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PMP: 24-Managing Procurement During Your Project

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15 Videos (1h 22m)
    • Background

    • Course Content

    • Course Objectives

    • Introduction to Project Procurements

    • Techniques for Selecting Sellers

    • The Contract and Other Procurement Documents.

    • Takeaways

    • Overview of Control Procurements

    • Tools and Techniques for Administering Procurements

    • Control Procurements Outputs

    • Takeaways

    • Overview of Procurement Closure

    • Closing Procurements Techniques and Outputs

    • Summary

    • Takeaways


About This Class


In LearnSmart's Managing Procurement During Your Project training course serves as a fundamental introduction to project procurements processing. It covers the process inputs relevant to managing procurements, conducting procurements, controlling procurement activities and closing procurement work within a project.

It also covers techniques for selecting sellers that will participate in project activities. It shows how a project manager can develop a pool of prospective sellers and illustrate activities based upon procurement scenarios. The course covers such procurement tools and techniques as: bitter conferences, proposal evaluations, independent estimates, advertising and negotiation.

The course also covers details pertaining to procurement documentation and artifacts such as contracts between buyers and sellers that will be used to acquire both resources and raw materials to develop components of a project. Equally important to the contractual agreement and type of agreement that a project team would enter into, is the administration of the contract once the agreement has been reviewed, finalized and approved. At the end of this course, the student will have a comprehensive foundation in managing procurement activities that pertain to project management – the process inputs, tools and techniques and process outputs that comprise the Conduct Procurements process.





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