PSD to Bootstrap 4: Turn your web design into a web page | Luke Fabish | Skillshare

PSD to Bootstrap 4: Turn your web design into a web page

Luke Fabish, Let's get coding!!

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15 Lessons (1h 56m)
    • 1. Introduction to the class.

    • 2. Who is this class for?

    • 3. What you'll learn in this class.

    • 4. What is Bootstrap?

    • 5. Bootstrap concepts overview.

    • 6. How to implement Bootstrap navigation.

    • 7. How to make Bootstrap navigation responsive.

    • 8. How to add a dropdown menu to Bootstrap navigation.

    • 9. Create a layout with containers, rows and columns.

    • 10. Bootstrap columns in detail.

    • 11. Add a data table with small columns.

    • 12. Creating Bootstrap input controls.

    • 13. How to create a page footer in Bootstrap.

    • 14. How to customize a Bootstrap web page.

    • 15. Class review.

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About This Class

This is where you learn how to turn a web design into a web page with Bootstrap 4.

Bootstrap is the fastest way you can build a web page that's responsive and displays perfectly everywhere.

This class teaches the concepts and techniques you can use to build Bootstrap web pages.

Besides fundamental concepts, you'll lean how to:

  • Create complex navigation that works perfectly on large and small devices.
  • Implement dynamic layouts using Bootstrap's grid styles.
  • How you can customize your Bootstrap web page to make it really your own.
  • This class uses a variety of theory and practical examples to make sure you learn to use Bootstrap with confidence.

I'll be with you every step of the way during the course, so if you need any help - just ask!





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Luke Fabish

Let's get coding!!

I'm a great believer in empowerment through learning, and that's what I believe teaching on Skillshare is all about.

As a professional software engineer I've benefited massively from educational resources on the Internet.

Especially, I want my Skillshare classes to be an entry point for anyone who wants to learn about programming from the very beginning, and to start a journey into the world of professional software development.

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