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PCB designing for beginners

teacher avatar Hostmybro

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

16 Lessons (6h)
    • 1. Intro2

    • 2. Introduction 1

    • 3. Type Of Component Holding Methods 1

    • 4. What Is A Printed Circuit Board 1

    • 5. Making the pcb part1

    • 6. Making the Pcb part 2

    • 7. Getting started with software

    • 8. Schematic simulation

    • 9. Schematic

    • 10. 3d simulation pcb

    • 11. Gerbers and check

    • 12. Pcb layout

    • 13. Realtime project sch

    • 14. Realtime project 3d

    • 15. Manufacturing details

    • 16. Conclusion

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About This Class

In this course, we are going to learn about the basics of designing and developing the printed circuit board and how to design it and the key points to be noted in its manufacturing with a real-time project.


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1. Intro2: Well, hello, everyone and welcome. So the 1st 2 Rilya or the introduction off the Siri's learning the concept of printed circuit board engineering with a real dam project. I'm your instructor, Sociable bunch. And here you can see that we are doing a simulation or a three. Time is no PCB. But just come toe the course and see what we have here here. The course is divided into four parts. I mean, four models model will have its own condense off videos and the people here, you can see that the people that will be giving you the complete recommendation and the guidance while the videos retailing, you completed busy complete details about the thing that we're studying. Okay, First off, all about legacy. What we're learning in the contents we are getting to know over the direction where this print it's that good board type of component hold emitters such as bread words, zero PCV and even busy bees. And then we are going to know the process off many of cutting off printers that good board and after there were going to getting start with the software. Will the cat software or computer aided design software they're using is or protest Eagle. We're going to do it from the basic from installing the software making the skin. My take is that they're designing part of the PCV and here you can see that we have designed A B C V and we're good. Include no over the PCV physical layout in the middle of innuendo. Here you can see that we have generated a design off the scheme. I take into their development windows and we have monitored their tracks and give us a diagram or and you and you can see that we can get a model of the Pacific Date is under there. But I think that we off the receiver is not clear because we cannot get to know about the whole ordeal spaces. So here it is, the only God that will be dealing with the loving off the PCB. In the three time in Syria, we have the two time. It's not real. The PCB here you can see that we can go deep through the eye, sees and get to know about the crystal oscillator about the capacitors, the pains, the bark strips, their transistors dyers and even release. We can get to know what the surface on the ball state. Now, let's just imagine that we want to know to get over the color of the city. So we come here and we see later. Cullen acumen. We can get each individual kal of the PCV off the usual track so we can get to know more. The PCV. Well, don't worry. Over the corporate, we are going to learn it from the very starting to the very end so that we can love our own PCB board. A skimmer takes with the help of the process. I am going to show you something that I am going to be about the busy bee. See, Yet I can remove the layer one barber and getting extract the component. I can get their detail off the east wiring that is going on inside leprosy. They back it. I think that's bag. So I'm going toe rueda PCV in a much deeper where I think that would I can get to know over the connection. And how are they connected to the PC word? Well, this was the three d part of air come across Medea. Yeah, After the simulation off the board and Min effecting off the board in the physical. You know, we want to gender the camp oils or the Gerber. Well, using the camp processor is a very important and critical thing when we are talking over the industry manufacturing. So we are going toe come to know over the camp. Does that begin process in the software and girded Gover files the cover felt of the dart about that content that our daughter off the PCV and how the BCG should be made. So we are going to gender day. There were files with the help of counsel and in the last part, we are going to build with a beard, time schematic or real time project that will be an embedded system world based on our dino so that it can be easily program in our you know. But the world will be hi strand board because it will be dealing with going forward off power and 12 wordage while gardening can sense only up to five. So we are going to make our own specified world that will be in a murder system, were in the last section and we are going to hear from the very beginning off the skimmer. Take the prototyping and it even has got no. And then after we're going to build with the three time is here, you can see that the world that s a PDS type board. But this is the and weather system, but that we're talking about. So we are going to know complete specification on how gun would love this type of words easily Let it come get this off the board that were going through their love Indian and their December there were And the special thing about this course is that this will only go that will be developing or that will be dealing with the three time is not view off the PCB and even the simulation off the logical components. Let me show that dame here we are going to be allowed the simulation of this committee This part here, let me show you This party's committing and we are going to do a simulation off the logical component to get the release of the transients or is a deceiver rejects across it. Okay. And in the final chapter before that, we're going to talk order manufacturing dealt on how we can get the Pacific moment picture from the local and even from the online manufacturer so that we can get the PC we at a very cheap price and a very good quality. And the last section that will be the conclusion. We'll be talking about all the section and what we have done. And I will be giving the link off the books that you can read. So dagger you can if you want to go and deep into the PC women vectoring, you can expand your knowledge and do something good. Okay, this was the introduction of the course, and I hope to see you in the course. If you have a new questions, you can ask me and thanks for watching. 2. Introduction 1: welcome everyone to the last lecture off learning the concept off printed circuit board engineering with a real dam project. I'm your instructor, Xuan Bantul. Okay, let's get started. We are here in the past Morial and let you see what is the content of the first model named Enter in productions. Okay, When the contend off, the first module is you can see here that is introduction. The second part will be covering what is a printed circuit board and the third we're going toe know the different component holding method that I used for the holding. A component you can say I seek babysitters, etcetera. They are a lot. There are a lot of different type of materials, such as the zero PCB or you can say Ah, bread board or you can say a standard PCB, which can be our single layer or double. They were you on up to 15 years, we'll be talking about it later, and the third part is coding. Am the topic off Hope PCV is made. Then after we're going toe, learn about the man infection process. And after that we are going to know about how the main part of the PCV Or you can say the copper tracks are made. And the last model off this section Ah, you can say that that do tell Opus even manufacturing I will be showing you. Okay, let's just get started to the first part. Ah, brother, Introduction Well, about a PCB, you can see that PCV is nothing but a component holding matter You can see ah in every divisor that you open It is a green colored board like this. You can see that in every littering component on the top side off the component you can see there are some components for they're on the PCV on this are called very These are called the components such as the capacitors, the world regulators, the release, the integrated circuits. So you can say I see is the jumper cable holders and a lot of other stuff such as project The bottom layer off the PCB is the place where the corporate tax are made and they're soldered while using the soldier packed and a soldier mask off green color. Here you can see that that is done on the PCV. But remember one thing this is a single sided board But there are my table type of words that can contain even a perfect 10 years stepped up on each other to complete a surrogates such as a computer or a satellite part will be discussing in our course only do part PCB or you can say our polar PCV are popular and a bottom Leah. Okay, Now come here about a circuit board printer. It's a good board is usually green color into later played, which is made off rains, fourth glass epoxy and it has a copper plated on it. You can say a Copperfield ISP later on either side, or you can sit down the both side off the PCV, which contends the electrical connections off the videos components he had. You can see that I had given you simulator drawing off a PCB. You can see there. The parts are in Ah, the parts are connected with a soldier pairs Here, the green color is showing the shoulder pads and the parts are invited which are more visible in the manufacturing process. But we can be made its simulated are using radius kind of Softwares such s three digger. But we're the blue color is the circuit track or you can say it is the men PCV connection. We're doing the components that completely executes and form PCV. In the operational mode. There are the most basic part of PCV because components and tracts, uh, comes hand in hand with each other to form a star good and make the PCV operational. Okay, let's just talk about PCV. The PCV is the most important, while the most common part in every electronics company, it is extremely cheap because it is manufactured in bulk. Nearly thousands or you can say 100 of President off Precipitous are merely just clone off each other to perform the activities. And they are very cheap because they are made in Balcombe own. The PCB. He's the preceding market is extremely hooch because you can see there it is present in all of us. Every component or off electric girl ah, plants is even in the mechanical machines such a CNC or milling machines in or prelate tronics in various other type of electron ICS of Dixon, So just partly don't excellent and so on. So it is a very good thing to come to know about the basic process for manufacturing a PCB . They are divided in your crew parts. You can say that the parts that we are going to learn its first awful getting their design . And 2nd 1 is manufacturing. We're going to talk on both a border designed their designers for the more divided into boo parts. The first part of their design is called schematic. Here, you can see there. This is a football off the skimmer. Take in here. This is the photo off a printed circuit board visualized layer design. I can. So you here in a comments off Bernier as, or duress Keagle Here, this is what are you seeing? The green color lines are the lines that are drawn in the component to get interconnected with each other. This drug does not matters for the physical design of the city, but they are the original component track that are connected to each other Wild, a suitable logic and that is to be used to get it connected and gated work about the second part. You can see that this is the physical part or this is the physical piece it will descend that we're going to get after the process. This boat sections together, covers the process off. Designing a PCV, Let me show you in the rest drag next form. Here you can see their their tracks are blowing, and they are older tracks. The most of the party you can see is blue because it is commonly ground to get the circuit simply fire, and after that you can get a second. We can similar it it into three D to get the exact knowledge of what this printer and to check whether the Gerber's or whether the copper tricks are being interconnector or making a loose connection, and so, or generally just come back to the PCV Gouda in the world. The basic components off electronics are for the more divided into various sections, such as Power Electron is that deals with hair electronics components such as power transmission and digital electronics. There deals with a computational logic circuit boards, such as computers or mobile phones or tablets pieces. Then, after it comes the analog boards. The analog boards are used for the processing off order signals or reforms you have seen. The analog boards are inside the ah speakers, and the order mixing devices and different part is also available that this optoelectronics will optoelectronics is mostly in the still part because in optoelectronics the things that are not used in present four general purpose you can say it the best example off product. Onyx is ah, if I were optic cable connector with a circuit the circuit and is the optoelectronic components because it is dealing with the third or processing optical signals into digital or you can are you or an A look form as but the requirement of the system? The world here is dealing with electronic components, and there are a lot off them, So getting the more the basic knowledge of designing a PCV and manufacturing aboard can be really interesting. In this course, we're going to learn about the PCV. How it is designed, the basic concept off PCV, and it's my notice, the minor part that we are going to learn that makes it industry instant. PCV. Here you can see there the football off the board. This is embedded system. It controls it. Contents A. My sorry it contents a microcontroller, which is I see that this eight mills eggnog a tree to it which resembles the board off rd No, but it has some different complainers on its suggested. The less and the board is dealing with 24 world while the riddle off the reading off the icy is five world. So I will be going to tell you about how we can integrate both the world ages in the same PCB using different brackets and get it the work on various word ages in forming a connection. But the most important thing is we're going to learn about a murdered system. Busy bees because these are the most delicate PCV is because they get the the garbage will use from anything from it. Most fear from temperature even touching. The PCV can give a guard which will live with the microcontroller, can disrupt the working off the S crystal oscillator and can give a false will you, which can give a minute or either a big error. Okay, let's just come back here. This was the topic did we're going to cover. And this is the introduction about the PC market over the PCV award, their design and the manufacturing processes. Afterwards, we're going to build about the manufacturing processes. Well, we do not have to think a lot of other manufacturing processes because the manufacturing off a PC we can even done in home by using I even and ah, heart iron and some for double per. But this process is just for hope is to put in the still level PCB designing and manufacturing really a lot of component, but there are various companies in the world that can make the board very cheap and affordable for the people. Get it done on the productive level and even for the mass production we are going to deal with that. We're going to design the BCG and we're going to give it to a manufacturer. Before that, we're going to see about the PCV, its treaty file. It's Gerber and whatever is required to get the PCV, it's my leg and make it three officers. I wanna I want to show you that to review off PCV just weird for us again, it's loading. It is just an example of what we are going to make our own. Bored by this method in the later widows, I am going to tell you how it is done. Just as an excluding here, you can see there a PCV will appear. All that is made up of Garber files. Well, Gerber files are the files that are made by the software, but they are the universal files that are given to the manufacturer. Any software that is performing the work off care computer aided design off a PCV will generate the Gerber file, which can be any software. But the file that we get is universal for any manufacturer. Get the PCV minute Victor were four second excluding justice again in the last section. We're going to boo that simulation by our own Don't our own design. Let the seed what we got. Well, this is not giving us a clear vision all the preceding. So let me corrected. Let me gratitude And I'm thinking lore and another example. No, it's loading. So let's just work together. Completed. So then we can see the fiber glass epoxy reinforced board. Yeah, Now you can see that this is a PCB which contends some microcontrollers, some different type of isis babysitter. This other called assembly components. Our the assembly components in PC World. There are off through time off component. First off them are the component. There goes through the PCB withhold the are cool, the whole PCV components and second are on the circuit mounting devices. They are system under devices or SMT components. Here. Everything you can see there is mounted on the PC will directly. So they are called assemblies and there are some components that are mounted through holes . So they're called cruel components. Let this come here. Well, in this perceive it there. I cannot found a troll component. But in my basic design, you are going to discuss our the boat off them. Okay, let me tell you about the simulation that we're going to do here. Where? Address type off. Isis, you can see here and various types of components such as resistors and all of them are present here. Okay, let's just get it rib. We can do that by using this section. You can see there are no component in the white thing. There you can see here is called the silk screen. Silkscreen is a matter awful getting printing on the PCV. So they're the assembler. The person who assembles the components off the PCB get to know about which component is placed and work this iterating and how it is placed theirs direction. Orientation by this matter rude again. Now we can see there. There are some differences you can see now. You can see there in this part. There are no soldier cards. And after that you can see that we have the litter. Some tracks. Now there are tracks. The leader. Now again, we're going to dilute some more tricks. You can see there in this part. This is a rocky CV with only drill holes. And there are no Cooper. Ah, cooperating. Or you can say the corporate tricks are not present here. This is a rope recipe in East section. With each click, you can say that it has its own Gerber files. Okay, let's just see we're going to live. So, damask about the side. Yeah, it's done. And about believing the silicon. Yeah, we can do that. Okay, now, about an interesting feature, we can rip the PCV Simply go here and you can see by just turning the M s bill. You can get the PCV rib here. This is the PCB, and we're going to drip legislator first start with components. Okay, click here. Click on the board. It's saying spared it think Bill O. K. Bring the board here and existed a bit a PCB board. They're dispirited by the manufacturer. Without components, you can see their distinct. You will be getting by the manufacturer as off the government, because in this part you can see that there are more physical components on the PCV. But this is the thing that we are getting out of the manufacturer with all the soldier mask , all the silk screen and all the exactly routed copper tracks with multiple former if designed by the PCV and even the distinct that are no, not the solder parts. These are the parents where the printing is completar and afraid they are 10 or in another form. They are covered with nickel, copper and you on gold to get a connection with the company. Okay, lets just would once again let me for something more. Now we're going toe 1,000,000,000. Come here. Let's just bring about the components and let's just make good hollow again. Let's just try something interesting. Come here and you can see the three dimensional view or a printed circuit board. Don't get tense about the software because it is a bit complex. But we are going to learn about it a lot. And about the eagles off where their discards off eagle. And no, it is purchased by or toward Esca. The community that makes photo cared has purchased cuts off Eagle, a nudist knuckle Autodesk Eagle. We're going to boo a complete fresh installation. Off orders order Desk Eagle, Step by step. You on the three. D Gerber Were Will be boom! Done by step by step No! Here you can see that we help spread the PCB. You can see there. The internal corporate tax are resilient. Can you see it? We held spread the PCV and we can see the corporate wrecks are here. This is about a five letter PCV. So it contents a lot off layers on it and each layer has your son, sir Cute or even the connection with Regis of the components. See you. This is PCV. We're taking it here on We're getting a view from the PCV on This is the Pacific color. If you want to change the color, you can simply do it here. We can go to the north of the PCV. We can navigate and we can even take the screenshot off the PCV. Well, remember one thing. The components that are on the PCV are downloaded and installed with an additional feature that we will be going toe, learn about in my other routers and taking up the PCV about the folder. We can say what does a project, and we can do a lot over the stuff. Yeah, you can see that this is the peeling. And now this working we can get the PCV step by step and we can get a complete knowledge off water. They're drunk. That has been made by us. And what is its physical values? Printer by the, uh, by the manufacturer and how we can get it a privilege or the thing that it has done on the precipice order. We can correct if any area is so called before it is sent to the manufacturer. And that thing says a lot of money. Okay, just a beard. Once again, I'm bringing a layer once more the copper tracks. This is an internal track because it is tagged in between the PCB. This is about fourth or fifth layer off the PCV. In between, you can say a very stable, complex tracks unmade, but we cannot see it in the cards off here. So we need to replied that with the circuits are not interfering with each other are because some error by well making their tracks is a simple process. It can be done by Arturo Ding, but we're going to discuss our the mineral roading as well as the other Rohingya. Ah, let's just see the PCB with a closer view on it. Yet you can see that these are the drill holes Data can internal all the layers About four layers off the PCV are connected with this drill holes with each other and here you can see that the PCB is here disorder component on the backside decided the component on the in earlier. Let's just see from there having made it correct or not, other designer guarded, correct are dirtying interfering with you too There Well, you can see that here there is no sign off interference. So the PCV is absolute. Come here something more and no little speck it. So begin, Go dig Then we have lived it and we are picking yet and now that's done just by turning the most well, just see the imagination off the software creator that has done this work. Ah, in eagle or in all of the software's, you can get a duty view while the suppress that s Proteus can get a treaty view. There's a function that is built in protest that can give us a to do. But the most important thing is dead. The Garber spoiled that are made should be compiled on an external software so that we can get a completely new that is, I independent the independent of the software so that there will be no clashes that will be arguing with the software and on other things, you can get the knowledge of the component, but just clicking on it and you can get the parameters. You can even take the model of the component. The strike and the PCV size is reduced. Okay, that's good. This was the PCB. I think that is a card that its holdings of microcontroller or you want some flash memory or near that is going to connect to another computer. Let me get a closer view offered, and I'm going to do something. See you just as a gun hold for a second? No. Here in the folder that we have made a PCV on the thing that we're going to learn here we have. We can also get it in a three times now. You just laid it open, and it is going to get out of there and let it get gendered Surrendering. Just taking some time. I distinctly Chernoff about the software is we don't need any type or for ah, graphic card will inordinate anything. We just need a simple computer that is running on it and we can get all the treaty views. There is no need to buy some experience. You gaming rig or, ah, high performance graphic our computer or anything you can just simply viewed on a normal PC . In all the three more in the building, more than everything can be done there without the need of graphic cards. Okay, or PCV is Lord, this is the view off the Pacific that we are going to make in this the whole section in this whole Courson and let the seed here this other relays. This is the microcontroller that this eight mega treat word that comes in packaging off the i p again an innocent kid at that. His occurring is about the packaging off the component. Let me get a closer look food. You can see that it is a V i p packaging and it is pretty is because its coming just a second. Let me charge my laptop book. Yeah. Did you see here? This is a PCV that we're going to design. And it is a true whole PCV. The components are pretty it remember one thing you have seen there in a similar components Their distance between them are very small white here. The distance between them is 0.1 in, just while the similar components come in. Ah, former off mm, their distended When the component or the prince is in millimeter. This type off packaging here you can see that that has a lot of distance. That just a year to hear this type off packaging is called B I p packaging, please. I request you to carry and nor paired with you with a plan so that you can not all the interesting thing that we're going to learn. This big packaging is called the IAP replicating while in the previous rule you have soon that SMD components are placed in a small packaging. So the are called S O. P packaging. There are a lot of different type of packaging that is available in the PCV, so make it sure there the component there do you have placed on the PCV while designing? You should have a clear view off. What type of packaging is there, then present there? An interesting picture of the component is there You can get a complete knowledge off its mechanical properties. It every another type of properties is electrical properties. It's strangers, character everything but reading off data. Shoot. Let me open it for you here. That is the Agnes admitted through. Do it be that issued Ah Syria. Well Akmal has been purchased by American company that this nearly microchip So the name of Admiral is changed. Toe microchip Atmel Atmel is a Norwegian company while microchip is an American company. The protest has completed this year in two thousands 17 or 18 So they have murdered and now they're calling it Micro Tabackman. This thing you can see that a document off 443 pages were Don't worry over the pages. We just need toe come to know about the simpler part off the component nor were not going toe started the whole 443 pages. We just want to get the knowledge of what we're going to study. Well, the this is the condense, and now we're going to look at the component that we're going to discuss. This is downtown Instructor, you here. This is the pin diagram and the wrister that we're going to connect for the PCV. This decide is for a rare programming. So don't get confused with that. We're going to deal with this part that is 123456 up, hoping to endear. That is the number of the pins. And we just need to get the thing that is going to more about the components. This is the I P packaging rule in land packaging. While this is here is assembly packaging that is as open packaging. You can see that the distance between them is one MM. While the standard when this picketing is 0.1 inches. Okay. And this is the same tube. It has a really basic character. Same. While the mechanical design off. This one is longer. It is a rectangle with long distance pinning. And here this is assembly with very small size in the packaging is S O. P. So they're distended when them is very less. But off them can be used in the streets and before getting to know over the component number. It is very much highly required to go get a basic knowledge or the packaging off the PCB that Malcolm's in both there be a P as well as the assembly. What interesting feature off the assembly is that it cannot be manufactured. It can be the our study. The 70 packaging is very difficult to solder. So for the purpose of training, we're going to deal with their D every picketing because SMT PCV requires a special machine that is known as I C shooter that shoots the PCV on the printer board, engage its older wanting our soldering test your dad Ah, alert days. The piste waas used waas lead but because off certain loss and the Doctor City off the lead today, most of the PCB fabrication and its assembly is done with 10 10 is not a dangerous element where so it is used in place off leg. Uh, let me show you the complete dart issued and the thing that we're going to need possible up in a murder. And don't worry about all the part. They are the variables that are going to require for the programming off the PCV. We have selected the admiral ignorant Ludwig because this is the only PCV. This is the This is among one of the Pacific there is used in a very popular electronics development board that is named R D. No, if you want to study about our you know, you can go there and seem another lecture that this mastering already know from beginner to court wants. If we were any returning home based, it is highly recommended that you just try to make something out off. Already known. Get the basic knowledge of electron exit. You can get a lot from our dino in if we are, or if you want to learn something more, you can go to the advance word than that. This a raspberry pi. Well, this is already know this the absurd of Guardino. And don't worry about the software's we are going to get a complete fresh installation of the software. Always the only links will be present in the course material. You can download the link. You can download the files that contains the download links. I will be giving a good have library. Also, you can start on the net and get the good have library as well as the link so that older drank that were made can be accessed by you. And you are completely for you to do anything we did. Whether it is off for your personal hobby or whether you just come or sell, you are completely free to do anything with it. We'll get Let's just get back to the thing that we're learning here. Come here. They saw the introduction of the PCV. This was the board type. I have shown you both. This part is known a schematic. While this thing is known as the board Ehrlichman window, we're going to learn about all the tools that are required here. And we're going to know about developing a three D version off this PCP. This is something their technology that has no order available in the previous but in modern damaged it is a ready. Common but most effective technology. Because getting a PC and a tree do you? With the help off Gerber's console, a lot of problems can sell a really large amount of money. Okay, I think that is enough for the foot lecture. We are going to meet in the second letter. If you have any questions, please ask me or else Thanks for watching. 3. Type Of Component Holding Methods 1: and welcome to another tutorial off learning The concert opened. It's that could word engineering with Ariel Dam Project. I'm your instructor, Schwann Bantul. Actually, we're going to learn under topic off. What are the different types of component holding matters? Well about holding a component you can say I see or capacitor already stirs anything you need a flight based that can hold the component as well as for where the suitable wiring for them well in alerted. There were similar matters so that they were using wooden blocks and the wooden blocks first. The isis well, they're nice is the vacuum tubes and they're ready. Still, calls were placed on the wooden planks and they were nailed it. And then the electrical connection is made by wire. Well, there was a technology that was used in the year 1800. After there, there were some important genital matured over phone, and first awful was found by the German scientist to Albert Hanson, who waas the first person boozing off food. I'm a snowboard with aside their discontent ing conductor Phil and getting it to rip off in the form off the circuit that dis required, and it waas for a very long time that the material was used and it was mastered within a few years. Another scientist, somewhere American and even the name of Thomas, 30. Some also comes because he was the first person to use the meter off chemical reaction to get the PCV this extra burning diesel and get the PCV innocent develop. But the thing that the perfection was done by an Austrian scientist to fall Eisler, who lived in England, and he mastered the process off PCV and had a pretend here you can see that it is the full job. Albert. Sorry, this is the door Paul Eisler holding on my group will radio. So do you order? Did you? He then was the person who got the pretend for it and Waas, known at the person who designed the more than receivers. But after read, there are very step of materials that are used for the printers that billboard engineering and getting the components placed on order. One of the most common mattered for the program. Typing, which is mostly used first, prudence and enthusiast is the use off zero PCB. Well, what is it? Zero PCV zero p. C V is applied that this mirror off copper sorry ism played their dismay off plastic and has a film. Oh, copper on it. But that's pure. Something about a zero PCV is that it has holes on order and each hole is separated by a distance off 011 in just and each had a hole. There you can see their small squares in the form off. Copper plating is square shaped. Element is separated from other so that it becomes very easy to mount the component, which has a packaging off Europe on one in just, which is mostly used to four for good diving components, I can show you you can see that the person has plays, do the components, and for wiring. He just put a wire on the circuit and soldered for the distant off the system. And another example is there here, the person uses to Isis both have a packaging off the robe on one in just in wonder topside , the isis and the connection is placed, and on the bottom side, they're soldered like this. This method is very practical for making the Proglide lives in the model, but the system cannot be used for industrial or happened Mormons because it can use videos . Other diver problems where this is normal. Northern Most common without forgetting the PCV or you can say they're getting They're designed to start the most common way of getting a design disturbed is the use. Oh, uh, bread board. I'm going to show you just what words again. Here, The string you can see a white colored substance is called bread word aboard the bread world. I'm going to show you something, Does it for a second. This white color thing that has a lot of holes on your that This is a plastic body that has a middle line forward connections leg little over the connections. The report has to type of writings on it. First of all, you consider from here to here their connection is completed and from justice again. And from here to here, a district diver connection disconnected even percent places I see from here, here, here, here, and get placed on Earth. Then he can get the connections to the old line so that he can connect other wires or other components. I remember one thing. The last two lines on the West Side. Off the bread board are the long strip short deadlines From here to here, it forms a continuous connection and the next one from here to here. There are two lines on its side of the bridge board and SPS Eltingh about bread board is there to be read. Verse can be connected to each other by using this small white color lock. One grade war on side house of mill lock while on the desert had a prima looks order more development boards can be connected for the project And this is the most common mentor for getting a circuit for good diving because you can directly place the circuit on the bread world and there is no new toe solar their things to get the connection while in bed board the cliffs that are placed on inside that are from here to here, working really long clips, hold the component tightly and get the connection for program driving. It is the most common materia. Okay, this is the bread world. It here you consider the form of connection that is going from here to here a lot off our dino project. You can make anything from it. This is the connection type from here to here, a straight connection or Lanta shorter. And from here to here, the data vertical lines are shorter. So in the between is a channel in which, but when they're disappears from here to here and the PCBs are gonna care on dices are placed in this eight year. So they're eat. The American has a say, bread car separate general and General can we're gonna take two videos of their components . As for the requirement of their design, Okay, Now come back to a thing that we're studying. Okay, there are the who mattered there have explained you there are other methods also, such as the kind of thing the components directly with the nails on a wooden plan. But that was the first method that was used about 200 years ago. And it is also not a practical because you the size of the system is very large. The system becomes in reliable and it causes. The component even can get damaged by certain hammering and all other process that is going . But there is an interesting thing. Some off the analog components that are used for and I look, signal processing are placed on a wooden board because they have a interesting characteristic that in wooden word there does not generate this today. Their rooms so it can be used toe hold big components. But it is not idle for the little components over another diver components. And look, can we get on wooden plank? But for bill collectors, there doesn't have preferred. Okay, this was the astri off the PCV and the different types on motor that had used it. This is Thomas Edison who used the meter off chemical treatment of PCV and this ball Eisler , who had loved the complete concept off PCV and used it in the radio. Frequencies are good. So for really communication during the Second World War. Okay, if you have any question, you can ask me or else Thanks for watching. 4. What Is A Printed Circuit Board 1: Hello and welcome to another section off learning the concept off piece of engineering with Ariel Dam Project. We are going to discuss over the topping that is what is a printer's a good world. Well, a printed circuit board is aboard that is made up off into later material. In our guests is is fiberglass and imposed a poxy board. As you can see here that has a conduct according what a conductor foil on any surface off it can be on the same side where it can be on the wall cider. In our case, it is on a single side that does the bottom side. It has a conductive oil on it. Okay, you can see you. No, about the PCV. The PCB is made off insulator as a tool you and a conductor surface. But how their tracks on with Well, that is an interesting question that tracks are made by the process off for dog chemistry by the methods off older chemistry where we are going to tell you that in for dog a mystery the cat bring, as you can see here, is processed by a camp. Campuses are within the software it creates a gerbil file. We're going into detail afterwards over there, and finally it will be printed on transparent sheet on the pages were their tracks are made , are covered in a black color while the prejudice where their tracks are very more are printed in our prosperity. And it can be waste for sub because there are two processor printing. 1st 1 is Eddie do and the other one is subtracted. Now this all hell, it's on chemistry and I will be telling off the words about date. First of all, I'm going Billy, that the after the plate is covered with the film and it is placed it discovered with the chemical and then after words, it will be processed under ultraviolet right. The chemical is for back to so whenever it goes under ultraviolet like it solidifies and the rest off them does not solidify. So Wenda played with the chemical is put in acid as per the subtract imwithher. The player gets results in all the places where we want. Their track argues this type of tracks because on their part, the chemical waas solidified so it does not get dissolved within the Assyrian medium. So we can get this type of tracks by this method. Okay, you can see there the tracks. The first of all, I'm going to tell you our district track is the land that is a to do within the copper film . With that disk, order on the insulators off sense to get connecting terminals between the different components and a way to get the current flowing through them. As you can see here, this is the bottom part. And this is the top part on top. Part of the computers are placed while on boredom parts. You can see that it is covered with a green insulated material that discards under mosque soldier Mosca and a white colored part living things on the board side. Off them, you can say this part are known as silk screen. This is bottom cells screen. While this is top school self screen the cells, Crane tells the position and the name and the type of component that is to be placed on that specific part. Well, you can see there in our case, the PC we has components on well side one side, while it is soldered on the other side. So study I'm going to tell you that. How does it happens? I'll give for their will to go in the background. Okay, here we are, the printed circuit world. And let's just talk about the components, okay? No, we're going to talk over the components. Someone's are basically off through pipes. 1st 1 is pt it or passed through hole in our guests. You can see that this is passed through hole components. And the 2nd 1 is S M D or system. A big noises. I'm going to tell you and show you what other both off them. Just root for us again. Here in this guest, you can see that the tip is mounted on the same side off the PCV where their tracks are made. This type of placing off chip is cold system mounted devices. And also it is my mistake. It its surface mounting devices. While the prince you can see year our place on Silas. I'll give and their connection is so learned on the other side of the circuit. This typo placing is cold beauty edge or passed through whole connections. I think it is clear and visible. Do you okay now you can see that there is a difference between the length distance between the pins. So I am going to tell you the difference. How is brokers and what is the meaning off the difference? Okay, The PT edge about the pretty it what Pts The components are placed on the opposite side of the soldering while in assembly the components are placed on the same side of soldering the packaging off pretty its components. It's mostly B i p all dual in line packaging or it can be single Lindbergh aging while in the assembly mostly it is S o p our the packaging. First of all, we are goingto get a knowledge of packaging here. These are the basic type of packaging, but in most of the cases, we are going to deal with two type of them. That is the A P and S O P. Just were for a second this type off. I see packaging. You can see you in our case. Also, we have used the icy like this. This is D I p picketing. You'd miss dual in line packaging in this type of packaging. Their distended win their two points is 0.1 inch while in assembly packaging here their distance would win two pins is 1.27 millimeter. Once again, they're distended with packaging is 0.1 intense a while in a 70 it is zero point, you know. Sorry, while in a 70 is 1.2. Soon I request you to please carry on north pair and a friend. So there you can knock down the important things that we are going to discuss. Okay, now just get back to the packaging types here. This is known as D A pre packaging. Now we're going to talk about an important thing. That is how bullied a pin number off when I see it is very simple at every I see whether it is rectangle or whether you did square. There is a not mount er on the side of PCV And we have always start from the letter from Moshe. Do we help ago you destroyed from the left. Here it it's 123 and so on. And when it ends at eight, we're going to continue our the backside 9 10 11 till the end. This is the type of packaging and this is the metaphor reading up in numbers in an icy. Now we are going for the SMD here. This is the not to just as again, I am able to me it clear and visible the Donati's years all we're going to date a 12345 after that's 89 10 11 After that. 14 15 16 17 After that, 21 going to And so it is read or less in and the clockwise that is the need that is the rule for leading up to see me Not sorry that rule for reading the ice in number again Go back here this type of packaging Just be a pre packaging. Then it is used in drool or pass through a hole Components No, on supper. Mounting devises they have a picketing there is known as S O. P. There's a small outlined packaging. Their distance between them is zero point. It is 1.27 or 0.5 in just yet. It is 1.27 for 0.5 Indeed, that is half off the baby. But there are a lot of different type of packaging there. Just as opiate that is even smaller and the r u F b about what I see is you can see here the isis that are using in this case also has a court type of packaging. That is, we're about a second excluding the disc warfare plaque dedication. Here, you can see that it is all around the icy again. There are different diver packaging. This one is interesting forgetting because they are heavily integrated package things. This is the court flat packaging Here. You can see that and this is a sober privileging. Okay, but about in the still components our extremely high performance components. Or you can say their award them. My group was served that are used in computers or raspberry pi. They held the highest or most advanced type of packaging. That is BG A or you can say it ball grid array. In this type of packaging, the conductors on the conduct you prints off the icy are placed at the bottom off the I C. And they are in the shape off small, sore little balls that are placed on inverter the flats. Our president has darts darkened that the computers the secure. This is more as ball grid array. And there is a really expensive but at the most advanced type a packaging that can be thought off as a good again. This type of packaging, it has any special double option. You can just place the I C and get it logged with ah, clip or something like that that is mostly used in the computer Sapir use or you can sort Let it also with special type of machines. Okay, we are getting back to our own thing. That is the difference. Well, doing SMD and pretty it okay, PD it is mostly the I p or the packaging similar to the A P that has a distance off 0.1 in just while someday it's mostly eso be that has a difference of zero point 05 ingest or you can say that of 1.2 still on mm three d. It is the one off the most or less technologies or packaging. Why? SMD is quite more than pretty. It has an example off release. I'm going to show you here. Here. In our case, you can see the released are among their here with the metal off footage while in this matter that I see that has an S O B baggage is placed like this. So S O. P is mostly for Isis that have a small footprint that has small sizes used eso users and Soviet package. Okay, the interesting thing about immediate is this simple. It has large components and it can be done with hand. Moreover, it is very cheap while in S m. D S O. P packaging, it is very expensive because most off the cases, it is not easy to solder the components that have a Soviet packaging because it is very difficult to solder small components, it can create shorts of goods. So it is very expensive. And in special cases you have to use some very expensive machines Such S I C shooters there are really costly and they're they're programmed to shoot. We see with the eye sees, are specific locations and even solder them again about me. Idiot in power tonics. Well, mostly, in many cases, pretty, it is used. In some cases, you can also see a someday. But in most cases it is pretty. It that issued while in the utility of burning suggest computer Mother words or raspberry pi and you on more than you're earning that how the little electron is in a mostly S M d technology or s corporate packaging issues. I'm going to show you here. Here, you can see that mostly components are surface mounted like this. Like this are the registers. This is I think this is or deservedly and just a minute. This is a register, and this is a capital. And this is a world is regulator and this is and I see this is a crystal oscillator. We will. We're going to discuss about all of them in the later will use. And this is the box trip with the pinheads, and this is pretty is mounting. Um, I clear with that. Okay. Our that you FP or court footprint packaging or quarter flat packaging Man steak, which has a footprint off 014 to 1 amend. That is extremely small, so it can be done with a machine only. And the ball greed is the most advanced matter. Well, packaging as off today because in my group processor, let me show you something in my group A society, you can see that and I'll just say in helping them for I am going to tell you something about that. This is a painting, for that is a single icy. And on the other hand, you can see that this has dots and these dots are connected in the ball grid array. And this type off, you can see that it has the ball grid area on it. That is a full time is no matter off when a tender terminals or the prints off the I C. In our case, that is a microprocessor through the connections that are mere on the mother would this year, you can see that this is the ball grid array. See the complexity of the system that this highly complex and the placing off ball grid array and even manufacturing it is a challenge. Okay, now we are going to see something in dusting. Okay. Sorry. Now I am going to show you how the layers off the PC we are formed. Ah, about this certain section we have. Let me tell you something. This is a single layer PCB. There has component on the topside and the soldering and soldier mosque and all other things on the second. But there are PCBs that have more than one layer. You can say Tulare, three Lear and even up to 15 layers. But their type of PCBs are used in telecommunication or defense. Okay, we are seeing a cooler PC gold here. Well, I think it is not visible. Quite so I'm going to clean it so that we can get a better perception off the thing that we're seeing here. Yeah, Now I'm cleaning it up and I can see that it is quietly visible. Now you can see only two colors. That is blue. That is for the bedroom or the bottom side. While they're ready that this water smd it is the topside, say, here you can see the loser kid layout or the aging is done on the bottom side. In this matter, the practice is fairly complex. I'm going to show you an idiot with a very small distance between the whiting that we are going to discuss in the little chapters. And they just come again here. And this is the top layer that is also a fairly complex, are good design because it has a lot of connections and they are a very small distance with each other. This type of PCV is a cooler PCV, as you can see here. But what about a trailer pc, for example? So come here and we'll tell you about a thriller PCV interior PCV. It has cooper at the top at the bottom And while the copper is a top and bottom, there is a corporate film in the middle of it that is covered with a plastic film. Here and here You can see that all the copper plates are isolated with each other by the means off you Plastic prints. OK, but what about the connection between them? For example How can it here to here? Let's just say it is a complex PC we design So there are conductive holes that unmil on the PCV from here. This will go here and from here it will not directly were. But this will form a circuit and go here. This is for a tree layer, but one about a four layer. Let me explain it to you. In four year, there are two piece of ease. There are two layers. They discovered we to the plastic film and this is the top layer. While this is the bottom line here, you can see that the dispute copper plates or to Copperfield's between three plastic films . And by this meter, if you want to connect, you can do it like this. See it in three D so that you can get a better perception off the conductive holes here. This is a multilayered world, and we're going to rip it up. Okay, let's just do it. See, yet this is the bottom ofit. And here I think you can see there. There are some holes. These are the conductive ALS because they conducted the electricity within the multiple layers as further desired architectures. And they're not always straightforward from one end to another and where they're stops in between, multiple differently ever that is designed. As for the design engineer, Okay, I am going to experience complete. This is the bottom layer. This is the solar mask. Daggers off green color for our case. Let me show good in slowly. This is the soldier Moscow in the wire thing that you can see here. It's cold, the silkscreen, because it is used for printing and placing the location off the component. This is the middle coppery layer or copper film. That is, until it did between two plastic friends. And there comes and another plastic filling. And then the top layer. No, you can see that all off them. How This whole like creatures on this our prayers You can see here. This are here. This is a conductor who Let's just see it intriguing. So that we can explain it. Innovator perception? No, I think it is clear to see here this is the conduct to terminate that is going from one end to another. And okay, let's just do it with another thing here. These are the conductive rules. There are from one place from here to hear. Some rules are not strictly from one side to another side there. No, but piercing a birthday will stop from here. You can say it can go here and there or anywhere. Ask brother. Design off the ingenious we're going to discuss routing in. The later chapters were just given the idea. Their tracks are made in the design window with the meter off routing. It can be men. Well, it means done by hand or it can be ordered holding. We're multiple layers. It is required that the design is amused by the meter off roading because it becomes very complex for their designer, who made the connect assumptions for the drill holes and get it correctly. But I really expert engineers can do it in a very simple and remember one thing. That is a really expensive matter, and the engineers get highly paid for that complex Descents. This designs are mostly used in mobile phones, in telecommunication and in really complex machines such as computer motherboards, even in droppers and anything that you can think of some heavily complex engineering that condemned some electron ICS with Harry Engineering. Even you can say a simple display machine that have a complex display can help multiple layers off the city. And the Nina years are getting highly paid for their design manufacturing, and they're designing okay up the deck, coming back to the topic here, the through hole components are mounted with wire legs. Remember one thing in the previous times and as off Walter Buddha, the soldering is made off a composition or an alloy off lead, and then, but lead is highly toxic, so it has Bean rejected for PC V's. As for European standers, even American standards in the world is trained. Go or later and there is the gold. It only a single alert. That is been what? A mixture of different colors that are non toxic And this type of pre CVS that donors can do not contain layer are known as R o. It s complaint place. Nor there you have seen the symbol off PB and cross on various PC bees. I am going to food there like this, and this is will be across and in layer Britain will be we be with me. You just saying that the PC does not convince lead and it does not have something that the images nature but remember running PC. These are really toxic, so they can demand nature. But that isn't another thing, but they do not condemn their as off those thing off the manufacturer. Okay, well, here these are the components and I'm I'm thinking you are simple explanation off the components. Let just come toe the internet and I'm going to show you water capacitor C A B c people as cava suitors. Visitors are basically off road IVs. They are literally medical visitors and cinema capacitor all you consider that A seeker Visitors and basically visitors Well, another their serum ing. They have 10 long term visitors and a lot of different Avoca visitor here, this big cylinder is an electrolytic capacitor, and it has a very common description that it is mostly used in D C components. The black line that is going through one end is the symbol that dis terminal is negative while the other one is positive. But here, in this case, this are the A C capacitors or this are non polar cap visit does so they can within a turd in either off the way and the other terminals for them. And here you can see that this other tantalum capacitors they are another day there other than the Ceramica visit does. But they are known directional capacitors and they have different agendas. We are going to discuss our debt litter the this thing, the round one. Here you can see that this is a ceramic capacitor and this is a film covers Eter. I'm going to show you this rare one here. You can see that this is most commonly used and there is a pill incapacitated. This is also an issue component Booking You can see now further dyers on windows Plenty. I o d d. This is our die order and I will be going to expand your dessert tired. This thing here is called a dire and this is the best explanation for our dial. Whenever in the skin my day you see a sign like least basement. This is a dire remember wanting decide is positive while the side that contains a line that means that it is a negative. So for for advising the should big you positive all day while they should be you a negative and so long and what this really started. Please leave my mother someone's home so as possible. These things here you can see are the registers and this is the table off color coding off register. You can simply Mr other instance off register by the help off Amal Dimitar barred for the gin off knowledge or for any condition in which it does not was civil toe. Get a knowledge off the re stencil, the color code being matter it's used. I will be giving you an example here. Just waited for getting loaded. Here is the color coding example. Here, you can see that it has multiple burns on it. Okay, You disturbed that 1st 1 is the number. A 2nd 1 is the multiple and 3rd 1 is the power, while the 4th 1 is the person days off that is black, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and so on Gold and silver. Other Children says gold is 5%. Well, still is 10%. And this is the number that are significant for say, here example You can see that it has, or in their distant dreams on number 33 multiplied by the next color is rare. That is 100 100. The next color is also ready. So this thing that it has a part off three indoor tenders to I lived mitigated. Currently, that is 3.12 kilo home. And if there is no color, it means there it has a cold rinse off 1% or you can say a 1% error or in the symbol off the resistance in PCB, designing is like this zigzag. This is the symbol off distance and busy with is ending. Okay, here we're going to close the chapter and this other description off. Basically, what is a PC in a detector? We're going to learn about the process of how it is manufactured, how it is design and how the components are placed. Donor, That is an another topic. We are going to debug it. We're going to compile it. We're going to simulate it in three D. As we last. In its analysis, you can say they're simply the PCB working or not working. Okay, this was as off today it please note down the thing that you require. And if you have any question, you can ask me what else? Thanks for watching. 5. Making the pcb part1: hello and welcome everyone to the another. Lecture off Landing the conservative printed circuit board Engineering with Israel Dam Project I'm your instructor, Xu on mental included. We're going to London topic and disappeared. How a PCV smeared? Well, the basic process of getting a receive email is defined by the two different type off works . First of all, the main thing is, they're getting the car design all the PCV computer and second. But isn't the process on my ineffective in off the PCV? Okay, let's just get to the first part. Our designing the PCV. I have to tell you that in the process of designing the recipe, it contains certain steps. You can see your first ofall vineyard idea or you can say we need a completing that we're going to burn off that we're going to do. You can say award for any function such as a blinky war, a blinking bore. You considered a blinking board that contents allergy and that flips itself and toggles the value from 0 to 1 or blow off on off street again. Then we have to make certain logics in organs leaders think off my Grogan bloody year, so we need my group controller. It's crystal oscillators. Capacitors were irregular, nursery stirs, and a lot of other stuff along with the wiring didn't read it. A logical how the system will work. And the third part is making the schematics. Really from here, they used off software begins here in the US Committee. You can see there were using or Talker Eagle or pro desk Kulbir. There are videos, software that can be used in place of words such as Proteus and RDM or the one Pro Tell Rotel has been used in the previous plans, but it can also be used for prudent. Then, after the process off, designing the physical world incurred here, you can say that we have a lot of physical water in the care to get the visit dimensions off the world and good providing complete terror in the prospective logic. So they're the world functions as it is device to and also should be complex I so that it can be put into another missions. The next step is there getting the world forgetting the Gerber files well, about the garble fires the gover, five other, even your cell codex forward. You can use any software. So just Proteus, our damn bro, tell Eagle and anything what you like. But in the end, when the process of getting the governor files there, the in yourself filed all the audio software will gender the same file that is used by the manufacturer. Cooper. Does the board this mean files are known as Garber's. Caregivers can be 6 to 7 type of covers. The basic I'm going to tell you that they are so just sell Extreme lower or Wharton silkscreen up. We showed the masking off the complaining. Then, after there comes a soul, Germans, the green color think that you're seeing on the PCV is get thing from the soldier mask. All this while scan in comes in the form of Gerber's. Then, after the next parts begin with the cop earlier, the most in more. Most of the cases in a multiple layer border were to insert the friends in between two layers. But in general we are going to use it on a single war. So we knew the Cooper president of a single board only, and there are another type of file, so just top player files. Bottom layer files middle layer copper files over the connections about the components and even a border, the conductive walls that are printed on the world. All of them are often in the form of Garber. So dirty in your PSA Universal file is used for any manufacturer to get the president and make aboard there dis required. Okay, we are the governor. Now let's get back to the thing. And after the governor, there is a process of visualizing the older times. There were no matter who visualize the board off while as off loaded. There are many three dimensional soft person that can be used toe the covers and treaty as well. Let's see the prototype of the boards so that brought a tenured and improving it from any technical area that can be seen through eyes or any logical forms. Then, after here comes diameter off them, ineffective after they're designing process. Answer. From here, the manufacturing off the would be in. There are basically two types of my daughter off. What's matter is sending it to him when fracture and the manufacturer will take care off all the things. The second thing is making the board by ourselves. I have to say that it is a nice process, but it is not required to make the war as ourselves because it requires a lot of toxic chemical substance progress chloride, sulfuric acid and other things. I really it can be easily done, but I am reporting to the manufacturers the making Obesity is just four whole based or in 12 Z as toe. Make the thing in a quick and they don't require high accuracy as well. Let the coast is very low, so it can be used like this year. You can see the four goes off the receivers. They're done murder. Okay, after the PCV is completed, the basic design with holes and all the copper tracks arranged properly. Then comes a process off assembling the components here. You can see there. The various components that are here are placed on the top of the world and soldier on the bottom side, about in multiple later ward. It can be in word, and the word components can be assembled time as well as booty estate when they're soldier . As for the solar mask is defined and ask for their track. Birds are defined okay. And the last state is testing the protruding after completing all the processes we need to test the board on the specific physical parameters such as temperature will take your brain and current surges. And even logic is working properly. Or nor does it have any shoe with other components and does it here itself. And all these things are destined in their testing. Once the borders we needed, the drink can be used to make the board in the form off thousands off clone wars that can be used in various industries as well s as in a plant is okay, But I have told you the process. As for the PCV designed the video software E, please take a pen and paper. If you want to write this off brand names such as Adam or Nordiska Eagle and Proteus Protest has a build intraday viewer. But I report to use artillery. They were viewer for our third parties to order. There will be no 10 tails off again is a very famous software, and it is going also we used to but tell when I am going to tell you under that boat, a damn and produce are weird software wild Auto desk. Eagle is free software. It just requires a log in tow or pro desk environment after downloading the software so that we can work on this off. And it is mostly for students who want to descend the PC's while under the airport years, and Diem has various features in it. Build them where they're extremely costly. So as for our study, we're going to use order Desk Eagle because it is free. Now the steps was so full designing the schematic, getting the logic correct and getting the things Asper, the proper wedding. Should we done according to their logic, proper supply should be given, and all the things are made in the schematic form. Here, you can see that the skimmer take has all the connections. They're not required for the logics. And this is the skim ity. But this came intake is nor the board you hurt. Ocampo are different window for designing the physical board he had. You can see there. The board is made in a different window and all the connections are corrected and order routing and directness has been sold so that we can get the book. Will the full measure important steps are completed. They're after We hope to come toe the next process that is getting that camp completar and getting the camp processing. I will tell you in the next model bird, Asaf, today I'm going to just show you how the things work did open and let me take down the files that were requiring. And here are the files by the name of who? Let me check it. Well, here in the eagles off where we are working on the schematic form here, you can see there we can easily get the things completar and we can get their design of the preceding. As for the wiring that has been been here and this is generally for creating the logic and getting the parts of class to the world. So there comes with a machine that is going to be designed. Yeah, I should work properly. And there are a lot of components and the all components. One thing that is important that it does not show the physical value of the components while in schematic form it is just showing the symbol right now. Here is the symbol off a seven Everyone Do I see that is a linear regulator that is used to stabilize the world dead off the system. And these are the signs of the molar escape visitors that we're going to see in that this other signs off the pin strip. And this big thing that is here is the three to it. I see. Remember one thing you can see that this thing here, this is the crystal oscillator. And these are the known for life skeptical visitors. And this is designed to contain too. And this is the register symbol in European. You can use both American and European as a vision. But make sure that you have the problem. We're off material so that you can gender a pile specific to that, and you can get the components as simple as possible. Yeah, the sign of a transistor, this other parts of the relay and these are the other parts of the deal. As you can see now we have to go to the board saying Forget bleeding your and just doing me another while there is going, you can see that this is the board that we're have designed and we will be. I will do so you know, from scratch. So that how can the world can we design here? You can see that the show Is that really where you're yelled? I mentioned off the components on that. This is the main part of Were all the designing off? The PCV is this is the simulation. Sorry. My mistake. This is their design part of the whole process. Now coming to the next news reports again, after getting the governor's hour. We're talking. Are the governors here? This icon you're seeing is the campuses disc liquored here, and we can do it by our one word. There is a better method. Cruel do That is to get a job, a drug user file their days. I used to get the governor's off the system with multiple layers. Also, it makes 5 to 6/5 as per the required. So they're the files can be sent to the dole apart. And he can make the, uh you just get a job. You can see there right now. There are Let me check it. Do I have a specific job or not? You hear the gamma and here is the job. Now you can see multiple windows. Come here. This other top, still clean borders, this consoler mask and all other and real piles and 1,000,000 files. These are the five that were generated. Just come here and there. The process to process job and normal developers region redder with each other different format. This are all called together as the cover feels now coming back to the B. Then here These are the simulator parts and the governors, while there were generated, will be sent to the manufacturer so that the manufacturer can the process. The board asked for the requirement and complete the various things that just silkscreen soldier Moscow there doing our credit bed Isil it actually can go leering The paired with 13 and all the in drilling and milling on all those a process that can We are done by this man when the manufacturer checks the any fold in PCV But remember one thing the main factor does not have time to go that thing. So be careful while reading the PCV and take your logic Christ, So that you are free from any logical letters. The governor files are incorporated in process on various machines. Just Miller's drilling hole machines and various Lord of other machines so that we can get the finally world and the feeling that is going to be used is also dealer by the Gerber's. Okay, this off the process, their time will tell you now over to manufacturing Gross's after the most important thing has been completed. You can see yet off of year we have completed everything. No, the rest part is for the manufacturer. So the manufacturer take scares off the rest from here, put off to hear in some cases, and then also here in some special cases of all the many will the board that we owe us Computer and the governmental surgeon greater than the files are sent to the manufacture of the manufacturer generally take the files and puts in various missions, such as Miller's building machines and all other things to get the world computer. He used this a reinforced glass epoxy reason baseboards and there discovered with one side or the wizard of Copper as further design required. And when it gets completed, does system issues toe drill the holes, get the thing Miller and even covered with shorter Moscow and in giving the seleccion for the naming. The process is very special because it requires a lot of chemicals. Toby Completar First, the full film that has process well, I Before getting to the film, I have to tell you that there are two occupants method I just used for aging. First of one off them is getting the copper our off, the extractor put out of the war, and this material uses two things. First of all, is doing with her while the other one is stuffed in 80 do. Part of the extra earlier is covered of black while in the substantive part extra earlier that this required is called inward so that when the solution is supplied with just altro, a letter reactive gives the world a solid liquid on ADA solid Maddaloni. So there, all the places where it is no good dead, or you can see the black part of the film got dissolving it completed, and when it is put into, as it's a just a very guessing or the combination of desserts, the method is commonly attitude that is used in this process. You consider the copper places that substrate Kinkel, as I told you, and the surface is covered with a plastic film that is inward of the diagram so that it can You read the blacks of the world and after that, the whole system is substance there from the extra apart, and we can get it lean PC with their tracks on it. You can see there. The process can be done easily at home, and this is the process. Their wisdom, he discovered with a lizard rendering, then president an irony. And after that, giving it in the solution off ferrous chloride. Within 30 minutes you can get the words design out of this is impractical, but it can be used as the process of Hobie. Anyone requires that the process is explained. As for the industry, matter is from here it is starting in the in a cell matter. There is a very long chain, a process that is going on to complete First awful. He uses the governor files. Then, after the genders film that is inward, as I told you earlier. But before that, he used the several matter settled. The reason the board that is to be used to say, taking the world toe the right dimensions and getting the film complete there. Then, after putting it into ultraviolet light so they're looking Girl gets hard and and then, after putting into India, came because then the circuits can get out. But the main circuit that is designed I used can stick on the world. But remember one thing. We have just entered the tracks. There are no holes. So for wholesome, a special type of machines such as Miller's and the drill files are also required. So they're the machine operator can get demolished where they have to drill, or where he had to connect or mill the things for various other components to their test on the woods. After that, there is a process awful getting the Soldier MUS Soldier mosque. It's a green color coating on the PC word their superiors tracks from in. The conditions are just shorting and you unproductive tab threat from getting oxidized. And after that, there comes a process off covering the prayers with 10 so that it can record properly, and there is a 3 to 5 stop process that just covering it Rettendon after Allied and after. Even in some cases, gold is used for very delegate and high performing machines such as microprocessors. Gold is only one used for going the lead herds or pin bags 6. Making the Pcb part 2: Hello, everyone, and wriggled under the tutorial off learning the concept or printers are converting, donating with the dam project. In this video, we have divided into two parts First whilst making the printed circuit for part one. And yet we're going to talk about the parts again. Well, here I am thinking, explaining the complete process about the process off PRESUME inventing. As I have told you, let's just begin from the starting. First off, all glass fibre epoxy resin based board is used for printing the PCV, which has one sided which has one side covered with a Copperfield. Okay, the board has been taken and the size has been decides. Er decided what we says. The board has to be made. OK, and now the next process is getting the Gerber piles and developing a film that is inward off the circuit. Here you can see that the blue color, the blue color will turn into transparent and the black color you can see here will turn into black naturally and a layer off epoxy. A special type of ultraviolet reason has been placed on the board, so they're the only part that are covered with the black light will be protector while the layer that do not have the your production will not. The chemical will not effect After a disperses, you can see that the victim is ensured that no air bubbles are travel doing the foil and the photo resist. Okay, the printed circuit packed and mass is live on the $4 the panels are exported to an intense ultraviolet late. Because of the ultraviolet light, the the chemical gets harden and where the place that the chemical cannot get created with the broiler light becomes loose and it can be easily watchdog because the mosque is clear in the area of the printers are killed or part on the four tourists in the area are ready gate and become so level the mask is removed here. The film off the plastic in that discovered on the proper side of the PCB has been removed in the surface of the panel is spread with an alkaline developer here, the Alka Mendola past mean work is to present a preserved a circuit. Okay, and it dissolved the places where the copper is. Toby read Acropolis Toby tipped off from the surface. Okay, the panels are then ill appropriated with copper, so they let populating off copper on the Sir person. The method is used is a price is in the process of electroplating with the chemicals such Asif, Where us? Sorry, my mistake, such as copper support and the chemicals with acidic based such as hydrochloric acid, is used for the process of privileging. And if they love em, film off copper or corporal, providing off the size off 0.1 to 0.2 in test where you can say that is your open 0 to 5 mm to the rope burns. 05 The area is still called the four door is kind of at a scattered on the floor so that if we get a very fine Phil honored and the film is very exact goods position another. After that, a layer off tin and lead well latest Nordea's. Now there's so a layer, often ISP. Later on the places. Word off. The Cooper is copper tracks, admired so that it can be a product Ilya and protecting the copper tracks from oxidizing and it also gives are finished. So there's a soldering. Can we done very easily on the copper. Okay, the next step off the manufacturing, the folders is stripped off from the boards and you can get a clear track. The PCV with according often on it. And the teen board is a spread with an acidic solution, which it's over. The final Cooper. So copper conductors that are on the day that on the board and because off the coating with the 10 the President knows harms march that included areas. Okay, the copper plating is on the printed circuit board is protected by teen. As I have told you, it is unaffected by asset. Okay, the finger conducts idea here. I will show you some finger 100. Katya's Come here. Yes. Here. You can see that this 80 s where the content off the isis or component with the PCV admit is known as finger contact. India. He had Yes. Here. We can see that. The finger court? Yeah. I test to the edge of this substrate. Connect through the printed circuit board. Okay. The contact fingers are massed. Awful ender. Just off the world is splitting the places where the context army our first covered with 10 . Then after with nickel and in some expensive disease. Even gold issues for where the connection. They're tailored coating on the side. Brazil defender started work is really for us and easily oxidized. Have to protect the panel from fast through a re flu. Wellderly floor is like an all one in which the PCV there is coated with a thin in place is placed inside it. After the temperature gets high, the A 10 on the surface melts end by melting off the thing. It gets floor to the PCV, an area where the copper is a they Yeah. Here you consider the area off the corporate very slurp over when placing in the, uh, one, that thing gets flowing on the surface and made the complete PCB with the cover tax covered with tin and gives it a sign me and conductive surface flew from exercising that each panel is after that. The East panel is sealed with the epoxy to protect the circuits from being damaged. When the process off components is our Ted. Under the instruction marking here, the instruction marking is the metal off riding a stilt cologne. It I'm going to show the circling here in the process you can see this white weight markings and this worldwide workings. On the surface, off the PCV is known as still screen marking. This are done after that our ladies completed. So they're the component assembler can get the knowledge off this type of component and with direct central replaced on the surface. Okay. And this is called silicon and the green car is called soldier Mass. Please note down. If you want to get a brief description, you can get it and you just have to keep the things in. Knowledge is not done that the panels are then cut into India. I have no, I have not told you that the panels are not made in single, but they are made in a pregnant off 15 20 even more by world, are copied in place with a common states considered in our single process off easy with the Loveman. The PCV during BBC's can get out of the same thing after their the boards are cut and is the PC. We get an individual identity and there were just are still rough. So they are smoothed a small smoother and the individual both are passed through several machines are place the electronic components. Well, placing off the lectern component is a very critical thing because ah, nowadays, Demeter off Boutiette is absolute bird, the mentor off suppress Morgan technology, or SMD. Technology is very high because it is the component side is really small after salute. The packaging s I have told you the packaging tractor is very small as well as the same. Two communities are common in their place on the same side of the world where the complainers are place and they're soldered on the same side. Who can? So for this, especially machines are required, such as, or Dogmatix older pasting machine, which covers the contact with solder paste as well as the PCB with solder paste. And then after this place and then all one so that the solder paste gets flowing on the surface to get a smoother contact. You know, the very small type of components are placed on the PCB with the help of a special type of machines. Such a specialty basically shooters. Special types of machines such as PCB shooters are especially designed. Let me show you something. Sorry about the PCV shooters. I was telling their peace. We should note that the special type of machines that are program as further diamond some the PC view so that their fire the complainers on the PCB on the exact location where it is to re soldered. So small components get. I test to the PCV at very exact locations, and they're soldered on another type of large components that you can, you can say is to be less or big Isis are placed where special type of robots that this reward used the my third to get the component on the specific direction. Esper as the governor file. So there the PCV with the same with the component that just very quiet our place. But what over the big components will ever the big or or shaped components that cannot replace with Robles Arab finally assembled by humans manually So they're the old shop components can be placed on the PC with the right terminal connection is happened about the soldering When the award this or doing this or doing is Denver to metaphor. So full. The first mate there is using a machine order award, which is very high speed, and we can get a lot of receive is completed, but our the or components it is not a civil disorder, them with a machine. So humans are required with high school so that they can solder the PCB on them with assembly. There are several technologies that are developing so that assembly assembly components can also be a symbol in the PCV with okay and the flux Resolute desk has been left as we are applied. Flux in the post is then clear with a special soldier answer. In most of the cases, WD 40 a chemical which is used for planning the PCV issues because it is this four degrees in duplicity and getting a fine service. Okay. And we are the some of the details of the manufacturing such as this committee is their love. Then after the process, we are developing the board and in our case, is we're going to use a micro controller that is a military to work, and we're dealing on five, so there is no chances off your day just in here. But this could also contains some real s that are working with real world. So we are through design aboard that can That will help to part first, Awful will be dealing with five words. Well, the other part will be dealing or 12. So we are going to learn new techniques and that depend more another model so that we can get a border of type of dead logic and getting work. We don't get the work done here is the photo off a PC with that dullard by hand by some guy on Internet, And here you can see there. The PCV is looking very simple because it has been learned by hand in the process off your laser printer and her Thailand is used do with copper sulfate. Nick. Sorry, ferrous chloride solution to eat, aware the extra parts anger their tracks down under and then after it has maintained or in our guests, it is leaded with the lead despair on the surface by the user solder wire and the computers are then assembled as further descend. You can see this was the model one and we have successfully completed in model. We are going to build about the schematics and all other things that were going to use in software. And this will be a life project, So I request you to please get computer working on it. And we're going to install so software, so be ready for them. Okay, If you have any question, you can ask me or it is taxable watching. 7. Getting started with software: Well, hello, everyone. And today Welcome toe. Another serious off learning the concept or printers that keyboard engineering with are really damn problem. Well, let me correct myself. It's okay. We're here in the morning to that is getting started with the software. They don't see the contact. Ah, first of all, it is getting started the software. Then after that, we're going to love the basic concept of scheme I take and we're going to learn how to form a schematic and get a logical. Then we are going to learn about the common parts and cool in the schematic as well. Us in the PC redevelopment window are to get the physical layout of the PCV and water, the calculation or the things that we are need to know before developing a PCP towards the placement of exact component to get it working properly. And after that, we're going to make a design with receiver's schematic as well as for the PCV in their development will know and finally we're going to similar ideological circuit off the PCV as well as getting the view of the PCB in three D with a different software and we're going to talk about that afterwards. Hugging Let's get started first. Awful. Getting started off. Well, I have cold dead. I have to tell you that the software that we're using is ordered. Ask Eagle, But well, there's a reason because out of desk Eagle is free, forced, prudent. And it is easily available as well as it is more simpler than others after such as I am or Proteus, when it shows better things. And most important, awful. It is free, of course, for developer toe becoming educated with order Desk Eagle can benefit us a lot. Okay, let's just see downloading this software. You're going global Google Chrome. Just as against opening, I think I have legs like No. Okay, this is order. Let me make it simple and exact. Would you goto the search bar and ride a u T o b s que or the rest Eagle Eagle waas apart off cuts off USS or where, but it has been purchased by Autodesk. Okay, Goto the free software for educational and students with Lydia, and it's gardening. Okay, here we are. And we have the software first of all, we need to create their account. If you have an Kong, then it is very good. And if you don't have an account, our please create one because the soft quicken on living downloaded by signing into the burlesque eagle. Okay, I'm signing in because I have an account and creating are going just releasing values that Are you going real idea in a region Religion Permission? Yes, my meal. And it's where you're playing in my password. It's great. Fine. Let me write it. Okay, I have type my password and it's with you playing just taking jumps again. Please wait for that. Okay, My password is authorized and we are enough. We love down rules are there for the educational words or for the free world I'm here. First of all, we heard getting downloading. We are going to learn our the system requirements. Well, everyone has a simple computer about about before or painting, tendon or terrorist Eagle. It does not accord any kind of specific things, such as graphic car or much ram or even north every hard. This is a court order desk, and we are getting our educational license here. Most of all, I'm going to talk about the system requirement because it is waiting. Boarding? We are going to do work on We loss 10. So we'll just say 188 100 all are allowed. And we're going to do our work on 64. Pretty Okay. And it requires for the next please Nor down the corner 2.6 or evolves required with excellent one. And you consider libraries that are required for it. For Mac, it is running on or brings down a world with excellent okay and about legacy. What over the graphics were going toe. See, that does not ask anything. Just asking for a mouse because getting to work on the card is very difficult if you're going to work with Leopard. But it is very simple if you work with a month, okay? And just a normal screen off. So wonderful before was undeterred. In Dallas Geographic are more than aspirin. It does not regret anything's vision. Okay, we're here for my system. It is with no stand. So I'm going to click here and it's downloading, but I have downloaded previously before starting the dose, I'm going to show you this. Okay, This is our grotesque eagle, and we're opening it it is about 90. So no one would be and it's a fun five. Okay, I'm going to run it. Let it run, asking me for started creations. Okay, I will give it back for a trade. Him. I accept the desired login dirt under We are going to near for getting the software installed in the calm Buddhas, and it stunk, is installing. It's a small software, so it does not require anything special for that. Not having anybody know you grab your card. Anyone solution is very simple. Remember one thing when we are using the student license that they're loveman page off. The PCB is small, but if we are using a provisional licence, you can make it larger. But you don't need Larson get done. We can just boot in a small Lydia because we are just praying. There are a lot of other things that are ingrained in Eagle 815 So I ask you to please update your computer to understand or get it of detail. Why Microsoft Windows? Because 8.5 does not run on the system does not have proper net framework as well as middle visual screwed us and starred in it. I have done that previously, and I was not able during them. But here I have completed my get off this town. So it is very easy during. And because the Brits are required because we're going to use the specials off just in despise. Retire for simulation and a displace the boat out the software for stimulation. So it is very much required to place a dentist. OK, it's sweetness. We're going the long legal. And here the eagle is launching reports again. It's launching. Yes, this is the Autodesk Eagle, and it is required for us to get a signing after installing those off. Then I think that you know will come sometime. It does not come. But that is not the matter was the subject. Okay, you hear about the goodness off? Where? And just see what going in the next part. Going Going over the schematics. The software is opening with force again. Okay, this is the address, Keagle. And this is the control panel. If it'll you can see that leg. This is the portion I resigned in later. You can see that this is the portion where we are going to create a project, a schematic aboard. We can also install a library. I will be telling after the lively and use their defining language can also be installed in Eagle. We're going to discuss it about the in the last chapter. Okay, but now this is the control window. Feagles. We have new options. Windows. If we want to get some examples, you can go to the Project, Lincoln example, and get the things that were going toe get example. I will be giving example of simulation in this mortal. Okay, but villages got started in the first window here. We're going to click in. I always prefer to go to Skim, I think because it has a proper location for them. This is the skim. It wouldn't go the most important part in the rascal along with the physical development, you know, And in this, you know, we are going to love the things that were required. Let me tell you about the opportunities Are the bottoms for multiple layers? These are poor moving. This is for delayed. This is Robson. And this is the important. Wouldn't that is where I didn't the components. And it requires a lot of time open because there are a large bulk off life there is. Okay, let me get something for you. We are going to take a pinhead being hurt up in that uninstall on the board that I am sure you previously. But it's in what it's like this cooking love for stating it up and right Click forgetting escape. Okay, now about Whiting, the icon for writing is this one Okay, you can move the mouse. Well, so I This is why I have as good to get amount because it is very simple to get it done with the most. Come here, click here with left leg and you can get the wire anywhere you want. I'm bring it here. Greatest escape for stopping the wear. And you can do it here and like this year and escape. This is for wiring. And what over deleting? We're going delivered with daddy Cycle been icon and delayed and delayed. Whatever Moving click on the move icon. And remember, you cannot more object from anywhere. Always just zoomed to the part and always see for this plus sign because this is don't live with their from where you can move the number. I'm looking here and I am willing it here for coping. Click here. Three year. Sorry. My mistake. This is that I can for copping time clicking here. And I can get another thing like this from here. Okay? Whatever. Writing something legacy. I'm going to write the Hello. I'm going to click. OK, now I can find the word hello yet And this is the thing that is required for movement. Click here and you can move it. And there are a lot of components such as the junction there connects to wears. We're going to learn about them in the for the rodeo's. Okay, I think this is enough for the introduction in the next video. We're going to learn a lot about the scheme it takes. And after that, we're going to learn a lot over the physical nose. And after that, we're going to simulate everything that we have learned. Okay, let me give you a complete somebody. Please note down it on a paper. First off all over the software, the software we have used his order desk Eagle, because it is free and it is a very populous off. Eagles apart off a difference company that has named s Carrot Salty USA. But this has been parted this year by our eagle. It is a very common software and can be used to development off large work on in the cellar . PCB designing also remember one thing that software such a screw TIAs and our temples agenda Edgar birds. And they all have the girl, but at the same time, same type. So it is not required. Any specific thing to get the PCV board computer, you can use any of the three software or any other software dug hundreds, the cover file and we can do the cover files. We can get it. They love on the board, and you can do a lot of things with the Grateful for all this. After the governments are saying okay about Autodesk Eagle, we have going toe will ask were ordered. Sq Girl, we have signed inland over the basic installation steps and the system required that it doesn't require anything. But I specifically will ask you for data software. If off dead, the windows, if you're using it, won't one ordered because it will not support because it doesn't have the crop per net framework and we c plus plus visual. He started on it, so it may close problem. If you are on a 11 I suggest you go to then And if you don't want to go, then just a radio PC. Have you seen when you're good to go? And there are the door installations for Macon Next? I have told you about them. If you are working on Meghan limits, it does no create a problem because in the end of governments are the same for everything. Okay, let's just go back. This was the front window or you consider control panel of the Eagle in the last section you can good example of to create a file we're going to file. Look for New and Lucas came a day. You can also make a project if you want to do that. And after click on that. There are the notes like this. This is their development. Sorry. My mistake. This is that you know, for the systematic or get a color has changed. Daunting about this I will tell you are the words of our deck and we're going to close it. We're going to close the girl. Yeah, this one is discriminating. Do. And that was the physical window. $4. Man, we have learned about the parts are just moving the components. It does not work area. It is only working on the plus sign that it's on the system and for copying. We can use this icon for deleting. You can use this icon and we're going through the leader. But remember, wanting all the controls off the object is only through the plus icon. So you cannot click here in yen engaging the leader. But remember one thing. Every component in the eagle has a plus point that is over the general fruit or only from that it can remove the leader Copy. So click here and its later success And here learn about the text and in the later with us we are going to love our own logic with asking my dick and get our things get done. Okay. If you have any questions, please ask me. I will be more than happy to go do the answers and I will be I will be asking you a lot of things if you want. And if you want to learn more about that. You can get the books that I will be suggesting in the end of the video. Please, if you are going to PCV, I recommended you highly get really to get the books. Okay, If we want that, I'm going to show the books that were going to go learn If you really wanted to get into the PCV designing. Okay, I'm here is the last movie you know, the heart of the book names that require it's so the great work nickel and ground We worser Elektronik materials. Okay. And the other book, Escutia. Dull Education. So Men Frightening Engineers to Reference Book that is been written about the rules and Hyman and another book is made of exiting assembly hind book That is also forward brothers worse. And if you want to learn more about PCV or anything about printers, a good war and you can get a lot of desert paper, you can even get to study about the retains from the links here. And this will be a file that is going to be downloader into the last model. You have about 10 downloaded. If you want to learn over the books and I think this is enough for this radio. If you have any questions, just ask me or else that's watching. 8. Schematic simulation: do another lecture off loving the concept off printed circuit board engineering with a real dam project. And today we are going to learn about simulation. Okay, let's just come here. Well, what a simulation about simulation simulation is a type off experiment or a practice in which a virtual environment is set up so that physical properties off objects that doesn't mechanical strained electrical, would they just transient except right can be found in the real time before manufacturing off the object. A simulation can be very useful for the process off preproduction reduction. So a simulation is prepared in most of the left owning and sometimes it can even give you a very clear value our the things that are going to happen in the PCV or in any other stuff well, about a simulation It gave me a very simple PCV simulation in even. It can go to the level where the process off simulation can take several hours for solving the problem. Okay, we are going to talk about the simple simulation. But the interesting thing is that we are not just going to talk over the simulation in the eagle, but we are going to talk over the simulation with another Softwares and another on land are platforms also so that we can get a clear view over the simulation. And how can we benefit it from it without purchasing decks? Will your hardware and the things like that well, about the simulation that we're going to learn in Eagle is beers on spice. The Spice is a soccer program that does love in Bible using University of California, Berkeley, and it has very become very popular and has released a very last number. Overtones, or spice, such as a despise and despise. In Ingle, the latest Virgin off Eagle about include Out in Zone A bean supports the Indian spice built in it. So we are going to talk only about the Indian spice. And after that, we're going to talk about the different that oc simulations or whether doctor, then on in dinner, first of all, I'm going to name that poor simulation simply we help in this place despite president right down. If you want to make some good notes, I request you to write down four Eagle we are going to talk about in the spice. L despise and difference five spice program that required another software platform that this crew tears that has built in function for testing the system as well s. You can program the already know by putting a hex piling. But eagles is a freeze software, while protest is a prevalent. So be careful over there for starting the magnetic properties off electronics. Sir, Kids go and say, Being in doctors are big coils or transformers. You require gecko G E C K O gecko that is a soft, very specifically designed for part and tonics and heavy magnetic properties in the F B M M perimeter for the electronic circuits. For different types of simulation, you can just similar the PCV using a three digger were that we are going to do that in the next section. And there are some online polls suggest Pinker Gaggle separatism. I own the boat are the part awful door Leske and different platforms. Also, we are going to see them within a minute. First of all, let's just get to the basic definition off simulation. There are other tools that that are additional eagles off, but they had used for the process off simulation off the circuit board and you can say most latest risk omitted part off the PCV that is being simulated. So this simulator is built in inside the eagle dated spice dinner by U C. Berkeley and a lot of words and has been the Lord. But for Eagle, we are using into space. Okay, Another developed through dissimulation software is three digger, but we're ended. We have talked that we're going to learn that after in the next morning. Okay, calm down, and let's just click on Eagle. I hope you don't It it's opening. Doesn't for a second pregnant once again. No, no, I think that slowly let it be. It's loading to sticking them time. Okay, let it take some time. And, uh, we can see what else we have to study. How here is the food of the simulation off. I don't know what is it? But this is the part of the Indian Spice that building legal and I have done a simulation off something that I just forward. Right, Okay. And after that, we're going to learn the making off the board and you on a simulation and all the process we are going to get into the physical windows after this model and get nothing done like twice. Okay, the eagle s open. I just don't tell you. We're going through the file. We are going to Well, only that. So we're going to cancel it, and I'm going to show you everything from the beginning. This is the control panel of the Eagle. We goto say projects and there are a lot of examples, but we weren't injured space. So we go to India Spice and say about we're going to study about opens and oscillators were going to do both of them. You cannot generally make a simulation off simple legal component because they every part of the eagle requires a in just by spoil. And that is a lot off complicated. We are going through described after, but simply we are going to see some building examples here. Okay, go here. We have open negative food. Redwood credibly first started using l m stand for one or um or operational everywhere at 10 kilohertz at LPL opens arcade using a macro model. Okay, far so religiously. This target here you can see that the oldest supply off blustery in my ministry and this is the A M, which has a star gate and this other We just component of the them. Okay. No, whatever. Simulation. See your can you see your here? Other pools were going from backwards. This is the setting. This is the old model. This is the place pro. This is the world. This group, this is the desert dollar broke. And this is the most important for us. This is simulation. We're going to click on simulation and here the simulation is open. Just see on the table simulation that one operating point D C. Sleep, Sleep and Randy were going toe. Let's go and make a living. Most of what we're going to get the things from the straightforward is easy. Well, care. We want to see their Well, I don't want to see what right now, but you can see what if you want. We are just going to click on the simile, and I actually gonna It's takings on them. Okay? The positive simulation has started. It will take some time to do with the calculation. And here you continue the floor that going out is I just really for the loading Expressing what? Going Our food is the calculation, and this is the per clock cycle off the calculation that is done by Eagle so you can get them. No live everything that is going in inside of the Eagle. You can say that there are a lot off calculations, something about 7000 but that's a really with number within only coupon force again. So you can say that it is a very fast off there, but let's just see what the fruits is. It's loading and still loading will take some pain because there's a lot of calculation and it is going to produce a. So it's taking some time and about simulator our food. We have the necklaced. Also on that is going toe do the value that were required. Let the Lord or Purpose A I want to pause the video and started from the eagle has complete medical processing. Well, okay. After the food movement, the process is completed and we can see the grabs here. Okay, we're going to analyze the graph. You can just point the mouse and get the values on the right side here. The 1st 1 is telling our the frequency we have a zero frequency we have a very health frequency that is going from leaden counted. That is for dear 1008 165 point due to a very high value or 60. I just can't get the value that is about 800 a pistol 1001 186 or you're more than that. A D 800 eight million existing. One legis forget, really. I'm going to serious trade. That is a 71560 That really number. Okay, our the lines post one, the red one. You can see that is the correct the Let me get it corrected. The order in which is not a period is we am in. That is input. And the thing that we can see here Yes, we every hour Davis for the 1.85 at this one. And that is our food. And we are The 2nd 1 is my nestle. It's going negative. I think that's going to bode offices. And either work to supply is not showing up with. That's very, very low. And I we stu score well, you can get the values yet you can get the Wellies off the log scale if you want to get there and you wonder. Select signaled. If you want to select something, let me do a report for two, sir. Good. So that we can get a parameter. We're going to see that a new two signals and apply to India's and see what happens here. It's happening. Just taking. Sometimes there's a lot of calculation is going on there just will put it am going to oppose it once again. And I moved afterwards that okay, I do not require a post here. You can see that only two signature 1st 1 Yes, we in the desert in port. And I think that zero while the 2nd 1 Yes, we are truly deserve you how that's going from zero going toe. Ah, you can see. I think that's the heart of portable up. We're currently in a land that is going down with a very steep guru. And here you can see that is the in word builder and it is going again upwards. You can see that the value starts from zero to the bottom car. It's minus 56 158 Sunday at the tip of Denver Bell Guru, and it's rising once again in and reform or you consider writing. That's Ah, I didn't That's about the rubble or I Barbara I'm just confused, OK? You can do another Functions also said Yes, we are going toe to say we're going to apply all the things and getting the graph. It's taking some second. Okay? We're going to select the signals. We're going to select all a planete India's and just work for the things to get done. It's happening. Just taking some time. I'm going to pause the video, and here you can see that everything started. Now let's just get the loose in the lock, Scully through one. We're turning on the log, and I think it's not happening long. We're going to keep their debut or the civil law. The civil is a skill off the amplitude off the signal veteran, this from zero to. It can be negative also, and each value off their decimal that dries. Use a power off log. 10. No, look to the bespin. Okay, that's all the signal that we're going to get seem litter. And now let's just get the transient car over. Wear no una start stopping. Will you ask, Will this is the operating under the city already. One of the things it's happening. Just taking some time. And that's the calculation. And where did the blood legacy? I did the same broad. Okay, let us see a different simulation. Now, we are not going to do the simulation in Eagle, but I am going to explain you a lot of assimilation in the various other software so that you can get a better perspective on the thing that we're going to land. Okay. And now I'm going toe, minimize here and open the Google chrome. I think it's opening in your force account. It's weapon now. Here we are. Well, first off, all we need to go to go Just type PCV simulation. So I can they lose the things that are going on here on It's just taking some time to get connected and get rule there. Okay, that's loaded. And the thing that we can see here is a bonus. I remember the product off ordered X is circuits. Oh, and now it has been transferred to finger again. If you want to note it down so that you can know did okay just cool, such as in the spice and easy UDF, that of famous one. And let's just go through the big One. Like this stinker card. Tinker Card is a mobile store, stools for eagle for simulation and Gary modeling or board a mechanical components as well as the electronic circuits. Okay, first of what we are going toe, just view what this easy idea and we're not that we are going to perform some experiments and they think, let the easier the open. And here is the easiest. By simulation with easy dear, you can get a brief description about it, and here you can see there for the simulation in the easy your spice, you have to make the circuit that is off the scheme. I take same as we're growing in the eagle and then, after really good in this past stimulation here you can get probe on on the transistor that were required. But remember one thing that most off the modern component, or isil, does not have library for the spice, so you can get some travel while making the simulation off them. But there is a biggest thing that you can get. Our simulation issue can use the best product that is mad work. So symbol ing with Madeleine, I will show you. It's extremely complicated date, but it can give you all the values within a single software. Let just say our electrical currents. You can say Think of anything aboard the electrical parameters, magnetic parameters, Probably turning, hitting off the circuit. Thermal properties, mechanical properties just stares at you. Just put the proper calculation you want off the ice is and you can get other things done in the make love. See milling seemingly just see electron ICS. But the most problem addicting all the maglev is this very expense. You you just can't think off if we're going to go for the hobby. But most of the school turn Call it, help or says allies into the network. So if you are a student, you can just go to work on left and tribe practicing Matlin. I requires a lot of practice, and anything you do make do the real for men left in the future, and we have same scapula toning will. A new double product, which is ended in the mid level, is other than some willing that this time scale dissimilar does seem willing, but it is much better. You can you in their love, you run a pretty sensitive So it's opening, just taking some time. Let's just say your selector, the country and the things running religiously What happens here? He, uh uh, we can good converting from C chord sharing model Since chemical me, all the things are here. Let's just see their to do really off the things that we are going to do. I'm just wanting to know what something so that you can get a better perspective. We're going just from their direction, letting most. So I think we're going to see you now. See, what is you You I think that's just sorrow motor. And it is controlling a linear at Twitter Devise And I think I disagree about it. Only you're going to say it. Okay, that would you have lorded. Now I'm going to play for you and get a simple example of the things that are going here that's running, elated, run their distance, Cape Electron ICS. And the thing that I told you that it has all the mechanical components even with the electronic components, and that is the real and the best taco simulation that you cannot. You disconnect the components year, get the values when you consider the deep values inside anyone. The most important thing is that if you're going to work on a new I see or renewed a big you can create your own perimeter. But it requires a lot of learning, and I'm going to make something for study material. In the future of our do does. You can see all the things that are stand serves Obama. But to devise active do Is this motors at your stomach under first part of next? Just click on them, put a mathematical equation and get things out of this Waas the maglev team see milling. But now it has a new tool that this time scale I think we were done with locally. Just see the complete that thing that I told you that our the Magnetics electrical thermal mechanical. And although the properties this is about the control system well over the control system, I have to tell you that the advance control system is the thing that they used in making their Brunton rubble. So if you are Indus Trading Brunton reward, I will prefer you. I will just guide you Or I will just say you do study. You can say cardinal systems from basics to your doors. Okay, it's happening. It's laying about the thing that is going on entire dig and the thing that is running, you can see that you're on. You can get a simulation in the same way that we are awaiting The simulation of the PC bills for the simulation is in motion. And the most important thing that you can send Road A C C plus plus scored directly from using the Michael. Okay. And you can get the things done very far, very in a very good man. And the best thing about maglev is that it has a multi Roman. We say it has a multitude of mass committee. You can connect the physical components such as, ah, handover award. You can connect the physical parameters of the servo motors and the things that we're going to need. You can connect this or remote, argue with the property that tard. I think that you are required and you can give it the electrical halodoc. A roundup were dead in this type of signals, such as peace PW that is required for anyone. You can program your own things for the microcontroller or the simulator controller that is required. And you can go all of them in a single window that is called the schematics. You can love your state machine that is a part of convulsive system, and that is really required. That place a lot and you can get the block diagram. That is the most position part for developing assist. Okay, let's just finish the with you and we're going to do everything in their bingo card in future. We are going to deal about my class. And I have been making something this other things that you can do in Medlar the best type of simulation for all at once, even everything. But my clever requires a lot of processing power, some high performance computing. Even my club refers to hell going to use the parallel processing method. Okay, enough about my love. No, go back to the best thing that is there. Going through that this finger can remember One thing for tinker care you need in order desk ideas. So I just ask you to make an order. The sky Day so that you can get the things learning our finger care. You can have the thing that our three D designs it. Ministry declared more link there, make files, and you on their three d printing files also, then the circuits, and we're going to discuss about the seconds. Okay, we are going to clear and secure, and we are going toe. Just explain you the things that we're going to learn here. Okay, Just leg Lord and lived hitting. Begin. I'm going to show you the basic schematic off the fighting that we're going to use in a microcontroller board in our you know, because I think this is the best time for you to get a simple knowledge off what is on my group controller or and why I kinda microcontroller get connected. Oh, how can I control allergies or any other equipment that just motors on really the values from the center and so on. And if you want to learn a lot off a lot of the things about the migrant onto a lot and dilute the deal dam projects that visit my court that this must already know from beginner quarter once and you can just motored down a surgeon's on the website. Okay, you know about the thing We're going to import the already know here, and I have important. Are you? No, no, no. Revision three. It's taking some time to import the late great import this click and drag and drop hitting . I think it's then here we haven't rd No. Now next thing. And the most important thing about the PCB I heard told you previously that complaining holding matter is a bread board. So here is your bread board. We are going to do ever tell wiring on the bread world so that you can get for this knowledge or what is a good and remember one thing. The wiring is same as going the whiting. On a physical book like this, you can see the shorter lines. This whole line is shorter from here to here, and this line is shorter from here to here inside there. At least they're called the component, but we're going to use it for holding. Let's say we are going to hold in the things that are the worst. What do we need? The most important thing for the tectonics is led and you were performing the most basic example off them. But the system that is a hello world, okay, back moving the most well, you can zoom in or zoom Oh, first off, all our the register ongoing really their their existence is proven. People. I think the website is working a little bit slow and it's not kilo home. It's simply Goodwin younger sister, and we have led that rental 3.3 world and Bordeaux color doing before. Let's just say I want a blue color. Really? Okay, there is no for connecting. Just goto the in terminal of the Alloudi. And this is the same matter for making the simulation in eagle or poor basil. So but this is the most basic and simple. So if you are a starter, I will prefer you going on the finger card. Just place the wire from here to here and displays the wire from here. Go. Let's say I think that this aground, so we're going to connect it with the ground on the thing of our reality is that always the longer leg off the odious positive and the short leg is, the longer little led off the led is positive, and the shorter leg is negative. Okay, We're going to connect the signal terminal on the war, and we're going to connect leads here. This is the whiting schema Tickle the bread ward. And for already know we're going to use a pin number seven. Okay, we're going to click a wire from pin number seven and drag all the toe this line and this General Gore completed. Let me explain. This is sorry. This is the where they did the circuit, and this is shorter from inside in this bag. And so this guy can interact with this, and we are getting a signal here, but yes, this is the site pose. Do they require? And we need a ground. Where? From here to here. So just click on the ground that is already know. Click here and click a one wire less here. Okay, everything is done. I'm going to change the color of the wire to black four. By the understanding of the circuit. Okay. No, come to the court. Well, I know that you don't require the thing, but I am forcing you to learn something coding. Please take a pen and paper and noted down in the corner window, we're going to program The most simplest form off KBR architecture is are you know, we are going to practice a simple go running. I am going to explain it in a very simple pattern. Don't look at this. This are the things that are the block real programming, and I really don't prefer it. But if you want to do something creative without heavy programming, you prefer it because it is the modern technology writing the programs again. We're not going to click on rocks. We want text. That is my favorite. Yes, I'm going to do that. So that's a continue. And here the program is divided into two part time women believe they reading and write a space program for you. Okay, that is don't look at anything. The program is divided into two parts. 1st 1 is words it up that side of the pain that we want. Who? High law. And if you want to a program just for one time, you can write it in works. But if we want to run program foreign finally long time, such as blinking mobility from own talks chaired that I did Here are now please know that down The things that I told you for declaring the pain what we've been Do we have we helping number seven on our, you know, simply right here p i n capital Imphal The capital is because we discussed since you been more guilty records and sleeping number seven, comma output outputs of the capital. But what does that mean? It means that the pin number seven off the cardinal is used as an orphan. So it will give Ah high Will you off dead when it is art. Now, come to work. No, simply write the I d d l The blue capital R I p d little right. Invented writing the pin What it is setting up in will you high or low whatever we want. We are dealing with the number sense that I've been number seven here and give it a coma. Give it a capital its I d it and give it our terminal line. We are I'm just going to copy The core was just Wait a second. Now in the next line, I'm going to give it or w But what are the time difference between them. Do we need a specific time? We'll just We knew this president time. So we are going to delay. That is the blinking off delay. Let's a 500 milliseconds. So it will be on for 500 minutes again and off for 500 millisecond a regular de Leon that the sterile toe I'm going to give a delay or 1000 minutes ago. Remember that thing? 1000 milliseconds make once again. And ah, one million microsecond makes our time off Well taken or 1000. My gosh, I can make some time off One millisecond. I'm giving in 1000. And I did notice a value in the form or millisecond and my growth remember them before form is off milliseconds. The e l A y DeLay given took Oliver asses and get the really over 1000. Remember, online should go Terminator with a semi colon. Okay, I think that thing is complete there. Now. Board. If you want to debug it, you can just see here. And I think that's perfect. Okay, let me close the window and we are going to similar that thing. It's taking them down. Just we're for it. It's simulating they disagree Last process and we're going through one experience more on our dinner. I think the simulation and began and I am not able to serve the window. Currently. Just were for second so that I can get them with those corrector. Uh, let me get the world a little with close up now to see their duty here. I think it will gender, cholera and that this off for thousands again. 1000 Millicent In my bed, 4000 milliseconds and on 4000 milliseconds, In this way you can simulate the whole microcontroller inside a computer and you don't need to buy any off the expensive hardware. All the things that we need. You can download the core back living here, and it will get download into the location here. If you want to save you can say you if you want to give a good that we have done earlier, we can devalue. Now we are going through another experiment and it is required. So please don't think that we're doing something extra. It is required. We are going to see something on the Syrian wonder admits on the screen. So just write a thing that this year capital s E r a l b e g I end that this civilian tried because the website is siding with slow, so it will right within a few seconds. First off, while I'm going toe stop the simulation. Okay? The simulation has been stopped. I'm going to click here, and I am going to write. You are a dog. Begin. See, gender begin and let's say the border it is 9600. The border is the value off the bits that are transported over wire to the computer or any other system. They're just kind of see the little the world I'm going to print billets serial dot Print is the method printer, but I prefer to write print Ln because I don't need toe. I do not need the words to go in a straight land rather than I need toe get everyone in a new land I'm going to bring you Hey, baby. And just, um I just did. I'm describing in the spilling and that's all right. Come here and let the similar to the thing that we completely every time it says, Hey, baby, after this thing on the another thing, I'm going to do something. This thing we're going to print to state when you and hello also. So we are getting to statesman in the symbol form, let just being in the simulation. I have lived in a simulation. It's initializing and just were for a few seconds. So there you can get the values simulation started led to see the serial monitor on the ceremony days. One. You can see that thing that living here whenever it turns on it will give a value. Hey baby! And whenever turns off you really value of hello, you can do a lot off things from the cereal monitor, and they are really important if you want to get into our you know, I think this is the best time to get into microcontrollers because it is a really high paying job also, and if you are able to process your own circulars, get the schematics in you in the will of your own world. I think you can. I prefer you are preferred engineer, and the most important thing about Gigi's attack isn, or just for the tickets. But it can be for anyone who is agree who is a geek who is energy. All can be the part off their tech community and on a lark. Okay, this was the simulation that we have done here, and we're going, and to see that it is completely were actually simulated. And it's doing the values into Syria monitor. I have similar to other things. Simple ones. The quarry. We're gonna component in the in this place. And I just wanted to show you that we can simulate the Migra. Bangalore also. So I came here. Well, just look at what your started eyes taken sometimes. So let it take. We have started the thing that distant relation. We have learnt about the simulation programs, any girl getting their drinks and getting the graphs off the eagle file and regard the graphs off my several times and move them over to simulation. And then despite them, you go to Internet. We have learned about my club, and this component seems scape easy, You idiot. That is an idea software that we have to love your own world inside the line screen on the computer and the most common that is our tinker care. In your we perform a simple example or for blinking an led and getting a seed eliminator on the computer cereal well on the computer using the serial communication protocols. I think that is enough for career, and we are going to learn the physical world manufacturing and designing process in the next model. If you have any questions, I will be more than happy to answer you or else Thanks for watching. 9. Schematic: Hello, everyone and welcome to another to do it off. Learning the contract Oprah intercepted were engineering with a real time project. Okay, today we're going to learn about schematics. Well, the schematics are there. Bring that are merely with connections. We just components are connected with Lanza and the art orders of wires. And we get a systematic bring with a general s logic so that we can connect the components in the development window. Okay. About the schemer dick, this committed is a part off the loveman. Off the PCB were the design off the board and its layer. It is murder. All the components are connected with each other with lines, and they are thought as off buses or wires. The components are called from the libraries, which are built in this committee section off the software where you can import all the components that are required. And they have both component. An important thing about this committee was there in this committee grew. You can get that I got off the component and you can earn a get the physical shape of the component. I will show you in the practical dead. You cannot get the you're gonna get the physical view or physical for about the tambourine while you get an icon of the component with neurological pin that are required for the connections. But in the library section and in the Colin tool off the eagle, you can get bored. I got off the component as well. Let the physical time until of the components so that you can get a clear his specification about replacing the components. Okay, this components are connected are to each other of the processor and logical circuit where they give them the connections toe, get it completed. And all this connections are then imported in the physical window. In boarding in the physical window, you can get a direct connection between the components by trader wires in the trader, whereas you can just our them with help off the router. Or you can drop the minerals to form the PC, and you can select the shape of the PCBs for the required points. The connection diagram can be simulated and can be as off those acute. It's working or not. And what is that? Will land? What did their GCSE will you off the system? Really? We're discussing about this in the later part off this model. Okay, let's just get working under schematic. First off, we need to open the cuts off giggle. I Hope 100 laid it open, and we need a schematic. So let me get you something assembled. Ring on what? We're going to do justice again. We are going to make the first and the most basic type of cuts are good. That is required that you see, uh, world is regular or award the supply. Okay, We're going to make a world iSuppli. It has about common part that are a supply are in border supply in poor do. Then after it comes a transformer. Then after comes the filter, then after were district Lieutenant. They are the semiconductors, their values for regulators in the ark or lean years. I will be explaining afterwards, over this lean years, we're designators then against the blazers stabilizers and not product the output. Let him know. Okay, I'm going to draw the simple values that we are going nuclear. Okay, this is Ah, you can say that this is a transformer, Andi. Yet are the primary and the secondary coils off the transformer? Here is a civil loom. And this side we have Wilders in the ship off cap visitors and in doctors is a Polaris capacitor. After daddy, you can use the Bible. You were not going to us by William, was I way? I am just on this showing that begin is the private U. S. If required. This is the buy filter. Then here comes the regulator. The regulator is I can't like this. This is the out port. This is the ground living. Correct. My drink. This is a polar ice cap visitor. Okay, this is the ground, and we have the common terminal. Sorry, My mistake. This is in port and this is our port. This is what is the color? There is a semiconductor component. And here we have stabilizers here are both connected as a polar cap visitor. And here you can get that are voodoo from this down wired terminals and a terminal connector. Or you can say a pinhead. Okay, this is the security first. Awful. We're going to study work Is this And what are this company? Its first off, we need a transformer. It can be a PC via Margaret Transform or or a symbol then here in the footer with convince competitors. This is an indictable it does not require to use in the husbands. We can use it because here in this area it is forming a by circuit. A price of crude is them one of the most expression. Type off one of the most common tiger food Does that disease because it is give a very clean will you off the d. C. I will let me break for do when our boots come after the transformer. Will we have forward one number and I will be going to do there for this is the A C value and we have forgot to connect directive fire. So we're going to connect and when you're rectified, it's getting like this. After you, you can see that there are still jerks in the value. So these jerks are sold, brother transfer former values coming out there sort of at the campus. It doesn't in doctor so that there's are moved in as for as possible and we get air constantly see value. The biggest mistake in the secure is there were no using our dire directive. So I'm going to explain over the directive Fire in another section. Innovator. Yeah, again Going to get the things done possible. They're transform. Then here's the transformer. This give us a step down. A C step down means if the input is true, 20 walls and he doesn't step down Transformer. Their desiccated it well world. So we are getting a really off 12 balls, the artful terminal and really disconnected to input or 2 20 we get a value or well worth a C at our food again. The most important component is a British our the bridge Rectifier. I am going to tell a debt we later stinger us and you be. And we know that this is our diet which has this part connected as b part. And this is the in part. But what is a bridge? Rectifier? A bridge. Rectifier is a connection off $4 like this diaries connector. And there's a very simple concept for predictive. You can have two doors with each other like this and copy them once again. This is the sign of all negative. Like Mattel. You again? No. Connect them like this. Remember? The important thing is that the same sides that are going toe connector gives their d. C value like this and like this in the terminals that have different values off covers there have different science off the, uh I always give that a c input like this. This is the connection off a bridge Rectifier. Okay, this is the bridge Rectifier here. You can see that we're connected. The unmaking terminals to a C here and the mating terminals to dizzy. Interesting thing that signed that this negative will generate a positive. Let me for you the sign that test negative village and read a positive open. Yet who is so complicated to use? Let me groans again. The sign that this negative will you oppose leader or pulled while the sign that dispositive with you I'm not a day world food. Quite simple of their This is the most important thing because this converts from SC do dizzy. And let me tell you about the reform off that they see their powers in a Sinus little ville like this. You can see that it comes to a world where you from zero to high. Yes. Put zero to Lewis zero and this is completed in a tree 60 degree angle while getting the value from a dirt rectifier mixed this like this zero to highest to love us again, who highest to lowest. This is also to visit you. Well, you can say that most off the part off dirties a C is converted to BC, but there are quite problems. Like you can see that this hums here will give unstable deceit that can be very dangerous to electronic components and they can't even fry them. And most of the Isis, like my grown dollar do notable art, flexible disease. I have experimented by myself, so we required full carried out. Then we deliver the food drink. Let me tell you about filtering like this. Come here. This is the Casey when a capacitor or a complete bias argued is connected to it like this. This is the example of the pastor kid. The are pulled off their deceit. India's from here to see here Picked in this like this. Let me make it clear for you and like this you can see that it is almost a complete will with a very low level of fluctuations. When that is good, it can be spread toe a linear regulator to get the smooth Your a word, the linear regular. Well, the leaner regulator are the special type off electronic devices that has through tunnels like this This and this. This is for the input and this is for the our food. And this one is the ground there. Disco momento board of them. Okay, for the input is given in these two wires. The airport is getting out in this tours for what happens here in the semiconductor. It has the special property so that it is currently near is that when awarded Let's there. But well, world input is gonna dared food anything off. Nine world, Let's say or later is off line world. So when the power of the world is connected to eternal, the special property of Lena is there. It will give an our food off. Nine world simple ezzard. But there is an interesting thing. The reform that is in port and the were formed, like this coming from our food have a special property that are from how very less fluctuations and even describe situations can be simply remove out from this Argued by using to polarize competitors, you can see that I am content to pull ResCap visitor both in doctor who nails from import and also along without when the food is taken out from here. It gives a very filter quality off our food issue will stage that can be even used for migrant hunters here. Doubt food we get as it's very good quality and it can be used for specific application. This one is negative because it is ground and this one is positive as you know it. Boca. Now, this was the basic of the security in many ways. Once again, first of all, we need a transformer here, an ability people after the reason repair we need us argued that this filter food then off letter we need a regulator with filter capacitor. And then after we need a wordage stable form, we'll get like this. The 20 work Goodwin devote. A C is converted to let's and nine World dizzy. Okay, this is the complete form of us committing that we're going to bronze and we're going to learn about it again. I'm just signing in because or road SQL request a sign in so that it can get the mullet off the person who is using the software. Nothing special. Order! Behold there. I'm going toe new, and I'm selecting a new schematic. Okay, I have selected a skimmer dick, and this is the blank space that we're going to draw. First of all, what are the things that we need? I'm going to make a not very value for the things that I didn't go into nude. Okay, this is the north where I need a transformer glass form letter I needed diverted before our it developed. Okay, then I near babysitters. Polarize competitors will be better. CBS has covers. It does admirably. Mostly used to feel that artists are good. And after the bull rescue was the best. I will really regretting a linear regulator, Let's say about nine reviewing the values to each of the components and after their renewed been pinheads both for a see and be seen. Okay, let's come here to the eagle window. Open this key my day. Go to the important and we're going to be important component from the library. First off, all I'm thinking all the pinheads, so come down and come Group in her pin had been her. Where can I get up in her. Yeah, we need pooping heads off groups are you know, each one foreign food while other for our food. Here you can see the symbol of the pinhead while here you can go to the physical diamond. 10 days will be showing in their development. You know im window click here and a handful did poop enhance that? Just here while another one for our food. Here again, I need a transformer. So come down. Can we get to transform? Well, we do not have libraries, but let me see. Do we have something like pass from here on? Well, this is a similar group transform, but this is something special. Something different. Okay, Renewed This one. Let me take something more. These are all there's even to transform also, I'm going to take all this and they said they're class one word This side is I were dead. Well decide is for lower. This sword is a step down. The next important that I am going to new is her diary. So go toe d for dialogue. Yeah, I can get rid out now about the symbols Dardai are and there is just comes in new packages . One issue repent symbol while list. Another is number containable. You can select anyone and we need the one in port 004 Please note down that most of the data that we're getting in market are disturbed. If we weren't listening, done that. And we need our four of them. So I'm getting the values like this. This this and this again. The next important thing that we need discovers it. But they didn't know. Special function work. A visitor. It is important or it is contained in a function day. This RTL are still means resistance, capacitors and in doctors come down to our Yeah, we have come. Let's see. Artie, l This is arson. Now, here you can see that each one of them producing bull 1st 1 is European, while another is American. You can use anyone off them as you like, but I'm using American Formica's. I am using a babysitter. Us and we need polarize capacitors. So we came down here capacitor polarize us. Okay. No. Yeah. You can get the cape visited. This is the same nickel visitor. Come down. We can get the electrolytic capacitors as well. These are the babysitter and this are that little lighted camp stood that we are going to need. This one is the capital that we need. Put us. Okay. We neared about. Do for here and go for the filter. Okay, that is good. We neared a regulator. Remember the name of the regulator that we're going to use these l m 709 Okay, How to find that? It is simple. Do a star mark and right. 7805 Remember the Start magazine border or all the services that will not be started again . And see you can get opposed to wield the regulator. That is this one. This is the small packaging, but we need big packaging for that. And the big packaging is this. This is the exact thing that we're going to need. Bird, this is 705 and we need a sound. 09 Okay, come down. Can you get us under 09? If more. You can use the 780 five or seven and one pool, but you can connect a 7809 If you designed a second golden do Senator nine. So I'm going to use Ah seven h whatever I can get a So in America, for the sake of explanation, I'm going do a 705 This 10 energy 0 60 We'll have the same windbag has been lowered, so we don't need to get anything special over. Okay, now, one more thing that we're going to do, it's more for moving that. Remember, this thing here is for moving. We need to move and removing. The most important thing is that go to the place symbol. Everything here has a plus symbol here. You can see this. The years even their diaries have this. This is the plus symbol on little place where clicking on there you can more delivery things come here, click here and now you can simply move it. I'm going to connected here now. Come here. And currently, as well as the company data should be connected. Remember for connecting. You need wire or buses and you can get it from this symbol. Click here. Go here. Selected terminal and leave the most normal dope. Letting another key look for the brands and come here simply again. Do dead. Once again, click here. Go down. And Lydia, that's fine now for the bridge Rectifier. This thing can like this and gonna tear like this. They're gonna turning us also. So I'm gonna think this and they're connected successfully. Our the filter. I'm goingto do that. Just in a second, we're going to connect this. Remember the thing we're going to connect in the cross lines here and here. But the connections are no. Connections are probable that we want to get under person. Sure. So, yeah, we're going to click on Cross Junction symbol and take the dark here house with less here because we know we are connecting to possess you to each other. Views. Ah, junction. There is a standard. As for more connecting things, who can now be helpful Filters? Man, before we're paying for the in Doctor. Okay, let's just get back toe just clean. Yah, Give it a fresh and really get back to our a c. What are sealed? Whatever. You can see that it's Arcia Goto in doctors. What are we held? We're gonna do this us and take that thing simply. I am just taking the symbol of a doctor. Nothing special and connected in the bathroom for escaping with this Caperton. OK, no. Again. Move the circuit. As per the requirements, we are moving it. Okay, Canada terminals as whether design that we talk from here to here from here to here and here. Sorry. Here to here and no. And here to hear we're crossing two lanes So we need junctions to get the circuit breaker year and building pretensions Now for the linear Come here again the line and connected as follows here and getting the 2nd 1 And now you know Yeah, it's very simple to use but remember placing the junctions when you're crossing it is tendered eyes and you will be in practice for getting better design. As for the schematics and come here Calicchio. Now the last thing that is the are put we are going to connect the line from here Pool a say here and here. Who here forgetting the things? Assuming in order more places, the most will and the most is the a critical component forgetting the PC we design easily because you cannot just track. But that will be very difficult for their designing. No one thing that I can see they're all components have some random names so well, it just trying to rename them. Come here and click on the plus Timbul. Now let's just come down to name I will be naming yes as input I m p u t Everything will be coming Aldama Dublin Kevin tell So we don't need anything and press enter. Its name is in boot about the air one. I am going to the plus symbol clicking and naming it as stepped on Ste E b underscore the or WN and Dando were named it Step down and all this die or we need to name them be are one or you can get it simply as bread Rectify one So I will be needing there. 1234 Come here we are one Endo, Let's see him be are cool Beat part two Let's aid We are three. We, uh, de palaces were full pressing Ando. Now this is the filter part. You can see that everything has collaborated to each other. So we're going to make the circuit. Litan neared simply back to looking here And they think that I'm pointing far away. You can see there you go to move the junction also And this is something that we hope can trade everything properly. Come here and again come via. Can you get it done on? We have completed Texas with just as I can. I'm completing the thing. I think that's quite need that we heard them from earlier. And here it's looking need legis. Simply name it. She wants you toe nl One foreign doctor put the mathematical writing it is prefer foreign doctor to write l This is the three C four and this thing centered 0 60 I think that is proper And just finally go here, click on the right and name it as our food Bu t say busy under school They see you commando . Now let to see about the circuit Can we get a clear you inboard stepped down does it to fire the filter The regulator different there along with regulator and, well, our the framing off the circuit Can we give it a new frame? Well, I think that's years. Come here and look for the friend bro Bus dimension frame licking the cream and make it like this I didn't That is good. Let me take You can reach in the Colotto frame or not just you can do it, but simply taking the just honor. We're taking something else. Like free him? Yeah, I'm taking. And the color that I am taking will be ready because I report to make the things in bed. So here in the rec room. Okay, that is good. Now I'm going to move the frame, and I just it as for my requirements, so just you for the plus symbol everywhere you can found it always in the bottom and click here like this. Okay, this is the frame. No. Make some lines with regular like this and get the things done. Let me correct myself. Can we Converter? Well, that's a yes about the green. I used the finest one, but I will. There are Could I have a bridge first? Awful is for ski my dick. That does not matter a lot, while the other great for the physical level of men should be very nude and should be specified. Because it will be that guy organ only greater. That is going to get a PCV a specific ship. You in the connections will be anyone who's going to the find best agreed. That is required for the conditions. Okay, Now you can see there the movement of the wire will become very clear. Maybe we could once again yeah, can get the wires more than you can see there. This muteness of the world has increased too many holes on. Let me lead you then We are going Good road once again. No big distraction from here. Did it take some spears? Let's just make a clean diagram from here to here and divided into a section a world one. Ford went toe to third by 1/3. And here, right? Possible. You just simply land. Can we make it? Well, that's a yes. Come here and draw the lines. This one is for the water. Another line should be here. We're going to name and another line is for their debt. This is where their debt and place it is divided into two. So we're going to divide it in kuku dude in place. And the last one can be stayed for the cooperative. Okay, poor writing the name. We're going to use the symbol t here for text. And let's see. I right my position m p r. Hold a city project step S t E B. Step down. Okay. Project stir bone. And I'm going to place the thing here where I can see that the size is very long. So I will be giving its size. Predict Stepped down here. Now here I can name myself in this section Simply worry thing in a And he named you a gallon and say my name has that you we could it and that's it. Come here. Place your name and you can see there. The phone is extra large, so just make it small. Not just Megan visible like this. Now I live to see their dead. When you are dead, What is to there are boots march and 2000 and 10. That's it. The A e. And okay, place it here. That's a little big solar. Just make small and over the place you have to write your specific place. But I am going cool right here. See India for my condition. You have to write a sooty name if you want, but I'm going to write the name of the country. And the last one is for any cooperate declaration that you are going such a GPL and my adolescence or whatever you're doing. This is the complete project, and this is the schematic of the thing that we have drawn in the next bar we're going to build with simulation. I think we can do a simulation off. Another thing I will be trying to do this and I'm noticed was well for us. I'm going to do a different thing, like just a quick review that we have learned to them. First off, all what we learned that ask emitting a schematic Is there drawing that is made for getting the components in a proper logical condition and connecting them with each other, using their symbols so that we can get our drying that we want and get you to scare good aid program so that we can get start making the component we can also simulate are drying using on simulations off. Well, it's a just l. D spice or in despise, already displaced Sorry, my mistake. And despite so don't despise, we have going toe the basic logic. The most important thing about the engineering off the recipe is deriving the logic. All other parts of manufacturing, development of war or else everything is the simple and secondly components. But if you are simply able enough to generate the logic, it is very highly recommended that you can get a better. We're getting out of the receive. We have learned about their transform our the bridge rectifier, the connections that were formed, that disease and reading the filters double deserve later. That is any electronic component. Well, everything is in a turn, Cameron. But bird, the thing that double decker regulator is a semiconductor and that is a linear are the babysitters and the been handed well connected. We have imported all the parts from the bulls here and gonna tell them from wires here and moved them from here. The leader them from this icon and named them from here and bring the frame from cross section and frame and color it red as we required. Well, mostly dis prepared to be in drag and give them a junction from here. That goes important. Well, this was the project. Just press control us or anything that you want and let the seven p r o j e s u T forget to step down. Okay, you can place here. Let's just say I am placing it on my doctor. Make a new fuller that will be convening. Say, Eagle eagerly. Doctor, the fuller year will be containing Arlo Falls. Okay, well, award the file. I'm going to tell you that this is all under. No, this does not contain any cooperate or anything. You are free to do anything with it. And nobody will going to ask you the question about the drink or anything. You can do it for your study, for process. Well, us for commercial. If you want to do it, you are completely for you to get it done. All do anything with their drink. Okay, I'm going toe. When is the video? In the next video. We're going to learn about simulation and well deserved. And if you have any questions, please ask me Orders. Thanks for watching 10. 3d simulation pcb: Hello, everyone. And welcome to another dude audio off learning the contact or printers that could board engineering with Ariel time with it, we are going to discuss about the most important and you can say the most interesting topic off PCV engineering. That is the simulation Hopi city. Well, you can similar the PCV in boom attar. The first matter is too similar. The skimmer big and checked US targets whether they are on the right, logic or north and the second diaper simulation. The time will tell you it's a simulation off the PCB board before the manufacturing project . It's wire so that they are placed correctly and does not make any mistakes. Okay, the PCV simulation in done with the help off Garber friends. Well, the simulation is also present in another software such as fruit. Yes, we just built in, but I prefer to use the software as an external part so that I can get better information. A lot of the PCV. Okay, That software used to verify the layout of the PCV, and today we're going to talk about the software that Zarb's PC or those d'Arvor were. Okay, this is the link you can copy and go to the website and we're going on Google and just going to the website soon. I type three d there, but we're and let the side open. Go to the 2nd 1 that doffs PCV treaty and simply down only download it because it is open source. You do not have to pay anything. Let me check my connection ones. Well, the correction is okay. And here this is the food that you can get aboard the PCV its connections. And it's writings. Just simply go to their downloadable gun. Click on it and it will begin downloading. Okay, I have downloaded the software you can download for window. So our daughter was in, you know, and you can get this poor devil words in as well Let the instant overs and also I'm Let's say I am clicking on the words underlined nudity and just here for a second. He did asking before direct text nine, which is already present in Malcolm Bhutto's I'm not gonna be stolid. Just click on the installer, Kay back it. It is a very small software and does not require any special special graphic cards or heavy moody use this. It is very simple to run and very small in size, but it's very clear. Okay, I heard downloaded this off for a year, so installed it. So we're going to talk about this software well, the peaceful year, our post awful in the harbour years. Only files that require is the cover finds. Paper files are the common files that are produced by any of the software which are seen for the manufacturer to get the PCB get done, it contends, Still scream. That is the white layer, the green thing that is the soldier mask, the track glare and more time on top of the traveler. Even the drill size and parents all are included in the government files. Okay, first of all, in the previous media, I have told you the matter to download, do get the Garber files. And in this video, I'm going toe a little material by which we can You are recipe first, awful goto the PCV Garber of your click on it, and we're going to divide in group apart first. Awful. We are goingto open the PC Me any second part we are going to at the components also. Okay, come here and let's just get a glimpse of what we're going through. This is the data and opened a girl. It was We're going to need it. It's opening just for a second. They're so grotesque, Eagle. And it's opening on. Well, they got has successfully open the file, and this is the Wilder were good assimilated into truly. Okay, first of all, I'm going to make it better by looking on the bright nest. Yeah, I have done that. And now it is looking ago. Slightly better. This is dusky my day. This is the full file. Okay, Now, the interesting thing that comes out in the previous video, we have downloaded the Gerber files that I'm stored in this folder and decided that Garber , But they are saying to the manufacture a product development of the world now, just simply live on the software and without clicking anything, just click on file. Live own, compose new, and we're going to select a man. Will one. Okay, Now, I'm just going to go straight to the location that I held. Done the things that is on deck store Name. Eagle Data. I'm going into Gerber's now about the Gerber's word of the file that we are needing New day in the goggles, please. Nor down it on a pen and paper file. G B. L is stand for Garber. Bottom layer copper. So inserted here And remember wanting for did dis copper social a couple the next. While that G, we owe their stands for bottom cells. Earlier, Inserted a file click here and click silkscreen next. While that is D. B s, that is boredom. Soldier, mask the green layer. Click here and click sordidness, please. Nor that the extension in the selection I should correct. Or is this or will more work? Okay, that is good. The next layer is duty. L that stop solder my segment that stop copper. So that is stop, copper. And the next fight is de Just let me check the file name. The next type of while we're going to build rate is U S that this top soldier Maskell I'm inserting in silicon Sordell Moscow Onda the next one We want our carport and soldem Oscar . I think we need a file that should store the city's criminals. But there is not upstairs creamier on the extent any of us. They looked duty or their destruction screen. If we want and say that hurts, it's green and that's good. In the next part, we're going to deal with the three piles and the I P c three pipe. Six. I'm going to tell you afterwards, what is this? Just go and in the right so that we can getting them inestimable manner and start from the beginning. Also, leaded Lord, sometimes our break and also crash. But this time it has successfully complete their okay, this is the board that we heard they loved. And this is the green layer. Okay, First off, whole Goto you slept color preserves, and we're starting the truth from natural. This is the exact words that we are going to love and this is its top player. And this is the mean layer that Disc Corp earlier. And it's Bottomley. The word stepped down has ultimately, director, and because they this is the middle form off, the exact is going to the printer so you can see the other components. Well, we are not included the drill pipe, because there are some technical issues with the real files. But you can include it if you want. This is the track for everything. Here comes the conductors and we're gonna be boarding in the next part. But simply we are just going to see that we heard what resonator on the mouse will. So get a top and bottom your food, left collector or credit and right click to drag it to somewhere. Now, the next things click on you and select net color. Net color is a very interesting creature because it gives each track and individual color that can be very useful for getting the knowledge of their track. Okay, now going toe, you select extra extra abuse and exact black and white image off the thing again. Go here. Select multiplicity that gives exacting off the PCB. That is gender. Get out. I think this is the exactly of the PCB. You can see everything is called her and everything is perfect. Er and the other ladies also year okay? And you can also see the still to me this is the white thing. You can see that is the shit scream Get come here and legislate What did this? This gives a different view and afterwards I am finding a typical card. And this is the important thing for me. It is saying the solar mask and the connections under top. The top layer is in there while the bottom ladies in blue, which is kind of color Kordic. Okay, digest. Fine. Now everything has successfully gender tired. You can see the PCB. You can see the color. Everything. But what if you just can't place the components on the PCB? Is it possible? Well, I would say that it's possible. So I'm going to do a complete train from start to the end so that we can get a bird explanation. Just go yet. I'm going toe exited once again and now opened the eagle. The eagle has been open. And you know what? This you will be your best. And for dessert, if any language program this have the free will programs there gives a knowledge off the thing that can be done on the PCB in eagle. Okay, I'm going to tell you about the You appear for finding the LP simply go through the file location. Very legalese installed. Mine SNC goto the u L P. And you can see there There are a lot of your piece that are pretty dependent presented in table. Okay. Just exerted. And this is the place where you can run the But we weren't the component list. So we're going to run the U. L. P file That is in the border. No, you can simulate. I have the name of the European, but we're going through it with a simple matter. Click on you will be and nor done nothing that we're going to do after the Yoelvis Open starts for I. D C. Day 356 i p c b Three skeptics click here. Click on. Yes, a pile will open That is asking for the thing that we want. This is the previous I'm deluded. And this is my PC generated saying yes. Justin Blakely going? Yes, for everything. Come here in the Eagle Ford letter. The location where the evil you can see a new file their this. I'm busy now. Here they just intending Begins opened three digger. But we're click on file to compose new click on manual. Everything you can see just going back to the original places and simply go to their desktop on the file. Can you see the I p c Yes, click on IBC and click this front. The busy has been successfully selector. Noble were worse and do the things that were done previously. DVD overboard uncovered. I disconnect G B or four still screen click here and 30 still couldn't DVs for work comes order masking select click here and their bottoms Order mask Jamil for milling file and other four months also Or did you deal? We're in ordinating this because these are they just need for the manufacturer You deal is a copper so let it be Do dio is tops is green inserted Regular Klay Consul spring and do be is placed mosque You can use it there Just try Can you use it? Sometimes software can give us another But most of the time it is working quite smooth And duty s is captured on a mask Yes, it just stuffed under Moscow in Saturday And select apps older masking We are important I pc We have selected the files. Give them then Current values were not in good in their drilled piles here Because you can simply crazy click on or can render Lady friend, You can see the components right now, they're all took place in the circuits. It's loading, Just taking some time. And it successfully Lord within a physicals. Yeah, you can simply say the project for the future apprentice on saving this. No, I will do later. Okay, First of all, let me correct some things that you are also basically going to correct. Their tires are looking like sisters. Their transformer isn't shave over spiritist rectangle and square and the pinheads are in wrong ship. Okay, Lets just improved up in hurts. Go there. Click on the right Click on them goto mortal and select on. We need been herders, sir Characters and said OK, now the another one click here. But I really gonna to select model selected characters. Sorry, my mistake. Your selector. Crystal by mistake Click connectors click on ok and the transistor is looking at a cord. So click on mortal again. Can you get it? Understood? Here, Select that. No, it shows a different packaging off transistor again We're going through. What do we get here? Yeah, that the similar But one. Can we get a better one? Let's just check it. Simply click on the transistor. Give it a model and check the model that we can get. Yeah, this is the thing that we want. This is the type of packaging for the Afghanistan. Again. Go to the registers. That's a little confusing, but within a few seconds you will get into the practice. Simply click here. It'll state enough Lopez them out. Will malls will cried silicone in select model. And I knew that in the form of Dyer's So diaries. Okay, the type of bird can we get He just say you can get good vertical or horizontal but vineyard it flat Can you get another thing? It is Are the different models off the dire What? We don't need them. Select on model and simply go here and live to say excel Click Ok, right. Taliban there silica dialects Ill again Dr. Really gonna live No exit. Simple click here Click here during their excel value. Now the interesting thing about this is year. We have some mistakes, you know this is an inductive and in a test will look like one. So go here. We're doing the there and they're dead. Radio No, I think that's still not looking good. Can we had ever double. Uh, yeah, it's no looking like someone just see over the capacitors. Can do something better for them. Was it exhale? That's weird. That's really weird. Check on other one. Oh, no, we don't know a word extruded. Yeah, but we can just select the Deportivo. You'll talk off the babysitter's or so. Yeah, I think that is correct. You can see police stealing the diamond that we have a problem there. Diameter. So I'm going with six. And how it should be better. So I'm going to say then Now this is looking color calorie for the color. You contain the value and this is the babysitter. Now again, click here. Right Click Intend the parameters from seven. That is good. And the height I'm going to declare 10. That's good again. Here se seven millimeters. But then millimeters in height. Click here. And so the value from seven millimeter and in height should replaced as 10 millimeter. That score Click on. OK, now I can say that the PCB is looking quite natural. That is to be generated a bird. There are some problems here. You can get there transformer model year because the packet left does not. So you just have to say just with the thing like this, or you can simply important task for a model and get it inside the project. Okay? Now you can see the components. You can get a deal with the PCV and no work. Let's just do some experiments. You Some legal Eagle Hollow. You can get the board on you clear and get the lines there. Now, some interesting things click on field. She let the thing and rotated the most will. In orderly. You can simply just strip the PCB. I have a tip to sort of Moscow. You know, I stripped the silk screen. You can simply word what is going on there now? I have slipped. Spread the components. This is the PCB and I has led the water disorder Moscow and hurting basically substance. You have repeal everything? No, they're the most will get them against and whatever spreading the thing so that you can get a better view of the components Simply Come here, blip there. Well, that's a good comprising. You can use the board to get the correction will use foreign warding President. But getting your window a line best excellent off. We're moving in the right side. Press air moving it. Left side Presby for moving word downwards. Press w for moving it upwards. But it's no the thing that we want. We have made the PCV but Howard measuring their dimensions, click there and Glick e believe me showing a current bank engine just simply I'm going to make it. Excellent. Now I'm going to vomit. And here you can measure the distance, which is in mm, that is about 3.761 m. M. You can change the value of family as you want by selecting it on mills And where the word of a loose you're using, you're right. Click and get the mills value. But I am using a meme for better man. No. What award? You can tell the visualize and execute that we have done in the PCV. Simply click on components and pris m. This is the complete threat. Now come here and breast 10 and you can get the complete wreck. I'm going route here press and this is the complete track off the line. The start of the components. We can strip them and you can make them spread so that we can see the values off the components that are passing toe the PC. This is a really important part in my dealer PCV so that you can get the briefing off the PCV and how the inner layers are connected to each other and where are their conductors are conducted? Real? Hold the values. Okay, seen here This is the PCV date we want. Just give it a natural look here so that we can get things better. Select natural. This is the PCV that we are going through the exact same size you can measure. You can get the drill holes everything Simply see the components it died but the mother's things Can you do it Well, that's a yes. We're going to a normal level components And this can also be the look off the PCV if you want some lady moved a copper but I want tracks, so I'm just removing the things These are the pads off the PCV again against electability you can make it are transparent Also, you can see their colors that out off the tracks are big and get them prospering. You can make the whole PCV who lost so that you can see the value of the wires from the top side. There are three dead on the bottom side. See that this is the bottom layer off the copper. Exactly. You can view them from the top and simply press extra gear. The things character again. Except I think that's correct, Human. And see how their tracks are connected. This is the wire whether divert their disconnected on the top layer to the world pulled over the bottom layer. And here you can see there, the layers off the dialogue is simply connected. Toe component that is giving the airport after their terminals off the a second coil off the transformer. And about the let's. Our regulator doesn't have a correct wiring or the condition. The middle land should be grounded. Well, I see that this is the positive. This is the negative. So the middle is currently grounded, okay? And it doesn't giving up our overall pork. Come here and just trigger. Yeah, the ground is connected. One terminal and our poor that is on the right side by looking straight right side. He's got it. Did probably the okay. Doesn't get it clear. Look, once again come here and you can. This is just for a single layer PCV but you can get a modeler. PCV also I have tried it a poor layers off a city that has internal internal fins on So with copper off, I think over a couple letters are also you. I have tested and it has successfully worked. There is a software online, Old Berta the on land support does not give you The glare will use mostly times it precious It does not give the exact thing that we want. So I am saying you to use those off Space City if you want to get the things in a better view. And this is the same religion off the final project that we're going through in the next mobile. This is an embedded system border with real esa. You can use it for any purpose that you want. I have told you earlier you can just simply water and they just can't do anything else. Component That list. Yeah, about the whiting and how this is the wire frame off Decided that you want you can simply go to the wire rings mostly not writing you can get the wire from off the second. Just like a structure. I don't know the wire frame. You can send the Traxler TV. You can see that here The tracks are looking tick but you can generally done them off if you wonder. I reverted back. So I do that next. Our tending the colors. You can serve the things color dark black, whatever you want. Have been using them a bit darker. Okay, rendering epics. If you want to do that, you can do that now about saving the project. You do not want to do all the cover file, including things and every time which we have done here. So just family come here. Ah, first controller simply. But it's not working just simply him the most common. Whether that I use is simply sales until changes and the files are rendered in the world Cricket. Numerous Rechner. Okay. This sort of world matters under that isn't greater. Look, Where can we say? Well, let me take it. They have not or religion corrosion. No, you can go to the screenshot. Skin short has been sailed in C and B engine. Well, yes, you can. Just doing the border. Now I want to save everything. Come here. Come to rendered border, open sale or service. I prepared food would see us so that I can say with in a different location in the location that I want is simply Let Sadek stop an eagle and that's it simply clicks serious and braided Name rendered border. We are name. That's certainly going again. And the file has been successfully said, You know, you can escape and look yes, no check The eagle file doesn't get duty. Yes, this is a rendered would see something When I click there, it will start from that close only. And you can do it and take the PCB anywhere you want. By this method, let's just give it a curricular Quick recap of what we're learning. We have a dog never simulation off the board and through time is no you by using a software that is tops PCB three digger. But you're it's now just just go to that website and in Google we have type the website and downloaded those off. The next thing was there to be hope opened this off there and imported the Gerber files by clicking on the composed knew we had reason in a mental function clicking on the files. And I have told you the action some that we want you can get in the previous model. That is more beautiful. I think that this model three you can go to the type of accident they rejected. Yeah, this it is. In presenting the same model, you can get their type of extension off the Gover files for these oil, the only four thing that we need is copper screen solder Moscow and the same for the other side. Also, you can get it within six miles. The only 3 to $4 on you pour the next outside you can you boredom or it can be a very long size. As for the multiple leprosy that we're designing, you can get the real files, the 1,000,000 files and DTP if we want that this based. But we don't need such amount of data right now. And the important thing that was done by here is using the poster user defined language program. You can get the U UL peace and simply go here and click the You'll be is host committing, But we have done, they will be practice for the board. So we have click on the board side Goto LP and we wonder you digest i p c d three basics That is for the generation of the component that will be placed on the board for the harbour view. So I p c a selector clicked on okay, And we heard and detailed I specify. Then afterwards, we have going back to the program and imported I visit file here, Get this off successfully done. And we have rendered a completely off the board and we have talked of other tools that we have used in the world. And at last we heard generated the file Have a completely leave you and we have saved it. I didn't. That is enough for the simulation. If you want more, just as the questions I will be more than happy to answer you in the next model. We're going toe do a real time project. If you have any doubt, please ask me or else thanks 11. Gerbers and check: Hello, everyone. And welcome to another tutorial off the city's learning the concept or printed circuit board engineering with a really temperature. OK, today we are going to discuss of our the important checks in generating Duggar purples. Well, in the previous video, we have designed the PCB and also get a little form off the facility in the physical world . Dimensional. Well, no. But now we are going toe. Get the cover files and we're forgetting the gover. First, we are going to set some parameters on it. Okay, A possible open the eagle. This is estimated that we're doing and you just come toe the board here is the board. But there are a lot of different force like now. Also, we're going to solve them one day. First off, all over the group's days. As you can say, there is no space group here, so we want to serve the read for general purpose. The grid is in a way, we're going to set it on. And the great is inform off Just their days 0.5 That this type of bread that we can get. Okay, we're using darts. Okay. Not clicking on OK, can we get the things and we'll do that once again. Just 0.5 That this car after you need. Okay, now here we can see that we can get the things properly. Now, when we are going to broader lines and moving the component, you can see there diferencia first awful about this land. What does this line and how can we learn it? We're going to Buder before bring something else. First of all, this part, their contents, another. So we're going to remove, take the movable and move this line from here. Simply plays that in here and move this line from here to here. They're just causing trouble with the most. And we are sold a thing. Yeah, it has been said no, the I just making your state and Greta from here. Leah for the word sorry. 90 degree. So we have to be careful about them. So I am going toe. Let's just say right now it's a matter. But things are different. I'm in sensor. We have believed them and I'm believing them again. I have the leader, The rings. No, we want the drink of the same size. Okay, big the sender and I have a brother in, but we want to abroad in green, Saudi in blue. So we are going to boot and blue and the world should be Let's save in your high would to bring like this. Well, there is morning covering also because we have murdered drill patch here. But of all the pat size we have to change it. And that can be done with the pool. Everything. I did that. And what does on quarter the third Earl Williams. Okay, over there. Deliberate. Yes. And, uh, conducting holes we are going to the patches can receive on I think that's a yes. Bring up a just and making it clear we need the betterment. Us. Okay, other diameter should not be orto because we're going through the little good diamond s So we weren't big rings like this. Okay, that is the first of all we need to remove the for marine by placing a bid on it back. No persons cannot perform, so we have toe on brother line completely. Okay? And on drug testing also here Now we have a line here, and we are just all right. So taking the outer line taking it from here. Just a second. We are going to play inducting also okay via successfully cloned it. And there's some traffic here. So we're going toe clear it. Sorry. It's not perfect. It's holding. So we are going to kill editing, make the lines a bit smoother. But the thing that is going on here and bigger the parent why he's running like this just for a second again. Please the line. Get that thing from here we need in the shape or with the value. That is hard to do. Okay, here we're going through that on taking the bed. The bad state should be high as we want to get it. Writing the maximum size as a rather dull So I should be also high so we can get a better bill here. I think that is the same thing that we want. Okay. Did the routing again and take the color as red. Click here and make the red line. Let's see gold straight from here to here. I think that is clear for us. No, make the car will take it here and again. Take the drill. Holes were taken them so I'm placing it here again, taking their album Track three under our contract, going it from here to here, taking the blue line and making the connection straightforward so that it will not make up laws of electrons. Now we have completed this arcade, but just more looking so difficult. So we want to do something that this creating a him across it. And for them, I will take you 90 degree angles like this and a 10 years complicated area. But the most important thing about that we can to simply name the So I am going to rename it s G and D. It means ground, okay. And clicking on it. Okay, I know you want to see something interesting. See here when I click directness, see what it will be going took over the circuit and another line their daughter north with the connections will get disappear. OK, but the thing that we can see here that do this not giving a proper solution and there can be a really big problem for a manufacturing, So we're going to do something about it again going to pick up the walk sign. And here are the rules that required for us. We need voice alerted with very high picking. I'm using diocese solution again. Try the brightness on. Let's see what happens here. Okay, I solution the space. We need spacing also. So we are going to try the high. Yes. Pacing. Okay again. Plus controls. G take the box once again. Remember one thing. The corner should be exactly met so that it can be done properly again naming that thing with D and B ground living on it. Okay. And we are going to make some changes in the schematic also. But right now we're good. Through some experiments, he's going directness. You can see there. Do you have made a circuit? But the spacing is really high, which issued So we're going to clear the spacing there does just for fun. But now we have to clear it. Begin the directness and we do not want this party. We learned something less Is Eurobonds irritable and click on dragnets one again. Now the spacing is still really so as my side possible taking the lanes once again clicking them Exactly. Click on them Give it a name De en the commander again Click the sign making the difference a little. Its most say we are sleeping 24. And here we are saluting the open DSLR and let's just see what happens here. I think it hurts for the previous will you. But let me make an excellent for that again. There's a few elements. Yes, it has told the previous value. So we're to believe this. Okay, computer delete sign. Dilute Everything okay? Now make a new box a grossly with the new form that does that Well decided on. I think that's sick. We are on our merry way and we're going together. Thing done given an m, d and B press enter on again. Go to likeness here. I got a row here. And yet the thing that is a strange I gone with a few dots and lines These known attractiveness No, this is what I call a nice look off the PCV. But you have seen that everything is individual and are colored in different. So we are going to do something. We are going to get in the scheme of day and see the things that we can reconnect. Rename it all this long wire I'm going to name maker Do something interesting. That is the indie. That is a very important thing Off you go that you can make the things name any. When you are going to make it in the board, you can connect. The temps are automatically built. This is the formal that is supported, right? Just click here. I can go here and click directness Legacy weapons. I think the same is happening. So I am going to believe your once again. Okay, I just do the thing. Selecting the square once again making the wires go there, making them good and maiming them. D and e, that means ground. Wanna go back to the thing? Click on darkness on. Can we get a line? No, we are not getting a line. So that experiment once again Does the name of the 19 just or not dangerously? Just see what happens. Click on a name. Its name is unity. Okay, I'm happy, but it is not a continuous form. So we have the name of the lines Unity. We're going to name a G and t enter. Okay, you know, let's just check the lines. Very This noodle north again. I think that's north name Seiji Andy again because we helped put the stop between them. So it is not making them a clear line. Okay, I just come back to this Kimmitt border you and this is the thing we are going to do. We are once again going really everything. Now we are going to make the box. Once again, the box has been married and we're going to name it D and D Legal. Okay, go here. Legal rightness. Does something happens? Yes. You can see that all the ground components has been connected or dramatically. This is the thing that we want toe do. And here you can see that the ground is or mean or medical eroded with the board. And this is the standard procedure because in most of the PCV is the layer that is conducting all the way through the places. It's mostly ground. So this they're good practice to keep in mind too. Make the whole surprise ground so that it can help in the circuiting we'll give a year. This is kind of there, and this is kind of scared. And let's just see, this is kind of their Oh, there, this old abandoned The strange line from here is more connector Uniting the board is completed. But what about if you want to put some name? Okay, let's go to the text and let's say we do want to run and we want to write something S t e made capital. SPT be stapled down the order. Step down. I'm using the standard procedure the old of, um step down when you click it and he has the name you can see There, the name is inform off inward and you can make it the other way if we are going to select different sales variance or the red line say in work. Now I go here, I click here and you can see the name has been removed from the middle value and legacy developments in the White SE. This is the soldier mask so that you can make the name on the Salama Cisco also, But I want there with drink. So I'm going to click here and let's just say we're going to name the board here. No. Well, they're built for the world, so I'm going to name it exactly here and now making their escape. I can go there. Impressed? Practiced? Can you see the name? Well, I think yes. So we're going to make it more a little bit so that we're gonna get something better. Our with I think it's struggle. So we're going to make a control Z again. Go there. Right near S P E b the order W and step down. That's okay. Click here. Let this place here somewhere here and go. They're linked to the rightness and to order. Now this is what you want to get that thing off. But what about the circles? We weren't really holds on the world's whether the work and amount to easily. And I am seeing folk or not, So I'm going to place for him most awful. This one I see the size of the hole is this March 2. One is your We're going to do something interesting. That is a basic function. Please go on any corner with delayed and great control z, you can see their drill patches there and something interesting. We are going to copy their Dubai just so everything has a schoolmarm value And why this accent took up it and going to place here in the corner. I didn't That's aligned. Okay. And again going to copy that and bless here, Andi, that's a line again. Going to be there on that. Elaine, it's crossing. So we have to make the transformer a little wicklow going to move the transformer on that success about the wiring. We have to make them clear because it is and very well practiced in making clear click on dropping in water the Yeah, you can see that this other problems with voting we're dealing with district, so it is better to get it. And first off, we're going toe under out everything that this improper Now see what happens. You can get greater cars out of work. And this is a big mistake. Any this really and provisional Lumet things like this we're going to on drug them and make them clear once again simply by clicking on it from here to here and that nothing is computer again. Here we can see. There it is in profits, unprofessional years. So I'm going to make it clear. And one interesting thing is you can see there. The red and blue lines are crossing each other. Don't worry. Over there, they're on the different layers of the world. We are not going to use a cooler world that's implemented. Is that for a single circuit? We are just going to use a simple wire. A simple you can celebrate world where that is more than enough for the receive you to get a single connection here. And let's just see another values that are unclear. Like this went down once again. Click here, make them improve. Okay, let's see what happens here. And that's good. And where can we find the next big mystic? No, no, they're not there. No there, dear. Here, you can see a big mistake. Make it on growth once again on the line, please click gently because it can also make on drug for multiple times also and can clean the homeland. We do nothing will. Look, come here. Go year make up to single. Come here, adults I solution within the lines of a i. D. Kurt, so that it will not cause any problem within us a goodwill. We have used heavy lines, so we need to get a them protected. And I think we're not crossing anything, so that's good. And this circuit So we'll period again. Brothers again. Uh, that's good. Why? The regular is appearing. Just clean it. We'll clean the red line, okay? No. Okay. Just come here. Going the lanes. Oh, that doesn't Didn't are now being mistake. So I'm going to make the whole Franklin. Now I am going to vote it, and that's good. Once again, this car, we are not going to religion. We are just going to move it a little bit so that it will prove to the care. And it's not reading, so we're going to unload it. Okay, click here, but on. That's right. They're probably completely check the PCV for anything that you can see or that is on rotor there disorder in a specific angle or anything. That is something like this. A mistake. This is the most important part because this we are checking and they can really create some good whisky. Well, we do not want to go get it and ordered. This is definitely ground. What we're going through there just for the sake. Or let me show you something. When I come here when I click on Arturo, see what event there will be a connection or the middling made by bread with them. Okay, just click. And you can see now that an X in the snow So we're going to make a connection. We're going to click and closing. And there is some grilled whole mistakes so that we are also going to make it correct. Clicking one days clicking on Cozy. Here is the line. First of all, we're going to complete the circuit. Click here. So what under the thing? We don't want anything. Big bank click here. Click on rotting click here, go down, make angle and just go straight, make an angle, go up, make an angle and click here. Okay, that's good. Now we have named it and the circles are really except we are going to believe them. Did you did on Billy there the whole severely big size. So we're going to make them even. And now look on the whole once again, the whole just scared. And we're going to set a size off this. No gun policy. We just need for hold. Then we are going to play them afterwards and you again copy and say here again, Copy and say Yeah, just take them I think that's right. And this is coming to a close there. And so I'm going to make it more to the bottom. That's good. It's mother lands. I'm going to lay in it. I think that's a line. You have the skimmer taken, you can download it. And if you want to do anything with the recipe, you are free to do anything with it. If you want to make it better, you are absolutely for you to make it. Okay, No. Click here and click on order routing and see. That is what I call a good PCV. Okay, we have completed the PCV were selected the size and we have seen a lot of balls here. Just click on Control s and Silda PCV. It has been sealed, But what about getting the print off the PCV that this required well for that we are going to do something investing I'm going to show your difference meant that by which you can go to the PC bees. 1st 1 is the method I issued for me that issues for making the PCV print at home by using a photo by using a glossy paper in laser printer and another will be there in the still matter like this preferred and you have to learn it very specifically. So I request you to take and nor pad and a pen with you noted on the important thing that we're going to discuss. Okay, I think you have done that. Come here. Come to the Vizzini. First off, we are going to see what we are going to do and they just come here. First of all, we're going to remove everything from it. Live on this multicolored gone and I'm going to until it everything that I can make I don't know anything. All this sections should be unclear. Lipman I have done that now the things that I need that is the blue collar P c remember that there is amending. That is the PCV that is going to be designed And let's just see here These are the facts. They're both are required. So just click on OK for now. Now come here and come Blueprints. This method is for making PCV at home. Only this in order standard would hurt. So remember this And you can say that the sizes when it's 21 but be careful while making the for those or anything like they're making a size. When Mr One do think that I don't make it black, Make it so Leader and, uh, center portrayed a four I'm using Microsoft DF. Okay, just let go. No care and logistical weapons. Let's just say we are on the PC on We are under the store. Name it. Type one by one laser. Was it this whole Elisabetta click on Endor and just see what happens here. It's processing, taking some time reporter who's against and I think that's done. We'll do the rest. Stop. Can you see something? Type one click on open with I'm using Simply groom. You don't need a special table. Pretty uploaded. You can simply you screw or edge for that saves a lot of room. I'm just doing that, Okay, it's opening, digging some damn and see what happens Here we have the PCV poor road that is required for the laser printer. I think that's a yes desolated open. Nothing is happening and this is the PC withdrawing their test required for the laser printer. Don't worry over the world that are inward when you goto process all PCV. It will make it. It will solve the Mira, will you and give you a straight with you off the world that has been detained. Well, that was the thing for the laser printer. But what award In the still mattered or using the cover files. Okay, Come back through the thing once again and say, Let the things that you did here we have the thing. Go back to the icon once again and feel like everything that you want. I want to just say I want all this is the complete recipe. The white thing is still screened. The red thing is top value or top layer. The looting ISS bottom layer, the green are the part sizes and logistically gonna get really gone The thing. And let's just say what we can do. Come here. This I can't remember. This icon is the campuses. So no done from here. We're going to click on the campuses, sir, you can get different jobs within the camp, but we are going to do it with a simple matter before showing their different metals were going to deal with the simple Simply go to Google and search our term that this is part one Cambio pile S p a R k. If you end candle, that is a pretty different file. First of all, just here. Then we can cooperate. Whatever. This makes the file to go into the friend layers and different, I will gobble Pfizer generated by before getting there. We're going to know what are the Garber's. The important checks have been completed, and now we're going toe over delivers. The governors are the little courted for any PC software that was sent to the manufacturer for the development of the border. The girl file come in, support off list of files and on the right, sir, you can see the file extensions for boat sank over their taste. G B l four bottom says cream that is debut. And so they contained the cortex. That doesn't require a poor copper tracks silkscreen solar mass. Diamond chan paired. Even the real values are getting out off the Gerber files and you can get them from the campus is off the cards off. The thing that we are going to deal is waiting. Campos is okay. Click on the first value. I'm going to open it in the new page and just he can trigger the camp file. Then treating GER was This is a very simple matter for new ways to get the thing done. Because if we are wounded gender, the garbled on your corn, it will require a lot of skills campuses that long. This is the file. Just go here and click it once. Okay, the camp file is downloader, and I'm going to do so in full. Let me get it. I'm going to say it. Control that. So it's happening. Just were second putting on their decks. Talk. I'm just making your extractor and gonna get something. I think that's just this is the camp fire that we want. Okay, now auditing and nor down. If you want Goto the Eagle, go to the camp file and click on file Clip on one and click on job. We are going to do a different job. These are the jobs that are present in eagle, but we are going to take an external played on next up. I have made my job Next talk you can hear and you can see. Ultimately, the husband will appear. This is for Corp Earlier This is bottom. Earlier this years, we're still screen. There is nothing special about this. This is a pretty finally off the files, see year when it's like the corporate. Give the name. We are going to select this file that are required if we are going to make a Bottomley and we are going to select this Well, if we are going for six screen, we are going to take this files. I think so. I shall awarded. This is just a complete packages off the file so you can make your own. But I want to show the eczema. Third for top players, make your own file name top based and click here. You can simply do this by clicking right clicking on them and making new files whenever you want to get a new layers. New file Soul can be creator with this other part that we are going to generate now simply thus far from values. Has all the files come here and say a process? The job. I'm processing it. It's taking some time and the files a generator, but there's some mistake. I just don't know where I hadn't returned the files. Uh, let me see there. I think it's in the eagle file only. So just come back to the folder. Let me go to my beautiful daughter where the thing is going one and that this year and that is here. Yes. The GT l g b o d B s d m l g p I g T l GTO GPS duties. All the files that are the cover charge under two years are we have their drill files. Let me see. Yes, we have the drill files. Everything is here. Okay, now these are the Garber's that if you saying the manufacturer, you can simply I'm going to cut this click on control axle and make any folder that is Garber C E R B artists. All this file together are known as governors. They contain everything from popular to bottom layer to helping holes through making conductive holes toe getting the serious older massacre getting asunder must means the green color layer off the that s been telling the PCV It can be blue green there, but only one in the work alerting is known itself screen. It can be topping for Dumbo. Okay, this is our the cover files in the next video, we are going to discuss the most in over to you most creative. And yeah, you are the more than matter forgetting the PC Bigger falls through. That is getting them simulator in the treaty. Okay, we heard learn of our the Eagle Abort stating the PC bees and even the important thing that is generating the cover files. Remember one thing if we are going to gender the Gover files, they are they depart. Location is the same as the file where the Eagle files of store. Well, this was for this Boudia in the next. This was for this part. In the next part, we're going to do a very interestingly in digest immolation. If you have any notion, I will be more than happy to until you or else. Thanks for watching 12. Pcb layout: everyone and welcome to another tutorial off learning the concept of printers. I could work engineering with Ariel Temperature. Okay, we are in Model three and we're going to learn about receiving prototyping and lay outing even the rooting and simulation. Okay, just the content off the thing that we're going to learn in Model Three cartons. We are going to learn over the main components, dimensions and the critical things that are used for designing a PC. We then after we're going to get the hands on David PCV designing and it's loading and routing in 36 we are independently talking about the rotting and how they're or drink, and we don't on the PCB with their different matters. The four part is important text I have put in because I want to make clear for do there in this part. We're going to learn about the critical thing that they that required toe get the receive you design completed because it's commit making this committee waas one part, but getting the PCB and put the physical form so they're all the components could get on food and performed. The specific activity requires a lot off preseason as well. Last knowledge. Then we are going to talk over the cover files were done. Are don't taking it in China? Where the name What is Garber? We will be talking about them in a specific section. And the six part off the section is getting the PC we simulate in a three dimensional environment so that we can go to the physical dimensions of the board and how the war is measure how it will be looking and does the right thing off. The wiring and their tracks of the copper are placed currently or not. Okay, let's just begin with section one water the main part of descending on the PC. Okay, let's get started. Ah, the men parts of designing the most important part of the PCB is true. Designed s committed with no era exact logic and you in a similar to form with a suit is constant and transgender required for them to get the peace If you were correct and some other parameters also there such as the working with the PCB true, very level. So it should be said on ah, steady brick environment. It should help now. Soldering should be exact and on the terms of Lord the card tracker out things I should be exact so that they can perform the videos that to this awful off the off the roading and confronting longer Well, the PCV I wanna tell you they're in my deal time experiment. I hirsen PCB off two types both out of state when I mention Botero seven descent. But there were some specific dimensional changes and since with vehicle collision are done on one pill three wilder there waas left from it and I said, Is there in one piece well there for six years while other wasps well, within off through this. So we are going to get to know double component that required so that we can get the PCV running for a really long time and make our present level even if we are going to do anything related in personal terms about the PCV, we should be very careful and we're going to know a word of components and about the thing that we should be careful to get the job done. Okay, we have we need the first part and over the second part in the second section we are going to get the no over the component there that required on the recipe. As I have to live under the component that comes on PCV we're going through daily with only through the components. Here there are impregnating BHP and Esso Key. They are pretty it surpassed through hole components or assembly. Our system wandering do its components. Well, the system 100 US components are the most popular nowadays, but they are used are replaced with the help of computer and they scale perimeter was 0.5 Well, the component that are in the AP or the longer packaging or regard the component with PDS properties. Highways kill beginning of 011 into. So you can see there in this and become one and we see a lot of space and I am PCB. The price of the PCV start in terms of square sent them with their so a smaller PCV will cost less if it were from the same function as off a larger city. So the scale factor might does a lot as well as the component that s order on the same side of the PCV will have a great depend on the stability of PCV. Remember wanting the components that are made or assembly as well? Lest in Pts the better performance off the system is given by SMD. The basic reason is because there, when the component is placed with the that we just four more days has Pacific. There is a space. If Rico you can say there there are the chances the component will get loose and it will not perform the specific to the wild up Assembly components are specifically placed on the surface and arse order directly so that they can get them again accustomed to hold the system so they are much better in terms of performance and more your there are the more than forming off the assembly of the components. So we prefer to go in SMD. But I simply cannot be done with hand. So we are going to do this pleasure when their time's up pretty well, pretty thr also reliable. But they have some different constant when we're okay. The third part that I especially is there the stimulation, my wealth simulation, you can say that it is required, they're simulations should be done off the component. First of all, we are to parts of simulation. First part is to getting to know the knowledge of the simulation off the physical components on the board, decide the specific shares, the girls and all of the things. And the second part that we're going to deal with our the ah simulation of this committing in the previous model. We have done the skimmer take simulation and we can get the result. From there, we can conclude that weather will design on board our anything even were inventing something new. We can get the basic I did there. The system will or will not rehearsed in the previous off first or 13 guard card and despise built in within. The Eagle Guard and my club seem willing and seem scared for heavy purposes. They are the part of this committee while there are special that co stimulation process that goes on for the simulation Oh, PCV physical dimension like mature, affordable. This is the simulation off a PCB in three dimensions, so you can get all the three I mentioned off the PCV majority you can get a calculator will use. You can get the exact process and the places off the track where are there among their And the most important thing is that you can look inside a peace be in my regular PCB. It is very much require so that you can get there complete, nor of the PCB routing tracks and the conduct behold that are placed on PCP so it can make the Pacific perform better. And it was any street that has a court or any track that has been collapsed or collided with under track can be removed within in the same process. Okay, come back to the section. And the third part that this simulation, as I have told you those simulation talk we're going to be used is through the Gerber. While there are another simulation software so a few of them are available online. You can start directly, but protests has a building governor of your and you can view the file directly intrigued by Mr Model using the protest. But there are some problems. First off hold protest is not fully and second awful. If we are using brute ears, you have to rely on the camp roses, filed the pageantry by Brutus and there are less stances. But it can be wrong. But another thing that is important that if we are using 1/3 party girl But you're that it can be very level so that we can go to the exact knowledge off the PCV rather than Onda Image, order, dimension that doesn't prepared by the need Do we see We get so sore. I used to prefer a tired about this off so that I can get a bit unheard of. The thing that I have dented okay. And the last part is development. Well, in development party, you can give their designs Ipolito the manufacturer or you can try it on her. Well, our crying on home, I consider you can only process a world a single layer put th only assume they can be tried . What? It will result in failure nor do whatever quality components convergent returned at home. And there are a lot of president of the court full manufacturing. So I prefer toe used the industry matter so that I can love a PC with that has industry standards as we let that this movie level okay for that, we will be going toe about the companies and the things that we required to get on the PCB completar and the bill of more details. We're going to talk about that in the last model. That is the fourth more and we can get the clear specifications from the board and as well as her diamond chance. All will be said and we are going through good in the way ordered the men for terrible so that we can get clear and how the things guarding work even the manufacturer are no less providing the service off tissue dirt and go diving off PCB. And even more killer PCV can be designed and can we don't love at the very swollen and the everyone provide in the assembly of the components also so that it can be very easy for us to make complex PCB a very small price. Okay, we're going to talk about that in the sections in the last section. Okay, now, just let just come through getting the PC with designing Ask us have started in the previous lecture there the logic off their designers Texas for in this committee. But we need a solar or physical dimension of the work to measure and get a PCB working so that we can make a physical board which has all the components and other tracks, is really monitored and and good working in any mission that we're designing. Okay, that they're in this present. The schematics are important to a different section off the card that is called the layered section, or I call it the border Luckman six. Okay, in the eagle we have aboard 11 16 year. We're going to see it within a few minutes. And all the components that are placed in the skimmer take when they are important in the layer or world of months. Except they are automatically air wired so that we can go back to a you read connection that one weird in this committee. And we will Norbu any miss roading off the components. Okay, let's just get started with the making off the load off the board. Okay? I'm going down and we're seeing the folder. And here, the present that were done is the project. Step down. Okay. I'm going to click on the project and later unlock you did get started, but this all the project that we are dying bling. Yeah, we're gonna see there just for a second. I think the system has Gordon do some problem. So let me clear. Okay, Everything is close now. I'm going again in The Eagles are tight looking on the project stepped down there in this matter. We're going do upon this camera. Take that. Urgent Australia You'd open. Okay, I think the skin my dick hand open. Are there any extra vials? Well, that's a more so year. We are here and we hopefully rescue my that this successfully dollars and no whatever the schematic boo and get some physical components. Or do we want to get the thing done? Okay. Please look here. Here You can go there and get into the physical war. Dennis, Another method. You can go here and we can clicks and places to work. It is asking me that there is no Percival. Your world is asking that Can it create with the help of the skimmer? Take Well, that's a yes because we wanted him the way. Then ask for the schematic. Look OK, I'm going to clear Yes, yes, and good for second here. That is the important. You can see that all the complainers are here while the blank space is here so that we can place the component and get this system down. All the connection that you can see in the skimmer take are wired, and they are probably connected to each other while in the board layer, they are connected with air. Worse, there are some nothing but the Karen with us. Or you can say that there were two lenses that used to connect the components of, and they can be in any form that we weren't. But you cannot connect a wrong way. That is the space with property off them. Air wears. Okay. Now, please carefully look at the thing. And if we want you can, Nor don't, we are going to talk a water pools that are present in the border seizure. First of all, we want to move all the things inside the black area could. Inside the development, I take the pull off moving. This is the tool of moving. I'm going to take it one by one, so that we can do the things you know much is there. I'm clicking on the plus sign here, and the component blinks and you can place it simply without any clicking, Just holding your most. And you can place the component inside the black idea. Okay. I know I want more components, and I'm taking them simply. Yes. Good. You can take a lot of component in a single time, but I am referring to take them one by one so that we can get a good understanding of the thing. Okay, Now, what about picking all the component arrogance? Look here. We're going to click on this road that dentist rectangle boats along with the mosque I lived on there. And the thing that do it No, no, something like we have been in the windows were selecting. I can't. Okay. No place left. Control and Glick, right on the thing. Let me make it. Yeah, I just can't get the thing. Okay. I'm making once again and love clinking divine. I just work for second handed. Moved. I constantly click here on looking control. Okay, I get that. What's the whole vineyard to select All the component would in this pool. We have selected the thing that we weren't no click on the more I couldn't hear. I'm looking on the morgan. No, uh, we have to click the left frontal. I have pressed the left control and click the right mouse key and just simply hold inside the thing. Leave the control and the right click and you can see they're looking. Wouldn't start Bizinsider dirty Enter the development board Now you can see there The things are a bit tangled along and we cannot get anything out of the dad. And we're not going to desert something a PCB like this over a humble I didn't them in a special department. Okay, as for the skimmer decanting daughter and them So I am going bird and them as for this committee and this is the best practice for the Lippmann of PC. If you are a world who made us a good simpler, you are really good. You can see there the older worse across each other. So we're going for Sofala ending. And then a recording of the pool that is called direct NIST. Okay, come here. Down Click Darrow. And here you can find a strange thing that is called directness the where starting a complex one. But whenever we clicked directness after a new agreement will sue the best and the short as well for the company. Now click on them. You can see there the world has been a character and the air words have simply going to get the best and the shortest possible distance between them. Okay? And now, first of all, I'm going to adjust their doubts. Okay, It's existing. And let's see, what can we do with their roping again? And so that ever can get around? I see that in with no simple again, the thing 100 things gone well, this Lindy process bird eleventy and workable process. But it will give you a brief knowledge about the things NPC Windy. It does not require anything special, but records some practice and a lot of and there they simply just like a game. You can try to solve it and make it best as possible so that you can get the busy become better. The best method for me is I always see the skimmer take and I ran them accordingly to the skin. They then try four or five different ways, and finally I can get the answers is we're going to do something like that. I'm taking this thing about and the same for the diehards. Okay, Now I need the dialogue, which are in a certain, so I'm going to select them again. Look on Moakley, right are sorry. Click on left control and clicking the right mouse button. And there, specifically Okay, about my l m 706 I'm going to present here. Remember, The electrolytic capacitors are mostly used us with dirt or signal processing. He had You can see there. One wire is not Roeder properly in the schematic. So it is not showing the correct. Just let my rendered. Then I will arrange it in a proper dimensions again. Go pulled the rag nest. And Prideaux soul doesn't ask me. That was Walter will do better than you do. And simply if you make the circuit small but practically workable and level you will be saving a lot of money. Finally, I think we're getting something and they're taking a lot of time on. Did you see what happens now? I think something looking like the skimmer thing. But we knew during something long legacy. One component that is no been properly route here. And which one is that? Let me get my mouth properly. It is altered and This one is also probably doctored. And one is also probably order. If something is not right for living, it can be seen in the skimmer. Take and you can carry. But remember one thing. You cannot get anywhere in Bagram in the layered window. It can be only character in the schematic. Okay? No, I think the thing has much as possible. I'm taking this a bit closer so that I can see it disappears. Now award the thing. Our the register. Just you. What happens here? Yelled one. Well, l one Isnora register. It's an in doctor. So we have to make it special. Regular designed for that and seamless all the circuits so that we can get the things done . There is no need to getting the first thing a possible to the best value. You can just try randomly and finally I bet that you can get the best possible dissent out over now. See what happens. We're just simply doing dinner in a minute. Is still we're getting the values character or vomiting. So just through there and you can get the best thing that out of it. Don't worry. Over the connections were going to improve them. Within a few minutes you can get a zoom in and Zoom argues in the most well, so I ask you that you use the most as much as possible because designing or creating something like PCV requires a Lord off actions from the most only I think it is sold, but it's still there are possibly did that. We can't solve it. Okay, legacy about there about broadening the components. First of all, click the component and right click. You can return to their in a cycle off Kander Glock ways again. I'm going to click on the component, plus sign on. Now it is growing and president, right Malsky and you can see that it simply rotating there dis required for their dimensions. Okay, see what this nor that India. I think that a visitor is for this place on one other thing that are going here. Well, they're designed that doesn't return by me on North squeeze. Really, you don't leaders and you can make your own design and I think you and you can make their descent better than that will generate are better files. And that will even give you a better chance of landing that. Okay, Please try to make your own designs as much as possible, because it will gendered your own skills and benefit on Leo. Okay, As you can see there to be a soldier a lot on, we're going to solve it some more. I remember wanting here. You can see there. Some wires are crossing each other for the best designer. The only thing they're disregarded the way I should not grows each. So we're going to make the wire simply better. My clicking the things and about the basic engineering dimensions over the mill spaces of under grid. We're going to talk after that because they are required after the process off getting the most important part that is assembling entering in the components. Okay, we're going toe simply just a dent, the component. And after their in the tech section, we're going to arrange and get the optimal values for the parents and all the things that are required for piece of engineering and the 16 90 Cristal. Please take a, uh, pen and paper nor daughter thing that we're going to learn. Okay, You can see there that things are solving a lot Okay. Come here, dude. Art or open or no, Sorry, my mistake. Do the right next world again. And now you can see there. It's not simpler. Then we thought This place, it's simply like this play with the game solved it in as much as possible. I think that and that's it. We are not just going to leave it simply, we are going to make it better. Boo directness continuously make the system small anger, dirt, things done. All the white sands here addressing our moment. Still screen that I printed them renders a good war. And this are the actual physical dimensions of the component that will selector in the schematic. So be careful while using the PC, would I mention because you are dealing with the real lamenting. Okay, let's just make it a little bit solvable. You can make your own good as much as for civil guard the things better. I think that is better after that. We're going to say the things that are crossing each other and all the things that are happening here. Here, you can see there somewheres are overlapping each other, so we are going to simplify them. Problem in the best auto for them. And if they're not properly, then we're going to use some in world canon Chancellor in the ward. So that will solve this good and save your ex Tyler, because excited, a double sided Pacific cost a lot, but in a sterile environment, it is better. The user double 100 PCB and the whole side of Pacific mostly required a 70 components to make the required explicitly machines. And if we are noticing machine, it required a lot of men skill so revered for to go to Proteus for development. And if you get in this trail, or if you are experience, we would prefer double sided or the 11 bill a precipice. Okay, this is completed. Let's just say this computer, just see the skimmer dick. And it was a skimmer. Take now on. This was their first. We're going to build with order routing order routing is automatically making the connections along with the board so that you can get the diamond shuns and all their tracks off the copper order vertically Goto You go to tools and click on the road simply. Just don't look the values and we are being practiced. So just click on there and see what happens. It will. Asking for starting and see it Will order ordered all the companies that are required. It will take some time. You can see there. I'm not pressing anything. All the words are assembled automatically by the computer, and they're still attended in their to late job. We are just performing a symbolic spinning my idea so that we can learn something out of it . Okay, let's see what happens. Optimize and clear. Okay, let's just see. Yeah, well, it just you lured the ward and morning once you how? Well, the most important thing our the PCV I have not told you is that there are two layers. First of all, I'm going to more eating out of it, simply like licking will promoting. The only good thing that murders past is the red thing and the looting. The rectory is the upper layer where the components are placed as well. Let the solder treatment. It is the top layer, while the blue layer is the layer that is on the board on the PCV. And they're this mostly connected for pretty it Okay, now again, bring everything back so that we can get the things from Perenchio and I think that's it. Okay. And we have done the order of things. You can see there some tracks because I just read and you're crossing each other. But they're not doing anything because they are in a specific E and the length of the world is also wrong. So I'm just going to remove everything. So how to remove the gonna terrorize Syria? This is, Ah, wire with a cross sign or quickly here and simply going click everywhere. Simply click and it will be worth from it. Click on multiple times and it will reload. The more the lines that supposedly connected to each other. Okay, we're getting this thing done fast, and it's going cool completed within a few minute. And the thing is going or the routing is not referred by me because I used to design my own circuits and it is probably directed that you do know disorder. But when you were talking about the multiple layers more deriving, maybe anybody, because it will require a very lord off complex solutions. And although I didn't get help in that condition, moreover ordering is useful components that are hard, high frequency out of components. So be careful that the streak of Assitance convergent returned by their tracks. So let's just try to rotate it by ourselves. Click on this thing. I am going to make it simply on a lower or bottom layer with pretty it components. So I will first awful select the line diamond sense. And always there are some tools. I prefer this one because it generates and up to single and off. The single is an elevator for dollars. I will select the bottom. Okay, now I need the wood for stander. I always to start to do, and there generates a very tick by tick nets off. The thing is very important because if we generate, take things or the connections, it is better because it will make the PCV much better and windows are cracked. Also learned it will not damage easily. Use always bends because when they, like from school, lied at the 90 degree angle they will read here. Anyone, when we are talking order in a locum winning, it cannot soldiers great mice. If you get a brief model of the thing, you can get that water than a look component and how nice it starts interested. OK, now click here. Simply the connections like this was go and clicker left late, then simply hold the most to the next one and clip once again. We are just doing it random. And we are not making mirrored specific things about just clicking on the components so we can arrange it dimensions later. And we're going to do that with a human. It's going on continuously. As you can see here, please make sure that mistakes like this you're not a console. This click on order order so that you can get this thing out of it. Why are this land shorter? Let me do a control z so that I can get the knowledge. Are they connected to each other again? Wounded thing? Why are the janitor to each other? That's not getting That is to a Okay, Come here. Come to skim a dig and tend to see one. What? A C one. C one is a shorter term that is gonna turn here. Well, I think we get something wrong. Okay. Possible winner to get the wiring properly. We're going to the lives of words. Okay, here on the lower where is the litter? And it is unknown. Possibly designed. So we need a wire on the back off it. We're going to click here. First of all, we're going to click on the widely here, please cool down and you can order. It is a good word to dismount for four, but circuit triggered or loved. Okay. The thing is kind of, you know, go to the connections, click on the connection and let me simply check the world's. Are they connected? Exactly. High paying? Yes. Solution is being applied here. Look, it is better to take the things once again. Okay? Let it end. Are the words connected properly? We need to destroy that. Discard that I that I think it's I it sure when I click GERD, all the line will grow. They're talking to each other when I don't want a connection here. So I need to, uh, understand your Mourners, Lecter. Okay. I think that is a mistake. Again. We're going to tell you anything simply like this. And now I will reason greeting a line from here thirties under duda and there is good in this land. Israel. Correct. No gig on the Morgan and you more than thing. Well, that's we're simply more and reconnect. Terrible. Despont your north or like each other. But you can do that was preferred, not toe their money. Donald Everton's okay, The problem has been solved again. Let's go out legal the thing about the things once again and like the show condemning, clicking on the things showing the wires and numbers You can see there the numbers although where they're turning skimming our little on the world on the Lord. Also, it will make the system Muslim player and more 50 for us to work our old trigger terminals connector the no look like that. You can see the systems is growing, which is suing the connection that I should that are remembered in a single line. Okay, just or good. Once again, we're not getting that thing here. Okay, lets controlled everything. Now click from here to you. Now I think that's clear. Now click from here. Do you? And we are not seeing inexpensive it lands or getting that's clear. Click here. Okay. No many good things. Simply burdock. Click here. And you. Now what? This thing go year make and that optimistic that is preferred because you don't if you put in Angola 90 degree, it will simply hit up the war. And that does not report for an Iraq circuit board. And your powder bring the Mourners on Make an octo single double angle again. Making up a single continued to the real and Ricky I'm going toe do a simplification off the word birth pregnant. I'm making the things working. Click here and click the dart. Simply go to their dog. Click here and a single good there and crowded simply here, making angle and do things completely. Ledgers poor once again, Lydia. Good There. I think there's a problem. They're just lying. There were car collecting, some circuits toe. We're going to solve their He's in a few minutes. Okay, this one is colliding with the system. Most of all, we're going to solve the simple one, and that's it. Now the thing that is collapsing with the system is this way. Is there any method? Well, there are certain my third overtime, Gupta. Looting that can be done so we can make it better. That is the true holding. Would you consider aware that this, um here on the top side of the principle to give it a proper connections. There are certain words that I'm reading my group Control of water. Also there gives a connection on the other side. Okay, Come here masterfully. Give it a connection in a free space. I didn't know that the place that we weren't connected thing you and another thing escaped prison escape and me gear here. Know this kid award two circles Logan Circle and make you look like this. You gonna circle. And Michael, we are. We can't do simply underdeveloped later. Visit me, but I won't. Do you learn as much as possible. So we are going to go simply on a single side so it will become much complex and give you a better exam. Go there. Nothing your to do. Just go there, Slick on the click on the line. Once again, droving Gilligan Here. Go there. Click on directing their tester. Top player. It's not catching escape. Click here. Uh, largest Seaworld opens. I think that's not getting Probably I didn't get good. It's not a good thing. Just were for second. I can so that I can get the better solution water. Well, okay. I have formed the solution. Will are here was one of the receivers support that feature bird. Now that we cannot, we can see that this was there No supported. So simply just goto this icon, this green disco and like anything Well, I'm preferring the square one and simply place on the terminal here like this and place once the 2nd 1 here and now just rare Order roping once again, no Saudi routing once again and select the top player you can see there they're everywhere has appeared and you can simply getting out off weird and completely secure it as you want . I think that's concluding and on just given up this anger and the things Comelec Well, this is what the circuit there has been complete. There were within a few within the next video, we're going to talk over the engineering that is behind it. And how can you make extender that really spaces the middle size, the pack size the square boxes they're naming off the PCB and all the other things that were going toe discuss in the next video And that other thing that I should be taken care off. Are we discussed in the next window? Let us take a crew cab. Work off What we're learning here In the section we help come across from schematic designs toe PCV layer forming. I just simply boss. Well, just click here on Goto. This is committing you simply I am going here. Franks was toward the border village and Richard or dramatically if it did not matter and replace the component from this section just from the altar section through the intersection where the world can be made. Remember one thing for the student section, only the space is allowed. If you're using a premium for junk, then the space can be very large. But for student work done, you have to complete a low PCV within this section. And we have learned about the bulls here. And we're going to learn about mobile in the next video. As I told you so. This all the roping have completely it. And it is more standard. It is just in blue than with Tina doesn't just like, basically, it hurts. And so that we can get the knowledge offered in the next section. We're going to build a border. Things that are required for problem manufacturing processes their detail that is used to getting done. Okay, if you have any questions, I will be more than happy ones ago or extend for what? 13. Realtime project sch: Hello, everyone, 11 cup. Another tutorial off the Siri's learning the concept of that circuit board engineering with a real time projects. Here we are in the model for and this will be a live project or Gail and just the contents of the model here you can see there. The contents of the models are as follows. First off ELISA Live project, that is, we are going to the embedded system board. Basically, we are a big toe that these are, you know, board. Or you can say, a very similar Belardi Noble board that is very similar in Performance Dart in the World Post a full winner to get to the explanation of what we're designing and how can we connected and water the connection turns committees that we required off the board. Then in third part, we're going to meet the schematics. Then after that, we're going to make the board, then after we're going to get the girls out of food, as you have done previously. But this time we're going toe grew. The Garber's in simulation ALS home on the southern part will be on men manufacturing Well , our the manufacturing I would have to say that there are manufacturing and there are off two types. First off you can do many pertaining. Are your whole home by They use off the paper and laser printer. But that process doesn't work. Do the values or the Clarence off the investors Good in the still quality. So we need to goto a professional manufacturer where the type of professional men vector. You can get a local one or you can get it on man. Well, there are some problem with the local ones that they're wiring should be Norby off much fine, great under tracts of B C. V. And the holes for the media should be very high evened isolations video. So we're going to discuss a border many packs sitting with online bill. The only manufacturing has a big advantage that it is very costly to, and you can be a lot of the program in a very stupid, more word there is, and another very predator you can complete the PCB and all. The assembly of the components can also be done by the on land do Taylor online manufacturer, and you have to get to the known database. It's off the bill of materials. Then we are going to talk about that in this section and how we can send him a bill of material. It means a list off all the components with their values that should be placed on the world , and you can get the complete bull printed out off. And in another way you can go to the PCB and on component. You can arrange assembled by your and then after that, we're going to talk over the conclusion. The conclusion will be a complete, a complete short story or in inner shell off the complete course that we have learned, and how can we benefit from it? In conclusion, I will be going to tell you about the other things that can greatly inclusion or late are the books. We're going to talk over the books that are required for you. If you want to learn this subject in a deep way, you can get the links off the book and can purchase them and study them. If you want to know a lot about PCB, and if you want to go in this trip for okay, let's just start the first thing. They just like Project development actors and based on an Arduino board First awful about already. Know Here. You can see that this is our Dina. You are familiar with the board. I think your family with the board This is available on Internet at a very cheap cost. This is the Migron bullet like this named Edmond. The magma's add mega to do it, people. You okay? And here are the pains for the parts apply. He added the pins for analog while here at the prince for their digital signals and so on. This is the chip. That is important because this is a programmer interface, Steve, that connects the computer with my group. This is the USB soccer. This is the powers. Okay, this is the capacitor. This is the regulator. This is the foods we can fool with it. This is the food. This is the reset button. This is I see a sweeping for in circuit. It's system programmer. And this is the detect pins. We're going to talk about them later, But the most important thing that we want to avoid to get this committing off the board, This is the crystal. Well, I forward to cover their the most important things that are we are going to do is to help look and ended up. I see and how to get the pins out. Well, it is a simple process because, as you can see here and I see either to endear print, I see with a few wins off power supply and crystal and the weapons are left for the little and then a lot in common. So we used air. Do tell pins. Okay, the pin diagrams of dark. You know, it's quite different from the other microcontrollers because our did not ship. Is it melted military Do it which is used to be programmed in the air environment while in , I don't know, it has its own from where that they love the gypsy. The pin numbers off the year that the sports end up in number of the Cardinals. That has been numbers are quite different. We are wounded over the leg. OK, let's get back to our You know, I do know is the most common type off open source electronics hardware development platform in the world. And it was started in Italy by 2% and they had named the company on the Catherine that they were discussing the proposal that the name of the camp Iwas our demon okay and older do tell can be used us in good and are good. There are some special plans for PW here. You can see the symbol off real. That is the sign that dispense are can also be used as well of you. Okay, I think that's fine. We'll go back to the things that we learn. Okay, We are going to learn number developing area time present that there's any murder system and I think you will be much familiar with already. Know if you want to learn number are you know I don't get a belief. Look off our dino. Please visit my course that this must ing are you know, from beginner to quarrel runs because you can get a little okay And we are going to do that thing on at Mega Tree To it, I see. And the process our development arrest for lost their looking off skimmer. Take relegating the connection Then we really developing the board and get a clean facility final the jobs gestating the values and getting the government out of food then we are going to similar to the world and we will finally sending the good first the manufacturer so that we can get the board printer and you on a symbol if you want. And then we're going to test the world. This whole section covers this and then after delivery conclusion as her familiar Ok, good. Let's just get back Filleting First off all we are PCB India. So we want you only get to the knowledge that is the pain connections How do you yet is the pin number off dicey? Remember one thing in every I see PCV actually in every I see there is a small symbol on the top of them these days that on the left side of the pain is the hospital. It goes from 1 to 3 up to 14 Then it moves in and clockwise It comes here pooped In 16 20 years This is the same former for old type active. It will be a square chip than same year. It will be 123 Then something about on the bottom, Then something on the right and then we'll say something off the top. Okay, let's just see what we can see here. Here is the chip in This are the yellow thing that you can see are the airport numbers. We hope to get the connection down on the number seven and as power supply and same as on 20 and drink to go for parts of plan free number nine and 10 are for crystal oscillator. Well, doesn't invest impact about already? Know, is there that chip has that The alternative has a built interest big in oscillator, but that runs on eight megahertz. While here you can see that the oscillator that disconnected externally can run the chip on 16 million hearts. So running the chip on 16 when the heart is a much better thing because it can the thing from external jokes also. And that is a very strong signal so that the CIP can benefit a lot from it. So here you can see the pin number nine and 10. They are for the crystal oscillator and all the other prints here. You can see they are They are, you know, number. While here, you can see there the port numbers. So we are going to discuss on already know me, import we are going to just say we're going to talk about him in future. First, awful over the connections. I remember. The most important thing is that we need to make that programmable and easily workable on computer. So we need to get the connection on First Pin should really stirred. Second will be Receiver Third will transmitter and opens for the power and ground. And I will be making an external come. I've been contact for that so that it can be easily program with a two D A barrel model. Okay, I think that's enough. Let's just get to the things done. Okay? About the scheme, it did. Well, I have made a pretty well schematic here. I'm going before that. It is Ah, Home automation Board. But this weird or based on the chip that is we're going to use in our you know, and it can be programmed in our do noisily. So ladies open. But before getting down, let's just see their doctor Should I am going to tell you how to return. Are you okay? I think that slowed earlier. Go to Google and type Admiral eight mega three toe. That will like Mel has been purchased by microchips. So it is no microchip, Atmel. But you can get a doctor Schutte. And this is the doctor ship. There is about 404 through the pages. OK, all these are the things that we're going to learn and really come here. First of all, we want to get the basic diagram of the chip. This is the protector of the chip, or you can see the block diagram of the tube Now come down. We have to build a distinct. This is the pin number. As I have told you earlier. This is the ground and power. This is ground and power and this is what that is still and all the other pains for programming and this one are poor both for analog as well. A little program. It also comes in a similar picket the year you can see that. Sorry. This is the SMD package. It is quite similar as you can see you as I have blue that from their dark or from the from the head stock or sorry, I would have stepped from their dental. You can see that you have always come to the left and current up in numbers from 1 to 3 to seven. Then go on big local and take a look ways and gonna depends from here. Then go again into clockwise Canada pins. And finally, you can be at the top at number 28. The smd off the chief has a very small size, so it can be used in another things. This type of cell he you Effie packaging here, you can see of the chip. And in the end, it this amulet picketing. Okay, this is the green values that you want to read and let just company thing that we're going to room. Well, our beginning there, I'm going to get to the ardent. A schematic also. Yeah, I think that's open here. You just type. I know. Oh, no, Really. Gentry schema take And you can get this committee off the thing because you're this open source, so nobody cares about that. If you call your make your own, they just completely alone. First off, Allegis E, this is Diet Millet Military. Do it creepy. You'd that is not microcontroller. And here is the chip that I have to leave the small Assembly One, this is the chief. That is useful program. He added up in connection for the can. It turns to get the values from one before or executive order details. This is the I. C S P or Inside could system programmer. Let me show you everything. Once again, this is the cheaper. And this is the programmer. He added the icy air speed that the same Yet this is dicey sp and this is the connection for that is head Burton. And this is the deer tag. And he added up in connection for ground in supply. As I have seen here, let me show you once again, this is the connection off the ground as cruel. Your This is the small chip that is on the left side. Okay, this is the part of logic soon, and this is the here. Where can I find the crystal? Yeah, Here. This is the crystal for it. And he had the crystal for this one. Okay, that's enough for this is the you can downloaded and window download and make it available for you so that we can get I know laid off the thing and you can download it from the course material. If you want to learn more about our dinner, I think that's done. And I'm also going through downloaded this thing for you so that if you want to know about the thing, you can get a break their description off the thing. And let's just come back and let me show you something. This is the complete board that I have loved. Now I'm going to tell you about it. First of all, I'm going to remove most of the things so that we can get a brief description off what we've been here. This is the board that has an image possible. I'm going to show you what I have loved. Okay, Here you can see the image off the thing that we're going through their love. And this is the board that is informal. Puth, these are the real s. These are the connectors. This is the power Jack. And this is admits it mandatory to it. People. You. This is the crystal oscillator. While this are the ceramic capacitors and most important, this are the pain hurts for the connection. Here is the regulator I have connected in food. They are in parallel to order and in new Children's the board Wild other ones runs the capital. No, sorry, the realists and this other transistors and this other dyers for the really hard get. Okay, let's just see another photo from the back. Also, that the thing that we're going through their love and here is the in word form of the thing that we're going to develop. I think that clearly this is a singular PCB with all the components under topside and all the warnings at the bottom side. And I have to so something that this is not a direct computer program board. While you had to connect and f two d, i r alluded. This is the true TRL and this is the five pencil get from where the connection is made. Let me show you once again the first thing that you can see a year is a five pin socket. So there the system can we can get through it with the help off control with the help of where control I see so that it conducted the computer and here are the pins for it, for so honestly certain. Second is ground thirties power for Rx and 50 sticks. And here is the F D A barrel model that can be connected to the computer. This one, This is a very small assembly component, but can perform a lot off tasks. Okay, They just see another images of the world. I think that's clear. Okay, let's just see how can we going to get the things complete? I'm opening Eagle. Okay, this is the girl, and this is just committing off the board. I'm goingto make her understand the living that on the radio. This is the admiral's admit battery to a chip. You can find it here, Come here. And you can see that will ship in the component list. If you can't find it, I will be showing with the maternal. The library also. Okay, just a winner. Just take some time to open dating, and here you can find that Milstein in the ad melt aid Military door section search ad Meda And admit, uh, eight. But my group $1 you can find it here. Okay, now about the connections, the thing that is most important for us. First of all, we are going to the football. I'm using the photo for easier understanding off the second does this again The pain diagram. Everything is working on the principle of the photo. The first and the most important thing has been number 123 should be connected in the former of research. Other ex antics. Can we do it here? Justice again? And this is the husband that disconnected to reserve. Let's just find the second pin. And here is the 2nd 1 that disconnected too objects and terrible groupie x. An interesting thing that you can see you. This is the common real pipe in that we have seen a year. But the connection we have kind of did it here and let you see power and ground. Yeah, I can attribute to the ground here. Make it clear here. And the power is coming all the way from this real. I have made the connections in the pin lines. I can tell you with power and ground individually A so you can connect any component that you want you and that's it. The connection for that thing. Okay, let's just come to the crystal on here. You can see there just a second here. You can see that that we still disconnected on pin number nine and 10. Come here and see the thing that is kind of turned on nine and then finding the crystal, that is it does come to the here and come to see C r I S t l c or and get I find the crystal. Yeah. Does Kristin you? Let's just get something. I think that the 1st 1 is also guided. But if you want to see that crystals just come here and you can find the crystal loss of your government. This is the thing that we need, because this has the same dimension that we needed. And here is the symbol for the crystal legacy. We have the same symbol almost similar, but you can use it by. Do you have the connection in this room? But this is a trip in. Just also come back here and let's just find a proven Kristen. All the things that we're doing here can get ever the knowledge of the thing. So there we can go from nothing in a much efficiently called the crystals out of three wins . But we need a proven crystal, so we are going to find it. They're starts continously. Can you find it? Yeah. There's a crystal building with weapons. Simply look out here and we will be getting anything. They're there. Simply crystals. Yeah, you can find it here. That did the thing. That doesn't need us for us. See you. This is that we still just placing with window wire. So up in number nine and 10 and that's it. Yeah, that was still care. Ah, here are the ceramic visitors. So once again, go here and sign search for R C. L are for a distant see pork. A visitor l for Independence were using covers it for us. Yeah, here. And we don't need a polarized one. So just come here. And the 1st 1 is the exact thing that we need. See year. This is the symbol while the other one was for PCV. And that's all. It's fine. Our the part supplied. The most important thing is that this is a power, Jack. You can get the partick here. And after connecting the bulge in the most important thing begins is finding the weirdest regulator we can find. The world is regulator. Just simply type here. Stop soon It only time Senate and you can find all look is still the old regulated that we needed. Can you find it here? Just a minute. Let me see that thing that that you can get here. Justin. Legal here in search, Major. Once again, 705 can negated more sordid. That's not a match to once again. Come here. Clear everything and serves for l m can regarded. So it's not a match. Okay, Once again, just do a quick search and see your search for regulators or such for world days, What you can get here in the supply, you can get all the guns that are required. No, this is not subject. This is a supply this for ground zero point forward age and all the things that we want And they just This is the pinhead that is an important component, or letting that are connected to each other with the being hurts only. So just like this bird winning maximum off six, they're just kind of trip to the system. So we are going to see about across three. What can we get or give it our next victims in addressing the length here are addressing the Lanvin's. And what can we get here on a little? That's a big number. Yeah, we need would cost six. That is good for us. It comes into packaging. 1st 1 is this one. There is a 90 degree while the other one is a straight more or did a straight Okay. And let's just take some time and do that again. We get something that relays the important components. Can you find the release of for a new Just take that thing. The first thing that you can see here is the really the real. It comes into components. Now make sure before connecting them. This one is for high powers or bone tattooed here. And this one is for the transistor. As you can see here, all the beatings are can interfere with the logics. And they have an individual so good other than the distinct, while the oil of the religious connectivity transistor individual. You can see that there is no common word that is going here in here because this is an unusual component because really works on a very high voltages. And this is are the contractors. While this Arthur, while there is useful excitation and that in the conductor's from here to here and sitting there. Oh, no. Okay. Our religion are seen there. It comes into components can in this for the my grip on dollar transistor and this for the power logic. Here comes the input Any pre connected here when they released on on the US, which will go from here to here and make a complete circuit that will connect up that will give a complete circuit for the power to flow. Okay, The other thing that you can find here about their Easter's. Well, he added, This involve really started that this American and these are the same religious student register. Can we Good. I think that this find waas. This one is looking quite better about the size it is about. The main body of the register is about element size, and the Rhode Island is about 10% dinner. I think that's one for us and let you see what can we get here? The I didn't have a lot of things here. Supply and all the companies have their own space. Big libraries. I just access. And few months. Toshiba's the log. Even Intel, his older brother in here? Yeah. You can choose the Logan, their necks, all the things. Can we see her? And it's solicitous in North Korea. So they just come down. And how it can we get? Just see, you be alien. Dellis also level. And you and the maxims out our little here. We need to start for the linear technologies there. The thing that is going to new device, can you find the thing they just say, Let's just come down. And here we are, going down. You see? What can we get here? Yeah, The most important thing for us is Elem. L m just heard the number and congregated here. These are the component that we are going to need and way cannot find you here. I'm going through a little metal of hiding. The library does it for a second. We need that region or does regulator. If we use a limb 705 for the connection and make the PCV a distant over l m 709 we can use the components. Same as what you want, Elim. 677 can go todo design I see within a visit and I'm going through a little bit out of hiding the libraries in India. And that's a very important because you are going to build a lot among the community. We're going to talk over the precipice of unit to their to the matter. Okay, let's just say I'm finding a limb. So on a 09 library l type lbr Eagle e A g el Presidente, uh, just doesn't, and I'm going to kind of my neck. Well, ain't gonna transgender started and we were going through the door deserve a little library . I'm just typing seven or zero. Why will be our eagle. And that said, we're going to get a file. Can we get it? Yeah. Seven or City is seeing a legs. Let me take that. Fine. We're dead regulator. I get it. Okay, let's just get back to this thing. You need regular monthly. And can you find it? Yeah. Here. I can get the world deserve a little from you. We need seven actor. There are 7805 also near the deal tonight. Anything can make it. And we knew that by getting like this only and just come down. What can we get? Yeah, we need this cylinder excel serious and just college here. The sooner that we want. And they are at least similar to each other and live adjusting dope by getting size year. It's back it in. I think it's the I P 0.1 and into clearance. Okay, doubled the whiting that the idol Come here and see the whiting. You can check whether it is connector. All things are blowing that's good. The other connected to each other on it's going to ground just a good once again. The other connection is exactly, and this is also going to ground. Yeah, there is also correct where the thing is going yet the three terminal is going to ground. Correct. If you want to make it look like I just come here and said he was on the first egg, like just a black, I think you can get the writings in the rate of home, all the wire that was shining our swing, the color of the connections, the other transistor need of ground. Yet scan entered properly and the coil is connected to the same way. Okay, that could not come again and sitting there. Is there interpret that wise because I required nothing to write that stuff. References and about the pin connections. Yeah, all the pins year did for a year. An award up in connection with Took another pain from three toe six. And they are Martin s weren't before Galen. Just governor. I'm not using the number because that can cause in a small letter. I have tried it earlier. We asked a pin from three. Yeah, once again, let Masud we needed from 3 to 6. Okay, Come here and check whether countries and he has the country that this kind of go to the line. Okay. From four, we're going to start 456 13 in a one line and they have any neutral ground I have made in the middle. Grounders are told earlier because it can make this system much better. And you can connect anything that you want in the world because we have a lot of possible in the world. That is about to NPR's. Okay, this is going on, and this is power. Want to see that? Okay. The blowing thing is power line. Just follow the glowing thing, and it's going for all the way from here. Here, Here, here, and just come down. Yeah, I'm exactly correct. Because it's going to take to the were visiting later, someone had one to actually disseminated running. But it is connected to the positive side. So will give our put forward five words I haven't made on a sounder digital flight while the other on Mrs Salinity 09 And they have a common packaging off centered wonder because the diagram the same there. Okay, come down. See, year. This is the terminal port that we think that you have seen in the board. Let me make it clear for you justice again. I'm opening the machine for those. The greater when I learned that you can see you are the thing that is gonna studio. Okay, the green team and just see this thing. They're the same. And this one as for the pro pins like this. Okay, that's good. And just deliver that thing. We don't do this because we have just made from the practice, only okay in this, Okay? It's related. Rehousing the connections. We know that you start at the serpent that is required. And he had a terrorist. I'm using old only print that is a European smelt. It is that I started in the European symbol. Okay. He just kind of stayed with you in the desert and let's get there. I think that's a pipe or the missus issue. We cannot verify words up again. And really, if we don't knew that a principal traditions, but we can get it. If we want this force clock me, so am I. So everything that other function, though, though my girlfriend all if you want to use their you can was my to do that. I have explained everything clearly in that. And this is this is good for the construct. Whenever the fingers high fires every lunar transistor and trying to start gets open making current before Buddha oil off the relay and making this you go from here to here. And so they're going abroad. Our machines that were required, they don't look at their connection. We got this is designed for running a movie every day. Detention there can you under heavy winters, but it can be used in beautiful of commission purpose. Okay, that was the thing that we're going to discuss today after Yeah, one thing. I want to show them how to play this legs. Ever told you earlier? Just go to view or edit and select what can was elected in broad select for him Still in the frame like this? I knew they'd in red color because I prefer ready. You can serve any color You weren't burden most and dramatize rare. I have played all the way from here to here and draw a line this lines to get separator and mark my doodles. Okay, this was here in the schematic part and getting the knowledge. If you have any questions, you can ask me in the next question. Jackson, we're going to talk about them PCB viewing and even in the government files. And how you got over five. Process it or similar in three D. If you are new questions, you can ask me what else Time for 14. Realtime project 3d: Well, hello, everyone. And welcome to another to total cities. Awful learning the concept off a printer. Circular engineering with Ariel Dam Project. Okay, In the previous video, we have the real time project schematic. And now we're going to say it's a board file. Okay, here this committee, we are getting the world. They're like mine. Just bury that thing after this committee is, They love the board components that will be important in the board layer and the window where we can see the components are connected to each other with threats. As for the schematic logic, well, they are automatically air wise. I have fool you because in your reconnection, you can see the war components are connected to each other with a proper logic where the connection is not permanent. So we have go mark them with their tracks that are to come under on the couple. Okay, Here we're going to place the component as the right place. But remember, the size of the fruit should be corrected. This is an important component because you deserve the group size as well as the angle. That should be obvious for the boards. Anyone remember one thing please mark it down. If you are going to do something within and rocks are good, I will prefer you. The copper track should be jumper or should be in the wrong ship at the corner. So there the value off. Then it looks natural, different turned out and it will not create any problem or any noise in the signal off and one in the bold. Okay, the world should be made it completely square function has helped you for the part of the local. Just see what we're grew in. The is part and we're getting the governors from the file. We are getting the solar mass, the copper Leo dough and the silk screen and all the things that we need in the virtual simulation as well as further sending to them ineffective. We're going to do this. Look it now, over generating Gerber's I heard you in your links so that you can get up quickly for the general generation off the camp filed with the help off the job, while they just a simple, honest, well winner spark one. But if we want to do it, you can love your own file. Just seeing them 1/3 off this car. It's part one and make your endure for that process with and after that, we're going to do the PCB simulation. And how does the perceive it looks like and all the things Then after in another room, we're going to talk about them and effective details, and then it will become brilliant. Okay, let's just begin making the board cost of all when you open the eagle. I'm going here. And once again, just clicking on the projects came on deck and the schematics are opening. I just work for a second. I would request you please take a pen and paper to north on the things that we're going to room. OK, and now it is. It does committee computer. Well, that's the wrong one. I'm open another one. Uh, this one. We're going to open this one. Okay. You gonna move on? We are going toe open the growth. Yes, this is the work, but I'm going to remove some components so that you can get the perspective of what we're doing here. First off the most is a matter for the little understanding is I'm just going to remove the blue and red color. All the components year are placed like this on the board. This are the real s. And you have seen dividing that Let me open this committee for you. Uh, just asking desk in my day about the This is their terminal for the relay for for I will just terminals. And this is the pressure coil of the relay of for making their governments that people Okay , come here. This thing This three. You can see other terminals for the really while. That thing that disconnect er across the middle one er the pressure calls. Okay. This other transistor I am using B C five for it. And if you want to get the things good But I prefer you, I will ask you to prepare. 8055 transistor. You descend and come to understand but it is military level. Then BC, by force alone Asper my subject Because I have to start gold off them. And 8055 years. Much better then basic 547 for my experiments. This is their dire sign that this in the physical window and they just looks like this. You have seen something like this. These are the pages. There are the places where the board is deadlocked on another layer or you can see on the top layer. But we are not going to make it a polar PCB. So there says in verse came deck. You can just place a red wire from here to there and with the connections, I'm going to show the deck. See here these words okay over the crystal. The crystal is here, and the capacitor that are going to pick off direct for this market done. Because these are the standards for the my grandma Dollars to run. You need a 16 mother hard crystal asked less. It went to go pick up a red, a capacitor connected to the gun. And this is the register that is one Coloma wrister that should be connected across the ground and the Five World. And that's good from for running the transistor unit to get the significant. Let's say here to hear and you cannot directly connect up Instru transistor orders. It can cause a burn. Our it will not perform a lovely in the long term. So I am pressing a 20 home registered with Linda be a spin off the transistor end up in off the our foot off the microphone. That's good about Dispense. We are going to see a dispense. The first line is for the logic off the pin. The other do tell pins 1234 as or anything that is named on them. The second plane I have made is the ground because everything needs the ground. And the third is the wordage. Because if you want to run any unusual component that can be used year simply by connecting to the ground, I have to started with the Morgan throws Light Lodz and a lot of things that just are I d cards. Buddy, look fine. And there is no Lord on the microcontroller because the parts of black is mitt inducer for their here. The things done different, everything you can see are there are that l m 705 for the world and centered zero fire for is they were all nine for the release because we want to run the release individually or else they can cause trouble for the circuit in the long run. Okay. And the sort of like apposite propose 200 05 while these are for the 700 I have made to determine and usually can tell from this thing so that you can get if I work that are put up 12 world as a specific individual grand for it, so it will not cost anywhere. And this is the Jackie. I will go show you the jacks here, the debt that we have discussed. You hear the first part or you consider starting point here. I remember the pain if you can mark it simply, the middle one is always positive. And the Pinder, connected in two ways, are always drawn for the jack. It is a female jack, so middle one is positive while the others are ground place testes Ruderman, Dimitar So you can get the specified values. You can connect this one to ground and this 15 world or dweller or what are you learning? Buddhist? This is a plug and play board. It meant that you can program the microcontroller within the world with the help of computer and removed a microcontroller programmer to the people. And you can make it a run on stand alone as long as you want and I made this thing in the public domain. So you can do anything you want. You can go. If you want to make your own project, you are completely free to make it. By the help of this board schematics and this board lives. Okay, now a border. There, there, there, there, connector across the pressure coils. I'm going to show you here because whenever I just simply look at the okay, I'm going to make you look league under direct Since these things are connected School board Because the pressure coil can give a backfire. And the backfire is something can be so dangerous that it can simply brother transistors. So dire is connector across this true terminals. So in the forward direction So there was never a big part. Opens occurs It will make a reverse biasing. But as their diet has high will tragedy of advising capacity it will be a stop. Get for that thing and jerk will not get dark brown Destro, that's it. And what can we talk about? The arenas? We are dog that things about this design. This is a physical abilities and motor round matter for me. Like me. Maybe by me. If you want to see, let me open the one north so that I can show you how the machine works. These are very simple, but a very standard logic. Because you can run very heavy motor with this matter. Come here and let me draw something book yet say that this are the pins for the really The old are connected by the were like this as default. And if we used the relay and water more military, we can run a heavily sim. It'll by this just by this matter I'm going to show you simply connected this terminal and this terminal a motor say that this is the mortal coil or murder terminals and simply connect disturbance this and this to say plus workday just sources. And this and this negative oldest tortoise Whenever the religious clipped him I'm going to make the let's say we have collected this Really and their terminals are made in contact. Are this one So the motor will start to run in a donald or direction it can go clockwise or anti clockwise. But if we were very less again and it and let the really one spirit in the same side. Then we can get motor running in the opposite as part of the producers direction. Give the switch on booth at the same time, say like this and you can see that it has reached them on the both side. Then you cannot get them water running in the other direction. So this means there if the release our streets, the on board at the same time, or Susan or both at the same time. The motor will not run, but you one really is to his own. I did, and then motor will rotor in the interaction and that the release was doing and one is off . Then the motor will run in the opposite direction. This is very simple, but very logically matter that I'm using for running heavy motors. And it is perfectly fine to run them with my girlfriend dollars because if players are talking flowers, transistor for modern would win them, firing the relay with the help, or for trying to starter and really have a capacity that just about then impairs the one doing B word or could be work five impaired that is more than enough for any removed motor can be easily Isa later on. Can be simply run with the microcontroller without any cause. Okay, this is the special circuit schematic, and you can get that thing in the board forward with their Let me show you. Here. See you. You can see the same diagram. This is the input, but I have made them. Are Putin connected to the terminal? And this is the motor pool. And if restricted here, the motor will burn in one direction. Switch here more than any other. And this board can learn to motors actually Condoned by two devices or any light or friend . Anything you want there to single the point. But even use only one port here for running something. But if you want to run the motor, you're gonna one complete motor here and one complete move. Okay, let's just come back to that thing that way. And an emergent thing is, they're connecting it to a box. I'm going to deliver that box and make one second for you. Okay? The box should be connected here. This is the box now we are going to be a wreck. Missed madness is making that thing simplified and better you can see that everything is gonna Erda and I have named the board. Welcome. Okay, I think that's fine. And are you going to gender? The camp piles will just We're going to send the samples and Campbell will contend the silkscreen, the copper thistle, Dermot the pair lines and everything that we want. Okay, Just simply come here. Come to come here to the campus. An important job. We're going to import the job. We are not going to make it around best template or going to open a job. Let me check the location for the job meters again. Do I have a job here? Well, I have a job on the next stop. So I'm going on the deck. Stop seeing the camp. And this is the job that required. And after loading you can to multiple tabs here, everything is okay. And we are just going to get the cover files. Like just said the location of the world. It's here. That's good. It's in the automation colder. And we do not have any Garber files. So we are going toe click here. Where are Yeah, I think that's it. Don't do anything. Just simply go here and click the process The door You can process delusions. September I prepared to process the job. Let me show you something When you click here, These are the main things that are going to do And when you click here disorder mean files that are going to we asked. But you can make everything on your own best simplest. Sing this and name the file as your own file s so it does not require. Probably used in the future. But you can make your own things and that's completely open. Source. Widow So we don't have to get there. OK, I'm coming here and clicking the thing. So here I was a dog was taken sometime and ask me, asking me would I Don't find it? Yeah, I would be good. Yes, And then a second job protest. It's processing and positing and I think that the job is done. Okay, let discomfort the folder and let's see home automation Can we get the funds? Well, we're here are the cover for that? We need all the soldier files and you wonder do people so I'm going toe make uh X and given in a new folder that G E R B E R s governors would give it an ender and basting here so that I ask patient folder for available. This is the real file. Please remember, the dutiful is highly required for the manufacturer. Really can so that he can get the deal done. Okay, let's just get it to the simulation. The menting that we're going through. Okay, Okay. Now we are going to do it. It does Governor files and make them looking bored were in the simulation. So we're gonna go punditry. I have previously breuder do link, so I believe that you heard on the thing. Okay. Come here. Come to compose new and come to manual. Okay, that's I'd go toe the file location where you are. Still we have stored here. The Garber's here, but we need one more for you. So we're going to do it once again. We're going to come here and symbolically. Come on. You will be before the second annual is opening. Come here and renewed i p c b three pipe six. So the process is then the governor's. I'm going to do that. And okay, the component name is going on there. We don't have to look anything that will ultimately leader that in character. Get a mileage and return. Now we're opening the government. Can we get the file? Well, that's more so. We're going to do once again, Manuel. And I bet if I list the possible and women living diversified were now the thing that we're going to do GBL Jeb, You'll DBS and same for duty. L do you deal? Do Dia's. That's good. The essential result Her master s here. Starla Mask? Yes. Here. Soldem us, Alice Cooper and Alice Cooper. And always still clean. Who is Sell screams jacket. Okay, that's like come here and do another thing. It's rain. Bring. You can see the components live there and within a few second agree completely. It's just processing the data. And finally you can get the thing. I am goingto cardinal, and this is the word that is to be delivered by us. But there are some mistakes. So we are going to remove them, as I have told you earlier. Come here. Click on the right and take the mortal and monitored us. OK, Sam, for this. Okay, now we're going toe as made the component proper. Simply come here. Click right click on models and said it Gonna turn us. Okay, that's good. Okay, just stay here. I open and some parts just going to the down the stairs, going to click here, going to weaken, model and get their Nothing Exactly. We can get here and let's do it once again for all the force. We should have global that process. And that's going on. I don't know. Okay. Look at that. This is the piece imitate. We're going through Della. This is the copper tracks on the other side. And no logistic has any unusual tracks on each places. Well, look, legal call officers and the colony heaven. Yeah, I want to. So that you can see is the individual track is having a different colossal. There you can I name the other tracks word this is going from here to yet you can simply we're replicating in click here and Glick and yeah, you can see the shine backs. And simply you can get the things here on the trail. You cannot take Gracie their track that that individual let just closer from holo. And you can see the older tracks are placed on the exact places they just don't make. Yeah, you can see there. The pins are connected properly with all the Stilton governs your dirt in your lines. That's a mistake. Come here. We're going to give a model. That should be a connector. That's good. Well, they should be made. Connect us. Okay, that's good. Everything is complete data and this thing, you can see that it cannot be changed because there is no decision library right here, so we just don't get about it. We can really wonder diamonds and all the PCV, and I think that's correct. This is the load off difficult care. And they just come here and make it natural. I mean, the rest of things and one other thing that we are going through the look that should be made clear so and removing all the components. This is the exacting well here. You can see the exacting that we are going to get from the manufacturer. And this is the PCV with the things the white is still screen the green iss soldier mask. The I don't know. I think it's a rent. The island is color for the bags that are made by the company, and he will cover it with pain and nickel. And if you are one located, he can also covered it with gold. And this is the bottom layer. Without soldier mask, you can get it with soldier Mazda. Now we're going to reaping Rip it up. So simply, I'm going toe called a click on pills. That's a little bit first. No, I remotes older models. You can see the cell scream six couldn't be more the pads, the burglaries removed. And this is the bare copper bottom layer that is we're going to get and the wardens or Damascus alter mood. Well, that's not a problem. This was the thing that we're going to do. And in the next video, we're going toe, get their details over the manufacturer and how we can get the board spring there. Okay, If you have any doubt, you can ask me orders. Thanks for watching 15. Manufacturing details: Hello, everyone alone of the other dude. A little off the Siri's learning the content or printers that good word engineering with Ariel Dam Project. Well, we are in model for and we're in the last section off the cities. That is a border due date that that require for the online manufacture well, about developing the PC is and dividing. The development over the city is divided into two parts. The first part is designing the PCB, while the second part is it's manifesting. As I heard a little earlier, you can manufacture a dozen Popes singler PCV at your home will. So with the help off the paper and lizard endeavor that is not in the still matter. And it is no so much very level. So we have to love the PCV with the help of a manufacturer and about the manufacturer post awful. We need to get to the things start to know the things that are appeared to us and legislative or events most of all, that there are a large number of PC manufacturer for bulk order as well as for loose components. Well, we're developing the proponents of the PCV so will go on top number of PCV should be less. Should be high quality. Anyone a symbol is if possible. But the most important thing is that it should be cheap and it will delivered to us as soon as possible. So these are the basic things that required to us, and we're giving him the file. Their dies in the form of government that were generated in the previous videos. Once again, just said nothing. Come to you Go and we're section that is homo permission. You have the files that are in form of Garber. You just simply stand All the finds are here to the although make it as if I don't use there. Are former simply used does the former and really toe the PC? Every designer for multiple or the number of files will increase. Okay, we are coming through and done it. And just take the thing that we know possible about the PC with all of mine. Well, in a year, my local area are showing some locations where I can print the world. But remember one thing that here in local area, you don't have the PCV that have a good a small number of isolation within the components. A small number of I solution within their tracks and the quality is not report. So I used to prefer the online mentor. Okay, we came here and here we are trying someone Just insert that PC card four PCV deal TPC me disorder to decide that are important will deal. Simplicity is from China, but it gives very good quality PCV But remember one thing you can get better than this. If you are thinking about price, use GLT PCV. If you're thinking about the quality US PCV card, the thing that we require here is our prototype Busy bee it can we want to wait layer. The quantity starts from five of 200. The thing that is important for us is the Millis, or mill distance. You can see that in the another company showed the Miller stand the least mill distant that can be possible between the attracted five million four standard PCV and Woburn Soon 523 minutes for the PCV that are used. What's the difficult business? Remember that the size of the mills is a critical component. When we're going through, there s most of the PCB compact size of PCB even when the PCB has more active alert and with this type of practice simply components and you one with the lure packaging double components. So be careful while doing the PCB with a small footprint. But since we have done the PCV their content a very large who've been here in or machine we have the PCV that we're don't have very large with friendly just meditating How much distance were given to each of the components Let the girl open It's opening that the developer Okay Come to the peace of the window and he has the PCB and good to meet you like Nist Well, you have done that successfully. Now come here and Mr Dies Religion would win the lengths How much is it? Where can I find the miracle? Here he has the measurable So I'm going to click it here and here. And what did the distant do I get? Let me take her where there is a measure cooler north It is a signal This is the measure My mistake. So like just there measuring the line from here to here and the thing that isn't showing it in Mm. I will be trying Mills. Now the discourse discern Mills about prudence on Mills. Once again, let's just take the components from here. Do here. And how much is it it's for? Didn't nine minutes? Okay, the least that can we get through. The love is about 55 to 7 mills, but we have a assemble. We have this big distance between them is 47 mil. So I think that's really a simple basically that can be done in the work is quite simple to get done on. This is PCV that has such a big size here. You can see there there Distance is quite large with Linda thinks soldered using in the reversible Know when we are going to do directness, I hope served isolation to very last. So there to begin with the president's team Pilon Easy, we thought, selecting any special oh manufacturer. So the PCV is quite simple for us to a manufacturer. But remember one thing when you're great pissing, Please, I recommend you to make the poor parent and the middle distended when di solution asked more less possible. But please read the directions off the manufacturer that the least mills. He can process and would remember one thing. Processing them distance between them in Mills is wanting and getting them very clear and exacts. A good is Amanda. So I prepared toe when we're talking about the distance in lower mills I before you go to a professional so that we can get a PC. We were very exactly in the Cooper their descent. Another thing, because when the copper on the PC veered, bulk skill is sprayer is covered with the help of electroplating, so the copper can be on interesting part because for the bottle appearing Scarpetta, corporate require is very high, and you're in some cases, they require another elevates also so justly colored tin and, um, some plating off gold. But the gold braiding is generally for the on the left. That is good to go because it requires a clear signal. Okay, the board thickness is one thing, because we can see that the board is made up off various models, some made up, some making a bit late. Some of Milliman and some the most simple diver board or the most good quality. But I have seen is last epoxy last fiver, epoxy reinforced words. That is the word that we have lived here or we're going through their love. Where is that good quality for the purposes or for industrial and good application? You will be soon going to learn our with this type of board materials and keep you can get the better it I've aboard that we can. Well, here it is saying the thickness of the board that can be 0.31 part of a just and all the weird and the ranges are delivered to the full I remember were thing if we are developing the PCV in various places, I used to prefer led pre PCV. There does not contain leg because it is really doctors for toxic for the health, and it is no good for environment. So in modern time, it's a PCB that comes are putting from leg. But remember when things that piece, if you have certain that leg TLC, as in China and they can create some he sure so please read Guy manufacturer's instructions carefully before getting that thing on get done, and I used to before the late three PCB and I recommend it to you. I come in you to select the same. And there we come to cover the quantity will provoke Typing can be simply done with the elbow one or pool or a prudent recipes. Or but when we're going toe, get to a mega don manufacturers skill required quantities. So in quantity we can get a large number of suppliers. But before making the party, it is required that the PC should be exact and should pass all the tests toe so that it can make the robots never esto platform clear and go to the Pacific for the bulk uses also. And here are the less I have to lose. Just gold, copper, nickel. All this layer can recovered on the receive. You just go there to the website. Let's say we are talking to the website. We can get the instant cold. I'm going to be contact. It's opening. Just taking some time. Okay, you can create that guard. Go there and you can upload the files. Get the email from the website and the website will be showing that there are several mistakes, but some absurd. Can you improve the small Gerber file errors and they will be giving recordation in the mill so that you can get the court and pay the money so that they can love. They can start development. And the quotation It should be clear there shouldn't really mean gender you, whether you have selected assembly or north. And the most important thing that if you are in another part of the world, please be careful. Lied about the exporter, important community. We're going to print the busy from another country the customs clearance and award the payment that is the that is for transport and another a lot of things. Well, this was the part PCB and if you want the good go cheap, you can go to the jail service city. It is also a community that makes the PCB quite cheaper. Then another Okay, NPC becomes in a very type. I have even seen the Pacific. They're done made up a limit number, therefore quite bulk use and they're quite CPC. So be careful when you are reading the proper instruction manual, so you should be the material that is required for your specifications. Okay, I think that is enough for the preceding manufacturing. If you have any questions, you can ask me and I will be more than happy to solve your question orders and thanks 16. Conclusion: Hello, everyone. We have coming all the way across to the last section off the course. This is the conclusion. Well, in conclusion, we're not not going to talk of undertakings and all the things that we can do with the software and all that. But we are going toe Noah were things that are basic to us. Okay, we have started a lot of work. PCV It's Indian aiding it has been doing didn't rip apart. That is designing. And when vectoring you in their descending processing Do I live in tow part that this committee and the border Loveman it has a Lord off concerns such as giving the simulation with the schematic, relegating that real investment simulation in the Boardman. Though you concerned the components there layers there might be very apparently, does such a size pieces you can you and they love your own components. But that is my daughter of one of the subject. Well, about the piece of engineering, I'm just going to tell you there, I guess a highly required because it is very it is not so complicated while the job is highly required, because in today almost all of turning the backbone of the left honest is printed circuit board. The printers that could work is used in almost pulled over components in electron ICS. In electricals you and in mechanical components. You can see from the removal in the videos anything that you can think off contents, printed circuit boards, and it requires a huge marketing. Also demon vectoring and I just simple to go. But when there are only a few people are only few complete that can do it at a good skill and generate a proper daughter. So printers that could warning dealing can be very beneficial. If you believe, and you can get something out of Florida. There are even a lord of school for printed circuit board to get. There's a lot of school in print. It's a word that so if you want to know more about it, you can get anything you are. All the things that were Lenya is just a sufficiently well, we have to go. They wouldn't do it. So I am really come in England. Three books that are the the Nicholas and Ground Reversal electronics materials that can be Borden and results kosher adults, Um, and in 18 years reference vocal. And the last one is manufacturing assembly handle. You can read all the three books A. So if you want a toe, get a grip. Malaysia is happening. Medallions that is Gumby. What s that you have told? The book is our turn. Born $19 in America and it can be aboard another country also through radiantly upsides any of you. And if it is not possible for you to get there, printer was on offer. You can just go there and search for the pdf off the book on on land and you can read of the freedom of the book and get everything will. The books are really essential because they content in critical knowledge that we cannot discuss in the videos and lectures and another true burial. So reading a book, it's really beneficial for you so that you can get a brief knowledge of the subject. Okay, I think it waas all a good journey for all of us. Toe know something and get ready for the future. And can we do better than it? Well, yes, that we can do a lot better than it. We can generate something all the food and this was the end of everything. OK, if you have any questions regarding the course or anything in which I can help, I will more than happy to help you and thanks for watching and have a nice day.