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Trina Bentley, Owner, Make & Matter

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5 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Prework

    • 3. Planning & Sketching

    • 4. Getting to Work

    • 5. Design Tips

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About This Class

Strategically and creatively design a fictional cereal box using Adobe Illustrator. Chronicle each step (research, planning, execution, refinement) to create something perfect for portfolios, colleagues, and sharing with the class.

Master the art of tangible design with packaging expert Trina Bentley’s 45-minute second class on technical know-how. Perfect for designers looking to build on the conceptual foundation in her first class, follow videos lessons and checklists to plan, sketch, execute in Illustrator, and add final touches to your own project. Specific, expert advice on clearly communicating, grabbing attention, ensuring cohesion, and planning for product expansion makes this class an invaluable guide for designers at every level.

Want more conceptual know-how? Check out Trina's first class, Package Design I: The Basic Why and How.