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PROCREATE: How to start drawing with it

teacher avatar Damien Barban

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (1h 4m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Presentation of procreate

    • 3. 2 Starting with a first example

    • 4. 3 Completing drawing

    • 5. 4 More about pencils technique

    • 6. 5 Additional tools

    • 7. 6 Final step, adding the color

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About This Class

In this course, you are going to learn the basic use of Procreate. This is a presentation and demonstration of the main tools of Procreate to use for drawing. I'm going to teach you how to start with procreate and what are the more relevant options that will be of interet for any artist. Be ready to experiment a very, very powerful tool for any people who are drawing.

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1. Introduction: in this course, you're going to learn basic use of pro creates. This is a presentation and demonstration of the main tools of procreate. Two years for drying. I'm going to teach you how you start with procreate. And what are the more relevant options that will be of interest for any artists? Be ready to experiments very, very powerful tool for any people who are drying. 2. Presentation of procreate: welcome in this course dedicated to the software procreate on iPad Pro. This isn't about pro Evan, and we are going to see how appropriate is working. This is a course about the basic options and how you can draw things with this software. So here is the stuff amusing. A pencil, second generation and a knife and pro. Of course, I'm also Shin. You did appropriates after work, so hide words I'm opening for create and I have a gallery. These illustration are already included in the software, and I have already created a couple off illustration. That's what I'm going to do is to create a new one before I can't click on Select to select any nutrition, to send it via email or tour shredded to destroy it or whatever. When I do it when I'm using select, I can click on Prevue share duplicate nd Let's if I click preview it. Just give me the preview off May illustration, and I can't go back directly, and they can not right why I'm the Prevue. If a double click, I'm going back into the creation environment of the software, so I click on Gallery on the left side and I come back to the gallery. So when I'm done with this, I'm clicking on Plus here and I am a couple off options. I will create a new document. These new documents is going to be by default screen size, which is going to be administration. A white paper that would take all the size off my screen. And I can select different options. I decide I can select a comic book size. If I take this one he creates and you are sent immediately on the page. I go back on gallery and the gallery is here with my new documents here. I can also move like this, but it doesn't work like this with the pen. Depends is really good for drawing. But if you want to navigate, you can use the finger. Okay, so now I'm on my working space. How does it work? Very simple. You have here the gallery option that allowing you to go back to the gallery and you have a couple off options here and there. Also here. But we're going to see step by step, how it works. First we got here the settings you can add some stuff like you can insert a file photo. You can take your photo directly with camera off the tablets. You can add some taste. You can care. Copy and copy. Canvas. What can this? This is a kind off documents like the size and different options you can personalize for your working space animations. Assists. We're not going about to speak about it right now because this is another option in advance . Option can say, because you can create some kind of animation with this software. Drink gains give you the guys nevertheless show you the animation assists. You will have plenty of picture here to create a kind off animation frame by frame sleep. Can this or isn't telling vertical ing? It will have its sense when you're working to draw. You see this later we can share, and we can decide of the firm we can share PSD for to share it for a full show. Pdf TPG and someone videos. You can also export with different kinds of videos. You have time lapse recording. It means that all watch. We're going toe to draw can be recorded as a video. Preferences of the lights have the right hand interface. You mean that if you're drawing with your left hand, you can we can see, uh, you have some kind of preferences approaching Candice Connect singing this player and a plan or cable to pull jacked your kindred suddenly. Okay, we're not going to speak about this right now. We can also rapid and doodle a segment. Visibility all of these preferences, the set settings. Basic sinking thing is good enough. We're not going to go into this. We have health. We can have plenty of options that stuff very just per chase and how you can handle different options off your version. But it's not really what I want to do right now. So way have this. This is adjustment option with different options, like capacity motion. Nor is liquefied and some effect we can add to our creations. This is also something we're going to see in the different example I'm going to give then the 3rd 1 It's to give, like created selection with lips, we can remove invert dependence, Feeder seven node in clear. So this is a selection, and with this section you can do a couple of things. Then we have the seduction tool empty because there is nothing selected so I can do this and then I can sell it also a specific area. But all of this is very on. Sometimes it's not very easy to understand. I have to show you different examples here, for instance, I have selected this and I can vertically selection can rotate, but it's not right now. Playing with what's I drove here is definitely a selection in which I will be able to add things inside this afterward. We can distort and soon okay, resents. And so, like this, all of this going to be seen later. So the more important right now is the auctions we have here with the brush and with plenty of brushes. For every brush we have here, we can, for instance, it sketching and for sketching. We have different tools thinking the same, drawing the same and different kind off brushes we have for every tool. Again, I'm going to show you different example off how you can use them, not all of them, because there are plenty of them that it will give you a good overview, how you can use them. Then we're gonna have a hand like to see later. We have the razor thing to I went to see how it works, and we will have an option with layers. Use our players. It's very good because it very similar to what you can find in for the shop. For other graphics software, you can have plenty of players and add additional drawing details like color in King in Seoul. So the last things to show you it's of course, you have the color here. You can decide to select color. Okay, then you take a brush and then you would have maple journeys. This one is not clear thinking. Let's take this one. All right. So I'm drawing here with this color or with this one and I'm drawing. Then the last options are under left. You can decide to change the size of the brush, so it's very practical because with my left hands changing the size and with the right hand I'm drawing, and here this one is the capacity you can play with different capacities, which can really make your dream coloring dynamic. So it was the first over U of indifference. Now, in the next video game, just start. By first example, we can simply use the brushes 3. 2 Starting with a first example: All right, So now we start with a blank page and we're going to see what we can do with different brushes. We have here a couple brushes and I'm going to start by sketching ones. We have already couple off brushes. You can create your own brushes. But right now to explain those that are already existing will be good work. So I'm taking the peppermint and I control a face. Let's do something. They re clear like face. So what's happening here? I didn't touch the size of my brush. This is what is extraordinary. With this Pan is if you draw like this. I had a very thin line. And if I take it like more on the size, you can see it has exactly like a normal taking arreaza. Interesting raising. And when I raise, you have some line still remaining exactly like if you was drawing on the paper so you can clean totally by insisting and using some pressure onion brush and you have a Neary's space . So if you want to go faster, for instance, you can have something you want to erase. You can go directly on the layer, and you have this Kolia free because I had previously or erased. When I push on the left and you have options you can lock, it means that the layer will not be change anymore. You cannot want This is a lot. You can draw on it. You can duplicate it would create the copy. The exact copy of the previous layer are you can do let it. And when you have only one layer remaining and you do this, you can click on here when you clear it. He thought on the reasons If you wanted to add a new layer, it will be here. And when you have something like this, you can forget it. Look, do it Gillette donators. So this is my later and you will see that you cannot draw on the background. You can only change the color off the background by default. This is why it and this is good enough. You are always drawing on the New Year. Even its if it is called layer 24. I don't know, but this is always so now I will take the black color and the color here during, and I continue to draw with my pencil So when you click on the brush itself, you can personally different papers shape render in soon. This is many advanced options to have a real personalization of your option. Right now, we're not going into so much details. We're just going to go with what? And appropriate is profits in tow us. Which will be far enough on this course. So governments, All right, I will increase the birth side a little bit off 100 person. And that's not bad raising. Okay, now this such third thing conduce you is draw ahead the hand wringing to droop cycle like this and cut it into two parts. Then I'm going to do to draw line approximately here and there, and two rounds here. This is going to be the ice. The nose would be here and mouth is going to be here. Their hair is going to be at the level of the ice approximately here, and they would be neck nuts. I'm drink here. This is very simple example. Off hard to draw Head is going also to give us plenty off example how you can use the options off procreate. Then I want to place the hairs So now we're doing a simple sketch, but we have to know that the hair is going to be here in going to take that space approximately. Okay, Now I want to work a little bit outline of the head because he's a bit too much round. So I'm doing something more straight and the job is going to be like this. And going back like this and more and then on the neck is going to be a bit I think it is. All right. So I'm going to the Rays. Unnecessary, lane, just to make sure it's not too much confusing while you progress on your on yours. Kinch que So we have their hair's nothing to be like this. And now I want to zoom in a bit. You can use your two fingers and to move You're page like this to zoom in. Zoom in. This is very, very powerful tool to do. So I'm going to play the eyebrow no more comfortable while drawing this to draw the first I in the season One. Okay, Regime. Some lines are not useful anymore. Musings and pressure My been to have something. Okay. If you really want to work on the details I'm zooming out is being in. Okay, zoom outs. Now it's working the nose and demand is too low. Because if we have nose here into here coming to do something in this and raising this the hand is really too much. Big I can hear is here. Maybe I can hear is here too. Just decrease the sign that had a little bit. Yes, I'm thinking this be fine. Joe is going to be different too. Have a shadow so I can take my belt like this and to do exactly how well do with normal brush. If I take, uh, real birth and paper, I can show you here. This is exactly if I waas taking the pencil and doing like this are like this. It is exactly the same. For instance, I'm going to add some shadows on the face from the nose here and there. The reason to use really really institutes. So now we can continue by zooming, for instance and this I taking the syriza. Maybe it will decrease the size of the reason and clean a little bit. This using my brushed complete this and we have then the shadow here in some light here just to give some life to my character. And we have something that starts to be interesting. So I show you different step to draw a face in the next year. We're continuing with some additional details and more about the options available in procreate. 4. 3 Completing drawing: All right, we're back with this face. Now we're going to draw the hairs. I'm trying another. Maybe another brush. Okay, let's clear. Creates it is a very thin pencil. They're due to draw their precise lines. And I wanted this to deal. Imitate the airplanes of the hairs and to say, the hairs going to be here. I can Maybe you can see this Cannot. I can almost not use technique off heading it flats Use of the pen. It is a very strong and pre sonny's pencil. And this is also very good if you work in detail going to be almost black, but still being a pencil eyes broom. This is so realistic. It cannot imagine this is very close to reality. I want him. He do something like this just to hear race or two to do something with my fingers like it will do with a normal drawing. OK, extend from raise here. Okay, so now let's see Brushes. You have six b HB. They're Inder and let's see itself, Pastor, you will use this maybe for background, especially if you're working on Portray can really have something very close to reality again. And you're even the grain of the paper a faring even if the paper don't really have a grain . But he never this happen with this brush and change according to pressure, give on the you can see him using a lot of pressure, and here there's almost no pressure. If you want to go back use. You don't have to use necessary the razor if you want to keep the same brush but want to be raised just changing color and years a white color. This is amazing is something you cannot really do with reality. OK, and now let's see another brush again. Old past ill. No, Using the black is a different kind of effects. So right now I'm you just using these to create my background. That then we can see later can be used for additional things. Artistic William. Maybe you can use this for the decreasing the size for some effects on the face. Have something very deal imitated. Create interesting things. All right, so now I'm going to use this tool with hand. It's finally mixing, Um, and if I'm not correct on, I want to go to produce step, just take my two fingers and and new pain struck and go back to my every step. So now I want to maybe you this, but with a smaller brush and I can mix the color a little bit. Something was strong. Is there a good to meet the color here? Is it even more interesting? She can have something that is very close. It's between the water color and the drink with pencil. And you can also use the finger option with different brush like this. One smaller brush. Uh, that's bad. Hunky. Maybe I can use something like this with a bridge that may be good for hairs that that's about anyway. Okay, I'm looking out the hairs. Maybe that's tried this. And we just keep using this right now. The gray. It's a black that interesting. Okay, anyone peppermints, Incan makes different techniques using dog shadow. Don't be shying in putting your hand on your working space because on the other pro is not recognizing this as a finger you cannot draw with. This doesn't work. It worked. This this are defensive so I can put my hand and draw comfortably. All right, this is all for this video. Next one, we're going to see additional things on the brush and see the very powerful tools proposed by procreate 5. 4 More about pencils technique: way have portray off guy here. Maybe we can talk about additional things like layers and color. I'm going to create a new layer for my color. Don't click on the layer and I can do several things. It can rename it. I call it color dates. And what else? I can feel the layer cleaner than you. I have a mask and different interesting things. All right, so right now I'm just interesting to put some color. Vince, if I'm not changing anything, you can see there is an end. The end is the normal. More for this there. It means that if I take, for instance, in King Brush using Merrick Ary and using a red color, I'm going to have this. All right. So let's see different modes of the layers. I think in the end, and we have the opacity of the layer itself on the darkened, which is the one we're going to use to get the kind of transparency without having a no opacity changing off my color. But let's see the other ones I have multiply Dr Colburn, Linen dog and cooler, normal lightning. Very good to just have the lines of the drawing, changing screen cooled out and like to color over they a soft light hard light. There's a nightly nearer pin lights on makes a difference. Exclusion substrate act divine Who? Stray shin color feminist e Many of them are hard to find the use off the zoo villains Sometime of the reason a museum multiplying, for instance, Our Duncan. But I would take my supply. I'm going to change this, by the way. Clear and okay, I raised all what was in my layer. Now I'm drawing just in color of the face. I mean to take my painting and teach quickly going to take that color and storing just painting. All right, I can uses signal warm can see and still no changing to side. Only brush all the color and just using a signal. One. Just playing with the pressure and that's it. Zooming in can t the white color. Now I could change this and just cleaning the area of the ice using razor. She's more white. Okay, lets go back with a different color. May be something darker Forget can try to mixed color can give something very interesting here. See already give concurring effect that is really no, it's and no thing here. This and maybe great divers too high. Maybe I have to change. Let's see fainting spectral. Try it. Okay, and it's makes it color making rates. You can see that step by step. You can progress changing the different options and see the different brushes can. Really efficient for school. He give you even some ah, stain of water. And then when you use it, you can mix again like this has something very close to what you confined in. Yeah, video games illustration for video games. All right, no, to finalize this, I'm going to create a new layer, and I keep them for this year. I keep it in normal mode and just using the inking brushed with something very, very clean. Merrick, Yuri and using the white color and just drawing a point white are fortunately it's not what they wanted to do. Kit. And you're very clean white point, even on the place of the face, where delight is touching it. And if you keep your finger on a specific point, it will set the color that will find here and from that color going to take something a big doctor. And but they like to do this with the white. You really have makes a different techniques that will give you something very close to what he's used for. The creation off off, considered art for video games. And now I can do single, but they decrease the opacity. Maybe you can try some hatch ing's and we're doing this. 6. 5 Additional tools: Now we're done with this and going back to gallery and create a new a new example. I can also show you the different example I already did. For instance, this one, Andi, I just create two layers here and there. And I can hide the layer I won't hide can see. It was more to create a commingle character, So I'm going to show this example. I can creek, bliss Scream Sign this one that would take the normal size, not the comic book like the previous video. So I can show you this step of the sketching. But this one will do the sketch and then the thinking like we could do with comic book character so right in first place. Amusing this catch and peppermints, for instance, or even HB It's Eve. The side of the brush is enough, all right, And let's start by drying this kitsch to draw head. See, image recline and I'm drawing my coming guys. Kim. So he have his first catch. His get could be really, really more uh, me changed and have something more decorate. It's he has horns, - and from there I can create in union. We're going to be there used to create the inking that this layer the pencil I use is very dark. So I can, for instance, become normal and decrease the opacity of this layer. Then make sure having this layer to selected to make sure, drawing in it for the ranking. So to the banking, I'm just taking inking, selecting one of the Grecian one to you. I like Sarah and I have black color selected, and I'm starting by during in King. This is great. That's not right, so make sure that capacities and maximum is the best of the bridge itself. So be sure that when you don't have the right capacity, this is either the offensive brush, our opacity, the layer itself. For the in king, you have to be very, uh, slow enjoying its otherwise, you can do something that is not very clean. It's a bit fast with what I'm doing with you can really spend more time enjoying your We're thinking step, - and it's not exactly finished effort anyway. You can something this so now I can earn some additional black areas just to get its more intense, using even additional and Ching's. It's kind of devil okay . And now I can go back to me there. I can hide the pencil layer just to see what did the final results off the thinking. So it's not perfect. We can spend really much more time in doing many details. But this is really to show you a rapid example how you can use the thinking in procreate. But now this is done. We can also see with different still buy it remaining in inking, see what again? Off brush We can use like plumes to do what is men. Maybe it can give you additional. Things are there is better. This one's very interesting. It gave you something like this. I If the paper was drinking the ink, it would give a natural inking as thinks I see. And gel pin. It's something very smooth so we can see. You know, Listen, maybe with a small brush, interesting and service not for this illustration. And, uh, now just used the marca just to add some very big black areas here and you can see in some comic books and then completing with let's see syrup and completing with Catchings. Just do not let simple Ah, like sting increasing size. All right, so next step the color 7. 6 Final step, adding the color: Okay. The last step off this course is the creation of the corner. I'm going to add a new layer. This layer is going to be in a multiplying first. I'm drawing a background. Thank insulate artists on Sueno and let's see you What kind of color I'm going use this one . Yeah, differently. Good. Maybe in additional color. Maybe make sense of it. All right. And now doing the color. I love this guy. I would see this kind of green, and we're going to use painting. Let's try brush to the car is not covering this one. Ah, maybe it's not the right color. I'm going to do something. Just going to raise what is inside all rights and get back to there's option Washington. The one I want to use. Let's try water color. No, it's not a theory Council in French. I could age critic. Okay, I'm using pressure of brush and doing a broad color. Maybe you can decree Desai's just to fill this doesn't looks like something interesting. Can even makes another color. Is a different brush train crash, too. Okay. And can mix. Let's see, makes old thing. And this is where the mixing option is taking all its sense by having random colors becoming very interesting suddenly. All right. No, it's dry. Ah, brush well, maybe an artistic where things hold ish. And then we can work something more accurate, and you always play with the capacity to have a can of mixed between your colors. Try to get this color back in a moment and began and take this color announced duty, eyes red, color the green card and let's try something else with horror, you can see it is very simple to play with colors. You just have to do what you wont to do and taking this brown and just completing the sedition by finding another one she's dark for okay , and then just play with the lights and shadows and continue ad over and over song colors. The one on the others to create can't realistic aspect. And in the end you have, um, an artistic creation, but with very simple things. You don't have to use all the stuff proposing Procreate toe already have something, uh, interesting. So this course was really basic one to present you the main options. In the beginning, I show you different things here, but it would be the subject of over videos later. Right now, with two. What will show you here? You already have the basic package of how you can start from zero to final illustration.