Michelle Kral, ARTIST :)


Michelle Kral, ARTIST :)

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About This Class



peonies and roses are one of my favourite flowers to paint, creating this class was such a joy for me. I hope you will like it, too.

In this class i will explain to you how to paint in a free flowing expressive style using one brush and simple brush strokes to create a stunning watercolour painting of peonies and roses.

If you want to learn more please take a look at my other skillshare classes...

The classes are concise and fun.

This class is geared toward all peony and watercolor lovers. 

come and join me :)

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Michelle Kral



I am a freelance  Artist and Textile designer based from my 18th century former pub in West Auckland Durham UK, where i live with my very tall son and crazy dog Cyril.

My passion is painting flowers in watercolour. I am inspired by the beautiful countryside around me and my very large garden where I have some of the most beautiful flowers to paint.  I also love to share my knowledge and  teach watercolour classes privately and online.

I have a very varied style and prolific way of working, I use a mixed range of media, I just love to paint... digital, vector, photoshop, illustrator, gouache, acrylic, pen and ink...anything that makes a mark!  if i am not creating i am not me.

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1. INTRODUCTION: Hi, My name's Michelle Crawled and I'm a professional watercolorist and I've bean painting color for around 30 years or more. I paint in a really free, loose, expressive style. I suppose you could call it. I wanted Teoh. Share my knowledge and experience with you so you can also enjoy painting in watercolor in a free and expressive style. This is the painting we're going to create in this class. It's a very spontaneous, fun, wet on wet, free, flowing but color explosion of flowers with a really simple brush strokes using one brush on just a few colors. Not too many on dime. Just going to talk you through it, the whole process. I hope you enjoy it. 2. SUPPLIES: I'm scared to walk you through this supplies for this class, you will need to ends and paper. Make sure you buy watercolor paper, and it's good quality. One. I like this one By daily Roni, it's make sure you get £140 or above. Otherwise you'll have problems with paper crinkling when it gets wet on. This is a really good quality paper. It's quite thick, and it has a nice sort of grain on it because it's cold pressed. If you have hot pressed paper, it's completely sneeze. But I always like a bit of grain on my paper. On It's really simple to pain. Simple shakes with one brush go around brush here. This is a Finnish cheap pro Arte brush on its synthetic, and it's got a really nice point on the end of it. I've got to use a smaller one and a bigger one, but they're both around brushes, and you can create some lovely, really simple shaped flowers with them. I'm just going to show you how to paint simple glasses. Walter colors. I like these tubes said by Mission. Make sure you get good quality water colors you can use the pans as well. Winds and Newton pans ticket. I have parrot, This is the palate Concerts, admission pain Just really nice. And, um, excuse you can filthy, but, um, that's how I paint. It's scary, but you could have a clean pellet. Please air my chiefs, as you can see a mixture of really cheap student grade ones from Kop, Windsor and Newton Cotman ones and thes air. The mission ones and I also have a Windsor Newton professional colors, which best to me, they know anyway and the but they're the ones I like best, but they are quite expensive. So I use a mixture, and I like to mix things up because I don't like to keep things easy for myself. Condom. This is my palate I work from. As you can see, it's quite a mess. I have, like 23 older gay with just colors I like on you need some water? I like a nice big jug of water. Make sure keeps nice and clean on and some paper towel for blotting. Elect blocked a lot because I paint very wet on wet and I like to mop up lots of puddles, things. That's all the supplies you need. All right, 3. LETS START PAINTING: flowers, shapes onion to create their No, they're gonna be quite abstract e There. No, don't look like a proper flower, but they will resemble a flower. So you've got off YSL just to do with having fun, enjoying the process and not getting to book down with exactly how flower looks. So we're just you're gonna use the colors you like on. I'm going to start off by doing. It's over a sort of Pinney shape, and I'm gonna use this bright up for a pink. I think it's really pretty. It's very simple. I'm gonna try and fill the whole page for you so you can see the brush strikes. I use everything. I filled up my brush with the pigment. It's lovely pink just going. Teoh, I'm not holding the brush right down here. If you pulled the brush right down here, you've got more control. It is quite good for doing detail, but I like you help brush halfway up and use a quite loose, gestural movements. And I'm going to stop by doing the first petal. Not gonna start off by just using the secret brush, and then I'm gonna press down quite hard. So I've got hold of the brush on. Then lift off You lift off, get smaller Strick to select Not gonna brush again. Get pick up some more pigment do the same The other side spoke it down, lifting up, spotted down Lift it up and you're getting so pattern shapes I'm gonna drop him water because I like to drop in water because I like getting those It's called Kali Flowers. Some people call the flashbacks or water marks where it's bridges out and leaves a lovely And now I'm just so painting sort of petal shapes I I just doodling with brush trying to create in this is it, sir? Sort of pne shape dropping in lots of water. So I like the way it runs in together. And you can also add a darker color in the middle, just like it Spread out where you want to paint Do what it wants to do Drop in lots of water Then why? If you get brushes, you can pick up music, pick town, even block the papers You think you've got too much water? Just that all the colors running scared paint on the one hand. So again this is like center flower from state. Small strikes getting into biggest strikes, letting brush do the main straight asses, adding pain dropping in more water. Don't be too precious about what you're doing. It's just having fun. Planes colors pretty big gestural Maidment with brush Come in, drop in Dr Pinks. Set the colors, blend together, then drop into water. You need a spray bottle. This gives a fine directional misses. You spray this color a bit more. It's just Washington that you can spread and it makes a nice effect. Just play around. No, I think we need to accidentally Eve stuff mixed up Nice green here. That paint leaf is same thing again. Start off light with the brush tip. Then, as you go putting it away from you, press down and then to finish off, stuck pulling up from the paper. And then they forget smaller. And that's a lovely leaf shape, and I, like, just let the color running together. Let's do another one. Start off with thin tip pressed on with the brush lift up and there's another leaf I can even drop. I can even drop more green in on the paint will only go flow with papers wet do symbol palace leaves I mean, in a similar way. Just put them where you like. Watch around your page Is the papers as the paint drying You can drop your more water or color just to encourage those little splash back Bush backs and things just a little bit. I had a bit more interest. Britain come might add a darker pink. Now here. I'm saying pne shape rating petals. Just using the brush to create shapes. You can soften the edges if you want Much is coming in with water going around the edge and soften up nicely. Okay. Well, uh uh, way. 4. ADDING FOLIAGE : yellow. Uh, that's excusing the end of crushed creating Debbie shapes. I don't think about composition and wear your placing things around the paint. Nice, dark green coming. And now, Now? Because I want more precise. I'm holding it right in the end using the very tip of the brush. So I have more control over. - I slept with colors flowing together like port color. Do what it wants to do. Really? You have just adding a little bit more detail with a dark pink. All right. No. All right, all right. What? Oh. 5. ADDING MORE DETAILS: Now I'm just going to paint some extra foliage in just a bit more contrast and depth to the painting. Here I'm using a lovely bluey green color. Remember, this isn't like a riel representation of flowers. It's just just roll. And, um, you can use any colors you like. I have blue leaves, my favorite color to think about the composition. Is your painting on Ada's many leaves and foliage as you like? Remember, if you have too much water on your paper and your not too happy, you can always blot it out with a piece of paper town. As the painting dries, it's still quite wet here, but I keep adding in extra little bits of color. Just add two more decks in contrast. Okay, here I'm thinking about the composition of the painting. I've added another little, but in the class description and contents, I will put a pdf for you to explain a bit about the composition. I'm just adding some more leaves in on just to make it look like, but keep adding Aziz many leaves as you like. Like I said on, try and vary the colors. I'm keeping the leaves in the background of very pale color. Now I'm adding extra fail Ege to this. I'm trying to make it look a bit like delphiniums. They're really lovely blue colors on and again. You don't have to do it to look exactly like we're just getting like the feel of a flower. It's not a botanical painting. Just keep that in mind and just be loose and free with it. I'm just using very easy, simple Debbie strokes on. It's very effective, and then we can drop in extra colors that dark blues and light blues to it, to give it a really nice contrast in debt. Here, I'm going in with the darker green and adding some starts to the blue, Flowers said. They're not just floating in the air, - dropping instant, really darker blue. Just have that contrast 6. FINISHING OFF: Now I'm mixing up many pale blue We greeny grey color Axum like background village to the painting. I'm just using the brush strokes. I showed you a beginning of this class where we just lightly hold the brush on and then push it down and then lifted off again slowly and you're left with in lovely leaf shape. Waste of painting should be almost dry at this stage, so it doesn't matter if you paint over the other painted on there shouldn't really blend in with it. In some areas, it will pick up where it's still really where on this Craig's just a lovely flow of colors together. Don't be afraid to let this happen. Colors bleeding into each other create lovely effects. And that's part of my sort of a signature style process that I love to use the time. Then, when you're happy with the composition willing, you think you finished, Let it do. I like the paint booth way 7. YOUR PROJECT: your project is to paint using color a big round Russ to paint beautiful, free flowing floors, using simple brush strokes on bright fresh colors to create a wonderful free flowing painting.