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PCB Design for everyone with EasyEDA a free and online tool

teacher avatar Amit Rana, Engineer, Programmer and Trainer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

17 Lessons (2h 50m)
    • 1. PCB Design Course Introduction

    • 2. Chap.1 Introduction to PCB Design

    • 3. Creating Schematic With EasyEDA

    • 4. Layout and Art Work

    • 5. Final Movie PCB Export PDF

    • 6. Final Movie Cup Board

    • 7. 555 based PCB Flasher

    • 8. Adding Ground Plane

    • 9. Placing Jumper

    • 10. Introduction to Double Sided PCB Design

    • 11. First Double Sided PCB Project

    • 12. Understanding SMT Components

    • 13. Double Sided PCB with SMT components

    • 14. Exporting Gerber File

    • 15. Creating Custom Part in easyEDA

    • 16. Changes In EasyEDA

    • 17. Concluding Remarks

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About This Class

PCB Design for Everyone

Are you an electronics hobbyists or professional or student who wants to learn Professional Level PCB Design? Are you looking for a free but powerful PCB Design tool? Are you confused on which PCB tool to use for your next project? This course is perfectly suitable for you

Why easyEDA

easyEDA is a 100% free Cloud based CAD tool for designing professional level PCBS with built in PCB ordering system. The learning curve of easyEDA is shortest if you compare it with any other tool and it has a wide variety of readily available pcb footprints for almost every single component as well as customized modules. Since there are thousands of easyEDA users already, they're all creating their own components and sharing and adding to the library of easyEDA almost daily. So if you're a student, or startup or even a manufacturing company, easyEDA is perfectly suitable to you

Whats in the course

This course directly takes you to PCB design with little introduction, So even if you haven't designed PCBs before, its pefectly fine, the introductory sessions will cover all the basics for you and the assignments given will make you a pcb expert in minimum possible time. Whats more? You can also directly order PCB's from within the easyEDA interface

Meet Your Teacher

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Amit Rana

Engineer, Programmer and Trainer


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1. PCB Design Course Introduction : thats is omitted from with robotics in the schools were going to study about this dessert PCB off printed circuit board receiving scanty off area sizes on various shapes. In this course, we're going to study how to design this printed circuit boards. PC me is nothing but a manufacturer form off any electronic circuit. An electrical socket on paper consist off electronic components, interconnected with wires or connections when we have to create physical form of the circuit, what we need is a board way can mock this electronic components, and we have to draw some circuits are part tweets, which can interconnect those components onto this board. This is quite let's see the opulent soaking board, and this piece of designing is an art as well as science. At the same time, we're going to sell it in specie with design. Using a free and very popular tool, which is called This is E B. This is a computer aided tools for designing the symbols, which and sunflower it isn't acquire any kind of software installation. Our computer All we need is just a browser, and we can start designing conceive. It's there are plenty off designing software available. Many of them are free. Many of them are paid or commercial foragers. But usually most feature or highly featured consuming specific Softwares are coming. Children's, if not actress, they have a limit off. Creating some particular size off board is it's free as well as it allows you to create commerciality symbols off any sides off any layers. Currently in this course, we're just ready about how to create a receiver off single sided as well. As we're going to study how to create a double sided city, we will be doing number of different projects on single started. As Arrestable said, it appears to be designing the political side for the scores. It's you need to know. Some basic components are some idea about the electronic components and how a circuit its creator so the scores will not require you to install in the softer center. DPC on U Conn Jump start with the easy be. I hope you will enjoy the scores. There are a lot of experimentation and practice system people form with this course. Thank you 2. Chap.1 Introduction to PCB Design : So let's get started with this PCP designing course on ZB. First of all, and decision of what we're going to study is about the basics off PCB. It means for those, especially for those who don't know at all what it's printed circuit pulled and some very important concepts are illiterate to the basic. So let's begin. So PC me are a printed circuit board is what everyone has this question. And let's answer that. First, we all know that a socket can be created like this. You might have started this kind of sockets and your school studies as well as you have seen it on many Web pages or websites. A socket consist, usually off a power supply and some electronic components connected with it. On paper, the socket looks like this, but then we have to actually manufacture the socket for use in real life. We need to give it a solid and concrete form. It cannot be just on paper or some interconnection off some electronics companies and for that sick. What we need to do is we need to create a PCB are printed socket bowled out of this circuit . So PCB is the best way to materialize and manufacturer circuit. As for the definition or we can defend, disappears the best of it to materialize and manufacture a socket. Know what this PCB? It's actually what we have seen in the last letters. We have this kind off board that we call SPC. But what This board is made up of 40 teens, actually. So this PCB or this PC board is actually a substrate, which is a non conductive material, will discuss what does materials are in detail. But these are the non conductive material, and there is a very thin layer off copper which is deposited onto this substrate. Usually the thickness of this cop earlier. It's 35 micron and the Bear Pacific looks like this. This is a single sided BCB in the same way. There is a double sided PCV there. The copper is deposited not only on the one layer or one side, but the copper is deposited on board the layers off the substrate. This is called as a double sided obesity. In either way, singles 100 auditable started Pacific Looks like this. The back sort of double surgery Pacific will also look like this and the back sort of the single sided Pacific won't have a copper on it. So this is the bear born PCB, and these are the blank piece cities, which are which can be purchased from market. They come in various sizes as well as you can buy a bigger PC board and cut them according to the requirement. The substrate, which is the base material, is usually a fiberglass. There are other materials also, but today we're going to discuss on labor the fiberglass because it is the most popular one . Technically, this call, that's if our food this gives us honored cool to the PCB, and it gives the perceiving extra virginity and the thickness which for longer it's on which longer is the life of our printed circuit board or the socket? There are also flexible Pacific's built on flexible, high temperature plastic. This kind of Mississippi's are used as connected in mobile phones and in many places, usually what we do in project making or India boxes we created for four principles, and not only in the I works. In many industrial projects, the FR for PC bees are used. The border thickness also had its usually from 0.8 a. M to 2.67 What we prefer in most cases is a 1.6, remember, thickness off bold. So this is about the PCB substrate. So the thickness off this is 1.67 to a members are also used. And on this 116 semantic board, there is a 35 micron layer off copper on its side. Honorable sir, Electricity on single sided. There is a Certified Micro Corp earlier only under one side. So we see me then it is made at home or using a diameter looks something like this. As you can see, there is a kind of socket which is exactly scratched onto this corporate board. You can see some tracks and then you can also see some bare part. I also have one D i Y or homemade PCV which looks like this. So if you can notice, it consist off copper corporate tax only, and rest surface. That you can see as voyage is the bear or completely unused surface. I really perceive is not like this. It is completely copper. So what we do is we draw a particular socket onto this PCB using either marker or something into the papers. Then we undergo duplicity. True chemical process called Let's PCB etching in which what happens is all the copper except those onto this tracks. As you can see onto this, it's completely removed. It is resolved into a solution in PCB etching process. So once it's reached completely, we can get a PCB like this. Next processes drilling. You can see there are some minor holds onto the species, so these are all the drill holes for the various components. What we do is we insert components into this drill holes, solder them and finish. This is stupid. A soldier de amorepacific looks exactly like this. So that is something you're also going toe play it after this course sodium ethnicity looks like this, but this is one way off creating receiving this is OK for prototyping and creating some sample piece cities or a couple of peace it is. But when you want to manufacture a particular project or manufacturer particular system in the bulk on duty, we cannot create in cities like this and they're also not that long left the cities as the complete Cooper is open. So in those cases manufactured with citizen Toby, used just like the one which is a productive spot for dot com. So this is a manufactured with C B. I also have one more example to show you. That's our manufacturer, Pacific looks like. Okay, so it isn't about certain specific. As you can see, there are tracks from both desert of this specie. This is a green colored. I also have one political or PC. This will sort of insurgent manufactured PC a D. I like this. It will always look like this. It won't get just finished red or green. Look off a manufacturer PC. Why? We'll see that detail now. But you have to understand that whenever you see PCB like this administered city, I've ever and when you say Pacific like this, it's some manifest Children from a proper PCB manufacturer. So let's study some concepts off. Basically, it's one by one. First thing it's soldier. Must we have to understand what it soldier mosque. It is the layer which is placed onto the corporate tax. If you can see this PC me, is there any layer onto the copper tracks? No, we can literally identify and see, this is the bear company, but on a PCB like this, we don't see a corporate track. Instead, there is a copper track, but it doesn't look pink. It looks green, so this soldier mask is a mask or layer of material, which is your Julia color insulating, which is a plate onto this tracks. It gives precipitated scullers on a copper track. It looks like this, and on a bear board it completely looks green. So on copper, the color is a little bit light, and on bare board it looks done. There are red, green, blue as villas, black soldier mass colors available. Depending upon the manufacturer, they may provide some additional colors. Also, the purpose of this soldier mask is to protect the copper part off PCB. Because if a PC bees used like this in hostile and more mentor in an industrial environment , it will get oxidized easily, and the tracks will lose its strength the drachma, Kurt or the whole circuit off cities and lose the conducted. Because of this order mask. The copper tracks are predicted properly, and this older mask is placed everywhere except the Paris and holds for sorry. So parts are does for surface mounting devices and deserve the holes for two whole components. Next month, you can observe onto any kind off manufacture PC is what is called at six. Kim. Can you notice something in the fight color onto the space City? Present onto this also, So this silk screen is a fighting over this soldier mosque. It is there for identification of the components, because what happens is in this kind of PCB. We don't have anything for identifying the components, and we have to allow on to our schematic and layout toe. Identify where I have to place the components, but in a manufactured BCB to get a proper idea off Where to mount components, There is a silk screen printed silk. Sedin gives on outline around the components, so for registered, it looks like this for led or power pain. It'll plex this. It is purely for the identification purpose, and it also prints symbols as well as names off the components. So beautifully were is the name off this allergy, so that's printed over here. Manifest General State Alec been number names, logo like the specific content, so spark for logo. This minus indicates the minor spinoff this capacitors. So any manufacturing data can be printed over this silkscreen. It is usually, and in most cases, white. Sometimes you may also see silk screen printed in you're looking around. There are some very common terms in terms off design tools. Almost every design tool computer aided design tool of PCB has the stream, so the air systems for the central check hole is the hole very inserted. The component like this parents are the ones which are used to solder the surface mounting components so we can see the parents over here. These are the parents. These are the parts for I see this have the parents for transistors and so on. Then that is, via inaudible started to civilian discern what is the via? Just for no Justin Discern its this smaller hole, which looks on to this layer. The Via connects the top as well as the bottom layer. Together we'll see that in detail. Track, as I said is the wild, which would see onto the BC me or the PCB track Jump on it. Something which is Vento pins or two words cannot be placed, and hence of wire soldering instant blame is an additional lady onto the PCB. As you can see there, this is the additional area or this is the additional area or all with specific, because you're large amount of additional Lydia. This additional area gives AH ground plane onto the PCB, which improves instability as the less also increases the look off the PCB. It looks good with grandpa and footprint. It's something which is the printing off a component onto the PCB. So this is a foot print off a register on Pacific. This is a footprint off and led onto the PC. There's the most most commonly used and most widely used Trump's Oneto PCB software's. So that's why I just give you a slight idea about this. Trumps a principle is a as I have said before, it's a science as well as art at the same time. Previously, when there were located, tools of incompetence were not that popular piece. It means we're completely hand drones, so we have to create a socket with hand sort of paper and then a respect OPC design or it's artwork. Design wants to be created using a hand drawn metal only know what is mostly every people are almost everyone working in electoral excuses. Computer aided design tools for developing the space city. It's a job off sheer craftsmanship, but with some training and some proper practice, you can easily understand an excellent to the precipitous signing what cattles we used currently our most popular capitals that are used are, which is also called Al Tim Designer. This is one of the most popular precipitous ending tools available. Then there is Eagle. This is most popular among hobbyists as well as in the open source hardware radia. Most of them are commercial Softwares. Eagle also provides us with a three to a lot of free trial. Then there is Mentor Graphics Parents, which is used by many big companies or big larger enterprises. Mental, Graff expects, is one of the most costliest cattle present there for principal designing what we're going to use his easy India. It is completely free tool, which is the best. There are other Friedel's also like kicker cake and Isabella by sword. So that is also Ah, very powerful tool. But for currently we are focusing on toe is the idiot. I have chosen easy area because I have been teaching PC abuse, toe thousands of students for past nine years and have seen that Easy Idiot is the most adaptable. And such a tool, which can be launched in the least possible time to create single centered as well. It's double sided Piecyk. It's off course. I have only included those tools, which are most popular. There are plenty off more pools, some off, Some are free. Summer commercial leg tired, says Villas argument eager. What we have to use our choice off principal design. It's purely based upon the comfort level. After nine years old development, I can say that in our company we can use any precipitous and softer and definitely that levels come when you perform principal designing for some significant amount of years. Currently, maybe focusing on is easier because it is the simplest three, as unless the best tool. So is it. Really? It's free for life. There is no purchasing required. It is a member stool, so it does not require any kind of installation on the computer. All we need is a browser like Chrome or Firefox to use it. There is a cloud space to save the specific, so we don't need to worry about saving it onto the computer and deleting it or not finding it later on, we can easily important cities designed in other tools in the media and political also export. The Pacific design is ready for the other tunes. There is a large component library, I would say extra large because for almost every component we get a component library in is Edie, since many users are also using and see in the end, they haven't had their own parks. Also, as I told you, easy has the smallest learning curve, and it is the only tool with which you can get started with the simple design in a very less time. As Lewis, a couple of hours plus, as an additional feature is really also has a built in Pacific ordering system which can order PCB. It's definitely from the media software, and I can say that the specific ordering system is quite cheaper. It's comfort 12 local Pacific manufacturers. So that's all about the person it is ending. Introduction. Let's get started with the basically the same. Let's also understand this one thing, which is important, which is measurement units onto the busy bee. Generally the most popular and most common measurement don't PCB design. It's pH, which is also called Let's Talk, which is 0.1 inch. This is a standard unit off measuring distance on PCB won T H is equal to 0.25 for MM as the lead 0.25 for Sentimental. It's our choice we can use. PH is about a measurement tool onto the PCB, or we can also use mm. But usually th is preferred in single sided basically design what we're going to do. First, it's clear to schematic find parts checking Pacific footprints, joined the parts and finish this committee. So that's what we're going to do in our next session. We'll be creating a schematic, and we will create a single sided, precipitous end off each. Thanks for watching this video. I hope you enjoy this learning 3. Creating Schematic With EasyEDA: Hello. So let's get started with the super design using easy idea. The second section in which we're going to study about single sided, basically designed with Is Edie in this session? What? We're going to do it. We're going to create a schematic onto the easy India flight parks. Check Mississippi footprints for the same parts, joined them and completely finish in schematic. Please remember in technical terms or circuit diagram or during the so called diagram in a cad tool, it's called It's Schematic. As for our first project, we have chosen plus five Werth power Supply to create as our first project. If you know about this plus five power supply, you can easily identify that it consist often a C input transformer which converts over high voltage etc. Like 110 fortese, or put multiple Casey to some lower voltage. It's like nine volt or 12 volt. Then there is this rectified unit, which makes it off four tires which rectifies it into the D. C. While sitting the civil teach this 1000 Micro Ferretti capacitor is the filtration capacity which filters off the ripple component. I need a five volt will did irregular toe I see that it's 7805 with the indicator exist er and led. Plus, there is a place swivelled off put connector. So we assume that this is a perfect start for a small project for PCB. Designing. It consists off this very components, and if you're not aware of them or if you have not seen them, then these are the pictures off the same components, so dyers collectors for the peninsula's output led for indicator 705 voltage regulator electrolytic capacitor and registers. So let's start the begin. First of all, open any browser. Usually I prefer chrome, but you can use any browser off your choice and point your browser toe. H p p p s dot is e d dot com. The site address is https is Eadie dot com. So this is the homepage of easy idea Michigan broads. It lists all the features how you can create PCV as the less you can create some schematics on the simulation off some electronic components. Susan B. Spice. It's a cloud based and more Mitch, and this is the home page of it. What you will do here is you'll have to create your own logging account, and then you can start with a new project. So if you have to start with a new project, it just starts directly without asking you to create a account. But see, if you don't create an account, then you cannot save your schematic or anything out here. So what he'll have to do is you'll have to join Easy dear. First, you can also do so from the homepage. Or that is the first switch off busy bee by creating clicking on the log in. So when I click on Log in, it asks you to windows. The registration is very simple. Only have to do is provide your user name, email and password. I have commuted a lot. Get a card for me, so I'll be talking with my credentials. This is my ability and password. Once you have logged into the idea, this is the homepage that you see there you can see again the easy idea futures and everything. But now you can definitely start creating your project. Over here, you can click on new Project over here, and we'll start creating a project are you can click on your own name which is my name right now, here and go toe my projects. Either way, it works. So if I go to my projects, it shows me if I have created some projects or not. I had created one project sometime ago so that isn't a straight over here. If there are any other projects which are you have created, then they will be seen over here first. I'll do what? I'll deal it. The president that I had previously creator. So we'll be on the same pitch in your easy account. The my project window will look exactly like this. What we do here is will now create a new project. So after clicking on new Project and editor will open up where we can start drawing our schematic by finding some components. So this is a new project which has been created Now then you do it for the first time. The easy They will give you a tour off. How and there things are onto this you why you can see. I'll show you for your reference very simply and very quickly. This is the navigation menu where we can go toe the project section. It will list our projects over here. This is the library off E. That is easy. This library where you can see some most important components and symbols. This is part such box. Going into this will open a window that we can search for parks. This is shared window. If we have shared our schematics and projects with someone that they are visible here and this is the LCS see window there it redirects our stool Elektronik, part manufacturers Swept said, We don't want to go back now, so let's stick to the Project section Law, This is the upper menu There there is file related menu say being importing and some miscellaneous option. This is the project related. Mental very can create a new project on a music romantic on a new PCB and next kind of thing. This it's settings as needed. We'll see with sitting submitted for our work absent. So in this new schematic, every new project will start with her new schematic. Once you go to the new schematic, some additional moons are visible s circles, so this is wiring tool. It provides serves with some quick some components, which is like ground flag, but with a flag our track or wire more so these are the wiring tools. Whenever we want to create whiting, we will be using this stools unless we don't want them. And this is a drawing tool over here, so with which we can create a square or a circle as well as we can also put or add some extent or PC next. This is the area there we can create, or we will be creating our own schematic. I have just scored down in my mouth and it's been zooming out if I scroll up. If we zoom in, that simple is that and you will see. For every selected objects, there are properties which are to use it from this idea. As for that equipment, you can also shift this millibar and change. It's built so this properties will be decided and we'll see this properties along with a new component, every new component that we have taken. Then there are some other menus, like Britain Window and some related things. We'll see that sittings one level as we need them. So first thing is, let's start creating over power play President. We can refer to the Pacific schematic over here any time as you can see powers of like a system for transformer. But we cannot so learn it out. Storm onto the PCB. So what we do is we take a two pin connector for connecting the power supply just like that . This collector is already available in the the Lib. So just scroll down over here and she refined connectors. Here I have this female connect us display ticket once and then the component is dragged over here automatically. You don't have to keep anything clicked. So right now I have released the most brutal. You can see the competent over here. If I click on the R button onto the keyboard, the component will drop it and we have to rotated as needed. Remember, tradition of the component is important as it has to be done many times whenever we are drawing or whenever we're creating new projects. So first thing is I'll put this female head of at a place if needed. You can also put another head of I needed one for important one for personnel, put another one very have to put the component use how toe klik the most once in the company displaced just like that. If you're exit from this component mood, click on escape button on your keyboard and the component will disappear. No, I don't need this p three and P four components, which additional? Just select them and click on the late onto the keyboard. You can off course, right click here and do something. But using the keyboard is most preferable in a browser based software, so I'll just delete this dill it this one also. No, I don't want this header female or something to be seen over here. I want to use this as transformer, so I'll click on this text. You can see here the text, actual self scene, and I'll just select this all text. Delete that, and I will right here. Trans. I'll select this one also, which is our BC output or the civil court, and we'll place it a little bit above because the entire rectifier and all soak it is coming between this two connectors. So do sea Elden transform. Next, we want to have its dyer's again a lib. See if you can see that Yes, diet is present over here and there is also a lady present. So let's take this style and we have to place it again. I just clicked it once here and just took the most in the work area and their diaries. Scene. We loaded it once, and now we'll have to place it. We're going to hear such four divers. So that's one Don't today, and four, most of our sundown again, click on that skip button and her Die yourself Gone that selected iris call. I'll just drag it again a little bit further of it. After placing for announce What we need in our schematic is a capacitors and electrolytic capacitor they received that is present in the lab. Yes, it's seen here electrolytic capacitors. So just click on their months and click on the working. You have placed the capacity doubles for the more than 87 acidified well, a disaster and led. Let's see if register is available. Use it. It's so just take the register again. Rotated by. Clicking are place it. As for your desire, misters on a slip, syphilis, hysteria, salads. There a boat close to the dire use irritates. X Place led also in proper polarity. Again, I don't like the text seen on the salary, so I'll just click on the text and change it over here and simply call it. That's power you can see. Almost all the components are visible and placed. You can select a particular temperature and move it like that. Or we can multiple, select some components and drag them all like this. Now there is only one component missing, and that is the 17th certify I see 70 file or the wound is irregular. Dry see will not be visible in a lip because a lip shows only the most required components . No, we'll have to go to this part section. Open the part section, and you can just type your desired component. Over here. I'll type seven it 05 and click on search. Remember, before clicking onto the search, you will have to know the footprint off your 7805 It means what 705 looks exactly like this . You have to love what package this seven uncertified is having. So you will select the component having the same package. Only this is important. So this is P 02 to 0 package. If you can just understand I'll just type it over here. This package is calling its people Braziel, so we'll have to start seven. It's verified with the package Teoh toe zero if you concerts. I said it is because I'm sure you will find more number of component many components over here, which which you might get confused. These are the same components. Plus there are 409 user contributed components which had several verify in its name. So looks like this system components 1 11 If I click on seven and certify, it shows me a symbol and it also shows me a particular package. So this while the same sort something which has rto to 20 package, would be more appropriate for me like this. This is that your toe 20 package. And this is this symbol off company. So if I have to place this 705 I'll simply click on this and click on place for it will come with the most. Place it over here. That's it. No, properly, we'll have to space the components one more time and then we have to. Then we'll be starting with dividing off the components. Just move this diary seven plays the seventies. It'll fight capacity to over here, which is input to the 705 Select all this components dragged them again of it and say See, here now you have to go to the my rental send take on this wire. Alternatively, you can also click on the blue, all the keyboard. So if you keep W the violent pulls comes by fighting consuming. I have to kind of discomfort with this point. So click it here once with left click, it will start a track. Come to the point here. I want to bend itself. Click it once here so I can bend it. Here. Are here are again. Go forward. I'll bend it here and have to collect it here. So I'll click it once again at this point left click and my black has done. Remember, you will have to use PCV. You'll have to use most where you're going to see what design. It's very difficult to use with touch pad. So let's click this with this point, this point of dire. But here the lower dew points with each other. Remember, while place in their tracks. I'm not dragging it. Okay, If I try to drag, it will look like this. Nothing happens. Just click on the point. Very want to start and click on the point where you want to stop in the black will appear so looks while our entire circuit like this. Click on the middle most button and you can drag your circuit like this for navigating through each. Except it is exactly similar toe, the schematic that we had for our reference. After you are finished, you can just make the changes needed for looks off your schematic. If you zoom out properly, you can see there is a frame and onto this frame there is date, individual author's name as well as the title. So just click on this title and you can manually change the text at this point. Hell college. It's power supply schematic in this critical area. Also, if you want to add some text for your reference like, this is the positive, the parts of planned. This is negative. Off the power supply, you can go into the drawing. Tolbert chose this text more and place this text over here and over here by default, only a text will be blissed If you want to change it, just click it double and have been developed here. It's inject. I just put the symbol off plus and double click here and change it to, say, minus so that finishes your schematic. I hope you will find it easier to create disco magic into easily. If you don't understand, please listen to this video once again. So that's to get the complete idea off the schematic design. What systematic is finished? What will have to do is just save it. So this file menu well, saving it first ask you to save your project so you'll have to save your project. Given name to your project. Say, power supply you can choose. Either you want to keep your pressure public or private Axum components. Have some description say my first experience with you'd be it. There's only for your reference. It can be anything. So by clicking OK, your powers of played seat. Now you want to save the schematic. So again, go and click on safe. So now this will ask you to say events schematic. Give a name to a schematic like my Pius, the circuit important here. You'll have to select the proper project that you want to see it. Right now, I don't have any projects, so I don't see anything over here. But once you have 2345 10 15 20 projects, that list will appear here. You'll have to save a schematic in the respective project folder. Only my project response supply Psychiatrist Power supply and click on Safe. Once I've saved the star Marbles and the P A circuit name appears, the cloud will also give you a same success message. So except for the schematic design parch off the course, I hope youll enjoy decision. And next section will try to create a PC with designers of this power supply. Thanks, fortune. 4. Layout and Art Work: Hello, everyone. In our last session, we have created this power supply schematic. Simple powers of Alaska Matic with a bridge rectifier, the capacity of 70 05 There's a strip and led in decision. We're going to create an artwork out of this power supply section, Remember, Or you can also do. Here is you can just click on a component and saves property. It's You can change the name as unless you can change the prefix and lot, many things. So if I don't want it to be one micro offended, I can simply just put it over here. Toby 1000. Michael offended and similarly can change the value of the register or anything else over here says This is a very simple schematic. We don't have to look into the specific footprint off a component, and every components footprint is present inside of the PCB, so we'll start creating layout out off it or the artwork out off it. Remember, there are two things associate ID with PCB design, and those two terms are mostly confused. One it's called as Leo, and another thing it's called this artwork. Many people call me hope and artwork alternatively, but remember, they are quite different and they have a specific meaning. Lay out. It means that how you place your components onto your board and our documents, how you designed the interconnections among those components. So Leo is about placing the components, and our Dirk is about connecting discomforts. First thing in the seven design is always creating a layout and then creating an art or coat off it. So let's begin. What you have to do here is Go look for this menu. There we can see convert projects to PCB after clicking this button, the same schematic with all the footprints and all the components. It's converted toe PCB. It will open a new software in which you can see the PCB off the component. Usually the surfaces black because it takes a lot of time to create a PCB and black surface gives us a good visibility. So it started this PCP sexual. You can never get again through the beginning. The middle button you can see through it by default. It has given us a square shape. You can see which is board Oakland. Here you can change the layer off any component in the Pacific software. So if I click a components of this led, I can change the layer over here and so on. Generally the Singletary adversity, the components are placed onto top layer, and the tracks are created onto the bottom layer. So there is no popular but no top cop earlier. And that's why we created the tracks only old bottom layer. This is layer selection there. Visually, a has been edited. It showed by this pencil and which layer it seen it showed by this. If I click on this iron eyes removed treatment. Stop lehourites revolt from the visibly Let's keep kicked What he is now. Let's first create a tailed off our project. If needed, you can change the size off this PCB. This is completely with support, your requirement and your choice. Every possible designer has its own choices on his own requirements. Also, so personal design usually depends upon very want to fix the specific and miss upon that box requirement or the implosion requirement your Pacific sides may change. You can off course use this dimension tool and check for the dimension by default. The dimensions are shown in mills, which we can convert from all the media that the unit can be changed from Bill Toe once we change it. Mm, well again, put this dimension and we'll drying out over here. Excuse us the distance in Okay, so you can choose this dimension before creating the Mississippi. I don't get much for the power supply, and so we'll just start creating the basic first. So let's get started before needed. You can delete this and create a new rectangle, create a new board or claim from here. So let's start placing the competence insulating. You can see that people is the component, which appears on the left most side. So will place people first. You can rotate it with the R button placed people long. Then we have to place this. Four divers defending two D three d 41 after another, so I'll place said even. Ditto as it looks, I can is it? I can't rotated Accordingly, you can see the interconnections are shown here with this small blue arrow. The trick for Pacific good personal design is to keep the components as close to its collection. That's possible, so it means what the ones Despaigne gets connected to be treats and not here, so it is logical to keep it as close to people as possible. So people is here, and I'm placing this child over here. It doesn't work. You can't place the components haphazardly. You have to place them close to their interconnection, so I'll place this D three over here if needed. I can change this text to appear on one side only, and lastly, there is a dire called before. Place it over here again. You can see this is not much logical, so I'll just rotate it twice. And I see the components are the connections are most feels by. Next thing is listen. This capacity, this capacitor is not something which is most widely suitable, for that's because the 1000 macrophage capacities usually large. But let's keep it for long. We'll see that hope to change the package in the next session. Help is the capacity, then this is the 705 full days. Irregular, dry. See? You can place it anywhere in the receiving. I'll place it over here. No, what we remain with is the but on Indication led and a series resistor for it. So I'll place those two components over here and lastly, dispute to connector, which should appear over here again. Check for it. What seems logical and rotate your component according to your requirements. I have rotated. You did in this way. Once this is done, what he can say is your nailed. It's finished. What you can see here is the layout on the PCB. It makes all the components are placed and we can see their interconnections, but they're not interconnected yet. This is called Ezra Layout off our PCP. Next, what we can do. It's just shoved. This strolls over here, and you can goto this button, which gives you a photo of you off your PCP. Before that will save the species again. Name it appropriately and selling the project folder properly. After saving the BCB. Let's kick on this camera, but this gives a photo of you off the density. So after manufacturing, it will look like this. So that's the foot of the city. You can also change the layer color so as to visualize how you're perceived. We will look like after explain completely made. So this is the Leo. No, let's start artwork. So this complaints of early out our component placement and strongly before note and artwork are two different concepts. And what you see here is the placement of the components, which is called as Leo next. What we have to do is we have to make this interconnections through something called its PCB tracks. So what we have to do here is, as they say, we're doing a single sided PCB in which all the components lie on the top layer side and the routing or cracks are created only on the bottom, Cooper said. So I chose the stool, which is track and here in start off writing tracks on top layer. What we will be doing is a little bit selecting this bottom layer. No, we're good to create, or we can start creating the checks in the same way. We can also select any land we want. Currently, we're using either single senator or double sided person is only so in single sedative will choose only Bottomley and in double sided with severe will choose both off them. Alternatively, so let's start creating tracks as you come to a particular part or whole of a particular part. You can see there's a fight dot created, which means the track can be started from that point. So it started, like from this point. Come then, connect to a particular point. You can see I can notice the connection between this point at this point, which was shown by such a thin blue line is known. Or show why? Because it means that the two points which needed up joint on which needed a connection between them has been connected. You can also see the village off the track. If you select the black, then you can see the worst of the track. It's 0.25 as that only before. Also, the dimensions can be selected. Toby, either. MM as the dimensions can be selected either as MM or as mills. It is easier to identify the dimension in mills because they have been very simple standard , generally taking a track where it off 25 minutes. Sufficiently good sites. So by selecting the plaque, we're going to its properties. Over here, we can change the track minute. Let's take it completely. Start from this point into a point you can see the track has been bending in 45 degrees only so direct 90 degree turns are not suitable for presidents, and the software itself is not allowing us to create a 90 degree tracks. So this is hope we can make all the interconnections which are needed for this. Whenever we see that the tracks are not being routed properly, we have to find the part to make it. For example. This point has to go toe positively capacity. So will brought it from the inside, shorted with this and then from here to the capacitors, Was it this tool sonnets connection with each other? Then this point its capacity was supposed to do it can come to this track as there is this point. Even if we disconnected to the track, it's OK. It's not really fine then all the interconnections are all traditional. So you don't have to look into the schematic to know which ones are connected of it, which underpin in anticipation has to hear. And this collector comes each. If he escaped and if we look at the Pacific now, we can see all the tracks have been voted properly. And of course, if needed, we can also increase the track sets for the move. So we're selecting tracks. Individual tracks are by pressing control, key and selecting as when it lacks. It's possible at once, and just go into the track wit and change the size of it. So this is how we can create a single sided BCB. Months of PCB is done. Eso Shoni before you can go to this photo of you and you can see how your perceivable look like once it's created. We also need a mounting holes for almost every kind of PCB. So to put those mounting holes, But we can do it. We have this particular Pacific tool here. We just call this whole just pick those holes and place them as needed. There is no settings needed to be done with this holes as a standard. The PCV holes are 80 minutes are in. Mm, They are supposed to be three mm next to him. So if needed, you can increase their whole sites. But most consists. This are usually enough. One more thing we can see. We can have this be to led register. This name says all safe screen. But apart from that, if I want to print anything else here, which is a manufacturing later for example, my company name or any other thing like connect transformer here and take the output from here. Go to the specific tool called text and just put it somewhere. Now this text has been put onto the but only changing top simply atop silk asleep Stop silk layer, which is shown in this yellow pin, which is the top six. So just double click this and change it to plus find fault bold sublet except has muted We can change. Definitely. The textiles are texting related formatting over here. So this land with and land head which you can change speaking to short stuck 50 Let's sit. So it finishes our single sided. Basically design of the power supply. Thanks for watching this video. Hope you'll enjoy this practice. 5. Final Movie PCB Export PDF: Hello in Los Social, we have seen this power supply schematic, asthma, Lesseps, layout and letter. The art world Busan using single sided PCB technique was this PC me is completed over here . What we can do, it's we can output this PCB and we can create this PCB using our normal printed matter So either it can be printed on a photo paper that that photo apartments to be taken onto the PCB and then teaching and drilling performed Henson. So let's see how to export this layout first or how to export this artwork. First, go to the file menu and just click on export here. It will ask you to select the layers for exporting. If you are exporting only for the documentation purpose, you can take all the lives. But if you are taking it or exporting it for a complete painting a PCB off it, then I would say only export the bottom layer and don't take it as full color Instead, Decadence black on white background. What happens? Because off this is we get just a black drawing off the tracks present onto the PCB. Let's see. So this is what big it we can easily create a PC, me using his spirit if, as by printing it on actual sites and creating a PCB on profit so that it's for the handmade BCB technique for sending it toe a manifest sugar. We can export the Gerber data, which will see in the for decisions. So that's some export. A pdf file off your design for hangman Basically making hoping injured Decision. Thank you. 6. Final Movie Cup Board: Hello, everyone. In our last session, we have seen how to create a single sided basically design off power supply by first creating a schematic and then creating its art book. Paul Supply was one example which consisted off some very smaller components in decision. We are going to take an example off another such a simple project and try to create a Leo taught off it. What we're trying to do is what we're trying to do is we're trying to take such kind of components, which are not available in the standard a library and which will have to find from the part six. So there's a very simple electronic project called Translates Timer. This is a rather straits timer. It requires an MP in transistor called me C five for seven, an electrolytic, capacitor big sister. Versatile. No, we'll have taken actually big sets capacitor a pushed one switch this system already and some power connections. Now, if I have to create a PCV off this circuit, what will have to do is the topic off this particular session. So let's begin. First, we'll have to see what components are present here. So we have two resistors present here so we can, first of all. First, I'll do what I really close this project and create a new project. I'll call this new project. It's transistor timer will keep it as private project. You can see the power supplied electorate for else are still open, so close them manually. I didn't go to the transistor timer project and no click on new schematic disk a man Tick News two received into the transistor timer project. So let's let's scholar to sit. So this is the timers. Schematic notice looks great Disco Matic, which is very simple. So from Italy. First, I'll take two resistors because those are the sender components available over there. Then there is a B C five for seven transistor now exact same transistor won't be available over here. One is present, but that's not what we want. So what we want now it's good to parts and search for B. C. Five for seven. I have only before. Also, whenever we're looking out for a part, we have to look for the part for which we know the package and make sure that we select a part which does have a package for example for this basic five for 78 we can see there is a socket symbol, but there's no PCB package. Instead, over here bets for this transistor base. If I for seven b, we can see there is a PCB package available. What is the back it shown here? P or 92. Next thing to do is go. Today they touch it off base. If I for seven just type PDF specify for seven in a Google search for him, you will get the link off pdf file of Miss If I for seven. That's usually the data short of that particular transistor or that component which you have typed Interstate. I should we can see. What is this specific package available for this transistor and which understand? Having in my hand, Mr Wonder, we have to select a very proper package for the tons of stuff. Let's see. So this is a Dutch. It shows B C five for 6789 and 50 All of them have a U 92 package, so it's shown here. So while designing a schematic, take Miss If I for Civil, which has a U 90 to package their switch. Just click on place here. No, we placed it next. What we have It's a lady and 1000 Michael Ferriter capacity. So now I will have to search for a part which is 1000 might go Farage again. The same thing. 1000 Microphone 25 world. But now you can see the PCV packet sizes larger one in the powers of level. So we should have taken such a power supply. A such a capacitor, which has a larger PCB footprint. So just click on place you get to tear next in disco magic, we have a button or Pushtuns, which let's search in parts. This is also called That's tactile Switch, so I'll just put back time and some such a sobbing phone. So this isn't a 70 package. Remember, a PCB footprint we're only a Terrapins are shored is usually a top copper package or surface mounting package so that such kind of packages should be awarded when creating a single Senate PC. Our approval PC. So let's see another packages. This is a switch which is available in market but packages assembly for this also, let's see another land in the oven on that one. No, that's it. So this is a perfect package off the switch that is available in market. You stick this. Lastly, what is needed is and led, and it is available in the lip. Also suggested a lib and select the led every day. Here is it's apart from that, as a schematic shows there is traveled in ground connection. So what we have to do is we have to give a connector or to pin connector for giving the power supply adds 12 inch. And that's cramping. So let's selector to pin connectors. Now we have taken all the components so we can start creating them schematic out ofit. So whatever names are needed to be change, just change them first stacked else, which teaches a big names. Just call it that switch and call it. It's public. This is 1000 Michael Ferriter cap and just call it this cap. I know the value, or I'll just put it us 1000. You If, after placing the component also we can draw introducing our the circuit explanation is very simple. As you can notice, the transistor is used, you know, switching more. And whenever this which expressed the capacity charges fully whenever the switches released , the capacity really shut slowly, and the switches press the already turns on because the base Kate supposed to supply. But when the switch is released, the energy doesn't turn off immediately because the capacitors discharging. So that's the simple walking of the socket. Let's finish the project. So that is a transistor for the base of the base. Off dealing. There is a district with the base of the transistor, and there is a capacity than discretion and shown here a switch. It's collected like this. Using W. We can choose the viral that's convincing the schematic has been completed. We'll see even more important aspect of Pacific designing in this session, and that this golden necklace thing necklacing means you do not need to collect all the pins, which are safe for some common connection, like ground or decency, directly to the particular collector. It said What we can do, it's in dividing tools. We can have a net flag off, say, five orange or simply sissy only just take on a flavorful sissy and connected here, and they collect flag off ground and well connected here. No, remember, whenever you can have this symbols in the entire circuit. Now this is a smaller circuit, but in a socket. Whenever you connect its symbols, they all will be interconnected to each other. So ground IDs at this point. And then I'll put another ground symbol here and then another physicist symbol over here. And then you connect them to the collective. It's implements. It simply means that the number one of this collector will be connected to the B, C, C, or all those points which are connected to a terminal called Sissy. And number two will goto all those points had we have used this gun, I'm symbol. So that finishes over socket or schematic for this particular many project. Let's save it by giving control s and then let's try to convert this project O p. C. But as we have seen, this is a very simple and very smaller package sedated some other, ensuring that the capacities packages invalid Good that we have this set of. So what we can do it's instead of using, this capacitor will have to change your capacity. So just wanted the capacitor point and dilated. I can go to the parts and just put 1002 F We'll find many components listed over here, all of them having some good Pacific package. So this also shows us looks of capacity we just perfectly suitable for its Let's chose this . I have just double click No, instead, off clicking on the place. But, um and let's collected over here. So the capacity has been list and all the connections have been made, but disconnection has been missed. So you're disconnected like this. Okay, so the connection started down low. Mentioned in the capacity. No, the capacitor was invalid. So first deleted from here and then go to this schematic and click on object. Mississippi. No, I don't want to convert project obesity because a PCV file has already been generated. I'll save the specified what we have to do in the schematic. Now it's update PCV. So whatever changes are done in the schematic our elected into the PCB, it shows that a new components even is added. Just click on apply changes and I can see it here. Thirds done. We'll follow the same way as we did last time to create a B C. B for this. So there is only one collector in world, which is for the power connection. Then there is this transistor. This is a resistor connected to the beasts of this transistor. So let's move the components, just them. So they become a bit comfortable to see. Let's see now this registers between switch and led. It doesn't make sense if I place it you. It has to be over here. And it has to be like this. So a lot of components have been placed properly. There's going to track more. Next place, at least one track say, from this point to Okay, this isn't it. Rate is a top corporate like we don't want that solar Struse the bottom glare and then go to the track more. No, a track. It's placed. Select that plaque. Go to the village and that story before less. Let's take 25 minutes with or trying to find mills Track May is the same unit at speech. Magic will stow 0.1 inch so there, so you can collect or inter college on the collections, which are present there slowly and steadily perform on the connections, which are visible once all the connections are completed. it shows us no 10 lines and everything since finished. So here we have created another mini projects PCB. We can add a text over here as we want to connect. Plus five World over here and ground over here. I'll select the text first. I'll put it s plus for your plus 12. Or simply call it is a sissy. And then I'll change a slayer toe top sick. Similarly, you can change it for the and I did it. Text this. It's supposed to be ground connection. This put you to go and changes. Slater toe top sick. So that's it for the successes. I hope you will find it very busy as well as enjoyable to create this kind off base if it's tense fortune. 7. 555 based PCB Flasher : Hello. In our last session we have seen about these transistor beest timers are good and it's suspect, too. B c will decide which consists off the mailed as well as the artwork. No in decision. We're going to create another interesting singles, every PCB, which is very common and very popularly known circuit as a little flash up. This is basically inestimable to laboratories in triple file. I see and Feel RC components, which creates an led on off effect x a very interesting project to make. And it would be our first I see with Project or I suggest PC me that we create. So let's begin first on this document next week. A new project. Let's call it adds a baby Fleischer at sea Seen Led flash. It has been created. Now let's create a new schematic for this circuit for this pleasure at services. Take a new schematic. Let's tryto let's go straight to see with us. Schematic stole it in led Fleischer. I'll call you Dad's Fleischer, so that has been created. No, let's see what components are there. So we have two registers, one electrolytic capacitor off, one ceramic capacitor and again, another registration Plus, there is a nine volt in ground connection. So next begin. There's a lot of parts and first find a Triple five. Usually we have through whole ice. It's through multiple verses available, so select a package for two whole. But I see that is the A P H. This is completely, perfectly suitable for us. So let's plus, let's first place triple thing next what we wanted Three registers and one led, which are presented a lib. So that struck one to and three. And then what? We wanted this. And then let's correct dualities in battle that cancer might reflect. Let's that they named them toe flared and actually in this one toe green. The evidence is there there is a capacity. No, this is a small window capacitors. So the one presented inland? No, sir. And there is a power connection because there is a small ceramic capacitor and power connection. So cinema capacitor is this and for power connection, let's stick just like before trooping connected. Once everything is dead, and once you rename all of the components as career expectation or demand, let's try to create a piece of your garbage No say in this triple fight. I see the pin names are sold, but the numbers are not shown properly. So if you don't find it comfortable, go to the part celebrity and select another notable Facey. That's fine. So here we have the part number as the let's been names clearly win church. No, let's begin. Look at the connections. The number three is the output panel triple fight, whether it's a store and then led is being connected, so we'll make the connection off output. First we have taken to illiterates, so there's little turned them. Thank you. Let's connect them first with a common register in the middle. So there. So this will Look, we got also start directly connecting them well, it here and this been going strong. Remember, here will be was in the ground necklaced in symbol as much as possible because it is not so table to connect our toe. Take all the connections connected to one ground point. So reviews in this met listing extensively in discriminating. So we have connected the output sort off. One entity here that we have taken to next is a small ceramic capacitor connected to pin number five against grown. So this is this is a couple of you have or polarity less capacity. This Kalac's from number five to ground again have taken a ground net list flag using W and select. I'm kind of see in this riding also, there is no dragging. Just place it somewhere. Click it ones, then place it somewhere else and click it once and you can leave it. That's it. Next we have. And at this truck connected between pin number eight and number seven, well, first collect the register and then later changed the valets. One register between number eight and seven. Let's collected like this. W. Dooley number. Eat goes to the register. Other go stupid number seven. Next number seven and number six. There is another register Intersport This between the number seven and six for Louise. I just shoved this components a little bit. The school stripping number six and seven. Then we didn't The number six and two are shorter, and between two and ground there is a capacitor, so I have to sharpen number six and number two no open number six and number two are needed to be shortened. Let's move this couple center a little bit. A wild trick. Now again instead of shorting them, No. See how it looks? If I shot it manually, indefinitely and for sure doesn't look good, is it? Of course not. It's sort of that what we can do it In dividing tools, we can take a particular Nate Ports lives collected to pin number. Don't as villas. Let's connect to one open number six. What, and we have to give them a common living. Let's say what has that been named? What? This fall P H R and B insular stick Be, for example, So the spear disconnected toe number two and this label is connected. Open number six. It's from there and just keep it here so it looks sophisticated a little bit. Then open number six so the level name is needed to be seen. This will also been able. That's Please see. Please know that the capitalism off this letters is very important. So if its capital tear here than it has to be competent year over heroes, that's it. Next, what is there in the schematic to wear? Six are shorter, and then from pin number two or six. There is a capacity to ground. So we'll use the same ER up in to connect Or we can use this capacity directly. Were heroes. It's one of the same thing and in close to ground, take a little bit on single and it's stuff. Next we have this power connector. So let's collect decency to pin number one the number eight, where else we need to Conakry sissy next number each and the number four is also connected to decency. So another basis, a symbol, then we but here that will connect the number full of decency. This necklace thing is very important to understanding consumer designing because all everywhere we have collected the same port, we connected our interconnected with each other. Then we need a ground symbol which leads to be connected edge number one. And to disconnect of that, we're going to connect a battery or a power supply will choose this two symbols over here. So when is this is CNN under? So that's it. Now for the sake off. Better understanding will also put our actual values over here. So this is not a 0.1 micron, but let's call it, it's 104 We just call it off 0.1 Michael Affinity Capacity. This is 100 Michael offended. So let's put it is 100 Michael. The two registers are 10. Care for kids? Seven. So this is EnCana sister, and this is four. K 70. Struck were taken the actual values off all the components in our circuit. No, let's start to clear it up our door got off it again following the same process. What we have to do is go toe this menu. Can you see me? The PCB maybe automatically generated first thing after converting it to the PCV eats toe, save the particular PCB and then create the Liotta off it Leo Distribute created by placing the components properly. So let's try to place this components first triple file. See itself now. I'm sure this size is not going to work for me. So let's increment or includes the size a little bit both the directions so that it should accommodate all our components. You won't need to increase it a bit more afterwards. Place all the components close to each other, so our trim, its simplest, real strong allegiance. This is a bargaining. So that's it. The company investment has been done. Now let's creator Leo or artwork out off it. So this is the Leo and now will be trying to try. And artwork as before will first have to Celinda Martin Corp earlier and then give a track once a track has given. We can choose selected and select. That will be 25 minutes. Then let's try to connect as much as possible minutely see the layout matters most because if you're Leo does not proper, the chances are that your components are not going to get connected properly with each other. It was a wrong collection I was trying to create. So interconnect all of them as they are visible on the schematic by the Tyne blue lens. Now we are left with few collections only, which sounds to be difficult to create. No, see, we cannot have a track going from this point in the before to this point directly from within, because there is a track coming. So I don't will have to take this track from here on here, on here like this. But you can definitely noted from this pain. Secondly, we have been number one which needs to be connected to ground. So we also don't have that. So what will do its will ship this entire circuit a little bit. And now I will try to make the connections first. I'll make this ground connection next, done. And no, we try to live this. Okay, No see was that our connection is made in this way. The connection for number four. It's again difficult, which is needed to be going toe. This is so what will have to do is we will have to find out the part as small as it may be , which comes out off this from within here from within here and then goes to this point so definitely black off 25 sides won't work here, and no will have to change the tax states from 25 to 15 minutes. Now let's see how it works. So I'll take a track from here from between the pads. We'll take it out from here. I'm getting from between the I see parents will take it out from here and then connected to the This is so that finishes ever led financial circuit. We have to give a power over here when this lid is will start blinking again, asked for the requirement And Esper dependency can put as much text a savant on the layers . But one more important thing is here which we want to see. And that is how to take the bill off material out off the particular design file. Because what we had done was we had chosen. Let's save it, were chosen some actual values over here. So once the PCB is made was the PCB is manufactured, the PCB will come into our hand and it will look like this. So we'll get to know days and are too. They did see to them they did. Seaver are three. You two are one and people, but we don't know what are those values. So what we can do here is Goto the five in you and we can create a bill of material from the schematic. So the bill of material generation, it's soon it this. So we have a special pattern over here which is for export be or ambulance transform beloved medallion. So it looks like this. We can know the component value as well as the components need that is present on your PCB in terms off our war, Fiordiligi. And so Conte Export. Um and we're gonna see us if I like this. The CSP file can easily be open using Excel or any other software we can do the bureau him and printed out. William is very important that we're doing manufacturing off some PCB. It's because in that case, we only have the peace. It is in our hands, and we need to know quickly. What are the values? You shall be solar in the PC. So the, um, finest generated in this you can see the beauty in here open Senate extension What were important interested here in this components name and the component values as the lesser contradicts. So next for the session here we have created another minute project. But this time we have also created a bill of material for this pressure. I hope you'll enjoy this project and the special assignments tax fortune 8. Adding Ground Plane : indecision. We're going to see about one very important aspect of precipitous in that this called us a ground plane, which is also sometimes called EDSA copper, poor ground plane or copper poor. It's something which you definitely have seen on almost every dive off Pacific's that has been manufactured. You can see on any kind of message is that there is some additional area which is shown in this copper. We may not understand why this area is placed there, but we can always see it's present in almost every base. If it's the reason for putting such things is, it is nothing but an additional layer which connects alerted to the city or to the ground off the Pacific. Consider this simply as an additional ground connection, which provides us with two important things. First, it provides us with an easy and quick connection to the ground wherever it is needed in the PCB. Secondly, this big ground plane helps introducing the noise from the PCB. So whenever there is an additional ground plane, it is an additional annoyed separation thing for the noise which is generated due to high speed switching as well as for the convention or for the passing away of the heat. So heat dissipation is also better than you have bigger ground plans. You can see the advantages and disadvantages off the ground plants at many places here, our area or our discussion is about how to give this ground plane in tow. Is Edie we will sit. This kind of round plants are present everywhere in many Pacific. It's so let's see how to put this ground plane in the easy idea, we have created this simple project that is over led based, triple five based led Flasher. We have also recently created a double sided precipitous and out ofit. This ground plane can be put either in the top side or in the bottom said as well as on the both sides. So its own mandate, Eddie. The layer off her PCB is prevalent when you are putting a ground plan, so consider if you have a single cell, it'd be simple designs. Then you can have us ground poor created onto that. Also, if you have a double sided precipitous name, you can have a ground poor on that kind of Pacific calls the ground pork, and also we put on the top copper or more Time Cooper or both at the same time. So this is how our basically looks before putting a ground plan. And this is how it looks after putting a ground plane. Let's see how to put it on board the tax, Another design. So here is our Eazy e d. Yeah, they're summer design. So we have created this layout so far and no one I have to do it. I have to put a ground plane into it. So when you have to put a ground plane or solid region into it, cooperation into it, we have to find for one PCV tool. Here you can see this doctor or dashed tool here, which is copper area. So we have to use this tool than we have to put the ground plan. So just click it once. Depending on which layer you have selected, the grand plan will be applied. So let's choose bottom copper firsts or bottom layer first, so this ground plane or cooperate area will be put on the bottom side, so just start from whenever we want to put it. You can also put a small ground killing like this, but I'll currently put it for the entire piece It so just I'll click it once over here and it will start putting up dashed line. So I've just flicked one. Send us left it. So here. If I want to finish this land having click it once more, then I'll start the other leg, so it just creates so square or rectangular shape again. Click live again. Click and leave. Now, After living here, you have to click Did via click for sure. After giving the right click the ladies completed, you can see the ground planets very finally adjusted, which goes even from between. D. I sleep in Cerise e. Perhaps just click on the plane anywhere and you can select the ground plane. It's no selector here. You can see that copper area properties the networks connected. It's to ground. You can change this if needed, but usually it's connected to the ground. Only this is the layer where it has been put. So if I should stop copper, then it gets shipped it to the top side. So let's put it on the bottom only, and this is the clearance, which is usually 10 mils clearances the distance from the nearest track or the or the whole . If we increase this clearance is a full 25 mills. It looks bad. Make sure that the ground plan looks good, but it should not enter this ice it prince, because if you do that, then creating a single centered design or D ever designed will be in better for you. So choose this clearance, depending upon your desire or your expectations, as told before. By selecting the entire ground plane, you can change it also to the top sage as villas. If I believed it completely, I can also put a smaller round plan if needed. So if I want a ground plan only across the icy so I can created like this once complete shape is on, don't forget to drive. Take again. You can select it and change the required clearance. So that's it about the ground plan. You can keep the ground plan on both the sides, as in the top said as the lesson de Bottom said. At the same time, it doesn't affect anything at all. So this is how the top, as well as the bottom ground plan is created in this case, I will change one off the plane today, Martin said, and keep one end top state. So when you see the foot of you, you can clearly see the additional ground place which have been created. So on the top. So you can see this much. Ron Plain Area creator. If I change the foot of your toe the more time, sir, you can see it created over here so actually ever run, then create the ground plane for your creator PC weeds and see for this video again. If you find it difficult to doing itch I have, we would have injured decision. Thank you. 9. Placing Jumper: Hello. In this last session, we had one issue when a track was not possible to be voted. Still, in that case, were altered it from the between of the pins. But consider case there. You don't have any option to route the particular track. What will you do in such case in this kind off scenarios? What it can do is you can put some jumpers into the single sided descent jumpers means there won't be any copper track available. But you will provide with two additional holes, which later can be used for placing a physical jumper. Jumper mints. Just a small wire, which can be soldered from the top of the particular board. And we can add that, well, soldering into the Pacific. How about the jumper? Let's see. So we'll take it back from this point after a particular place, and here I'll stop, just like click. I'll take a track from this point and again, I'll stop over here now. What we have to do is they have to put some bags over this points and then simply draw a particular line. See, we don't have to put a track here, but we just have to draw particular line. So the drawing Tony is needed looking it. So between this true holes collect a track from popular. Now, the popular track is not something that it's going to be printed in a single centered PCV. And it is definitely only going to represent, you know, double standard Pacific. But this simply tells us in our schematic that we have to connect or we have to place a jumper over here so that whatever we create, what they were never created this PCB, we will not forget to put this track as a jumper. So they're simple trick. Whenever we can't trace a particular route, we have to put a jumper like this. Thank you. 10. Introduction to Double Sided PCB Design : Hello, everyone. So far you have studying and created the single sided precipitous. So congratulations on completing the single sided design. We're also going to do a similar more projects with single sided deciding. Right now, we're going to start with double sided disability, double sided PCB. It's something like this. So inaudible. Senator PCV there it's copper isn't on what the sites off the board. And so the tracks are also visit on both the sides of the PCB board in a visited specific design, we mount the components on either side of the board generally has a practice. All the components are mounted on the C inside. But if needed based upon the requirement, the components can be mounted on either side of the BCG. So this one is the same board as we are going to be designing. We will also study about the assembly components, how to place them and how to create a very nice and simple double sided specifically. So I really enjoy decision. Let's continue doing on the projects which are mentioned. Thank you 11. First Double Sided PCB Project : Hello, everyone. So far we have been doing the single sided with civil designed with easy D into schools and now we will shift and start creating a double sided Pacific before starting with double sided PCB. We have to study some of the basic concept not only the basic concepts but some of the most important concept which are associated with double sided precipitous sides. After completing this session, you will get to understand what is the fire and how it is to be used with other Izzy Dia. So let's begin as we have discussed before. Also, so far we have discussed on designed single sided PCB. So in single side of receiving there is copper substrate present only on one layer of the board in a double sided PCB. There is copper substrate deposited cooperative which is deposited on board the layers off the substrate which fascinated us to design a PCB in such a manner that the tracks can be present on the top said as villas On the bottom side, this gives us the flexibility toe are more number of connections in the same space on even in a limited space, usually in edible centerpiece it with the same copper tracks present on board the sites. Components may or may not be present on both the sides. Depending upon the requirement, companies are usually placed only on the single said, but if needed, their place on both sides of the PC in almost every single software, which is used for designing Pacific scarce after's the top. Silas called a stop later, and the bottle service called us bottom layer and the colors and Texas also common in every search tools, which is the top layer. Tracks are shown in red color, and bottler cracks are shown in blue color as a gentle standard. This is our schematic, which we had created. This is the layout which we had created for our led Flasher. The default view, whenever we're looking at any particular tool while creating an artwork, is a top sick on it is actually a top player, so another were mounting any tracks or anything. We're doing that we're looking at the PC from the top said this icy will be seen from the top seller that I can really triple five name over here, so that is very important. While understanding the double sided PCP because whenever we're noting in a double surgery , PCV, the tracks can get out in Baudelaire stopped OPerez, villas bottom copper. So top copper out or drop cover track, which is, say, connected like this will be seen on this top set of duplicity. There is the bottom copper track will be seen in this design, but one be visible from Top said will be visible from that bordens it. So to collect the tracks from the top layer to the bottom layer, something called us of higher needs to be placed in the PCB design. This via is a standard name and which is nothing but a simple hole. But it is a plated hole, which is also called It's Plated Through Hole or B P. H. This vile is something that connects one track to the other tracks. So said, This is this red one, which you see is a copper track coming from the top side or top copper, and this is a bottom cover track which had seen in the blue color. If I have to connect them both to make a connection that I have the place of fire leg vis A via its a plated through hole, which gives connectivity from top copper to the bottom copper. It creates interconnection within the layer, and it's the most important thing to understand. Indie double sided design and the only thing they did Toby understand in double sided design. So we can anybody to start creating a double sided board. What we'll do is let's start will create the same Triple five board using both the sides we create. A fire will create a track on the top copper side as well as will create to track in the bottom, Copper said. So let's start. This is our NZT account, which we have just created, or which is my account beach that default beach of their coach. So this is our account, which is Edie, which lists all the projects that we have created before. Let's open this led Fleischer, which we had created. The salary pleasure was a triple for based, simple assemble, multi vibrator circuit, which can flash toilet. It's It was a very similar, simple and small circuit that we had designed. We're designed the socket or schematic as well as we had designed the artwork and layout for the single Senator PCV what we're going to do today. Aides We will now believed the complete tracks we have created before, which is also called It's unwrapping them and we will create a new track order completely new our book using double sided technique. So let's begin the first thing I would go aids. I will goto this options miscellaneous and on drought. All remember, this is a very important option. Whenever you want to do any editing to your PC, the first and best thing to do is and wrote all the tracks was unloading is done. I would prefer that will draw another board a plane because now we're creating a double syrupy see. So for a double standard PCV we don't need or the reason for using a double stereotypic city is to minimize the size of the board. So we don't need this board outlined with that big, so we'll try to reduce it as much as possible. So just click it and reduce it, or you can simply just delete it altogether. Use this wire track and draw divide on the board. Outland Lear just draw fire, which is just coming number board like this. So that creates a board. Oakland. Now we have created our board outline, and now we'll start voting it in the double sided. So let's begin. First of all, let's take distract from this register toe here, we can use the track more, and here we can just select the bottom layer once the select the bottom layer at soon before. But as we had previously seen, we can start doubting it in this way like this. No, Lexi, if I have to create a track on this is all bottom copper tracks. Now if I have to create a track on the top copper, Sade and kinetically start from top player created track like this, and I can place it over here. This is a complete top corporate. As you can see, there are overlapping each other. But since the blue one is on the bottom side and the red one is on the top side, they don't have any physical connection with each other. The little support this when Lord track here and bottom copper well, drought as much as possible in bottom copper. Since our conceive, it's small. I don't think so. It would be a big problem for us to finish it in this fashion. So you have done with almost all the connections. So there is something going wrong. It shows us like this. At this point, they're not supposed to connect to each other. Now let's see how to put the fire into the design. And what is the reason for it? For example, this point off capacity. It needs to be connected to pin number one of the icy here. If I take a track from bottom up earlier from this point to this point, it won't come because it shows across Mark over here that the tracks are overlapping, which is not alone. So what you need to do its start the track without it prevented. Good. So at this point they do a single click. And no, you can just change your mouths and goto this layer changing very uses Select nada, not clear. So the moment you clicked the track comes in Borden copper and then it continues in top copper. No, I can continue it in top copper upto the capacitors point if needed. I can against is the layer by clicking it once and then selecting the bottom. There the vials are placed automatically. As you can see, they're not needed to replace manual in the same way we have to connect. This points to this point, so let's go to the black more. Let's start with Morton Copper. Let's come it over here that I just point Evan, change it. Top copper up to this, then upto this and connected. So this is also tracking top copper. Remember, all the rules for components in a PCB are always printed through holes, so they give us a connectivity on both top as Gillis bottom sage so you can connect either a top copper track or a bottom copper track to the PCB. This finishes our principal design off the same led Fleischer in a restricted sides with double sided design. More if you can go. If you go to this photo of you now you can see in front of you that the tracks can be seen on the topside as the less under bottom site. So, except for the section, I hope you will practice this on. You'll find it simpler to create disturbance. I did decide if you don't have if you find any difficulty or if they are finding it trouble doing this design. Please refer to this video again. Thank you 12. Understanding SMT Components : in decision. We're going to start studying the surface mounting components. So far, we have been designing the exhibits. We have created a single centered precipitous saying We have created double sided facilities and as well as we have seen, how to create ground plane in obesity from the session and on, we're going to study the December design in a little bit complex way by adding s M d company in storage assembly component search for surface mounting devices or surface mounting technology also. So let's begin. What is it? What is exactly the smp that its surface monkey technology It is a technical connecting socket components to open city track where the solder joint forms using a bad onto the PCB and the metal pin off the company. So unusual cases where the holes are created onto the PCB in s empty. The parts are creator and the copper it's connected to this packs. So there is no hole used in making this connection. As you can see here into this photograph, we can see that the icy fire and the P C V pad gets connected to each other with the solder joints. So there is no whole involved in this s empty component. If you can see, this is the surface mount component vs Deserve the through hole components for through all components that has to be ah, hold onto the PCB components mind amount from one side and get soldered on the opposite side. Whereas in surface mount, the Component Mountain and soldering happens onto the same side. It's a blooming set on the PCB. The competent, mounting and scolding happens on the same layer of the PCB. So either the components can be on the top copper layer or can be on the bottom up earlier . Very about the component is it will be soldered on the same layer. So why we needed why we actually used this kind of companies through all components are very easy to mount onto the PC, me, but there Or they usually take more space, and sometimes they're also more costly. Someday, components was a spats to mount on the circuit board. They are very simple. Sorry, they are difficult to hand soldier, but usually they take very less pace. And if you surprising ways that many times we find that the assembly components are cheaper than their to whole compra parts. So almost all the parts which are available as through whole are also available. Its surface mounting device, like Isis capacitors, resistors in doctors, entities, connectors and many more. What we have to do, it's we have to check for the leadership for the part if its surface mounting devices available or not. The most important reason why some days used is because some days are smaller, faster toe, create the PC, me and they're cheaper. In many sense, it saves the space off the PC me, and thereby also saves the PCV cost one more reason for using and some days, many new components like accelerometers, some specific microcontrollers. Some Spencers are only available in the surface more packets, so they're not but available in the triple package at all. So that's why I study of the Assembly is impractical and most important, when we are studying the PCB designing now, we'll have to see what are the Pacific footprints off the most commonly used components so that we would be able to create a PC before it. So here is the receiving footprint offer register, A true hold register has two different holes and it's placed quite active distance from each other, whereas a true will register looks like this. Sorry, an assembly resistor looks like this, which has parts on the two sides which can be placed onto the board and this contact area. Get soldered to the board. The resistor looks like this. They just get with 1/4 for that existence value and the package is like this. So packages the recipients of the components vert compared to its lent. So the common package are 00300 firing 1 to 060703 package or in, say, 106 package, which I use prefer or I prefer on creating might be cities 12 stands for the Lent off the component and 06 times for the vote of the component. So in 1 to 06 the Lenten 0.12 inch and the work it's 0.6 inch in the same way. The Reds, if I had 0.8 inch off Lent and 0.5 inch off with it. So this Cordes specify the size of your assembly component. I use 10 cents because they're sufficiently bigger is there to hold it stressor, and we can easily solder them, but usually 060 And there are many such packages which are used. So not only this three, but there are many such packages, which is given in the sources of this video. The registers look like this, and the capacitors will usually look like this. You can mount them in both the sides, but resistors are mounted in such a reductive alludes in from D abo. There is no court on the capacitor, so capacity can be mounted in either direction in their orientation. Darks and transistors usually share the same package, which is a 30 23 off course. This is not the truth, always, but a 30 23. It's famous for doubts as villas, transistors and a sort of 23 dired like BL 99 looks like this and expect our spirits like this, and this is hope. The pincer arranged and a sortie 23 transistor of Let me See It 57 looks like this and desirous company. So this common pain or the spin it's the collector. This story embodies emitter, and this one number is based off transistor based upon which component you're using. That data shit is the best resource to identify what packages available. So here this a sortie 23 is the name of the package which were using for transistor order. Here, this is 0703005 or 106 are the package scores. These are different package scores and are presenting every care softer facilities ends after we will ever encounter for Isis, there are a variety off different packages available. We're going to see the most important ones. And at said you have to see the details. Shit for the respect to packages or peaceably footprints off the assembly. Isis, you're using most commonly, this s 08 package is famous for all the eight Be nice is usually all the between. Isis comes in S O H package. This is Bs 1307 real time clock. If I'm taking a trip. If I see in a 70 package, it will also come in the similar ship. This is stick you FP 44 package. We just for the at bigotry to you for I see the bill s o p 28 40 after 23 twice in which is USB to serial convert. Very visible to you are converter. This is separate 10 to which is also us into your converter, which comes in 28 Bill MLP connective. So there are different packages of different isis the resources off or the resources file off. This video will tell you about the number of different packages off. A number of different ice is available with their name and their footprints. So what we're going to do with this package is and what we're going to do with the surface mounting components is we're going to create a project of the fridge. This will be a big project which involves double sided design as well as which also involves the placement off surface mounting components as a general rule through hole components, AARP list all on the same side on PC bees, where assembly is based on the requirements can be placed on both side of the board. The project that we're going to do is a after 23 to best use me to detail converters. So this is the project which we're going to do, which involves, and I see some registers capacitors and led its presenting surface mounting package a USB connector answer. So we have to create this basically in at small sizes possible. We have to use all the resources like assembly devices as the lead single sided and double sided facilities and technique, and create this project. This filing separately, also given into the resources section, deserve the packages we are going to need when creating this design. The next session, they will design this schematic off ridge and then artwork and layout for the same project . I hope we would find it simple to do this designing, using the single sided as village double sided Mississippi and you, Cindy surface mounting components. So I hope you'll enjoy decisions. Thanks fortune. 13. Double Sided PCB with SMT components: um, welcome back. So let's get started with this double sided surface mounting device using PCP. So this is our project, which is a US veto. TPL can murder betweens that we generally use the socket with microcontrollers for interfacing microcontroller with the U. S. Report off piece your laptop. So to convert, this is to deal. We generally use this icy called FT 232 after two or three to it's a US veto. He worked converter, So I one sort of from tree to tree. Do we have a USB connector which is to be connected on the other side? We have to connect this four pin connector which can be interface with a microcontroller so quickly. This is the part list which is present over here. But the parts which we have to search in easy be up this. So let's get started. So these other parts which we have to search for this project and we'll also be looking at , So let's create a new project. So I created a new project. First thing is to go to this document section new agent name it something repellent to say . F b I check it. Okay, as you can see. And if new pleasure has been created, next to you is the schematic and before doing anything with the estimated let's just save it, save it in the same project. Afridi. A project. Let's call it at sea. No, this commander has been created, and way could start placing this components to create a so I could like so first thing. It's well placed register lady capacitors. And after the eyes, it's such 52 34 We have the select and after two through with 20th Been Package. That's it. So 20. So here it it's you can see the I see over here and it's foot trench over here. Just double click it. You got it to search for SMB Register. We have the search for that Struck 106 It's German visitors. It gives us a register it 1 to 06 package. Just never click it. We're going to need to off it, that's it. Similarly well service for and it even to 06 when it two of the cell it is also. Then we'll took capacitors instead of Despues will also use the register because that it feels, comes in the same package. So next stick another register and fuels doesn't have a polarity, so we can use the register and the feuds in our But it said it, Stan. No, you need a capacitor. I've been in the same search for cap six and you get also see a user contribution. We can see number of different capacitors being created by the users and added to the laboratory. So these are all the different capacities this users have. Okay, contributors include Let's take this assume company first, they just visit inside a CVS, the capital for one little six package skills and your planet. When he took ambassadors, they re leader for pin connector like this. A lot of parts parts, actually in a lip we have in collectives we have It's head of. So sometimes by the Ford said to Ben Header, we're gonna go to this small arrow over here, click it and you will find this header. Three men, 2.5 for one in four. So this is the four pin connector that we want. We're also on the USB connector based on choice. You can decide a USB connector. I prefer using B type USB, so let's search Eva's. We understood underscore. This is a bigger USB connector, just like the one present in printers, which is easy and perfect to hold onto PCB. It looks like this. It's a through hole components, and I usually find it simpler views. So that's six. All the components are here. Let's start writing it as it's shown in the committee, making the middle button for serving in and something Ouch drink. And so that can be seen the schematic for us. If you want converter, it's completed. Now we'll have to create a completely signal for it with proper names. Lemony as less Listen off. All these are simply components. You know, Tiny I'm smaller package. So let's inwardness project to BCB as under four. So let's start. I will create a PCB this time in a little bit different way, so it shouldn't be just a simple plain BCB in a square shape but will create a rectangular miss them, as you expect them to be, keeping things at schools to each other or prince as possible. So I don, when it's fuels our world reality, Mr Civility. These are the realities for which the packages are missing, so let's 212 first, Same to specie a little here, next for the packages. Or instead, we'll just replace those ladies with some adornments. Search for a lady this time next villages in the user contributions. So there are plenty off elevates created. This was one of them Mistress make sure about, like interim parents of their probably connectors safe and this time, abjectly city. After a bleeding, this religious will be gone, and we'll get those packaged in its correct. It's trying to place them properly when appears here, one to the other. This names should come at once a so that they're properly visible and they're to be soldered. Let's place all the components first properly. You can also place this that struck alongside of this lady. This includes the distance a little bitch so that they should be well placed from each other so they all are aligned to each other. Look school onto the PC, so this is going to be a double sided Mississippi long thing. Shouldn't be a big thing. Let's first just in the smaller sites and then create a board Outlands addict track more. Choose the board our plane. You can have the scruples in savage with the bulldog. Still, I'm not taking much smaller size because this is a trial project French. You can pick much middle sizes. So was the Leo. Autism was The border plan is decided. We can head start to create the layers. So start rounding the specific A lot of you. So this complex other projects off used to be dealing and murder. We have used the assembly comforters as villas. We have routed the project using single using top as villas mortem earlier there were creating a double sided city. If we go on to take a foot off you off this project, then we can see the tracks which are seen on the top copper side over here as the less in the bottom side weakens the tracks present on the bottom sage. So next week for the Pressure church, from this moment and on, he will be given with a number of different project assignments to be completed, that you can complete at your place and master into the Pacific, designing astral before we still desiring. It's an art as Valette science at the same time. And so the more you practice, the more foster he will become in creating this designs tense forward to 14. Exporting Gerber File : hello I live in in this session will see how to export a Gerber file from the PCB that we have created as the less how to order peace even statically from busy bee. As you might have been knowing or not, I don't know, but easy. The in itself provides online PCB ordering system. This is actually the system service provided by the media company itself. On it is quite cheaper if you want to try. So what we can do is we kinetically order from easy idea are if you have a preferred BCG manufacturer off your own than what you can do is you can extract the Gerber files out of this software and send it to the PCB manufacturer. If you have not manufactured the city's before from anyone, let's understand the process. What do you see? Here is a PC me with top silk component footprint top copper bottomed populaire number of different holes as villas Myers. What happens is when this has to be manufactured. What we have to do it. We have to give the same pc me to the manufacturer the because of the different Softwares that views there is a standard former created, which is called That's Good, But so this girl, but is nothing but a car cam data about your PCB telling everything to the manufacturer about where the whole leads. How how wide is the track? Where is the component placed on every related information? Ah, Gerber file generated from any software can be filled with any other Gerber fever or even online Gerber fever. Almost every Pacific manufacturer in the world supports manufacturing using a Gerber file. So let's see how to export a durbar file using our PCB before exporting the Garber file. What I'll do is I'll once again put the ground plane onto this PCB that is the corporate area because it makes it basically look better as well. It's, it adds. An additional security about the ground plane you must weigh have discussed in detail in a separate lecture so we can visit or you can see that lecture any time you want. So that finishes my grand plan by clicking it. Selecting this ground Flynn. I can change the clearance. I usually prefer to keep a clearance off 40 so that's sufficient enough as we have seen before. Also, there is a photo more setting with which you can view the photograph off this PCB medically . So this is how it will look after manufacturing. If we're completely done with whatever you want to do with the PCB, next, it's saving. It bears in control s and then you can medically start exporting the species. So this is a General Garber button, which is radically available. Now Let's click on this button. That's it. So it also shows how our recipe is going to look like once it's manufacture on if you want to order it directly there. It also gives a very quick quotation looking at how the city surprise in India, the surprise or poor board PCB. If I take 10 quantities only $2 which it's sufficiently cheaper and pretty impressive. So if you want to order economically, order here by clicking this button, or if you want to order it from someone else or some other manufacturer, then just click on this button. Generate Gurban by clicking this button. Children. Garber A Zip files will be downloaded, so if you don't know anything about this a file or what are the contents of the file, then I would recommend that you don't explore into which and just send a zip file directly to the manufacturer off the manufacturer. Industry aims the files presenting a zip file of Gerber, and he can prepare the precipitous according to it. So that's it. All you need to do is just emailed this Gerber file toe the manufacturer off your choice on he can manufacture the boards for you. Cancer. Watching this video, I hope we will find it easier to download your garble file also. Thanks. 15. Creating Custom Part in easyEDA: Hello, everyone. Indecision will see how to create a custom part for easier Now. It happens many times that we find most off the commonly required parts in the easy. The library, either created by easy B a. R, contributed by some users. But more often it also happens that we don't get apart, really available in the is eerie a library, for example, this four day systems, so more your model. This is one of the audio models that I have used in many projects because off its simplicity on direct, arguably back from the memory card. But this model on the package for this model is not available in easy idea, so let's try to create a package for it. For that, what we need is the data shit off the particular device that we have to use. So there's so much of that shit we have over here, and then let's try to get a part out off it. So let's create a new project in easy idea. Let me call this project that SOMO audio moderate Get some description over here BCB package creation for SOMO Audio and then just let's create project now when you have to create a customized package for your particular device. Then it is important to create two things. First thing is the schematic symbol on the second thing AIDS PCB package, both of which how they should be, will get the reference from that particular divisive leadership. So here we have the mechanical dimensions for the specific package. As the lads, we know the bean out for developing the schematic symbol. So let's first your disc a Matic symbol. What we have to do here, it's you can new schematic, and they're in sort of creating Oska Matic for the project. There is a sitting. There is a special option there we can select on create a library symbol. So in new, we can create off instead of schematic. We can just toe schematic lip or schematic symbol, which can be created here. So let's schematic Liberty is taken. Let's clear the schematic for it. This is 1234567 h 18 2016 pincer. So what I'll do is just a drop block for that's it. A simple block. And then from the drawing tools, I have taken this rectangle and I draw the block And then there is a been more. So with this pain more, we can start placing the pins for the device. All rotated once. Let's take it like this. Let's splice Prince will have h pins on each side. 1234567 eight and then nine, 10 11 12 34 pin 15 and 16. We can as later reduced the size of the symbol. Also, this much is okay for me. It's OK now What you can do is click on a particular pin. You can see you can have a name over here and you can have a number over here. So what do you need to do it? You need to change the names for number one. Here the name is it is V plus. So the name here should be USB plus that will appear instead of this device. Similarly, for Pinto the name it's U S B minus. Then next slash Muslim plus previous slash coal miners, maybe keep one whatever the names up. So this finishes naming all of the pins off the particular symbol. You can also add a custom title by putting it like this so more for the for him too. It's my choice. I can also put the sticks inside or outside or just below the device. So that creates a particular symbol. What we need to do is we have to save it. Well, saving. Make sure you give a title which should be very easy to be found out. So the title Let me give SOMO 40 more live to give the same name for the manufacturer. Part number So more 40. We're living too. Blessed films can be left as it is and just look on C Now the model has been saved. Okay, so what we can do is we can go to the libraries and see for so more for B so so much for the Volume two is visible. And if you place it Okay, it won't listen. The library. You can close elaborate, you know. Now go to the new And now, as the creator schematically, let's create a plea Civility. Okay. Here we can create a PC. Philip, for that particular model now leads goto the last page on Let's see it's dimension. So it's a standard to quantify for mm or 0.1 space 0.1 inch spacing the number one to which my intrusive still on the spacing between points to point our whole, the whole it's a minimum. This much is enough information for us to create a BCG package for it. So what we'll do here for straights will take and eight been connector package. So let's just go to libraries. You can manually put the holes also, but better if we can take some really made available a retirement package. So this is a single connector. Yes, I had that. A female, Let's find so head or female. 2.5 for into six. Uh, it's difficult. If you don't get already live a little package, you can just go on and start putting pads. The standard spacing. It's point Breneman. So let's just wait here and dick a standard package. So that's header male 2.5 for one in tow. It I'll just copy it from here on base it in the new principal lib just rotated. Why I took a standard symbol that isn't is very simple. The spacing is already Lee managed. You don't have to worry about the spacing unless just renamed the pin numbers, it's again tried to place it completely. Yeah, when it was Bless it. Exactly 18 Emam of it. So let's take a dimensional some hold two holes in it. Do you know Scott Pittis and its place it here? Exactly. Okay, as needed. We can Also Something around it are You can keep it as it is now we need to look after the pins. So this has been number one. This is 23 up to eight. Then this nude still be number. That's the number nine This It's then 11 12 13 for 10 15. And this Well, it's 60. Let's move a track around it. They're so sort of something like to indicate Here we insert our memory couch to keep this entire track on absolutely lips since the layer from board outlined to stop sick That's it . So this is the part library or the PCV package. Now what we have to do is we have to save this package and let's call it so more for the volume toe BCB Mikage Let's go down! Got so more 40 audio More so more audio. More deal by for these stents PCB package So it back in system Another package has been saved. The package it saved as well as the model is being saved. Now what we can do is just close it. The package, the header, everything disclose it. We're going to start creating a new schematic here. Let's search our creator so mortal, which were creator. It doesn't show up in civic packets, so let's first put it and then edit symbol are. You can also go to libraries, click it and just click on edit. So while editing what we do, it's here. We have to specify a package, so just click on this package. And then again, let's search so more for D. So not there that kids and search your so more for D. That's the packets that I have created. It's completely connected. One to ones. Let's just up there. Discomfort, mint. It's been updated. It slows. The component sees not in any new schematic. If I search for so more 40 I'll get a component with hip suspect to package. I can place it somewhere, and when I click on convert to PCB, I will get the respect Oh Pacific package as well. So that's it for decision. It won't convert first before it will have will have to save it. So let's receive and then just tried to convert it. I get converted. So except for the receive a package developed mention, I hope we'll find it easier. I repeat, if you have to take any readily available package than just open a schematic, go to libraries. Technical, strong life, really on any available symbol that what we would like to use and then you can just go toe . I did that symbol from here just developing that symbol. So So that's sort of the basic package I have. You will find it easier to create a package for yourself. 16. Changes In EasyEDA: Hello, everyone. Decision is about the changed you y off the is Abia. While the entire course waas recorded, he was in the previous version off his idea on recently, the U. S has been changed a little bit. It's for the better. Only on most of the things that we have learned remains the same. What has changed is just different. Face off the entire software, the log in window as villas. There we see the projects and how we see the pleasures. So let's see, this is the log in window. This is the homepage off the enhanced easy two years after on this is the log in button. As always, there is no change in how we long into the software. If you're already not gained by some window or use in some another window, then you might be automatically logged in. And this is where the biggest change appears. The previous window where the projects used to appear was a little bit different than this one. But as I said before, this is for the better. Only you will see all your created projects as well as the layouts off schematics in a single bird's eye. view on this window. So this have the projects that we had created Parts supply led Flasher. Then it runs the Straits timer. And lastly, ever double sided. After the I project, which was USB 2 to 3, tow US treaty converted. So if I open one of the projects, just like in Toronto, which and you will see the respecter files off that project, there should be at least one schematic file and the layout file if that has been created. So this is the schematic, and this is the layout. Let's open them boat one by one. And that opens up the increase or the enhanced. You I off the schematic editor as told you before. Most of the tools and everything remains in the same place. But their positions have been changed a little bit so that they're better identifiable now . So previously, if some setting was not visible properly or was not getting, then that's much easily found out now. So this is the change, Do I, as I've been talking about and this is the workspace dividing tools and drank tools, every other tool remains the same. So let's have a smoke. So this property window is at the same place as well as all these tools are also here itself. The library manager is a little bit different now because it shows are different. Kind off you. But if I search a component and if I play center, then the view demands the same like that. Okay. Plus, this is the changed view on most of the required tools are available over here. Only if we talk about the PCB or ska medicated on the layout editor, then there are some minor changes in the layout editor also, But I said they are not that significant and they just make this off. They're much more usable now. So if you are doing these idea for the first time or if you have not followed this course before, then you would find it very simple to use no one onwards. So this is the layout ate it up on This is the previously creator Leo off. If media used to people government, I hope you would find it easier on much more simpler to create different diseases in this enhanced version of the idea. Also, you can explore more setting suffrage for getting more idea about what are the changes and how better it now looks So, except for decision. Thanks for watching 17. Concluding Remarks : Hello, everyone. So that's it In the easy. The EPC designing course. What we have seen is a single sided with simple design. Double sided, precipitous signed as well. Let's see how to create different small as well as lots of specifics. In the resources section, we have another different BCB for your assignment, which is at 805 and Development Board. I hope you would enjoy making the citizens in easy idea, and I hope you will also completely given project assignment. The easy India, by far is one of the most powerful also have used in my entire tenure. Scarier as embedded designer and electron ICS designer. I have a number of different Softwares from eagle toe pads to a number of different field committees. Also, like Kick it. Believe me, Izzy idea is one of the most powerful, even though it's three. So if you want to take it as an advance former designer, you can definitely rely on easy D for developing any kind of project or even a product. Maybe it's a dive I project. Or maybe it's so product for a start up. Or maybe it's for manufacturing some TV's. It can be anything. So I hope you will find it easier with their scores to create your own PC. Beats on. You will love this exercises. Thanks for watching the scores. Thanks for doing to the scores. Thank you.