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PHOTOSHOP: How to draw a comicbook illustration based on a real picture

teacher avatar Damien Barban

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (1h 6m)
    • 1. Presentation

    • 2. The start of the drawing

    • 3. Progressing on the inking

    • 4. Finishing the inking and starting the color

    • 5. From the color to the end

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About This Class

In this course, you are going to learn how to create a comicbook illustration based on a real picture. This technique is going to teach you how you can use layers, brushes and other options to help you in your creations.

You will also learn plenty of tips to improve your use of the colors and how to improve the way you can draw in black and white before the use of the color. 

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1. Presentation: in this course, we're going to work out nutrition days on the picture. We're going to take a real picture and draw a coming book illustration based on it. We're going to speak about the inking and how we reproduce every lines of the character that we were changing in such a way that it will looks like a comic book character. We're going to speak about the colors and different techniques, how you can apply the colors where fuchsia 2. The start of the drawing: welcoming its course where we're going to draw that illustration with Russia, we're going to stop by selecting a picture, a really picture, and from that picture we will transform it into an illustration. So to start, we create a new farm in for the shop and we create in your layer on this layer we put the photos and we create another layer on the top. This leader, with the photo we decrease do passage. Everything is in your layer. Options on the right. Yeah, capacity and you decrease it. Then you can select the black color and you can select the brush you can select the brush wants you in that course and just using one of the brush that is more usual. But you can select the one you like to use. If you don't know which one to use, then sedate the normal one, which is a black, just the simple ones. Then you can click on F five and F five is giving you additional options. Where can personalize the effects created by the drug, the fighter brush you can select many ethic the brush can create. I'm advising you to select such brush where the Brophy thin at the beginning and think in the end and could be thinking in the media. Then it will create some effects, like if you was drain with the real thing and we're going to draw the lines of the current . You can see that I'm just following two main lines around the current, and I'm trying to simplify all the lines, for instance, here, from the hairs on trying to make a kind of coming roof style by just falling the main lines . It could be rather difficult at the beginning. And if you have some difficulties, you have to zoom in and you will see it could be more comfortable to work on your illustration if you are zooming. Sometimes it can change the size of the brush by increasing size or decreasing size, especially if work details inside the character and specifically when you work inside face of the character, I'm advising you to change the size and shoes, something that is besides that, he's less important. The smaller size of brush, especially if you start during details like inside the eyes, then when all the details are done are always done. You can fix some things that could be improved, and you can change the brush. You can kick this brush and continue to work with this one. Our do any changes 12 to create, for instance here and raising a little bit the black point inside the eyes by replacing like the invisible point. Such point is adding some life to your current. Then you continue drying different elements. You can see you can hide sometimes the picture to see what, what these air, how it's giving, what could be the final result in fact country. And then I continue to work. So make sure you're always drinking the right layer because if you draw on the layer when you put the picture, you will not be able to raise the picture and keep the black line. So intention is slowdown drawing hairs, and I'm again trying their simple technique. Where I'm drawing very simple lines instead of trying to draw every details, is the way you can work faster and without match difficulties, - and then can move. And then sometimes a picture is not giving you the right proportion for the face are for the other part of the body, so you can select and move up or down, or where wherever you want to move that part that was selected. Then again, zoom out a little bit and continue to draw the rest of the body. - You can see the drawing of the rest of the body could be much more simpler than the face. But the face is very important to draw because all the expression, feelings and emotions will be expressed directly by the face of the cat. So this is probably the more important part of the drain that needs attention and the technique. 3. Progressing on the inking: they will continue to draw. This time the that office I'm going to personalize a little bit. I'm not going to draw exactly the same closest this character has. For instance, she has arms with the kind of arm or parts, and we have no classes under the rest of the arms, contrary to the picture. So now on the chests, I'm going to do something different. Spending, too. Probably stuff. First, the main forms and changing a bit just to make the character a bit more attractive on just because in the coming book he will see every girl has some forms that are a bit different than the reality, and you could just put some additional details in that direction. And then I'm drawing different office during did. That's no more with something that is probably more closer. Toe to warrior were su to. When I want to drove some sketch, I'm adding a new layer, and I'm sketching what they want and allow me to, and vision wept, be It could be the next part of the drain, and because you are not, you can also imagine the main position here, for instance, and during the the small sketch off the character, how he could be position and could help you to find the right position and to finalize a drain by finding the right question instead off trying to imagine something that finally will make your character. But we're so what is their important here? It's to find the right when you have done this, gets work and have done the thinking of the main lines. It's too, at some details insides, the elements you have draw. And this is going to even if it's very simple lines. Very, uh, hatching technique. So whatever you're using into important to do not, let's the inside off the drawing a blank because if it's too much blank, anything to be not very interesting. There was something missing, and especially if you're characters, fighter or war, what it really is, you can add some hatchery in details inside on the skin, on the profits on the arm of parts and so on. Just sure there is kind of actions are just finished a fight or she's about to fight. Everything's their importance. Your character has came off. His story to tell on all the details are going to add are telling this story. - So this thinking part is we're events now and we can complete with fillings. Some parts with black color is going to complete and create some. If ICS Aziz a fix on shows and writes on the counter, we can really assume that we have some shiny effects in the arm or in some shadows, on the arms and on the cloud is. And now we're going to work on that. We have done the work on the hairs. You can see we have few at shoes. Don't try to add more, especially if she has a blown or read our any other colors. Uh, hairs. You can add more hatching. She's having black hairs that nothing much if doesn't have 4. Finishing the inking and starting the color: Now we're going to additional black areas, especially on the classes. You have to find again, off balance between the white and black parts of the drain. Not too much black, not too much white. And you can use for that the selection tool that will make you that will help you a lot to draw the details. Black details on the conference against you can do very fast selections and fill with black to help me to go faster. I personalized short on the keyboard to push when I want to feel with color the black corner I created for But it could be something else. So I'm bringing selection, I think f or yes, and it feels directly or area selected with the color selected for me. It's a black right here, so selection feel Section here is very easy to use, and you can you can spend some time drink such details. In the end, you will find this more easy to use as a technique, but again, be sure to do not have too much unnecessary black areas. All the wise. Your character is going to be too overwhelmed by unnecessary shadows. You will see it very easily because it's a matter of feeling. You'll see that when it's too much, you will see that your character he's bits overwhelmed by these shadows so that this situation can erase them. Our go back with control Z and try to put less. It's better to have less shadow than too much, because if you still have plenty of blank areas, you can nevertheless complete your drain with cover. The car is something that we're going to see right after that. First we complete with black areas. All right, so now acquitted a new layer. This layer is also containing a white paper in the background that is very similar to a normal paper. You can see there is a picture and I created transparency. Open first on during on adding very broad color here and using Egyptian that's creating a can off the transparent. With that option, I'm filling with red color, trying to make some effects. These effects are just very generous. Fix if you find some other effects, or if you applies, is if x two in another way, it doesn't really matter. You just have to create in the background and then when the that runs created. Then we're going to work on the color itself, and this color is the one of the skin. I tried to select my go back on my black and white. Later, I'm using the selection tool, and I can select the part I want to feel with the skin color. Then, when this is selective, I'm feeling with the same short on my keyboard to feel this area. So don't forget to go back on your color layer that is on the top and you feel that color and you kids doing this for all the part of the drain that contain this color. - Then I am done with the skin color, not going to do the same with hairs. You can see that in first place we have, ah, very flat color applied to the character wedding toe work on some other FX afterward, when the flat car is going to be applied to the character soon on completely this election off the club itself. Ah, having a broad selection and I tried to find the right color. I want to play something very dark and I'm feeling and you see in one shot you have filled . The 12 is out of character with one color, so against it is very easy, and when you try this technique many, many times you will do it faster and faster. - Then don't forget to use your graphic template to correct few details that they have not been filled with color, so you can go back, zoom in a little bit and complete all the missing parts. Some pixels and some areas may have not bean selected properly. Very your selection done previously, so you can correct this with simple brush to. 5. From the color to the end: when the color is done for the flat colors, we can continue to work on a different aspect of the drain. The much more the smaller details, like the eyes there. He can really zoom in and work on that color. You have injured things we can had, and we have to add to do not let the character just with at a simple, flat color technique. For instance, here I'm selecting with the selection tool. Ah, kind off lightning looks like the six of lightning, and I'm then selecting the gradient tool I can see like my gradients from red to something more clear like this. And I'm playing the color like this so I can decide to apply this gradient on the new layer our own on the same layer. But here I just applied on another layer that is above and applying an option on this layer that is making the black lines bilow appearing a bit differently. It's creating kind of blur, very faints and thistles with search options that you can personalize the creation off your color. There. I continue to apply the same technique to to create additional similar effects. - The same technique can be used to add shadows. I'm using a kind of brown, and I'm selecting the part that are just below the hairs, and I'm applying the kind of gradient these parts. This is very important also to do not ask too much different game. It's off colors. Don't fall in the truck off adding too much things, trying to keep the same technique and just add two or three different color. Maximum on the skin to off three different colors on the hairs. And soon, If you add too much different colors, it's going to be it will make your character looking like Rambo. It's not the point, so you can see that I'm adding some shadows. Sometimes I'm raising adding an additional skin color, and you go back and forth to find the right balance between these colors. Um, this is it is the way I'm working off course. Confined your own wave. It is giving you a good points from where to start Here again, I'm adding additional lights with the yellow color. We can say that why, but it's interesting to see that you can add some. You can play with the different color. You can add some lights in something. They're interesting to add some lights on the character. It will gain even more atmospheric in an atmosphere. And not just having this flat color technique. If you use the flat calorie will have a kind of flat character. It's not watch we are looking for. We try to make this character alive and having a story in history. So adding some lights and details, no matter if it's with the inking parts are with the color is really giving something to you character. We have something here, and this is definitely what is important. So yes, I added some yellow lights and these lights could be added all over the character. But right now I'm just completing Ah, the hairs, maybe working also on feeling the arm apart on the harm on the right arm and continue by working up and down on the character. The way I'm working on color on the are more parts will be very special because we have to fill. This is a normal. It would be working out differently than for the skin, so it's going to be there important, too, to use the color differently. You will see in this video, of course, how I'm using this technique and how we can make the difference between working on the skin , working the hairs and working on the texture of this arm. - It's a kind off later, so this flat colors amusing are really showing that we have. This takes her so you can see with two different way too to dro this and the armor so you can see the difference and how you can work the color differently for both. Then we can continue to work on the different details of the Clovis and you can't now working more realistic technique wishes to ah leave the flat technique and work on the kind of graduations. By smoothing the color. We have a tool that we just selected on the left that is lying. You too do to smooth and to have something that is mixing two colors in such a way that you can really draw the details of the club. So look at this technique and try also to do the same on your drying. You can really have very impressed effect by just using this simple tool. - Then we're almost done with this illustration. I'm just in few stuff like build stain older and to show that she has a kind off. She's ability warrior, and she's fighting and probably kidding people. So we have done many things with We have work it out this new situation with different techniques you have seen, and it is good to finalize registration by adding additional stuff like little details, staying on everything that will make the atmosphere of this restriction completes. And, uh, it's a bit too much here, for instance. So she's to shed too much blood on her so it doesn't work. If you want to create some effect like this, you put these effects around character, not on the character. Otherwise, it's, it's, uh, way. Get something strange. So So you raise and you continue work old around the cat. So I hope you'll learn quite some techniques to dro, and this drain was based on the picture and how we can transform this picture into a comic book. Illustration. More. I hope you learn rights and stuff on coloring your illustration and how you can play with the layers and different options we money find within layers and in the colors