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Pack More Punch in Your Poetry

teacher avatar Nupur Maskara, Passionate about Poetry

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. What Lies Ahead - Introduction

    • 2. 3 Ideas to Write About

    • 3. Writing Techniques

    • 4. How Do You Want Your Poem to Flow

    • 5. Use Poetic Devices

    • 6. Poetic Forms

    • 7. Use Meter for Rhythm

    • 8. Editing Your Poem

    • 9. What Lies Beyond?

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About This Class

Have you been writing poetry and want to improve your poems? Learn how to-

  • Pick a theme, personalize it to make it unique and appeal to an audience larger than your family and friends.
  • Ways in which you can make your poem flow.  
  • Writing techniques, literary devices and poetic forms.
  • Add rhythm to your poems
  • Avoid common bloopers

Your class project will be to write a poem using the techniques you learn in class.

Nupur Maskara is a poet and has written two books, Insta Gita and Insta Women. You can find her blog here.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nupur Maskara

Passionate about Poetry


Received the Orange Flower Poetry Award 2020 for my poem Mrs. Pandava, extracts of which I discuss in this course. Authored two poetry books. I write short poems that are impactful. Expectedly, I began my career in advertising and am now in content writing. My friends have branded my frequent blonde moments as Nupurisms.  

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1. What Lies Ahead - Introduction: Hi, I'm not poor mascara. Water off insta Geeta. Somebody off the Bhagwat Geeta with our agents, perspective and poetry. Another book of poems everyday, recently written, is called instead, Woman dramatic monologues by drama Queens. It's a collection of 29 points in the voice off famous women. I've been writing poetry since I was 10 and have been published in many magazines, both online and offline. So why did I think about developing this class packing more punch in your poetry? It's because I feel that poetry is compressed intensity, and so we use owe it to convey emotions that we feel. But sometimes a poem stand to get too personal, and it's difficult for the outside world to relate to them. So we need to take a corner off our personal experience and expand it into something that the outside world can more easily relate toe. So that's what we're going to discuss in this class. First, we're going to talk about ideas on what you can write your poem. As Mark Angels said, ideas other born off your poem on the emotions. I don't muscles and words are escape. So once we've got our idea in please. We're going to discuss how we can write our poem. Then we're going to talk about how we can control the floor off our boy. Next, we're going to look at our poetic devices that we can use like metaphors. And then we're going to talk about poetic forms like the haiku. They're going to talk about rhythm and meter, how they influence the aural aspect off your point. Finally, we're going toe. Discuss editing your poem and a class project will be to write a poem incorporating a New York, all the aspects off for poetry that we have discussed in class. So I will be discussing or my poems in the class not because of vanity, but because I feel that, you know it will be easier for you to see. You know how easy it is. Toe. Apply the concepts that I'm going to discuss. You know, two poems. Onda and I had a lot of fun and I learned a lot while developing this class. Andi, I hope that you will also get a lot out off it. So let's get started 2. 3 Ideas to Write About: most of us write poetry to express ourselves on. That's when we are most authentic. But the idea is to take a corner off our experience and our expanded into something that others can more easily identify. Vid onda or the first step towards doing that is to pick a solid idea like we had discussed in the your introduction video ideas, other bones off poetry. Oh, barring on did it, says the crow thoughts. Pick my eyes out when I try to sleep. So here have compared thoughts to our pesky cruise, you know, because insomnia and anxiety are also, you know, a skier things. So that's whether metaphor comes in. And since you would not normally compare your thoughts to cruise, it becomes an arresting metaphor. So when you write O in the second draft, try to think off or unique metaphor, which at the same time or has some resemblance toe the emotion that you want to come with me. Okay, so that was the first idea to write about an emotion. Now let's goto the second job idea on what you can write about, So nature is something which inspires a lot off us, and I love writing nature poems. Every time I go on holiday, I write at least one hour nature poem. So he was when I wrote when you know I had gone Toe Hill Station. I'm just going to read a shorter extract from it. Frozen waves off mountains stood silent, dark lightens in blue, then frauds in green white as if we are in the orchard ocean watching it arise a week. So you're you'll see that I have compared the mountains to the ocean, which is again something that you would not normally think off. But the blue in the sky at that point of sunrise made me think off the ocean. And that's how you know, thought off using go. This metaphor on this metaphor was also a very well received by, you know, wherever I read it out to like the 1st 1 So that was the second idea on, you know, writing about nature. Let's go to the final idea on what you can write about. Of course, there are thousands of ideas on things you can write about, but I'm just giving you three meaty ones toe start you off. You know you can take your pick. So for the last idea, you called a writer Poma in the white off a famous person. Supposing you know, you've read about somebody. Come across someone who, you know has moved you Like I've read Caroline Duffy is the world's wife, in which she writes poems from the wife's point off you, you know, off like Mrs Freud, for instance. So that inspired me to write a poem in the voice off property drop. It is a character in the Indian A pickle. The Mahabharat. So she's a very feisty queen. She has five husbands. Onda. The scene is that all her husbands have better writer dice and they have lost. So now the people who have won the other dies Want to strip her on the Lord Krishna? He saves her by, you know, making her robo. Unless so, she cannot be stripped. So I thought off how frustrated she must be, how angry she must be, how helpless she must be feeling. Onda, I don't disappoint. I'm just going to be the shot extract dragged annoying into court. My hair streamed down in support five husbands as useless as the one you've got. Take it from me many. My husband's a marriage blood. So I'm talking to the reader. You finding something in common with hope? So that's another idea on what you can do contempt to raise the language on. So just tried out. I mean, it's fine and you could, oh, end up with something which, you know, pleases you on do share in the discussions on. We can talk about how to make it stronger and, of course, in the next class. So we will see how to, you know, make your poems are stronger by expanding the personal so that you appeal toe broader audience than yourself. Thanks. 3. Writing Techniques: So in the last class we had a few ideas on. You know what you can write about? And in this sir video, we will discuss how you can know right about your idea. So if you have some abstract topic and sometimes the poem comes across as a little big, you know, like if writing about sadness, it can veer a bit towards melancholy and personal. So one trick is to wrap the abstract around something or concrete, so that will o help to you. Don't give some details to your boy. Oh, make it a little different on Do you know utilize metaphor as well? So I have written a poem called The Tree Off Desire. So desire is the abstract contact oil concept On the tree is the concrete object that actuals and to wrap my abstract concept around. So let me just read the boy Green heat sales through me a piston I draw back for release aching to scored the sun My route step from that golden globe My trunk is a tightrope from there to my MBA branches. Remember their Lord the son leaves off light, bright lined oil insight roast my fruit skewers evenly all night. Oh, sorry. Sparked my seed so that its citizens setting my forest on file So another I can you desire And one more trick is to appeal to the five senses when you're writing so that will give death to Europe where visual is something which we all touch on But the others like it on your nose Deng and touch also can be or leveraged They can come up with some nice lines If you, you know, think about appealing toe These senses are off reader like, for instance, in this poem I have used or squirt which hadn't said touch Onda leaves off light evokes a site Andi sizzles is a sound so that covers the auditory sense and roast calls on roo tastes butts. So try writing go poem You know where you are using an abstract concept about dropping it around something concrete and see whether you can, you know, appeal to the five senses are as many senses as possible in it. On next we look at how you can control the flow off your 4. How Do You Want Your Poem to Flow: In this video, we will discuss how you can make your boy on my floor. You can control the floor off your poem. It can be fast, or it can be slow. Whatever you like to the traditional re operating poetry is Norwood lines and with period or a punctuation mark at the end off the line on that sort off. Books are toe slow, are measured pace to the room. But if you use or enjoyment in vigil door Tato and lying, the sentence flows from one line to the adult, then that pulls the reader along more quickly. So that's a technique you can use if you want to. You know, speed up the piece off your point on. Another way to structure your poem is by Stanzel. So for a different or do you have a different stands up like you use paragraphs? Onda. I have used them enjoyment in a poem of mine, so I'd like to share that. So you get an idea off. You know how it works. This poem is called mantra, but syllables rain, jostling for space, crowding the air, invading my ears, drum sounds, wrapping heartbeats, wrinkling my owes a sound waterfall to sting words and primal forms. Sounds I long for the dryness. Off silence sounds throws again inwards spaced by silence, meaning returned. Feeling disappears. So it's your tone. Try writing a poem using Go enjoy it, and in the next video we will or discuss, it'll literally devices that we can use, like alliteration in the boil. 5. Use Poetic Devices: poetic devices are what separates your boy from an ordinary description into something that's more close to a world painting. Metaphors, similes, personification, alliteration are all devices that you can use toe hide or, you know, vivid attached to your. So if you look at our metaphor, what is a metaphor? My differ is a figure of speech that compares to things that are on the surface, not alike. But they actually do have something in common, like in the first video we had discussed, my boy Omo Marine in Richard had compared anxious thoughts to close because they are both pesky on the face off it. There is no link between thoughts and Cruz, but riskiness awful anxious thoughts. And Cruz brings the poem to life and also in my nature poem and that same video. I had compared our mountains to oceans because they are both blue at some rays, so that was the common night. Otherwise, of course, mountains and oceans are very different ones at the top. Another is at the bottom. Now, if you look at similarly a simile is a metaphor which uses, like or as so it's a more direct comparison. So here's an example of a simile from a poem off mine blue light off twilight rose to the top like east, while the golden red sun said we know settled like rust in boiled water at the bottom. Now, if you look at the personification personification is when we assign our human qualities toe inanimate object. So again, if we go back to my boy remembering the one about growth thoughts so grow thoughts are, you know, scratching your eyes out so that so you know something which human can do not a thought. So that's where the personification off the thought comes in. Assigning a human quality to it Now I'd like to discuss Electrician penetration is been There is ah, similar or sound words, beginning with a similar sound. Off occurred er in close succession Onda, they make the poem really pleasing to the year. So I love you, you know, using alliteration. And since poetry is meant to be read aloud, it's good if you can use a device like this. So, in my boy on the tree off desire which we had discussed or Leo, I have used a lot off alliteration like export. The sun golden Globe leaves off light spark my seed forest on fire. So now it's your turn. Write a poem using any or all of these literally devices and share them in the discussions . See you in the next to deal. 6. Poetic Forms: Hi. In the previous video, we had talked about poetic devices. In this one, we're going to discuss poetic forms. So when you look at the operatic forms like the sonnet or the guzzle, or the limerick or the haiku, there's certain rules which you need toe follow. So now, basically, or these rules are sort of strengthen you as a poet because you know, if you have to give a twist to the boil or use a repetition, then that is enhancing your skills in that area. So now I'd like to oh, discuss the haiku in detail. It is one off my favorite forms. It's a Japanese or tree line poem, so the first line sets the scene. It's so usually on each up. William on the second and third lines are a departure from the first line. There is a moment at which you know, are the shift happens on dumb I'd like to share Oh, hi. Could I I have written So Oh, here it is. Dark sky lightens in blue like my mood 7. Use Meter for Rhythm: in this video, we're going to talk about a very important aspect off poetry, the rhythm media, risky toe, having a good rhythm in the poem. So what does meet Don't? It is the measure beat, established by patterns off stressed and unstrap syllables. So let's so revise. Water syllables are assailable is a part off a board with a volatile sound that is pronounced as one unit, if a syllable. If a barbell is silent, then it is not going to dazzle syllable. So banana has two syllables. When we speak, they are syllables that we emphasize on. So visit. Burn Nana, we don't say, but not you know. So um, in poetry, A unit off stressed and unstrap syllables is called the foot. We count the number of feet in the line for the Mito. Let's see the meter for these lines off mine drag unknowing into the court. My head. It streamed down in support so far as divide the line and syllables dragged unknowing into the court. So it's syllables, read them aloud to see where the stress falls marked. The stressed ones in capitals dragged annoying in tow. The court. So this line has eight syllables a combination off four Stress 10 and stressed once there are different kinds of feet, depending on the order and number off stressed and on stress syllables used like a champ and Rockies. Since the stresses on the first part in each pair, it isn't Rockies. They're different kinds off meters based on the number off feet in a line. Here they are four feet, so it isn't Techtronic. So this line is intro cake detriment and I am has the doobie saw in banana and I'm stressed syllable. Then a stress toe five feet four line is spent on so iambic pente meter is the rhythm off natural speech. So when you write free worse, you can try putting your words in this rhythm. You don't need to use meter in your poem, but doing so will improve the rhythm. So once you return your first draft, try going back to it and seeing whether substituting over with two syllables instead off one will improve the middle. See you in the next. Would you 8. Editing Your Poem: Let's talk about editing your poem. Now you know the various techniques off for writing the boil, so now it's timeto see whether you have applied incorrectly while editing your poem. So, basically, if you write a first draft in an out boarding off emotion on after a while, you should go back to it and see whether you know there is something that can be improved on. So what is the emotional core off your poem other than, er lines in your poem, which do not affect it on? Do you know that you can take out? So always remember that meaning Trump's rhyme. You just keep rhyming for the sake of framing. It can get a little, you know, school ghoulish on, you know, like love and our know if time is predictable, it loses its charm. A bird to try and think off off the drains. Think about whether you're saying something novel, you know, if it's a nature poem, maybe it should be returning a different way. If it's all you know, Hackney the emotion you know, then Dorito might not be interested in reading it. So once the subject is normal, then you should think about whether you're telling it in a normal we are your metaphors fresh? Are you avoiding or cliches? Is your language or you know not O'Flaherty You know, a wide fly, a flowery language. So really oh, poem aloud to see whether it sounds pleasing because, you know, poetry is, you know, very ordered. So think about that. And as we discussed in the overdue on Mito Oh, think about substituting words off different syllables if necessary to get a consistent O meter. For instance, in a poem of mine that we had discussed or Leo, the original lines were dragged annoying into court. My hair streamed down in support. Soto achieve Ah, good meter. I change them too. Dragged annoying into the court. My head did stream down in support. So is your poem or flowing logically, or is there a section which would do better if it was shifted up or down? Look at it from that angle is but see whether your line breaks are appropriate or whether in German in NJ movement would improve the flu. Try to make your stands a symmetrical for visual appeal. If you have a four line stands on, then you know a three line or two line, you know, it so might look a little untidy. So try and, you know, keep them are symmetrical. Your standards. Finally, give your poem toe a bit Garrido to see whether you know it's resonating with her. It's not too personal. She is able to understand your point. All right, so see you in the final video. 9. What Lies Beyond?: congratulations on having made it this far in this class on how to write poetry for beginners. So let's quickly recap what all we have learned so far, we've basically started with ideas on what to write about, like you could write about an emotion or nature or a poem from the point off you off a famous person. Next we looked at how you would write such a boy, Um, like you world or wrap an abstract concept around something concrete. Then we moved on to how you can control the flow off for your poem. Using enjoyment speed upto floor Onda, we also looked at poetic devices that you can use like metaphors, similes, personification and alliteration. Then we went on to look at poetic forms like the haiku, which can help you give a skeleton to your poem Onda. We also discussed our rhythm and meter to enhance the aural aspect off your poem. Finally, we discussed how you can edit your poem to cut out the flab. So now that you have a poem that packs a punch, what's next? Write a series off them right, 20 yard off them, and you could publish them in a book like I did with the instrument. So let's popularize poetry and do keep in touch as fellow poets have to stick together. We are are redos. Andi I look forward Toa reading more off your work on duh to keep in touch. Thanks.