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PHP Object-Oriented Bootcamp

Terry Osayawe, Web Developer & Teacher

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15 Videos (2h 32m)
    • Course Overview

    • PHP Classes and Objects

    • Bootstrapping An Object

    • Encapsulation

    • Object Inheritance

    • Static Methods & Properties

    • Method Chaining

    • Abstract Classes (Database Case Study)

    • Abstract Classes (Database Case Study) - Conclusion

    • Object Interfaces (Predator and Prey Case Study)

    • Late Static Binding

    • Namespacing and Better Autoloading

    • Grading Class Overview

    • Compute Student Semester Result Class

    • Using The Compute Student Semester Result Class


About This Class


Now that you're comfortable with the fundamentals of PHP programming language it is time to learn OOP

In this series I will introduce the concept of object oriented programming using PHP. You will learn about:

  1. Classes, objects properties and methods
  2. Constructor & destructor
  3. Protecting access to your class properties and methods
  4. Using setters and getters
  5. Object Inheritance
  6. Static methods, properties and late static binding
  7. Method chaining
  8. Object abstraction and Interface
  9. PHP 7 type hinting and return type

Not only will you learn the core OOP concepts, but we will build a simple grading class using PHP OOP to reinforce some of the concept that you have be taught.

In this course you are going to learn how to build a simple grading class for a college end of semester result after completing the initial design of the class, you will also learn how to use it along with HTML form. Your main task after all this will be to find ways to improve the design of the grading class using the skills that you have gained in this series.

Not only will you learn the core OOP concepts, but we will build a simple grading class using PHP OOP to reinforce some of the concepts that you have been taught.

I will be updating this course from time to time





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Terry Osayawe

Web Developer & Teacher

I am a professional computer scientist, web programmer and developer. My fields of expertise include Information Technology, Software Development and Web Programming. In 2007, I ventured into Software Programming and Database Administration. I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Software Engineering from University of East London, and I'm also a certified Oracle Database Professional (OCP).

I'm passionate about teaching and sharing my knowledge on various platforms. In 2008, I facili...

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