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PHOTOSHOP: Drawing a movie poster with a comicbook style

teacher avatar Damien Barban

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (1h 32m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Drawing the sketch, part 1

    • 3. Drawing the sketch, part 2

    • 4. Starting with the inking

    • 5. Inking the illustration

    • 6. Inking the illustration, part 2

    • 7. Inking the illustration, part 3

    • 8. Inking the illustration, part 4

    • 9. Inking the illustration, part 5

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About This Class

In this course, you are going to learn many tips to use Photoshop to transform a movie poster into a comicbook style. This is a course that requires some drawing skills, even basics ones, and a graphic tablet. You will learn all the steps to create a drawing based on the real poster. We are going to use layers, color, and many other tools to create a full comicbook style illustration.

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1. Introduction: in this course, you are going to learn how to transform a movie buster into a coming book illustration. We're going to take one poster of a famous movie and see how, with further shop you can transform it into a coming book illustration. From the sketch to the color and the thinking, every steps are going to be teach to you here. 2. Drawing the sketch, part 1: welcome in this first video dedicated to the creation of this cover of the movie Rogue one into coming books illustration So you can see him already working on changing the size off my documents. This is normal. A. For firmer. It's not very important because you can use any kind of document if it follows the rules off or the size of your cover on just here, changing my the size of my document to have something that looks like a normal registration for former. Then what I'm doing is just to create a layer on wish. I have my picture and a new layer of move where I'm going to draw this catch. What I'm doing is to decrease the opacity of the of the original picture. Just give me enough a visibility on the main lines of dude on the cover and to to be able to draw above it by typing a five on your keyboard. You will have access to different option to personalize. You are a brush and you will start by drain with great brush. You can take normal rush. We're just picking advance just during the sketch. This is very important to start with the basics catch because the picture is containing plenty off details and we are not about to draw every details we have to summarize and to find the main elements of the administration as well, transforming it into a commingle construction. We have to Jake domain lines and to draw what is necessary. You can see here I'm using the basic lines and redrawing what I will keep as detail on what I will not keep, um, in shorts. I'm trying to to keep just what is going to be necessary to have my coming book illustration Well done. I'm all already also trying Teoh to keep the shadows also so it could ask some practices. But you have to isolate what is going to be the shadows and what are going to be do lines. And these restrictions going to be quite some difficult because react plenty of characters and every characters has been to be works. Apparently, we also have in the final step of this course, the color we're going to add do the characters. But before we have to find the main lines and this video is going to show you first how to isolate the main lines of the first chapter, which is this one. - When you're progressing the drain of sketch, you can hide temporarily the picture and just to see what is the results off the sketch on white paper. This is done like just hiding the picture, which is the basic layer, and to create a single layer that is full in white. Then you make this layer fooling white appearing and your sketch layer appearing. Don't be afraid to work with plenty of players. You will have illustrator that are going to work with 5 10 layers. But in the end, you have to to find the right way we're going to use for a job. Don't use plenty of players. Just because your favorite artist is using political years maybe can confuse you so you have to use the software the way won't and the way will feel more comfortable. There is not one on leeway and one base way to use for the shop. This software is broad enough to be adapted to any cannon fuse and off course. You confined your own weight to use for the show for illustration. Our photo montage are now you can even do movie modifications. - You will see that we are doing a very rough sketch. I'm using the blue color to have the main lines and for these characters, and I will continue in another video to sketch the remaining characters. But I try really to find the main lines, main shadows that will be kept for the rest of the restriction and to know what kind off part of that illustration are going to be filled with the black ink, which is called in King Parts the inking parties when you draw the final lines and when you are not working anymore on this kitsch basis with the re ref and rapid outlines, but where you're going to draw the final lines and this is very vital when you sketch to is a late what are going to be the main lines and the main shadows that will be used for thinking 3. Drawing the sketch, part 2: we start now about drinking this sketch, we continue to sketch parts and we continue about during every computers we have down there . So no, it's a bit more difficult because we have to determining where the character outlines starts and when it stopped. The problem, as we should say of that illustration, is the picture. The original picture is using plenty of black areas all around the character and inside character. So we have to decide where replaced the shadow where we draw in outline. And this is exactly what I'm showing. You hear how, decides what parts I eazel eight and what part I'm just during without Lance. Some parts are also not really visible. For instance, we have here a gun, and this guy is not really visible. So we have to change it a little bit. And to Redrow again, do way we can imagine it should be. So right now we keep on drawing everyman lines, and when you have doubt about how to draw something, start drawing all what you know how to Jordan and all the lines that apparently easy to draw, then keep the remaining hard things to draw for the end for this character is to be the same, because there is a kind off graduations and mixing off the colors that made the details of the character not really visible. So you have to decide and to determine where the illustration of that character is tough and where it starts. So this kind of blur effects created by the colors and the different values has to be changed into a very clear illustration. Off course, when we're going to add some color on it, it's good it could be changed. But right now we have to decide with this kitsch. It's the word start what kind of outlined you've to draw and where you have to to do not draw anything. - The characters in the background, for instance, this one is probably the more difficult because you have to draw details that are not very visible. But I have a technique and this technique is going to be very simple. We're going to draw these characters in the background, mainly with shadows. Ah, it will be constructed with plenty of shadows and nerve merchant planes, so you just draw domain outlines and domain. You just draw the main areas that are going to be filled with black color. You don't go into too much complex. I drink because if you try to to imagine too much details, it's probably true that you can also make the mystic to go into too much things to draw for a very small character. Don't forget that every character are more or less importance more. The character is important. Morning. We have to draw details, and Eva character is a very secondary character in the background, not too much details. OK, you will play with on the shadows and lights to have a broad view of it and don't spend too much time to draw something that's not really relevant for the importance of the illustration. All right, so right now the situation is like this. We have sketched most of the characters. This is a global view. It already gave you the main on constriction off your illustration and you know that it can give some interesting things off course. With fellowship, you can decide to move some of the characters by using the selection tool. You can decide to continue to work on the and A on the position off the details off every characters, but now ending to draw the rest of the situation with Skitch 4. Starting with the inking: Now we're going to continue to draw the sketch of this situation, and you can already compare what we have done and what remains to be done. We have now a very roofs catch, but you have already something that looks like the faster off the movie. The more important thing also to reminds, is that we are not trying to do an exact drawing, a very hi realistic illustration. We are trying to do something that is looking like the commingle construction, and we are starting. The inking two in Communist rations means that we put the black lines, which are the final warms, that I mean to be kept for the final result of illustration. They're when you're graphic tablets, you have to draw carefully every details and be using some brush that are fitting with much want to do here. I'm just using a very simple brush. Usually I'm just using the brush propose already by foolish up. I'm not using Donald brushes, which could be good that more far do coloring enough of the thinking. This one is just normal one. Just making sure that I feel comfortable when amusing. The graphic Tell it in That's it's so you can see here every details, for instance, Here for the I. I'm playing with the light inside the I. I'm feeling the inside of the of some black and trying to keep a kind off coming books time . This is really what we want to make. Its not just drained the same outlines that what we have in the picture, but to find a graphic style that will transform it into a coming book illustration. You can try also to Always Child were drawing the face for the sketch our father inking. The reason is just because all the drawing is starting my face and you continue by all the elements that are around it. It's really much more simple to like this. If you stopped, for instance, to rule character by starting with the fits and going up to the head, you will find it's much more difficult. It's a question off proportion, and anyway, any kind of drink is usually started by the head and going down to the fit. So for the thinking, this is the same. This is a very good advice to say that you have to start at the middle of the face and you go on the face on the hairs and bring down the body of the counter as we have a poster here . Each will also be more interesting to start thinking the more important part of the more visible part of this posture, which is the face of the hero here, which is the biggest objects in illustration and then to ink the smaller characters down illustration. - Now , sometime we don't really know if we are done with the face our if we have other details to draw, so if you have any doubt about it, you can just start thinking the rest off the of the face are the rest of the registration. Then you go back on the previous step and see if you have anything else to add. And nutrition is work ID from top to bottom and bottom from the top. You always try to to go back and forth and see if you are missing some elements to be. Ain't are if this is enough so you can focus on something specific and enlarge your working space to the point where you have end everything and then you go back on the first step and see if there is anything missing. But you have to zoom out a little bit when you are done, some thinking, and see if it's correct or if you have done too much on the right of registration, not enough from the left. And if you have to correct the balance of the black and white spaces so you can see here first, I'm drinking with very soft lines, every outlines of the drawing. And then I will feel some parts with a black and sometime I decided that this is enough for the outlines of the face off or one of the part of the registration. Anakin's try to fill some parts of the attrition with black. This is very good to have a very, very good overview of the final result that is going to be because it's going to be their importance to to t continue your restrictions step by step. And to have to find a part of the orchestration that is completed fully is very good, because it could give you a vision off what the illustration could be in the end. So even to depend how you want to work. Sometimes have to wait for the old outline of destruction to be done fully, and sometimes you can add some black feel step by step. 5. Inking the illustration: you can see that when I hide the original picture, I can have the first vision off what will be the final results. And if you are convinced that you are on the right way, just going on and continue to think, then you can also zoom in to correct some angles in some detail that's are changing on. Are you want to improve because you don't feel that is the correct angle of the head of the eyes and so on, because when you are thinking, you also have to keep in mind that you needs to respect the anatomy proportions on DSO on stuff like that, everything that you should know when you are drawing all these elements are very important to to keep in mind you can. Sometimes I have someone with Onley dedicating his time to the inking off, sketching off others. This is fine, but these professional incurs if we call them like this on also no holes and up to me. Uh, and after me details there are notes just good and thinking. There are so good in drawing. So it is very also important to to continue to apply what you know in anatomy and drawing a very into me when you are thinking, because this is at the step of thinking where you can correct some anatomy troubles off the characters you just drove because sometime you when you sketch, it could happen that this kitsch is so rough that you missed the correction off leg or harm , or a night that is going rotten, wrong direction off one part of the body that is too loud, too thin, too long and so on. So the person doing the thinking is giving the last. Ah, we have last change to change the character when you are doing the thinking. And this is why this is very important to take the time to think correctly. Step by step the drink. Here we have a very good balance between whites and blacks. The thinking is also very important to create such balance because before, to add the color, you have too good to have. You have to get very good black and white drawing. It's very risky to say, Oh, it's fine if the thinking's so not so good, we will try to catch up with the color. Sometimes the color is not good because inking previously is also not done correctly, so make sure you have a very good thinking before to start the car. 6. Inking the illustration, part 2: there were going to see how to ink the other characters. It's going to be a quiet lung example, because we have to see how to work on every different characters, and every one of them have different elements. Armors difference. Ah, hair's different expression and everything has to be working out with ink and before to start drawing the ink of the of the other characters. Make sure complete everything on that one. It's also very important to complete one part of the recession. Ah, and to finalize all the details of the first parts to make sure you have a reference on your expression, you knew what it looks like when the character is completely done off course. You can afterward come back on the illustration off this part of the situation into accent details. If you needs to do so, Bets to have one part of the nutrition completely done is very good, as you know what kind off style and you are going to use and basis on which you can. You can be referred to to do the Anqing. So now we're done with this big character. We can draw the smaller one that are dumb that picture. So our start during this dried and this is quite difficult because we don't have much details. So I'm going to play with the black and whites, drawing all the outlines you can see. But I'm already adding some shadows directly, and one light bubble on the head is going to be very interesting also to to to see that you can really work on the coming book effort directly, but you have to know them and to know them, you have to observe first the coming book already existing it, what kind of effect them doing, And you can try to reproduce these effects on on the rial picture, you see the advantage off using black and white technique from the thinking. We think a lot of spaces in black is that when you are not sure, but how a norm are are drawing are whatever is really done in details. You can just skip these details, and at some shadows, the's technique can work sometimes. But don't abuse of it because if you have too much black spaces all around, nutrition is going to to be too much, and it could create the reverse effect and give to the reader of your comic book the feeling that you are not good enough to draw tumor things, and he can. It's just hide everything with black shadows. So just you use this when this is necessary. But when you start handling Stickney, - now we're done with the previews character. We can work on this one. This is a bit more complex than the dried, because this one is a human and the human have face expression and for so small character on the illustration, we have to zoom in a little bit, and you can also change the size of your brush. It is something that is quite easy to do in fuchsia, but this has to be done otherwise. If you use it to lounge, brush the outlines going to be true rough, and you have to work in details for a special for the eyes. When you think a character, you have to pay a very good intention to the drawing of the eyes and the mouth and old details of the face. The reason is that's when someone looks at administration. It will first look at the face of the corrections. This is what is coming gating the emotion and this is exactly the same in the light. In life, when you talk to someone, you look at him in his eyes and is the same when you look administration, so the thinking is very important and regarding the quality to draw something that will make the emotion really good. Ah, here now we have plenty of shadows all around the characters face so you can see that I'm mixing two techniques mixing the technique off the traditional outline drawing and I'm also adding some came a shadows and in first place we can see that it's weird, but when we will fill all of these areas with black is going to give something interesting . In fact, we are filling all the shadows and makes him them with the outlines of the face. You can try using this technique on illustration where characters has kind of dark personality. It will really give something intense and really dark. So I'm using this technique here because we have plenty of shadows on the nutrition, - so you can see that we have felt the face with some black areas and give something interesting . But if you want to create a really events. You have to keep some outlines in white and you see we play with the light in the blight in such a way that the character he's very interesting to draw. It's not just not something with some black on the side in the white inside it. Using the black and the white in such way that you have a character has has came off personality, and this is what is important drawing. Also, find the personality and communicated via your sketch your banking and then finally with the color. 7. Inking the illustration, part 3: Now we are continuing to draw the thinking of the characters we have done free of them and we are using the same technique. Ah, to draw civil details of the chutes. A lot of these guys. So now he have also another difficulties to reproduce the effect off texture, the hands and the guns. And soon and you will see that it will require some step by step drawing. And to make sure that we are really following every lines, we estimate to be the right one full drawing. Sometimes I'm not using this kitchen just did previously. And I'm just using for the more easy all tolerance the picture itself. This is usually done when I'm not satisfied with the sketch and more for signs with a teacher herself. But it will depend on the quality of your sketch more. You spend time in the quality of your sketch unless you will have to do what I'm doing here by using the feature itself to find out once too. - The problem I had with the gun is to really find a good way to draw again. Align on the original picture. We have something in the show so I'm feeling with the black right now. I'm just keeping this and I will probably come back with some other, um maybe all the details I can add with white color, but I'm not sure just going on with some other things to think. So I'm working on a shoot of the character. And again, we have nuts, much details. So it could be harsh for the in guys being inking, too, to exactly know what to Inga one not think so. Here you have to to design basically to what to do. So you can tried inking what is more obvious and then use your imagination to complete. I drain what could be the remaining detail. - Now this guy in the background is You can say the more easy to do because we have a few things to draw and most of the character is going to be filled with black. You will see here that I'm just during the main outlines and all the wrist is going to leave Draw with the black color. Ah, we just have to keep enough information to have to understand that he's in the background, is a dark character and has some and important to the story. So it's a balance between too much enough between black and white and two. Do not give tours. Details. Let the characters importing the story more going to be in the background and where we can add some black areas. Teoh create the details. You don't have to go into too much things, like small details around the characters and so on when you work in a faster all in the Canadian cover and soon, the importance of the courage in the story will. The side of the place this character is going to have it is in background, foreground. So and you can you can see here that we are Mel's done. Read it, kind off big black arrows on the side and it should be enough for now. Maybe we come back later. Right now it's over and I will faster go back to another character that he is more important 8. Inking the illustration, part 4: we continue with the thinking of that illustration, we can see that we have some other characters to draw, and we have this one. We have to see that we get some hairs, and the texture of the hairs is going to be drew differently than some other stuff, like the armor's off the guns soon. So we start with the outlines and we will see how well draw the different hairs and the beer. And soon the face has different details around the eyes, the nose showing the age of this character. He's not young has quite some details on the face that choice, age and things can be drove with the shadows. As you can see here, I'm playing the shadows to add all these tough. And now we also have to play with the main lines, showing the separation between the light and dark parts with the hairs. I'm just suggesting few parts that will not be inked in black, and we will see if it's not to suggest over what we want to show. It is important to do not fall in the trap off drying too many details, especially the hairs. Ah, just to remind you this characters smaller than the other one, or has the same size, so we don't have to work on too much detail in it. - On the drawing of the Amro, I'm drawing a line to separate the lights and the details of the arm. Then I'm also working on the weapon, the gays holding in his hand, and we have to draw all the different details and it's not clear on the picture. So we have to to imagine some points, some elements, and we will probably feel some of these elements with the black just to make sure that we don't have a weapon that looks like something that's not really Ah, this is a technique the black and white, that will be very useful for the points of the nutrition, where we don't know exactly how it works on this is the easy way to draw some weapons, to use the black arias and to play with it. - We'll see that when we are filling some black forms, then we can play with some other techniques, will be able to at some white lines and the weapon we'll see if it works. But right now, if I'm not still sure about the details of the weapon. I'm. As I said previously, I worked on what I'm certain and I know how to draw the shoulder and the army, and this is what I'm doing here. - Then amusing, different forms. I draw on this character to fill them with black. I try to keep just what is enough on the army to understand there is no. And when this is done, I can draw less important details. But very necessary details, like small lines showing the armor is quite damaged. This technique will be very useful, especially for our Mel's weapons, bursts, wards and all. What can show a dame age sticks? Chur. So I'm going to use this technique on some parts of this character. - And now I can't go back on the weapon and use this and technique also. But I'm finishing the arm and I just completed few details like this, and you can see by zooming out that we have some good aspect of the illustration. We can have something that is quite interesting Teoh to see, and we have a good balance between the black and whites, so we can continue to add some details on this one. Aled hatching technique can be very useful to complete it 9. Inking the illustration, part 5: if we look at what you can see, that there will events now in the thinking, and this is important to have this broad overview to see who are going in the right direction or now. But at this step, we can be sure that this technique is the right one. And we're going to continue with this smaller character and the same technique off, drying out fines and feeling black eyes is going to be used smooth other ones. Just make sure you use the right size. So decrees increasing again and start drinking. Infra. Pack your this one for the support really about. That's one of the idea on Do to Take don't quickly Asians. Clinton's you family is asked to say a serious I see. Don't call. Yes, what is your secret that a prophet is on there? I'm using also a technique. I also using the purpose character. I'm playing with the outlines and do like the areas on going to feel with the black. This is going to be selected The selection tool and filled completed this election since this and make sure fiction is correctly selected here. I double click on the right point and it and selected it. So I start again to that extent. What? All right, And then I can feel it. They're give you first skip. Then I'm filling with my brush. The remaining details way will also have the mouth, but not too much detail. Because again, this character is very Singletary and very small in the overall registration. So I'm just finishing few things. And then we're directly grew on the details with soothe. They only be better having in one city keep cocoa claims to debut. That was Have a kid, Rick, your little procession dupes product magically do across a clearly probably eat and civil monetary cities. - She rejected pretty new photo booth check attempted Noida bientot there. The technique of drying Justin applying to fill it directly in black is very useful. You can see that I said, just letting my brother or my selection tool I can draw a selection with my brush and second in the election way can also do the same for the rest of the character that is quite invisible or mixed with Blair. So the more difficult parts will clear you to decide where to start drawing and where Googlers stop because the blur is going to be added with color tour 20 thing that's an allergy from can do. Detecting very full Decani Just cooler. Listen to keep, you know and kind of me completed. Isotonic proved district people there shooting, do you? It's just even one From the time I do down, you needed a customs. Uh G, what is it? Dont pull his little you know, we can expect you to read it. You met Italian Indiana stumps purview. They're on completing the face with few hatching and small lines as they did for the other characters. This is very interesting to see the difference between just a very rough drawing with few lines and threw back areas. And when you just a couple flags, that's well, more details on the face and expression it will make all the difference. So don't forget, such especially on the face that will express the emotion of character comes from east. Well, - it it is simply Vignal said ticket presents If all of eternity is t four year, usually of the new social said that the book with yourself you know you a portion concerning