Painless Language Learning: Deal with Learning Blocks | Daria Storozhilova | Skillshare

Painless Language Learning: Deal with Learning Blocks

Daria Storozhilova, English Course Creator

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7 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Introduction to the Course

    • 2. Why people think they are bad language learners

    • 3. How to deal with your negative self critic

    • 4. Are children really better at language learning?

    • 5. Can you learn a language without a teacher?

    • 6. Practical Exercise: Discover Your Own Learning Style

    • 7. Recommended Resources


About This Class

My students' reviews...

  • "Dasha knows what she is talking about. She has helped me a lot in mastering English!"
  • "This is up-to-date info about methods of learning languages."
  • "If you need help with language learning, watch this course. It will save you so much self-doubt and frustration."


Would you like to travel the world and enjoy the experience at its most?

Would you like to have an international career, become a digital nomad, or sell your products worldwide?

Communication is a key in any kind of international activity you will conduct, and speaking foreign languages will be of great help. But what if language learning is not your strong suit? Can you fix that?

Of course, we can!

I have recorded a series of 4 courses called 'Painless Language Learning'. They will help you:

  1. improve your learning skills,
  2. avoid learning blocks,
  3. find the best resources for YOUR personal learning objectives, and
  4. organise your language learning in the most effective way.

Jump into the first course '3 Biggest Myths Busted' right now to learn what's holding people back in language learning and how to deal with your own negative critic when deciding to learn any foreign language.

There are 4 video lessons in the course + a practical exercise for self-reflection + I also recommend you the great resources you could use to go deeper into this topic.

This class is an opportunity for you to finally push yourself to start speaking a language you always wanted to speak and become a successful language learner!


I am looking forward to seeing you inside the class!

PS If you like the class, please submit your review. Also, be active and share your thoughts and frustrations in the class project. I will be happy to help you deal with them!





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Daria Storozhilova

English Course Creator

Welcome to my Skillshare profile!

My name is Daria Storozhilova, and I am the course creator with Smart English Learning. Our courses help English non-natives find ways to express themselves without problems.

I have been teaching English to adults since 2001 in groups, one-to-one, and online. For the last 18 years, I have helped over a thousand people pass their English exams (100% success), improve their quality of life, expand their business, and move to other countries.<...

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