PHP Projects: How to Create a Secure, Session-Based Login Script

John Morris, I help freelancers get clients.

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5 Lessons (2h 7m)
    • 1. Welcome & Introduction

    • 2. Create a Simple, No Database Login

    • 3. Create an Advanced, Database-Driven Login

    • 4. Add In a Remember Me Feature

    • 5. Create a Secure Password Reset

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About This Class

You'll learn how to create a secure, session-based login system in PHP. There's two versions: 1) a simple non-database version we'll create first to quickly over all the base concepts. Then 2) we'll convert that into full-fledged database-driven login script complete with:

  • Secure, session-based user access
  • User registration
  • Remember me feature
  • Email-based password reset
  • Cryptographically secure tokens
  • SQL injection prevention
  • Install script

And more.


This is an advanced course. The topics covered here assume a certain level of PHP knowledge. It's frankly only a small percentage of developers in the world who know how to do this properly. I strongly recommend you take my PHP 101 course BEFORE taking this one. Only jump into this when you're ready to challenge yourself and take your PHP skills up a notch.

Comes with full source code in the Class Project section.