Package Design I: The Basic Why and How | Trina Bentley | Skillshare

Package Design I: The Basic Why and How

Trina Bentley, Owner, Make & Matter

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9 Lessons (57m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Intro

    • 3. The History Of Package Design

    • 4. Audience

    • 5. Goals of Package Design

    • 6. Dies

    • 7. Product Windows

    • 8. Certifications

    • 9. Around the Package

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About This Class

You'll put your new knowledge of package design history, goals, technique, and merchandising to work by re-creating a die for a real cereal box of your choosing.

Master the art of tangible design with packaging expert Trina Bentley’s 55-minute first class on the basics. Perfect for intermediate graphic designers interested in products, it’s a crash course in the discipline’s history, target audiences, unique attributes, and fundamental goals—communicating and grabbing attention—while taking into practical account the confined space of a box, bag, or label.

Want more technical knowledge? Check out Trina's second class, Package Design II: Step-by-Step Execution.





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Trina Bentley

Owner, Make & Matter

Trina Bentley is an award-winning designer and owner of Make & Matter, an Austin-based branding and packaging design shop. For more than a decade, Trina churned out work for publications, small firms, and in-house marketing departments. Upon discovering--and falling in love with--packaging design, Trina launched Make & Matter to focus on building brands and positioning them for success through beautiful, functional packaging solutions.

With her gung-ho approach, keen eye, and willingnes...

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