Paint 15 EASY WATERCOLOR LEAVES with just ONE BRUSH | Abhiraami Thangavel | Skillshare

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teacher avatar Abhiraami Thangavel, Architect - Artist - Entrepreneur

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (41m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Class Structure

    • 3. Materials Needed

    • 4. Warm up Session

    • 5. Leaves Part 1

    • 6. Leaves Part 2

    • 7. Leaves Part 3

    • 8. Class Project Part 1

    • 9. Class Project Part 2

    • 10. More Ideas and Thank you

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About This Class

In this class, you will learn how to paint 15 different watercolor leaves with just a few strokes. All you need for this class is watercolor paint, watercolor paper and with one  brush. In this class, I will be using no. 8 round Silver Black Velvet 300S brush.

This class is suitable for beginners. You don't need prior watercolor experience.

Learning to paint leaves is the most important skill in watercolor loose floral. You can use this in painting wreath, bouquets or even for just filling up a whole page with loose floral.

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Abhiraami Thangavel

Architect - Artist - Entrepreneur


Hello everyone. I am Shri Abhiraami. I am an architect, artist,illustrator and entrepreneur. I am currently based in Erode, a small city in India.

In my final year of my under grad, I started conceptualizing my brand - The Pixie Dust. Currently I am focusing on developing a range of products under my brand- The Pixie Dust, and also working on sharing my skills on Skillshare.

Check out my Online Store on Etsy and Instamojo.

I am also working as independent designer for Pixylz and Noun Project.

For me, art is fun and therapeutic. I really can't keep restrict myself to one style or medium. I love experimenting with different mediums. My recent obsession is Water Colour Florals.

Follow me on ... See full profile

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1. Introduction: welcome to my skill share class. In this class, you'll be learning how to paint 15 easy watercolor leave with just one brush. I am Babylon Matonga with founder and artist behind the big Cedars. I love exploring various forms of art such as watercolors. Gosh, Mitchell illustration. The name off you. This class is very suitable for beginners. As I'm going to be teaching how to paint leave step by step, as you're going to be using money One brush in this class. It is going to be very interesting to know how versatile a brush can be used. By the end of the class, you will be learning to beautiful compositions. You can make you think the leaves. So what are you waiting for, seeing the next lesson? 2. Class Structure: I have spread the class on water Girl leaves into five parts in the 1st 3 parts, you will be learning five different leaves in age. In the part one, you will learn to paint the usually leads, like the common ash and willow. Etcetera in the park will be working on Parsley's Jingle and Glory, please in Part three movie exploring different bombs and phones in the next room. But you will be learning to paint two beautiful compositions in the next class. We've been looking into the materials required to take up this watercolor class. 3. Materials Needed: the first material that will be looking into Trudy is the watercolor paper here. I'm using a block. Bad some Children, which is to 70 GSM 100% Corton paper. The next material is the watercolor paintings family near brand called Breastroke. I am using the shades life green, yellow, green, sap green and deep green. This is from the art philosophy. I am using the green shades from tropical and basted dream pallets. And this one is from the Cameron Brandt reading you and submarine the hero. This class will be the brush I am using a silver black well over 3000 s ground brush size number eight. You don't have to have the same brush, but make sure you have a brush with a good shot and the next one will be the cloth or the issues that will be using to tap out the excess water and pain, usually from a watercolor paintings I'll be using to class just of water. But as this class is gonna be one lee on the shape of green, I'll be using only one glass jar of water. I am using the flat in the art philosophy paper dream at the palace getting the place ready and let's dive into our next class, which will be a warm up session. 4. Warm up Session: we're working on the leaves, it's preferable to make the tip off your breast pointed. Now I'm going to be learning my brush with paint. Any color off your child at research is warmer, efficient. When you hold your brush, fuller brush up, write and draw the lines. You will get the lines by standing up to 16 degrees. You'll be giving good lines with depart, touching the paper and pulling the pressure 90 degree. I'm drawing a straight line. - I do think my pinky finger toe tell me. Glide through the sheet with next stop will be drawing the seat cups. You defeat us as bad off our knees to draw these. Your hand might be moving in this manner. It is more or make drawing and art in a circle. You think your wrist at the center of the one point draw This girls, - this exercise we are about to do it's one off the most important. While painting leaves start by drawing a line, and then slowly you more pressure on the fresh. You will see the brush bristles spread or and then now slowly lift average by elongating the needs. Repeat the same steps. Don't worry if the spreads are not very uniforms in nature, Noto leaves look alike. Now we'll be drying crisscross lines. Keep your brush perpendicular to the page and draw these lines in this. Just press your brush towards the paper with little pressure on, then lift it. Keep repeating it until you are very comfortable. For this excites. Just press the tip off the brush towards the paper lifted. Now let's get on to our next class, which is painting Common lease. 5. Leaves Part 1: this leaf is the most common while painting watercolor leads committing all the warmer pleasant. We'll be painting this. Load your brush with enough pain and press it against the papers. Lonely now on the other side, I am deliberating, leaving a white space and reading the same steps. Let's try it again. The 1st 1 but with additional please have a brother booth. Same matter. Withdrawing now, using the tip off. Deborah, I'll be pulling on the pain along the course. Now let's try it again. So the same matter that used to broader for city just like Gap in between. Now we'll be pulling out the pain from the me along. This one is very simple. Be drawing was great tonight. The tip of the fine Does repressing the first obtained the paper Just gonna be a single stroke off. Yeah, it was gonna be a single stroke on three directions. Foreman ash leave will be similar to the previous one, but instead will be covering the internal nine on the other side with brush strokes in this story will be perpendicular to the line. Drawn was , make sure when you're drawing the breast stroke on the other side. The starting point off the leaf is at the same point. We know leaves are very common and simple will be drawing the stem off the needs. And then now will be pulling off the leaf. Understand? Really drawing the lead in the downward direction. Leave, leave, wasting and law. I hope you enjoy painting five lead free in the next lesson. 6. Leaves Part 2: drawing funds off. Pretty simple. Just draw seeker and using the tip of the brush. Just apply a little pressure on the paper. As you can see, I'm not put much pressure on my brush. Just a little pressure on the tip of the brush. Come on. Lets back to that one more time. Next, we're gonna be learning how to job like local draw. A seeker on draws the line of the Seeker. After a little pressure on the brush and the small stroke, as you can see in the middle, I am doing a thing night and then giving pressure on the brush. Painting jingle leaves and blowing things are my favorite load your brush. And now a place full pressure against paper clover. Leys are similar to that thing called, but instead it comes in triple for Yeah, parceling nordea brush with paint. They're gonna be giving a little pressure on the paper. Place your breast store close to each other. We're gonna be are playing pressure. When you slipped off the brake 7. Leaves Part 3: painting these common fund Very easy. Draw a Seiko, which will be this. Talk off the phone. Draw a small stroke from the top off the fun. Come, let's right front again. Your lines don't have to be uniformed or needing a silly be paddling. Make sure you're drawing these small stroke using the tip off the brake drawing. Corgnet leaves are similar to the fine. Now we'll be enjoying a Seiko and you think the tip off the brush. Maybe drawing a longer strokes. The Seiko will be the misery, and those more strokes will be our leaflets with stroke off the lead Lives doesn't really have to be badly brought the Seiko and mouth on the speaker small strokes full of these in all directions. Capitol's Front is similar to the fan farm for things saying the lines will be no. Yeah, - I think that will be. Learning into these laws will be the sports fund straw seekers, and now the stroke has to be perpendicular to the straw that we do. Try keeping these talks parallel to each other to do the length off these truth. When you go to the top of the Seeker 8. Class Project Part 1: but that we have learned how to paint 15 different leagues. Let's start with the class project. I've drawn a can here to make the lines later. I'm erasing them. You can use differentiator cream, making competition better. Here. I have you. I like there beginning the doctor using brain one about another. Make sure no one little guy before you drawn. - I have a small one more coat. I'm drawing the guidelines that you hate me Letter? - No , I'm going to eat basic so that I made the lines later because I'm going to go over there using water for us. These lines there dark there. 9. Class Project Part 2: in this class project we'll be painting leaves around a so called I have drawn assaulted and raising it to make the lines Later I'm using the same shade off the pain. Different leads in different places. Let's just laid off before you. No, I'm just using the blending to let the world I hope you had fun making a compositional. 10. More Ideas and Thank you: you can find me on Instagram. I don't exceed us by eight. My instagram feed might give you some ideas off. How to make different compositions using leaves that I don't work. I know. Defeated in my abilities, I would know to see your practice speeches Uploading a walk with project danity and clothe Question to have in the person. Thank you for joining this class. I hope you had fun. See you the next. Until then. Bye bye.