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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (1h 2m)
    • 1. INTRO VIDEO

    • 2. The Alphabet and the Pronunciation of all the letters in Italian

    • 3. Pronunciation of the -C in detail

    • 4. Pronunciation of the -G in detail

    • 5. Pronunciation of the -Q in detail

    • 6. Pronunciation of the -S in detail

    • 7. Pronunciation of the -Z and other rules

    • 8. Words and texts to practice

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About This Class


Learn and practice all the rules regarding Italian pronunciation, such as the variations of the vowels, consonants, double consonants and others.  For example the letter -C when combined with the vowels -A, -O, -U make a different sound than when they are followed by the vowels -E, -I . This will help you  start reading and speaking correctly. Remember to repeat after you hear the teacher pronounce each word to practice.

This class is targeted for a beginner or intermediate level in order to improve speaking and reading skills in Italian. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Javier Gumucio Arrieta

Learn Italian Online!


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1. INTRO VIDEO: Ciao, a band penalty. So hello and welcome to this Skillshare class regarding Italian pronunciation. This class is specifically about you mastering, understanding all the rules, all the principles to start pronouncing correctly, starts speaking staar, reading correctly in Italian. Okay, this is the first step to start mastering this beautiful language. My name is Javier. I have done this class. I have created this class with amazing teachers. We together as a team, have more than 20 years experience teaching and learning languages. So I really hope you enjoy this class. And if you have any doubts, you can contact us at our mail or through our Facebook or Instagram channels and we will be happy to help you through any concerns, doubts. Also, remember to complete the class project and share with us so we give you your feedback about how you're pronouncing. How is your Italian starting to improve every day with every lesson you see here on Skillshare. Okay, So thank you for being here and I will see you on the first lesson. 2. The Alphabet and the Pronunciation of all the letters in Italian: O of infinity, I love Australia, it's 100 Italiana. Use some of their teacher, SMR know, mustering Sinon, do. Hi everybody. Welcome to your first Italian lesson of pronto. This is less than one. I am the 32, and I'm your teacher, and I'm very happy to have you here. Today. We are going to see the alphabet and the pronunciation of all the letters. Let's start. Alpha-beta. Elaborate essentially to tell Nancy to talk with the camera proven to know electric k-component alphabet Italiano, the inequality Cinquecento vocally SHE sono consonant t. So today we're going to see the first 21 letters of the alphabet. Five are vowels and 16 are consonants. Let's start. Try to repeat after me all the letters. Ah, B, G, D, F, phi1. You make a little pulse between the two letters will not be called. F. G are the same thing. Make a little pause between the two. Same thing. Or B. Who? First thing in Italian, when you find an Are, you really have to roll your tongue so it's a double. So may go into Pause between the two R, S, T, V, zeta. This is the alphabet in Italian. You may have noticed that we don't have the letters J, K, w, x, and y. These are called the forums letters in Italian. Alphabet Italiano know now feature elementary let three, j cap of Utopia, ijk, Epsilon two, Tavia Questa sono presented even cooler parallel or anti-parallel strand area. You still can find these letters when you pronounce some, some words that are from another language. So let's see how you pronounce them. Elongate. Or GI. Making a little post doc PRV, or the UX x epsilon 0. And this is all the alphabet. Now, we are going to see the pronunciation of some words according to the letters we've just seen. It's not so important that you understand the meaning of all these words. It's important that you understand now how to pronounce them. Therefore, I'm then going to translate some words, just the most important words. Focus on the pronunciation. Also tried to repeat after me. Others. So Almaty means to love Almaty. Be 10. But show but to me, kids. But Chu Hsi cola, cola, cola founds 10 duo who come in. Kazaa could Sheena. So if you find the c with an a, with an O and with a new, you have to make a hard sound this way. Kazaa, could China. Kazaa means thing. Cocina means kitchen, cocci. Whereas when you find the c with an e and with an eye, you have to make a sweet sound. T equals e. Ci conquest. But only cheapo. Cheapo means food. Cheaper. If you want to make a hard sound with the E and with the eye, you have to put an H, G gone aka, aka E, K key. Parallelly. Commuter Appiah. Call, Yamato. Don't forget to try to repeat after me in order to make the pronunciation yours. D, D. Veto, veto, finger, dtau, Zuni. Is there cheats? Is there cheating? Exercise? Is our cheats. You. F, G, cola, cola, cola. Same thing with the C. With a, G with a, with a 0. And when you mix a heart sound, go, go, go, go, go, go. Male. Cat. Got G plus E and I go on a quest to swallow warehouse. If you want to make a sweet sound, you have to put an E or an I, G, E, j, d, j. If you want to make a heart sound with an e and within I, same thing with the C. You have to put in eight. Good. Get, DO. Do G plus G plus n makes a different sound. Lasagna key. I'm sure. I'm sure you know this word, miyasaki. I don't pronounce it monarchy, but g plus n cube. Fie, fie. When you find a G with an L and with an eye, you have to pronounce it this way. But sometimes when you have a vowel after GL, glee, few consonants, you pronounce it, not with the previous sound, but in this way, glucogenic and glyphicon. Glyphicon. Glyphicon. Same thing. Gl plus a, e I, o, u, g o Hephaestus 10, blossom. The Licinian global gluteal law in Italiano emerita DH in Italian is mute, so you don't have to pronounce it at all. I know. Or I know. I'm Lak MTA, even with foreigners word, the H is always mood. So this week, 0, 0, 0, E in it, saddened to learn. Libra. Libra means book. Mama, mama. Mama, mama. And Nonaka. Know me, know my name. Norman. All speedily AS be Pietro, bothering father. Who qua, quiz still, Quinto. Remember the royal tomb? Responded to answer authored by, so responding SC, solo, reader. To smile. Sc cone. She focused to swallow, share. She, Shayna, she Valeri as plus c NCI makes this kind of Shiism. Shayna, she's S, kx, ky plus CHE makes another sound. Scapes key, scanner, scanner, scanner, mole, skin as plus g of difficult pronunciation, pronunciation as a PG. The sound S. S plus GHG makes this sound outside. Remember the rule, this one. Yet psi t. Telephone. War, more. War, mommy, man. Wie. V, v, V. V means to li, ve very last but not least, zeta, pizza, zebra. Okay, that's all for today. I hope you enjoy your first lesson. Don't forget to listen it again if needed, in order to understand the pronunciation. I'm very happy to have you here and I will see you. I'll see you the next one. 3. Pronunciation of the -C in detail: Ta-da, penalty a lovastatin and Italiana. Hi everybody. Welcome back to your Italian lesson. I'm B3 jamming a teacher. I'm very happy to have you here. And this is less than one bond 1. Today we're going to see the pronunciation of the letter C and all its variations. Rgb-d. I'm an editor, somebody anti queen with gamma quinoa Brennan, COPD feature. We're going to see the pronunciation of the wires that can be most difficult. Don't forget to repeat after me. Again, like last lesson, I'm not going to translate each word. I'm just going to translate the words unique now for your level. But focus mostly fall on the boom, right? Let's start. Let's cheat sheet of all leprechaun shadow era. Okay, So, and we were seeing in the last lesson when we follow, when the C is followed by a, o, u, the pronunciation is hard, makes the heart sound this way. And now we're going to see some examples. Casa house or home causes cancer, lung cancer screening, Doc cultural soccer or football. Cultural caffeine. Caffeine, coffee, cafe, or whatever damage to run cause. Think or what? For example, if you say something that I don't understand, I'm gonna say Gaza. Causal. With color. Computer. You would have a demo. Kitchen, Cocina, cool, cool, cool. Culture, KI, Kushi, heart quality. Okay, let's go on. A lab room shadow. As we were seeing in the previous lesson, when C is followed by e and we make a sweet sound like this. Let's see some examples. Brain cerebellum, circle, center, dinner or suffer. She she she she will mean Food City. Cheep, cheep, cheep, cheep, cheep, cheep, daddy. Daddy, no. Citizen. The ultimate room to the left cheek. As I was saying, if you want to make a heart sound with an e and within I, you have to put an age between soh, CAH. See it? I K, k, K, k, K. For me. Pon Pon k-means k-means k-means fabric. Fabric. K-means factories fabric in particular. It would have a demo key. He has a TRO. Q. Q, or q means I kill makin amines machine. But in Italy, it also means car. Key. The permanent shadow, let say that took the width divided Tony La Casa importante. See that empower medial upper jaw. As I was saying, the most important thing is to exercise and practice and repeat. So don't be afraid to listen to this lesson again and again as many times as you need in order to make the pronunciation years. I hope you enjoyed the lesson and I'll see you next one. 4. Pronunciation of the -G in detail: Hi everybody, Welcome back to your Italian lesson. This lesson, line bind to, and today we're going to see the pronunciation of the letter G and all its variations. Derivative of g at two Tellus. Again, focus a lot on the pronunciation tried to repeat after me. Don't worry too much about demeaning, but really try to grin on C at the letters and the words, like I am doing. All right, let's start. That should come to test a very anti, recall that the repetitive G cola, cola or equal equals 0. Phones wanna do row, go. Don't forget the g with a 0. A new likewise, makes a heart sound. Ga, ga, goo. Let's say some words. Gumbo. Gamba means leg. Gamba, gammas, galena, GAS, piano. Grabbing in Gaza. Gaa, gaa, gaa, gaa, down. Or go, go, go, go, go, go. Gondola. Ugo. So go, it's a very important word for Italian people. If the source you put on the past, I usually sue goal. One. Therefore, warrior. If you want to make a hard sound with the G, you have to put an H with E. And when I, same thing with the sea, you remember? So we obtain this sound. Good. Let's see some words. So I'm sure you know this word. Let's see now. Male, The Dreamer. As you can see. Since it's followed by an EGL, it's followed by an E. We have this sound and we were seeing in the first lesson, okay, we're gonna see it. Glaucoma, gland Allah, gladiatorial. See, neglect. This one is different. Remember our garlic? I bought a bottle. Both. Familia. Familia means family. Finally, your time, yards times yards times Charlemagne's to cut. May dial. Glitchy. As you can see, this one is different because it's followed by a consonant, not by a vowel. So it's not. But bleaching. And you can see the difference between these two sounds may die. Glitchy. It's always lie. But when it's followed by a vowel and one is followed by a consonant, therefore, it's a different sound. Global. Globally. Gloria, polyglot, glory, and last but not least, Glu, glu glucose metro. Okay, that's all for today. We've seen all the pronunciation. As for the letter G, I hope you enjoyed the lesson. I'll see you the next one. And thank you. 5. Pronunciation of the -Q in detail: So I'll do the event minWidth, the stylet scenario Italiana. Yes. Hi everybody. Welcome back to your Italian lessons. I am the Creature teaching again, and I'm very happy to have you here with me. Today. We're going to see the lesson 1.3. Let's see uno punto. Today we are going to see the pronunciation of the letter Q with all its variations. Law, the law CPU coolers the very anti. It's a rather simple letter to pronounce. It's rather the same thing with a, with E, will I end with 0? Let's see some words. Qua farm fact also means here in Italian. Let's see everything with quasi quanto in Italian means when cuando quadro. Quality. Quality. Quality. Quality. Quantity means someone quite uno. Notebook. This like Cuesta computer, this computer quiz. That like that computer. Computer means five. Sick when some ways. Comune quick quiz. All right, Let's go. Don't forget to repeat after me. Therefore, queen, Queen Dido, who indeterminate 15. Queen are Coahuila, Guido, quiz ITO, queasy, don't. Conquistadors. Last but not least, H2O liquor or will equal 0 blink wall, watery, quotidian daily and can also mean newspaper. And this was a simple lesson. But if you need to listen it again as many times as you need, I am really happy to have had you here and I hope I will see you the next one. Hello. 6. Pronunciation of the -S in detail: Ciao been penalty illinois, Alec, Sunni Italiana, use and Obiang, cetera level sensing Yang. Hi. Welcome back to your Italian lesson. I'm Bianca, and today I'm going to be your teacher. On the Yamuna. Today we are going to see the pronunciation of the letter S with other land. Cheap. The letter S combine with C, n, e is pronounced. Let's see, some words. Means fish, Bash. Shell. Scenario, means to choose Shamans. Shamans. Now let's see. The pronunciation of the letter S combine with C and I. She means to go out. She Bulara means scarf. She, she means. Now, let's see something with an extra letter, S, C, H. Pronounce some words. Scared. Scared, so scared. Scared. To joke. Now, let's see. S, C, H I Schiavo. Tab2. That means back. My back. Earth's spin. Okay, VSEPR to taco Sonata. It's going to be pronto, a shout-out. 7. Pronunciation of the -Z and other rules: Ta-da, acquiesce then Robot Autonomy Italiana, SN1, the content that you have a vehicle. Hi everybody, Welcome back to your Italian lessons of pronto. This is less than 1.5. I am B32. And I'm very happy to have you here with me. Today we're going to see the pronunciation of the letter Z or Z. And please, please, please try to repeat after me lithium again as many times as you need in order to understand the pronunciation and to make it yours. As I always say. Let's start in the perineum, the lab zeta. Zebra, Zebra, Zebra. That means that some x0, x1, x2 mosquito. And it makes sense, right? The mosquito. So we call it Zara, zara Piazza. Piazza. Zookeeper. Zookeeper means sugar, Zuckerman, uncle, zymogens, backpack, or whatever the AMO difference on trial a, B, L of v. Now, let's see the difference in the pronunciation of B and V. B is different than v, right? So let's see. B, V, VI, VII. Vdo. Buffy. Buffy means mustache, very dura mater, vegetables. But so means kits. Vitro means true. But TO Barbara. Barbara means beard. Variety. Barbara value theta. Buzzer. Buzzer means base, valley. Valley. Below. Beethoven. The vibrato. Quite simple, isn't it? Let's go on. And most important, Deborah Johnson, anti-doping via attention on a pink color palettes of dividend channel adobe. In Italian, you really, really, really have to stress the double letters. Otherwise, you can mean something else. They are going to spot you right away if you don't pronounce well a double, they will understand that you're a foreigner. You don't want that, right? So let's see how some words can change totally of meaning if you add an extra letter. All right, let's see. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no is different than no-no. Because it has a double n and I pronounce it making a little posts between the two M nano. No, no means. No, no means. Grandpa. You see it's very different. Let's see other examples. Rosa. Rosa means rows. Row sum means red. Causes some. Kazaa means house, are all costs. Summons, box or speaker. You see it's a very different meaning with just one letter. So pay attention. Sono. Sono means I am or they are. Son domains. Sleeping like asana, I'm sleeping. So no sun, no. Vienna. Vienna means pain, or also sentence like imprison. Bene means pen. Very different. Although also also means I. There also means bone. Set, the set the set first, and set, that means seven. Okay? So really, really remember pronouns, the doubles, pronounce it doubles, otherwise, you can make auto accident. All right, let's go on. Let's see now to make a little practice of these other penalization of some words that has doubling it. Don't forget to repeat after me. Let bad. Pizza. Bottle. For four months. I DO. Do means goodbye. Deal. Silica, chess. So these wars as to double doubles, like that we'll see and double S. So really stress allowed chess. So it just means excess. It says saw grass, so there are some fat grass. So when war TO everything to reflect pairing, double tee, reflected, devo again, WT WE DO G naught. Q double C, G naught Q. Me, like in your body, your genome. Q. Q double C, or Command. I, like my I kill. Kill. Again that we'll see coming year already. Brain show. But actual me. A hug. Again to double dowels. That will be that we'll see. And last but not least, CARTO, WC, pick CARTO. This lesson was very important. In the following lessons, don't forget to pronounce all the doubles. Don't forget this lesson. Listening again, as many diamonds unit. Thank you very much to be here with me. Better dividend, we'll approximate. 8. Words and texts to practice: Hi, Welcome to lesson 1.6. And Bianca, and I'm your teacher, or good for Chama practica sulla, promote legend. Today we are going to practice pronunciation. In late January, said 20 parole. A result, Luciana Giovanna. Giovanna means young. Giovanna. Job minutes. Joe Vanessa means youth. Jove nets. This thin SiO2. Emphatic Zara means loyalty, means to whisper. Shop inventories. This means EGN. But Volcker mode. So friends. Nostalgia via meningitis. Meningitis means do it. Munging, ledger and means to read. Leger. Means to love. Amor. Incredible. Incredible means nightmare. In Cuba. Cento. Fabula. To run. Bravo can then cause an address. So let jama, he said, went to testy. Now we're gonna read some texts. Let's start. Desktop. Is no stromal your army in Nostra me or call me fat tomato, quasi to collect persona. Comey far are in that shuffle ICI on Ebola. Cuando LOTRO being Louis, content to being contracted. The baby is going to see asthma out and becoming a purchase. You come to ban dapper in Kazaa, in Urbino. Mound mucosa, kapha. Content to be static on noise. Walla. Walla Jakarta. Awol. If artists or leader is requesting or TV enough, stromal your army. So this text talk about our best friend, that is the dog. The dog is always happy to have you around. And he's always happy to see us. He jump, he run around the garden or the house. And that's why we love dogs so much. Because they are our best friends. Are they so jama, pesto B. Now we are gonna read texts, be a Mazzini lessons at suny. Law fourths up your grand kids, Eastern and Mandanten. Lamott's Yanomami. Can non-procedural with AIR. Ma, become Garrod and Australia in only saying suppose c, b, c and unless a router, kidney, amora, new lumpy to financial year regarding Romani control, Lin Ostrom, Nazi Germany, La Nostra quanta, or through Cal contrarian, better shearing quester, WMO estrus, same protein can no stroke and no stroke started animal. And I know stipends theory of all people. In posttest PHA ebola, potentially brew sono comedy library, Cavour, your cousin Nostra, sends echinoids, Yamada, paying some address in satanic a provi space so it can define Nasera, ban, medicine, pure gratitude in a patch. Boy screaming CMA question to us in such cuny positive cosine phi the soul ITO was to start to add is M Pugh patcher sent to patch a mentor, stolen, genuinely broken mi piace. Bear can respire content, drop me a problem sentiment to be a chaebol, degenerates and then Nucor posts scrapie Ankit DOAS in such shown in negative coma. And our audio. If I lost tests, user cheats your discrete quantity. Capital isn't guilty. Cozy insect we do. When looking at arrested ADHD Xian, an alkalinity positive momentum, quandary cytosine negative a Cardano monkeys are provided only Volta BPO experimental adequately positive. So while in Palo Alto technically percentage of Demeria, chair Collins in Yom NTD, Tony Robbins. So this text talk about human emotion. As human beings, we have the gift to be able to control our emotions. And we can use them in a positive way or in a negative way. So this text advice to write down two positive emotion and two negative and motion, and to write next to them when you feel like that. For the Mardis texts. Tell you that you should learn how to react positively, positively, also to negative situation and to try to experiment more positive. One. If you want to learn other techniques to feel better, you should look up for the advice of Tony Robbins test. Now, we are going to read texts. Edl in Italia. Quantity as Eastern oil in Italia. Pufa per la repair group, PDLA, can influence sono and collateral moonshot, the little, y'know, standard. Etl a, solid them into Bangalore. Dv is in Group B, beyond which the septum through an hourly conquest de la difference and majora, may lose all the labor currently. Comi Con Law. Tilapia, pair, monk, essence, Cape wonder, middleware vocally, Pudong, communists to Sonora, common law, Perola Kazaa. Also, the Plaza collapse disorder is a Conga Groove. Sarah Chen traumatic generally, Valerie Joni, they'll chain through Paris MPO, Romanesque. They require either Berlin finito, pair donor rule, Teamocil, queen the invasively, the manga, deliberate. Phenyl men tend to group veto the law Sardinia, that's all. Sourdough, a mall to declare. So that tutorial, trivially, the text talk about the different dialect. Dialect. You can find in Italy. Usually they are divided into three different groups. The one from the north, the one from the south in the center. And the third one is the dialect that is spoken in Sardinia. That is one of the Italian island way we talk. Italian is influenced by the dialect. So that's why you find so many different pronunciation in Italy address. So I'll cambium and contract on a test temperature then the Kazaa. Kazaa means house, home. Kazaa. Jar, the jar Dino means garden. Giardia know. Vivo in una casa. Conjure Dino. I live in a house with garden. Can. Cana means dog, candy. Man, Johnny. Manziel means to eat. Monday. Ama means to love. Means two. So that's all for today. I hope you like it.