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PM Certifications: PMP, Certified SCRUM Master, Prince, CAPM

Anca Onuta, Professional Project Manager

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10 Videos (35m)
    • PM Certifications Introduction

    • PM Certifications Benefits

    • PM Certifications What PM Certification should you take?

    • PM Certifications Scrum

    • PM Certifications Scrum Alliance

    • PM Certifications CAPM

    • PM Certifications PMP

    • PM Certifications Prince 2

    • PM Certifications IPMA

    • PM Certifications How to Use them?


About This Class

Are you considering to take a project management certification?

Do you wonder how it can help your career? Does it matter? Will it make you a super start or is just checking a box to can pass to the next level of your career?

When I first started my project management career I had the same questions. It took me a very long time to research about all the available project management certifications. Then what was even more time consuming was to understand the differences between different certifications and to decide which one is the right one for me.

In this course I put together all the information you need to have a full picture of what are most known project management certifications, what you need to get certified and how to use your certification. You'll find:

1. The benefits of the project management certifications

2. Assessment of what is the right project management certification for you

3. Overview of the most common project management certifications. Here you have certification levels, organization, certification process, exam structure, how to study, costs, how to keep your certifications.

  • Scrum Master from Scrum.[org] and Scrum Alliance
  • PMP and CAPM from PMI
  • Certified Project Manager from IPMA
  • PRINCE 2

4. How you can maximize your project management certification

Check out the attachment of each lecture. You have handouts with complete information about all the certifications. 





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Anca Onuta

Professional Project Manager

Business Management Project Management
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