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PCB design in just one day with Proteus ISIS and ARES

teacher avatar Amit Rana, Engineer, Programmer and Trainer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

24 Lessons (3h 12m)
    • 1. Introduction to Proteus ISIS and ARES Course

    • 2. Fundamentals of Printed Circuit Board Design

    • 3. Process of PCB Design

    • 4. Create Schematic

    • 5. Single Sided PCB Design

    • 6. PCB Routing

    • 7. Dimensions And Holes

    • 8. Project on Single Sided PCB Design

    • 9. Project PCB for Single Sided PCB Design

    • 10. How to use Auto router in Proteus ARES

    • 11. Print Layout for Manual PCB Making

    • 12. Adding Copper Pour

    • 13. Generate Gerber Files

    • 14. Double Sided PCB Introduction

    • 15. Create Schematic for Double Sided PCB

    • 16. Create Double Sided PCB

    • 17. Introduction to SMT Components

    • 18. Creating SMD Component in Proteus

    • 19. Attaching Footprint of SMD Components

    • 20. PCB Design using SMT Components

    • 21. Creating Custom Part

    • 22. How To Decide Trace Width For Required Current

    • 23. Download All Libraries and Models

    • 24. Conclusion

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About This Class

This course is on purpose made as short as possible so that you can get started with PCB design fast without compromising on the fundamentals

Ever thought that you could learn PCB Design in just one day?

This course is designed for absolute beginners to start designing PCBs in the quickest possible time; With Proteus ISIS design suite.

I firmly believe that everyone can learn and excel in technologies if there's a strong desire to learn and proper guidance. Hence I've created this course to teach you about designing your PCBs using a computer-Aided Design tool called Proteus.  With Proteus, learning and designing your PCBs is just a matter of hardly one day. You'll not only learn but also start designing your project PCBs in just one day if you complete this course. With over 10 years of experience in designing PCBs, I can easily say that no other design suite is as simple as proteus to learn and excel in.

Take the Free Preview

Take the free preview before enrolling the course, 50% of the course is enabled as a free preview for you. Maybe if you just wanted to learn single Sided PCB, then that much part comes under 50% free. Decide if its good for you or not even before enrolling. See and decide if you can understand and cope up with the content and the presenter of the course.

PCB Design for Everyone

Are you an electronics hobbyist or professional or student who wants to learn Professional Level PCB Design? Are you looking for a powerful PCB Design tool that makes things very easier? Are you confused on which PCB tool to use for your next project? This course is perfectly suitable for you

This course is on purpose made as short as possible so that you can get started with PCB design fast without compromising on the fundamentals

Why Proteus?

Proteus is a professional Design suite intended for used by everyone including complete beginners to advanced modern designers. It has got all the features required to make it full-featured design suite, yet is very simple and there is a very low learning curve. With over 10 years of my own experience, I can guarantee you that no other tool is as simple as proteus ISIS for designing PCBs

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn PCB Design

  • Freshers Electronics engineering students and school students

  • Professionals who never Designed PCBs before

  • Startups finding difficult to get PCB designed for their products

Who this course is NOT for

  • If you're already a PCB¬†designer and looking for very advanced Concepts

  • If you're looking to Learn Radio Frequency (RF)¬†design on¬†PCB

  • If you're looking to learn Antenna Design on PCB

  • If you're looking to learn advanced Concepts

I'll be very clear about this. This is a complete beginner's course intended to learn PCB Design for single and double-sided circuits. It can be used for making small to large projects or even your product PCBs. Please look at the entire content to get an idea.

This course is on purpose made as short as possible so that you can get started with PCB design fast without compromising on the fundamentals

Join now and start designing your PCBs!!!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Amit Rana

Engineer, Programmer and Trainer


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1. Introduction to Proteus ISIS and ARES Course : PC beats are printed Circuit boat Designing PCB It's is one of the most important aspect off electronics situating and tragic me. Have you ever thought that you can learn conceive design in just one day? Yes, that's what we're going to do. My name is Amir Rana. I'm a designer and developer off embedded systems and I ot projects for over 10 years in the scores. I'm going to teach you how to this. NBC leads with protests by size and areas descend suit in just one day. This course is perfectly suitable for complete beginners to learn single and double sided with civil design in the shortest period possible. We'll see about different a mental self printed circuit board designing I'm circuit designing using protests by a size and artwork designing using protest areas, Wilson singles headed as villas double cheddar, basically designed with a number of different examples to follow. Two were also see how to design the Signet's with SMT components and how to create custom component footprints, Also appreciating some of the tips for becoming a good designer. Considering the current flow into the Celtics and all the different aspects, you will get all the design files on libraries, which are used for the scores in the downloads section and allow and start designing. Receive meals for your project from today. Thank you. 2. Fundamentals of Printed Circuit Board Design: Welcome to decision. Let's get started with understanding consumer desire with Brutus ice eyes and our ears before going deep in tow. Produce protests, I says. And areas Decision is about understanding the basics off printed circuit board, or PCB, and is very important for us to understand about the basics first. So let's begin now that the most important question, then comes is what its PCB and by the greens, a nude off PC. We all know that that an electronic circuit can be represented on a paper like case. But if you have to give it a physical pump, if you have to materialize the particular circuit or give it a permanent form, then we need to have some solid or concrete black form or base onto which these components can be mounted. And in order to do so in order to do exactly that. What we do is we creates a printed circuit boot. Now, the printed circuit board is de best rate to material eights and manufacture a circuit. What is the printed circuit board made up off? It is made up of a substrate onto which some copper tin cup earlier, it's deposited all around so you can see this is a sample board onto which the copper it's completely deposited. Now this is called as a bear pit city. There can be a single sided PCB on which companies deposited on one there are there can be a double sided with city in which Cooper is deposited on both dealers. Coppelia Scandal of different thicknesses But the most popular and the most common thickness of the copper, which is used in industry, is 35 micro. Now what is this substance? The substrate are the best material, which we call it. Substrate is usually fiberglass. It is also called. That's a far for there are different types of it, but I'm telling you about those only which are most popularly used across the industries. The solar goal gives the PCB their rigidity on the thickness that we require. There are also flexible principles which are built on high temperature plastic. On the most important point here, whenever you're choosing a particular kind of substrate, is the kind of board thickness that you want usually 0.8 to 2.67 Thicknesses are used on the most common. One is 1.6 mn. So if you see across an Arduino board or a particular sensor PCV, then most probably the thickness of that particular board is 1.6 mn. Now let's see what is exactly PCB or what, exactly the process of creating a piece civilians. So the first thing is drawing the PC or drank the PCB artwork. That is the first step. Second step in creating a PCB is the HDP city in a solution. So what we do first is we create a circuit like this onto the PCB, and then we make the PCB undergoes something called until each and places in. The gentlest is what happens. It's all the copper which is unwanted onto the board is reboot through a chemical process usually Fields Fncl 10 Solution to do That after doing the Pacific teaching what we do in the drill. Duplicity according to the holes that we have. Then we sold of the components and then we finished this issue. Now all of these things can be done in an industrial publication in moment, or it can be done in a d. I y. For my answer, a direct NCB looks something like this as you can see which can be created my hand, even at home. But if you're going for the mass manufacturing, if you're going to manufacture a number of different PC bills, then you need to technically, Signet's order from a manufacturer. In that case, the principles don't look like this, and they look something so fast located like this one. As you can see now, you can also see that it is a green colored board with a number of different components on twitch, and they're very sophisticatedly soldier. This is mostly the work of the machine, and this is a handbook. So this is our hand Medical City look like And this is how a machine American City looks like now on those machine Mary PCB. It's very common tickets present, which is called a soldier. Must you see that the PCB looks green at lead and there are a number of such colors off this piece. It is African see, but in the hamburger recipe you see, everything is red are the copper color. So what is that green color? There? It is called as being solder mask, and it is ah, particularly layer. It means a non conductive paint layer or color earlier onto the copper, which gives the BCB its color. The most popular and the most government are there green, blue as a less black on. It protects the copper parts of the PCB from the oxidation process and from all the environmental hazards that can gods or that can reduce the life off copper it is present everywhere onto the PCB accepted the points where we have to perform soldiers and the soldier mask is applied. When you get your consumers manufactured from a particular manufacture, usually at doing at home, we cannot apply. This soldier must, because it requires Lord off processes are building processes required. A new Juliet is done under some specific machines, so you have prototyping. If you're prototyping at home, it's good to experiment with this kind of boards. But when you are all drinking symbols, then they will come up with that sophisticated format like that with us older, more now on to the Soldier mosque or onto defensively as well. You can see there are white markings visible almost every village so on to this snapshot. Also, we can see some fight markets. This white markets are called that six screen. Basically, the job off self screen is identification off the names off the components. The champions in Toronto defensive. So it is useful. Then we're sorting DP City as well as it is useful when we're performing some kind of trouble shooting with obesity in order to know which component it's placed. Where or what is the value of a particular register, which it's ordered at this point, usually sell screen is white in color. Many people also use yellow colored fell screen. But I understood practices using white collar bone. And the silkscreen can also contains a manufacturer data like logo Been number names on the PCB name or it's a revision or a website address or an email letters. Usually silks win can contain any kind of data because self screen, it's a played upon the usual green masking Leah, and therefore it doesn't Dettori it or it doesn't do any interaction or any interference with the cop earlier so you can put into almost anything that you want onto the silkscreen . The most common terms of the PCB, which you must be aware off before beginning the study of PCB, are here some of them are here. So there is one thing called density RC, which is called It's the Central check. Most of the soft girls use this term in orderto check the PCB design for any others. Then there are holes which are the true hole. There we insert the components so this is called as a whole. Then there is a pad. So if you are using an assembly type of B C B that there is a bad which looks like this, this is called That's a pair. This is called it the whole. Then there is fire. Why is interesting? We'll see that in between that we're discussing double 70 cities. But let me tell you, there is a point which connects the top layer on the bottom layer of DPC. Usually it's a small hole like this. You can see these are the fires here in this snapshot, and the job of my is to connect good dealer open bottom here. Then a day it's track, which is the copper land conducting. Two parts are basically divided off a circuit, so you can see these are the tracks, as they can be seen at some particle and holds until lines as well as the pill till blanks onto the PC. These are called Is the tracks there the copper tracks. Then there can be jumper, usually in a single sided with CB, where you cannot place or when you cannot draw a track between two points. Then we usually connect those two parts using a fire extended that's called it the Jumper. Then there are planes which are applied onto book top and bottom bottom side of the PCB as you can see onto this part. So if you can notice this small ship over here, this is a plane on the PC. It is generally connected to the ground. Arvin Sissy Blame is basically an extraordinary position of copper, which is there to sink the current. Usually planes are given for the consistency or ground potential off this a circuit as the less plants are also given in a situation where we just want to improve the look of duplicity. And that is the planes are not connected toe either been sissy all to ground, and lastly there is one more important term that is called a footprint. Footprint is deep PCB footprint off a particular component. So every component has its own footprint on the dimension of the footprint has to be accurate if you have a plan to create your incidents and if you plan to solder the conference on to it. So before doing the designing, you must know the footprint off the particular companies that you're using. These are some of the most common trance, which are helpful whenever we're creating our whenever we're starting about the printed circuit boards. 3. Process of PCB Design: hi indecision. Let's see about what is the secret is a process that we have to perform in order to create the peace. It's now that we have got a slight idea about the common terms used in peace. If it is, then let's proceed further with understanding the design process. So the example states that something like this in which the very first block is schematic, capture the second block. Its placement of component Third Block is a routing Beatrice's. Usually there are a number of situations in all these three processes, and this is exactly the designing part off liberal printed circuit board. Second after the designing, its completed. Then we generate something called That's cover files and then we send it to publication. Let's see, what are these things in detail? So the very first thing that we said it's called that schematic capture basically excrement capture is nothing but a process off creating circuit diagram onto the computer. Previously, the circuit diagram what's created on two people on the boat was also created onto people. But now what is usually a nobody uses a hand drawn matter because the cheaper availability off the online tools and the means. It provides us the first thing. This process of creating the circuit. Diagram on the computer, which is also called it schematic, are schematic capture. Generally, this committee capture consists of symbols and interconnection off the components with wives, and many times Instamatic capture when long wires cannot be drawn. Then we make use off something called its terminals and next off course, while doing all the exercises you will get to know about all these things in detail once more. So just stay with me. Everything will be understood. Valuing the handsome were just laying some ground snow in order to study for Deron, the second step in the procedure. Designing pluses. It's company Chrisman. The components are placed into the work area off your particular PCB, and here the actual science of dimensions are actual dimensions of the components. Adam must. You cannot just use any virtual dimension for the register or an icy, and therefore they require you to use actual sites component dimensions. These dimensions are also called it PCB footprints. And in most of the company, most of the Pacific designing software, the PCB footprints are available for all the common components, like an icy on a resistor capacitor collectors. Most of the components are already available, and many components required to be creative into the softer. For example, if there is a new I see are if there is a completely new component that has launched on, therefore it cannot be presented the component library of this After that you're using. In that case, you have to create that particular component on then use it into PC and perhaps the most important step in principle. Design its component placement Excel because the proper placement of the component ensures the proper noting and creation off the PCB in tow. Small sites the most important factor incompetent less meant its target sites and the dimension off the PCB that is expected, for example, for a remote control TV remote control. We know that we need a horizon's of you need a particle and a short obesity and the company should be placed only in that particular order. But if you take any other example like in our little bits project, if you're creating that little strip dimension rule and you can use a square shipped PCB, there are off course depending upon the project. various requirements, and the component less than depends upon what is your actual requirement for creating PPC? Let's blatant. The next step is announcing off the presses. So once the companies are placed, what we do is without Beatrice's using some small wiring diagram. So those vials are actually drawn inside this software, and they are the physical interconnection point between the two companies. They have the copper tresses, which will be actually formed onto the BCG. The birth of the couple's space are the copper. Chris, it's specified in bills. Are doubts on th will see what others units in detail also. But the topic operatives, depends upon the current flowing through. It is important on. By the end of this course, we will also have a clear idea off what current site or what? But you should be using for what kind of courage going to your socket. Copper birth off The board also comes into the picture whenever you're creating hero tresses because the Copperbelt or the copper thickness Basically it should be sickness, because if you are creating a 35 micron corporate thickness and if you're using a particular both sides off particular bit off the copper trails, then that also changes with the techniques change. So if the thickness is more the Copperbelt can be or the place where it can be followed off course. All this detail ing about the route transcends and the requirement we have a separate section for the Let's understand the step is tracing the loads on the soft. Lastly, and so we said about tresses, component placement and committed capture. All these three steps will be interdependent. And if we will be doing it, rations as an invader throat all three steps. But when all two states are completed, it Mr Design, it's done. Then what we do is which already, Gerber detail from the PCB designing software. And then we send it to the manufacturer discovered it is basically the CNC machine. The sensible data usually are we as a human want to find anything into it because it just consists off coordinates on how the machine should move from one point to another point and what kind of drill or what says the drill should be applied for that particular point. So did you grab a file is used by the manufacturers to automatically drill your entire PCB on these are important. Without Gerber files, you cannot expect the manufacturer to manufacture the PCB, which are high degree of precision, and call it so. The last step in consumer designing process is generating the Goebbels, and most of this, after most of the Pacific. Designing software supports generating the Gerber feel. This is basically a ZIP file or some piece of text files that are generated, which, when it percent to the manufacturer in order to get tickets, cities done are in order to get to the city's ordered from them. Having said that, let's see what exactly principal dissent request you to bring on the table. You know, there to study, you're going to sign. The precipitous Zain is art and science at the same time. Why did science Because we're actually interconnecting the electronics companies in a circuit onto a plane bull and my art? Because you have to think truly, you have to bring your innovation in order to do now, to depresses so properly that there are no jumpers and there are no interconnections happening. Previously, the river, the hand drawn metres used for creation of the principles, but nobody is of the all news computer aided design tools not know what is actually. But for past our daycare or two, we have been using the precipitous and soft herbs only. And that's why it's easy to say that the handling materials vessel it now the Pacific designing class are very high degree off craftsmanship, practice patience and understanding off all the techniques into it. Ah, Pacific. Designing our Pacific, designed for a particular sustain or a circuit done properly, can be very beneficial for the entire project light second. And that's why it requires a lot of patients. And we'll clear understanding off everything the electronic circuits as well as the design process as well as this software that you're using. So talk evidence. Ofcourse, there are a number of different computer aided design tools available to design PCB. There are many popular wants, like hotel, which is now called US and Chip Designer. There is Eagle, which is a very popular car, soft made, specific events after then one of the most white males in industries. It'll mentor graphics pads, which is a very, very costly, even and produce. I size an aerial suit. Both of these are very costly solutions, but are very, very largely used as well as very densely packed with futures. So they satisfy almost all the requirements, often industry. If you want some three solution there, you can also try kick at which is completely free. And then there are plenty many more Softwares of a little for this particular course. We're going to its protest isis, an area suit, because they are not only popular, but they're very easy that particular So it is very easy toe learn up the city. In fact, the products I size and areas are so easy that I could easily claim it with the simplest softer out there for anyone to understand about the circuit drawing as a let's be citizen in the matter off one day in a matter off for two Firoz for 3 to 4 hours at the max, you can completely understand and start designing PCB. It's on your own, even including your own custom part creation. So it is one of the easiest stool there to learn about it, and it also supports native three d view off the exhibits. The criticise has also comes with powerful auto Notre built into it. I'm not showing any any screenshot you hear guys because we re live is going to start experimenting with produce I assess immediately from the next session. So these are some of the features high variance in products I size for this particular course on before starting with the peaceable designing. We also have to understand one molting, and I'll also invoked this slide later on when we're creating the PCB and there's about measurement units on PC. So whenever you're creating the PCB is the measurement units are the distances that's a fired between two points as a lengthy, spiffier trace rip we all use. Almost all the incidents appear use the same standard it results either called as a mill or it is called ever help. One million is a quintal Oneto, which is equal to 10.1 inch. It basically missed 1000 Orphanage. So 0.1 inch also equals to 0.25 for mm and Mitchell sequel. Does their 100 people pay for sentiment? This is given to you to have a clear idea about what unit were using and how is the most common unit, which is used in precipitous than into. However, depending upon if your comfort level, you can also use mm. But I generally don't prefer that, and I would prefer you to get comfortable with how or bills, because it becomes very easy to visualize it while doing the basic design. Having said all those things now, let's start doing BBC with time. 4. Create Schematic: Hi there. Let's get started with BC We design actually Pacific Inside, which brought Asyl size on to get started. Let's begin with a single sided precipitous then. And of course, the first step for the single sided Pacific design would be to create a schematic. So indecision. Let's see how to create a schematic, how to find out parts, how to find out the receiving footprints off the parts that were choosing, joined the parts and then finish this schematic. In the next video, we'll see how we can create a particular layout on artwork for the schematic that we're creating into the station. So let's get started. And to begin with, this is this imp Lester project that we can check, which is a plus five world power supply. Now I don't I won't go into the details off working off the circuit, but you can instantly judge by the looks off it. It's basically a rectifier, then a filter capacitor, then a small voltage regulator. And then there is a registered an ability for power, an indication, and it will have a plus five foot and ground or put connection. That transformer can also not be directly mounted on a PC and therefore the connection of Transformer bill also required a two pin connector like this. So let's begin and get started with creating the PCB for this particular schematic. So to start with, plussed opened the ice size seven professional, which is the schematic capture tool. Whenever you opened the Isis schematic capture tool box space like this will be open in front of you. Now I will get to know about the world space Slowly, all the options slowly. I don't want you to bug down on the very first session about all the options which represented just by using the mosque school will you can see you can zoom in and so out. You can make some quick changes to the look by present G on your keyboard so that will simply completely eliminated the grid that you see or you can have a daughter. Good. You can help square group. This great is helpful toe. Make the connections off the component and make the gonna become partners. Stick to the particular workspace. If you go into the view, you can see the default snap its 0.1 inch. It means the difference between the two point off this grade, it's 2.0.1 inch on. We're good with that. No next saved its PCB and just save it somewhere. I'll save the schematic, some of it in a folder, notes. College power supply and inside it. Let's say that's a ch no, I have saved the design. So the first thing I need to do now it's depending upon my parts. Depending upon my components, I have to find our departs. The first of all, I need dire so you can see this is the selection more over here and that this is the competent. More over here, just like on company more, and then goto be this. It's pick from library this virgin. It's picked from library. It's so going to the component more and pick from libraries will open up a pop here. You just have to type the component that you want. If you want dire, then usually we know which kind of diary vaunt, so knowing the particular part number is also important. For example, one and 4001 this is the most common dire that we use for rectification. So just take the part Number one in four students Aruban, and it will be short boo apart with this schematic symbol given also, see different CB preview over here and you have to make sure that you choose the component only for Mr PCB view is available. It means that the city footprint is available for this component and so you can choose it if you don't find unenforceable. Sullivan. And if you just look for die, or then also they will get it only chose developed which has a PCB footprint. Know for example, this one doesn't show PCV package. Don't choose this, Jules. And even with the PCB package how to choose it, you just have to double click here and the diary June over here after the diary for possible and neither capacity. It's an electrolytic capacitor seven inches little food register and led, and it was such for cap. So if you just type cap, you'll get some capacities which are the small capacity, sexually non electrolytic. So search for cap Dash E and E. C to find out the capacitor. Now it finds the bigger capacities. I have a couple at it, this search for we'll see, for the bigger part, just wasn't the most. Don't Aoki. I can never get toe available parts now. Your son sounds good to me because it has a bigger package cap. Delis developing that and it's available here. Similarly, find out 705 again. You have 70 digital favorite tubes required footprint. This is T 0 to 20 package from 17 Seraphim. There are others. Also choose the one with swords. Your packets. This one. It's the most white news packets. I'll just choose this. Then I will search for register by tapping our neatness. The stepping audience will show you number of different companies used the register, which tells a close, this 0.4 inch package. It's a sufficient sites toe occupy on a PCB on the back of dissident ideas. 40. This shows this one by the billet leaking it. We got to do this to the admin and I want a lady. This type entity and the list will show you the enmity with respect to package. The package is good. We can choose the already medical clicking. So we have done all the companies require for the schematic. We also require a small capacity that they are put off 70 0 for not shown in schematic. But I'll show it to you how to do that. Which was the small capacity as well. Now all these components are done. But we have seen that we're going to need a collector. It output and input surf electrified. The characters in protests are searched with us. I, the serial in line collectors, just type s I l and type Do what example? A cell to shows you the package for it and the symbol for it. But the bit looking Asyl too I get to do with you. I'll just write down all of this in a low profile so that it would be easy for you to find out the company. So it'd 705 Then cap the cap. Jealousy, then tired energy obvious. And yes, I in go. I will save this file and uploaded. Now I have got all the components taken over here. Now I can start deciding very first thing It's connecting the input transformer. For that I will use this connector to pin connector. Just click on this Stay in the company wouldn't click on this and then you can click once in the workspace it will take your component in the highlight of the more and ready for placement. Now that you can play synthetically over here are you can delete it if you have already placed by selecting it, right, clicking it and billet object. You can also do a little component, but the bullet night clicking on Put the community particular object. No, I want the connector to be facing towards my right hand side. So in order to do that, any to rotate it before placing. So just click the mouse left, click once and then click on the plus symbol on your keyboard. It will simply hotel depart at the same two points. This is how I wanted. So let me just keep it here. They're so people see the great helps in re component. Your component can only move throughout the great lands and not in between the Greek islands. It won't show here and here. It will only stick to this point at this point. If you change your snap, you then you can do some cruel component moment. You can see and illiterate and no agency. You can move it across the good no degraded, smaller if you want the country further. Smaller grid there You can also have a be simply very movement off the component. Usually full schematic. It is not required and therefore it stick to the point. Manage. Remember, decided the snap before starting placing any competent in your city. So next listen to you a large start. Yes, in the other companies I want toe create elective, admit their by default. The orientation is this. Double click or two times plus symbol, and it becomes like this. You can also right click it and make it routed clock way, rotate clockwise or anti clockwise or anti clockwise rotating when infinity, all the options that have anything 100 foreigners list like this done the amount electrolytic capacitor list. Then comes 70 05 Then comes the small capacity towards the or putsch. And then the combination off register and capacitor of Saudi led like this. And then I leave. The collector at the airport said, Take out the power supply. Five world and ground Americans see all my components helpless. I just want let's save it once and now I want to fire them to create the complete sort. Now, unlike any other tool protests is that they're this simplest Want to start learning disabilities and therefore you don't have to choose any other tool. Stay in the company more and you stay in the same more where you are You going to start clicking the component ages? If you click here, you can see a red box appearing on. Just give a mouse click once here and that will start placing the component. Okay, let's click it once and click it once more. Very want to drop it flickered once looking very Want to drop it? Click it once, then click it once again. Listen, I'm not dropping. I'm not dragging down the button. I'm just looking it once and then I'm living it and then I can have the track locate like this. Let's try to finish it all. You can also start a track from a joint like this. This one comes here. This one comes at this point. The camp in off the negative is here, you know, put capacitor years. The entity here on the negative off the parts of cloud also comes to you. Then already a note put in stir the first part of register Toby Oh, and this point, all sort of you. And this is the plus five. Hold off. Put. That's also what struck you open and this part of transformer whose here you can develop like a component. We can change it slowly. For example, this rectified request for 70 micro pillars. Just keep it for 70. This requires 109 affair Capacities. This make it like that that isn't so. Should be just one key. So let's mention that and no mess automatic is done. If you want a better look, then it after completion of your schematic, just removed the greed by typing G, and you can see your in terms of it if you want. You can also go to Template, and I'm showing you one option over here. Go to template and sit. The graphic. It's type, so not in the graphic state. In the systems, there is the said display options. Here you can choose street. Use your graphics card for the particular operations. If you have a graph inside and every computer, and if you choose this option, hard acceleration, then the transitions on your designing software will look smoother. It's already selected for me okay that if you want, you can change this background color to make it more nice. Look, people, we'll go to sit designed the force in template said to design before and here you can change the people colors. I can also have a black paper killer if it sorts to you. Not much, so you can't just change it according to your expectations. You can just have a plane fight, which looks for the good. Okay, so that's how your single sided or supply schematic it's completed in the next session. Let's see how we can create on Lee out or completely civilly out out of this schematic. Thanks for watching. 5. Single Sided PCB Design: e. Welcome to the single serve. A precipitous sensation. The last session we have, Peter, this particular circuit diagram or a schematic capture off our supply. And now we want to create a PCB off the pitch. No, there, dude. Rousseau, just check your schematic once save it and you will find this button over here. If you can see, this is an A R E S. Burton. So that's totally before the protest suit consists off to software's one. This call that I A size which is for schematic and simulation and another one is a our ears , which is for you. See, we're designing now, at this point, if you click on this button here are es there your entire circuit, it's transferred to the exhibit designing software automatically, and you can directly start designing your city over there. Just click it once and it will start the new, softer Derek here it will ask you what kind of design your doing. Either you can choose default or you can choose generate a single layer because that's what we're doing. Genetic singler PC and simply click on OK, just like in schematic, Go to the view here and first choose the snap. Toby. Also table. Usually here, the 25 th snap is good for us be. It stands for now as the skulls people. That's great. That's supposed to be simian Denville. See for the things now again, there is on more consideration to be done over here before you place any component, It is important that we create a pissing out plane. Now you can do defensively or plan first, or you can do it later as well. First of all, let's see how to place the component, how to wrote it, and then we'll see the outline creation. But for the next project and onwards, you keep a practice that you create your PC or climb first or the boundary box first and then only start designing obesity. Now let's start placing the company's over here just like schematics off trade. Let's go toe component more over here, as you can see, and here you will see all the components which you have taken into a schematic software and which are transferred automatically over here. So I will begin with the first component that is jeevan toe start placing. I'll dig even over here. You can zoom in with this cruel most will and you can off course rotate your component like that. My pin number to of given is on the topside, so I'll just choose it in the same big two number should come about. The principle is that in software, it is much better to take the bigger snap to make the conservatives them easier for smaller person. I just did snap 50th a normal place, Digimon. Then I want to place the tires so better to place them exactly at shown in the schematic because it will help. But he had this schematic incident. I hope list one there and then it automatically selects that this company so placing is very simple. I'm just selecting the component here. Listen, I'm into the company more. Look at it carefully and into the component that I have a place to just like it once, Nor Dragon drop or no doing, pulling something just like it once and click it once in your area and it shows You will also see those green lines which indicate the interconnection indicates the expected interconnections, and it is much better to have the expect er indications such that the placement of the component should be close to each other. For example, if you can see I have place the died in a positive direction, Catherine's upwards and orders downwards and it's much better. Who? OK, even it's place to get a clue. Cattle its upward. And would it stonework? Now let's let's d two over here in the same way with the depo and it can I slept is due to its blissed and this is not achievement. This is cheap to that I have taken. So lets stick Jeevan, Let's be number two and the Tebow said no, it's OK. It's another $2 of connected. I can again please the limiting tires. I'm making sure I'm placing them like this. So this is the good placement that comes into picture. Now I predict the collector like this if it plays desire here if you please, this dire in this configuration over here, if you take this tire and place it in like this complication here and if I choose this one and place it somewhere else No, this is completely wrong. Not even wrong. This is a messed up placement of the components. You shouldn't do that while designing. When designing the artwork and layout occupancy, this is called easily out. You just place the component. Well, they're in the layout of the city. Make sure you place them the way you want them to appear on the circuit. And if you don't know how you want them to appear on the circuit, then it's better to follow the schematic descent and start with smaller project at new progress on creating the new project or advanced projects. You will get in a deciding off how to place them. Just please them bill like this. Then I'll place the bigger capacity. I can say I can place it like this or like this. This one. This one and this one. All of them are good configuration. Really? Fireplace. The capacitor leg tissue can see. Uh, the interconnections are crossed. You can see to its coming here. One is going here. Should not prefer doing that. Who choose a natural component placement. So this is how I placed it. Then I want 705 being placed like this over here. Then I want a small capacitor C two. I can place it close to seven instead of person like this. Then there is a register which connects toe the output of 705 and the lady accompanying it . But in like this, finally you connected adult portside to connect Dandelion Cater's. Now you can see your component layout or the placement it's completed. Looks good. At this point, I would like to create a Bordeaux plane. This border plan defines my component ages and the borders. So goingto here you can see it should story graphics box more that said again, time and again, prudence is the easiest package out there. To understand citizen order to do is just use this story graphics box more and just draw a box around your PC. Now I'm dragging it. Okay, so I just collected once over here and then I'm dragging it to create the box. Just make sure your boxes don't You can skip it after the boxes. Don't you just have to leave? The better. I'm here, you have just right click the box and change the Lear to board. Ege will discuss about this layers in detail when deciding or been talking about the are double sided Consider it's for no, just understand Chancellor to borage and that is that you're PCB layout. It's complete. No PCB is ready to be pressed out or the artwork is needed to be done before even switching to artwork have not selected. Surely one more interesting option. Presenting producing areas Go to the airport tab and seaport individualization. It will give you very nice TV view off your PCB, but in orderto look at now look at this. How beautiful it looks exactly how the city will look like after it's manufactured. But you can see from the bottom. Said they have no track. Sensible but you can see the board I met him in. But in order to see this board, this border claim is important. If I delete the board our plane and if I tried to see the individualization, I will see the components. But there is no boat out claim Depend. So the doctor is not able to render the board for you. Just have the board opening and then you can look at the individualization off your particular component or sorry, DP City. Now in the next session, we'll see how we can around this PCB so that our singles I don't simple design is completed . Thank you for watching this video 6. PCB Routing: e this in the last session, we have created a single sided PCB layout for our power supply design. Now, what I have to do is I have no doubt this particular circuit so that the city should show the copper class on the PC. We should get completed at this point. So let's begin not before without thing. We also have to take into consideration what should with black sites for my PCP. Since this is our first BCB, I'm not much curious about the track sales because, well, understand that letter about the specifications and considerations off the track. For now, let us assume that I'm going toe hand where this PCB and for that sick I have to have the tracks as big as possible now to do so. Let's go into the technology and into it. There is the option called designed rules. Here. You can specify the track size that you want for your particular the city. Go into the design del's. You will see a tab called Nick Classes, so just go to night classes. It will show you to night classes, power and signal for no. We have not given any net class means we have not indicated in our schematic whether we're having a power line or whether you're having a groundless so it has. Some wouldn't and we'll see that in the next project. But for this, let's keep it. Helps in understanding limit. So for net loss power here you can select the layers off routing, since it is a single sided. So both pair of an vertical and horizontal should be bottom copper on the dress. Stylist 25. This is the Wear it in tow, Children different sufficient. But you can select E 40 as well for such a small board. And for now, let's take both power and signal. Appear de good. Okay, just a boat off them to 30 and let's get the pair one horizontal and vertical Toby bottled up. So this is the layer assignment for off roading we're not doing will not be doing or total right now, but this is just an assignment. And then you called Putin. No, You have said the process is to be used and now you're ready to start doping. Now, this is the selection more. This is the company anymore because the package more on the fourth. Well, it's track more. Just come to the track more and you can start voting just like you were connecting the virus in schematic. So blucher most once at this point. And then you can click it here. If you can see the tracks are automatically bench in protests. I have not yet placed them, but it was just showing me which alleged output for it getting it. So I want to connect this to this point. It is also shown. Do so. Just explain your comfort connected here that this point should connect. Yeah, so just click it once and then click it once here, not dragging it. Then click it at this. Scatter once and then live. Then move your mouth looking to the other cattle and then just leave in the same way. Let's make this connection. Also, they're Smith Disconnection, Atzmon. Almost all the connections which are seen are in easy for us. As a general practice. We don't take a 90 degree sharp tone leg truth. So if you have done a mistake like this, right, click the track village and then I can start. And if you want to wait to give it done, Just click. Denounce once. Otherwise the track is automatically being turned as a concern for differential. But if you want to do it on your own, then just click it once. Then you can change the sheep off the track there again. Click once and then connect the same way I can connect here and start a new track to be connected to cattle. Off led. You will experiment and understand about this when you're creating it. It's very, very simple. At this point, it was here. This point can connect here. If you are connecting a tractor track, just make sure you go there and finish the black. If you want to finish it by living it once, so I'm doing what? See? First left, click here, then left. Click here, but still, the track will continue. If you want to. Just drop it here, then click right click ones. Okay, so from a tractor track left click left, click up to the track left click and wants to reach to the track. Thank you. One more thing to make sure it's the Green Line. The connection land should become invisible after your component after it wreck incidents If I do the track up to this and leave it here, it's not completed and they're so I'm a great record showing over here. I just deleted and complete the track. No, let me finish all the tracks which are visible to me. Don't. Then I would I would again fabled 40 collector on the ground connection but are simply there is a more connection remaining that is a component of France over going here. So we don't have a direct part going here. You do not or you cannot keep track about other track because it will create across. But it will create a short circuit unnecessary unwatered short in the circuit. So just find out the buck which is available for you, just like what I did and make the connection. After having done all these things, you can see the PCB. It's nicely completed. All the tracks are visible throughout the PCB or after completion of the PCB. If you point that there is a lot of space and you can increase address sides, they just right. Click your dress and change the risk Anything you want. Select side 15 70 big government for parts of play. It doesn't matter, even if you take bigger tracks. Rather, it's better if you choose bigger tracks like this. You can do it after completion off your entire decision as well. There is there, So I'm choosing all the blacks Toby off a larger size manu again. This is not compulsory. This is just an optional thing that I'm demonstrating to you and nothing so have changed a few of the tracks. It won't make sense to keep the others additives, and that's why I'm changing all of the places to be 70 the 17 70 toe. But of that particular attack, almost all of them are done. Andi, if you're completely done with this two more track, that's the motive. There is no need to give me 74 capacitor, but that's it if they're doing it. But did you do it for all of them? Let this one. You also have toe. Make sure off one more thing that the minimum spacing between the truth tracks is defined in the descent rules. If you mistakenly change the world Toby too big, then it will create a close proximity, and I dont show with a rare circle in your design. You can see one DRC error over here more onto its later. For now, just understand that you shouldn't show any D l Theater, and there should not be any area shown here. There's a completely city. Go to the airport tab in the individualization. You can see this. You see, the tracks are not there from the top, certain there from the bottom said there, nicely visible over here. So that's how you create your first PC or a single side MPC after the completely CBE is jin . It's better practice. It's a nice practice to give some mounting holes, so let me peel some mounting holes. You can goto this around through whole Parramore and just select empty hole C 200 entry. This is a band of whole that we want you. It was just put it ensured to after it later, Let there be a TLC attentive Davis. Let me just put it after placing the holes. I don't want the copper surrounding the whole. I just want a plane home just right. Click that and change the layer to drill hole. Just keep the whole for mounting, and there won't be any corpus around which and therefore the errors descent error showed will also disappear. No, maybe CB's complete with boundary as the let's with mounting hoods. The mounting holes are also visible. Individualization Nice and clear, isn't it? If you want, we can do furthermore gratification off work incidents. See going to the text more over here, and you can add silkscreen on your PC. It can be anything like power supply by phone. Get fixed dot com so you can give your company name Over here, you can do anything as you want, but it trendier theaters. Why? Because it's shown in yellow color and yellow means the board age layer. So just take your next and then change the layer right click and change layer of topsoil. Now you can see the whole text is not visible, not fitting into wiping city. So what I'll do is I'll just developed like that. Here you can change the property about hygiene. Been, it will be four point. You can just change toe a general front like Ariel, which is a little smaller height and width, and that had shown her with you. So this is a silkscreen CN colored silk. You Kelsey The Dye Award All the PCB circling circles are all the points are shown in CN pillar and that's what we're using here. So I knew take the individual s is mutualization You can see the output of with you by default the area will not be rendered the launch but it will appear in the final PCB So that's about it for creating the single said that we see me make sure you complete your single sided PCB and then jump back to the next station where we create a more advanced circuit design. Thank you for watching this video. 7. Dimensions And Holes : hi there now that we have created this reserve, Ivan Bold. I also want to know a few more things over here, and most important off them is knowing the dimension off this external board that we can do these before then in the board. If there are strict dimension controls off strict dimension to local issues. Otherwise, you can also do it after the board it's created now in orderto find out the dimensions. Look for the tool called dimension more over here and then simply draw a line. Now this is a simple plain dragon drop line, just like what we do in omits word or PowerPoint. Not write one line like that and drive another horizontal lead like that will give us the dimension for Put the Let's end went off the PC. Betty Ford. If you look at this line, I changed it. No one over here they look at it. It shows that the dimension in Ph it's okay before tracks, but for the physical dimension, we don't have decided in Ph. Language off old language. So just double click the line in sort of a you can get to see four centimeters you can make it em for looking the dimensions in tow. Mm. But this is 57.15 mn and this one over here, it's 1 2012 in the light is a little bit longer. Or you purpose. You can draw a completely straight line starting from this point over here. At this point, it gives you the except idea. Just we're at the point that will return of the blood. It is exactly 1 21 0.7 90. And then that's the damage it was in those I mention toe. You can find out the dimension off any PCB that you want and this is very important. In order to present the Seabees expert are expected damages. Also as Tony before you can add doing holes as you want by just going into the dill hole more and just so C for C 200 entry. This is entry Hole. We just want the internal hole and we don't want external copper. Just give this holds like this and then right click and change little to dribble for all of them. This will give you a free MM hole onto her PCV there. Ever important. Just like click and just drill hole. I just made things that ever I wish to have it. Then here I don't have one, but still I can place it in the corner. And this God no, also, but not their track was going. So what I need to do I will have to reduce this particular single plaque. Signage and Janjic stick nets to a bit smaller until the BN theater that comes up goes up. But shorts more people, if I make it closer. But we because what? I can just move this a bit of it. Just keep dancing too. If I go into the individualization, I can see not only the board but the dimensions as so that so you gave the dimension You know the dimensions and give the drill holes to obesity. Thank you for watching this video. 8. Project on Single Sided PCB Design: hi there. Now that we have seen how we can create a simple single celled algae PCB design, let's look at some complicated project a bit complicated than just a power supply. So this one right here in front of me, it's a circuit diagram or a schematic for any Studio five on microcontroller Development Board. So it doesn't matter if you are a very affairs enough ever enough, not just take it as a project assignment. And if you're available, if you are aware about the ages of five and microcontroller, then it's much better. So basically what we want to do is we want to come here to microcontroller board with a power supplier and, um, extra three to interface, which can correct the microcontroller toe the PC. All the board is requiring our import pins, which are left unconnected or which are left open, which can be interferes to any other circuitry outside the board. So this is the schematic and the PCB that I want to create now on. Let's see how we can do it first of all, before creating a schematic out of it and before writing down or before doing anything with respect to it. We have the person said, how we want the board to be now the example. A simple board to demonstrate to you which is, Ah, in a desert of heaven board itself which looks something like this. So it's the hardest. It's so vertical board if you hold it like that, which consists of Mount Supply in one section, microcontroller and virility report wins at one point on Max Sofrito and the respective connector at the bottom side of the ball. So let us keep such kind of design in mind and start deciding the PCB for this particular report. So let's get started to do that. As always, Just open your prettify size suit and first of all, save the design that you want to create. So let me call it at its little five and the school board, then most of the things like asylum to for power supply. If there you'll also use the bridge active or instead of project effect. You can also use NBC Jack, which can be used to give power to the controller, then 70 digital food, then cap in jealousy. It is electrolytic capacitor, since we have not. He was invasion of people Begin is the same electrolytic capacitor to picture the input of 70 the lipstick cap, all capacitors required for Constable. That's the let's a play Zika crystal. Make sure the PCB footprint is present. Instead of sticking, an idiot named C favor the control that I see that stick that and then that stick. Yes, I'll age to work at sport. Been for the controller and I will take one assign nine, because I also have to connect a pullup resistor. Where's the paper? Then we require DV nine collectors or the controller, so this one will do for us. This is for Maxwell to do into fifth, and that's about it. Now if we need any more component that stick out, he is citizen stuff. Also taken a lady for power. On indication we have ample about the components now, so let's start designing. The very first thing I would like to design is the input that is the powers of plant section like this. But there's a D. C. Jack. Then they did the current limiting resistor. Also, the reversible age prediction Die or let me choose a dire in case if you apply the polarity and reverse direction, then desirable. Help keep the supply. I'm getting reversed, then an electrolytic capacitor after it. This much is good. After that, you can connect with 700. If I see to, General, 85 will supply. Remember, in this case that BC jacket supposed to go to a whole supply? I don't put off either the seven seed off. That's kind of what is this true and led combination. This will ensure the power down Indication purpose. It's old. Moreover, we also connect the small capacity at the output for removing high frequency noise. Let's keep that has been the value should be 100 nano for the capacity and the value for its input. Capacitance should be forced 20 microcredit register value. It's supposed to be one key. The bottom Flintstone. Now remember many areas in protest higher size, then some of the ice is like 88 10 c 500. If you choose, it won't. Sure. The connections for decency and ground as you can see the number 20 and winnable 40 are not visible because in protests for many ice is the logic supply will to the power supply punishments of the supply pins are not visible. If you want, you can enable them to enable them. We simply have to goto template, said Zandi Forbes. And here you can see sure wouldn't be. And there's been three mission to you. But even if you don't enable them, remember living sissy off the microcontroller will goto this supply voltage pill that is indicated in your schematic. For now, I don't have any supply been indicated, and I need to do that because that will create a necklacing form so that I'm not required to drag defy world wire from this speed toe wherever it requires to be connected. How to do that? Go to the space over here and go to the terminal small instead. It you can look for the power and ground symbols, just like the power symbol and connected to the output of 70 Then take the ground simple and connected to the negative of possible. Now, after that, wherever you use this symbol that every will be using this symbol, it will be connected today are put off 70 For that, it's five foot and very, very reuse. The ground symbol will be connected to the ground off instead of ground. Or possibly this is called is the necklace T, and it is widely used whenever you're creating any big circuitry where you don't want to navigate, very don't want toe move the pins a lot, so that's that's about it. Now let's start placing the exile connectors or the Portman's. This is Lord Tzeitel. This is Port One. So I just connect all the bins off a connector over here. Repeat the same thing. Or poor too. 43 minutes, Florida zero. Yeah, because these are the connections. These are the interfacing points that we want in our system. Lastly, for zero, the 40 also requires a pullup resistor on the pullup resistor bank is actually in 19 connected like component. So I'll just take a silent nine over here, and I will connect one point off the return in the 1st 1 toe by foot, and I can connect all the rest of the lines to the works. We're creating an agent of Urban Development Board here. The tall deport been super entire connector and an artist or three to interface for interfacing with peace that was done over here. Then I need a number 31 going to his sissy and then I leader reset, circuit judge. The results are good for our survival. It's simple. It's the capacity between the sissy and in the but nine. And then they didn't instead going from in about 90 clock. Now, if I do it this way, then it will be difficult for me to make the connections for Crystal. Not difficult, but it would be a little bit unease e for me. So that is, what I can do is remove this connection and the more distraction as well. And I just keep this to the sixth Circuit a bit part of it. I can connect the probably with this symbol, and I just have to connect illicit line here now instead of doing this long writing what you can do it taken before I go to the terminals more and take the default connected Olympia and give it something, for example, are Esty, and then I use the same defaults terminal going to pin number nine, and I have to give the same name. If the name cell same then decided stripping. It's connected right over here again. We're utilizing that listing to create a fairly bigger PC. And for any scale of PCB, that is a little bit big. You're definitely going to require this kind of arrangement. No, I will use the crystal connections that make the coastal connections. So there is a Christian, but which we need to capacitors each valued at 33 people better looks like this. And the second prints off the capacitors was too. I don't like Then just make it 22. Yeah, and on all sides, 20 to 22 or 33 anyone will do. And then the spin should come to crystal again. Either you can try don't Wires like this are as I prefer it to be. We connect to connective. You call them X one. I'm extra similarly and connect them here. Excellent Extra. No, the constant is done. The controller has done the parts of places done. Let's shifted a bit and let side to create the max two or three to part for others to try to interpret. For that I need a max to twic, but she looks like this and then I'll have to goto this Kimmit. So that's schematic. We have different type of I'll see here I have taken different Let's believe that. And let's choose the same, but so that stay on the same beach when creating the confidence give you so these are the pain is going to microcontroller people in and are given out. The post op ally will mirror it and I will connect terminals one could even in and went to out of a out. So even in should go to be exiting off controller, I'll call it txt and out of a notion group addicts, to your control. I just have to connect similar to determinants over here. So this is out of stripping, as you can see and they're sick on the Dylan as a B. It's sleeping. That's it. Now what we have to do is they have to connect capacitive selected, so let's take to capacity first and connected here like that. The terrorist threat toe. You can connect any full to capacity electrolytic one. Make sure they are all having the same Well, that's the only condition 100. There are two and he is smiling. Second points are going to ground, and I would, as you see in the media, we don't have that much space left over here, because when doing this design in the media, we have used some different dimension. And here the dimension of the circuit is different. If you want, you can go to system that she says this and choose in a pre shit which will give you a bigger space to work on. No, I can connect my Dubinin connector comparatively. Did the nine Explorer will take depends from this site. Number two goes to 14 and three goes to 30 going to 40 and three going to the number if I should go to ground. So that's about it. That's a complete schematic, for there is No. Five on Microcontrollers Development Board, a small development board with all departments open in the next video, we'll try to see how you can create an artwork for this particular bore, and then we'll see how you wrote it. That flash in this video 9. Project PCB for Single Sided PCB Design: I did. Indecision will see how you can create a PCB design for this particular schematic, which is in any survival microcontroller board. Now we have designed this schematic in the previous session and indecision. We're going to see how to create up Eusebio. Top it so let's begin as other beside is ready with hers. Let's just create the PCB out offered using the areas button displays the areas but in here , and it will completely shift your schematic into the area software again. But this one requires notable sided design. So let's choose the generic single layer and then we consider a lot of components coming over here. Now. The important part is how you place the component heard. It also shown you an image as a reference for how we want to design this. So let's follow this kind of designing structure very first, possibly then microcontroller and then the 23 to section. So let's begin Goto component more and start from the very first component, and that is the See Jack. So before that, I'll just take the view to be snapped. 20 That 53 groups. This is the DNC. Check one. Produce the duty jackets followed by one die, or that we have connected elective and then you have to check for the component. So this it's even here, just shoots even right after the dire on a perceiving you can also place it like this to save space. Did I see that it's human? That it seven. It's beautiful immediately after 70 For there is a small capacitor, which is C two, in this case, just 62 and connected to you. See, this kind of cross connected a babysitter should not be placed, so make it stretch. Then there is our one nd west Arman is registered exclusive small civil. But if you want to create a comfortable PCV that you can keep it a little bit, speeds touch. I generally prefer making at small. It's possible, but this much is okay. But that's not possible In section done. Not below that, I want to plant the I C off microcontroller. The label of the I see is you too look for you to in the list. Here it is. Just flip it wherever place microcontroller will see the holes off the microcontroller. I see the people holds given are a bit small, and I'm not much comfortable for hands holding as the left hand drilling we are not going to do handling, but still expected to change the packs to a different one. Just goto this D I'll patmore over here on the plus button and just silently place it over a pin and click the first click or quick clip the most once that every place it there. Let me just do it for all of them. This ensures a bigger pair, therefore, is in soldering and extra general practice that whenever you use any kind of I see we used this kind off such a by mistake. I played street wrong That's deleted. Now all the bad up in some changed No, my lady is here, so let me just take it a little bit downward because I helped many components to place here the beauty of dis cos they're straightforward connectors. J one is Memphis connector connecting to pin port number one Pastures Jeevan going to the component list and make sure to place it in this way. There all the connections are in front off each other. This is a complete wrong placement and will not make you. You will not be keeping you in a position to wrote it. So this is better then. The other one is 23 g four. Depending upon where they're connector, we must collect them properly again. The same structure. Let's keep it to you, then purport to over here and then for poor Macedo, this one over here at surfboards. It also has a pullup. So I just keep this sir connector a bit part of it. And here in between I used this pullup resistor bank length. Now, if I keep it like this, then my collections are all mangled. And if I keep it like this, then my pin number of the common pin girls don't. In either case, I'm comfortable. Just leave it here and that that does sport in connection. Now you can just take it as a bow. It's possible that she wanted to be like this. And in the bottom area that were left with No, we can connect or we can clearly be Max toe to toe section over here. Let me just look at the image once more so that make it an idea how the ice is placed So I say it's placed on exactly oppose it with a notch if the distance another. I see you three a place it like this and we also have consults. Remaining bullets. Strict X one close to pin number 18 and 19 and the two capacitors off crystal are the C three and people stick them like this. Nice and clear. No, let's change the parts off extra twice as well. All of them will take some time, but I hope you're getting it. It's not difficult at all. That's the boat. No, they're full capacities for this. I see. Make sure you keep them close to each other as much as possible. So there is one more thing remaining that it did you set circuit. Let's look at that in sets off it, it is C. Three N R. First, you'll see P like this and are like this is done here, keeping it as close to it. That's possible. Didn't we have this for capacities for P I. C. Again, the proper placement is important. All four of them lives like this and lastly to three to connect us. It can decide like this, or we can also keep it like this. It's totally up to us how we want to make it. Let's keep it long. Doesn't matter much for us, and that's about it. The placement is completely done. As you can see, I won't say this is the best place, Mitch, but definitely it will do the job for it now. The next thing is again going to technology designed ALS Net classes and defined. The place works for no for power. 20 foot rests with is okay and for signal. The default is real small, so Britain select a bigger of electric 20 no signal and what department? But the horizontal and vertical prepared one should be part time cover because it's a single sided and let's having said that, what you can do is create a board. Oakland, I understood the border claimed later. First we'll see a doctor. Now. You have seen everything over here, and you can start doubting this boat the next session. We'll see how you can know Tito out and see how we can also use auto No prohibited. Till then, just try to know Terrapin see me and see how much time it takes. Thank selection decision 10. How to use Auto router in Proteus ARES: Hi. This This is the single sided API saving design that we have created on. I told you to route it down. So you have to just use the Pachter middle and go on placing the plaques like this. Now you definitely can do this thing. But if you want to save time, then you can use something called isn't off the rotor, which is a very powerful tool presenting problems I size areas. Order, order, basically scenes your collection and try to do them on its own. Understand how we can invoke or total bit Brutus before auto router. Make sure that your placement is as accurate as it can be well, spaced so that there is enough space toe big dividing wrote. And then you can let it so two Randy Orton wrote. Just goto this place over here. You can see this button or to rotor. It's also there in tools or to Notre. Once the other rotary winter comes up, there are plenty of options about it. As a beginner, you don't want to go into this options. You just have to do what Begin voting. But remember before setting the order rotor, make sure you have gone through the sandals net classes and defined your expectation, President. If that is that, then simply. If you can't use button and big and bulky, this will start out in the board for you, and you will literally see magic happening in front of you guys. Your entire board is rotted by the computer for you, and it's done. As against you. Every single track is adopted. There are no left connections and just used the jury box more, and I will create a box around the board. Let's change the layer to board ish. Let's see, they are put into the wonderful, isn't it? The view off this decision conservative So Viator, that's fine. But you can see the entire buoyancy means murder for, and you can literally calculate the time duration by looking at the video because I have not fast forwarded anything. I have not done anything else. I'm doing everything in front of you. Just the previous video and his video. You can calculated time required for the entire operation. It's so fast, it's that first with brothers, remember, after doing the open order, make sure that you manually go into different city and increase some distances between the tracks and other solder connections as much as possible. Then, just like any other Pacific, decide that you would do manually on a locked rotor. You also have to go and check whether all the blacks are correct. Are there any close proximity to tracks available on? Is it completely notable about now? That's that's how we are throughout the entire PCV. So this was our first many project with respect to single sided PC with the same. I'm not saying you cannot do it. Okay, it, But for the simple them like this, you can definitely relate on off the road Offensive, complicated design. Then I would must say that you should go for using the manual roping as much as possible are you can do the mix off book so you can. You can try a manual, insulting it a little bit, and then you can try to the auto road. There's about the planting for decision. Thanks so insulting. Thanks for viewing this video guides on. Try out the protein for yourself and see for the output. Thank you 11. Print Layout for Manual PCB Making: hi there. Now that we have seen how to create a simple, single sided PCB, it's time to see a little bit more futures about the present. First of all, let's begin possible. If you want to manually print this on a PCB, and if you want to hand manufacture it at your home, we could definitely do so by going to the output and exporting the graphics. So very export the graphics in pdf format. It will export the actual size in the out off. This PCB on the PDF finding can be printed using any normal printer, and you can have a PC. So if I do this, let's see what kind of really a faggot You can definitely get an idea by looking at its PCB that this will not work if I have to create a hand drawn arm hand American City for creating a PCB. All I need is just copper tracks, and I don't need anything else in that case, but again to its output exported topics export media fight and he'll select the Lear and just select the bottom copper and remove the top corpulent Thompson. Now let's see. No, this gives you a layout which can be created by bare hands by simply printing it on tour for the paper and then using the hot iron to transfer it onto the PCB and use the D R. I matter for manufacturing the PC so this much can be done with protests. Off course. This is not a recommended away, but this is how you can do it. If you want to manually create the PCB on it is only possible to create a manual CB for single sided offensive is not for the ultra delicacies at all. You can just do it with her single sided PCB only. So just go to the output export graphics and make sure to take export media because if you export with map, then it will change the size well. Printing the size remains the same with respect to the pdf file. 12. Adding Copper Pour: I did. Now that we have created our single psychotherapy sleepy project, let's see how we can extract the Gerber Fells out of this and before extracting the number fell short of it. Let's see how you can add a copper pour onto it. A copper, poor or copper plane is basically some additional copper, which is kept their onto our PCB in order to sink more current. Usually this additional copper India is provider, which is connected to the ground plane off your board so that the ground area or the ground PCB plaques AIDS increases drastically, thereby thinking more current. It helps internal problems so that they consider it doesn't heat out a lot or the copper tracks are not damaged. Produce, um, over current situation, the ground plan can easily add it by going to dis option. Over here, you can see it's called its own mood. Just click on this one board and just try to drag it from the top words. The bottom. When so leave the mouse button, it will ask to which native want to connect the soon you consider ground power, they said the extra, extra, extra, extra I wanted to be connected to grow. I don't want to Under Bottom Corp earlier, either. I can keep it dimmed. I can keep it normal for my view, and there is a clearance and you're also come into picture. We'll see that in short. Now you can see my clearance watch artist and so you can see my zone is created and it is going inside of the icy. Been sensible like this here. It's densely placed over there. If I look at the individualization, I can see the copper poor. No, apart from presences. Comparably, if you don't think it's that good for you, just double click it and increase the clearer. I usually keep 30 yet against it. Comfortable you can't get, is it? Furthermore, and just make it up to 50 ph. This is basically clearance with respect to other tracks and other cooperate areas on your boat. So that's how you can add a crown played to your PC. If it is a double sided receiving, you can add it from both the top cop earlier and Zulus from the bottom capital 13. Generate Gerber Files: I did. Now that we have created a single cider PCB, we have also added copper, poor toe, the single surgery obesity. It's time to see how we can extract the girl. But if I for this PCB in order to send it to the manufacturer, let's begin not the governor file. It's a very simple feature presented everything. City designing software on the cover files help you to send the PCB for manufacturing. There are not much thing which we have to understand out of bigger. Fulfill all that you have to do all that you have to understand. It's in the Pacific design process itself. If you design is completed, they can directly go out and export to cover in protest areas, good output and then gullible slash Excellent Off butch clinically containable slash Exelon . All good areas will also ask for saving itch and running a preproduction chick. This preproduction check ensures that there are no miss connections. There are no dfe errors. There is no absolute error at all in your PC. So let's click on yes, here and it will do the test. It will show you the report. Now the preproduction chick has inch There are no mornings and no evidence. Nothing has failed. Just close it. And people pop up girl, but will come up. Remember to keep the gullible for match as our to 74 x And nothing else needs to be changed . Absolutely. Nothing else needs to be changed just out. Put it within the zip file. If you will put the unusual txt files, the number of textiles will open in stages. Or put it to a single. Here is the location very wanted. Ever find Toby and this is the name of the girl. Let me call it a personal favor. Underscore. Good. And then Okay. Once done, it will also under gerbera. Fewer. It means the gerbil river applied to the Gerber files that we have generator. And it gives you a view about how your manufacturing when look at your PC, any software, any Web best or any other software can also really, you're never fails. And just look at the B c b, how it looks like they won't be able to edit the components a reality. But we'll just be ableto view the graphics off different city. This is how they got about a fever. Looks like this is how the manufacturing is going to Sierra PCB. Now, let's see, there is the Gerber data generator. It should be in the same folder. It is a seven board. There it is. There is enough evidence of school. Berber care Cam Dorset. If I double click that, I can see there are a number of text files in it. And we don't have to understand that. We don't have to find any meaning off. Just e mail this garver file to the manufacturer so that the manufacturer can manufacture VPC. That's how you can extract the Gerber files from protests. A our ears. Thank you for watching this video. 14. Double Sided PCB Introduction: Hi. Welcome to decision where we discuss about double sided PC we designed. Now we have seen how we can create a single side, very PCB with areas and eyes, eyes, soups off protests. Now let's see what is double sided CB and how do we design it as discussed before a double sided PCB is having the cooperative position on both the sides off the substrate that is one on the top side as well is one on the importance of this substrate? We have copper. Now, why do we use this kind of double sided PCV? The very first reason for using Doble Cero PCB eats to reduce the open all signs off the city. Now, if you have been doing all the exercises that I have shown you and if you have been looking at all those example projects also which I have included along with the scores, then you might have understood one thing. Now that when you're creating a single cell therapy silly, then you have to space out weapon city sufficiently Well, because all the components are going to stay on the same plane on the tracks are also going from the same place That's why you need a sufficiently large urban city, the area, the dimension off the PC. But what if you have to compress the same PCB? The same circuit board it was. Smaller sites in that case we have to use were forced to use a double sided obesity you never had the BCG. There is a couple of the position from Top as well as a bottom Cooper, and it helps keep it the tracks as well as the components on Idol. Fate of people on most of the devil surgically civets, the component are still placed on the same side. But you can also keep the components on both the sides off the city, although it is not, ah, highly expected. Or it is not highly the commander, because the soldering better and demands Children method ensures that the flow over. And that's why general recommendation is to use the components on 1/3. But you can definitely throw the tracks from I don't side of the boat, so the components may or may not present on both officers. There are two lives which we call Let's stop layer on bottom, Leah and in producing areas, the clacks which you look from, the top said, are called it stop later on the tracks, which you wrote from the bottom sir, are called its bottom, the top player in produce aisle size. It shone Israel or chilled by red color on the bottom layer. It showed by blue color in protest areas. Now this is how a normal double sided CB looks like. If you look at this particular view and this will also, you will see this kind of different holes. This is a completely different color, a full which we have not yet seen, and this is something called a fire. The job of Meyer is to connect a track which is coming from bottom side toe the plaque, which is coming, which is flowing on the upset of the copper. My basically a plated through hole, which is a small insights as comfort to the soldering holds because we don't have to actually insert a component inside it. So the drill hole off fire is usually smaller than small enough, only big enough to past the metal plating through it, and it connects the top and bottom layer boot. So whenever you're doubting edible cider, PCB if you have to change the track from tops, erred towards the bottom, said then what you do is you Plesser high over there and then you can continue shouting from the bottom side of DPC. So this is basically a normal hole, which going to the top and bottom layer. It creates an interconnection between the two years and, most important, to understand the double sided design aids, the placement and arrangement of the by itself. It's now let's start with a simple socket in order to create a devil. Serenity CBO Top it on purposefully not keeping much of Terry because because in any emails , relating a lot of different blocks as the lesson books, I prefer board off a practical approach. And that's where I would like to immediately get started with a single sided with the week , which will try to do in a double sided of it by reducing the size off it. So let's begin 15. Create Schematic for Double Sided PCB: I did. Let's get started by looking at this with a simple circuit that had pleaded. This is a comparative circuit which utilize this country favorite icy on there is a 48 hour collector reversed configuration. Basically, they say, is the comparator, which occurs or which turns on the never They did some light falling onto it. Wherever there is an infrared light falling onto it, we can also replace it by an ear to create a simple light sensor. Now what I want to add into it aids, I want to add another lady at the output said, showing the status off. Put sedatives on or not, and I would also like to add one more led besides it, so that we can create a proximity sensor. So proximity ir sensor. If you have looked at their a number of different models available in market, for example, let's see this one over here so it consists off bullets left side by side. One of them is Iron Lady. In another land is a simple for tonight. The job for dinner is then toe. The scene reflected light coming from the Ireland, and then the operability turns on now This is just a project like this much I would also like to add related to this project so that I can physically make something go on and off based upon the fallen light. So let's begin with this project if you don't understand what I'm doing. If you don't understand about revoking of the circuit, it's absolutely fine on creating our sensor, which emits infrared light which will be reflected back and sued by the court. Order on it will turn on. Really, if the light fallen is sufficient enough so that whenever you I never just hold the hand in front of this particular reality, they really will turn on. Otherwise the really bilton off. So next begin. Now this bowled over here is having the comparator circuit in place. This is Harry correct Five world. This is really connect ground from external source and this is the output voltage that is coming out from this board. If I look at the peaceable of this, it's a happy go lucky, simple single sided BCB, which is contained in a small side. Now that said, I want to add a relate to the output and I also want to air on another lady besides this infrared. But so let's begin. First of all, let's are the additional led that I'm talking about, which will be keeping besides the divan. So is it still I'm Emily? This is a normal infrared, really. It will operate in the sea configuration connected to this is the ground like case or you can also connect terminal protecting the terrible nights. It looks good then to the output of this. I want to connect, really and really cannot genetically and replaced with steel put off any I see And it went up tons of stuff. We'll also need abuse if I put it transistor like this. Or you can also go for any MP in transistor. It's not mandatory to use this one. Only you can also the popular to name settle for credential Praise Lannisters. So not to 94 psychogenic in P. Inman on in India we get this popularly, this is the end of all credible to And then I would actually and I love it. Really. I want some connectors where I can connect the A c All the seals supply prince as well as the Lord. The relay connector is not at small as the our regular cell collector. It needs to be big government because we're actually connecting a load over there and those kind of characters are phone using D Block. Let's take people up three, which I would like to. You never got all the components required. Let me just place my transistor. It could be like this. Then, really, it will be like this. I also needed die or or reverse polarity protection off this really Is this ticket dire? Not reverse polarity prediction. But desire is used for communication purposes to turn the really off properly. Then the supply instantly moved from the abuse of transistors. The druggist also requires that isn't stuff or current limiting and for proper operation. And they're just connect a terminal. Let's call it output. I'll connect the same terminal over here and call it Oh, there's been I want to go to ground on this point off. Final Correcto stifled. Only we can use if I weren't really off course. And then I need a treatment Terminal connectors Don't Steve blocked three violence sweeping collector is what I do is I collect and you one point. I can't concede to one point and usually incidents connected to the point that the middle should go to common. Leonard Complex, My schematic for this particular Bullard. No, let's create an artwork for this using double Seder method. But to do that, not simply transfer this to areas. And before doing that, I would like to save a copy of this for your experimentation. No, we call it additional. Really? Are comp for your practice their coping here? No, el modify eight. So whenever you do any modifications in your circuit, if you want them to be reflected in the schematic that you have created in the earlier that you have created, the process remains the same. Just keep both the files open or, if you really are finalised, close then inserts fine and click on the areas. But, um, it will then transfer the complete circuit here and now in the component section, you will find the additional companies. At this point, I want to feel it all the plaques. I can't do that directly because everything that selective and I do this so here they don't options to select components. So from here, just to remove everything in this Cube. Select plaques. Everything else is be selected. This is select tracks. Everything else should be selected. Now if you selected. Yeah, the track Wyatt and connection on this? No, the connections have gone. And no, I have Air Morgan exam to do some bit more connection. No. Let me see how it goes. Most of all, I will place please to a lady's like this one is here. I will change the position of this register. So something else on a less it like this. This should be my friend said. Then I have another entity coming into the picture. Whichever police Exactly. Besides it like that, it's gonna get even one second. And now let's continue placing all the components as nicely. That's possible. 16. Create Double Sided PCB: continuing the component Place Mitch for creating the double sided design. I'm just placing it escalates to the register led as possible. Now there's d to also have the register with it. Let's see. What is the name of that resistor? I will close this kinetic. What is it? Scored? Are own it Stick art like this Flutes as close as possible. This character, Let's keep it as it is here. No, we have a transistor in picture which takes the output on the ice is or put in They did the written stuff acting as a current limiting resistor between the bills off transistor and the output. Place it like this over here. Let's move. It turns its orbit abo into three mind will. This is not the ideal way off designing PCB because I'm doing a lot off changes into it and purposefully making it complicated. Table straight. You did double said it to see what is in techniques. Okay, so this escaped here, or this is the front side, which we can't change. So let's increase the PCB size from the back side of it. Yeah, this isn't my power connections vehicle. This is the transistor welcome and this is currently okay. Now the really the big gifts part Now we have to accompany the Really? So I think I have again Is it a bit No, the relates operator. I have removed it instead. A bitch? No, they really look prettier again. It's not comfortable. So I have to appeal. Implement, Increase the size of pitch A nerd stuff? No, they really wouldn't do by itself. And it will require this connector for it. This is the terminal connector for really no excuse it like this year. As you can see, our board has become fairly complicated in the sites that we have given it. And other I would want to reduce the sides. Furthermore, by giving the power connector here like this and then reducing the size from descent Now if I open, are there in tired remaining. Let's split it here now if I opened the door, put individualization The viewable look very good to me because now it will take all the components in a 80 small package. But the cost is we have to note it using double sided technique. Now it's almost impossible to wrote it all using the regular single sided matter now How the way it will use the double sediment there. See? Going to the technology the sandals, weight classes probabilistic 20 at least because this is a small PCB and single. It's t 15. No, the second particle over here in the sand rooms should be top copper for signal as the let's for following. Now, whenever you're nothing, your tracks, you can see how we do it. So it must start here from the blue track or single center tracks off the bottom copper tracks. And then this is how it gives comment. Now that Cito have to connect to this point off Dire on. I think I can find the way like this. But no, it is a way you have to find out the bills as much as possible. If you at all don't find the way, they only have reused, edible decided or the stop copper track. So this unconnected here, then this even connects here on the connection sell short and I'm purposefully doing it manually. Completely. This is the transistor crack. Correct all the connections that you can see. There will come a point where you will not be able to route it at all. At that point, you will have to resolve to rotate using tiptop properly. But with check How much is done so far? Okay, this is almost done. I think I'm not going to beauty top open now I'm going to need it. For example. Trump in number. This stupid number three. I don't have any way to go from this point off the this part of the part to pin number three Now, in this case, I want O wrote a track from Top, Cooper said. In order to do that, let's see how to do it. So take the track out from the number three up to a three point like this and simply double click here that will people hire that will place a higher, and then they start a track on the top, Cooper said. It's done now at this point has to go here again. There is a big copper track in between. I can simply you to track like this. Then this point coming here. I can do it from bottom copper so I don't even stand. If you want, you can change your track bottom Cooper. But due to the registers. It seems difficult on it. Yes, it's connector this when it's connected, Azman. And for these two trips, I'm going to beauty. Stop Cooper, you can direct. You start topped up with from any component because through all parties and events available at both bottom cooperative LSD done. And this one goes here for that sick. I don't want to talk proper. I can barely do it with the bottom. Okay, Now you can see here I have a top couple. They're here. But here I have a bottom cooper here so that I can't reach their I think isn't top copper or using bottom cover. In that case, I have to find another way. I just come up to this point and here helpless a liar. And then I'll go ahead top copper complete God, that I'm pretty sure this is not the most complicated PCB that we have designed. But it was fairly complex to be demonstrated in a review. Otherwise, the video would last for half an hour or something like that. I like this is how you can please your companies. And this is the top and bottom corporal open. Now I just save it as some design. It's a completed design or I don't see it as a different descent. My auto here, I would again select on the blacks to let them. And then what? I'll do it. I will simply on the road. Let's see how the alternative does the job. So you have given about the layers for usage. They are totally will use them Freehand and will complete your project like this. So this is a sample project given to you guys. You need to make the practice in it to do the practice as much as practice it can on for practicing. I'll also be giving you a number of different circuits tricks from it with the double sided disk. Remember, there aren't much thinks even a recurrent design created by PCB has just one fire. There's only one thing that you have to understand about placement of fire and voting the tracks as you want. So keep experimented with this on create some double sided principles for you. Thanks for watching this video 17. Introduction to SMT Components: Hi there. Welcome to this new session. Indecision We're going to see about water. So FIS mounted devices and how we can use them in order to create our printed circuit boats . So far, you must have got a fair idea off. How we can create simple PCV means using protest, dissent, suit on the components that we have used so far are the components which are having actually lives which go to a particular hole and that gets older onto the other side. This kind of companies are called us through hole components. What we're going to study now it's mortality s n b r surface mounted devices. The technology is also called That's s empty, that its surface mount technology So what? Its surface mount technology. It's basically a technique off connecting the circuit components to a PCB. Something like this. So the ice is in conventional sense that you know about our having some things which go through the space City and get soldered on the other side. Whereas sm two states that the prince can be and should be soldered onto the same side, the soldiers solder joints are farmed using a bad onto the PCB and in metal pin off the component. There is no hole used for soldiering the components onto the PC. So if you have a circuit and PCB, which comprises only off the assembly components, then it will not have any drill holes onto it. Soldering holds onto it very want to insert the components Now. What is exactly the benefit off? Creating this kind of surface mount technology as comfort to the true Holden, which has been conventionally used. Most importantly, the true all components are beneficial and very useful. Then you are prototyping the circuits, like on a bread boat. The surface mounted components can not people to tape using a break put. That is a very important distinction, which is not their onto this slide, but it is important, but it's to understand as straighter. The through hole components uses a whole two months onto the circuit board and therefore this components are really easy to perform the hand soldering. But at the same time they also take more space, whereas the surface mount components are soldered onto APAC sold impaired and therefore the spacing between the two prints. Off the surface, motor components are always kept new because of this law spacing and so don't want to depart itself. It is a little difficult to use the surface mounted devices for hands holding, but the biggest benefit that it offers us is it takes less piece. There is a very large amount of reduction in the total board size used whenever you're using surface mounted devices. So what are They are visual big parts, which are available in assembly techniques. Almost all the parts are available at a 70. Also called Doesn't surface mounted devices like integrated circuits on ice. It's capacitors registers in doctors led correctives as the lets drivers. Assemblies are primarily used where space is a big concern. Now all the components, which are even not listed here almost every single company in our days comes as the SMP package off course. If the component is not as big, adds a certain segment display and the component is a discrete component, like I see sensor register capacitor than a tiny package where it can be fabricated. Those component comes, you know, it's empty package something smaller, faster as zealous, cheaper. Also, the company's purchased in a 70 package are usually cheaper than the company's purchased in the whole package off course. This is not always the case, and it will also depend upon the type of components that were buying. For example, microcontrollers may come cheaper in through whole package on costlier in a simply package . Well, the resistance or capacitors will come cheaper in surface monitor package as compared to their to whole contra packs except space. And therefore it also saves a huge basically cost. If you have ordered the piece of it so far, you must have been doing that. The PCB developers of the PCB fabricators charged us based upon the square centimeter science we use onto defensively and therefore by releasing defensive inside. You will also put your project in the required space at the same time. Given save your space. So many new products are available in this empty packages like accelerometers, microcontrollers sensors and specializes. Sensors like accelerometers are only available in a 70 package because there is no need to use the trouble package for those kind of tiny devices. Now let's see something about the PCB. Footprints are receiving packages off s MD devices, or SMT components. Now the most common assembly components that we might be using or the doctor. Youth are resistors and capacitors on. They have a standard off dimension in which they're fabricator and in which they're designed onto printed circuit book. And usually that standards are represented by a package court. For example, there can be a resistor with package. It's a recent military, the red Jennifer or 1 to 06 Now what 1 to 06 package indicates. It simply indicates that they let off the particular component to this. This L Over here it's points 12 inch and the vert it's 106 inch. Similarly, the red 05 It's the Lenten Spartan zero. The eight inch and diverted 80.5 inch have a little dated. The DeRozan Civil three having 0.6 inch length and 0.60 point 03 inch. Basically, this package core indicates the size of the company there and how it is going to be placed on the BBC. No, these are not the only size this, but there are a number of different assembly package types, a number of different dimensions. These are the dimensions. That's a pretty name on. These are the dimensions dissipating inches. As you can see, the package name itself is an indicative off the dimension point inches. So point well by 0.0 0.29 by 0.20 inches. So deserve some common package dimensions off a simple to lead or to wire component like registers, capacitors and dyers. Now there are transistors and some special doubts. Also, which comes into the 70 package. The assembly transistors and diodes usually share the same type of package. Now the Dyer's may come in this kind of packages as well. But in a common practice, the doubts also come in the same package as that offer. Transistors package the name of the package. This kind of package it's called it's S O T. 23 Exodus 30 23 package off plane for a dire that is, be ill. 99. Where is this is the same package? It's ot 23 which is a package or plan for a transistor, which is B. C 857 Now, if you want to go into details about this package is the only authentic information that will be found is the detection of that particular competent nurses you see 85 sevens detection. Just such fun of beauty of you see it 1st 7 you will be be touch it off the particular component Remember almost everyday trash it and every components that will provide the most authentic information about that particular competent that this is a BNP silicon trended stop. If you go towards some ending pages off the Depression, then it shows the packaging information. So this is the package. Oakland The packages a sortie 23. No eso tu 23. It's standard among industry. So if you have a transit stolen, that's 40 23 package. And if you have another transfer, which is subsequently three package, then there are no changes in the distances off this pads the little DeBare on overall dimensions. So this is how the packages spread out. Then there is this. Another package a bit bigger. It's 33 poultry, which looks like this. Then there is this one package, also called MP 3.1, that this transistors comes into this three different type of packages. Whenever we're using any, it's empty component. It's our job. It's our responsibility to check for the particular brackish number. So and this is a dire package. Enrich The android has been a multi and the cattle, it's been number two and number one, it's simply left unconnected. These are some of the packages for the different Isis coming into the assembly sites. Let's see some of them. So this is a package called Picky with before people having 11 points on one side. And similarly, there are four such slaves. This is the act mandatory to you for Michael control of ese. This is after 232 or USB to serial convertir isay, which is open 28 package. This is S 08 package. This 1307 real time clock on this is an amenity package that is a 28 pin package which is CP 2102 Now, there are many such kind of packages also which cannot be hand soldered upto this kind of or the packages which looks like this can be hand soldered. But apart from that, there are some other type of package is also where the contact prints are only available from the bottom side of the continent and those packages cannot be hangs older. Now these packages at sir can be hand shoulder, and this packages cannot be soldered by hand. Popularly, there are these two types of packages when it's called ads B G, that it's provoked ball grid area and another one is called sq F and that its core flat. Nope, It There is also a version that is still in court flat Maupin, which is streaky weapon, which doesn't have any been connected to it. And in order to shoulder this kindof devices, you have produced something called literary flew open, in which the components are placed onto the PCB and then ethnicity. It said to go or its venture through an open to work and were built because of the heat inserted open. The components are soldered onto the pairs on. There is no need to use a soldering gun are sold in station in order to perform the soldier . But this kind of missing bits you can, with a little bit of practice, can incidents older using hand as well. But in a general, as in the whole, the assemblies are meant to be used in the re flew open process. And that's why when it comes to manufacturing, almost all these packages are all these devices are went to the Are you Flo over only for Children purpose, however well, creating the exhibits. Depending upon your requirement, you can choose any package watch, and hence if it comes to something like B G eight, where the components are, the pins are spaced out like this. Then you have no interruption, but you have to use a double sided with city. You cannot create this kind of the city in a single sided manner. The assembly placement child with place this of the comforts at the general practice through hole on a board are placed all on a single sex, so you will not usually see a PCB in which to welcome. Parents are placed on either side of the board. This is for multiple incidents when it's for a placement of the PCB. How to fix it onto a particular station as a lesson secondaries that it's a soldier in process. So it's just a standard usually which is followed that rule. Companies are placed only and the one set of different city, whereas the ascendance, depending upon the requirement, can be placed on either side of the border so it can be placed from the top, Copper said, as well as it can replace from the bottom copper set. So these are some of the information about this and some basics about the through hole components and SMD components. Now let's try to create a particular project for ourselves using all surface mounting components. Now, this is a very simple Triple five Flasher circuit, which we're going to create at the project use in the SMT components. So let's begin with the project in the next session. Thank you. 18. Creating SMD Component in Proteus: I did. Now that we have seen creating the package off a triple for I see in the 70 version. Now let's try to create some more components which are required for us, which are the registers and capacity and ability as a general practice, because it is very easy to hand solder. I use 1 to 06 package because it is fairly bigger on easily available in the market. So I'll create 12051206 package register and capacitors. Let's begin. So if you by default search for in the component library in protest, you can see in the distress. There already are some options, which are available in its empty package. They have different packages at shown over here, depending upon what company you're having. And if it also stand fusing to you, it's much better to create a new one for our uses. Answer before the package. Creation in protests is very simple, and that's why it doesn't make much of an issue for us. So for this, let's take a generic register package all categories and register anything will do. Let's take this one. It's a smaller company. Okay, now you can use any existing package are if you want, just like before or just previously what we did. You can also create a new component. But creating a new component is serious. So we generally prefer taking an existing package and changing the PCB footprint off it. So this is the register. What I want you to do is right. Click this component if you're using a really package and modifying age, are signing it you PCB footprint or doing any modifications to it with really component. Then just take you to devote Smith that click it and you can't decompose. So this will remove all the things which are there and just also remove this names that is stirred. Just keep it as it. This is the center part of the PCB indication I would like everything and then I will right Click it and click on make here. I will give it a name. Arias s empty. We see the training. The prefixes are next here at 1% a package to eat. What I want to have seen here is 1 to 06 package. So let me just type 1206 That's it So what does? 06 is a saint, but it there are no pin specified. So just give in numbers been done. Been to next. Next, next again, you can select the package library for you Wish to save that user deviancy on. Let's college Arias s empty. You're seeing Be and click Book it South Electrical jiggery That's just and welcome dilated . And whenever I take this no PCB, I will never take this new component. I get the same component this double click that component and you can give some time. Do as needed. Couple 100 now repeat the same procedure for cap. What a capacitor. Use a really available symbol like this. Then be composed that symbol and make device. Let's call it camp. That's, um okay, city trim. Next. I will Don't want this packet. So I really deluded this package Over here, I I want 1 to 06 Number one into other ST the same package. Next. Next, Next here, let me search for Let's get together. Capacitors, Stock order course, same description, Same diverse, noticing capacitor. It's also created now. Then I want to create an ability. Same would do 06 package but the reality there is some difference. And for that sick I will have to go into the areas also to create a new package for it because the military is not a passive component and we need will need an identification off under and cattle. So let's come to the areas No, go to the package for and search for 1 to 06 This is the different or does it owes its package? I want to modify this to create one for my lady winner to use this package Now in this, I want to keep the number one ads and order and to Ed's cattle. But there has to be a clear indication on the PCB package and that's why knitters just decompose this object. Nothing's there showing over here. I don't want toe make any changes to anything. I just want to add a sharp nine overseas elected. I was out of this leg this land when simply act as an indication that this is cattle. Okay, now I can keep it everything as it is on again. Click on make package and let's give it a name. What does 06 entity? You said me training because they're sort of the creator. Okay, unless they were usurping kitchen. Are you getting what I'm doing here? It's I have just given pin number to a small notch. Besides it. So we're cricket as Cantor. You can see you deliver you the package it's created, elected on exclusive areas because we have saved whatever that we have to do. And no, let it search for a led. Got any lady? I just want to give it. And it's empty package. So this is My lady of you just decomposed this don't make any changes to editing. It's looking good. Just right. Selected all and click on make device here. Let's give the other the name As a lady, that's empty. UCB training the device packet selection. Click on add slash. Edit. This is a true whole package. I don't want that R slash Edit diligent existing package and then search for 1 to 06 You will see 1 to 06 everything pc between ing. The package that we created there in areas is no visible here. Just said it backed. Make sure you give in order to be number one and cattle to pin number we'll have an indication very cattle. It's spaced or placed my disorder. Assent package Next. Next Next category Optoelectronics, then order record. Stop core description. Everything same anyway. It's empty the symmetry and store it into your thirties and click. No, that does it All were created all the components in assembly package, which we want to create. BC Before, in the next session, we'll see how we can create a PC before it. Make sure to repair decision as much times as you need to understand all the processes properly. Thank you for watching this video. 19. Attaching Footprint of SMD Components: Hi there. Now let's see how we can create this simple to pilfer led Flasher using the assembly components on. There is one issue over here. All the protesters being very powerful and very insitute software The library off protests for the components. It's a bit liberty on the same. It's contradicted by the ease off condition off the parts. So if we have to create the space abuse in double standard components, we're going to study how to create custom parts in the A. R. E s suit off protests. So parts library had said is a bit limiter compared to other tools but part creation in protests. I size is the easiest among all. So what we have to do first is we have to create a schematic with mbali. Nice eyes. Then we have to create a principal footbridge with proper prints in areas. Then we have to connect this footprint that we have created toe the schematic 17 to the library and then start using it for our project will create a surface mount led as the lead register capacity and triple prices packages. Let's see how to do that. First of all, I'll go to find out the details later. Triple five. I see. Because they're only I will come to know about the different packages in which the icy is available. Just honor the triple if I see and let's look at it. So this is the Texas Instruments to fulfill an HP night scene. Dude on. If I go drown, if I scroll down a bit every friendly package details. So this is the packaging information. What are the different packages available? B. S, S, O P and its allies. But off these are h been package. And when you go to buy, you will generally find that this S o L C package is popularly available. So what we want to do is we want to create an S O S C package. I see with eight minutes for triple. Now, in order to do that, let's try to create a new thematic in protest and try to do it. Now this is a default produce workspace. Let us find triple fight first. So if you see they're not much confidence. Interpol failed, except all of them are true woman's and there is no surface mounting package. So let's create one for hours and no. Okay, no. In order to create a new package. What? You can do it. You can basically just take an existing package and break it down. But we'll see that from scratch. So let's draw square boxes and photographing Spokesman over here. So this is the square box that I have drawn the next. I don't Some text input triple fight. At this point, I would like to have the grid on the ones you draw box and then gives them name into it. Then you can go into this section over here, Divide Spence more. You can see the op amp kind of simple, different spin small the second default been and that you ate Prince Rectus and just use plus involved. Make sure the cross mark comes forward. And these are the expense. I'm connected, if muted. Just reduce the sites. No, this is These are the pins we have. Collector. What I want to do is I want to give them names as well as numbers. So let's go to the peanut off. Triple fail. Although many off you might be knowing to provide Been out by heart. Let me go to it. So the very first been is groaned. So let's give the name G nd and been number one. Then click on next and you can sit in Number one Ground has there on the next spin, it's triggered. Let's call it big and the number two energies you're completely trigger. This is not looking that good, so let's make it triple. Only next it's a put number three. Next this it or artistry number four. The next minute shown defenseman, it just didn number eight and the neighborhood up in its the sissy. Then number level is this judge, Do you see H G? I'll call it number seven, then three short thrt in number six and the number five Yes, Control Voltage control voltage on C N T. V. Okay, now you can see the part names and the numbers are just showed a bit downwards towards the pain here because it's on the right and said connections to lie me that So the pin number looks exactly the sea in both. Now you can see we have created a particular device. If you want, you can put any name into it. For me, it's good. No, just select the entire package and click on big device here. You have to give the device name. So it's triple five that's empty created during this training course. So we have to give some specified here. So let me call it PCB planning. There's the complete name off the device to prepare its empty conceive. You training the divest critic reflects Let's keep you because this is how the defense prefixes given you want you to. You three are the ice is usually then next. Now, at this point, we have to add the package to it. And for this particular package, which is S I C each, we don't help create a package by default. And it's so it's eight package is for sure available in celebrity. Just find a soy itsy package in the strip. I That's all I see it eso itch this one like here s o h and s. I see each Let's see what the difference is their services having 0.205 inch difference between back to Penn and 52 between two packs. If I go here in the district, then they can see you have to check into your offense so This is a pretty itch on the difference here. It's points to tow it to one toe type. Come back to pet. Now you have to make sure here what type off package you're using and is it completely suitable or not? But this eso I see each package it is used in this particular detection. We have to compare it with the eso eight package that we have. And if you just look closely then it's o. H. It's just a shark name or short version off eso I see footprint. Okay, so don't worry, you can just barely use it. Even also cities over here. It's so I see footprint just like okay, all depends will be assigned by default. It's our job to check it once, Mrs C H either to official 600 steeple or put three ground has been number one discharges seven and control just a number A send packages the next. Then next the next here it will ask you to select the develops category. You can select uneven depending upon your usage. For example, this is a low Casey just take and all of a c here. It's the stockyard record here is that there is description here, the device notes. Most importantly, after all of this, it will also ask you which library want to save it in tow? As a general practice, I save in a user deviancy library, user devices and everywhere in the Stockport, as well as in the description I will see to pilfer. It's empty training so that it is easily identified and just like with you. But you can build this part. I can just search for a troop of five s empty and you're good apart within to respect you BCB package Simple. And that's how you get a sign. Or you can create any new PCB for which the component is not available in the different library. The next video we'll see how we can have the registers and capacitors. And then we can start creating the double Seder smp PC with his head. Thank you for watching this video 20. PCB Design using SMT Components: Hi there. Now let's start creating the project using this assembly components on This is a very simple pleasures. Basically a triple for any of the flesh. No, not start creating this one for that. I was supposed to save it at some place. Let me just say we turn my desktop or no, let me call it our Triple five SMD did sign and I can start designing it. So the very first thing of a nude is are talking connector to connect power supply or battery. And then I just have to defer to the Sauvage. Triple five, the number four and the number eight goes to the sissy synergistic Power Simbolon going to pin number four and the number it. Then they literally Mr Buchan seven and four sooner stick this obvious. It's empty between seven and four. Let me keep it like this. The value of register it's ah, 20 key. The second part goes to for but it can also directly go to the city. Or it can also photo the number eight again. Terrible. Keep it like this and then connected here. So it's exactly the same thing Ford is going to miss. Easy ancestor became between seven and years. Denver 10 7 and six. There is another 20 Tookie registered. You don't wonder specs, Sparks. Just keep it here. Lipstick. This 22 key Because this change the placement off the letters that is there so that it looks good to you. Connected. Like so this 22 game between seven and six. It's connector, then six and two. It shorter. So been just medically use a fire. Too short. 600. This is also okay. They divide in this direction six and tour shorter. And there is a capacity commitment to end one that is ground. Now for this sick. This is an electrolytic capacitor, but now I'll just choose a normal. It's a big component. They connected to ground. Waterman's been number one should be going to ground. So like this or we can have symbol over here. Okay, the number one going to ground there is a capacitor bitter toward ground. Then 67 resistor seven. Foreign minister, or listen, Now all we have to do it set up in output. So between with sissy amply number three, there is an illiterate so combination between three to ground. There isn't a lady and register combinations. Everything is around the number three here. I would like to give a terminal open number three their distinctive via a bit longer. Let's go get started. A little pin number three. Let's call it Opie. Oh, why? Because it will simplify my work. You know where Do it now. All I need EADS. Entity and ability. There is no value to it. Just called it rare. And then it should be coupled with register. Assemblyman, of course of one year that this that's what we wanted. You're all connect power. And here on connect ground, once everything is done, you can also reduce displacing if needed. And this is the middle point, which should be good. So that's about it. All the assembly components through hole components and everything is there, and it's been commuted for it. Now, if you want, you can create that stated before. We also have to put the group in character that should be back to the symbols are very collectible. Magnus stage. I can also choose a coin sale holder, but there is no default going sellable. They're available. That's just stick to the bed. This is the positive battery. This is the negative underside to create this Leo at simple. It's possible Clear Ridge and then not use transfer toe areas here. Don't take Jelavic singular, but take default because we also need other top as well. It's cop earlier. Let's look at all the components and let's start placing them. It's very first. I would like to place the jumper so the number one is ground for Shumpert. Then we'll place the icy. This is how small it looks. I can make sure all the components should be kept in such a way that they're close to each other. So this is frumpy number to the ground, displays it like this, all of you, and it's in trouble component, but also place it here. Then we have out of one another to upliftment. This is my weapon. Are to it. Also practice that, if possible, the assemblies are positioned or air aligned in the same directions. Particularly wonder this is vertical than the others are vertical or something like that. But it's not mandated, and you can definitely choose what should suits you and what is the best suitable for you. Some collected one leg. He's on, you know, the collective. This is not even this is our Then there are two entities and two registers with them going to be number three. So let's get the output of dissent. So first it's Beaven that sort. Here there are three, then did, too. Let's stick our food after all. Three. We have people. And then lastly, no doubt. What's television over here? Now make sure at least the names are looking in the same direction, and I just particles. So just take it a bit. Don't and I can create a principio plan for it all. My components are integrated. Tiny package. Do the graphic smokes more and obviously Brooklyn. If the name are going out, I'm comfortable to take them back located and then right. Click it and choose the cigarettes board Egx. Save it and then the photo individualization. All the components are from the tops Edison, and it's looking very, very nice. Nonsense. It's a very small board. You can go on. Technology is handles that classes and just report poverty and both top and bottom for power and topping copper for unless I don't know it. So this has been number one This is one thing. It's connected here. No, si, uh, a track coming from bottom. Copper cannot connect to a component, which is assembly, which is placed on top. This won't work. Let's start. Do top corporate? No, it can be connected. Similarly, only top copper tracks can connect to assembly components like then this one. It's been about three coming, but right over you, then Capacitive Point's going to number two in the Bourbon, go into negative capacitor and then the same again, going to the the last negative. Then there are these capacitors. It's connect toe dizzy. Been a bit of fun, connects to in the 1st 7 There's been number one right over here When it's stupid, Number six like to and then from here you can connect it to open the book toe. There's a short what we want. Okay, now I have the number four should go to even over here. Now it comes for that. Reduce the space by using the double sided track because we're ready. Vince having a Double seven PC, The Let's take a track from here. Give a via take about a couple of tracks again give a lion and then connected simply. You can do it kind of attack like this. Now there is only one track, the meaning, which is this. So let's take a bottom cover track from here, and that's about it, as you can see by routing from both the top and Cooper said the facilities. And it's for those simplified. And I'm pretty sure this is not the most optimized work. And if you want, we can further optimize it for states and for the record smaller, just a quick demonstration that I'm sure. But definitely it can be changed a bit more. Just look at the individualization will affect, isn't it? With some by its some tracks going to bottom copper, most of them deciding on the top. No, something's lost this simplistically CB project that we have. That's why I have chosen this kind of layout, the complexity of the project. We decide how you want to now pitch and how you want to create one for yourself. Now try out this one for yourself and see how it goes for you. Thank you for watching this video 21. Creating Custom Part : Hi there. Now that we have seen how to create the package for a standard device our standard Pacific per print for which the packages are available in the protests the sign the last. We hope to create one on ascent package to it. But thanks are a bit different for a few more companies. For example, this company right here. As you can see, this is E S P it credible. Six. Now, a package for this morning definitely will not be available in protest site size or areas, and for that sick will have to create a custom package for it. Now, In this case, then the standard leadership is also not available. If it is not available for this morning that what you have to do is they physically have discomfort with you and then major dimensions off it. But example like it is having eight points on I can see to the standard distance off 0.1 inch between two pins. And that s what you can do it. You can simply go to the package more, uh, and take put the sale for so they send food. He's a 14 corrector. You can also have a deep. I okay like this in the l. A. Kings have a level, but you eat is not available. Yeah, so that gives You can take this love. You know that it can be used as a package starting its speak 266 But then we don't know about the world sides it will occupy on my PC. So in that gifts grow a particular line in front of it as the let's also be composed this package. And now, based upon your requirement, you have to modify this thing. So what you can do is you can go to the Dimension stool over here and you can find out the dimension but drawing the line that should I mentioning pH on top, just go to it and make it em. And it didn't even dimensions. Depending upon the component that you have in your head, you have picked physical dimensions of that component. And then you have to draw a box like this most preferably what I do deliver. I'm creating a package like this. If I take the dimension like this, and then an Arab League will bring this one using a laser printer or anybody told that you have what happens with this way, it's you directly get to know the exact footbridge on which you can place your components and then see for it. Now, this is how you find the dimension. And this is also your school. Whatever you are designing a PCB finding the dimension off a PC once the switches done just like before, I'm not taken this. I'm not directly doing it with her year state 66 more than just trying to help to do it. Once this witches don't just make a packet out of it. Let me call it training GSP and every Could that any usurp refugee, my pitch type approval. Our next clinic training there has got one beat length here now our next showbiz creating a component over here as well. Just take a small DST morning, commuting the SP more than over here by during the box. So this is just a box that have drawn the What next I have to do is I have to correct debate. Spence would go to the developments more and take departments. They're supposed to have eight minutes. It's your choice, or you want to do it if you want for four from his side, pulled from other said That's fine. If you want all eight in a single lead dead, it'll so x totally up to you. We want it now What? I want to do it. I want to know the actual Been out off your spirit. Two sixes. Let me just look at it here in the good one, 2345678 This is how the structure is. In our case, it is 1234 in a single lead. The little says on his toe. 1234 So the number one which here it's been number seven, actually. So that you have to sit on your package. Okay, that this can you can write it. That's been number seven. You connected. It's the number 856 two people and 21 So here you will have to change the lives very well. You don't do the Pacific. This one will be the first been open number one. So if I just shift it, go block with addiction. No, again, James. Helping them related. So this is. But if it's home the same way change all the numbers against upon your requirement four This is five and this is six. Lastly, seven and eight. No, again wrecked like that on make package. So not much changes. You can simply be compose it. This is the really more than that we have. I really should be composed. This one. Now let me change it again. And religious, um over here Click and took a 90 degree they could hear and not change it Liquid would now have changed it according to the ESPN 266 months Now, once I change it, I will appear all and make package All the details will be there because I have decomposed the existing package next electing celebrity to see as usurping kitchen Okay, I didn t is that I can get this now So the big numbers are according toe as our expectation Over here Now, from this morning you can just go on giving the names of the number one in ground to its DXE open name is ground from the brothers One have been in the SPX, remember, It's cool. Similarly, three g p i photo in the ministry. Next the number four c h e n h for in in the report. Then the fight in GOP I zero should be old, like fix it if it different products on this issue, is it? All right? So 12345678 That's done. You can have this morning a bit extender and add some text. Also with you he speak have sex and no, you can make debate. I'll call it. Can you speak first fixed? You then add a package it plans with the areas and reduce the packages from there. So let's search for training here. Speak as they wanted. All the numbers are sent automatically. A same package. Next. Next. Next. Yeah, just choose anything like miscellaneous shoes training. You speak user preferences next, huh? No, you would you directly go with using his package. Similarly, you can create any device and any package as Aponte by just having the actual dimensions printing it, checking it with the dimensions if everything is correct or not. And then it leads in the package for your next part. Thank you for watching this video 22. How To Decide Trace Width For Required Current: Hey, guys, I would like to talk about one important thing in this video, and that is a boat depress verite that you have to take according to the current that you want to flu toe the PC. So this is a tractor driver. Soap it basically an instant switching control circuit that are created and what I want to do it. I want to make sure that this crisis should take maximum amount of current or exactly the full amount of current that is expected to flow to my load. Now, while deciding the tracks for PCB design, there is a simple calculator so you can just search for conceive. It rests with calculator. I use this one from e Web, which is very nice here. You have to specify whether you are doing it for external, black or internal. So generally we're going for external plaque into delectable separately. Cities just shows excellent on just mentioned what is your press work in bills. Now this particular PCV off mine is having a dress worked off the 300. It's not the 300 Nick Massi. How much is it? Okay, it's not even 300. That's greater than 103 100. So it's probably 200. Yeah, So this work is 200 minutes over here, and that may give you 200 billion. The thickness of the dresses sickness off the bold. Usually it's inspiring microns, and that was 35 micron at the side of the city. And you can see what temperature rise in operation about pending this else's. Let's take the ambient temperature without departing, and this is the let off the total price, the lipstick in Mexico 20 inches and the maximum current that it can take its 7.51 amperes . Now, this is a much better practice to do it. Before deciding the before designing the PCB, you must take into the conservation, the amount of current that you want to flow through it and then only the side of the Mississippi, according So, if you're requirement of 7.5 appears or eight amperes, then you should take a close to 50 minutes off. Basically a bigger than this. This is a vaccinating, so you shouldn't touch Max Anything you should take bigger than that. So if I choose 300 Mills, there it is, then appears couldn't now this is sufficient for a load off by 26 MPs because we always choose higher rating purple signatures. No, Sometimes I'm strict happens, for example, by ensuring that the species beef on the stick has happened for us over here. And the designer, the person who was working with me just around, assumed that it takes fire peel off current. And so he chose 200 bills that gives 7.5 Europe current, which it's official, considering by a general. But later on we found out that the total current that it's supposed to pass through the strait says it's not I am Piers, but it gets 10 amperes. No. One. Don't you have to change that that recipe. But I have also send the girl built into the design to the manufacture and now my time lend some stricter. Then that is what you can do it. You can simply ask your manufacturer toe, manufacture the PCV in a greater thickness. So let's see what happens here. So what? I told my manufacturer to do it. Don't bring me the regular certify my country CB give me the recipient 100 micron thickness , so this is generally the copper thickness. This is the competitiveness that we're talking about here. So I asked the medical teller to make it in 100 microns, and you can see my current requirement is increased. It could 16.6 appears. So by just changing the segments of the PCV. You don't need to make any changes to a PC with design, you don't need to make any changes to have the verbal. Nothing changes only in the manufacturing process. The board, which is used for all leading to PCB, will now help 100 micron thickness and that will handle the same. A lot of current problem. It is more than 10. It's not capable of providing 16 amperes of current. Now it satisfies. My requirement often impels very nicely on by just giving a small change. My particular problem. It's completely solved. So have you decided you're conceive? It's You can choose from number of different Pacific calculators if you want. You can also specify the current first, for example, by appeals of current and the thickness is 30 fight Michael. So if I am in a current with 35 micron to see me on a 10 degree of the Pritchard blades with 30 per degree, ambient temperature and 20 inch off precipitous will. You should have internal. There should be 23 minutes external. There should be only hundreds. And that should do now. This isn't limiting, really so practically, if you're doing it for fire and people centered before Michael, you should take 200 bills for at least 12 peoples home that would give you a bigger current . I'm just showing it to you for PC will not contest with a calculator and e web. External Pacific Place Max. These are the two current calculators that you can heels and drop me plan and then design your PC. And it's such mistake happens that drive to increase the copper thickness off your PC. We definitely that will increase the price drastically, but okay, it is different just for a single customer project that I can take it so I can bear the costing instead of creating a new PC. So that's how you have to make sure and properly designed the flats off your Pacific, according to the maximum current that you want to go through it. So this is an effective It's carefully thank you for watching this video 23. Download All Libraries and Models: Hello, everyone. Now, in this video, let me show you the number of different packages that have creator throughout the years. In using the protests for my work, I have named all the packages by affixing beauteous in front of it, and you can see all the different packages that I have needed. So these are all the different footprints on their respective city packages. This is what this is a single inch Senate segment display that this is a 16 byte will city . Then this is for 33 megahertz. Bagley stands with Dublin seaward. Someone for pilot, anti ship withstood. I see Blue. Put more. You'll even some credible packages are created. But, uh, CP 21 photo executions be to serialize. See? Internet model number of different packages are created over here. What? I'm going to do it. I'm going to give you all off my packages. And that's a fight in order to install them in your protest installation that we should what you have to. So once you unzip my packages, when you unzip the file which is there with this particular video, whatever you do is you will find three folders. Those three folders will be library models and been bill is not needed. Lab. 1,000,000 bottles are important, so these are the two folders that you will seem along with this video in a zip file. What you have to do is you have to find the installation part in your computer, which is program files. Let's into electron ICS and produced seven. Professional here just brings to the library and models folders as it is by replacing any existing models that you might have. If you don't want to replace the existing ones, it's also fine, but if you replace them also, it won't do any harm because the default packages are all there. I haven't not deter anything while creating the new packages. I have just under a lot of more packages, so you will also get to have all the packages which I have created, including some it simply capacitors. And they're not 90 video devices that you will catch a low the this particular course. So just copy on those folders, the library and model folders into your installation over here and replace them with dates and single, and you will get access to all difference that I have. Creator Thank you 24. Conclusion : Hi. This Congratulations on completing the scores. Taking an online course and competing all the assignments included in it by sitting in front of a computer requires a lot of dedication and commitment. You have exactly shown that. So congratulations. I hope you're under store. All the concepts that we have covered into the scores nicely. I'm completed all the exercises. Do not forget to Donnelly, the substance provided with discourse. Give experimenting and thank you.