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PHP CodeIgniter : Designing Academic Information Systems - Part 2

teacher avatar Hendra Marudama

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (52m)
    • 1. Login Form Data Flash

    • 2. Admin Template Part 1

    • 3. Admin Template Part 2

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About This Class

PHP Framework CodeIgniter : Designing Academic Information Systems - Part 2

Academic information system is one of the most sought after type of software to be implemented in the university or just to learn and recreate them better process and better management.

on the release of this time we will learn how to create a complex system of academic information using CodeIgniter framework and boostrap.

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1. Login Form Data Flash: appear Stomach story. Ah, What is the total Kalinic attack and mind you can tow possible Mayor Sparta mania. Yes, Sydney. You could get some women. Good that you certainly them butt implants would. Yes. Allah. My God. Jeannie, Uh, the Akron did. Erica, Controller, Web coming in from Virginia. Did you get that? Kind of What? Let's that I asked. What, Any efforts? Yeah, talk ghetto controller? Uh, yeah, coming in Tampa and login, uh, took kumpulan flesh that Tanya among what fresh That I don't The model did it. So let me get that What? I said Well, function. But I'm gonna get lodging that Gediman Anderson nada from but and status Virginia. Certain Atocha. Oh, yeah. What you need, though? I mean, yeah, yeah, this in there. If it is the line, Frank, Sonia is never a day. And that, uh, the Koran in Tokyo from Solenni function a few, if any idea, Derek. Yeah, but that is unique. The muscle can win their else here else. London in a else. Yeah. Yes. Virginia Hand there in the end location. Yes, I am. Next up. Be happy. It's less can be controlled via religion. Kamala Communion attack among but fresh That this if you Yeah, class that asked, but said fresh. That happened in full. It s in a C m second. What? Ah, for the NIA after your surname. How? What? Sala passport Any? Yes, but I get this safe. That's a few in the Kaluga Tiggelen gun, everyone. Africa, California. What effect of up? One yeah dot com number Goneril ran today. Feel if you singing. Get it If you wanna get that common American Aero Netaji. And secondly, my sword Yeah, you take a time when I'm picking the a d this Iniesta lapan Saudia description Agartala describe via input abusive man with their password Yes, that must be a and that Get the fine deal happy, but the near Okay, well again get the presentable, affordable bottle. Yeah, Now I thought about eating for inflate order. Something on this geif less? Uh, yeah. Okay, number first. Netanya It does this work undergoing in the model in for you before in full gig again. Uh uh you cut it. Empathy that he favorable in foreign entity. Uh, I don't get that forever in Fallujah are inflated at what's on been in for? Yeah, that's If that's a few, you will be at a press. Yeah, I need you. I'm off to certain the media telling them, but yeah, Yeah, the body. A lamentable element. Yeah, the element. Okay, let the Saturnalia or snap my idea getting there. Oh, snap. You did record in here. Get that copy their adelphia. If somebody different utopia, they're Sinica senior defeat gift. If a puppy, the temporal G in the past more than like a master s in a name. Yeah, a few certain them. I thought by some Saleh, Master Sergeant Unigate again d and began dating a girl for me. Did you? Yeah. Yeah, they demanded it. And don't go get that second again. The ataxia gun go. Yeah, Good. Um you said name, though, Plus what? So, uh, it's part in you. That's if gauge a bullet that I Friess ups here Let often even began. So, like that So, uh, begun that. That's if that I press you start naming margin gays. The strong Yeah, split the in India. Yeah. It's if again in India Needy concept mentioned someone Spotted time Libya. It is time along. I get That was Zika Young wanted to start someone. Cathy Gainey Mendoza, Marxism, aka the Candy Derek Column one in next control Arabia get and Palestinian session. Couldn't. Said the first letter first in Faurecia in India. Yeah, in the dead of them. Longin. A few years This one's gonna be a baby when I'm with that gun first thing. Yeah, it is Sison. What's that? Titan Full? Yeah, with him. Diggity. The empathy in Fallujah. Very cool. Very probably Full. Like it there in India. And you're under religion. Yeah, very much. Theresa. Roommate. Generally madrasa Lumia. Somebody embody the Koreas, London. 2. Admin Template Part 1: Okay, So much young Jim, Apology the toe there, but editorial. Some room. Now get a Tabara Cinnamon. But former Virginia, the Preference party near Demonology. Anica Tomic together full access at Mendoza. Nine months is what I get that Rosenzweig at me in my pocket. That can did. Erica controller. I mean, yeah. Did he get the lawyers Will get us a mock attack. And did Erica control. After said, Look at the Jordanian law, Ginsburg. A month is what happened once and got a big attack among us. Many process from going toe that mean then you tame. But, uh, Holloman, I mean yes. Did he buggy and project? Because in controller, cynical times when what country? Little bottle. Yeah. You get the capacity. Really? Really. Come get that enamel. Did he at me and in a bottle in Crimea. Mancini guitar Candied Erica Controller. I mean yeah, yeah. You need class. Unless he will come here. They didn't, Did he Admin. I mean yeah of men. Okay, Estonia, the top J comptroller commented. I needto apples, but in here. Look at that. France will commence. It's this wedding in. You see dairy farmers, an injection. Come in and take it back and what we learned. Ah, Salomon. And you want to sample unwto, Helaman and Toronto. Or if you add mania, my bracket and gunman cope. You found that a template? Yeah, they read. I would imagine that the temple s rest forms if it meant them, Snicket. I am blowing them pretty public. I am, Elia, you know, for a few months. But the media refuse party any Yeah, isn't it? I am a new on, uh, begin, ataxia, uh, moment stumbling that at me. And again something and drama. Get that Machado won the 2nd 1 to begin, and we're gonna test would anything could work. But I am a new some black eerie communion When Toby or better then took a seat. Very Holloman Web schooled in the Manu at the view out of you that did Kanye on down the phone number, etc. Very at that time this month is going Yeah, but like any past Manu mute and we see get that I can get them. But who can blame them? Yeah, the media blinker them ill. Yeah, supporting them bologna. I take it that it's neck and were fell. Bottle you finally commodity and new. Yeah, we have a great the last one. But on Sofia itself Sethna, Italy Drift See in some some you see moody and some, but they don't. Yeah, I got vacation. Few? Yeah, the should get open. One folded about auditioning current naval there w number. Yeah. You take it that you want more fuel and took Helaman. I mean, before I mean, if you us safe. Yeah, at us. We'll talk. Blame. Hurt them, Elia. Attack among GOP there. Oceania Dairy. The template Literary s at the minute. Sam Baker, La Guardia Right there. Did them. But Neck Italia, Ginny s that mean? Media? Has that mean? But I take it that Mom Copy. They really fear if class not what somebody girl off. Get a little love on in here. Oh, ticket that won Copa de release Something different about this hamburger? Yeah, the photo. Get a coffee? Yeah. Get the coffee, Holloman. Morning. Get a puppy. Yeah, but that will be Make it a wonderful actor. Deal it. Get that mustard esporte. Any chef? Yeah, I say let's put any scaling at the idea to begin s at mania. Let me sing it again Dia system in four months on Len. Yes, but in a come again, Flynn took a lot. What? Yeah. Gail. What? Yeah. Telling a telling you have here the cool best I am in next to have big on the tank attack American Web. Gordon from Sardinia. That would the Tory on Sarumi. Okay, the profile indicated Elegy If you like Adele it given the setting here. Get mentioning it again, D d Come on. Yeah, that's it. Yes. Patina. What? Coming up from that, I couldn't. Okay, Nick attend l I see. Kinder's Montana took Magnolia. Magnolia? What? Get get that were felt. Were the genie file new? Yes, we have big could it? That's if I say for the wonderful that I mean yeah, no, more financially could have Woodman Neue no one took magnolia attacker among coffee Manu del at them But yeah, the temperate and she need very does Gloria the readers more Some biker bring bits? Yeah, there this poor some baker blankets even here Let me temper nya bling hurt them l the Lydia That's war dead a sporting A Yeah, that's what I take it. I'm on coping very well. Yeah, class enough now. Please come within. Some baker bling bits. Bring Brits in India. Bring with you but the stomach. A weapon into any Benjamin Ouya could be negative control faster. That's safe in India. The decent areas want to trample on my pneumonia. Italy. The house earlier. This work more than that. Thomas's watch that they don't send that amount of Julia. You did? Yeah. That come last for But the sun Guinea someone you gotta daily the data. Anderson. That my taco? Yeah. Get well, particularly honey life. Renato McCune. Get a while. Well, cool. Yeah, Ham getting it. That Danna lame. Aha! With the end goal. What? Yeah, but then you get that. Dallas, Let me get down. That's more. Yeah. You just brought over a traditionally Yank it again. Dia doesn't border attack on mumbling. And Sydney, you have to be a cool best Next up. We have this less at Minya. My God make America safety. I said Anderson got us for any Yeah, I was in Paris for the scouting attack. I'm gonna go beyond again. Delia. You? Yes. Daydreaming for you. Get a pencil metal file new. Be happy. Create Last night that safe Yeah. Not my destiny. Get double the number of you. Yeah, give interview W in the attack and magnetic spot in here. Um, suck on the ceiling. I'm Phil. You got I mean, what they need. Imagine what? See? No login municipal guy. It's gotta get at the lumber mill. Icky booby trap a hollow money at pass. Come on. The in view that Scott ankle Mom wouldn't Helaman big home. Yeah, yeah. Holloman at Minya. It's gonna file Moody. A new get stuff we have be. Could it? That's a fear. That's if Dublin a monster named Big Home You home? No biggie. Home. Get tackled, Manco. Pick Woody Dairy bling at m l t and Sandra be But the big who decoded Yeah, Get that one toe, Master. Yes. Helaman Afghans Holloman Manu Harmon, Bu Holloman Biggie Home medical Get. Did you get that from a book file at the Holloman Manu dominated but getting past the big home. Get a gun. We had a script via the big home. Que tal it begin Abkhazia The class enough bar Some baker love on some us participle. Many what think feel guinea there, Maria, I take it that Dillinger could have was. But that was Get the gun there. Listening. Yeah. Get the gun. T Mongol. Meghan. It's gonna be happy. Esport. Yeah, Yeah, it cool for, um Well at us. Yeah, undesirable. A person can get the death star can live again. Controller? Yeah, again, Control. But the doctor wouldn't begin. Montoya get back among Guillemin. No Malawi biggie home, but it Very well. Well enough. Not fully Some biker. One idea bling bits India. Yeah, well, talk Amazonia. Make it there. Yeah, Tapas. You have a it go for them. Well, I know in you go for for Ebola, Minnesota. Any thought about us Any forever? Manu took Beaulieu attack on my number. Condition nearly home. Older, big bling bits. Any home pick? Contempt. Palestinian. Yeah. Yeah. I took a beauty attack on Manco. Very. But again, Elia e some bigger bling bits. L e Get the apples. Get the muscle. Come Support in here. We have a just up on the list. The cool, But I will you d for about two years ago. Convicted after can. But again, Controller spot. Any regatta? More manual. Haman, Haman. Passman within beauty. A woman biggie home? Yes, but any. Yeah, Blankets. Anthony is here, you see? Very among, um, yeah, in India. And if you at many lama Melikyan But Haman at that's big home, you'd and Manu Bhaskaran get taken. Maman. Gil Halama. Halal Malini? Yeah, the Dallam controller at mean. Yeah, I take it that you get a close U. S. Comptroller admin, but the begin controller mean Ah ga India will call me. Sits a man u team so I can get them. Wonder Biggie home. Yeah. Okay. Home. That's safe. Yeah, that is crazy. Big, big Your home, Your toe already. Folder that mean Did a long, few definite zika That means less biggie home. Yeah, but that if this yes part in here you don't see a parable for Ebola task within minute and view the Dallam controller. Get that controller at Minya. I get that. Come. What? A fungus impersonation and the defiance of us And took from England. Hello, Monday. Forever for a 1,000,000,000 guitar, Bhutto. But they're big home. Yeah, did his name so I can get on What support for Amelia Get according noodle. Get to get them on the ticket for a bus stop, Sam! But the a 30 day, - you hear? Yes. But they need wouldn't. Jeannie, You said that and my mind started and many get embedded. Very soluble at Minya. Stop the sample that the community will be there for arable listening double in a month. Horrible in Amman Embassy And they say Yeah, Seems like Anoma. Yeah, Yeah, - it's yes. But then you need accordionist. But let me get that. But im with a ticket have a theologian. Gordon, tell admin Madea, can a Mongol says here now my status name not few. Big home India. Make it home. Yeah. Medicina Ah, Mongol Faria, Billy Horrible basey A pass Manu than you. Opinion tradition in this lot few at mean. Biggie whom? Harmony in big We didn't Cambodia. We cannot mean start Alicia else. My idea indeed. Erica. Controller Web. Yeah, again launching like you. Did you get that safe? Get that Afrezza discursive men. But it's a floor. If the federal check the particular getting now brings a lot If Now listen here the little man. Clinton's after you. That's if you look at a press ta station. You, sir. The tightly begin will bless God bless you. Said organic along the, uh you said that, sir. Ask about the NEA. Lydia. You spot any, okay? The sheikh. A town blue munger chest there. Yeah, I gotta get the baby. Hope me and the baby home. Several months said some of the sensible many body and Virginia. Did you get that? Come under test number in Tyco. Bess, you and ask about any cool with you wherever. Get the coffee, get a pass. The gun. Lisa Bloom said Pastor in the past. There last there. Yeah, You get this? If the left a few year. Yeah, I guess that's the neck. A lot. Just incident law. It is time to build that Jeannie Moos LaTavia at us Communion for a little maneuvered. Unfavorable. Beaulieu me get the Kamenica controller at me in the syndicate that Harrison was so can Genia at us mood in coma The fungus that I will be seeing. Yeah, but it made through spot any in the end until viewing and yoga. Yeah, Ma probably say my Elliot through magnolia Foma gave the CIA there was a gun The Vedic India through sport area through. That's if that address Yeah, like Claudia Essentially a lot in Yemen yesterday a lot. Yeah. How much damage was take a lot, Big hole. Come on, D m Okay. And took em Bulimia. When the embryo is enabling blood topics Allah gave you, they get home, get into a coma. But I'm well, you see, it's if Okay, it isn Example Beaudet, Armenia. Somebody that you don't mean. 3. Admin Template Part 2: Okay. Sorry. Dictatorial. Sabrina, get that Lambert still among mom. Well, then Britain took control controller at media report about getting Kalinic. Attacker, Move us money and you can bury process Pemberton them, Brendan, toe controller at me Get at the sloe gin engineer. I mean, with the advent media symbolism in that area. Yeah, this indicate that I can't know can process It did. Yeah, but the market economy Longan, Gamber, Dari the begin Menachem get minimum bill can logo, logo campus the movie an attack on a monopoly Can you that se sinister down difficult body in almost one Gamber. Then when I'm broken now McGary you Syria login process. I did Montoya, but they get that Got a vacation few at mean. Yeah, but I didn't want under me for look any longer. Banana get a long can get a deal. That's safe. He's been impressed, actually. Alarm? Yeah, maybe second that closer. Close. Come on, the in. Ah, Been to Mongolia. Mongolia. Plus I get that. Look what name bloom you look like a day. I can go controller with wind farms and not get that. What's a broom area is in the nd begin control there with get another function, but facsimile of what? It would be controller with me and it linear. Get it? Be happy. A cool best You had an A in next that we have been a Web Modena function. Yeah. Yeah, that's probably yes. Uh, yeah, theology. And I mean okay. When you Yes, that's was I We didn't get that gunman hated most logo logo can push listening take attacker, But again, few You have been a big home. They get home, get tedious. I told work together Settled Worth the gamble attack on Moscow in December Uh, ready DVD if we did the toria Yeah, they defeated Terrell Indiana logo about be I'll get that gun, GOP, Andy, But Yen, I said, yeah, I wouldn't get that combat a curfew. She will add. Mean in the big home, you get a common African look ready against any Yeah description. Yeah, yeah. Tell us Crimea, Nia. But you gotta tell Elijah. Adele buried if class I said, what sort of God? Somebody different. Get that data? Yeah. You didn't say Nicodemus. You can Number number emits a manse. Communion. Yes. Yeah, It's the most ground that we have been a cool best at and any fool area I said come on in. I'm a fellow Could be India The Shia cut said we'll go to BNG. Get this if it RFs Yes, the company Laguna Okay. Would you get that gun? A man on pelican? Okay, this is for negative. Will not got any Ah standard get a gunman would not gonna for under HSS you get talking about justice model for moody in Quetta. What good name unknown, bigger home issue doesn't did you get down arm and I'm gonna go, Go, Go Then they took a big home that would fell better final New When did you get that? I mean, really the poor fella Jess s? Yeah. Yes s script unity and sneak that muscle can Yes. Esporte in you Budick wouldn't today? Yeah, they huh? Some say, get that gun. Um What Fournier one from illegal that I just could not confer dinner de en form. Sassy for instance. Ensuring that will never end. Well, bless, excel, Esper, Thenia. You get that I begin. You get that kind of money in Bunches? Sydney, The fall there, I said yeah. I said wouldn't guess s Yeah, I cannot say What model? Dama. Dama safe? Yeah. Martyrdom under test. I said yes. This s idea. Morgan wondered Just s attack on woman Dilma Lincoln. Any debugging biggie home Dublin settling other men with a big hole in the Kabbalah crap Because in view, that mean big home. Okay. Liebig, you home. Yutaka Mumin Gil Justice Amberson, get up! One attack among Gilady Begin Genia, be head the head. There it is just a Yeah Ah rank Attack among GOP gain in the s s Get a copy of bodies in here. That would be Yeah. Did you get that pastor Georesonance style Said okay and said yes. It's a good showing it again t and I'm on Chase is not the day before that I said I wouldn't just she needed the gun. Moral dilemma Model a ma dot Yes. Asked us f is going to profess Yeah, in a Bloomberg ghetto. LaTanya wanna the Afghan emanated Daddy cc senior manure When we have a ticket Abukhater Kimunya gigolo cope egotist intelligent Could be you know, listening Pastor, the gambling at us. Yeah, that must do That's safe. Que suitable Where that little budgets for Nia Okay, Scott and Attack and Morgan. I didn't Look, uh your data that this interview Catania get the octomom. Birkenfeld. Beaulieu need a view that we have here Mandela script Via the hell on you, Moudan screaming out and get a gun, Tia, I can get a gun d get a plus 30 senior and there to get that done. What expert? India Salam One that hung with the end That must conduct be happy. Get that body printer echo. But I will, Mama. Yeah, Daloa Gines bar guy. You go forever. That does. Yeah, that's brittheny get a safer than safe. It's going to budgetary press. Yeah, I mean, the script strongly. Strong square for near mill irritable its strong there Moody ngoga strong, negative to the strong and the safe. Yeah, hopes in a so strong that goes, Gets into the strongly from it's safe. Yeah, they didn't issued a bulletin, Them or them. I mean, if, uh, wouldn't get that gun you can. I didn't talk, Will come near the day will come And she name bratty debugging atassi a family and be happy in the bus. Get that gun among aided will come. Yeah, your destiny. We begin at us. Yeah. Welcome, Jason. Yet did you get the gun to you? Hello, Mom. Saga Licinia, Get a Gandhian began sport in a It's got a portable Gonna be with Andy here. But this in a cool That's safe. Yeah, Go for it. That address. Okay. Hello. Andhra Modem wants this way energy. And yeah, the metsa That can go with the time that the entire defeated tutorial an idea martyrdom on the D and G P. Gigot of a beaker. I said, yeah, they're gonna Monica said, get more than a month a chippy game, a ticket Palestinian for Tonja Doe. Manuel, that would have been Manuel do that movement under time. Based? Yeah, moody in, uh, Takamatsu. Can it Mezei Let then Sanada the Mets class enough. You sort of Pretoria any, like, naked again? The India some Because you need it again. Get that deal. They can't get a gun. We have here a cool best you air. Okay. Wouldn't attack a folder. I said Emma Jay Big. Yeah, in India, it had gone, but I d folder said remember them a deep Get a safety repress Ganguly Some of the logo logo . Get the 100 money. Best fellow go that PNG's before that asset. Come again? Uh, what? See you when I'm looking now mean religion done on my brain for tau casing. But she needed to really tackle any somebody embalmed by that Tory Russell And you them on a process Good that bull masses were