POWER Freelancing - Productivity Hacks and Time Management System for Freelancers and Entrepreneurs | Tanmoy Das | Skillshare

POWER Freelancing - Productivity Hacks and Time Management System for Freelancers and Entrepreneurs

Tanmoy Das, Online Entrepreneur | Business Coach

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18 Videos (1h 24m)
    • Introduction

    • Course Outline

    • Scope - What to Expect?

    • Freelancing Concept

    • Hurdles in Freelancing

    • Search, acknowledge and solve problems

    • Need of a Structure

    • Recap : Class So Far

    • Introduction to POWER Freelancing

    • P is for Preparation

    • O is for Organization

    • W is for Work

    • E is for Evaluation

    • R is for Relaxation

    • Recap : Class So Far

    • The Concept

    • Conclusion

    • Final Thoughts


About This Class

Welcome Freelancers!

So good to see you want to improve and evolve as an online entrepreneur and create your beyond! Welcome to this class, made specifically for the winners, who want to make it even bigger. I hope you are one of them!

Even if you are not a freelancer, but you want to manage your work so that you can excel in your daily productivity and efficiency and triumph your schedules and become a more successful professional, this class is for you. As a freelancer, we often face situations when there are a lot of things on our plate and we do not know where to start with and what to do next and how to plan our day so that we can accomplish everything that we want to accomplish in that particular time frame and still have time to spend on ourselves and with our family and friends. There are only two ways out of it that most of us take. Either we succumb to the pressure and STOP WORKING COMPLETELY or we HANDLE the SITUATION SMARTLY! 

What's Inside:

POWER Freelancing is all about handling the situation smartly. It is a 5 point Productivity Hacks and Time Management System that will make you produce and deliver the most you can and yet, spend adequate quality time with your family and friends.

How? Well, we will learn in this class. In this class, I have created video lessons where I will take you through the acronym POWER, which stands for Preparation, Organization, Work, Evaluation, and Relaxation. I will define each phase step by step and then explain concepts with relevant examples. Look out for the resources as we move ahead with the class.

Can't wait to get started! Come on, hop in and I will see you on the inside!

~ Tanmoy Das

Please NoteEnsure that you download the PDFs & the Checklist that are attached and will be available during the lessons. Do go through all the lessons chronologically, so that you do not miss out on any of the valuable time management and productivity hacks and resources added to this class.





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Tanmoy Das

Online Entrepreneur | Business Coach

Hello, I'm Tanmoy.

11 Years working as a Freelancer & at different MNCs has taught me a lot of practical and techno-functional skills which I have shared with many of my students and colleagues in the physical world. Now, it is time to get into the Virtual World and share the knowledge with many more developing and growing hearts & minds from across the world!

I love meeting people and making friends. I have not only met thousands of people, but have left a mark on most of them ...

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