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Trina Bentley, Owner, Make & Matter

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5 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Prework

    • 3. Planning & Sketching

    • 4. Getting to Work

    • 5. Design Tips

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Project Description

Design a fictional cereal box


  1. Prework

    Understand what you need to recieve from the client in order to start work. Conduct research on your client’s product. Answer the following questions:

    • Is there a story behind the product?
    • Why was the product created in the first place?
    • If someone only looks at the product for a split second, what message would you want them to get?
    • How should the package make you feel? Tell me in three words.
    • Why would someone but the product?
    • What are your main differentiators?

Planning & Sketching

  1. Develop a game plan

    Go to a store and take shots of shelf space. If my audience like XYZ products, they will also be into ZYX brands. What do those brands do that is effective? Think about how your audience will experience the product on the shelf. From the top, the front, both? Line out the different options you want to explore.

  2. Sketch the product

    Brainstorm a list of attributes for your product.

    Use that list to create a rough sketch of your package.

Getting to Work

  1. Design your box of cereal (complete with logo for your brand)

    Your box must have:

    • brand name / logo
    • product name / flavor name (think about easy flavor differentiation)
    • 5 claims (ie. High in Fiber, 15g of protein, etc.)
    • 3 certification labels (ie. NON GMO, organic, Gluten free, etc.)
    • Net Wt.
    • Design all sides and back (according to specifics lined out in class #2)

    My methodology is to start with all of my packaging assets in the same workspace. I tend to group similar information like certifications and net weight for clarity and easy manipulation. 

Design Tips

  1. Communicate clearly

  2. Get attention

  3. Make designs cohesive

  4. Plan for product expansion

  5. Make connections

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