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PMP: 25-Planning Procurement for Your Project

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13 Videos (1h 21m)
    • Background

    • Course Content

    • Course Objectives

    • Introduction to Project Procurement

    • Procurement Management and Process Groups

    • Takeaways

    • Gathering Procurement Information

    • Make or Buy Analysis

    • Takeaways

    • Contract Types

    • Outputs from Planning Procurements

    • Summary

    • Takeaways


About This Class


As a project manager, your role will be to facilitate, or you might even say orchestrate, all activities that pertain to developing the product of a project. In doing so, you'll be gathering information, communicating with stakeholders and developing plans that the project team will use throughout the project lifecycle. Part of those plans and directions pertain to the purchase of goods and services needed within the project.

This is the Project Procurement Management knowledge area. Within this course, you will learn the definition of procurement and the value of procurement processes to project activities. You will also cover procurement contracts to understand the different types of contracts that exist; why there are different types of contracts, and who benefits by the stipulations inherent to a specific type of contract. Upon completion of this course, the student will be well-versed in the definition of procurement as it pertains to project management along with the plan procurement management processes identified within the Project Procurement Management knowledge area.





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