PHP with PDO: Build a Basic Task List with PHP, PDO & MySQL - The First 1hr 30 Mins

Ogbemudia Terry Osayawe, Software & Web Engineer

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16 Videos (1h 24m)
    • Promo pdo

    • Introduction to pdo

    • Connecting to database with pdo

    • Dealing with errors

    • Creating table with pdo

    • Create record

    • Reading records from database

    • Update existing record

    • Delete record

    • Parameters and prepared statements

    • Binding parameters prepared statements

    • Getting the last Inserted id

    • Number of affected rows

    • Transaction

    • Pdo data fetching modes

    • Project overview


About This Class

PHP with PDO: Build a Basic Task List with PHP, PDO & MySQL

This course teaches PHP Data Objects (PDO), one of the available API for connecting to databases within PHP. PDO is an object oriented extension which was introduced with PHP 5.1, taking advantage of several features introduced into PHP at that time.

In this step by step course both beginners and experienced web developers will gain a comprehensive understanding of the modern PDO extension and how it can be used to create scalable database driven application. 

This PHP with PDO course uses MySQL database to teach PDO concept and finally you learn how to build a basic task list using the concepts that has been taught in the course.

My Approach

In this course I use simple examples that can be easily understood to illustrate concepts and build upon it.

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Nice course to learn pdo





Ogbemudia Terry Osayawe

Software & Web Engineer

Terry is a professional who has experience in computer science; also a broad set of skills in web, software development, and information technology.

He has a degree in Software Engineering from University of East London, and have been into programming (web, software & App development) and Database administration since 2007. Terry is also a certified oracle database professional (OCP).

He is passionate about teaching others, and have previously facilitated high-end training in oracle database, Linux operating system, oracle financial 11i, and web design at NIIT.

He is the founder of Terdia Technology Solutions, an information technology company, which provides integrated solutions that leverage information technology and knowledge of business processes.

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