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PHOTOSHOP - Design a Trippy Colorful Portrait Poster Art

teacher avatar Klarens Malluta, Visual Artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Find Resources

    • 3. Image size, Background, Gradient

    • 4. Adjusement Layers

    • 5. Apply Filter

    • 6. Fix the Eyes

    • 7. Landscapes

    • 8. Butterflies

    • 9. Finalize

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About This Class

On this class you will learn to Design a Trippy Colorful Portrait Poster Art, using only Photoshop.

I will show you where you can get resources and then we will start working on Photoshop with gradients.

You will learn about filters and how to create those wavy textures on your pictures.

It will be a fun project with a lot of trippy colors so I hope you enjoy it.

Meet Your Teacher

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Klarens Malluta

Visual Artist


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1. Intro: Hello, everyone. My name is Clarence. On this class you will learn how to create this kind of artwork. It is a trippy obstacle, a chart that you can use for your design projects like over arts posters, flyers, our projects Our prince. You will learn to play around with a just from theirs and filters so you can get some unique results on your picture. I will show you where you can get some free resources for your project. So it easier for you to create artworks like that. But this class, you'll need Onley. Father shop. It is a fun project with a lot off polar sentry revives, so make sure to enroll and see the whole class. 2. Find Resources: Hey, guys, welcome back. So before we get started on creating the artwork, I just wanted toe show you. The resource is that we're going to need to create this kind of artwork. He's a notebook that I did previously just to show you on example. So first there is this main picture, so I will use this kind of picture. I got it from an splattered dot com. So let's go to Google on Splash and you can search like for female or trade, and you will get a lot off results that you can use for your picture. Or you can use their own your own photography. If you want this exact picture, I can search the photograph for can Go to User And here is the user that did that picture that I'm going to use Here is a picture also, we got like these landscapes. Ah, again, you can search landscapes and you can find a lot of results that you can use. But if you want to get like Free P and G's, so you don't have to cut the background yourself, you can goto deviant art also for the butterflies that I've used on this picture. You can just search on deviant art dot com, but applies P and G's on the search section and goto the resource section, and you can download this PNG's also you can search for that Mount eyes PNG send. You will get these pictures that you can download so you can use for this tutorial or other tutorials. So, yeah, that's it for the resource is now we can get started by I'm creating the artwork. 3. Image size, Background, Gradient: Okay, so the first thing that we need to do to create the poster is Get this picture and Copia poster. The size that I'm using is 4005 thousands. Resolution 72. It is important to have a big size, big size image because this is the way that filter works better. So this kind off filter will be wavy shapes. It works better when the image sizes bigger. So that's why we need that size. So now that's our position, our picture. And I'm using the mental toe. Remove the background. Of course, you can use a week selection tool and stuff like that, but I don't quite like it because let me show you an example. If by command Control C Command Control V, you can see that we get this kind off edges soft edges that I don't really like the mental , it's more accurate. That's why we will use Anto first. Uh, similar position is like the same way that is on this post her soul. I'm making a Copel. There's just so I can make the same composition. So I think it is okay. And, uh, as I said, I'm using a mental Let's go the mental and I will remove the background. You don't have to be really accurate on the hairs because it will look like an illustration like this one. So you don't have toe spend a lot of time on the air. Jason now makes election on command control. C command Control V. So let's looks okay, so maybe I can fix this part right here. Just remove this kind off edges. Okay? Also, I need to remove the hairs on this park right here on the neck. So you used for healing brush tool. I will increase the brush and just grief on this part right here. Just a small deal. Now we can at the background. So I'm creating a new layer below the model on the goto. Radiant on the I have these great and that I've created. You can get the same great aunt. If you want. You can go to the default, radiant and just change the colors one by one so you can screenshot the the greatest dry will use and you can get the colors from there like, for example, for quick on the color click on the color from the picture and you can use it on your grade in 10. You just click new toe. Save it. So it appears down here. Okay, now that I'm out and, uh, I will buy the ingredients. Okay. And, uh, now we can start working with a picture with the adjustment layers so we can apply. Be effect, like on this picture so soon in the next video. 4. Adjusement Layers: grace. And now we need to work on the adjustments. So we go to this icon right here and we can at the brightness and contrast, we can increase the contrast on the brightness. But as you can see, this affects the whole picture. So we need toe apply that adjustments only on our models. So we goto layer great sleeping mask. And this arrow appears, which means that we're applying the effect on Lee on the picture below. Okay, So after we apply the brightness and contrast, we can apply the curves effect. And basically you have these rgb red, green and blue on there is these diagonal line and if you click on the point, you can drag down or drag up and great certain shape. But ah, and this will affect the picture. You can get some colorful highlights from it, and basically, that's the idea behind this, because we just need to create the some highlights and get some colorful tones from the picture so we can use it for the fielder later. So you can just experiment with the RGB red, green and blue and play around with curves until you get something you like. case after I played around with the curves and got these highlights from the picture, we can create a new adjustment layer the hue saturation on that would graze, increase the saturation and just play around a little bit with do that. You okay? Now we can, uh, work with a filters. 5. Apply Filter: case and now I'm going toe group this So I'm clicking on the layer above whole Chief. Click on the layer right here on the brightness and contrast on and just make on this site . Correct. Here, hold hold key and drag it up to make a copy. I'm on checking the layer below Onda. Let's merge Group so we can have this as one dayer on Let's make another copy So when I buy the fact you can see the difference. Basically, we need to go to this filter gallery on there is this effect down the artistic folder called Pain Dobson Miniature If I pronounce it right but it is this affect right here on duh, the brush size is 50. The sharpness, 38th and brush type sparkle. If I zoom in, you can see that like there are a lot off details, a lot off lines. So to fix this, I have noticed that if I create like a reduction of rollers, I get better effects. So that's what I'm going to do. I need to decrease the sharpness before I apply the sharp for the effect with bigger sharpness. So after I decrees the sharpness As you can see, we get this kind of soft colors, so make okay, okay, So after we apply that kind of effect, which makes the skin look like softer and get this kind of colors and we can make a copy of this and reapply the effect just so you can see the difference That's increased sharpness. 38. Make sure the breast type sparkle and that c out. Yes, you can see we still get this kind of lines. There are a lot of them, so we need another reduction of colors and that's cancel this and I will goto image adjustments and go to pasteurize. And here and here is a level four. We need toe change the level toe 11. Think OK on. Let's make a copy of this again just to show you the process and let's go toe filter, filter gallery and let's supply the effect. Now we need to increase the sharpness. 38. Let's see how that looked. Yes, now, as you can see, it looks much better with wavy lines. So now we click OK, it's no. Basically, we will work with the colors and composition that the more elements to it so see on the neck 6. Fix the Eyes: Okay, So the first thing that we need to fix is that we need toe. Make sure to fix these blurred eyes. It is a disadvantage off this filter, but no problem. We can fix this. So basically, I will copy this, uh, layer the that I applied only there the curves and the consideration and places below the layer that we applied the filter and on the layer that we applied the filter, we can add the's layer mask on. Basically, all this works is you have this white color and it represent the picture. And when you apply a black color to 18 deletes the part of the picture that you paint it black And if you re painted white, it reappears, Uh, a picture. So we need to apply a black color only on the ice and on the lips. So first I will change. The there are size on the hardness and just James. I call it the Black. Say I just to get the eyes so it looks better also on the lips. Yeah. Okay. Now that's ah, So mouth. Now we can select this and cope emerge so we can have it as a one layer on. We can group this layers below and group them. Okay. And now, uh, we can change the huge situation. So let's go to layer Creeping Maso. It applies only on our model. And let's see what looks better. Yeah, I'm using this. This one, that's increase it. It'll be the separation. And now we can work with the background than the other adjustments. 7. Landscapes: Okay, so now I just opened some resource is some landscapes, and basically I would just copy them and paste them under on our poster so we can do the composition. And then I will play around with colors case. And now that we place the images some our artwork, we can play around with colors like we can do it one by one. Hm Layers. So, for example, on this one, we can go to the your separation on duh layer clipping mask and just changed the separation and they around with you. So basically, I would just play around with the colors to find a good combination and, uh, and then see what we can do with with some other adjustments. It's a few other tips that you can use to change the colors. For example, on this part right era wanted to make it like one color, not like green and purple. So I'm going to the adjustment leaders, and I would check this color eyes Onda, increase the saturation and just play around with you like make it something like blue. And yet now we can just increase the separation little bit. So that's how you pigs. This if you want to make, like, one color. Also on this other image, there is these kind off pixel ations. So a way to fix that. First, let's check the lier. Yeah, this one. We can go to the filter and under the stylized there is this oil paint on Just increase all the levels on, uh, week. Okay. And as you can see, it kinds off Small is the those kinds off big cells, so it looks much better. So, you know, we can add the butterflies and some other effects toe the poster, so see in the next video. 8. Butterflies: Okay, so now we can group all these, uh, landscape layers on. Now I'm going toe Add the butterflies. So I'm selecting these from the resource is that I showed you before. Man Control. See Onda. Let's face them. Okay, now we just need toe reposition these We need to transform this. So Goto added transform and the horizontal Because I wanted in this direction on we can just place it right here. We can rotate it a little bit. Okay, Now again, command control you just so we can open the saturation. You can click on colorize like we did with the landscape and let's make it like blue or let's see what looks better. Yeah, I think Lou looks OK now we can copy these Hold Old can drag it up on Let's place it some Iraq Here we can transform this again so we can the horizontal on Duh. Yeah, let's make this smaller. That's rotated than, uh, just change the colors. Come on, control you. Let's find a good color. I think this yellow looks OK. Ok, Before I continue on working on this, I would appreciate a good review if you have enjoyed this tutorial till now. Also, I would love to see your project so I can give some feedback and share them on my instagram , so Yeah, OK, no, let's continue working with these. Another thing that we can do is that, like a moon like a great and moon on the background, let's create a new layer below the model and we need to go to this elliptical market tool holds shift a greater regular circle. And, uh, you can use the Grady, and and that's great. Great. Into the circle. Yeah. OK, now de select and let's just present position this. Okay, Now we need toe reposition these great and I think command control T and I just wanted toe show the yellow color too. Okay, on Duh. Yeah. Now we will at some stars to this and then finalize the bus. 9. Finalize: Okay, So before we at the stars, maybe we can get some colors to the I. So let's zoom in, Do you? Okay, let's pick a color like pink color. And, uh, let's go to brush Tool. Maybe we can make the most from normal diesel onda change the size under spent like a circle today. Yeah, okay. Just, ah, small detail. But I think it looks better with this. Okay, No, we will add the star. So I will open Ah, image that I have. Yes, I'm coping this. You can find an image like this on Google. Like just search black and white starts and something like that will appear. So I'm basing this and urgent. Just change the mode from normal toe like something like screen. Okay, now we can finalize this poster by playing around with B adjustments like brightness and contrast. Okay, Now, let's play around with the color balance, so I just some small details. Okay, so I think that's it for this artwork. I hope you enjoy this. And I hope you found the techniques that I used helpful. So as I said that I would love toe cr projects and also a good review is the really appreciated. It really helps me. Also, I'm trying toe post like a lot off tutorials lately. So if you have any suggestions about the next tutorial, just let me know. Just send me d m. Also, if you have any questions off this class something that you didn't understand or anything, just send me a message D m on Instagram and I will try to help you. So yeah. Thank you for watching and seeing the next tutorials by