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PROCREATE: Tips to draw faces and heads

Damien Barban

PROCREATE: Tips to draw faces and heads

Damien Barban

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7 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Presentation

    • 2. Sketching face, part 1

    • 3. Sketching face, part 2

    • 4. Sketching face, part 3

    • 5. Sketching face, part 4

    • 6. Sketching face, part 5

    • 7. Drawing eyes

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About This Class

In this course, we are going to see ho to draw faces and eyes with procreate on IPAD Pro. You will see that, with the technique i'm teaching you, that it is very easy to draw sketches and without going into too much different brushes. Learn many easy techniques you can drill and repeat over and over to increase your drawing skill.

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1. Presentation: in this course, we're going to see how you can draw faces and eyes with procreate and Ibon pro. You will see that with the technique. I'm teaching you that this is very easy to drools Catchings, and without going into too much different brushes, learn many easy techniques. You can drill and repeats over and over to increase your driving skill. 2. Sketching face, part 1: We're going to see how we can create the face with the profile from the profile on the head . First, we create this catch disease, a normal of always going to be the first construction lines that are going to be used to create the face from profile. Then we add some lines that are going to be the neck and the beginning of the back. Make sure that you respect approximately the details I'm giving you here and the distance between every lines you can see. I'm drawing one by one every key forms that are constricting, deface. Then there's the front and there's there, the head. You can see that the top of the ed is very flat. The head is not something that is very like a very perfect bowl. So there is many things to respect in cleaning the back of the hand and the top of the end that is very different. It is quite flat, so then you have to draw. When you work on such illustration and sketch, you have to work from left and right, right and life to make sure that you don't do any on to me and proportion mistakes so the idea here is that you can reproduce every step on giving you in this video, and you can also work on their prisons details like we will see another video that we can also draw the eyes. It's apparently, but the point here is really to find the right way to draw the profile of this guy. So try to see how I'm during also the different parts like the math, the nose, the eyes and all the details that constitutes on his face. These characters also having a try to create not a natural but is a bit angry, and you can see this on the I broke the eyebrows, a very specific orientation. You can change by yourself the different warranty and give different our intention to the site of the character, and it will really create difference in the emotion communicated this current. Then I'm going to add the hairs. There's is something that you add to the character life. If you was adding a hats, it comes above the head and there is some thickness. You don't do something that you don't get the hair's very flat and sticking to the do the head you have to get a gift to draw a kind of sickness, and then you can rapidly fill this with the pencil tool. So in procreate here, you can see that I'm just using Onley one brush. This is normal Tansil, and the result is really looking like what you can have with normal pencil. Assume here is your first catch with the profile off the head of its character. 3. Sketching face, part 2: Let's see how you can draw rapidly this kitsch of the face off a character. I'm going to draw a face off a character that is very looking like which confined incoming book. So first, try to shoes, but brush with wish. You are very confortable, something you will really like to draw many sketches, and then you can start drawing the borders of the face. This is the face isn't front, and you will have to draw the main lines out. The main outlines of news of the face and you can start by these lines. These lines are just showing how the character is going to be fat or thick and is very important because after that you can place one by one all the element every time by respecting the kind of symmetry. First Jibril on left and right, and then the right here and lived here. And by respecting this this taps one by one, you will see you can really work faster. You can see that I'm drinking high with left eye and the right out do one after the other and then the black points into the eyes, the one after the other. Then I can continue to work the details and again from that from right and continuing like deaths until I started working on the news and you will see that for the now and the knows . We have to add a couple of detainees, but not too much. You will see in this Kinch. I'm not adding too much details on the nose because this Kinch has to remain very having saying no trial, no, too much things inside it. If you want to add many details on specific element of face, you will have to add as much details on the other parts. So if you want to keep simple, just draw these main Ryan's. You will see that I would probably add more details on the hairs just to show that he has black heirs but still giving some light effects. So right now you can see that I am not. I tried to just construct the overall face, resulting in too much things, and when you will be satisfying with the general construction, when the proportion are currents and you don't have a huge corrections to do, then you can add the final details. And this is exactly the moment where you can add these details and one kind of details you can have. You can add the shadows with this shadows amusing a brush that he's a pencil. And I'm using the fancy in chip in such way that the pencil is almost threat on my tablets on my and from there, when you draw, it's going to give a kind of shadow effects, like if you was using the same way the rial pencil on the real paper. And here is the final results off the creation of the shadows with the pencil technique. So here we just mixed the sketch with very dark pencil to old outlines and very smooth dancing just to create do shadows based own very natural technique of getting the pencil flat on the tell it. 4. Sketching face, part 3: in this video, we're going to worth on the face. But this time we can take the tablets. Not recently, but vertically. You can see that it will work the same, and this is very comfortable to create faces. So first I'm creating with very soft pencil the construction line of the face, and you can see that the character is not in front but is turn a little bit on the left. So we have different lines to observe. You have to see here the construction night will be quite different. You have the symmetry Klein that is, cutting the head in two parts that is not straight but is a little bit curve to just to suggest that the head is not a flat object but a nudging. It isn't Freedy and is a bit, rooms said. That's on it. Chill also to you that you have to work on the symmetry climb, crossing the level of the eyes that has to be curve a little bit too. So absurd. These two points and from there we can start drawing your own sketch when you are done. Of course, you can click on pose on the video work on your own sketch and continuing the video chip sirs, the different other details to do so here now and placing to nose and I'm working on the oval that are going to be the eyes later. Let's first usual ovals and his ovals are going to be draw with more details later. You will see in this course. You can also find a video about how he controlled the ice, and this video is going to be very variable if you want to work precisely from this element . So when you are done on this, you can continue to suggest different lines like the one of the naff. Make sure the math is not too high or too low. Are coming to the bottom of the face are according to distance with line of the nose. You have to find the correct way to position the mouth. If it's too high or too low, your character is going to be weird, so you can then work out the neck of the character. That also has to be not too large or not too thin. If you draw a head of a character that is pretty serious are we seem to be like a tough guy . Make sure that the end time is reflecting this attitude. - When you are done with the creation of the eyes and also dung with the orientation of the eyes, then you can add the air's to add. The ares is very complex. If you don't know previously, what will be the form of the heirs. If you know that he would have shot Ayerza longhairs, you first have to draw it with General Sketch when you you do a very light sketch around the head and when this is done when you are satisfied, even here it is the construction right of the head. When this is done, the final step is going to draw the details of the hairs. And from there you can. I knew that you will be almost done with this kitsch of his head. Su. You can review this video over and over again and pay attention to every step. You can take white paper and a pencil or your own Ivan pro and pro creates to draw this kitsch again and again to improve your ability to draw sketches of head 5. Sketching face, part 4: to continue to improve of drains kill, especially for the faces had you can do the feelings of size. First, you drool plenty off spheres and you kick them with symmetric climbs. Their symmetry plans are going to be used to placed the I and the rest of the details of the face. And to make sure you don't have too much proportion problems, then you can also scale Tripoli. The nature on but not going into too much things when you are done by drinks is just this overalls. You can then add some very simple face, his expressions, and by just suggesting very simple expressions. You will also have the added to get habits to express rapidly. Some expressions sometimes is very tough to to to create the correct expression and many ills. Trailers are failing to work on that and to be very efficient while drawing these expressions, this drill can really help to to do this easier, so you can continue to draw ovals and add now with different or intuition, eyes with different forms, and I grow with different orientations. From there you congest do many, many, many of them, even if you're just bring on your iPad or if you're drink on normal, it's catch book. You can just drew plaintive expression here, for instance. I'm just doing exercise by drawing eyes and eyebrow on Lee. I'm changing every time. The orientation, trying to find the way to drew many kind of expressions in such a way you will leave very, very much more confortable by the drying. Different expressions. - The next step is to draw a very big face on the paper and to play with the orientation of the eyebrow rose and the form of the eyes and or addition at the mouth. And you can makes the profuse exist size with this one again. We're still speaking about drying faster during very easy faces, but just for accusing on the orientation of these elements to create rapidly, different emotions on the character. You can see that while you are done with only one face, you can just play by drawing expressions, erasing and drinking and not touching to do outlines in the face. You just roll in century. You can find that you just have to change very simple details to just have the same character expressing different expressions. This is important, especially if you have to work on the current book, for instance, where the same character will have different emotions and the same can be done with the character and his profile. I'm drawing different profiles here and changing the orientation of the I grow and mouth. This time it could be a bit much more bit difficult or very, very much more difficult. The reason is that you have to respect the different forms of the character, the knows, the front and every elements. That's to be changing a little bit. While the character is having different expressions, it will not be the same. If the character is happy, are is hungry. You will see that the movement of the mouth is going to change the form of the face a little bit. So this drill is also done to help you creating many, many faces on different profiles and just feel much more comfortable while you draw the same carry, too from his profile. But having different expressions and last really can do Easter focus personally on the ice himself to draw the eyes. You can respect the different states on getting you here first. You do the oval and you don't draw the bottom line of the I just suggest the bottom lines. Then you do every step and training here with around the white space inside the eyes and new color in black middle rounds that having and when you do this over and over again, you will also find that it could be very easy to rise. Here we have a nice it is not having any expressions. We have just forgives him the taking itself to create a nice and too realistic. So when you draw a nice like this disease, for instance, the let is right. I'm just drying here and it will be the same for the left one, but with different orientation. You will see that and I is something very simple is around like this was a different details inside and you have the eyes itself that is firm like this. So you have to erase then different construction lines. And like this, you can really have human expression in human high. You will see that I'm showing you here every state from the creation of the over to the creation off of the very the human eye. So we stuff with very geometrical forms and we arrived to something that is very human 6. Sketching face, part 5: Now we're going to work on the sketch of the face that is gathering the difference. Separate have already seen previously. So here is the different steps were doing. First we do the generals catch of the face and the symmetry client getting to facing two parts. Then I'm drained knows, and I already work some kind of foreign Titian for the eyebrow. It helped me to give a kind of human expression already done. It's not sure that I keep it for like this, but it helped me to have something here. So then I'm working on my bro and I give some thickness to it. Then I created the orientation of the eyes. So from there, I know that expression of the characters is going to be something like this. Then I continue to work on the nose and adding some details and then the mouth so you can see that I'm always drawing from the top to the bottom, not trained to do first math and then the eyes. It will be not very easy to drive this. Always focus first on the ice and then go to the nose and then go to the Mass while you run dry. So when this is done, you can some add some corrections like maybe the eyes, one of the eyes Probably too long. So we have to bring some correction like I'm doing here and when and satisfied on already working on the rest of the face, including the ice. From there, I can also erase the construction lines and continue by working on the hairs. And there is a risk you take when you try to draw already some prison any precise details here without having very structured sketch. The problem in that, for instance, here you can have the problem to place the here if you have to. Rudy here you have to remind that he has to be approximately every on the level off the ice . Then I can place it like this. I can use the hairs to hide some parts of the of the here if I'm not sure how to place it. But you cannot cheat every time. So you nevertheless has to know exactly the an attorney of the character. Because if this guy had a no hairs, it will be much more difficult. And no, an inter me Mr Could be possible. So now, in playing on the thing that he has quite a long hairs, too. Play with some black and darks dark areas where I can fill with my black pen to complete the creation of it. So now we have a kind of scheduled these rather complete I'm not going to go further on the main lines. I'm just going to, on the last details some shadows, and you can see that I am using the smell thing tool you can find on the upper right side of your screen. We present it by you, the finger, his fingers going to be very useful to smooth gray values and is exactly what you can see sometimes in this drawing, but before, too, and some great values smooth. You have to add them with the brush he and just having using a brush to get some details. But it's super rich, like a pencil, very self pencil just at the shadows, and to see that the shadows offer different than the black lines used to create outlines of the character. So from there you can play with two different techniques, and it's very easy to use very dark lines, full character and a gray smooth offensive of To do this catch shadows and probably to do kind off background just behind it. 7. Drawing eyes: visit was when you hung can draw eyes in the details. It means that while ofcourse picking about drawing a sketch, but we're really focusing on drawing in I To start, you have to select a brush that you will not be too, uM, too thick. You have to find something very severe or something that's going to be very close to what you can have with normal pencil. And from there you will start drying very simple lines and from these lines are going to be much more going into rich, more details and until we have a very human, uh, site. So first I'm going to. Ovals like this and way have to respect the distance between these eyes because left between the eyes, you have nose starting and going down in the interface. So now don't do the mistake to rule the inside of the ball inside of the ice. That is like this. If you do so, it will be life your character is, and drug or something weird. It's too, and it's not natural to draw a human site. You have to do something like this, and the balls inside the eyes are touching, Perper sign the upper line off the ice and knives is the site is going to be much more human from there. You have to do the same on the other side. But let's focus a little bit on this. I you will see that I have already draw some details inside. I did some hatching just to suggest the black color off my eyes. This is still not exactly what I'm looking for, so I can also continue to correct it and draw again. This that kind too. Do the same hatching taking to suggest the black color. Then, on hi, I'm adding a wide bowl inside it. That is suggesting life reflected in the eye, and this point is very, very, very important. If you add the White Bowl wishes of reflecting light, it is going to give a very human and giving life tour kept without it. You will lose a lot off human aspect soon. Let's training again. General lines general fear just draw a bowl and around his little injuring the human form of the for me. And from there you can do all those things we have just seen previously. Another technique that can help you to draw realistic eyes is to draw, um, the cycle and to take a brush that is very close to do pencil natural pencil and by orienting or princey almost horizontally on your tablets. You can really draw shadow techniques like this, and this technique can be also done on your eyes. While this one is already draw from, there is going to give you voting aspect, and it could be very useful. One you draw realistically from there. You can also drew the details inside the color area of your eyes, and then you can erase the lines. Can constructing your white go inside the eyes. If you do like this, you will really, really have eyes that are realistic. And from there you have to complete the Aib rolls and you can see here. This is very sketch of the eye, bro. There is very roughly done, but it's not really important here because what what will matter when you draw your eyebrows is or rendition of it, not the detail. The details are that are very important on the one of the eyes because this is the eyes that are going to communicate a lot. The expression. And what character rethinking How is a state of mind and the I breeze just going to increase this thing emotion. So make sure you respect every detail every step we just have seen in this video and the other videos, and you will see you really rapidly be able to droop realistic eyes.