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6 Videos (12m)
    • Welcome to the course room

    • How can I Tape my knee PAIN?

    • Biomechanical adjustmnet of my knee PAIN!

    • Knee exercise after Taping

    • How to choose the right tape?

    • How to save the Tape in the box ?


About This Class

In less than few minutes, relive your knee pain with Taping techniques and simple exercise.







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Michelle and Ezzat Moghazy

Authors, Entrepreneurs, & Experts

֍ Why to choose us?

- The way we believe in teaching is to put ourselves in your shoes.

- We value people and treat them as ends rather than means.

- Empowering, inspiring and motivating others is the core of our passion.


- For us is simple; Your success and achieving your dreams in your own life & business is our success.

- We believe you have found the right guide in us. It is our honor and privilege to share with you our years of experience and expertise.

- Be welling to be ourselves so other people can see their souls in u

- Our life mission is to make somebody else life better.


֍ Who we are?

- Here is my wife Michelle is my best friend and the co-author, & I am Ezzat honored to be your Instructors.

We decided to share our years of experience and expertise with the world. Because it is our passion to make somebody else life better.

I have been in Healthcare, SELF development, and Life coach about 2 decades worldwide.

My wife has been in real-estate, Investment, and Business industry over 15 years, so YOU will get the best of both of us in each course we teach.

-  In addition to my Master’s degree in Physical Therapy, Currently I am pursuing a Doctoral degree in Administration & Management.

- Have been a guest across the globe at the most prestigious platforms, including podcast, TV shows, social media, radio

- Success is all about growing others.

- Numerous of our students’ feedback worldwide is going to inspire you along your learning journey with us.

- Being a servant Instructor’s advantage, puts back the concept of caring into care.

- Our promise is to show commitment to the students’ community, to like the people we serve and be liked by them.

- Any skills can be learned and applied by most people who have the will and intent to change, grow, and improve.

- We are so excited to start this beautiful learning and teaching journey with YOU, let’s start TODAY.