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teacher avatar Damien Barban

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Starting drawing hands

    • 3. Some other advises for drawing hands

    • 4. More about drawing hands

    • 5. From sketch to a more detailed drawing

    • 6. Final step

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About This Class

In this course, we are going to see how to draw hands with the tools proposed in PROCREATE. We are going to see very simple techniques to draw, step by step hands, from a very rough sketch to a drawing that will be more accurate. These couple of techniques will be very easy to follow and you will easily reach a good result if you keep drawing a lot! While before drawing hand could have been a real problems fro beginners, this is not anymore the case.

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1. Introduction: in this course, we're going to see how to draw hands with the tools proposing procreate. We're going to see very simple techniques to draw. Step by step the hands from the very roofs catch to drying. That will be more accurate. This couple of techniques would be very easy to follow, and you will easily reach a good result if you keep drawing a lots before during and could be the real problems for beginners. This is not anymore the case. 2. Starting drawing hands: first. We always talked with this. For that. I'm going to first changed position of the fingers and I'm going to droll fingers like this . We have two forms. Even 3123 From this, I'm going to draw lines like this. This part, this points. I'm going to be the different parts off the fingers, and we're going to see that there is some things we have to pay attention. You have different parts, like felons. Ah, if you have a finger, it's not just a sausage like this. You have one flings and its second floor with certain one. If you draw hands like you draw a character like this, you're not going to draw too much. Details defines. But you have to understand that there is articulation, and it could be very importance when you draw hands and you have a close up on a hand, especially if you drove like some kind of storyboard are some kind of illustration where the hands they reported thanking coding frame or on any other art where the hand is having any kind of important role that you have to draw the fines and you can just drawls and thing approximately the proximity forms like this does not mean to work. So we're going to see how you can work the hands without being too complex but having any kind of realistic aspect. So we started running this. We always stop with this, and we can imagine these two forms with the 30 year again and third is going to be align the rest of the hand if you just draw the fingers. I think this then if it raised this part, she's no necessary because it happened that sometimes most of your sketch has to be raised because it was too tool. Hundreds was not necessary. Everything was here was not necessary. Fillings here and we have the rest of the hand. Yeah, hard here from there. But you can do and going to create a new layer clicking on this your layer and just having this later, taking it off the end here. Normal and we have the opacity. I am decreasing the density. Just more more, more visibility on this thing to zoom in a little bit, two fingers. We have here no details. You have to draw more thin lines than what we have in the rough sketch, okay? And he find hide scared? Sure something this It's not very good because of the fingers to lounge, probably. Or maybe we have to change your hands. All right. I changed. It decides so. This is the first problem you can see while drawing hand is the size of their of the fingers. For instance, I'm going to change this and get this line over here and you will see that if you take your hand in the same way the finger is going to be too long to and this one is also to on there . We're still a distant Miss kitchen. This dip shift work hands how precisely you can find the right proportions. Just looking at proportions and your own hand Hold in. The same post can really help you while you're drying to get a really vision of the proportions when you are down trying to put your hand in another pose and try to find a very simple forms. But this time you will also see that you can envision your hand in three D for instance, like this when you think about the Freedy, you can really understand that we have some shadows here, here, here. And it could give you the feeling the hand is really an object that can move and every part of it can move. So could be important to see this. So before you start working on Freddie running to continue to find the right proportions. So when you start during this catch and you're drawing this curse, then you can off course through this. And when you re work the uppers here upper curve and drawing this and you add the between fingers generally have to and raise first, this car right here you have the third when you want and make sure making sure let's it's no tool of too big and so on. The third is something you can add in the end also. But if you add each in the end, make sure that this is the proportion of it is really connected to the rest of the hand. So if I start over again drawing this miss, then they will start doing maybe here on this first finger V between them. Another one of the another one and we get here first. Correction. First reason. If you try to go to that distance, your hands going to be very weird. So when you find this distance, this is good and you can already start working on this blue finger, Drove on the finger here and do the same here until you have your skitch and then you can add that is going to be approximately here and your sketch and can see Here it's two down. You will really occur like this. You're going to be here and who have yours Catch the upper ring. And from this you can get in you to progress until you have something more professional and step by step charging to go from a very rough sketch like this to something that is very realistic. But first spent a lot of time drawing something very rough like this, with Onley having your intention on the proportions. 3. Some other advises for drawing hands: we're going to see how you can very simply draw hands, is going to be the first steps off using geometrical forms and see how from a sketch you can go to something that is more looking like your hands. But every time used altering hands and especially if you don't have a happy to draw, you really have to respect the forms. Me to teach you here, make sure that your respect this forms and it's something I'm going to repeat over and over again. You have to work on plenty of exits. Hangs is drinks, forms I'm giving you here. So this is a summary of the main steptoe respects. This is the forms here and the lines of the construction lines that are going to help you to know how to create the hands. So make sure that you respect this lines with V between the fingers. Huge role, the fingers in situate that you don't have something to be for every fingers and the last one to smaller finger has to be really smaller, notes Aziz, big as the other ones and you can see that also the favorite seem to be drawing in last But Sometimes you can draw it in first, but you have to be sure about the size of the hand that is not subject to. You can see that I'm drawing in the last, Ah, while drink this, and when you are dumb with its catch like this, you can come t new drawing that you add more details over and over. And don't forget to erase also the construction lines while you are down, because otherwise, in a few minutes you can have on your paper or on your pro creates documents, something that is not readable. You don't know where right lines and mistakes to be raised, so you hear raised you complete details. You raise complete details. You go further and further, and you try to go to something that he's more and more realistic. This is very important also, to envision this realistic hands and to do so, you can also help yourself with your own hands while you draw on your tablet with your right hand. For instance, you can look at your left end with a certain position and help you from there to draw your hand and you change position usual. You change opportune Utah and someone, as it was already said in a previous video, is the quantity of drawing that we make a difference and also these more important proportions more important than if you try to draw every details good in the row and the first time you don't don't try to read to perfection the first time in Treuhand. First try to reach something acceptable regarding proportions, and when you're done with proportion, then you can go to something that is more correct regarding details of the skin and hand. But you will see that proportion in itself is its subject, and it will give you some work to do here. I'm going to work on another Pru's. This is the same hand I'm drawing with another pools. You can see that I'm also starting with very rough geometrical forms, and this time it would be more complex because the pose itself is going to be more so. Let's try to do it with you. Ah, a few lines and you will recognize rapidly working off pose we have on this hand, and from there we will respect the same step. We go from a very rough sketch to step by step, reaching something that is more detailed. The first we also from this bulls for accusing on the proportion and then on the details so instead perfect, but give you another view of what you can do rapidly while you concentrate on sketching on Lee. Then, on this last example, I'm not going going into too much detail on just going very simple form, versatile post and working on the end with the end on something that is very simple. And you can see that I'm just using very simple, gentle forms to represent hands capping and from this hands clapping, you can go for more details that the air exorcized here is more complex because you have to draw two hands way we having an indirection, and these two hands have to be off course the same size. And this is also probably in excess that you can do while you feel more comfortable while drawing hands on the one hand, and when you feel good in drawing one hand, even if this is the re simple drawings, then try drying two hands 4. More about drawing hands: when you want to learn how to draw hymns, you really have to think about different sketches you can do to create his hands first. If you want to draw a very simple and we're going to think about very simple geometrical forms. First you draw something like this You can just teach how to do very simple for if we start with a rectangle from this ring Tunggal she's very brush off is something I just draw like this. You can then add another form, another rectangle, then another one. And just from there you can start Bring him for instance the third can be added here. This is a very rough draw, but this is already something is going to help you start drawing efficiently hymns. Then you can draw some lanes here and you have a curve. You would have the arm here And from this we are going to see step by step, how you can draw hands efficiently. Okay, let's start all over again. I'm going to draw that form with our Everybody can draw this and you are just going to train yourself to drop that form again. This is a simple drill. We can joke all the time just to ah, still drawing. You draw big ones swollen like this until if they're comfortable. Well, during this, when you're done going to see how to add you this and for the third we're going to draw the ball here, then lying, and you drove in small curve. Here. You have to understand and to respect the distance between these forms, then another curve and a small line going to that distance and very smoking almost trade. Then you can take a razor and start raising the unnecessary construction lines you have here. No, you can imagine already what's going to be added here. We'll get to the fingers to draw fingers. It's very hard sometimes to understand where you have to place them so we can draw on approximate eat a approximately evenly with curves and going to be like this and another one, because the fingers are going to be working out in two levels. First, you can draw for things like this and you of earthy between all of them accepted here, your freebies and you can go from this V and draw something. This until if you have that distance and probably the same distance here. At that point, your finger had to be finished with the thickness that is smaller here than here. Don't pay any attention to do nails. Uh, snails. Sorry. On any other details here. He just tried to draw something like this. And then you go from these V and doing the same. But this one is finishing on this V and the same here. You have to respect. Also, deal ain't of the finger. This one is a longer one. And this one is smaller. And then you come bullet here you will set this curve is probably unnecessary. But this is just necessary for you to understand that there is somehow a limitation. Even if this limitation is not touching in the end. These fingers So when you are done, you can just it raisins. So maybe the hand is big too told somehow. And the third is probably is tool small. Anyway, you can maybe change, get the the big, like a little bit like this. And you will get something that looks like hand. It would be better than to draw something like this. Hard to have a kid enough Great thing. So you have to to exercise yourself by drink, planted hands like this. So what you can do is to erase. Or you can keep these drawings and try it all over again, and you will see that you will be faster every time we're going to do it. But it will probably require plenty off hours for exact sizes before it can be satisfied of yourself. You can see the just created something very, very rough, a another fight at all, because I didn't respect all step given to you. But anyway, you can just continue to draw, and you will see that the main important is going to be the quantity of drying or going to produce. It's not necessary. How good you will draw this, especially it's not really important. What is important is the quality of drawing, more drying more. You will be good and Fuster, you go. Good drawing is like any music instrument. You have to draw plenty of them before to be really good, and when you are really good, you continue to exercise. You never stop learning if you want to kid progress, so you will see that hair like this is going to be You going to work with the hand like this, no matter if it's in front. If this is the back of the hands can see, we have the inside of the end. And here we can say, this is the outside face of the hand. You're going to work both side the same with the same taking when you're dumb, this building too. Ah, to draw the hand with techniques. But this time we're trying to change position. 5. From sketch to a more detailed drawing: No, it's tried to work on drawing that is, using the options off. Procreate. Tiu have something interesting, uh, with the graphics, So I'm drinking too. Start with this catch and let's see. That's going to draw hands holding on the weapon or an object. I'm always drawing this part of the armed. Make sure that there's something on wish the hen is having a k. Enough sports are to know lanes, uh, of the not delayed with to know the size of this arm to make sure the hand is not too old or too big. So we have here first part that I used to draw on gray, and I'm using very simple force to show fingers holding the objects. One fingered this so we have to feel the fingers closing. The object is going to be here. Maybe contar like this and to be to too much here, you can close it and can see The third is a very important this state because this is the first element we see. So if it's even firm is to arms, is going to spoil old drawing. Here I'm really is kitchen like If I was using a normal pencil. Okay. Raising. Snub. Ben, maybe here also change. Closing down. Can you zoom out to see if this is correct? You erase when you feel that there is too much here. Maybe. Okay, we can just stop right here. And now I mean to use another layer. And this time I'm using the thinking. I like the syrup syrup give very clear firm. And this care firms also having some things like this that will make the ink in, like looking like natural in game. - Que No, this is a very important step because if you start thinking while your sketches naturally good, you're in King isn't being to be very good. So this is pretty risky because my sketch was still a little bit rough. And I take the risk, just something it's not good. But this is really to show you what is demonstration that how can, um, use these different techniques and how you can use this drawing hands sticking procreate rights into I sketch layer, and we're something very clean. Then I can use another layer this time and click on the end, and they select real deploying murder. She's giving to my drawing and especially to this layer, um, Cain off transparency. And then I can like this. I'm simply to serve, option in, just draw the places where the shadows are supposed to be here. Because this is the part of fell and and the fingers that are in the shadows and here to inside the hand until here. Probably hero soon. And on the bar, it is around, and we can suggests shadows. Here it is. Here. Okay. And this could be done over and over again. You can really, uh, try to draw hands with just suggesting simple firms like your hand holding serving are doing in something else. Just trying to do this over and over. It's going to help you to improve the drain skill. 6. Final step: the last step here to draw hands is too. Ah, speak abounds. Mawr details you can draw. For instance, if you have your normal construction lines, we'll see how we can on a few things that will make your hand more realistic. First, you really make sure that perversion correct, and them I'm going to create a new earlier to improve this catch. I'm just decreasing the capacity, and this time I'm taking back the pencil and I will work more precisely. Uh, maybe change. I'm drawing with my pan exactly firewalls drawing on a paper amusing of the pressure to draw everything's 12 and V and also to details of the bones at the end of every fingers. Then, with here, you have to really to respect curve, then did hand. All right, maybe it's possible that the fingers will be chewed toe. Then we can just correct this by the selection tool here in blue, and I insulate them two very late and I hide the layer. Then I'm correcting this. There's still something weird. Yeah, if you see something that doesn't really make sense, you have to correct it right away. Don't waste this time where you continue while you know there's something weird, you will see that you will not correct this later on. Then you can accumulate autonomy. Mistake are perversion of these days. Then I can use the pen pencil a few details, like just like shadows just just suggests the face of the hand. Maybe it can take Ah and be Let's see if I put my my pencil a reason telling to create such effects can draw a few shadows just to have something realistic and to work out on the wings. The snail nails just has to be suggested. No, too much detail with going to make something weird. So it's not perfect. We can manage to get something more realistic that that's fine. If you succeed to get from the very Roths catch to something like this, it will be very good. So now I can complete with Milt planeloads and this time and taking in King tool, great value and to who teams chart may be complete shadows. All right, so we are done with the hand U. S. C. This couple's details how you can go from a very rough sketch to something more accurate. And of course, it will require a lot off drawings to be very comfortable with his takings