PIC Microcontrollers Design And Manufacture Your Own Training Board

Ashraf Mad, Microcontroller, pic microcontroller,educational

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17 Videos (1h 15m)
    • Introduction

    • Why you should take this course

    • What is a Training Kit

    • How training kits make your programming, wiring and testing an easy job

    • What are the main components that must be in the training kit

    • What are the extra components that you can be added

    • What is Printed Circuit Board Design

    • What is the best software to do that

    • 9 How to start Designing your kit

    • Designing your kit contiue

    • Adding power circuit with protection

    • Making PCB Part1

    • Final PCB

    • Making PCB Part2

    • Finishing the board

    • Printing Your design on Heat paper

    • Buying items online and End of the Course


About This Class

There is many reasons Why You should Take this course:

■Commercial Training Kits have many functions that you might never use and add an additional cost which make the overall cost of a kit very high.

■There is no chance that you will find a kit that match your exact needs. ■You can easily adjust the items of the kit and make many copies at your home at a very low price.

■You will get to practice playing with electronics.

So This course will offer you:

  • A-Z Guide to designing, drawing and testing different training kit circuit that comes in hand, using one of the most popular software in the electronics industry, after this course you will be a master at making your own trainning kit instead of buying it.
  • You will become professional in making your own circuits, you will even be able to master mass producing any electronic module for Microcontroller that you find useful.
  • Video and Text lectures are included along with the software package that will be used in this course.
  • All what you need for this course is your laptop and headphones.
  • This course is open for comments and suggestions.
  • Another reason Why you should take this course, well, because you will learn by doing not by listening and you will become an expert in making your own circuits.






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Ashraf Mad

Microcontroller, pic microcontroller,educational

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