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PPC Advertising Training for Business with Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, mMedia, and Twitter Ads!

teacher avatar Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

23 Lessons (3h 14m)
    • 1. PPC ad success starts with small campaigns and testing on many platforms.

    • 2. What do I do with my own PPC ads? See for yourself!

    • 3. How to think about PPC ads for maximum possibility.

    • 4. Where can you get other companies to run paid ads for you for free?

    • 5. Free PPC ads case study: Udemy sponsored Facebook post for a Udemy course.

    • 6. Simple and effective ad campaign creation.

    • 7. Search only and display only campaign creation.

    • 8. Google Adwords conversion and keyword analysis for improvement.

    • 9. Creating a new Google AdWords campaign based on previous success.

    • 10. Ad scheduling and campaign copying with Google AdWords.

    • 11. Introduction to YouTube ad campaign creation.

    • 12. YouTube advertising for Udemy course sales.

    • 13. Facebook ads for low cost clicks, engagement, and social proof on a boosted post.

    • 14. Facebook ads for conversions to website, sales, and low cost clicks from USA+.

    • 15. Twitter ads for clicks to website using a card with a free offer.

    • 16. Tweet engagement campaign creation using a picture and link.

    • 17. Twitter sales engagement campaign for a paid offer in the USA, Canada, etc.

    • 18. Creating a LinkedIn ad campaign for a sponsored post for clicks to website.

    • 19. Introduction to mMedia mobile ads.

    • 20. Banner ad creation for 728 by 90, 480 by 60 and 300 by 250 with Canva.

    • 21. mMedia ad campaign creation for 5 locally targeted banner ads at $0.05/click.

    • 22. Billing clients by campaign and monthly seems to work best for you and them.

    • 23. Critical success elements for setting up your pay per click advertising website.

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About This Class

Learning pay per click advertising gets a lot easier when you take this course now!

  1. See how to use Google AdWords PPC for conversions with live hands on advertising campaign creation for online sales.
  2. Find the best strategies to quickly to make successful ads on Facebook for maximum post engagement and low cost clicks to website conversions.
  3. Discover new platforms where you can show ads to greatly expand your marketing efforts onYouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and mobile devices!

Meet Your Teacher

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Jerry Banfield

Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes


You can become a MASTER OF DIGITAL MARKETING by following me on Skillshare and watching my classes each day!

BIO: 6 years sober, 4 years plant based diet, 7 years married, 4 years parenting, and 9 years as an entrepreneur online with 103 video classes on Skillshare, 21 books, 1082+ blog posts, 2,500+ YouTube videos, 1,000+ podcast episodes, and 70 songs on iTunes/Spotify!

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1. PPC ad success starts with small campaigns and testing on many platforms.: in this course, you learn how to set up small campaigns every day that consistently will do excellent work for you in pay per click advertising. This lecture focuses on a quick few of the principles that all of these pay per click ads air based on, no matter what platform there on. So this is the goal, and the idea is to always keep your eye on the goal rather than individual things that go right or go wrong in terms of you want to focus on getting those low cost conversions. And these are actual sales conversions on an AdWords account on my website. This means especially getting unique visitors to my website every day. So focus on getting the bottom line done and have a relentless focus on that. There's so much data whenever you're in the paper click advertising interface, you're likely to be overwhelmed with all kinds of data in the reports. So, for example, when you see my reports on my Facebook ads account, there's all kinds of different things it's going to show me. But the one thing that really matters on everything are these principles, the conversions, the key action, however, that comes out for you. The key action is all that matters. So for me, I want visitors to my website and ultimately sales on all of my you Timmy courses, those air, my key performance metrics. So I don't need to go into a whole lot. Other than that, I set everything up to boost my students and my reviews and all of my key metrics on my you Timmy courses. And a lot of that ends up coming through my website. So the objective with all of my paper click adds, is to get the best traffic to my website possible. So no matter what you're doing with ads, ah, focus has got to be on the key call to action. I've worked with a lot of clients and I've seen that the more data gets involved, the more things like this people start to focus excessively, especially on the click through rate or things like the clicks of frequency, the reach, even the amount spin and all these other metrics on here. None of that matters. Forget it. The only thing that matters are the key things. And you want to set up your website in your paper click adds, however, you do them to track things like this cost per conversion. This is for my client, Jenna Trust. They can see every $8 in some sense they spend on this campaign. They're getting someone to actually buy Bitcoin off their website. That's what's important. When I'm showing you all of my paid ads I'm creating. I'm seeing huge increases in my visitors based on the paid ads I'm doing, which has a lot of good things for my website in the long term value of my business. So relentless focus on the call the action, and that happens best through small ad campaigns like this. $10 a day and you split some of these things up to help focus on certain areas and certain things that are working. So no matter what the ads are that I'm showing you in this course, the same principles apply a relentless focus on the key called the Action, which often will be the conversions. So try and put that in the one thing. For me, Web traffic is a bottom line conversion tracking factor with my paper click ads, and then you, to me students, is the other one. Nothing except those two matters in my paid ads. And the way do that, then, is to create all kinds of paid ads on all different systems and platforms, test them all against each other and see which ones actually work the best. Not which ones, I think, will work the best. But which ones actually performed the best in the field? So this entire course is set up with that in mind to look for the best paid advertising opportunities on Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook linked in and mobile ads. If you want more detail on a particular aspect, just go to my you Timmy profile, and you can get an entire course on some of these specific subjects. But this course specifically guide you through making paid ads on several different platforms. I'm honored. You've taken the time here with me to learn more about my paper Click advertising 2015 course. Now let's get started on the next section Soon. The one thing you'll get in the remainder of this section is a direct link to the Google analytics. U R l builder, the Google Analytics. Cheryl Builder will help you track all of the paid ad campaigns you set up across each of these different platforms. Thank you for watching this. And I look forward to sharing with you about paper click on Google AdWords. 2. What do I do with my own PPC ads? See for yourself!: At this point, you might be thinking before I learned anything about pay per click ads for me. You better show me what you're doing with your own paper. Click adds, so that I know you're telling me what you're actually doing. So what I actually do with my paper click ads everything is geared towards guaranteed wins . Everything I do's towards guaranteed winds. That means even if the ad does not work it all, I get a guaranteed win out of it. What does that mean? Here's what it means. These air YouTube ads these air the main area my paper click budget goes into. You'll notice 8000 spent. This is Ah, one of my newer accounts. I've had a few Google AdWords accounts. This is the main area I spend on my paper. Click adds. I range anywhere from $10 a day, usually at the least on all my campaigns, up to several $100 a campaign when I'm running viral video promotion. So, in other words, I'm trying to push a video up to the top of search results in a competitive area. This is the main place I run my paper click ads and If you want to see guaranteed wins, this is what I mean when I run ads on YouTube. This is what happens. My YouTube search. My organic traffic goes up on YouTube and my organic traffics gold. So this big spike here was a result of running YouTube ads and getting a new video up in search results. If you look at the last 365 days, you can see my traffic. Organic has continued to go up consistently, and that is a guaranteed win that comes from these YouTube ads. Even if the ads do not work at all, which they usually don't. I get mawr organic traffic. I get higher rankings on YouTube search So what does that look like? Youtube dot com Facebook ads 2015. This is what it looks like, so I have skipped down below the ads. I've got the first and second videos on Facebook ads 2015 and if I go on a more competitive big term, you can see same thing on Facebook ads. I've got number three number four and number seven on search results on Facebook ads, and that's all from running you two bads and I guess it's from making some good videos, too. But you two bads are the main thing I do for myself now. The main thing I've done all time, our Facebook ads. This is where I launched my business and another thing where I get a guaranteed win. So when I run Facebook ads, I get more. Page likes. When I get more Page likes, there's all kinds of little things I can do to turn those into even Mawr organic engagements. So here's an example. I use an app called Copra Mo. I get a 1 to 1 fan reach on co promote, so you'll see I've got credit for 48 million fans. That means one Facebook page with 48 million likes would get credit for sharing my post once or more. Practically 48,000 pages with 1000 likes would share my post once, and that's how much credit I have. So with these likes I get on Facebook ads, I get guaranteed wins out of those. So this is a campaign I'm currently running on Facebook, $10 a day, and I've been running it for quite a while. As you can see, it's generated 100 and 28,000 likes now, in the course of making my paperclip courses, I often create a lot of ads for myself, some of which work really well with one cent post engagement, some of which do not work so well with these higher costs per conversion. Although those air still pretty good results, some of these get really ugly is in this $3.40 per page light campaign. So I make campaigns designed to get a guaranteed. When, when I make ads and teach people how to make ads, I get something good out of it. For sure. There's no question it doesn't matter what the actual ads do. I get a win out of it. So this is the idea. I've done a ton of Facebook ads. I've got so many guaranteed winds out of Facebook ads and on YouTube that it's allowed me to be here to teach you right now. And finally, the main way my paid ads are actually shown is for free on other platforms, so on you demean you to me, advertises this course this course, and I think it's advertised a couple of these others too. But you, to me advertises my Facebook course, especially for free. They run the ads, I take no risk. And then I make hundreds of dollars in sales, all while promoting my own brand recognition. Same thing on the warrior form. The warrior form has banner ad spots in the top of the form. The warrior form advertises my special offers, which usually are you to me. Course. Now I get free spots in the banner ad spot here up top, and then they advertise my special offer here. So that's what I do with my own paid ads. I am in a situation where paid eyes consistently produced guaranteed wins for me, regardless of how the actual ads work. When the actual ads do work, then it's just unbelievable how much traction I have on a long term ongoing basis. So I hope this has been useful for you in sharing honestly what I'm doing with my own ads so that you can see I'm teaching you from experience from the heart. I'm showing you based on what's working for me, and I'm not showing guesswork or theories. These are what I do for myself now. Some of the things I show you in this course. For example, if I show you how to make Twitter ads in this course, I'll pull the curriculum over here. If I show you how to make Twitter ads in this course which I do, I don't actually run Twitter ads for myself much anymore. I have ran Twitter ads, but I'm not too happy with how Twitter ads work for me. Linked in. I don't run many linked in ads for myself, but I show you how to make them because they might work for you. I ran and media ads for myself tens of thousands of dollars. I show you how to make them for you, even though I don't usually run them for myself. So what I've shown you here is where I'm getting my biggest return out of paper click ads. And finally, I do pay per click ads for a very limited amount. Three clients and then one of them has agreed to allow me to share what I do with their ads with you in these courses. So that's another guaranteed win for me because you get to see what's working for someone else. So these air paper Click adds, I've done all the work on $7 for a conversion that averages around $100. So again, consistent evidence of what I'm doing for myself prior to you investing more time learning from me. Now I hope that I've shared with you up front what I'm doing for myself and my very few clients that you can go forward using what I share with you with the understanding I'm giving you honestly from the heart. What I know best about pay per click ads with the hope that you can succeed and you can do better than I've done with paid ads. I've struggled for three years of spending a ton of time and energy learning paid ads. You can jump way ahead of that starting right now. 3. How to think about PPC ads for maximum possibility.: when learning about pay per click ads having an awesome way to think of pay per click ads will help you fantastically increase the results. You get out of paper click ads. Now you might not believe what I'm going to tell you in a minute. We'll wait till you see the data. So here's how I first thought of pay per click ads, and I'm going to compare that with how I think of them now. I first thought of pay per click ads, especially the process and the results. What do I do to get my website out there on these search result listings and get people to my website and then make money? How do I make a profit? What is the process involved? What are the key numbers like click through rate keywords score that I need to pay attention to? That's how I initially thought of pay per click ads, and for much of the time I used pay per click ads to begin, including the first thousands of dollars I wasted on pay per click ads. This is how I continued to think my thinking always revolved around. How do I do the same process better. How do I do? Better keyword research. Better ads, better landing pages. Better account. Set up better tracking better launches, better performance tracking, etcetera. I always was thinking how to do things better. Get my added a higher listing or get more clicks or get a higher return on investment. This is going to just throw your world upside down. This is how I think of pay per click ads. Now how can I get someone else to spend money to promote my products? This is my you Timmy course revenue for last month January 2015. Now you'll notice the unity Organic and my promotions were the largest result of sales. But look at this little number. Add program. I made $578 on sales from you to me. Running ads. That's paper click. When you get other people to run pay per click ads for you, you have a guaranteed When. Then here's another example Warrior form. Look at this banner at up here. Is this person actually paying for this? No. The warrior form puts this up there for free. So you see, they have a featured warrior special offer a banner ad that normally be 100 and $50 a day is going to a featured warrior special offer. Oh, I happen to have one of those myself. The warrior form ran banner ads and runs them still four free for me. The warrior form runs banner ads for me for free, because here's what they get out of it. $3800 an affiliate payments. That's much more than they would have made just getting paid to run those banner ads. That's over 20 days of banner ad payments. And here's the thing. They can run my banner ad when no one else is paid to run a banner ad. So my banner ad that ends up being a backup. But here's the point. These air two scenarios where I got paid ads for free. If I would have started out trying to think of ways I could get paid ads for me for free, I might not have spent so much time trying to optimize the process. I likely would have spent a lot less time trying to optimize the process and a lot more time creating genuine value for people. This is what I do now on my website and then on my you Timmy channel, I spend all my time trying to create genuine value. So then companies like you to me and companies like the Warrior form will then give me paid ads for free guaranteed win for me. So a whole new way of thinking about pay per click ads. It's good to have this in mind before you go, try and learn the process that you might be able to get your best return by having someone else pay to run ads for you. And with that in mind, I launched my entire business by learning pay per click ads through clients so the client would pay me to make their ads, then spend their budget on promoting themselves. Meanwhile, I got guaranteed learning out of paper click ads. So pay per click ads or something I think of as an opportunity for me to serve others and to work for me without me having to spend any money. Now that's not to say pay per click ads don't still work. Great. If you look at one of my client campaigns here, his paper click ads on Google are working outstanding for him. So you can see in this week he's got four conversions, $8 each. And if you look at all time 51 conversions on this one campaign for $7 each, these are very valuable conversions for him, with the average order of $100 so pay per click ads can work just as intended. But it depends on exactly what you're doing. So if you think of paper, Click adds both as an opportunity for someone else to promote your products for free and as the potential uses they have, then you'll have the best chance to find out exactly what paper click. Add opportunity is best for you. I appreciate you listening to my thoughts on paper Click as and especially on how to get just amazing results out of paper click ads without even setting up an ad for yourself. So I will go into more on everything in this course. I appreciate your time and hope this has been helpful 4. Where can you get other companies to run paid ads for you for free?: Where can you get companies to run paid ads for you for free? Here are a few ideas to get started. You, to me is working really well from me. So of course I will share that with you. It won't happen overnight, usually. But if you make a course in a trending topic, it can happen very quickly. As soon as you to me seizure course will sell. They will try and sell it more because it's good for their own brand recognition. So you know me. If you have any kind of video or information product, get it up on you. To me, when you have websites where it's hosted somewhere else, they're not as likely to sell it for you. Especially do pate as as you to me is so get your course up on you know me. But that's not the only place. The warrior form is a great place where you can go make a special offer on the warrior form . So you go to the warrior special offers page, and then what you can do is set up a warrior special offer and you can create the option. So I'll show you on my Creed a W S O page. Then you can go down in the advanced options and put Warrior Form Commission eligible for daily deal on. If you put that thing up higher, you've got a much better chance of getting into the warrior forms daily deals. So that's one place you can get your paid ads pretty easy, no matter what kind of products you have, if you make a good Aurier special offer. So if you get one of these infographic sales pages made by someone who designs these is there warrior special offer, then you can get a lot of free paid traffic on the warrior form by being listed as a banner ad up here. So if you click view all, you'll find a significant portion of the ads. Here are ads going toe Warrior special offers like this one. And this is a free ad. You don't have to pay for this Amazon Another great place. If you get a good product up on Amazon, they will advertise it for you. And not only that, but then affiliates will advertise it for you. Here's a website. Dude, I want that if you put up a really cool product. People will put it on their websites like this. And then everything is an affiliate link, so you can do it on Amazon. You can do it on other places. Skill feed Another good area. You can put up a video course on skill feed. Skill feed will try and get subscribers into their website. All you have to do is get paid every time someone watches your video sweet system. Right? YouTube. When you get your YouTube channel up verified and start putting videos on it, YouTube will actually run free ads for your channel. It's really sweet. So take a look at my analytics if you go down YouTube Partner promotion. I've got 235 use 787 minutes watched from YouTube, giving me free ads on my channel. Now that obviously pales in comparison with the ads I've ran. But when you get your channel up their YouTube or on partner promotion ads on it. But not just that suggested video. YouTube tries to get people to watch my videos now, so YouTube is a good way to get free traffic through paid ads. Here's another website cafe press this is what I started out on. Cafe Press has lots of T shirts and all kinds of designs for sale, and all you have to do is create your designs there and let them sit there. Cafe Press runs all kinds of ads to their website. If you make a trendy T shirt, then cafe press will try and sell it for you. You don't have to do your own ads to sell T shirts. You can make them a stake of doing your own ads to sell T shirts like I did. I'll tell you what, I didn't sell any T shirts through my own ads. McCafe press sold a lot of my T shirts on their ads for free. So that's a few ideas for how you can get started getting free ads for whatever you're doing. Free ads are way better than having to actually pay for them yourself. If you want to see more on how to make a you to me course, I've got a comprehensive seven our course on how to make your you Timmy course from start to finish. So I hope this has been helpful for you and seeing ah few ideas on what you can use to get paid ads for free 5. Free PPC ads case study: Udemy sponsored Facebook post for a Udemy course.: the ultimate holy grail of paper Click ads in my mind. Is this right here? Look at this. You TV ad you, to me, is paying for this. Rob Percival's course is getting advertised on his behalf at no cost to him. If you make a course, you can get it advertised for you for free on you to me. You'll note, however, this is a very good established course, 20,000 students, 1000 plus top reviews. You're not going to get your ad looking like this overnight, But if you know ahead of time, if you know right now that the best possible return you can get out of paper, click adds, is to spend $0 on them and then get sales, then you can create and go forward. Knowing that, and it might totally change what you choose to do. Instead of even learning your own paper click ads, you might realize, why. Why don't I just teach and I don't even have to run paper click at someone were on them for me. So let's look at this in a little bit more detail. Rob has made a course on you to me that you to me is then promoting pay per click ads. If you're a big established brand like you to me is becoming or Coke Pepsi. Ah, celebrity pay per click ads tend to be really effective because it's the brand recognition . So you to meet promotes this. You, to me, get someone of their website. When someone buys Rob's course, you to me makes money on it, and Rob gets a little bit of it. So let's right click and take a look at this ad, so you'll notice I show you there's at Link at the end of the course on how to use Google Analytics tracking code on your ad campaigns. You know me is using Google Analytics tracking code on this ad campaign so they know exactly where the sales come in from. You'll note this course is very successful in its $69. So if I want to buy this right now, I would be paying most of it to you. To me, Rob, would Onley get maybe 10 15 $20 of this so you, to me, makes good money when this course gets sold. But Rob is taking no risk on this paper click. Add Rob is sitting here making money on these sales and you Timmy's advertising his course . But what's better? You dummies also advertising him? His name is right here. So even if I didn't click on this ad, I might google his name. I might google his course. You, to me, a set, this entire add up to make the most out of it. This goes along with everything else. Show you with Facebook ads later. In this course. This is a very well done Facebook ad, and it's totally free and as good social proof on it down here, it's got a nice discount and everything like that. The idea is totally for free. No cost to rob at all. If you can find a way to make something someone else, an existing brand or website will want to advertise for you. This is 1000 times better. Been trying to go through the painful process of learning paper click. Add yourself. It's a useful skill. I do my own pay per click ads still, but if you'll notice what's happening here is the ideal formula for success, and I'll take you up in new a couple other ads and compare and contrast that so Rob's ad totally free to him selling his course, his product promoting him. Here's what most people do by comparison. Now here's what most people do in comparison, and this is a pretty good ad right here. There's nothing wrong with the ad or the guy doing the ad. But compare this with the U to me ad I just showed you una means promoting an instructor who is now recognisable with a big brand for free at no cost to him. Now this guy's paying to run his own ads. He's paying to run his own adds to a website lead page. And what you just see here is what happens almost all the time. I clicked on the ad. I see it's a lead page, I think. Nope. I closed the ad. He's paying for his own ads, and he's getting a lot of clicks just like that where someone looks at the ad. I was curious to see what his website looked like, but I see it's a lead page, so I immediately leave the ad. Only has three likes on it, and he's likely having this bend Ah, hefty price per click to get each click, and he's having to spend the time to manage his own ads. So this is how most of us, including me, started out thinking of pay per click ads. Now compare that with what I showed you in the U to me post. If you can get this ahead of time, you can skip a year to three years off painful learning, trying to do it how everyone else does it. So I know it's not easy to get a you to me course, a beauty me is going to make an ad, but it's not easy to put an ad like this up, either. Work on it, watch people click on it and not give you an email. So pay per click ads generally are challenging no matter what you do. That said, sometimes it can be pretty easy. Rob's ad campaign here has been pretty easy. You just set up some ads and make a low cost per conversion on it. There are opportunities were adds a work really easy, But if you see how people are doing it and you can see people getting ads for free by a big brands, well, now, you know, before you even try and learn how to do something yourself, what's possible? So I appreciate you watching this with me, and I hope it's been helpful. 6. Simple and effective ad campaign creation.: on Google AdWords. You want to make campaigns that will drive the best conversions but also get the lowest cost per keyword and get the best click through rates. The best way I know how to do this is to create several campaign ad sets and do my best to try and make the ad so that I can guarantee to find an ideal solution. So here's my basic plan. I'm going to make 1 $10 per day search and display campaign $15 per day, just search and $15 per day Just display. What I want to do is find where I can get the lowest cost clicks and the best conversions on different sets of keywords. So this will be a narrow set of keywords. This will be a broad keyword for display, and then this will be both narrow and broad. Here's what I have to offer. I'm making these ads for Rob, who is the owner of Wall of coins dot com, which is owned by Jenna Trust Inc. I have bought and sold a lot of Bitcoin on while of coins myself, and I'm making his ad word campaigns to get more buyers. So you can see this interface is very simple and straightforward, offering a Bitcoin address and address later in order to start in by Bitcoin and cash. So the key to any successful AdWords campaign is having something people want to start with . It doesn't matter how good your ads are if you don't have something people want to start with. Rob has already verified, and I know personally that Wall of Coins has something people want, which is the ability to buy Bitcoin and cash quickly at a local bank. So I know this is for something people want. So the only question is, then what can I make in Google AdWords that will connect those people with the service that they need now, before I made this have already went up and set up conversion tracking, and I will show you that another lectures. But now this is how to set up the campaigns. So I'm to first do a search network with display select that includes both search and display options. So I want to do is just make a standard campaign, and I'll call this Bitcoin basic for the Bitcoin first campaign. Just using everything. So search network search partners and I'll see what works the best. I only want to target the US because this is only US banks. Right now. No, I want to do is try a little bit higher bid and I will just let AdWords maximize the bids in this one to see what we're So now I put the budget in $10 per day and I don't need any add extensions. What I can check on here is additional options, but I can always focus on conversions if I want to. But for now, since I don't know what actually will happen with this, it's easier to just let AdWords optimize my bid in this campaign. I can, once I have data, Then I can go through and figure out what is going to work the best. And I don't want to make too many ads in these first few ad groups either until I see what's going to work. So I want this to just be one ad group for now in keeping it simple. So this ad group is just buy Bitcoin. And now the headline, then by Bitcoin with cash and I want to actually buy Bitcoins with cash and then explain clearly what robs offering to do so All I need then is to say OK, you make a quick deposit at a local bank and get your Bitcoin same day. How sweet is that? Very simple and straightforward. So now I need a display. Ural, I'd rather shorten this to just wall of coins dot com and then have the destination your I'll be the actual orders page. It's https, so I can put that in there. So now what? I need our key words, and I actually will capitalize this to make it a nice title. Buy Bitcoins with cash and I'm going to take the exclamation mark out because Google's not big on exclamation points. So now when I go in here is I type in Bitcoin and I'm going to make this a more generic campaign because I'm going to do a just buy Bitcoin search campaign. So I'm going to do Bitcoin Bitcoins and then by, and I will just do generic Bitcoins for this campaign. And then I will try a narrow search campaign with just buy Bitcoin to see what the difference is. So I have Bitcoin and Bitcoins Basic targeting here. Now I save ad set. I let Google do the bit automatically. It'll make it a little bit easier. I can go in and make additional ads because I definitely want to make another ad or two. So I will do by a Bitcoin with cash. So they're now I've got that by Bitcoin with cash. Buy Bitcoins with cash, depending on how people want to put it. Then I can copy and edit, And I want all buys on these. So I'm going to leave that headline the same. And so you can see this actual speed. I'm making these because this is a hands on tutorial. This is how you are actually going to run through it. So if you can see how I'm actually doing instead of a lofty lecture and I will give you some lofty lectures to But if you can see how I'm actually doing it, it can help you be the most effective. Okay, so you see here I've made an ad in a different format. Step one local bank deposits, step to get your Bitcoin same day. And what I can do now is just take the title, so I don't know. Rather buy Bitcoin with Kasher by a Bitcoin with cash will work better. What I can do is copy this title and then for this second format I paste this new tiling right there. So I now have the same thing and then I can just if I want to, I can then quickly at it, make a new ad and do the exact same thing. So there you can see I went and did the same thing again with another new headline. And what I want to do then is just copy this over at it and try a new headline on it. So there I've got six basic ads and for now, that's good enough to start with because first of all, the website in the ad has not been approved yet. It's always a good idea to not do too much work until you When you're making ads for a new website to make sure that ad gets approved, make sure the keywords go through because it's got to be reviewed. So I start off simple and then I try and improve consistently. So now I have my 1st $10 a day campaign up. So in the next lecture, I will show you then making a search on Lee campaign and a display only campaign. 7. Search only and display only campaign creation.: in this lecture, I'm going to show you how to make a quick search only campaign and a display only campaign with getting started. It's important to just work quickly because Google AdWords can be overwhelming. There's a lot of things you can do, innit? But until you know exactly what you need to do, you want to just put in a little work all the time. So this is how you make a quick search campaign. You go here search network only type in a campaign name, which I'm going to call by Bitcoin scroll down here. I will go ahead and include search partners. I want us on Lee, and I'm going to allow AdWords to bid for me because at this point, I don't know what a good bid is. I don't know hardly anything about this actual group of ads. So that's why do just $5 a day. I quickly taken grab the landing page from right here. Drop it down right here. And then I go make the ad group name. And now what I can do in here is fine keywords. So I only want to do keywords in here that include by Bitcoin or buy Bitcoins. And then I can get more ideas from that at some point so I can go in here and put by Bitcoin there want Bitcoin? Might be good Bitcoins quickly and check out and see what other keywords there are here. You can see there's very low amounts of searches, so I could even say, Get Bitcoin and that's a good one to buy BTC. And then that's a great actual add title. You can buy Bitcoins with cash so all of these keywords air very narrow search set of keywords. So now I continue toe ads. How cool is that? Buy Bitcoins with cash. Make a deposit at your local bank and get your Bitcoin today. How cool is that? Real quick, Simple search ad. I can't review campaign save and finish, and that's a good point. Right there. Violated the punctuation. Google does not like exclamation points. They're All I do is take out the exclamation point that saves me from getting an ad disapproval. And there now I've got all these set up. So the ads that's a real quick way to create a search ad campaign and real quickly it might be nice to make one extra ad and I can put by a Bitcoin with cash. And then I can also put something like, Turn your cash to Bitcoin there and I've got three different ads. I've got several key words. This is Search on Lee Campaign and I have no generic terms here. These are all two keyword terms, which will help with getting focused. So now I've went through. I've got two campaigns. I've got a basic one which will show, display and search as on more generic terms. And I have a I have a search ad campaign right here that just shows on exactly what I need . Now I make a display network on Lee when I go display network only US $5 a day on this one , and I checked the options here, and I only want to show these during business hours because the banks need to be open so that people can make this ad so the time zone is looks like central, so I'm going to go nine a. M. And I don't want to show that on Sunday 9 a.m. and I will go 6 p.m. Cause that covers I want to cover the East Coast to So I will go up to 9 p.m. But more than likely people are going to need time. So I'm going toe 7 p.m. I just want people to see these ads in the middle of the day while they have time. And I can go through and change these options on my other campaigns to And then I want to optimize for conversions and then I wanna impression cap to I just want one ad impression per dad. I want people to get barraged with him. So then I save and continue, so I'll put my enhance cost per click bait. And I think a dollar should be good. I want display keywords and now I start putting in big coin keywords and I want related keywords, all typing Bitcoin find related keywords and go down here and see what it suggests. So all of these are different ideas. It has so Bitcoin exchange. And then I can just put Bitcoins PTC put those keywords all in there too. So they're now I've put several search terms in that will determine what actually displays . And now I make a basic and I can skip ad creation, though. And now what I can do is I can see if I can actually copy these ads and then go into here and paste these ads because when I don't want to do is have to create all those ads again. So I've got all the ads already done in one campaign. Their regard created six new ads immediately. And if I like some of my Bitcoin search ads, I can just copy those two. I can go put them in here and paste. So even if they're very similar, that's OK. And now I can even go put those other campaigns and paste them in here, too. And these come in with Search Network with display select on here. But in this campaign that come in just like that. So now you can see these original ads got approved and are showing already, and what I want to do is get some data about exactly what I actually get out of these. So before I put too much effort into making a lot more ads, I want to see what kind of conversions I get, especially but I also want to see exactly how much my clicks cost which keywords work the best and get data about what I'm doing before I dump a bunch more time in, like in this Bitcoin basic. It's doing search and is doing display. It's got basic keywords on Lee, so I've set up three different campaigns, three different settings, same basic service. When I want to do is see which actually gets the best in conversions. And then when I see which does do that, then I can make improvements. So I will show the the improvements I make over time as I set these up in order to get enough data for these. What I'm doing now is letting these run for the near future and see what kind of return most importantly Rob gets and how many new buys he gets on his website. So these are done now, and I will follow up with you on how they perform and what I do next to make even better search campaigns and display campaigns on Google. So thank you for watching this lecture, and I hope it's been helpful 8. Google Adwords conversion and keyword analysis for improvement.: with Google AdWords analysing your data and building out new campaigns to improve on what's working is critical for getting success in keeping your conversions lower. So I showed you the basic two campaigns I built on Rob's ad accounts here, and you can see all of the data. Now. What we've been working to do is slowly scale this up. The problem is, if you simply increase the budget than the average cost per clicks, going to go up to what you want, ideally, is smaller budget campaigns that are functioning exceptionally well, and you can do that through good data analysis. So one thing Robert wanted to do was target areas specifically where there are regions banks. So I made a campaign in just areas and cities with regions banks, and I just copied the buy Bitcoin campaign and then targeted it by city instead of targeting it toe all us. But here's what the data shows the data shows. Even though this ad is showing an average position of 1.8, even though the ad showing higher the cost per conversion is way more so that's all time. But look at this now. On the last seven days, it's even worse, so there's been six conversions total. This campaign needs to be paused. Now. You can also go after one time. Opportunities and bit stamp went down, so I made a campaign for Rob for bid stamp. This didn't work at all. You can see the importance of conversion tracking because, absent of conversion, tracking the cost per click that clicked, the rate all start to become important along with the average position. But if you don't get actual conversions, it's meaningless. So look at the bit stamp one, for example. The clicks were expensive, the position was high and no conversions. Will the Bitcoin display one got a lot of clicks and a low cost per click. No conversions. The Bitcoin regions got decent cost per click of a very high position and more expensive conversions. So what we want to do now is figure out what is working the best. And how can we zoom in on that? How can we doom or of what's working really well, So what we want to look at on this campaign is where is the actual ad spend going? So the ad spend is going into both the display network and the search network on this, and the challenge with that is the display network has never converted. Once the Google Display network shows in places like Gmail and on AdSense websites, this campaign has spent $57 on the Google Display Network. Zero conversions. This often happens on Google, especially if you have a very niche product or service. The display network may not work it all for it, and that's why it's critical to isolate the display network in Search Network, especially in their reporting. So the simple solution for this might be to just turn this ad set off and try and expand on it. However, Rob is getting conversions out of this campaign for under $10 each and 7 54 out of the search. So it's not necessarily something that should just be turned off because it is working pretty well. What we want to find is what is actually working the best. So on the Bitcoin keyword, those conversions are coming out for 7 31 and then Bitcoins are coming out more expensive, so it looks like people searching for Bitcoin generally are more likely to be converting now here's the thing, given this campaign in the last few weeks has Onley produced four conversions an average of $14 each compared to the other one. This one might just be worth pausing, even though the cost per conversion over times been pretty good, it's not producing at the same level. The other one is. So this is enough data. The conversions are costing 50% Maurin this campaign. But the challenges this campaign's also accounted for 25 off the conversions. So to continue analysing before pausing the other one. Let's take a look at this one. You can see this has no display network in it at all. And here's the key words. So the key words in this that are working best are big coin cash. When people are searching for Bitcoin cash, there's a 21% conversion rate that's sick. That is amazing. And the cost for conversions only $3.14. Then let's look at the last seven days and you'll see it actually goes down to $2. As Google is figured out how good this is working to the ad positions way higher, so it looks like what I want to do is make a new campaign with just Bitcoin cash and pause the other ones. So what I am going to do for this campaign to help it run a little better Now Google is already trying to get the most conversions, but it's still showing ads on these other keywords. If you look the last seven days, Google is still trying these other keywords to see if it can get a conversion. But you want to do enough data so that you've got good results on it. So looking at all time 300 some odd impressions on these thousands on here, no conversions. All these minus will be paused in this campaign and interestingly, the buy Bitcoin cash has not worked good at all with Onley six clicks and no conversions. It's strange that the buy Bitcoin cash did not work, but the just Bitcoin cash t were does work. Now, looking at these, then you have get Bitcoin get Bitcoins Bitcoin cash and buy Bitcoin. These have actually got some conversions, but the conversion rates a lot lower, and it appears that this campaign would be best to just focus on these terms that are working better. The trick is by Bitcoin is still working really well in this campaign. Now, let's check the last maybe even 14 days and see what we're looking at. So give Bitcoin hasn't done anything in the last 14 days. Now get Bitcoins has done pretty well in the last 14 days with four conversions at 5 91 So it's worth looking at all of these different breakdowns of the data to try and see. Okay, so how is this actually working out over the last 30 days? Get Bitcoins is not doing is good. So what I'm going to do is just pause, get Bitcoin and leave these other three running. Since they are working, I don't necessarily want to turn them off. But what I can do is just create ah separate ad set to scale this out so I can create another ad group here, or I can make an entirely new campaign to add to what I'm already doing. So that will be the next step is to use this data analysis I've went through right here with you use this data analysis to show what to do next. So I've just turned off a significant portion of the ads. And based on the data, I'm going to turn this campaign off altogether because the cost for conversion is higher on it. And I want to be able to focus all of Rob's budget through what is working the best. And I'm going to do that in creating these next group of campaigns. One final point is to take a look at the key word scores, so the key word scores help give you an idea of how good Google thinks The key words are. So you note that this, by Bitcoin is five out of 10. But the Bitcoin cash comes up is seven out of 10 and they get Bitcoins Comes up is seven out of 10. And some of these key words that didn't work had lower keywords course. But overall, the keyword scores all decent. What you want to do to get the lowest rate is to be running ads through the highest keyword scores all the time, so I appreciate you watching this. I hope this Google AdWords tutorial for analyzing campaigns has been helpful for you, and when I'm going to do next now is show how I use this to create more ads and scale up what is working 9. Creating a new Google AdWords campaign based on previous success.: What I want to dio with the Google AdWords campaigns I have is get the campaign working the best to scale up successfully and zoom in on what's working the best. So what I'm going to do is mostly leave the campaign that's working good alone while I make new campaigns to see how they will function. So I begin, I will first click and select this campaign. I will goto edit copy and then I will go to edit paste so that I can make a new campaign. I've clicked on paste and now I wait for Google AdWords to make it. So now this is called by Bitcoin number two. So what I do is cross check with this original campaign. What was working the best in it when I want is to split test things across all the different campaigns. So here I've got three key words that were working The best when I want to do is just do the keyword working the best in the new one. So I'll go appear to all online campaigns and in by Bitcoin to now I'm going to zoom in on just the key words that were working the best. I will delete all the other keywords, Accept Bitcoin cash. So I go up there and I hit. Remove. So now I on Lee have a Bitcoin cash campaign. So now I will rename this campaign to Bitcoin cash so that I remember when I'm doing it. So now this is a Bitcoin cash campaign. Now I take a look at the ads. What I really need to know is which adds working the best in this campaign So I can do that up here. And I can actually look at all the ads at once and then see which had the lowest cost per conversion. So if I scroll down on the bottom, this one seems to have had the lowest cost poor conversion by a Bitcoin the cash. But I don't know if I want to write it just like that. This one has at a lot of conversions, but this one has the highest conversion percentage and it was in the Buy Bitcoin search campaign. So if I click on this, it's in the campaign that's working the best. So what I can do is also look at which is working the best in the last seven days. So in the last seven days, buy Bitcoins with cash has been What's Google's been using? And I compare that with all time, then buy Bitcoins with cash. So both of these air workings what I can do is go over into my other campaign. And when I know, I know that the I can remove the cash to Bitcoin today because that's not converting. So all I need to do is go here at it and remove. And when I'm just starting a campaign, I'd rather remove so that I don't have any of the data in their all. Now, if this campaign had been running like you saw in my last campaign analysis, then I just paused. So that way I still have the data there. But when the campaign's new, then I want to remove it all together. So when I can do now, since this is on the Bitcoin cash T word, I can try some different phrasing because I'm not tied to the buy Bitcoin keyword anymore. So what I want to do is copy and edit that copies of new Adan allows me to go in straight to edit. So now what I can do is try changing the title, especially because I don't know what people are searching with. I'm Bitcoin to cash, but when I can dio I can come over and use a keyword tool. I've got to try and guess what people are searching for. So I go to this keyword tool that I owe and I put in Bitcoin cash and I'll see if I can find what people are searching for related to Bitcoin cash. So here's one thing that might be good. Bitcoin cash deposit Bitcoin cash deposit, Make a deposit at your local bank and get your Bitcoin today really cool, right? So there that matches with. And of course, I like to use exclamation points, But Google's not big on exclamation points. So there's a Bitcoin cash deposit and then see what other terms there are here. Bitcoin deposit Walmart. That's interesting. I didn't even know that Bitcoin anonymous cash Bitcoin a t m cash out. These might be good cashing of Bitcoin. So using this keyword tool helps give a good idea of what people might actually be searching for. Bitcoin cash bank deposit. Ah, very good exact term. I can use So what I can do is copy another ad edit, and then I can go Bitcoin cash, bank deposit and I can capitalize all of these and I can always copy and make more versions of these same ads then. So that's what's sweet about combining these tools like this is, You can then change up the ads without having to get creative. You just see what people are actually searching for. So now in this one, I put Bitcoin for cash, and I will try adding today Bitcoin for cash today. And, of course, the exclamation point again is an issue for me and scrolling down through here. Are there more options? Bitcoin How to get cash? There's so many good options Bitcoin into cash, and now that's another good one. I comport change Bitcoin into cash. Another good wording and what Google will do is run all of these ads and test out exactly how they work the best. So all I have to do is just try out these different versions of these ads, and then Google will figure out which one actually works the best again. Another copy and edit. I dropped Bitcoin local cash deposit now you can see I'm out of space here. So since I'm out of space here, all I do is just shorten it Bitcoin local cash and let it go because I don't know which of these work the best, but I want to give Google as many options as possible. Now, I probably don't want to get cute and put Bitcoin money laundering or anything like that. But I want to continue with this many of these terms as possible because if this is what people are searching for, for example, Bitcoin cash out. Ah, very good phrase that might work or might not. So what I can do is try this Bitcoin cash out, and then I can also try and copy it with local Bitcoin cash out. And I can even dio Bitcoin cash out local. I'll let Google test all of these and see which one actually works. So you get the idea here. I've got a very narrow keyword on this. I've got one exact keyword and then I go through and make a bunch of different ads so that Gu can figure out which add converts the best and then run that ad more often. Now I've made an exact duplicate of the previous campaign I was running, so it's got the same settings in terms of location and timing. I know that's working, but what I want to do is test some different location and timing options, so to expand, I will show you what I can do to expand on what's already working even farther. So I've shown you how to make a new ad campaign based on what's working, using keywords and new ad types will. Now I'll show you how to expand on that by testing out some different possibilities, like different location and different timing. 10. Ad scheduling and campaign copying with Google AdWords.: So you saw I just made a new campaign on. What I want to do now is mix and match a little bit. I want to combine some of what's working about this campaign with some of when I'm testing on this campaign. And see, will the new ads work better than the ads? I had another campaign, and I'd also like to test with a more narrow time schedule so I can do that with another campaign. So I'm going to do is copy this campaign like I showed you on a copy one before. And then I go to paste this campaign and I'll show you how to do some more functions that air helpful for quickly reproducing the work you've already done. So I don't obviously want to go through and make all those ads again, right? So what I do is I select all these ads like this, and I can copy all these EDS so I copy. And then I go up to the new campaign I made. I go to this campaign and I go toe ads and I can paste all those ads I made in that last campaign into the new ads. So in order to do that, I have to actually go into the ad group first. So there. Now, I went into the ad group, and now I can pace the ads within the ad group. So I've copied all the ads there, and it actually created duplicates so normally might not want to check that one. So I'll erase these two duplicates remove because they're already in the campaign. So now I've got all of these different ads in this campaign, and I've got the key words and I'm using in the first campaign. So I want to keep those three keywords. I will remove the other ones. So I've got those three keywords that are proven toe work, and I've got all the new ads I made. So what I want to do in order to change the ad schedule up, I want to try letting this one run on a different ad schedule and see what works the best. So in looking at the cost per conversion, I'm sorting all my ad cost per conversion. The best cost burke and version I've is on the buy Bitcoin on the 9 a.m. 27 p. M. Conversion window on Tuesday. That seems to be working really well for some reason. I've got nine conversions on Tuesdays and I want to see if there's any other random kind of looking out liars like that. So it looks like Saturday. I've got a very high conversion window also, and then Monday, now I could just sort this by campaign and take a look where my conversions coming in. I've never got one conversion on Friday, so it looks like I probably don't want to do anything on Friday. Thursday is not looking very good, either on Bitcoin basic, but the main one I've used successfully is by Bitcoin. So let's cross reference it with that. So Friday does not look like it works good, usually in Wednesday has not been working good either. Thought I want to do is try one just on Tuesday because for some reason I'm getting an unusually high percentage of conversions on Tuesday and when I conduce narrow the times down a little more, I could even expand them because it's just one day. So I want to try one just on Tuesday and Saturday and actually I could just run this one on Monday and Thursday, also, so I could just take out the days when is converting the worst, which is Friday and Wednesday. I could take that out, and that will allow me to see if there's certain days of the week. People tend to be more in the mood to buy. So I just looked at the recent data. You can see I got four conversions on one Saturday and then I got one on Tuesday and when I went state and three on Monday. So it looks like Thursday and Friday are often days where people aren't buying as much. Now this just could be, Ah, coincidence. But some of these coincidences can produce very powerful results for getting better conversions in a lower cost. So when I want to do is run one of these without Friday and it's changed the schedule a little bit. So when I want to do is remove all the existing scheduling and then put a new schedule in. So that's the main thing I'm going to test on this new campaign is to remove the selected add schedules on the new campaign I made and then add a new schedule on the new campaign. So I've done that. I'm up here on all online campaign setting, adds schedules. Now I create a custom ads schedule, and what I want is what's been working. And I've noticed there haven't been a lot of buys two hours before, so I'm going to start that that 10 a.m. and run them. There haven't been a lot of buys after five PM, so I want to try and zoom in on the most successful hours and then when I want to, is make individual days on this. So I'm going to do Monday and note had it makes you have to go through and do this individually. So then I will do Tuesday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Same thing, and then Wednesday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. And I'll zoom forward through doing all this so you don't have to watch each day so you can see what I've created. Now I've got a new ad schedule for this campaign where the ads don't run on Friday or Sunday like they haven't been running Sunday, and now what they do is they run in a little more narrow window, based on the conversion date I've had, and then I can put them in. I clicked save, and now I can test out the new ads and the new ad schedule in this new campaign. So what I want to see is will this ad schedule remove the high cost conversions I've been getting on Friday? Because if you look by date and time, Friday in every single campaign seems to be the worst, and then the other days tend to perform better consistently, with some days not working well in some campaigns. But Friday consistently looks to be the worst day. No one wants to buy Bitcoin on Friday, so getting that deep into your campaigns can be very helpful with improving. So now I've got a buy Bitcoin to, and I wanna put this on the schedule so minus Friday. That's the basic change and then plus cash ads. So that way, when I look at this campaign, I know. Okay, this is a buy Bitcoin one minus Friday, plus cash ads. So then I don't have to remember every time exactly what I did. So I hope this campaign creation has been helpful for you to see some of the ways you can scale up in Google AdWords without just blindly increasing the budget. Thank you for watching this, and I hope it's been helpful for you. 11. Introduction to YouTube ad campaign creation.: If you want to make a YouTube ads campaign using Google AdWords for video, here's how you do it. You start by going toe, adwords dot google dot com slash video, and that'll take you into your video campaigns. If you haven't signed up for ADWORDS, you'll need to do that. And then on the bottom, there's a tab all the way down here if you're in the regular campaigns to go to video campaigns, So here's my screen and now I click plus campaign to get started and when I need to do this . Also, I need the video and the channel. So in another monitor here I have the YouTube video link, which are copy and have available for this process and my YouTube channel link. So I've got that for below. Now what I do first is named the campaign, and just name it short so that you'll remember where exactly it is. I put $10 a day and then advertise it for a little while and then quit. I put accelerated delivery method to make sure the ads get delivered fast. Instead of having the risk of them not getting shown enough, I turn off the Google Display network because you will get a lot of just clicks on it and not a lot of actual watch time. Now. This increases the ad cost globally, but you get a lot more watched time and ultimately need minutes. Watch to succeed. Now I advertise in all countries and territories by default if I just want to get more minutes watched because that's the cheapest way to get the most minutes watched, which helps four YouTube ranking the actual as themselves rarely do actually anything. So why pay more to show them in the U. S. Or Canada? However, I do advertise some videos in the U. S and Canada. The views are a lot higher costs, but I actually have a chance to get subscribers and get mawr good actions in terms of sales and things like that. But for the main thing I want is just the rank, the video high, and that means I just want to count the YouTube. Actual ad traffic is a total loss, but then get the video watched for the most minutes. So that's why target all countries and territories and I explain this Maurin my YouTube you to me course here is exactly what the video looks like when you put it in to advertise it. And so then in stream, then I need my channel link. So I go over and grabbing pace my channel link, and I take that stuff off in the beginning to give it a shorter You are. L Now I go down and display and turn that off because I don't want to do display ads. I come down here and I decrease the bid by 50% because mobile traffic does not tend to watch as much of video. Since I'm trying to get the most minutes watched on a video so ranks higher, the mobile traffic is not desirable. And then finally, ad delivery is important. I want to limit this campaign the one impression a day I don't want you tube to beat someone over the head with my ad. So then I click saving continue to make a new ad, and I go in here and put two cents per viewing. And YouTube, currently at the bid prices, thinks that will work. Just targeting YouTube. Now, if I put one sent in, YouTube generally will estimate it won't spend. So I want two cents in, and I actually get views a little less fan two cents each. Now I target by interest. And while some topics it's desirable to target more broadly, I don't want to target to, specifically because my ads won't show it all then. So what I'm going to do is just put this in on education for this category, and I know that's broad. But again, we're figuring that the actual ads aren't going to do anything to start with, So there's no point in trying to spend a lot of time in the targeting. I want thes adds up is quick as possible, and I want thieve use on it, so it'll rank higher on YouTube. So now I've went and submitted my ad. Generally, the ads will get automatically approved pretty quick. If you use your YouTube channel, you are l. And if you put a YouTube video up that doesn't have any keywords, YouTube considers bad in it there. I've got the new ad campaign right there. You can see this ad campaigns by running for a week. It's got 4000 views, and this is an over our long video So those watch that's are very good. I'm getting a lot off time on that video and that will get me a high ranking organically. And then the organic search results is where I do my work with getting sales and getting great opportunities subscribers and nearly every other desire over action. So the only point of making these ads is to bump your organic search ranking. Think of this is the easiest thing you can do for YouTube s CEO. You just put some ads and get people to watch as many minutes as possible on it. And then your video rank our many organic traffics where you get the rial golden. So I appreciate you watching this showing how to make a you tube video ad campaign, and I hope this is useful for you in getting your videos put into ads. 12. YouTube advertising for Udemy course sales.: when you're making you two bads. The first logical step is to just make a global ad to get some views. I've spent $33 on this video, and it's got 3000 views that helps it rank higher, organically, very valuable. Now, if you're doing ads for actual sales, then it makes a lot of sense to try and make some ads in countries where you're likely to actually get sales from. So if you have your sales data to start like I have my sales data broken down by country, I can see which countries to make my ads on. And then all I have to do is set my adds up to run in those countries. So that's what I'm going to do now. I'm matching it with my sales data from Google analytics that have on the other page, and then I'll make a new ad campaign based on country. The easiest way to do that is to just go back to my campaigns, and all I need to do is hit today, so it loads fast. I go to the campaign I want, and actually, I can copy all these because I want to make sales campaigns for all of these. So I'm going to do. I copied all of them and then I'm just going to paste all of them straight in here. Each of these videos promotes one of my you to meet courses, so I want to try sales ads for all of them. Now, the trick is to actually get these ads set up correctly once I've copied them. So I go into the first ad when I need to do is actually edit the ad. And I need to change the landing page on the ad because I don't want it to go to my YouTube channel if I'm going to go for sales. So I need to do is make a custom YouTube code just for sales. And I do that. I'm in my you to meet pricing and coupons is I get link on that copy and paste the link over here and now it's too big to go in the actual display, so I just take out everything except you to me dot com. Then I paste it back in here, and then it works just right. So I've got the u R L in from you to me. So now these will go straight to you to me dot com and that's what I want to do. So I edited this video ad, so I save it. And then I changed the name of the campaign, so I know that it's four sales. So now this ad has to get reviewed again. So when you copy an ad, you want to make sure you get it done right away like that so that it does not go into the approval process before you edited the URL. So the same thing on this one, I'm going to put the same promo code on this. Except I have a different course link. So I need to use the course link on this other video. So I put that on this one and again, I need to just take off the rest of this so it fits, and then I paste it down here and I don't need the https on this one. So I've got the Lincoln right there. Nice good link for YouTube. Same thing here. So then I go to safe and that's edited. And now one more time I go do edit the campaign name. I want this name sales, and then I go to the Facebook marketing one, and I'll use the same code is before, but you can easily use a different promo code to track individual videos. Always a good idea to do that. But for me, I just want to see if this works at all. So I'm not as worried about tracking the individual videos I want to track. Just rather either of them make sales. Then I can go into more detail. So I've changed both of these. So now I changed the campaign again. So I made three new campaigns, and I go back now, none of these air serving. Now I need to edit the actual targeting on all of them to so I can do is click on here. And what I need to do is at it the country targeting. So I'm cross referencing from my Google analytics, so I'm putting the country's in an order of sales. I want the cheapest views. I'd like a us on Lee. One separate because most of my sales air coming in from the U. S. So what I can do is segment this a bit and just put us in on one of these and then I want standard delivery, so it shows all hours of the day. So I've got that set up now and all I need to do then change the bid price because it's not likely to bid successfully at two cents of you in the U. S. So I'll put it up to eight cents and see if it runs there. A double check my targeting. And I got this in business targeting. That should be fine. Now, that's one. So I'll change these out to do a similar thing. And so then I can call this a sales us, and then I can play around with these two. So since I've just made these three, I don't want to go crazy and make a whole bunch. Yet I just want to play around with ease. So I'm going to make this than, uh, top five so that instead of us So I'm testing multiple things out here which speeds up the iterations on this. So I contest the cost per view and I contest the different countries. So now I'm going to do the next countries in sales without the U. S. So then I want based on my sales data, Israel, UK, Canada, and I actually want to exclude combat because I almost never get sales from Quebec. For some reason, Australia and I've got Germany on here also. So these air countries I'm making established sales from so then I save on that. And then same thing. I changed the delivery method to standard because I do accelerated on the global views. And when I want to do is put the cost down and see if I can get a little cheaper than the U . S. Because I'm pretty sure I can in Canada. So I put this down the six cents per view and now I go back to all campaigns. So now I'm testing. These are the same two types of videos here, so they're both Facebook marketing videos. The same course. So I'm testing different countries when I want to see is how does the cost per view and to actually get any sales. So then the next thing I'm going to go here to the uni Instructor one and do global sales and make a much more expansive list of countries under this. So I go in the settings put standard on, and now I want to dig deeper into a lot of the countries that I've got sales on instead of just the US all at it. And I'll put us in here and then I'll go down, import all of these other countries in. So now I've got all of those in one and now have to switch to target out again and put the cost for view toe like eight, which is where I'm hoping around the bottom of it will be. So now I've got three new ad campaign set up when I want to do is see if I can track conversions for this on either of my courses. So the idea is, I've got these videos set up, and now I can use Google AdWords to track actual conversions. And then if I make a sale out of any of these videos, then I can see that. So with all of these ads, it's ideal feeding set up conversion tracking. But the nice thing is, even if I don't make any sales out of any of these videos, I'm still showing ads that are getting all of these videos watched more and from the video's getting watch two more. Then I get a higher organic ranking on my channel. So these ads air guaranteed win no matter what the actual outcome is. But if I can even make any sales on the ads, then that's a really good scenario for me. So that's what I do. I work slowly, one step at a time. The next thing I'll do analyze the data from how these ad campaigns come out, and then from there I will decide what I should do next. So thank you for watching this, and I hope it's been helpful for you and planning and making your own YouTube ads. 13. Facebook ads for low cost clicks, engagement, and social proof on a boosted post.: If you want to make an awesome Facebook ad, here's where you get started. You begin by making a post on your Facebook page doing something like this. You can see I'm in the business manager using my page on Facebook, and here's exactly what I've done to make the Post. I've started off with a very simple quote that appeared on my YouTube channel and very accurately represents what I'm trying to deliver online. This quote Jerry Band feel you are the best thing that ever happened. Me since I started Internet marketing makes it clear exactly what value I'm attempting offer on my website. Then I have pictures of me from me with my wife to me with my dog to a couple of baby pictures of me, the idea being I'm just another guy from a regular guy out there, not some super up high in the sky or whatever. I'm just me and I've got a family dog life. I was a baby before the idea being It's a post that fits in Facebook, so pictures like you would normally see kind of socially. And then my link describes more down here. I'm a you to me instructor, An entrepreneur sharing free two tours you will love enjoy free help on my website with social media marketing, YouTube instructor success and working full time online created with love, open faith. So the entire post is geared towards getting people to have an introduction to me, know who I am and then go to my website. So I have saved all of this over in a word document in case anything funny happens to it on Facebook. And then what I do is I hit post on here. So now this post goes up on my Facebook page and what I could do then is promote this post now in all kinds of ads. So I will close this and then I will go back and look at it on my Facebook page, as you will see it on the Facebook page itself. So this is how it looks on Facebook page noticed. I avoid using any words like Facebook or anything Facebook is likely to automatically reject. So I do that and create the ad next by going to create ad. And then when I do is I want to boost your posts. So this is the first step of a two step process. I want to get social proof on this post, so the first thing I'm going to do is do a page post engagement. So I'm going to do this and then continue on when I want to do is get the most post engagements on this as possible. So the first step to doing that is to do it with low cost countries because I can get a lot of post engagements for cheap. And so for social proof. I don't need engagements from any one place in particular, but rather I want the most post engagements possible from the lowest cost countries because I don't care exactly where they come from. I just want the most of them. So in order to do that, I go over here into the business manager, and I looked to see where I already got the lowest post engagements for on my previous adds . So what I'll do is go to add set. I'm in the reports tab and I'm going buy ad set, So what I want to do is see the exact lowest cost targeting I got before, and this will help me create the ad and then targeted. And I know if you're just getting started on Facebook ads, this might be a lot at once. I have an entire course on Facebook ads. If you visit my website or my you to me, you can then look at in detail. But I'm going through and showing you everything quickly here so that you know how to do it . So in reports, I'm taking out the things I don't need, and I just want to see exactly how Maney Post likes I got for cheap. So what I want to do is look at post likes and then that way I can figure out where I got the absolute lowest cost post likes from. And then I can keep CPC on there, too. So I will hit, apply. And now, over the last 90 days, and I can also take out I don't want unique clicks in there, and I don't need you need click through rate, so I just want the most critical pieces of data in here. So when I go over here and what I want is to sort by post likes, and I can also add a little column for cost per post like, but so I can just scroll down cost per post like right here and apply. But really, all I need to do is look at Post likes and then see where did I get the best? Lowest Cost post likes. And so right here this campaign and set got 10,000 clicks. And where's the amount spent? There's the amount spent. So 10,000 clicks on this campaign for $31. How about that? So what I want to do is right Click on that. That's around three clicks for each one cent spent. So that's what I want to Dio is figure out what I do in this ad set that I can do again. So here's a nice little targeting set that worked really good for this one, and so that's targeted to technology. 18 34 Male news feed or right hand column on desktop and news feed on mobile. So this is where I got the most imposing agents. I got 6000 post engagements for $31. So how sweet is that? That's to post engagements for every one cent spent, and so if you look down through here. There's nothing else that's nearly that good. So this one spent nearly double and got just a few more clicks, so that might be worth taking a look at two. So these I can take a look at them and include them in here. But what I want to do is start by targeting the same way I did in that other post. So here's the one that works with the absolute best. So I'm going to copy that. Exactly So Bangladesh and it went to men. So I'm copying this exactly because that got the most absurdly low cost on it. And so that's what was that 18 to 34 on here, male and Bangladesh Indonesia. So this is mainly for social proof, but also for cheap Web traffic. So I just want cheap Web traffic and social proof with this first ad I'm creating. And then the second thing I'll do is show you then what I do to get what it would be called the quality traffic or the traffic that gives me a good shot at sales from like the US and Canada. So this is a very important function on Facebook ads to naught to do is to get these really low cost engagement opportunities. Now that I actually target English on this, that's an interesting question. Yes, I did target English on it. So next I look and what did I actually targeting here? I targeted technology. A broad category. So there I hit technology and I'd rather have the only people not connected to ban work My pages. Almost a 1,000,000 lights on it now. And there's no reason I need to boost this to people that already like my page. I want to get new people. So 82 million gigantic targeting group. It thinks I can get a lot of impressions per day cheap. That's exactly what I want now. $5 a day budget. I'm keeping everything the same. And here's an important thing. Bid four klicks saw. What I do is go through here, clicks get more clicks at the best price. So this is what I want Ad set name. And I will just use that with the countries and then put the interest to start technology on it. So I know exactly in this ad set what I did so on the advanced options I can also even throw my conversion pixel on so I can see how many people click to go to the website. Here's what it looks like now that's in the mobile news feed. Very nice. Simple format. Right hand column again. Simple enough formats. All I'm going for a social proof on this. The mobile newsfeed format looks good too. So now I've got the entire ad created. I've got a conversion pixel on it, $5 a day and what I want is to see if I can get ridiculously low cost engagement on it. Because another secondary objective I'm doing on this you can see here when I'm trying to do is get thes shares up. Every time this ad post gets liked. Com editor shared than it boost this number on my website. So that's a nice number have up on my website now too. So all of these I'm getting a guaranteed result out of Facebook ads and no matter what you're trying to promote, starting out doing this is likely to help. Because if you'll notice most ads on Facebook do not have very good social proof. So this is an ad for low cost engagement in social proof. So I click place, order on it. And I don't want to do too much until the actual ad gets approved. Now I'm using a picture that already got approved. You are l That's already been approved in text. That should be pretty safe. But still, I don't want to do too much work on here until this has got approved. So what I will do next is get a second opinion. Is there another post that worked really well to get engagement Now, this one? The ads weren't targeted as well, so I'm not going to do that one. The country's cost more on that. So let's take a look at this and see exactly where these were targeted. So this was targeted on social media marketing. So what I might want to do is make a couple of these ads sets on slightly different targeting, so I'll create new ad set. And then I will try a couple of different targeting options on here because this will help break things down a little bit more, so I can then try a business one generally so I'll do. This ad set is business and see how that works, and then I'll place order. So this goes in the same campaign is just targeted a little different. So then I click change, add set again. And this is the interface as of January 12 2015 by the way. And so then I go into here and I will try a marketing one. Since I referenced Internet marketing in the actual ad, then I will try a marketing one and give that a shot. So then this is $15 a day on three different ones. When I want to do is see which one actually gets the lowest cost engagements in it. So now one other thing I can do in here is going to break down by country. I want to see where exactly I got the absolute lowest cost ones from. So here's where I can see that. So this I spent $9 in Nepal and I got 3600 posts likes in here. So Nepal seems to be the most effective in terms of lowest cost per post, like you can see the amount spent versus the or amount of post likes, and you can see the cost per click zero and then over in this Bangladesh 10 But I want to see is where the actual post likes came out to zero. So Bangladesh in technology looks to have done very well also. So what I can do is actually just make an ad campaign for just Bangladesh and Nepal since those seem to be coming out the best. So that's what I can do right now. Those looked like technology targeting. But I can try social media marketing also, So I'm going to change. This adds that create another new one and then just do a Bangladesh and Nepal one since those air proving to be the absolute lowest cost. And then I can put this into technology again and then this adds that will simply be Bangladesh and Nepal. And then it's technology. So there that I want the just zoom in on the very lowest cost out of these. So that's what I'm trying to do. So there this is a Bangladesh in a poem. What I could do then is just pause. Any of these and aren't working is good. So now on the 2nd 1 I'll try social media marketing the nice thing in these countries that add costs are so low and things are not very competitive, then I can try some of these niche categories like this, and I can expect that things will be a lot cheaper. And so that's exactly what I'm trying to do in this. So I don't need paper click. So there. I've got three different ones and this is the last adds that I'll do. That's $25 a day now. So now I going in place order again. So I've done five of these. I don't want to do too many more, just in case there's an issue. So I've looked at that. I've looked at my reports. Now I go back to campaigns. I go back to campaigns and check and see exactly what's going on in my account. Now that I've created that ad, you can see The Post went live immediately, more than likely because of what I referenced. It's a fairly simple post all the terms I've already used before the pictures I've already used before. So this one, I now know that this is functional. I can use these in order to make some sales campaign since its active already, and I'll put a little more work in a sales campaigns. But then well, I'll show you as I want website conversions out of the sales campaigns. I don't care if someone in the U. S likes my poster, not because it costs too much to get people like a post and it doesn't go viral very well. I just want people in the US are going to click toe website. So this will help do that, because when you see my pages set up, I'll show you that previous posts I've done this on and how impressive oven add it makes versus an actual ad. I show you in my timeline. So to conclude this, you want to get an idea of how these looks. So I'll go on Facebook and show you an actual ad that comes up in my news feed. So let me take a look at this. Here's a suggested post look lead in. Here's an actual ad they're paying probably a lot for me to see. Five likes one comment. This is kind of what's normal in the ads. I see very little social proof, so I automatically know a lot about that. I'll take a look at the ads. I've run this a brand new post. I just made it. Got more engagement than that Organically, which is cool. We'll take a look. These air some I've just done for free. Now check out when you get to my ad, see if you can spot my ad. Oh, here we go. This was my US Onley sales. Add that is engagement. I paid a lot for now, this is what I'm showing you how to do. 13,000 likes on this post. So imagine if this ad right here had 13,000 likes on it instead of the five that it has. It produces an unconscious reaction in the brain that says, Wow, that's establish that's mainstream. Maybe I'll take a look at it. So that's what I want to do. So that's why I've created all these posts like that, and I've set them up to get the lowest cost engagement. So now I will show you how you then use that post to get website conversions. If you want mawr on Facebook ads, what you want to do is look at my other Facebook ads. Course and this is my other Facebook ads course, Facebook ads and marketing for Likes and conversions. You'll note this has 10 plus hours of content on Facebook ads. I've given you everything the most essentials quickly, and you can get to my other Facebook ads course and get a great deal on it by going to my website, and you can get a great deal in all my courses doing it that way. So what I'm doing is just showing you really quick the most critical details of having successful Facebook ads in a manner that you can watch this several times if you want to. So this is how you get really cheap post engagements, and you're welcome to use the country's I've shown or you're welcome to try and find your own. Trying to find your own will usually work the best because it tends to be exactly related to what you're advertising. So thank you for watching this, and I hope you enjoyed it, and we'll enjoy the next lecture on doing these four actual clicks and sales from countries that you're going to want the traffic from 14. Facebook ads for conversions to website, sales, and low cost clicks from USA+.: If you want to get conversions, Web traffic and sales out of your Facebook ads, I will show you how to do it. I recommend what I showed in the last lecture, setting up a post first that's on your page that you then are boosting and low cost countries to get social proof on. This post is brand new right here. But if you look down and see some of the old post, I did this with my Facebook page. This is what you're looking for at a minimum, several 100 likes, but ideally, you want thousands so that your post stands out in an ad I had showed in the last one. What a typical ad looks like that you've seen it doesn't have social proof on it. You want an ad that's both simple that gets people that search for you and or go to your website directly. If even if they don't click on the add and then you want to give them a lot of reasons to click on the add. So that's what I've created here. So good conversion. Add in my mind is something like this. You'll see. I got some nice conversions to my website for 54 cents on average, and I was sustaining around 30 cents per conversion. But I want to do even better than that. So I'm making another campaign and showing you how to do it. So this is the anatomy of what I think is a good ad for sales, something simple that people can search for. Jerry Banfield. You're the best thing that ever happened to me since I started Internet marketing. People can search for Jerry Banfield. They can go straight to my girl. They don't even have to click on the add itself, and that's what's ideal. I don't want to force people to click on the add, because I want to make the most out of every single impression on Facebook. So I have my name in here twice. I have things like, you know, me, instructor, entrepreneur and the things I help with plush pictures of me which fits in with Facebook. Good, because Facebook is ultimately a social network. It's not for all these business and marketing things, so these pictures of mere kind of what you might see on my personal profile getting posted . So that's the anatomy of creating a good ad in my mind and then you use the power editor to boost this post four website conversions. So you saw in the last one where I did post engagement. I just created this. It's January 12th 2015. I just created this post engagement Add in order to get the social proof for the lowest cost on it. But what I want to do for my US, Canada, UK, Australian, New Zealand traffic, I want them to go to a website. I ultimately don't care if they like the poster comment on it. What I want are verified website page loads because then when I get people to click on this and go to my website, then I have a chance to convert them on my Utah Me courses. I have a chance to get them to read some of my hundreds off Blawg posts on here. I have a chance to get them to comment using Facebook. I have all of my social media profiles up here. I have all these shares, all kinds of other options on my website, so there's so many good things that happen on my website, so I don't care if they interact with the post. So here's how I set that up and I'm giving you all this at once. Quick. If you want more detail, go to my Facebook ads. Course. So what I do first is I have conversion tracking in place on my website, and I show in my other course exactly how to set this up. I'll give you the quick version. Now you create pixel up here and then you choose your category. Name your pixel. You copy the code and stick it in your website. Very easy to do in WordPress. I've stuck the code on my jury banfield dot com Home page now for just getting clicks toe website. I want to do conversion tracking because I don't want Facebook to optimize. I'm junk Spammy clicks where people don't go to my website. I want actual page loads where people go to my website and load my website. So that's what I want. And I'm going to get that by clicking on Power Editor and then I'm opening up the power editor to make the actual ads because I cannot make the actual ads in the ads manager that I'm showing you how to do and thes work really well for conversions consistently because they use a post because it as social proof it all works together beautifully. So I'm going to do now before I download. I want to reset the power editor just in case there's any issue with it. So I click on help. I click on Reset Power editor and do that right there. I just loaded the business manager before, so there's probably not any in there, but that's fine. So now what I do, I know my account number in here. I select my account to download, and then I just download campaigns within the past week for best performance. I hit download. I watched and wait for it to download quickly. And when I'm thinking about in the meantime for doing next is how I want to be able to target, Thes adds. So in my other window over here, I'm bringing up Facebook ads for reports and look at my previous campaigns in case I need them. So what I do now, I have this active post engagement campaign, but I want to do is start a new campaign. So I'm up here on campaigns and I click Create campaign and I call this jerry banfield dot com clicks and I actually we just call it conversions and I do auction. And then what? I wants website conversion on the objective. So I click create, and now I want to work just with this campaign I created. So I click over here are not uploaded. Click that campaign that I go in and add sets because until I make an ad set and and add, I haven't actually done anything. So next I create an ad set. I use this one, and to start, I want to try something marketing based, since I'm using the words Internet marketing the title. So then I go marketing and create. I know marketing based on my past campaign for worked well, so I want to use the date I have from my past campaigns. Another window. So now to start, I want to send all the ad set levels, and I'll put this up here more so you can see better. So $5 a day budget I start were on continuously, and now when I want to do is target the audience based on what demographic is my existing customer. So usually people who are older than me or about my age, so I'll do 30 and usually it kind of goes up to around 55 or so, so I'll go up to 56. That kind of is my range for whatever reason you want to put it. So that's what I know about the people who are interacting with me a lot. So then I put the country's in and I want to put all these in one campaign and one ad set so that they can run throughout the day. So these are the countries I usually use as standard, and then I have existing larger options. So then I want to exclude people who are connected to my Facebook page. I don't want to barrage myself with my own ads. I want to reach new people with my ads. I don't put English on here because these are the countries I'm already working in. But then when I want to do is target marketing within the business category. It's a nice broad category, nice big audience, and then Facebook can try and figure out people who will most effectively interact with me . So now I hit Save so these air my targeting options and I will let Facebook try partner Mobile APS because sometimes it works good. But the problem is, I don't get any social proof on partner Mobile app. So regardless of how cheap the clicks are and often partner mobile app store just Kotal junk clicks. So there I just took it off. So what I want to do is get the most conversions, the best price. So I'm going to do that. And I've got all these settings done right here. So now what I want to do with this ad set done is going here and create an ad. So I go down here and click filter by ad set to make sure I stick this ad in the right place. And now I click on ads. So here's where the magic happens, and I call this best best thing. Add because that's goes with the quote and my dog's been playing with a ball lately that my wife calls it her best thing like Taylor Swift song. So that's funny, too. So they're now I've got a new ad up. I've got it linked with my Facebook page right here and now I use existing post, so it's important you download the power editor after you've already created this post on your website. Now, another key thing to do. I use existing pixels. I picked jerry banfield dot com home page for the pixel to use, and then I pick the same one for pixels optimized by. So now Facebook is optimizing and using this jury Banfield Home page conversion pixel on this ad. So Facebook's using this post. Any click on it will send people in my website and then Facebook's optimizing for people who actually load my website. So especially with mobile clicks and with right hand column and news feed to, I want to optimize based on actual clicks to the website and people that load the page on it. Because if I'm just getting charged for clicks, I often will lose 50% plus of the clicks before they actually load the website. So I don't want to see her. How many people are loading the actual website by using this post so Facebook will optimize for conversions and optimize for that so it's somewhat of a verified click. Then you'll notice often when you do ads like this that there's a lot of junk clicks that don't even load your website. But Facebook this way will optimize for the clicks that do load your website so Facebook will attempt to screen out all of the crap clicks on its own. And that's why this works really well. I had it set up where I was getting his lowest 30 cents four and verified Click, as I called it, where people loaded the website page and when I want to do is try and do even better than that. So I'm going to create this new ad campaign that has more of a simple approach to it, with just one link on it and then try. It's, um, different categories and see what happens. So now I've created everything in here. I go toe upload changes to get this into my actual ad account. So this is Step one and note. I'll bring you over the campaign's window here. I'll refreshing. You'll see that my ad campaign will pop in here. Note that I actually have to get this one approved again, even though it's already approved on a post form. And in my Facebook ads course I show you where I had an ad approved in post form that got rejected automatically in conversion form. And then I went through and contacted Facebook support on it. They fixed it and then there weren't need further issues with it. But that's an important thing. The note is that you don't want to go too fast doing this unless you've already had it approved before. One of the worst things you can do on Facebook ads is waste a lot of time doing things that then get rejected. It'll really hurt your feelings, trust me. So I went through and done that already. Now what I want to do is scale it up a little bit because I've already had this approved so many different times, so many different ways. I'm going the risk, getting it not approved by doing another ad campaign right away. So I'm going to roll the dice on that one and give it a shot. So what I do is I bring up my ad set here before, and this might be easier to filter by campaign to make sure I don't mess it up. So I look up here and this is jerry banfield dot com conversions pending review, and now I can go into add sets, and it's always nice to just refresh on here and see if it has got approved. It usually get approved pretty quick, but most importantly, to make sure there's not a big Red not approved on it. In the meantime, I can create another couple of ad sets here without too much of a worry of it getting rejected. So when I want to do this is the ad set level, I click duplicate right here and put it in the same campaign. Now I know from some of my other campaigns good targeting interests. So I go through Teoh edit audience. I take out marketing, and then I put technology in here, which is a broad category and again, huge audience. But that's OK, because there's going to be a lot of cheap clicks I can get in this audience, so that's good. So now I'm going to duplicate this one again. This is technology one, and now I'm going to do 14 business because the broad business category worked well for this too. So I will take this out and just put business in here now. A lot of people don't like to do these big, broad categories. They say we'll only the niche targeting works well, Well, I want something that can run indefinitely. The problem is with the hyper niche targeting. Once you've shown your head to all of the audience, there's not much left to do After that. You got to keep making new ads. If I get this to work good in the business category, even if it costs a little more, I can leave it running indefinitely. There will always be someone new to use this ad, so I refresh one more time on here, see if it got approved yet now. Good. It did get approved. Very, very, very important. It's really funny when I'm the one making these ads and then it doesn't get approved. So I'm glad that didn't happen again. So now I click. Continue. I upload the ads and the ads sets I just created. Facebook tells me that I just did that. I can refreshing going here, and I'll see proof that my new ad campaigns add sets are in here. So these Aaron review. So now I go through and try a couple of more audience settings in here. And so, in order to find the best opportunity for that, I go back in and look at what already worked. Good to get website clicks on my you Timmy post. So the market and category worked good. Which is you saw. Why did it? That technology worked good and the Bitcoin was working pretty good, but more expensive. So I want to try some other categories like that just to see what happens with it. So I'll try Bitcoin again on this one. I will save and that I accidentally made a mistake right there. So you can see what I did is I edited the marketing one, and I don't want to do that. So there's a really cool way to fix that. If you made a mistake, you just click download to Power editor, you download it, and then it erases all of what you just did about the worst thing you can do is edit and adds that you've already got that's been approved. That's a very bad thing to do, because then it goes back into review. You never want to do that, You just want to create another one. So what I did, I just hit Duplicate, and now I'm going to make a new one, and this one will be in on Bitcoin. So I go down here, I take marketing off, and then I put Bitcoin on and I'll make a few more ad sets because when I want to do is find something that really works well and I don't know exactly what's going to work well, but I can see some of the existing ad sets from before that might or might not work wealth . And so I looked down here and I can see some of these other ones that worked terrible. I probably don't even want to try. And then things like online advertising that might be worth a shot. So I'll go into and do online advertising and try some just random categories that might work and see what actually does work because I don't know which will work beforehand. Even though I have data from last time, I don't know for sure which will work the best, so I just keep going through here and trying. And now if I don't know what I'm going to make ahead of time. I don't name it yet. And so then I'll try things like digital marketing and just see what that looks like. So 700. I'll try that one. I want to find out an exact combination of targeting that really works well to get me low cost conversions on my website. So then I can try another type of targeting on here, and I look over here for ideas. I can see what I did before. That worked well for website clicks, and mostly it's in these categories where it was really cheap. So I might want to try something similar to that except a little more narrow. So in the technology, maybe, say computers, and that's a little bit more narrow. So then I try computers in here and this way I've got a decent amount of ad sets. Now I've got three have got seven different ad sets, I'm trying, and so I'll create maybe one one more on here to try and get a last shot at it. So, for your reference, what I will do is I will go through and find a custom audience and if you look over here, the email subscriber lookalike was decent people who are similar to people that like my page. I'll try that, and I'll mix that with the 10% email subscribers. So I've got a nice big audience there, so I'll just do a custom audience. So now I've got all these and then I just upload them. So now that I've uploaded all of these, all I do then is sit back and wait and watch the Data Command. And then I optimize the ads from here, so usually need at least a day or two of good data to see exactly what to do. And you can see I've created all these different ad sets now and then I have the chance to see what happens with them. So now I've got my conversion ads all set up and ready to go. So thank you for watching this. I hope it's been helpful, and I hope you can see exactly what you can do to make a good Facebook ad fairly quickly. 15. Twitter ads for clicks to website using a card with a free offer.: if you want to show up in the areas like promoted by Amazon is showing up here on Twitter. This is exactly how you do it. So here's my profile, and I've already set up my Twitter ads. So I go down here and I click on Twitter ads. Then I come over here and I've already filled in the details to save you the time of watching me do it. But I will walk through it next live as I do it for myself. So this is the first to show you how to do it. I named my campaign. I'm doing my you to me Twitter course for free website clicks worldwide. So I've started with that and I set to run immediately. I don't have a website conversion tag because these air going straight to you to me and they don't have one. But if you have your own website, you're sending clicks to you definitely want to put a tag in here, so I'd page down. Now here's my tweet. I made my own tweet to give myself the best chance off getting engagement on it. So you want to use this card option that Twitter give you in the composer Tweet existing tweets if you've already got a picture on him like work. Good. But I just made a new one. So this tweet shows the value of my course. How I got 25,000 plus free and excited followers on Twitter months. I say it's a, you know, me course to try and help people know what they're going to see when they click there. I scroll down here and I put a picture in off my you to meet course basics the students of price with this offer and then what it's about with the picture on here, I put the headline in and no, these have to be at least 800 pixels wide by 300 pixels tall. That's the size. So now I put in a call to action A headline Take this course today and then I can preview card over here. So this is how it will look. Twitter marketing. Take this course free today view now and then on the iPhone, iPad and android. So that doesn't have the tweet on it. If you notice on the Amazon one. The tweets up here and the natural cards down there, so I'll show you different ways to make the ads on here. But this is how I've done it with this one. So I hit tweet on here and then that's ah promoted Onley tweet. And this is how it actually will Look now how I got 25,000 plus freeing excited followers. See for yourself in my you Timmy course and thats idea. Then, as I want to send people straight there and they can see it's a you to me whirl and the coupon code and everything's right there. So I've got a tweet, and it's always a good idea to make a few different tweets. So what I can do then is do the same exact thing on this one except change the wording a little bit. So you can see I've already got this out in a note pad file over here. So I just copy and drop my links. And right here I put my image back in from exactly where it was before Twitter course free . Scroll it down to right here. I hit save, and then I'm putting the same headline in Take this course free today View now and now I'm going to put a little different tweet and I'll use another one over here I had, and I then will put this one and learn how and get paid to tweet. So I'll put this in there, learn how to create a popular Twitter account, build your followers and get paid tweet in this, you know me Course. So they're now I've got that done. So here's another version of the same tweet. So now I hit free V two and I hit tweet for promoted on Lee. So now I've got both of these variations of the same tweet in here, and that's the beauty of it. Then, regardless of which one actually works best, then Twitter can go figure that out. So now I've got two versions, and that's enough for now because this is an initial campaign I'm creating. So you want to just go through and create the initial campaign as fast as possible because you want to make sure your ads get approved in that they actually run first before you put a bunch of effort into him. So then I click show ads in all available locations, which is worldwide not all Twitter users will have that. So you might have to target a specific country. And I will show you how to do that in the next generation of this. So I go down. I do all genders English, and now I hit just desktop and laptop computers. The problem is, if I do any specific mobile device, some likely get a lot of junk clicks. And I'm also to likely get a lot of people who see that you, to me, is asking them to install the app. And then they just click out there. So all of that's bad, so I'm not doing any of that. So I scrolled down and I've added business, advertising and marketing are ready in my categories, So I've already got that in here. And then I can try another specific category, and that's a user so you can add an exact user in there. But I have added these interests in here, and I could also try and target it by keywords so I could target people talking about exact keywords and I can adds keywords. And here, such as followers. And then that's a pretty broad match. So what I could actually do then is just take off these interests and maybe the bid will go down. So what? I want people talking about followers and I could put in you to me. I want people talking about you. To me, that's a real small category. So I might as well removed that so talk about followers and following followers and following popular topics. So either of these might be a good topic to get for Twitter. So I've scroll that down. I can put it in users timeline and search results. And the nice thing is, with this audience I've targeted, I now have a nice a sizable audience with these keywords. So these air big keywords and I can scroll out to my budget, and what I want to do is pay the minimum budget that I can actually get clicks on. So I don't have an actual reach in here. But I want to try and pay the lowest possible. So I want whatever is where it doesn't put this warning on because the ads may not run it. Also, I'll just put 50 cents. That's kind of a good low bid. So hit save a review now So I have the two key words in any location. Two tweets, $50 total budget. Because this is an introductory test campaign, a $10 max daily budget and then a maximum bid of $50. And I actually I can put a higher budget because if it works well, I don't wanna have to stop it prematurely. So I've got that in now, so that should be good for a minimum of 200 clicks. And since its worldwide hopefully more, all I'm trying to see is how good this will work. Now, this is on a free offer worldwide. So again, I'm testing. I want to see Will people enroll in my course for free, and if so, how much? Because if people won't enroll in my course for free, I certainly don't want to try and use Twitter ads to sell it. So this is how to use Twitter ads for a free offer worldwide for the most clicks to the website. So I'm going to launch campaign, and then in the next version of this, I will show you how to create one of these campaigns for sales. So I'm going to do that next and try and just get tweet engagements and try and do sales. So I appreciate you watching this lecture, and I hope this has been helpful for making Twitter ads. 16. Tweet engagement campaign creation using a picture and link.: you want to get MAWR engagement on your tweets, I'm going to show you how to do that. So the first step is to make a tweet worth engaging with. So here's an ideal format for getting a tweet engaged with you. Want a picture that takes up the news feed completely, and then you want a short, simple message followed by a link. Now the problem with doing it like this is people can click on it, Look at the picture and that doesn't drive any engagement that you really need. But still, you get good engagement on tweets like this because of how they show up in the news feed so you can see the tweets that are being promoted are often looking like this, and then other people's tweets with big pictures are promoting themselves very well for free in the news feed. So let's show you how to create an ad like that. So I've just created an ad campaign for Free Clicks toe website, using with a similar image. Now what I want to try and do is figure out. Can I get tweet engagements for chief birth and I'm paying for clicks toe website you would think Twitter would give cheaper clicks on that. So what I want is tweet engagements free. You Timmy Twitter course. That's the name of this. Now I'm going to go through and create this live for you because it's a lot faster than doing the last one I did. So I will select existing tweets. And before this lecture, I wrote all of these tweets exactly for use in these campaigns. So I have picks up on all of these and then these air free offers to my Twitter course, and then I'll show you in the last one how to do the exact same thing with paid offers. If you're going to do tweet engagements, you want to do a tweet. Actually, on your profile you don't want to do a promoted only tweet because you want to get credit and have it available on your profile for people to see. So you don't wanna waste that on a promoted tweet. Now, if you're just going for clicks toe website, then you might want to use a promoted only tweeted you might not. I'm going to do this in all available locations because this is a free offer, and I'm simply trying to see how much it costs me per student to get people into my course for free. There's no point trying to sell access to my course if people won't even take it for free. So the bottom line is this is a test to see how much genuine interest there is in what I have in a free offers. The best way to do that I will try a small sales campaign to, but that helps to interpret the results of the sales campaign. If I also have a free offer to compare it to. Even if I don't run that free offer for long. So what I do then next because I'm doing worldwide, it's important to do English and the targeting. If you're not doing worldwide, then you may not need to do that with your targeting. It's also important to take off these mobile devices because I've done Twitter ads before and the mobile clicks are just junk on Twitter, generally for getting good results. Now here's an interesting thing, though, since this is a tweet engagement, it might be worth leaving these on, so I'm actually going to leave these on so I can compare and see how much the actual engagements costs. Whereas normally I haven't been doing that if I'm trying to get people to go to the website . So what I want to do now is do followers because I want to show these two people talking about followers. So, for example, how I got more followers, get more followers. I need more followers, anything related to followers. I want to try and get people involved in that. And I also want to do things like following. I have more people following me. Are you following him on Twitter? Go follow me on Facebook. So I want to talk about people talking about things related to follow following and followers. Because then this Twitter course is more likely to reach them and be what they're interested in. So I've set up that now when I do go to a daily budget, I like $10 a day. Other advertisers air bidding. What? Twitter. That seems a bit ridiculous. Honestly, but what Twitter going to do is tell me my ads won't be likely to run it all. What? I'm going to actually roll the dice on that because I've chosen worldwide and I've chosen abroad targeting term. So on this one, I'm going to see, actually, even down to 12 cents. Will my ads actually run? And I will see what happens on this, and I will not set a total budget for this. So I'm going a saver and review to make sure I've done everything. I've three tweets, manually selected keywords, any location, no total budget, maximum bitter 12. I want to see what actually will happen despite whatever Twitter thinks is going to happen . So now or wants to tell me is going to happen. So I hit launch. I go back up here and now you can see this ad campaign is live and running. This ad campaign is now live and running. Also, that I just created in a lecture before now it hasn't actually started getting any results and hasn't gotten the impression jet, which is interesting. The bid might be too low, so I might want to edit this campaign and put the bid up a little bit, since it hasn't even got any impression, Jet Now Twitter doesn't seem to show that it's going through any review process where other things tend to go through a review process. So I'm going to put this up to 75 cents per click and see if that helps again. This is just a test. I just want to see what actually happens on these Twitter ads. So Twitter says it's running, so that should be good to go then. But usually, if it's going to run successfully, will show some impressions fairly quickly. So I've got this up and I've got this up. So what I want here is to see which one of these gets the best clicks and impressions and how much that costs. And finally, I'm going to finish this off by doing a paid off for really quick. So I'm going to do the same tweets I just did for the free course with the paid course. Now, obviously, if people click and go to my profile, see links that a paid course and scroll down, take the free one. That's fine. I'm willing to give that up, but when I want to do is test what kind of results I'm going to get by having things in the time line right here, and that's what's happening So I've got these two. I just created this one with you and I just created this one in the lecture before. So one more and that will be three well rounded campaigns created on Twitter. Thank you for watching this, and I hope it's been helpful. 17. Twitter sales engagement campaign for a paid offer in the USA, Canada, etc.: the final type of campaign I'm going to show you how to make is a nice little sales campaign using paid tweet engagements. So I'm going to do is target countries just for sales and use the tweets. I've set up that show my course for $10 instead of for free. What I want to do is figure out. Can I use Twitter ads to sell this course of mine? So I've made three separate ads for a $10 coupon, which is a nice discount off the base price I have set. And then I go in and make tweet engagement ads for these, and I will compare the tweet engagement to the free website Click Offer Campaign. I have to decide if I want to try a sales campaign on either of these, so you can see the Tweet engagement campaign already got a two cent click for cheap. So I'm figuring that's probably a better bet. So I'm just going to make another tweet engagement campaign here, and the idea being I want this to go viral on Twitter, and that will give me the best shot at getting sales. So I'm going to do you to me. Twitter course $10 sales campaign. So these air sales. So I'm selecting existing sales campaign. So all of these air for sales now, I don't care just about low cost clicks, but I want to get clicks from people who are likely to sell them. So for this, I'm going to do targeting us, and I want to also do related countries UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. So I put those countries in. These are my basic sales countries. I have expanded list, but these are the basic ones, and I'm not going to target by language and knees because I don't see the need for that. I am going to target by device. Now that's interesting. Noah's to what device I actually want to pick because I'm going to build to get cheaper engagement. So here's the trick to these engagement campaigns. I can get a sail out of a retweet, and retweets are probably the main thing I want. So I'm more likely to get a retweet. I would think if I open everything up, so I'm going to leave it open to see what I can get for lowest costs. Now the same thing on here. I'm going to target followers, follow and following because these air big open keywords that relate to my course. So I'm doing that. I don't want a target too narrow. I want to be able to get the biggest audience for the lowest cost on here because when I'm looking in to reach those influencers and those people looking to promote themselves so another $10 day budget and then I want to see the lowest Twitter thinks it will run for. So I'd like to see if I can get clicks for 25 cents in these countries if you'll notice I got a two cent click worldwide, and I can always put my bid up if they don't run. But I'm going to actually even try 18 cents, see if he's will run at all. Because more than likely, if I'm going to get sales, I'm going to need some good level of engagements in order to make a $10 off are worth it. So I've went through and made a ad campaign real quick. These air for sales 18 cents and maybe I'll put this up a little bit because I don't want to have to go back and edit it unnecessarily, so I'll go up to 28 cents on the bid, and I can always raise it if it won't run. But I feel like 28 cents in these countries. It should be able to get clicks at that on such a broad keyword. So now I click launch campaign. This is the actual campaign it's in. I go back to home and I can see all of my campaigns here. So now my free course already has seven impressions and five clicks with the 71% engagement rate, so that's kind of ridiculous. At this point, you'll notice I don't have any impressions yet on my free website clicks, and this is my brand new campaign. So what I do then is just let these run for a day or two. I come back to them and see how they're working. Most importantly, I want to be able to compare the free offer in the paid offer. If the free offer doesn't get any students enrolled, then I'm probably getting a lot of crap clicks and sales offers not likely to work, either, regardless of whatever else I've done. So I've got this with an exact coupon code tracked so I can look at it and see is my free offer getting anyone to enroll in the course? And if it is, then there's hope for my sales offer. So that's how I run. All my ad campaigns is set up with the idea of learning and strategic byproducts. The cool part about this is I've showed you how to make these ad campaigns regardless of rather they work for me. I've showed you how to do it so that you can have a shot to see if they work for you. So thank you for learning with me doing these Twitter ad campaigns. And I hope, as always, that this has been useful for you. If you want to see more of my tweets, you can just go to twitter dot com slash band work and follow my company account. Or you can go to my website and I've got both of my Twitter account. So I have a personal Twitter account also, So these I actually tweet different things on, so thank you for watching this, and I hope it's been helpful 18. Creating a LinkedIn ad campaign for a sponsored post for clicks to website.: Here's how you make a linked in ad campaign for a sponsored update. You begin by using your company page, which I'm on here. My company page called Ban Work. Then you scroll down. You put a update in here. So I put this update in Jerry Banfield. You're the best thing that ever happened to me since I started Internet marketing. A quote from my YouTube comments. I put that in with a link to my website up here in the updates. And then I uploaded the actual picture that's on there Instead of what's on my website. I clicked on Sponsor Update. So then I'm over here. Once I've created sponsored update, I go unnamed this campaign. Jerry banfield dot com This is the company. It's four. I click on company updates right here and then I go down to next. Once I hit next, then I pick locations, So I want to do the U. S. So I scrolled down to North America. United States and I can pick Canada also is no reason. I can't do all of those and I'd like to try also Europe, United Kingdom and Oshie Anna, Australian, New Zealand. So there I've got 154 million members now. I can narrow this down a little bit so I could try and intentionally target people with a job title like CEO, for example. That narrows it down to 1.2 million Now. The challenge with that is, then I'm looking at a much smaller audience and likely more competitive so that I can put some things on their Lincoln recommends, like co founder, to help get that targeting up a little bit. But I can do is just create different size and different targeting ad campaigns and see what works the best. So I don't need to actually try and guess what will work the best beforehand. I can just make an ad campaign and see what happens out of it. Now I know I probably don't want 18 to 24 going to my website. I'm thinking I probably want these ranges, but here's the problem. So you see, I selected the age the audience goes way down. Now it's 1.4 million. But if I select all these ages, it doesn't actually go back up that high because linked in has to have the age data. So I'm going to leave this out and when I'm going to do now is hit next. And now I put in a ad campaign and it's crazy how high the clicks are on linked in. So they want $6 for a click on update. But the cool thing is, it says social actions are free, like shares follows and comments are free. That's really cool. So what I'm going to do is just try this bid and that's when someone clicks toe website. I want to try this on a small enough budget so that I can afford a couple clicks a day and then now I've got that set up. So I'll just bid 6 95 and then I'll hit launch campaign. So you're looking. I'm only liable to get two clicks a day, but what's cool is social actions are free and when I want to do is see what kind of traffic I get out of this. So linked in could be a good niche traffic source, and when I want to do so, find out if that's the case. So I hit launch campaign. Now this campaigns launched its in my business account and what I want to do is make sure I got my billing set up so it looks like I have my building set up, so I edited this out. But what I did is I clicked. Manage billing info to make sure I had my billing info set up, which is important if you want your ads to actually run Now, what I don't want is linked in to send me a whole bunch of emails on things. So I go in and turn all of these off. So they're now I've got a new campaign up and all. I'll do let this thing run for a few days and come back and check on it. Here's another thing I can do. I can then try and make this same campaign. I can try and make the campaign again and just target it on a different audience. So what I can do is hit sponsored, update sponsored content. So I make this a different targeting. So I go down here and do the same thing again. I go hit next, and when I want to do is do the same locations. But try a little bit different targeting So this time I'm going to put in a different targeting, so I won't do CEO or founder this time. So here you can see I've tried targeting consultants and freelancers here, so that's a different targeting. And the cool thing is, now I can reach a different audience so I can try freelance, and I only can do one of those in So Freelance will cover freelancer and freelance. And then I have consultant. So now when I'm reaching our consultants and freelancers, so that's cool, because there weren't a ton of Internet marketing guys. But what I can do is then try campaign for that also. So the ideal situation is to set these up and see which one of them worked the best. If I could get a good click through rate, it would be in my best interest to charge per 1000 impressions. So I should be able to see the click through rate on my ads, and you can see these cost per 1000 impressions are high. But with the minimum bid at 5 50 on this audience, then I'm looking at having a high cost per click. So if I can even get a click through rate off a little bit over 1% then it be in my best interest to pay for impression. So I'm going to try this on impressions. So I'm going to do the I'll just do 25 on the bid for impressions, and then I'll set my daily budget to 15 on this one, so I'm not going to get a full 1000 impressions on it. But what I will get is a chance to see what my click through rate is. And if I can actually get clicks cheaper, so I'll try that one and see what happens on it. This way, I just make the ad campaigns and see what I get out of it. So I have to put 25 on this one, so I'll just try that and see what happens. So that way now I've got both of these ad campaigns created, and what I can do is rename these two to make more sense. So I could say Jerry being field dot com. It's still under review, so I do not want to make any more ad campaigns right now because it's possible it could get rejected. I haven't made a lot of ads on LinkedIn, so I certainly don't want to try and make a bunch of ads right now, so I'll call this jury being filled dot com CEO. So that way I know exactly what it is. And then I go back to all ad campaigns here, and I go click on this one view details. I edit this into jerry banfield dot com. Consult. So now I've got both of these up, and so I just see what happens then. An idea is I do this with all types of paper, Click adds. I just try creating a few ads to see what happens, and then I pause them. If I'm not happy with how they're working so you can see here. I'll see the impressions in the click through so I can judge based on the impressions and the click through. In each of these, which one is better to bid on? If I could get a good click through rate like 1% or higher than I would definitely want a bid on impressions. If I can't get a good click through rate that I want a bid per click. So that's how you get started with some ads on linked in you. Just do a quick sponsored update on your company page up here. Then you go down and sponsor it. You create some ads in your linked and adds account, and then you see what happens. You see if you get any good business out of it. So I appreciate you watching this linked and adds tutorial, and I hope it's been helpful for you. 19. Introduction to mMedia mobile ads.: mobile ads from M media are one of the lower cost sources you can get from countries like the U. S. A. For cheapest clicks, you often can get clicks for around 5 to 10 cents each on em. Media and media runs mobile ads in many of the most popular APS online. So I'm going to show you how to use em media to make mobile ad campaigns intending to send people to your website. And you can also use the same tools in here to make ads to get installs, fear, app, sign ups or any other kind of related information. So you begin your in the advertised section after you signed up for an account, and after you've added funds, you can see I have $223 waiting to be used. I go into campaigns, which is over here. I've ran a lot of ads on a media already. There's 11 pages of these ad campaigns I've done. The clicks have been as low as five cents in the U. S. Per click, which is great. So I click on new campaign over here to get started. You can see the clicks started five cents apiece in the US, with options to bid even lower around the world. So what's cool is you can then just get your ad placed in a lot of popular APS, and it's pretty quick. Before I go and make a campaign with you. I'm going to show you the basics of creating the banner ads to start with. So when you want to create an ad, you need a creative first. And that's a simple banner ad, and the most important function of that to begin is in sizing. So that's sizing the ad itself, but also in tracking a lot of these other ads I've shown you have built in tracking like Google AdWords, Facebook ads, Twitter ads, has the cards option and even link Tina. It's has good tracking internally. Whereas M media does not have hardly anything actually track what happens so you it's essential you set up your tracking to give you the ability to see what the's visits from a media are doing on your website. So what I've done here is I've used the Google support campaigns. You are L builder. This is for Google analytics, and it helps me isolate the immediate traffic in my website. So what I've done is I put my girl in here the M media as the campaign source, and I like everything lower case for simplicity. So in media banner ads, and now I put the actual adds size and the date on the content. So now I've got a link to use with everyone off the ad sizes so I can see exactly what kind of results I'm getting out of each individual type of ad. So now I go into here and I want to make some basic creative sizes, and I don't need the real small ones. I just want to do these basic three big ads, right? Here's what I want to do. So I'm going to make ad sizes for these, and I'll show you how to do that really quick to in creating the banners. So what I've shown you already is the overview, the importance of getting the action on here in terms of the URL and then the actual ad sizes. So the next step is to show you how I go about making banner ads quickly for use within a media 20. Banner ad creation for 728 by 90, 480 by 60 and 300 by 250 with Canva.: Here's how you quickly create a banner ad with canvas dot com to use with your M media ad creatives. So I'm on canvas dot com. I've chosen the 7 28 by 90 size I hit design, and I just want a really simple ad. So I've already got the text over here that I want in a word document. This is the text I want to use. Jerry, you are the best thing that ever happened to me since I started Internet marketing and awesome quote from a fan on my YouTube channel. So that's what I want to communicate on here. So I just want a simple text that communicates that, and I'd like a fun. That's kind of fun, because people tend to notice somewhat hand written font. So then I do that. I go over here, I copy my text in word I highlight in select Paste is plain text so it comes in here like this. So now it's just a question of positioning this so that I can get my website and the content itself in there. So I don't want anything around the borders because sometimes APs will have thing around the border. So I want to kind of leave it in the middle like this, and then you can see it's very simple. It's just like handwriting. Jerry, being for your the best thing that ever happened me since I started Internet marketing. Then when I want to do, is add another set of text here in a little different fun. And I'll use the Facebook fund for the Earl because it's recognizable. And then I just put jerry banfield dot com on here and I put that over here and I want to shrink that fun up a little bit there. Now, that's right on there. And now I want that to be in some kind of color, and I'm going to go with some kind of blue. So they're now that stands out. So the trick is that I've got that selected, and all I want is this. I want it isolated out by itself, right here. So here I've got that kind of out isolated by itself. I can put it over here, and I can just put it anywhere is fine. This is I just want to see if he's actually work for any good results to my website, so it's not as important to put a bunch of time into it until I know exactly what's liable . Work on it. So I've got that set up now. So all I have to do is I copy. I just put the name of it in here and media 7 28 I hit. Done. Now, I download this as an image and you can put lots more work into all of these areas to try and optimize your performance. But just getting started its ideal to just try and do things as fast as possible. So I click upload, I goto add files. I go to downloads. I grabbed my banner ad right there and now it's loading it. I go back over here to my u R l builder, how you have to manually select this text. I go in and put the destination. You are Ellen right there. Then I go check it. I right. Click over here and open an incognito window to check it to make sure it works. So that goes to my website correctly. So now I hit save to gallery, and now that's in there. At the very end of all of my ads. So they're now my newest ad right here. Jerry Banfield. The best thing that ever happened since I started Internet marketing there. Now I've got that set up. What I want to do is do a similar one of those so I can go to downloads and I want to speed this up a little bit. I don't wanna have to actually make a new one, so I can go to resize in pain over here and I click. Add creative to make sure I get the size right. So when I want to do is drop this into 4 80 by 60 and see how it'll look. So I go for 80 by 59 because that's an exact resize of it. And then when I do, is I'll just individually ad one little pixel here at the bottom by dragging that out. So now I have a 4 80 by 60. And can you actually read that on a mobile device? I hope so. So I go in and I re save this and look, I can read it on my computer screen, so I put in for 80 again. It's a quick test campaign. I just want to see that it actually works. And I would bet that looks a lot bigger on a mobile device screen. So I then upload that ad and media for 80. Now I go into the oral and I change this to 4 80 Submit now. I've got a different link here. I copy that. New Lincoln saved that one to gallery. So now here's the new one, and it looks ledge a ble in here, and now you can see some of these other ones I did were a bit more legible. And so, for another variation of the ad that I'm going to do that to make sure I have ads that are more readable. You don't usually just want to try one in aeration oven. Add. You want to make sure and try some different ones, so I'll try and find one that's very readable. That looks nice and clean. So the Facebook fun again? There's probably a good choice for that because it's recognizable. Now I want to try and make this a little bigger, too, so I want to try and make it so it fills up the whole window and Canada has a nice centering option there you can see. So then I've filled that up a bit better, and I can try and make it a little bit bigger and see if it'll still fit. Well, it doesn't look like it's going to fit at that size, but I can stretch it out all the way to the edge and see if it will still fit. That might work. It's close. So the idea with banner ads they don't have to be perfect. You just want something functional. You want it to actually work. So then this looks functional to me. So now I can try and match this in size. I don't know if it'll actually fit, though it looks like it will be close. So now I've got the whole ad in here. Now the whole banner ad is taken up and you can see that's a lot more legend ble. And so I will go through and redo this one, and I'll call this and Media 7 28 V two, and now I've got two different variations of the same ad. I download this again, and now, while it's downloading, then I go back over here to M media. I go back and add another creative. I had another file I had this one in, and you can add multiple ones at once. I'm going one of the time to show you how to do this, little smoother. So then when I'm going to do is call this 7 28 v two so I can actually differentiate how the traffic behaves based on which banner ad they click. Now. This is more useful in a lot of situations, and it might be in others. But in this, what I want to know is exactly what's going toe work the best for exactly, which add will and add that's not very easy to read, actually work or will it not matter at all? So I've then put the new Lincoln to make sure it's still working. So now again, I go back through and do the same thing with re sizing it. I want I go to edit resize in paint, so I right, clicked and clicked at it. Now I go to 4 80 I maintain aspect ratio because if I break the aspect ratio is going to do weird things like pixelated and I don't want to do that. So I go drag one pixel down here, which is a little tricky. Sometimes they're added one pixel to the bottom. Now I go in and change. All have to do is change the size on it. 248 e v to I go through. Close that. Then I go back up here into M media and creative and file V two go back in the oil builder changing toe 4 80 right here. I grabbed this dropping in the URL, saved a gallery there. Now you can see the different iterations of this. This one's a lot smaller, Might not work is good. These have stuffed the banner ad full with text barely fits, but I can see exactly which one works better. I don't have to guess, and I don't want to guess it anything. So now to show you how to do this one more time, what I want to do is create another ad size. So I look finally at the ad sizes. What does it offer? Add creative and I always double check. So I don't get it wrong because I often do get it wrong. So I want to try the 300 by 2 50 size. So I go back over here to Canberra and I go use custom dimensions. And again, I already forgot what it is. So 300 by 2 50 300 by 2 50 Design I go. I'm on Microsoft Word on the other page. I'm back over here. I hit text. I'm going to use the body text to keep it small, pasted in there from the other one and try and get it spread out so that it looks just right. So now this one looks like it should work good. And I'm just going to do one version of this to save your time in mind. I'll try and see if I could make the fun a little bit bigger on it and see how it looks at each different font size and then shrink it a little bit. They're now that that comes out looks pretty good. Know what I want to do is try the centering options on it. I don't think I want to mess with any centering options on it right now. And I'd rather leave my name just on one line if, but it doesn't matter too much. So what I'll do is spread this out a little wider and then go over here and make sure it's centered. Now I want to have room here to put my girl on the bottom. So then I just do another little bit of body text. I go over here and copy my u R L cause I'm liable to misspell things if I don't. So I go over here and get the girl, try and make this a little bigger. Maybe I can even get away with 24. Okay, Now I go through and do the different color again. I like blue cause that's kind of universal hyperlink color. So now I try and center. This also said it lines up. So again, a dirt simple ad, real simple. So that someone sitting here, I don't want to screw around with colors or anything. I just want to see if this works. Jerry Banfield. You are the best thing that ever happened to me since I started Internet marketing it as the u R L. And it has my name in it. So those are two things people concert for without clicking on the ad basics of banner ad design. You want to get the most value out of the ad you're running. So I go through here and then name this 1 300 2 50 we won't have to resize this one. Download it as image, just a basic simple banner ad that communicates what I do that gives people multiple calls of action they can choose from. They can search, they can go straight to my You are without clicking or they can click. And then I add this creative. I go back over here to you, r L builder and I put in 300 to 50 in the campaign content I go through. Copy this link. Go back up here. Destination you are Ella's in Save Gallery. I now have a total of five banner ads like use for this campaign with three different sizes and with two different distinct looks to them. So that's awesome. That's what I need to do in terms of the banner ad design. Now I will go through and create the ad campaigns and show you I actually make these ad campaigns and then put the banner ads in them. So I appreciate you watching this, and I hope, as always, that it's been helpful for you 21. mMedia ad campaign creation for 5 locally targeted banner ads at $0.05/click.: Now that you've seen how to make the creatives, here's how to actually make the campaign. So what I've done after making the creatives is go through my analytics and figure out what cities what areas are giving me the biggest excitement when it comes to my courses. So I've looked through my stats on my Facebook ads course, which is my best seller, and I've picked out some of the top cities that are converting and getting excited about my you Timmy courses. So what I'm going to do is use these five cities to make ad campaigns on M media, because when you're doing banner ads, it's critical to pick the right place to run the ads in. That's the biggest mistake I've made so far. So what I'm going to do is do jerry banfield dot com ads, and then I'm just going to start this 1st 1 in L. A. I go through here and put in a category, so I made the name. I go through and pick a category, and there's so many different ones in the categories. Don't matter that much because they're going to decide what area it's in any way so I have no tracking because these air set up for M media specific things, especially for APP, installs and mobile Web. And I. I've already got a Google Analytics links set up, so I don't need that. So I go down here, I'm doing 5 $40 campaigns and media on Lee has you set a total budget with it, and it's a real pain to try and go in and edit the budget. So I just put in the total budget I want to use with it. And that's based off of what I have in my account here. And I can actually just do Ah, $45 budget. I don't use most of the rest of what I have available. I want to start the campaign as soon as possible. So I'm doing these ads at 10 38 AM saw just put in a 12 p.m. At the same time. I don't want to do it, so when I copy campaigns, it won't work right. So what I'll do is set these up to run for a week, and I want to do specific parting. I don't want Thies to run crazy. Earlier, late in the middle of the night because most of the people I want to reach tend to be up and available during the day and not as much staying up all night. Although, of course I could be wrong about that. But I'm trying to reach people like myself. Now I have to take into account these air, East Coast and West Coast time. So four AM East Coast, 7 a.m. West coast. So I'm going to set it, and I want to set it here a little more. So it's eight AM East Coast. So I'm going to set it like this in the middle of the day. And I want to get people at night, too, but not too late at night. So I'm setting it during these hours of the day. So that's actually I go one more. So that's all of my days setting parted Now. Now I want to pick regions and then I can pick specific city. So for this, I'm going to do L. A. And I think all of these I've picked have exact areas. Now I watched the delivery probability up here to help me decide what I need to bid so I'm just putting this one on L. A now for device targeting. That's an interesting issue, because device targeting can cause huge differences in the cost of the ads running and the carrier targeting can to in the audience targeting all that can cause big increases in it. So what I want to do our target sites who tend to have an audience more like what I want. So I don't want teens. I want older people. And so I'm going to try and get older audiences like that. So I've selected older audiences, and then it will update the forecast based on the audiences I've set. Now, these targeting characteristics aren't quite too refined, so it's not always exactly sure exactly how things are going to come out. But what I can do to is just delete the targeting on it, because I don't know what they're doing in the back end. So it's hard for me to tell what actually is going the work or not up front. So I'll add creative on this, and when I can do then is checked the data and see exactly what I get out of it. So when I want to do is find the very last page of these creatives and select this one and then go over here and you can see I have to select it on the page and attach. So I attached that, and then I go back and do this again. Select creatives go all the way to the end and back one. Now I select each of those new sizes I just created. So I attach all these do campaign and you'll know it'll update the bid price based on the creatives I've attached, and it recommends 13 cents, but I'm going to drop it to five cents and see if it will still run. So it's lower than the suggested bid. But that's OK. I want to see if it actually runs. I haven't picked any targeting, so that should allow it to run a lot more broadly. And I can always raise the bid if it won't run. But it's better to see if it will run and try and put the lowest bid possible to get started on it. So if it doesn't run all the way in one place or another, I can always go back and edit the bid and I haven't picked any targeting because it's hard to say exactly the weakness with them. Media is the targeting is not very good so far. So targeting almost can make it worse because then I'll be putting myself in more competition, and I don't know exactly what's going to work. So I submitted those for approval. Now what I dio you saw, I just did this one for L. A. Now here's where it gets fast. So I go through here and I switch this to my next city. I'm going to San Francisco with this one, and I'm going to keep thes same settings and actually, because this is just West Coast targeting but these air in my local time zone. So I actually want to let it go a little earlier because it's in West Coast targeting times . So I go through here and I'll pick San Francisco and I'll take out Los Angeles. I go through next, next, next and all have to do thence fix the bid price. I'll try it at five cents, because if I can get it to run for five cents, there's no reason I want to force it to run higher. So I now submit this one for approval on check. It says San Francisco on it at San Francisco. Good. So I go through here to copy this one, and here's the next one. So now I'm trying San Diego. I go straight next, and all I have to do is to put San Diego on and take San Francisco off. And these I got out of my Google analytics based on the most cities where people are interacting with and buying to my course is currently so That's ideas. I want to target the's in areas that seem to be working good already. So I go fix the bid again here, and then I submit for approval. If any of these don't run, I can always turn the bid up. I can check back in a day or two and turn the bid up. So now I go to New York and I will want to pay attention of the times on these since I'm doing these local ones instead of all of us. A. So now this is a just New York one, and since is in New York, I'd rather have it end a little earlier, maybe up to eight PM and starting at five AM is good. So a little more restrictive time since it's New York. And now I pushed through. I click out of San Diego, go back up to New York and then I click New York here, scroll down and hit next, and I want to click off California next, next, next. Then I go down here and change the bid. Submit for approval. And now if you haven't got your website approved yet, and Media's already approved mine before, so they ought to do it again. But if you haven't got your website approved, you don't want to go through and do too many campaigns getting started because of your AB site gets rejected. You certainly don't want to have five or 10 campaigns. Get projected. So is with everything. Always start gently. So now, Houston, this is Central Time zone, so I'm gonna make it a little bit earlier on the targeting. Now I take out New York on check it and then click off of it. I go to Houston on Texas. Can I get next, next, next? And now my budget is greater than my account balance to see my math leaves something to be desired. So all I have to do then is going to click up here to edit, change the budget, to match my available count, balance and take out the dollar Sign there. And now I go all the way through again. Now I've got my exact account balance right there. I go through and fix the bid and I submit for approval. So now I've created campaigns with all of my remaining ad budget. I've got five in different places showing simple banner ads with the idea being I want to get people a search for me or go to my website and I've tried a couple of different formats . You can see the banner had looks like it clipped a little bit on the one format, and that's okay because you can still see what it's saying, Jerry being filled dot com And it might not exactly look like that anyway, so the banner ads is a game of just trying to do your best with it and see what works. So now I wait for these campaigns to get approved, which usually happens pretty quickly once the campaigns get approved. Then I watched the clicks come in over the next week. If you're wanting to get a lot of traffic to a website, these mobile ads are really good at getting a lot of traffic cheap and especially even boosting things like organic search traffic. The banner ads conduce a really good at getting people to search for things to. So if you want to do any of these four, website and media is really good for that. So I appreciate the time you spent with me going over these AM ET adds. I hope what I've shown here is helpful for you in making your own campaigns on immediate to get clicks to your website. 22. Billing clients by campaign and monthly seems to work best for you and them.: for your own paper, click advertising business billing clients and a method similar to this is what works the best for me. I don't actually take many new clients now because my prices are so high. When I launched my business, this is what worked really well. I started at $99 to set up an ad campaign and found that clients were actually more likely to order when the price was more expensive. A $99 campaign set up was seem as cheap, whereas anywhere from 2 99 23 99 seems to be a sweet spot that people expect to pay for an online ad campaign set up. So here's what I did on my company website. I sold this website in 2014 to an existing client, and here's the actual text that's still on it that they're using now to run this for their own business. We will make Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn being mobile ads or banner ads on certain websites. You pay once with this option two weeks to create your ads, and then this option gives a discount for two campaigns, and this option is for monthly now monthly is by far the best monthly is where you make your big money. But I've been successful both doing one time campaigns and monthly. Ah, lot of campaigns are just one time things, and clients are not going to sign up for monthly, but they will pay thousands of dollars toe. Have you set their adds up, if you will put it in a way so that they can manage it, other clients would rather have you set it up and not worry about it at all. And around 300 a month seems to be a good price point. You can charge more than that now for me. I like monthly and one time set up because let's look at it this way. If a client pays you 700 to make a couple of campaigns but never comes back again, that 700 for the whole year now do that over. A bunch of clients say 20 clients do that. That's 700 times 20 14,000. Not bad income, right? Well, how much does that take on? 300 a month for recurring monthly payments and divide that by 12. You Onley need four clients a month to make $14,000 a year. So do you think it's easier to get 20 clients to pay you $700 or four clients to pay 300 a month? The 300 a month tends to make you a lot more money, and it tends to be a better set up because clients who want one time ad campaigns often will take a lot of work and not make you that much money. Still, my number one client started with a one time 100 ish dollar ad campaign on Facebook and then is consistently built up by 25 and 10 times as much from one order to the next. Another client. I've had him for $400 a month for a long time now, and that is really nice because lots of months he never asked me to do anything. However, when I was setting his adds up, I just charged 400 a month also, and that took a lot of working At the time. I resented the fact I was spending so much time setting up his ads for just 400 a month. Still, if you can get the monthly go for the monthly payment. If you can take 10 clients monthly, even if a couple of them are high maintenance, you could drop them. If several of them require little work each month, that's fine. You'll just have basically job. But the real opportunity is if you could get a couple of clients like I've dropped most of my other clients. But the one who pays 400 a month and doesn't ask me to do work that often? Well, why would I drop him? He's been a client for a long time, and he keeps paying every month. And rarely do I have to put in more in 30 minutes or an hour, work every month to do his ads. So that's the value of monthly ads. Are those clients where you'll make their ads? They'll be happy with their ads almost through no fault of your own, and you can then keep on charging indefinitely for ad management. You can mix your monthly fee up to if you can do something like a $200 ad campaign set up and then even ah 100 a month. You might not be looking at much money right away, But if you can get several clients even as low as 100 or a few 100 a month, that can be enough, depending on where you live to pay all of your bills. So the idea is you want to combine monthly and one time options for your client. You want to be able to work on multiple platforms because it's the 80 20 rule. If you can get a client on one platform and then get their business on all platforms, there's a lot of opportunity to make a lot of money off one client. So, for example, I got almost all my clients for Facebook ads to start. But then I consistently branched off into doing ads on other platforms, and it made for a good, consistent way to keep making more money, and especially to make a lot of money out of individual clients. So I hope these thoughts on setting up your business for pay per click ads are helpful, and I hope from talking about what worked best for me in offering both one time and monthly ad campaign setups that you can get a good idea of what you want to do in your own pay per click ads, business 23. Critical success elements for setting up your pay per click advertising website.: if you want to make your own paper click advertising business here is an example of what I did to set up my own paper click advertising business originally. Now this is on ban work dot com My old website that I sold my new website is jerry banfield dot com, and you'll notice everything is all about my you Timmy courses on this website. So that's why I'm using my old website to show you the basics of setting up ineffective e commerce business for pay per click ads. So first, what you want to do is clearly communicate the value you're offering right away. Go on ban work dot com This was one of my best converting pages, and here's all the elements of it. First, the questions. Clients are liable to ask why our Facebook ads or why you were whatever you think your clients most likely be thinking about first, a few bullet points and then most critical, a simple order process no matter where you're at, even if it's ugly, a simple order process with PayPal. Look, all I have to do is click by now, and it goes straight to an order screen where you can then place your order. It's very important to make the buy now button available on your website. I don't know how many other websites I've seen. It's been a lot that have a get a quote. People don't want to get a quote. They want to go straight in and order or they want to talk to you. So if you have your prices up just by simple laziness, people want to be able order quickly. They don't wanna work hard toe work with you. So put up your order now buttons have your price available so that someone who finds your website and is excited about you can immediately go in order with you and then get started working with you. I have got somewhere between I don't know, 50 100 orders where people did not talk to me at all and went straight in and clicked on by now without ever interacting with me first or often after sending a message and having me not even respond, they then clicked order to make sure they got my attention, which then they did the buy. Now buttons is crucial. You want to be able to get those immediate sales, you often will totally miss a sale if you do not have the buy now button and you'll never even notice you're missing them. The next thing that's crucial is converting the people on this page two by now. If you want people to buy now, the way to convert them is to show them the awesome things you've done with paid ads. If you haven't done anything with paid ads yet, it's a lot harder to convince anyone they oughta pay you to do their paid ads. So if you have, you can put screenshots of some of your best ad campaigns up campaigns that you've made for yourself and for clients that have done really good and just load up. Those screenshots make all kinds of screenshots so that someone on this page can read through and see it. Preferably, This was a huge success point for me. Get videos up of doing ad campaigns you can see now at home. You're in my course, and it's because I originally put videos up on this website and people like the video so much that I then went all the way in the education now on your website. You also should have a very good frequently asked questions. Very good frequently asked questions so that you can handle everything the buyer might think All on your website. Do you go through and handled all of those things and then you'll convert a lot more orders with order. Now. Now what do you do if you want to demonstrate your experience, but you don't have existing screenshots toe offer If you don't have existing screenshots toe offer, there is another way you can show your experience. You can show your experience on some kind of profile online. If you don't have screenshots like this, here's something you can use instead. A nice, solid oh desk profile or another freelancing profile where you've got test taken on your profile so you can see on my profile. I've got the Google AdWords test. I've got the analytical skills tests of social media marketing, Internet marketing, US English skills test. Apparently I'm better Internet marketing than I am in English, so you have the opportunity to take tests online to put these on your website. So if I didn't have those screenshots on my website and you, if you don't have the experience to put Screenshots like that on your website. Then take some tests like this on oh desk. You can take them on E Lance, Take some tests like this so you can show someone concrete proof You know what you're doing . And if you don't score well on some of the tests, then don't put them up. If you don't score well on any of the tests related to pay per click ads in Internet marketing, then maybe you need to learn more before you try and serve clients in that department. You're working a really uphill battle when you try and do something for someone else you haven't done for yourself. I know because I often did that a lot, and it was very, very, very frustrating. So I hope in looking at what I did on ban work dot com successfully to get hundreds of clients in more than 20 countries. I hope by showing you this the fundamentals of having a good pay per click advertising business online that you can have an easier time with growing your own clients. Now the rial value off what I'm showing you is an education and organic search. The strategy I showed you before mostly works If you're getting direct marketing. L Now what I'm doing now works fantastically better than what I just showed you. However, when I'm doing now, took a lot of foundation before I could build it. So if you can build straight to this where you've got hundreds of deep log posts about things on your website, if you can build straight to that, then go for it. But if you just want to start a pay per click advertising business now it's very profitable . Very easy to get started with. Go for it. So I'm honored. You've spent this time with me and I hope this has been useful for you.