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PHOTOSHOP: Coloring a warrior draw with pencil

teacher avatar Damien Barban

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Presentation

    • 2. Starting the color of the drawing

    • 3. Coloring, part 3

    • 4. Coloring, part 4

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About This Class

Here is a short course about using the coloring about a drawing done with a pencil by using Photoshop. I'm using a WACOM CINTIQ and a couple of brushes. You find couple of tips in this drawing example, to know more about coloring and making the character more real and also to have an fantasy style.

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1. Presentation: in this course, we're going to see how to do the color often illustration created with pencil scam and by using foot a shop to create the color. I mean to use a Wacom tablet ends this after footage shop To create the colors, you will see every step from a nutrition that is not colored to the use tuition completed every step and every tools amusing in fellowship to create the color of that illustration. 2. Starting the color of the drawing: I'm going to apply color on these administration. I have done this illustration with number paper with my pencil and skin illustration and on opening now the recession with studio paints. I'm going to add some layers and create some color. If it in fact they will create only one layer. I used to do the color with only one layer. You can use several years, but my technique is more simple. Only one layer end on adding background and then I'm heading the color under Canada. I'm showing you several techniques here to do the color for the face and for the urner. This technique is going also to give you some tricks on how you do the light armor and on the hairs. 3. Coloring, part 3: you can see here that coloring techniques amusing is more looking like a watercolor technique. It will give you something similar if you was using watercolor Really Vertical Inc. So this is what is very interesting in this. After it's similarity with normal ink you confined in a in a drain shop and what you can do in the computer. I'm giving you an example with the face. I have foot color off the face and I'm using. Now his British dense watercolor are what to come brush to add Cem the Raven lose and to give something. There's move that's very interesting, beginning the aspect of 40 color, then dance with a car and give you something very realistic. And the rock close to a traditional administration than can mix illustration. But sometime you can work even if you are drink commit. Look with the re fleshy colors. Sometimes you can use this technique to two, drove the cover of incoming book, and then for the armor. It would be the same. You can pick up by clicking on the outs and picking up the club, like in the work directly with corps selected and again, I can play with different values. Think of the green and for the green. Here take the red particular, more dark red in an adding shadows around pieces of the armour. The pieces there again, sending some rights represents the values of the armor. With his Chinese, you can work back and forth with adding some different kind of values into cane of dragon round red, - if it is even out, give you something like this. Have to continue for the farmer, and we can play on the green light of the background to reflect on the arm. So you can keep something here. This that we can be more into detail. Some rays. There is something very dark from close behind. If it does some marks like if you're using in really that paints are really brush, it doesn't really matter because we can give Gained a perspective riff for you. Nutrition. Done. Read no tools. And since I when you are doing great with this technique, people looking at your illustration can't say if you use the software. If you did, the color is their normal ink, so it could be confusing some things. So the key here is to use several kind of red colors here toward the armor and work. There are used parts of the owner. We're not a little working from the flat color everywhere came. 4. Coloring, part 4: - here is the last step of this illustration. I'm going to add some light on the shield. This shield is kind off magical shows. So I decided to create it with blue car and I'm adding some the white light on it so you can see how we can use this kind of technique to create this magical aspect. Then we will be done with it with administration. I hope you get better understanding on how you can use a dream you did with the pencil. Your scan it and then you use clips to you paint to undercard. We will see plenty of other example. But this one is very interesting because it could make the link between the dream you are doing on your paper on normal paper and what you can do with this after