have done enough to step back from European thing and just look at it for a second to see if you're going in the right direction or not. One thing that you'll see that the aim of this wave is a very white. So I'm adding a layer of white. Even though our shadow and everything is looking for perfect does adding a thick layer of white at the end just makes the wave look really, really good. Alright, let's move on to, sorry, third 11 is really interesting because all it has is waves, okay? So we will do it really well. And just, and this one will be done. So I'm starting with, remember, so this is where the water, that water is coming, like I said, when creating the water, the beach side, right. So all I'm going to do is create the final waterline deal where the wave is and he didn't the shore. So this is that like so this spot, even though it is on the beach but it is actually the water is not just a piece. So this is our assist, the final line of the water on the beach. Okay. Couple of more lines to let the big broad lines that you see at the end, false belief is the line that I'm creating. Okay, Now, we add few more lines here at the adjoining area. So you see how the connection is the beat between the water and the land by creating these leaves. Now nobody can see you lead through color and mixing who were there. And we can get some more lines. Like how we did in the previous ones. Not not feeling stressed out my bike rather enjoying the process. I still remember when I learned creating this kind of waves, I used to feel very stressed out titrating these modes lines because I am impatient artist, I have to do things fast. If you have taken my other classes, you can see how fast I beamed. And I have to really do things faster, but idealized by bidding such paintings where you create lot of lines and stuff like that. That it takes, it actually helps me improve my patients leaving from while I'm creating this. And I remember when I did say you're back to being the lock-down time. And I was getting so frustrated in the middle of it. But to noun after it. And YOLO saw with white, I'm doing this kind of buildings were employed in small, small lines. I'm actually not feeling very impatient and I'm kind of like having fun with it and enjoying it. I don't know. Maybe maybe it's because of my leg. I have studied in mediation. It's being led by six months now. And maybe it's the effect of mitigation that has made me really calm. I mean, even though I don't consider myself obese person individually, but I think it has given me some level of groundedness where I don't feel tired or ranks. And she has to do something like this where it takes a lot of patients to do. And that is what I will suggest to you as when that don't get pressured about what you're creating. So the beating that I'm talking about, that loan back, your back is yellow brown title full painting. You would find it on my Instagram page. My fitness, that took me like two hours just to create the lines. But it looks really pretty. So. It's a very meditative kind of a being doing. Maybe I'll teach it something. Or if you learn this technique, you can just do it yourself. Okay, So what the lines over here? And now we're going to look up look fees. So this spot, I want you to pay attention because it's just, I'll do it so quickly that you will not even realize if you'd want to pay attention. Yeah, so all I'm doing is painting a line or that we do here. And I am dropping the waves here. Don't worry what's happening. Just go with the flow, just watch it and you can see how nicely it dons out. And the ones mildly of the job being killed. And we do one more. We do one more here. See I am moving pretty much in horizontal direction As of now. But these are really all converted to body aligns in a bit and you'll see how I do that. And couple of ones heal. It isn't just the sheep of the waves that end at the moment. Okay? So my horizontal lines are done. And since it's an abstract loose style, one more thing I'm going to do is add quite a bit of way to work it out so that it looks like absolutely white, frothy wave, you know. Yay, it's pretty nice. White. Okay. And this one also, this is also not too late. Now, this is what you can do. Just adding a B2V. They making blank Levy. And too stupid or too much of a few lines of this one is not too many lines I'm creating. You can leave it like this, or you can take this deduction, just moving that being in this direction. So the direction, the wave is falling. So it's pretty much in this multi contradiction little bit of slack in production. And seen for this, everything isn't distinction. I don't think diagonal. Okay, it's done. And now rather than just a few lines. So while adding these slides, you know, what I'll do is I'll pick a big deal because I don't want the lines to be very white and prominent. So I am taking more of detail so that the lines paint to blend into the background and don't stand out too much. How does it look in the camera allow it looks gorgeous. Wow, I love it. What do I do? Let me know. So although emotions or all the things that you feel way creating this painting, this is a very good idea that I have come up to us to simply keep a journal and write down what you're feeling when you're watching a video or being dean, or what something that you're creating on your own. It's so good to capture or your emotions. It helps you in journaling also a lot. And if you create something like that while you're watching my videos, I put affinity, you want to know that so you can create two. I'm sure I'm not getting into too much of detailing and I'm going to leave it at that. And we move on to our final one. So yeah, I was saying if you do something like that, I would be so curious to know if you actually come up with something that you liked about my video. So you get, post your project and write about it, talk about it, and we can engage in some sort of communication or you can write it in the review. It's just that when you read reviews, I love reading them, but I can't respond to them. So that is why I feel in our project is so much better if you can post a project, talk about something, and then we can have some kind of conversation going on over there. Okay. So I am not going to have to manage onto the beach. All I'm doing is creating that each column and adding it over here. So did is not much of wavelengths to be created in this painting. I've been just add the two. Like SHE. If you are looking at the job, you will see data, some gray lines which have been created around. And this small, small things is what makes the painting look beautiful. You know, small things that we actually didn't do ignore. Andrea. So it's done. So Our this step is done. I don't know which state now, but this is but in the next step, again, I would give time to dry. I think it's pretty much dry it. But in the next step, we're going to create all the greenery, all the greenery around. 11. Tree Trunks: Andre time to create all the trees. So now I have switched to this brush, which is a little bit thicker than the previous liner brush that I was using. Maybe Tim. Okay, maybe I'll use this to create the leaves of the boundaries, but I want to use this brush for cheating the chunk one, right? So this first one I am going to start. This is where I had done the wavelength rate because and I don't want to really cover it up, but I think it might get a bit covered up and that's fine. We can't keep all of it. So I employed to start on your own. And don't feel just start from the job. Gum and astute here. Okay, so this is a steep that, Hello, my students feared the bowstring doing the lake. All of his jade. What if the line is not straight? If the line is not nineties or not to introduce what the trust me, guess what? 100 percent of the time they do it, just one did do it just fine. The take the leap of faith and the land in the right place. It has never, ever, even once happened that they have not been able to do it. Is just that. Okay? Am I blocking the view? No, I guess right. So all I'm doing is now updating the brown. I have picked up white and adding the white, I believe. So. Yeah, it looks scary, but it is not. We'll have to trust yourself that you will be able to do it just fine. Guess what? It scares me. Also. Invite. I have learned from practice and experience that it's going to be all fine. So there's no point in stressing. Now you know what I'm going to do? I'm going to take this other liner brush, take some lack. Mix it up with a bit of brown. So it's like dark brown. And not indicted leap, but only in some places, I am going to add this doctrine. Okay, that's it. And we're going to create one more lithium solid ground here. And I'm using this brush itself to the weight. Mix of black and brown. And that's it. What my jobs, I've done books. Okay. And I'm using a little bit of white to come here and add a few of these horizontal lines across the chunk. Okay, so see boating, take your time to do this. I did it really fast. I know that. So you don't have to do it fast if your direct boss that we do. Okay. This is done. Legally. I'm going to come and add more white horizontal lines in this one. But for the time being, let it be in this one. You can see we have one tree coming up home. She'll summed up that site and it's coming like this. So if you've taken my previous class where I don't talk too bent, palm trees, which is the bomb class. You would have had some practice of getting farm cheats by now. And it's actually saw relaxing to create boundaries. I mean, I remember in childhood when I used to create paintings mostly be led since I'm not creating palm trees. I think it was one of my favorites. Some adding some white and a few of these loops. It's too bright. Pre-work this. But isn't two lanes. You see in some places it went a bit out. So that is not a problem. You can just cheat the underline once again. And you'll see how easy it is to create some nice lines. The chance, okay? And even read, read, read this, even here also, I am going to add us a bit of white. Normally be 20, 80. I hope I'm not blocking your view to see the state because sometimes my hand can come in the way. Okay. And once again, you can just outline it once again if you feel the lines have gone out. Okay. That's it. Then next, the third one is not fat. The final one we come to is this one. And if you see the color of the chunk gets created. So why not try a great job here? Okay, mixed black and white. Actually, you know what, this one, we're going to do LP to the dot at the end of it. Because there's a lot of green coming up over here. So we will do all the greens and discharge. We are going to do absolute yet then what should we do with them? Okay. You know what? Since I've mixed up a lot, let me do it. And Leto, I'm going to come and just fix the area that is gone. So here is my chunk. It tells that we don't lack shadowing over here. And I'm not good to do too much into it right now. So I'm going to leave it like that later on. I'll just add a little bit of stuff to Victor. And I'm not going to take it. Okay, so we are going to leave it like this. And later though, shadow is going to also. Okay, So up the trunk bodies done and done next state will be add on the greens. Two chunks, okay, and for that I'm going to use this theme liner brush. 12. Tree Leaves - Part 1: So let's start with that. See, the green is almost tried that I'd taken out at the beginning. So I will take up some more. And you want to meet, say tripped yellow. Alright, so let's start with this one. We will use a bit of black also. The green to give the doc shadow. You know what? At this table, what I will introduce myself contradict color of this away because it's a bit difficult to get into this detailing area way. I'm touching all of them to keep them aside and I'm making a missile, Yes. Okay. I'm going to keep it aside. And and other thinning speech. Picking it off is I can move it at all and they shouldn't Iceland and then try to hit it, meets in battle. Okay, So anyways, the ages I'd already done so we end with that. All right, so thank you. Teach it all the branches first. And now I'm adding the leaves. I am taking some yellow as well. Notice one thing, I have VD less paint on my brush. Anytime I'm doing that, I can give this dry strokes. Don't get. Too busy with detailing everything. Just go free-flowing and doesn't have to be exactly our days in that photograph. I am kind of doing the way I want to rather than being dyed with the photograph. Thank you. I think that's pretty good. There is one which is coming at the front like this. So I just feel like, wow, I think that's core to site. Okay, so the tip of doing this is bus stop with the dark ones. And for the doc, I am using green and black mixed. See most of the Cloud. Cloud that video is kind of getting beaten. And I'm adding some yellow snow. And it's done with a thumb into all the shadows a bit later. But this is done. Now. The second one where we have a CI on the left side. Same technique, settled with the dark ones. And why did working with the DOM occasionally, I feel like switching doing yellow because then it's not going to be absolutely yellow. It's going to be yellow mixed with green, right? So it's kind of like a middle dawn that I get meeting Jake. Yeah, those alone with the greens. So keep switching between fellows so that you know, all the leaves that you're doing on kind of the unknown, not make all mixing into each other. Feel free to use a bit of predominance of this Human Rights. And that's it, it's done. Now the fourth one where we have a lot of really happening, but I am, we should be two. Not the gate too involved in growth in all of those. So I'm not washing this brush, I'm flipping it aside. And I am switching to this little pico brush that I had. Okay, and see how I would do create those distant greens. So I'm not going to go in all detailing, but still it will look good. So I'm starting from here, the beach, 1839. And I am going to switch to brush the small one, tiny one. And I'm adding some black in between. Okay, That's it, Done. And now we're going to create some trees on top of it. The same palm trees. See how loosely I'm doing that other than, you know, getting through or when the buy all the details that is there in the photograph. And as we're going inside the sizes, keeping the perspective in mind. And you see this gap that is for me, I am, we defeat it up. I know many, many, many randomly. Note about ISI, what's happening. Just speed it up right. Now. I am going to add one. Islam She indict in the front. Yellow. And I am going to add some blacks to get some shadows. And even in these ones I am going to add some yellow. It's actually a bit random. So you might feel like what's happening because we don't want to get too much caught up in the detailing yet, create this beautiful beach island, right? 13. Tree Leaves - Part 2 & Shadows: So we can very well see all the boundaries lined up one after another. Even though we did not paint them. Really innovate, defined and structured be. Right. And that's it done. Now 101 small thing that we're going to do to make this all look really nice together, is I'm going to take some white and brown, mostly white, and actually add some of the chunks. So don't feel too overwhelmed. Just follow my guidance. And you can see how nicely This phone feature to the beach. In such a short time. I think when I teach painting, my focus is always on how to make it absolutely easy for a beginner to follow. Because that is what I have done for like a decade long time. I have taught people who talk to a good neighbor pained. And I have taught them how to paint is in an easy way. So I always try breaking down of being tamed into, into really easy steps for anybody to follow. Whether you are a seasoned artist or you're building for the very first time. Okay, a lot happening to that beach or whatever. But if we're not going to get into all the details. Okay. And you see that chunk also did not get any distorted or anything because we kind of did it nicely in behind the trunk. And now we may create this beautiful, gorgeous tree, okay? In the same way. I am, I am, I mean, I think either brushes fine now because I've been using both of them Though. One definitely so first, I create on the chats as the branches, not the trunks, sorry, on the branches. And then I appreciate that leaves. Again, I get a feeling that my hand is coming on the way from the camera. So just checking my balance that, you know, whether you've been seed. Okay, now I'm switching to be the yellow in-between. I think just to be to black because I feel the black is kinda missing. And it's done as in the cheap part is done. These are little bit more to be done, which is basically just adding the shadows. So rather than putting it off for the dumb, I am going to need some weight. So I start with this last one, mixing and creating some. And I am going to so you see, rather than creating a stream, two lines 12 here is kind of weaving it up. This is just to show the movement of the sand. And I am going to add a bit of white on this site. Do you see there's a little bit of mass or weight yarn which I'm not liking do much. So what I'm going to do is add that beach condo. That's a big deal. So you see, this is how easy it is to connect. If something goes wrong. Always add the bumping in Chico, I hadn't it is sorted. And, and next thing I'm going to do is this one showed is my shadow color that I mixed up. I am going to add a bit of detail to which may be because this an infection is funny on though, what DO, right? So this is how it goes. Maybe a bit more of black because it's not easy but more black. Okay. Don't get overwhelmed with this. It's NOT gates doesn't have to be exactly accurate. But do Joe's giving the feeding off black? The shadows that are support handwriting my black is already dried up. I think this is one of the reason I like being deforested because at critical as GI fast. So I like to create on my BTS before it dries. And these one more shadow of g we are going to do here, which is the CI is not visible, but the shadow of it is visible. Now, this is done. And the last one is this font. Here also, we are going to create a couple of key shadows that are not visible in that picture. To find more. Sure. That's it. We are not to complicate it anymore. Here comes all of our buildings. 14. Final Words: Hi, creative soul. I hope you enjoyed this class. I hope you came up with this Gorgias, four pieces of beach coasters. I hope you enjoyed creating what you did. I hope you enjoyed the process of creating and not just having these four gorgeous pieces of Kostas. So let me know how it went. You can post it in the reviews below or in the project section. I take a picture of what you created and take a picture and post it and the projects, I would want to see what you have created after following this class. If you are using this coasters as part of your morning breakfast time, take a picture of that as Vaillant was stamped on projects and let everyone see how clearly you can get during your morning coffee time and how you feel about it in a CPU or a cup of coffee by the beach side. I really enjoy using these posters though. During late, I use them all the time, not just in the morning day discourses are available with me all the dying during, during, whenever a drink something, it's there on my table at all times I get to see them time. So so I would want you to do the same thing, use it all the time. You'd feel so good about having a small piece of beach by your side at oil dying. So I am really looking forward to hearing from you, see your projects and give you guys some comments about what you are creating. So take a picture, not just of your project to complete. So get creative. Take a picture of why your CPU above E by their posters. I am with the poster and posted under the projects. And thank you so much for taking this class. And I look forward to seeing you in the next lesson. Bye. 15. Bonus: Cover Your Coasters With Resin: Okay. 16. What is Resin: Hello guys, welcome back to this glass. In, in this lesson, I am going to teach you how to come up, go to your all the courses that you've created a week visit. So this was the most commonly asked question to me ever since this class. So here I am to teach you a little bit of basics on fixing. Now, what is raising? Jason is organic chemical compound that comes in liquid form. So when you buy resin, it comes in two separate forms that needs to be mixed together to form the actual addressing. Curious the factor a, which is the reason, and this is the barge B, which is the hardener. So now this one that have bought which is art epoxy resin, this has to be missed in three is to one ratio. But I have used or reasoning fast which bounds in the ratio of two is to one as well. So when you mix these two confidence, it creates a reaction amongst reason particles, which leads the visa to be able to get cured. Now, curing resin means when it's completely dried and hardened and you cannot change it anymore, it becomes like one solid structure at the end, which is almost like a strong and durable plastic nowadays and can be used in multi-purpose space. It is used in the way projects, crafts, art. So this pieces that you'll see here. So this is, this is our canvas, stretched canvas where I had created this entire painting using only resin mixed with some colors. Another one are we hall, where the painting is created completely intrinsic. And here is one where I have been Delete on top of our Canvas boards and then I have covered the canvas board with raising. So reason can be used to create our talks like this, or it can be used to cover artwork. So that is what we're going to do. We're going to cover these artworks in resin so that they become strong and durable and you can use them as coasters without getting damaged. So one of the benefits of reason is 12, cover any surface with reason becomes waterproof and nothing can damage it to ever. So raisin are a resident, can be used in so many different places as well. It is used to cover floors, it is used to create furnitures, and it just makes anything looks beautiful and wonderful. So it's a really, really versatile medium, I would say. So having said all that, let's move on to the step where I will show you all the supplies that you'll need for your raisin work and how to make citizen. 17. Resin Supplies: Andrea. So let's talk about all the art supplies that you need for creating your racing work. So first thing you need are the reason and harden airport. You can buy any other brand also if you want, but this is the one I actually love. So earlier I used 12 is to one raising that I can't remember right now. I'm talking about 2014. Almost 14 or 15. So that is when I started working on raisin and the one that they used to use that had a little bit of black when it dried, it is to become a little bit of yellowish in nato. But ever since I came across the sub-brand, I have not used anything else because this is a very clean porting. So these ones that you'll see this I have done probably four or five years back and the iron steel as good as new and it hasn't become yellowish, even this one also, this was done probably 45 years back and it's still exactly does the same as it was done on the day. So this is the one that I really like a lot. So this is from the brand called fortunate gay me and I really, I like this brand quite a bit now and I'm going to put a link to buy this one from Amazon. So yes, it's the first and foremost thing you need is a reason. And you need a few small people cups like this and a couple of popsicle sticks to mix. The reason most important thing that you need is a kitchen scale like this. For this is the one I have been using for many, many years. I don't remember. So all these marks are formed from raising, dropping on it and stuff like that. So yeah, peaches scale is a very important object for your ease in work because the weight of the reason, the way you, this tool, feelings of district competence is one of the most important skill of your race in what? Because if it doesn't go write your whole resume project can become rough work and you don't want that, you want to use it in the right way. Okay, So kitchen scale and I have give some butter paper. Because if you place this paper underneath that wherever you are working, the reason that jobs from your project will not spoil yourself is now this table that I'm working on. This is also reason I have designated long back on to do all my art projects on top of this and this part of a recent surface of the table is because you can clean it up anytime without damaging the table. All right, so that's all you need. It's really a small list of supplies raising people, caps, popsicle sticks, kitchen scale, enter butter people. All right, so in the next step, I am going to show you how to mix this reason and the hardener and get your final reason. Continent. 18. Preparing The Resin Mix: So to mix the reason I had taken the kitchen scale and I am going to take one paper cup. Now what's the quantity to use? So to know the quantity of reason that you would be using. There is a really cool app that I'm going to show you. It's called Raising calculator. So this is how it looks. So this is how once you open the, open the app, this is how it is. So it says, Please select one option. So since I am going to be putting the reason on this, I am selecting rectangle. I am doing a coating. I am using three is to one ratio reason. So I'm taking on this. Length is four inches, width is four inches and it will calculate the total amount of reason that you need. So it tells you exactly what you need. So it says protein grams, total gain and cheap. Now it's just loading. So I am going to round it up to 15 grams. And I have four of these. So 15 multiplied by four is 60 grams is what I need to create this, right? So I'm going to, It's 0 right now. And once I place this paper cup, you see it goes up to three to four graphs. That is the weight of the paper cup. So now to nullify this way too, and I'm going to do is switch it off and switch you don't once again. So now it is 0. So just taking the width of the glass in itself. All right, so now we are going to mix. We're going to make 60 grams of doorbell reason final component. So if I divide 60 into this two things, it is going to be three is to one. So I think it's going to be 15 and 45. Rate 15 plus 45, 60. Yeah. So I'm going to take 45 of this, end, 15 of this. All right, so here is my barked a reason component which I'm going to take out 45. So this is the most crucial step of your reason work makes sure that you're taking out exactly the same thing. Okay. So it's already 30, 45. Okay, It's 45. Now I will show you if you make a mistake, how can you correct it? So what I'm going to do is say, for example, I dropped a little bit extra. So it became 4640, okay, it became 50. Okay. So what I'm going to do is I am going to make it our multiplier of three. So the multiplier of three would be 50 to 51. So. We can 53. So next multiplier will be 54. Alright, so I've got a 54 grams of reasoning, which is about E. Okay? Now what I'm gonna do is 54 divided by 3 is 18 rates. So this is 54. So now I am going to make it to 54 plus 18 to just 72. So I have to make it 72 with the hardener. Now, I hope you've got that concept. 65 to have to be really careful. Saving 67, 72, there you will. So I made it 70. Do so now this is exactly three is to one ratio. And we got our final mix. This is how it looks. Now the next step is take a popsicle stick and you are going to meet this too. So check out the Mexican. See, once you start mixing, you see this, this liquid a little cloudy. Now you have to keep starting this for the next good shape for four minutes, five minutes, even Bechdel. So this cloudiness that is formed right now, once it keeps starting you to audit the other way for 40, 45, miss it if we become absolutely crystal clear. So I'm going to start it for some time now. Okay. So I started for five minutes now, what we have to do is let it sit for another maybe 1015 minutes or actually in it. So what happens is once you let it sit for 10 minutes, it actually kind of so you see that a lot of bubbles in the race and right now it will all settle down and it will give you a clear liquid of reason that you can work on your surface. But I'll give you one trickier. What I do is rather than working with this team liquid, so we have now working time for good one to two hours. So this will not start drying up for the next 11 and half hours. Okay. So what I generally prefer doing, keep it decide for at least 30 minutes. So what happens is when, when you give it as i for almost 20 to 30 minutes, that liquid, which is like in Britain, liquid form rate now, right? You see this in pretty liquid form. So this liquid form weak picking up a little bit. So this, this will be more fluid. It won't flow soul smoothly. And that will help us in covering our surface. Because the surface is little tick. It won't drop, it don't drip from the side of the posters and it will stay on the top. So that is why I prefer keeping it aside for 20 to 30 minutes and then work on it. So that is what I'm gonna do. Okay, I'm back and here is the reason that had been sitting around for, I guess, how long? So I did a leasing pretty much act for BAM and the time right now is by 45, so it's one hour, 45 minutes. I thought I'm going to let it sit for at least 15, 20, maybe 30 minutes. But I came and check on it and it wasn't as hard as I wanted it to be. And right now, I feel it's pretty much literally reach fluid. And again, I'm late right now. So I had to let it sit for one hour and 45 minutes. Now, it depends on the kind of resonate you're using and the kind of weather you have around. So for me right now in pony on 19th of febrile, the weather is pretty warm and this is what I am getting after one out of 10, 45 minutes of sitting. This is how the reason is like, okay, so we are good to work with it. 19. Resin Pour & Final Outcome: Okay, I got a blank canvas for skipping it as the BCE while pulling the reason on top of my hostess. Alright, so this is just a canvas again, just get any cardboard or whatever you have handy at home. Still be fine. And I'm going to use the paper cups as the base for close to us. Okay, very simple. I have tried so many other things. And finally, I bent like the backups at the best ones for the spotless. Okay? And so what I wanna do is first I want to move those DO and just what about this tool and Beta went into effect on height. So let's work on it. What I'm gonna do first for quite a bit surprising and or quite a bit over here. And now gradually with the popsicle stick, I'm going to push it around on the way to all the four corners of the courts. Don't think you need to complete homework. Okay, just hold it and you take your hand and just push it all the way. So you see the Bayesian is very peak plate now. So there are not much the chances of this flew in from the side. That is why I set it for such a long day. Okay. And one more thing I forgot to say is, as you live there isn't seat for whatever time you do, it's gonna get pretty warm. I mean, it's not going to be hard, but this paper cup is pretty warm right now as I'm holding. Okay. So around. Take it all the way. And just because it is steep, it is so easy to move it around. Otherwise, it just too. Moods just flows so easily, so effortlessly before you can even do anything and just rolls off the site. And that's not to be nice pink. Wanted rate. So complete. Coaster has been covered and wonderful and pour a little bit more on discipline. Now minutes. Let's push it around. But the exact same thing. What I'm going to do is put them really on the side so that I can work with the other dope. Skip this one. It's completely covered. I'm going to keep it aside. And gauge of a fun one. Fungi. And so all of them have been done and I have a little bit of resumes job. So what I'm gonna do is just for that access speed on double feature of them. So that's the benefit of having the thief. Isn't that in twins, not job or to say? And you make some thickness and a bunch more people than it was. So this time when I'm putting us on TOEFL feet, I don't need you to spit it out unwashed because of the spreading out through the ages have been OPD done. So all I need to do is to a little bit and equal all the way through. I think that's all I still have a little extra, but I don't think I'm going to pour it because I think it's completely done. All right, so it's done, the processes completely done. Not only have to do is let it sit for 24 hours. So tomorrow evening, I'm going to come back to it and I'll see actually I'm gonna see you tomorrow morning itself. And I think it will dry pretty much a lot. And then we're gonna come back and see. I'll show you how it looks, months it has completely harden, the reason it's completely cured, and how the final product flux. All right. So she would become it's been exactly Twain DT. I'll close. It assumes I forward. The reason on top of that, Kostas, this is how it worked. Check this out. So I had a little disaster after I give two term on top of these glasses that yesterday. So I wanted to talk a little bit about that sort USU what are some of the reason is as Ford, so what happened was I didn't back. Sometime laid off and I saw because sometimes the table is not absolutely even and there can be a little bit of sloughing. So I came and found one of my posters like this. So it dropped all the resin from your but it hasn't hadn't dried at that point of time. So I could still be cut up and apply on top of it. So I think this is the one. So if you look at it, you see thenar little bit of dips in couple of areas. So when this happens, what you could do is 0 and bought another layer of resin on top of this. But I wanted you to know that all sorts of stuff can happen. So if I hold it like this, you consider like tips that have been over your. So it's not really even so. Whereas it used to see something else like this, it has a complete Events Office. And that is a little bit of reason leftover heal. But I am not much bothered about it. And it's like pretty stony right now. Like if you remember, I did this on some papers. So this is actually a paper. It's not even a cardboard, but it's so strong right now, it cannot get hardly been made. So it's pretty solid. And I love how it looks. So should definitely give it a try for some reason on top of I didn't create it. And let me know how it goes. Just take them off. And so I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and you are a tool for reasoning on top of your articles and give them a really good prediction. Is I also go to Jason on top of this talk that I taught in my last class in my life, one. So you'll see how predictive loops, I did not have any disaster have coming up this one. So this came out pretty much the way I wanted. And it kills marches. So yeah, so try out as many alkyl oxy one to four is going on and you know how it goes. I hope you enjoyed it.