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16 Lessons (1h 20m)
    • 1. PHPinAction

    • 2. 1 PHP in action introduction

    • 3. 2 Setting up your PHP environment get ready to code

    • 4. 3 HTML and PHP together

    • 5. 5 echo vs print

    • 6. 6 PHP number Types

    • 7. 7 PHP In reference to

    • 8. 8 PHP get variable information and type

    • 9. 9 PHP troubleshooting and errors

    • 10. 10 Include vs Require PHP

    • 11. 12 Server Variables

    • 12. 13 PHP delete and destroy

    • 13. 14 Power of PHP arrays

    • 14. 16 Check if variable exists PHP

    • 15. 17 PHP String Functions

    • 16. 18 PHP Implodng and Exploding Arrays and Strings


About This Class

Explore PHP learn about common PHP functionality for better coding.

Review with examples of common PHP questions.  Build upon the basics of PHP with this next steps course to help you learn more about what PHP can do and how you can create your own applications.  Experience the power of PHP

Explore PHP, within the course we demonstrate some of the most commonly used PHP code.  Course centers around common mistakes that beginners make and useful functionality to help you code more productively.

This fast paced course includes all the source code used within the course, in addition to fully explained examples, and links to the top resources to get you coding quickly.  Jump right and and start writing PHP code.  The course is taught by a web developer with over 15 years of PHP coding experience.   Find answers to common questions about PHP.  Learn to write PHP for the real world!

  • See PHP in action and explore different ways to output content into HTML for web users.
  • Discover the difference between echo and print and how to use them
  • Examples of different number types
  • Var dump for more information about variables
  • Common errors and how to debug them
  • Server variables, includes, deleting files and variables
  • Working with arrays
  • The power of string functions
  • Plus a whole lot more

PHP is a perfect scripting language for beginners, learn how to use it and see it in action.  Examples and script demonstrations to get you started quickly.  

Learn more about PHP, I'm ready to answer any questions you may have.  Start creating your own PHP applications today.