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PHOTOSHOP: Inking and coloring a comic book illustration

teacher avatar Damien Barban

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (1h 8m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Starting to ink

    • 3. Inkin, part 2

    • 4. Inking, part 3

    • 5. Inking, part 4

    • 6. Inking, part 5

    • 7. Coloring

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About This Class

In this course, you are going to learn how to ink and illustration that was draw with normal pencil tools. First, the drawing is scanned, and then we put it into Photoshop for the inking. We are going to review several inking techniques and then to complete the illustration with a simple coloring technique.

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1. Introduction: in this course, you are going to learn how you do the thinking of nutrition that was droop with pencil. First, the dream, the scam and put into full shop with the footage of tools right going to see every step of the thinking of the institution. 2. Starting to ink: in this course, we're going to see how we can Inc this character that I just drew with a pencil. We can see that we have this kitsch drone with the paper and the normal pencil with a total normal technique. So now we're going to see how for the shop will help you in doing the inking. First, we're going to be interested in two layers. It's in French, but you will see that you don't need to know the translation of every tools. We are just going to see where you can find the right options. And if you're using an English version, are foolish up, you will find the same option. Well, starting your software. So when you scan on drawing, you have here your drain appearing on screen, you can see that I use a special coming book paper. This is why you have the figures and some indications here. So it doesn't matter because we're going to in this character on another layer, I'm going to create in your layer, create new earlier, and I can name it thinking. Then here you can select the color shoes drank, and I take one of the pen So now we're going to test different brush when they use the A five option of the keyboard. Taken a five. You're going to have some option, and your form has to start like this and finish like this. And I have a kind of thickness here when this for you, Can you the pressure off your pen to get something like this, and it's going to be very important to thank your character. So the first point it's start by head of the committee. I can start with this, but I can see that it's a big tool or so I can change size and I will decide to go off these 14 pixels. So the thinking is done with very straight lines. I'm not going to hatch are to do like a sketch something like this, and I go very slowing and they can work in first place outlines. You can zoom in on the necessary lines. For instance, if you have any doubt, you can zoom like this, thank your pen and work in detail different line you want to create, and by doing every lines well, my worm, I can create a different aspect off having and thick line or fear lines. I can even complete administration Why? My sketch is not green far enough. Make sure you are always on the inking layer. Otherwise, if you are drawing on the, uh, original one first, there is a lock here. It means that you cannot, of course you can hide it. It you can't really do much more modifications. So trying to lug it to make sure you cannot draw on it by accident. So now I have started to do the different outlines. I'm going to zoom in a little bit here and change the signs have something like nine pixels to do the inside. And I start also to draw the main outlines off where the shadows I'm going to be placed and they can for before to sell it. I can finalize the the thinking and all the outlines for, for instance, this and they can use the seduction tool. You will see it select all of this edition, Phil, show you 100% capacity, okay? And it will fill with the color black. And if it's in the case to change the color here, then I use this object to insolent and you can see they have a small white lines here, which is not good, because he could. It's not exactly what I want to do when I want. When I feel this election, I don't want to have a kind of remaining white line, so I can control the to go to preface Step and I can enlarge the selection. All right, I could've been selection extend and it extend a little bit if you want to extend to present the green. For instance, if you want to extend to a certain amount of pixels selection, you can be defined and you can you can expend to the number of picks only wants to big sound. It's far enough because it just expand your selection area to the point where when you will fail edition fill, you will not have this white line anymore. And then for these options, these areas here I can zoom again and just can just feeling like this with my brush and that since and Zuma and you can see we already have something different here. Cain off dog gay and every details off the cloth could take time to think, but eternity things really being unfortunates to make sure that every G channels are correctly draw. I can't complete different details inside the face to show that this kind of monster then we're going to continue from the other I. 3. Inkin, part 2: then continue with I. So if you have something that is there, black here, you have to report some black on the other side. You could just kip one site totally white and the other side full of black lines and shadows. So at least I'm adding some black D jails here and regularly and can hide this kid's bill just to see if what I'm doing is enough. Or if I have to add more black lines, what we tried to get. It's kind of balance between the black and whites, and you can see that we have to fill this irons left oversight here in two high. We can have some details like this. You can work from right to left, left to right, just to make sure that you ever came off balance for difference. Things can draw, and when you want to add a details and you can start from the black and add real buying some hatch ing's, she's creating gang kind of gradient without being really graduations. Because you're just anything some additional rains you can use a different orientation of the lines. Okay, the technique of the hatching is very interesting. We can can really had a good difference between the total black areas and to some, want me feel with few details, no honoring to see if I'm continuing. The outlines here are if I continue to details inside. If your sketches were done enough, it could be very easy to take a decision. But for here, there's just some details we have to create from zero because they're not just just not draw in this kitsch. So let's try right now to continue the outlines there can already fill with black color shadow here errand, the detail in the hand sometimes not very easy because we are not sure reckon can place the shadows. So just footings and shadows, beloved family and on the side here. And that sits not too much coaching kind of here in just one black site Indian of this, this and this and here, hatching, also delimited, imitating the distance between the different parts of the harm. You give the thing that there is a the home just here. There's a cloth here so you can really use this catching and Blackie inking take me and then can use again Distinction tool. I can sleep slicked several areas pushing Chef button and I'm feeling for the wreck. It is the same mistake. Selection extend. No, not that one selection. Really fine extent to pixels edition feel. And here just to see what it gives. And we already have something that could be interesting again. We have dispense black and whites. That's could be very good. We have to continue to work step by step. This, um, let's complete this step by finishing Drew This and we are green to work this cough mainly with a seduction tool and filling every selection are now with the black. 4. Inking, part 3: right, So, selection tool and you the last suit to do very soft selection. And you can create, um, the short kilt to fill the forms. You would gain a lot of time with your keyboard. Just creature rockets created. Three. We should make sure drying and production flu much more easier and faster. And to move like this and pushing the space bar. And this is very helpful, especially if you are working with graphic. Tell us space bore and your cursor is becoming a hand confined here. But if you're working, drawing in song, you put the space bar and you can move like this is very useful. Then I'm going back on my brush, and I complete have to hand select everything all right. If you cannot write anymore, it's probably because one of your IRA has already is still selected so you can just select the section toe the rectangle. You do like this, and you click just outside to make sure that everything's and selected. And then I can work with matching to complete these cameras so you can complete work from the form of the camp with different shadows in the hatch. Ing's in some time, even even crossing the teachings and even drinks and hatching was a very soft pressure on the pen. - So this is a very long work to make sure we don't forget any things and what you can do. If I want to hide schedules to have a white paper, I can create a new layer that I would have called white, and it will fit with the white color so you would have a likelier between your banking and your sketch. And you can play by making a temporary just hide in when you want this kitsch and the thinking and making it's visible when you want to have your in king a Marine medal of your the White paper, which will give you an overview of what will be the final results. So now we continue. And you know we have almost done this arm and weaken differently at something else, and then wait. Now start drawing the remaining parts of this character. We have a couple of muscles here when you consider that have to play with different takings . I always have something that is that is well done and completely finished. Note. Let's part off done with some details that doesn't really make sense. So you always self with black thing and you decrees with some Hutchings. And sometimes you just like to. And then here we can drill, found something that's going to be really in the dark. Let's see what And it looks like outs green. Why favor? Can it's. 5. Inking, part 4: Okay, so now we continue by working on the details of the torso. So we have a couple off shows like this. Some details here, remaining in the light. So we make sure we close Careful inspection, and we can use distinction. Tool, We expand selection, selection, expand. Ah, I think we have to select unmodified selection. Two pixels. And now we can fill. All right. I can do the same this time. This seduction tool. Okay. And when the main brunch things done, we can just complete is the usual hatching. - So even if you do some hatching in crossing the hatching, you have to anyway do something. Brooklyn, it's not a random. Take me. You have to be very careful. The plane currently. But we can also continue to draw here and sometime. It could be efficient to separate. It was another line fulling the name outlined. - Maybe even more here. Because in the shadow is much more importance. Maybe we can complete the drawing of the hand here. Friends, details remaining. We don't and then working on a build also, if we have some signs or details everything, some writings on the built, make sure you drew careful and not pushing to lynch the pressure of your pen change. And we have and we also complete Please this detain here, maybe in the dark colors, and you can see that's one by one. We add black areas, and we have something that is quite a balance between the Weitz like and always zoom in, Zoom out to make sure you are still respecting is burned. 6. Inking, part 5: let's do the lower part of the current re zoom on the legs and continue to applied san technique. By the way, you have to know that I'm not using any special brush. I'm really, uh, using normal ones off petition. There is nothing special in the brush is amusing just the one you can you you confining in the software All of this in the show between the legs and all the muscles of the lessons to be reproduced with this is different like and worried technique. But the legs are less important than the rest. So we can just stay on kind of off suggesting some shadows in the fits Don't go too much into the details. Not really. The more important words in this area needs silicates to extend selection in to fill it on , complete with the usual techniques of the hatching in the borders of this forges of this that curious and I'm adding some lines crossing shoot the courage to just to show that there is some details and just not something that is totally white And like if the cough with bits Mejdi and we also have the details to draw here and then I can select. All right. Extending selection two pixels and filling selection in completing some details here. Then again, some lines crossing. Thanks. Just to show that there is details. Former independent Zuma, Let's and yes, it works. All right, now complete last part. Okay? And I'm extending the side of my brush to fill this in black. - Okay , In this form, I am feeling just the club is continuing on the registration. You can see that it finds him out. This is the here and here you can drool some for just as a background and completing the last part, which is the the leg. And I decrease the size of my brush just to finish it with some hatching. - And here we are. There's a camp full suit going behind. Okay, if you zoom out, we have to complete this part of our Maybe we can instead funding to race this and just continue. Fuck here. That's all right. So we have the character now the thinking is to double down and we're going to speaking now . The curry 7. Coloring: Okay, so now we're going to create a new there. This layer is going to be called Khar. I'm going to apply no normal product mood to make a in effect of transparency. You can see that A fun drawing on this layer there is a kind of transparency effect. I mean, to do control a to select. Oh, my picture. Then I'm selecting a blue car and and it filled. This election is filling old the picture in blue. From there, we're going to do a couple of changes we're going to draw or to select Onley the character on being back to my inking layer. And I select this. I can see the hand is selected inside. I just want to make sure this is current. We doubts inside. So I try to older home this. Okay, He's now selection tool. It's like this. All right now what is selected is the outside of the character. So I say Select Revert! And now this is the current. I can go back on my color later incident, for instance. And this is very important because we're going Is this change of color is making Is it coming? Much more easier because now I am the blue so I can select only the blue or the red and selecting on a raid. So now I'm 17. Onley did lose and I can work on, for instance, adding a gradient. Okay, here, 17 Fred. Okay. And apply it ingredients. And there's something like this. I used a round not a directional, but something krotine a cycle. And the gradient is a plane according to cycle. So now I can select my character and I can also do a gradient. But this time the directional regions and this first graduations is, um maybe a change. It's something something darker we were using just to create a king of global radiant. And to create a first gradient is helping a lot just to critic carrying a atmosphere. And then I'm 17 brush and I can work on where are going to be to shelters. And I'm just poutine this Connor where we also have two shadows done previously with ink. He could be the refers to plane this so it already gives something. Then I can use something that this rock here and just putting this where we have the light to change a comforter ends on the eyes and maybe here. So we're not playing with plenty. Off cars were just using tree or to treat different colors and just playing with shadows with colorings and for the face. We can also ah, work in something even more detail as we drove plenty of things build. The eyes just suggest that we have kind of monster behind his clothes. Dog current. So there I can use and even darker brush and even lighter color for the inside of the ice. This and then I take it back black, dark color. And for just a night here, it's give something interesting. It could be more important to take time to draw the detail the face than any other place of the belly. Just because we used to look at the face of any character off individual and you can really has more, it could be really more efficient if you take time drawing carefully, face done any other things in the current, everything's going to be communicated by the face community motion of the character and attitude and if this is a good guy, are bad, so very important on thinking. Speaking the color again here, continuing to apply the shadows and can now use more dark color. Then try to working in the shadows here and the shiny effects of the bills. And you can see with really fast ticking can really get something to use the same color to create a lot. The character is really something that this green creates the atmosphere on your story. Instead of using just a usual color, what color we can expect one different color for every elements that it could be the trap of coloring book they're using the same color everywhere is just with just some graduates of small difference is really something that is getting to your story a deep complete. You can select a brush that is, that would be used like hamburger with a very self respect and rather big sighs. And you can you just proved touch This bigger, great are smaller. Of course, you can add some additional effect. According to the brushes you have in hand, we can have some brushes with presenting particles I would like to do. You can see we have 1000 of brushes here, conceit, crease verticals and you something interesting. George's situation Okay, so it was the last part of this course. I hope you learn some interesting tools and advices and tips. Feel free to ask me any question if you want to know more dances.