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PMP Study - 3 : How the 49 processes are working together

Leithy Mohamed Leithy, Founder of 6P-Consulting, Programs Manager, PMO Ma

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8 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Initiating Process Group

    • 3. The Planning Process Group 1/2

    • 4. The Planning Process Group 2/2

    • 5. The Executing Process Group

    • 6. The Monitoring and Controlling Process Group

    • 7. The Closing Process Group

    • 8. Remember !


About This Class

This course is built on the PMBOK® 6th sixth edition.

This course also covered briefly the 49 processes starting from initiating process group, to planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and then reaching the closing process group.  It went from one knowledge area to another within the same process group to describe how the project manager uses the 49 processes to manage his project.


This course uses the whiteboard to facilitate the subjects discussed and collect more information in short time.

This course is very good for who wants to understand how the 49 project management processes are working together just in 20 minutes.





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Leithy Mohamed Leithy

Founder of 6P-Consulting, Programs Manager, PMO Ma

Leithy Mohamed Leithy is a certified Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP), Program Management Professional (PgMP), and Project Management Professional (PMP). He also has the certification of Project Management Office (PMOC), ITIL, COBIT, and CSSGB.

Leithy is an engineer graduated from Ain Shams University in Egypt in 1989. Later, he upgraded his educational level and got his master (MBA) in IT Management from Leicester University in the UK.

Leithy has extensive experience i...

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