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PMP Study - 4 : Integration Management Knowledge Area

Leithy Mohamed Leithy, Founder of 6P-Consulting, Programs Manager, PMO Ma

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9 Lessons (2h 49m)
    • 1. Integration Management Knowledge Area - Overview

    • 2. Develop Project Charter

    • 3. Develop Project Management Plan

    • 4. Direct and Manage Project Work

    • 5. Manage Project Knowledge

    • 6. Monitor and Control Project Work

    • 7. Perform Integrated Change Control

    • 8. Close Project or Phase

    • 9. Integration Management Knowledge Area - Summary


About This Class

This class describes in detail the Integration Management knowledge area including the seven project management processes running under this knowledge area.  This class is developed based on the PMBOK 6th edition.

Each process is described in detail including the process inputs, tools and techniques, and the process outputs. Each process can be reviewed and studied alone as the description of minimum required description of the inputs, tools and techniques, and outputs (ITTO) are repeated from process to another to prevent you from going back and forth to remember one artifact in the ITTO.

Each process description begins with describing the logic of selecting these group of ITTO with this process.

The Integration Management knowledge area starts with overview describing the key concepts for project integration management, trends and emerging practices in project integration management, tailoring considerations, and considerations for agile/adaptive environments.





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Leithy Mohamed Leithy

Founder of 6P-Consulting, Programs Manager, PMO Ma

Leithy Mohamed Leithy is a certified Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP), Program Management Professional (PgMP), and Project Management Professional (PMP). He also has the certification of Project Management Office (PMOC), ITIL, COBIT, and CSSGB.

Leithy is an engineer graduated from Ain Shams University in Egypt in 1989. Later, he upgraded his educational level and got his master (MBA) in IT Management from Leicester University in the UK.

Leithy has extensive experience i...

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