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PCB Design With Eagle Step By Step Tutorial

teacher avatar Amit Rana, Engineer, Programmer and Trainer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

29 Lessons (3h 3m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Basics of Printed Circuit Board (Important)

    • 3. Eagle Software Installation

    • 4. Creating Project With Eagle

    • 5. Creating Schematic With Eagle

    • 6. Eagle Installing External Libraries

    • 7. Create First Complete Schematic in Eagle

    • 8. First PCB Layout, the proper placement of component

    • 9. Create First SIngle Sided PCB with Eagle

    • 10. Adding Name and Labels to Eagle Schematics

    • 11. Microcontroller PCB Project with Eagle Part 1

    • 12. Microcontroller PCB Project with Eagle Part 2

    • 13. Microcontroller PCB Project with Eagle Part 3

    • 14. Adding Copper Pour to Eagle PCB

    • 15. Double Sided PCB Design with Eagle

    • 16. Double Sided PCB Design ( Hands On)

    • 17. Surface Mount Devices in Eagle

    • 18. SMT based Schematic (FTDI Project)

    • 19. SMT and Double Sided PCB Design

    • 20. Eagle Create Custom Library Part 1

    • 21. Eagle Create Custom Library Part 2

    • 22. Eagle Create Custom Library Part 3

    • 23. Use Autorouter for single sided PCB

    • 24. Use Autorouter for Double sided PCB

    • 25. Copy frequently required parts in your library

    • 26. Print a Single Sided PCB

    • 27. Gerber File Extraction

    • 28. Generate Bill Of Materials

    • 29. Conclusion

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About This Class

I believe that anyone can learn and excel in printed circuit board design, with a willingness to learn and proper guidance. And hence I've created this course with my 10+ years of experience in electronics design, especially for beginners in electronics design to learn about PCB Design. If you're a beginner looking to learn PCB design, you might want to enroll now.

In Electronics Designing, creating PCBs is one of the most fundamental parts, not only it is fun and exciting but also it is super easy if you have the right tools and instructions.

You'll design your first PCB within 20 minutes of enrolling to the course

If electronics is your passion, read out!!!

  • Are you an electronics hobbyist?
  • Are you a student studying electronics for the first time?
  • Are you crazy to know about all those open-source schematics on the internet and wonder how these are designed?

PCB Design with Eagle

This course is about learning circuit design with Autodesk Eagle, which is the most popular design tool used by millions of people around the world. If you've ever come across any open-source hardware like Arduino, it is designed with the eagle; if you've seen those crazy nice modules and kits developed by Sparkfun, they're designed with the eagle. Eagle has become a de-facto language of the PCB design in the open-source world and thereby in the industry.

Moreover, the eagle is free for small project size and for the professionals who are serious about using eagle for job/business, the premium packages of the eagle are also the cheapest among all other tools compared to the features it offers

This course deals with an eagle from a complete newbie's point of view. I am assuming that you've never created any PCB on the computer before, or not created PCB at all :), you're still welcome to join this course and see for yourself.

This is a super simple and easy to follow the course for designing printed circuit boards, and it is specially designed for them who have never designed PCB's before or not used eagle PCB designing tool. We do not cover any advanced complex techniques in this course

You'll design your first PCB within 20 minutes of enrolling to the course

With more than 10 years of experience in teaching circuit design to thousands of students from ages 10 to 60, you can count on me that I know my subject well. Join now to start designing PCB's for your hobby project or your next tech-startup.

What will this course NOT do for you?

  • Please be advised that this is a complete beginners course to start creating PCB's, single-sided as well as double-sided
  • This course is not suitable for existing designers or those who already know PCB design and want to learn advanced techniques
  • This course does not include any tutorial of EMI / EMC considerations
  • This course does not include 4 layer or multi-layer PCB Design

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Amit Rana

Engineer, Programmer and Trainer


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1. Introduction : Hello, everyone. This course is about designing the printed circuit boards. Using Eagle Eagle is one of the most widely use computer aided design tools for designing. Recipients were going to start with installing the eagle onto a computer, creating out for schematic as a less creating our fourth single sided with C B. And then we pass it to create double sided Receive is certainly the surface mounting devices on export the Gerber files to send for the manufacturer. Eagle is one of the most well reuse tool among engineers developers on lots of different companies. And having Eagle as a skill set will definitely help you. Whether you are students on a professional with our Daniels of experience off teaching people on technologies, I can assure you that anyone can study Pacific designed like a pro using eagle with a little bit of practice, so and allowed to the scores and get started designing your own printed circuit boards. Thanks for watching 2. Basics of Printed Circuit Board (Important): Hello, everyone. So let's get started with the is even inside course with eagle Now, before starting any hands on experiments, they did some very basic concepts which are needed to be clear on. That's what we're going to do in decision. So this issue is about the basics of presidential good board. If you're completely a there off the basics off Mississippi human skip this are you. Just watch it by forwarding, but I would recommend you to please fortune is where you completely That's that soldier. What is the PCB? PCB stands for a printer so bored from a very long time we might have been seeing this handoff sockets in our textbooks on a number of different drops and number of different websites on. We also see this. Kindof boards are the seats, so creating PCB or printed circuit board is the best way to materialize and manufacture a socket. So if you want to do a little farm to any circuit, John people and what we need is a printer circuit bull There, this kind of actual components can be soldier. There's BCB render circuit board on. Generally this PCB, it's created out off material which looks like this. So this is a bear PCB and how it is made up off for what it is made up off its construction like this. So there is a sub strict which is generally a mixed material which is non collective in nature and onto this kind of substrate. There is a thin layer off copper deposited onto it. So the village of this copper that is according to the federal or the papal BBC ascended with just 35 my chrome. So this is a substrate. And on village, this is a copper. Likewise, the PCV looks something like this and you think this kind off B c meets. What we do is we basically scratched circuits onto this. The symbol. This is a single sided PCB which consists off us up straight on a copper lead deposited on which this is a double standard PC. So on a double sided PCV, the cooperative position or the copper appears onto the boat says on the topside, as we listen to the bottom sage, so rebellious handle different thickness and registering for my crew substrate, which is the bismuth drill, is usually fiberglass on this one, and technically it is called us if our food now money. If our four is a signer of the C B. But there are different that's off, basically is available. Also, this court against the CVD did you did he? And the thickness which is required for Mom being the board somewhere. The quality of the board also depends on various upon the thickness. Off this worded letter B C The point Empty Mame to 167 These are the thicknesses which are available on use most widely. The simplest form off the city or the most common one, which you will find a number of different projects is 1.6 Olympic. So this is the thickness of the entire board, including the copper substrates, that it was the substrate. I This is how the normal is. It looks like the process off PCB is drawing a particular circuits onto this board. So this is the comparable board we see. And what we have to do is you have to actually draw a circuit over here using some matter will discuss that after we draw the socket onto this. What we need to do is that noticeable drawn. We can think. And then what we do is we each deserve board. We see the itching, itching men's wanted me insert Arby's observes a monstrous liquid this board into a liquid solution really off very chloride after reaching what happens is wherever you your tracks are present or wherever the ink is present off your schematic or soak it except that part. All other parts are all other copper or arrest of the entire copper is made it inside each Inglis is. Then what we do is we drilled ypc me wherever we want to assert components with soldierly components. And when we finish this system a do it yourself, the city looks like this. Now this is not each to basically this is Milly using a machine in an HTC. You won't see this copper at all, so all the copper except this tracks is measuring the teaching classes. Normally, we don't have a billing mission, and they're so we follow teaching at home. The d I live person's manufacture. There is a big difference in it. A manufactured PCV. It's something which we do not create at our homes. So what we do is we send it to the professionals who manufactured for us and they send us aboard, which looks something like this. And the electricity will always look this or something better than that. But not much different than has the manufacturing looks like this. And this was going just really how we can create books them on a matter electricity. There are some very common things that you see post and most appearance thing is that the color of that we see as this looks green. So this green color is nothing but the solder mosque. It's all that soldier mosque. It is a layer on the copper. It is on the layer on the completes copper off the PCB, and it gives the PCV scholar rarely green, blue, black. And now it is. There are many different colors off solar Maskell available. It progresses this copper layer from being exposed to the open air on atmospheric air and thereby potentially off selection process of rich animals present everywhere onto the PCB. Except you can see this place Is there a component it needs to be soldered are a bad competently strip used and sort of. So Truls and sm depends hearing won't see this older Moskowitz everywhere. Express image second part of the BCG unit to understand it's something called that sell scream on every manufacturer. Felicity. He will seen something like this on. It's always usually invites color at the max, which it might happen in your local. This is called that Cilic Skin on. It gives the identification on the PC leave fair, which competently stupid motor so you can see this square sizes here for this icy on for the transistors. There is this kind of drawing. On the next week, we have this powers in ball, and then the smaller is involved, and this one capacity so it is their higher identification of the component leaves symbols , some manufacturing data as watch when I put it on and pin names being number as the listening. So if you want to insert your global against this when it's from spot phone, so they have inserted a loved one, which so you can put any kind off next on escalator onto that Selz. These are some common Trump's with respect to precipitous and process. BRC stands for the central chick hole. Is the hole fair? A component is to be in surgery right It's something like this. So whole is used for through hole components, where it has to be mounted on one side and soldered onto the underside. Brad is used for surface mounting AP Ways is there you just yes, the components and solder it there except viol. It's something like this here we don't insert a component, but street, we have a whole. And since we don't concern the component whole off my IVs smaller that Samper to dispense via is used to connect the top layer with the bottom layer or any other earlier prison conservative PC. So whenever we want to create any kind of the city accepting decided, you will use VIAS track is the copper line connecting the two parts jumper. It's something which is not seen in the sticks, but where you can't route track between two points. What you do is you place a jumper. So while soldering at the time, what you do is you connect a small missile fire from one point to the other point and you make that connection. Flynn is the excess cooperate area you can see here. This is the plane. This is the plane. This is the plain. This one explain. It gives the digital Recently you can see it's Apparently it has plans, and these other tracks in this and footprint is the component print on the BBC, so this component for prints are connected to the other companies use in its tracks. Then the two tracks off different layers are connected is in fires also. Therefore, in certain components, parts are there for certain in the assembly components. Lane is there to fill the BCG with around Mississippi that's all approached their most important common drums. I would say that musical designing is an art and science in itself, because you need to be very well aware of the circuit as well is we need to have an artistic mind to create the proper tracks toe throughout different holes. Handwritten letter was used in a very, very past age, long before people used to hand radically sickness until report using some carbon printing , the third argues in some stick. It takes no. What is using computer aided design tools is very common for designing this Mississippi's. It's a job of craftsmanship on it requires a lot of practice and understanding, so you will definitely get started with designing recipients. But to become export, you will have to practice. The more you practice, the more exports really get into this game. These are the most popular catchers which have been used to read. There are many other definitely not mentioning all of them, just mentioning some, some of them supporting one of the very oldest and no common tool for consider designing. Now it's cold as hell Jim Design, then Eagle, which we're going to use in the schools, which is the most popular tool used across the world by hobbyists as well as developers As less manufacturers mentor graphics packs used by many big companies of probability, Kospi ist off all the premiums officers. Then there is easy early. This is a free Web based tool, which is also pretty much powerful, but it is fairly new in the market, Pekka, which is developed by Sun Corporation. And then there are many more. So all off of all this is what we're going to use for this course is Eagle four moves three . As rats remember, divisions are available. The reason for choosing eagle is because it is the most well real school across the Globe you CRD North CC BCC spot for dot com. You see for the tractor any project site on if the sharing your pencils harder, 99% chances are that the hardware it's designed using eagle it is three for the loving, limited sided, double sided recipes. And even if you want the full version offered, it has no one monthly packets. So it's quite affordable even for an individual to use Eagle Forest. Reputable their solution. It's simple. There is a very, very large component library created by a number of different developers across the globe who have many letter is using Eagle. The learning curve is really small. 2 to 3 hours max acceleration off the scores, and that's what we're goingto take redundancy. And it also hand ships with the other daughter. Disc software equals no purchase now, today's so it easily hand ships with other Softwares like the gentry 60 for a panel. More so you can also see how your panel looks, how considerably it actually fixed into it. Using Eagle, The Last Thing toe discusses the measurement units on the PC. Generally, measurement units on defensive. We are measured in Ph on how which is point zeros, you know, want orphanage? The request was 0.25 for M R. 01002 Faithful sentiment. This is a sandwich unit off the civil designing clothes staples used almost everywhere instead of how you can also use em in. But how is preferred? Suggested an idea about this unit system. So what we're going to do first is we're going to create a single side intensity. We're going to create a schematic, find Parsons in Eagle, checking their footprints, please, then and join them to the ship Arctic Alaska metric in the first session that we're going to do. And for that, what we're going to do is we're going to create a five volt power supply, something which you must have in family with Guillem on. That's exactly what we're going to do first station. So there's about the session for basics. I hope you will have identified some of the doubts if they have previously on decision helpful for you. So all the best for learning all the experiments, happy learning 3. Eagle Software Installation: we owe. So let's get started with Eagle PCB Designing the very first thing we will need to do is to download the latest version off Eagle PCB software. If you have it all really installed very well. Otherwise you can just follow the steps given in this video and download it on your system . So the first thing we do is just open any browser. I'm using Google Chrome here on Let's such for Eagle BCB When you search for Eagle PCB, you will be given with the first link off Water Disco to discuss the company who is now manufacturing orbit taking after the eagle so opened the attorneys sort calm for around during the eagle. So this is how the U. R l will look like for now and this is the homepage off equals now. I don't know if you're buying the license or not, but even if you don't buy any license, you can still use the double sided version off eagle which is sufficient to follow the scores, which is the sectarian sides. But it is very well enough for developing any kind of project on a small scale. So on this page, you can see the different features off eagle. Then there is this introductory video, also, which you can go through to look out for all the teachers off eagles after the latest features that they offer to download this after just goto free download section and depending upon your operating system, just select one off diversions. So right now I'm using Windows on the free version off eagle. It's for hobbyists, including two schematic ships to layer signal and 80 square centimeter off border area well enough for developing small scale projects. Just click on download for Windows. It politically started to download off Eagle 9.2 point two. I'm using announcer manager, so it's looking like this for me. In any other case, it will be downloaded by the groom's building downloading software. Once the software is downloaded, all we have to do is just double click this after file and install it just like any other regulars. After that, we do so. The download. It's finished on what we'll see after the download It's finished is a set of files off eagle, so this is how it looks like it may take a bit vile toe download the software, depending upon the Internet connection as a less. It may also take some time, depending upon your system for the installation to finish. So that's a set of fine that were downloaded on my BC I have already installed eagle, so when you're download, it's finished. You can just start with the eagle softer but typing Eagle, Just look out for this. This one is an older version, which I have. This is the new symbol of Eagle, and you need to do in this one, so that's about it. For the installation off Eagle in next station, let's see how the eagles after looks like and how we can start creating schematics. 4. Creating Project With Eagle: Hi there. In last session, we saw how to download the eagle on. Install it onto your system. It This is the first video or first interaction with eagle. So when you open even on your computer, this is the first winter that it will offer you. So this is generally a signing window which is offered by the order disk. You can skip this, but I would recommend that you follow designing. So I'll be signing in here with my lady and passwords. So if you don't have an account already, you can just click on the create a Contra, create the account. I do have an accounts. I'm just giving it here. Next, it will ask me for passwords. So this is my password that I put in here. And then lastly, every time we use eagle, it will ask us, or whenever we log into the eagle or auto risk, it will ask us for the OTP, which is just is just an additional security on. As I told you, you can always skip entire logging thing. They'll organise their to secure some off your files into the cloud and to let know the Eagle order this that you're using the softer. So I prefer logging in. If you received the SMS on your phone, you have to just put the six digit core that you have the search. If not this Locanda. But he sent. But after looking recent, the estimates will be against sense to number, which is the destroyer on your account. So the quarter have received. I'm putting that court here. I must vent of the court. I will be loved into the eagle in bandit to sing. I received two of them. Stride both of them now once longed in to the eagle, you can see this is the home or welcome area for you. It will consist off some latest news on some introductory videos and all those things. This is the workspace to introduce it with it. So whatever work you do will be shown over here on. This is your project space. Whatever the schematic you're walking on are the libraries that you might be walking on. All of those things are something related to the file. Storage will be sure in this pain off your eagle window. The very first thing you can do it just go to fight menu on Click on a New You Can Take. Either. The projects are just schematic board and anything. Taking up a project is much simpler because when you create a project, then you can create everything into it, including schematics as Leslie out. So I'll name it here first, Let's say power supply. No, my project is creator, but there is nothing in my project. So what I need to do first is I'll create schematic. So just like like the problem Project name and click on the new schematic. Once you click on the new schematic, the schematics window will open. So here is the schematics window, and here you can place all the components that you want and create your schematic. So this is the Eagles project view, and whenever you open the schematic, a new window like this will open. So if you're creating direct clearly out, then also you can just go to new and click on board. This will open aboard window, so it asks whether you want to create a board from skimmer take or whether you want to directly create a bold. I would prefer first create a schematic and then create a board or we say, well designed for it. So that's it for decision. In next session, we'll see how we can take some common components and create a schematic in eagle. 5. Creating Schematic With Eagle: Hi there. In our last session, we have seen how to create a project with Eagle on how we can create a new schematic with Eagle. Now let's actually get started withdrawing a schematic off power supply. So click on the new and click on the schematic. I had not saved it last time. That so it's not saved. Once you opened the schematic or click on the schematic, a new window will open where you can place your schematic on socket. I'll do first thing adds to save the schematic. Let's give it a name like suck it diagram. Now, if you look at this workspace off eagle schematic, then you can see this is the area mental area where we will be drawing out schematics. And these are different tools that we will use throughout the process of creating a schematic. I won't go through them all right now, because it's useless now. All we need to do right now is to get started with creating a schematic fast, and then we'll see those stools one by one, as they're needed this year. As you can see, there is a coarser always blinking on this window here. Why discuss that is blinking is because eagle walks on some commands. Definitely. You can choose this tools right over here by clicking them like this are part so I can click on our part and a window to choose the parts will open up for me, but at the same time, when I'm doing the designing, I'm My mouse is better off in this workspace so I can just start typing ad. You can see that this type here and click on Enter and that will open the ADB art swindle. Similarly, there are a number of different Commons will see them one by one as we need them immediately. Right now, we don't need any of them. So just remember the command or the first command that we discuss. I'll keep a track off it, which is and so just type ad and into now, here you can select the components required to create a power supply, for in my case, I need a transformer. So what you can do is just state whatever you want and keep on entered. So in the building library, whatever type of different transformers available will be shown to you. Now remember, I'm creating a very simple schematic. And that's why I don't need any complex thing or any complex kind of transformer instead of whenever I will be creating the PCB. Actually in sort of transformer, I just want a troop in connected a just plain to pin connectors. To do that, or to place that instead of searching for transformer, search for N zero to next m zero, but that so this is a quick connector with the standard spacing between the two holes offered specific package, which is 20.1 inch If I want to play, this character just developed like that, and it's shown here, and you can place it any very want again. If you want, you can place it somewhere with right click. I'm doing the wreck clicks. You can change the orientation off this connector the way you want it, and if you have done placing the component like I'm blessing it one more time, then you can just click on the first click and no, you can't escape. Once I click escape, I will come out of that particular space now, similarly and such for diarrhea. One in 4004 It's something I used to create directive fired. So let's use this again to place this. I use the right click and zoom in and we use the scroll ville off my mouse. So this is how I need four Dyer's to be put. Then I need ah 4 70 microphone with a capacitor. So for 70 microfiber, it is not there. So let's search for capacitors. Definitely have a new search capacitor. Lots of different components will be available to you for no. Let's take this people or polarized capacitors which will show us a number of different parts. Remember, if the parts package that you see here, dear, you will see the symbol and here you will see the PCB package, the part package part looks completely laid. It means this is a surface mounting type. Do is right now, I don't want a single surface mountain type device, so we should not choose this kind of components. Instead, we should choose those kind of components which are B p h. R with supporters, the printer through hole. Now the search for any such capacitor, which is completely matching our criteria, would be difficult if you look at the library. The entire library of the eagle, you will see number of different package names. This is a package package name, which is, say, 19 inch slot your records, so there are a number of different packages, but still those are the ones which comes built inside the eagle and we are not limited to discomfort moments. There's a beauty off eagle, and that's why, for creating all the general purpose schematics and symbols for our circuit diagram and lay out, what we will do is reveal you'd some specially created libraries for our usage. We will be installing to libraries in our Eagle software on Day one is provided by Spark Phone, and another one is provided by aid effort. Those celebrities contained almost all the components that we need for all our requirements for now, and even if there are such components which are not present in the library, we will try to create them on our own. But that will come in the like the stage. So the next video we'll say the installation off library, and then we will try to finish our schematic off power supply next up for this video. Thank you for watching 6. Eagle Installing External Libraries: Hi there, As discussed in last video in this video will be installing the libraries, the external libraries inside a regal installation. And as you can see, there is a specific link on a block post also given by the Autodesk Eagle about installing the A different sparkle evidence. I will give this link in the description of this video so that you can directly access it, but you can also follow this tutorial toe. Do the same. The very first thing we need to do is Benito installed those libraries so you can just Google search spark from library Eagle on it, a fruit library eagle. So these are the two links for it. Spark clinical laboratories. Gettable link off spot fun. And this is a different legal library, the tabling cough aid effort. So just clone or down nor them onto your machine on your computers. I just don't know. That's it. Guess what it's for. Spot phone on this one is eager Levity. No one's a download is finished. You can see we'll get to different Zip files when it's for it approach, and another one is four spot for Senate. Select those two files and based it some very know except location. I'll put them in documents, and here I will put them in the folder called Eagle. Inside this, I will create a completely new folder. Let's college Eagle underscored custom underscored lip. And here I will face this library fence. No, I will. Right. Click on extract files into this location. This is done for this part from libraries. A little visit on this is seem for a tougher collaborates again. The lid, is it file additional? So you have the library's downloaded over here. Better. You copied those contents and place it in the original location. So you don't need a deep additional folders like this. Similarly, this agility. Now, once you have downloaded on place, your lab relieves inside this folder. What you need to do is you need to choose or copy dislocation upon the Eagles control panel here. In the options, he will see directorates you can direct with their You will have a link off library. It's now remember, you don't need to delete the existing one instead, Just put us semicolon over there and paste this new location that we have just created. Remember, Do not delete the original location. So after tasting the new location, it should look like this and just look on. Okay, that's it. So your new library file or your libraries are added to the eagle installation. Now, whenever you want to use them, what you need to do first, it's, too. Activate them. So here is the girl custom blip in elaborates bar. You can see Peter so Eagle got some liberal. It's right. Click that folder and click Eudes all. It will activate your library, and you will be able to use those spot for any effort. Custom Leopard it's or for that second eagles from liberals in US Commander. So this is head of your bed. If I click on add on different type ad, you can see the same component window will open up now. But here I can see a de fridge as the Let's Yonder. Somewhere I should be able to see this spark from liberal. It's so by opening the fruit, we can see all the complainers, their time. I didn't buy their different liability, so that's about it. Whenever you want to use any off the components, just double click or click on that component look for this symbol and package in the package shows green it means it Reza Puth whole or printed through Hole, which can be used for a single sided PCB, has the less any through whole PCB development that and you can use it the next video we'll finish our schematic off Powers of plays in the eight efforts elaborates. Thanks for watching. 7. Create First Complete Schematic in Eagle: Hi there. Welcome to the Eagle. Basically designing course. In our last session, we have installed the ate of fruits and spot celebrities for using and creating or different projects. Now let's finish these orchid around that we were about to create for the power supply. So this is the Eagles on screen on. But this is my project, and this is the soak in Bagram that we were about to create. Now that's only last time. Also, what we need to do is we can either go to select this are part symbol. What? I can just type it on here. Ach! And then we can add the competence over the magic. Now there is one thing about eagle that many times, whatever component in search for may not be directly searched for you. Let's say, for example, I wanted house in Niagara Ferretti capacity say 500,000 my provided and injured. I wouldn't get any desserts. So such better in eagle. What we need to do is makings off some wild cards, and the simplest and most common wild cards are putting an asterisk symbol on the beginning And at the angel T name off the comprehend that you want to use so it will search for every component that has anything and everything after and before the Asterix symbol. But it should just went 10,000 u f. And I'll just press enter now. Now, in this part from library, I got 1000 Michael offended Ariel capacity exactly the same materials for you will see as this just lost. Also, the green symbol shows that except through hole components right now, we're going to use it to own companies only. Let's add in this capacity and I click dudovitz next suits. Now let's have all the components that we were about. Dick Dired one in 10 for one in 4004 It's OK for me and lives arranged in genetically fire Official. So this is how I had inched him then m zero to We got a connector off grouping. I'll put it here. And one if you then what I need is 7805 Again a pathetically social similar zero, for I may not get some reserves botch by putting the Aston symbol before and after and get all the 72 different instances there are. Let's look into their effort library. Remember, while selecting the camp or And don't just select the camp orange directly by looking at the name. Also, look for the description, which is the package of the PC, not the competence issue before. This is the local 50 on the S 70. Do your gardening around like package trouble you 90 to translate package anti or 20 which is the most common and, most popularly, a speculative 70 fights. I want this package so I'll select his icy by double clicking. Just blessed you. You can just click on the symbol and start dragging your complaints if you 100 baggage. So my basic components are here, but suddenly did for me. No, I need to connect them. And moreover, I lied. Oh, resistant and led. This provided an indication. So next search for it is the stuff axial that we give it. Spot hundreds, library. This is actually common to this other reviews. I want just 12 then and then this list search for a lady. Five women or three images you're using. It's an effort library. Bill Gates led favor. This is that I connect now. All my component placement has vengeance. all this company names are return over here for their reference. This will be also ended in your Lord's One more thing that we need on it's good to have. It's something called this vier For him, it's much present here. X adage. Viol frame gives a nice looked rare see magic, just social cream and spot from library family to you there. Salim. It's refire from upstream region, so I could scotch like this and add it for him a little. Now what we need to do next is really to interconnect all those samples and to interconnect them, we need to use a tool called next. This one is the jewel. So either you can go to the pool and selected here are just type it, John, you're designing next entry. It will give us a niche. And whenever I come close to a component, it shows missing like that, just like it. Once there, then take your lips and click. It's again click it ones. Look at that in ligaments, looking again for kinda dig it sometimes. So like ways. I just complete the sector fire. This is a transformer collector, so I'll connect the transformers a CEO Putsch. And this punch here I get a dependency are pulsating BC and connected to the capacity for contrition. Then this is the input that was centered City. This is the ground connection. This is the output of standards in a forgiving other regulator favors. Let's register. This one was led The eligibles, don't you? Then this is my output collector. So one queen goes to five church on the other. Bingos True branch If you're not getting the they're just like the middle button or the stroll button and tragedy schematic and a bigger dig in. So this is how you can drive it through places. So here we complete about schematic for power supply. These are the companies that we have used on can also be used. So instead, off the rectified. If you want to use the power Jack, which is a B C Jack, then we can also hired this power and the school Jacqui Beach. With this, you can either connect the transformer. You can connect Apology. This is all the politicking slick provincially can connect. And it up there Bagatelle little bitch. Just natch. Just kind of get stupid, Stupid. Mr. Let's here you will buy the foresee the name of her project. Whatever is the design done by the numerous ears? I'm not saving it. And on the Beatles, very present. So that's it for the schematic. In next election, lets see how we can create a simple Leo out off this parts of less scrimmage. That's all jealous video. 8. First PCB Layout, the proper placement of component: hi there in our last station. What we had done is we have created this power supply skin magic completely on. Now we want to create a simple, single sided Scipio roughage. In this video. What we'll do is we'll try to create a layout out off this particular somatic on. Then we will study how we get to know them now to create the Leo out of this magic all you need to do it simply click on this button here, which is generate, slash, switch double. So what it will do is it will generate a completely new board file or create a new board file with all those complainers and all those interconnections there. So let's sneakiest. So let's just go over here. It will ask you that the board file doesn't exist and you want to create from semantic Click on Yes, on here view. So we have all the components and we have a proper black working idiom, usually basically descending areas black, because we want to be very clear because we want to spend much time on to this particular area on black. It's comfort pillow rights. So we're all the components over here is against now. The next step is to create a Leo. Broke off its yoke Means how you watch the components to replaced some. We wanted to see me off a square side. Someone want circular side somewhere Want or rectangular one or a narrow one? All depends on your choice. I'm going to commute of its simple receive, You know, on the P you're designing a simple see me is to know how to place your components. Robert. So this is the D. C. Gentlemen here used on here. Have a look here. A cell One is my input collectors. So I looked for a cell phone first. This is my input connectors. Just listen toward here then. I have lives far, Jack. And a second I'm not even be truly, truly form needs to be list. Now it's natural that your layouts or the placement of component should be in a computer natural function. So if I connect even here, then the most suitable configuration of connecting we do is like this There. There is an interconnection between this animal and this happen. If I placed even here on, then if I place the B two here on if I don't less be three somewhere here, it's not going to it. So what we need to do is place them. Ask close to each other's connection. That's possible. Like this again, right Click will rotate your components and the last leaders before that's it. Next is the capacitor. Follow the somatic as the components and listens to marry. You can follow the same virtually here. If you're facing any difficulty in moving the camp owners, you can use the Commanche roof. So let's move. Go. Munch can easily move accompanied by clicking any hair on which like this, this is a capacity. I want to miss it like this. Then this is the 70 fine exported to you like this. Then comes the resistor on the lady. So led is like this and registers should be like this. This isn't about mechanic. If you look closely, the backside is the cattle salary and the rounded side is panels. Now, this is how my receive me should look like this is home. A component should be placed. This should be as proper as possible. Cos asked moves to their interconnection as possible. They should not really jumbling and blessing the components. So that's it for this video. Next session, we'll see how we can around these to create a single silently sick. 9. Create First SIngle Sided PCB with Eagle: Hello there in a last station. What we did Waas. We created a very nicely out for our possible I design. No, but we need to understand what all other things are here. So there is some license here. Then we can see some big board size or somehow clients created over here. And we're also trying to send some basics about how we're moving the parts. So first thing, it's in the toolbar, just type rich. It will open how you greeted such so either. You can make it on that. It looks like this on which helps in guessing the components. I personally prefer to keep the grid off. And this is the smart science. Off the grid in mills will stands for thousands orphanage. You can also change the dimension, Toby Mm. Or inch. But Mills is a standard one, and you can also, if needed, take the great in dots like that. So the doctor greater would look like this. Anyway, I don't like the great, so I just usually keep it off. Now, what we need to do is we need to first clear out some unnecessary things. Like I don't need this license over here just type billet and you can delete this one. I also don't want this frame, so I'll just village with the delivery room and then I will create a frame off my own for this particular basically, now, to do that, what we need to simply do it's a very lead to take a tool. Gold track. Sunny this. Let's search for the cruel. So there is a grouch. We didn't start off now when refer, but you draw the dimensions off our expectation on our need. There's a stick of I A good, But before placing any wire, just select the layer Toby the 20 which is a dimension sleep and then just start drawing image like this. I will explain everything one by one. What is the layer and everything For now, I just want you to quickly get started with the PC, so this layer means nothing. But this is the dimension off our PCB. So there is no corporate races or anything in the dimensionally. So we have regional dimension off our PCB on this Is the Oakland off? Basically Next. What we need to do is really to note all the tracks as we have discussed initially itself that this is gonna be a single sided city. Now to do the doubting figure this out, three can be selected here, look, And this electoral typing. Now, when you took that allow tool, you can select the built again. It is in the mills, which is thousands of an inch. So 2025 30 is a good sites, excites which is good for creating our hand would basically also And this is where you can select live. So for no less selective. Bottomley and Verse 25 you can also keep it, say 30 if needed and then started out image so well out in. Just click on our drill hole and then recall another one. The practice place just lived it most. Now click on here then he is here now. Here. Yeah, No. Now, like ways planets, all the components, the connections are given for your help. You just need to follow the given connections on the tracks that appear as against you. Usually we avoid a sharp 90 degree turns and sort of that what we think is a for different agreed on Eagle provides. Is it really available for defending it. It's here and this is the ground pin and this is the now this is a transformer connections . I want one going here, another one going at that point. So here I can't place it from copper. I need to find a way to know which this so preceded designing. It's a science and art at the same time, because you need to be very careful off how and from there you can about your PC bees. Many people are also curious on how the tracks of your on their big cities in terms off looks. So if I place that got dragged in, it's difficult for me to take this trip so I'll do watch on. Just controlled such either can use controls, edge or deleted track. Where you can do is selector tool called R I P U B rip up, not deal it Now. I ripped up all the tracks and I'll first place this one which is going here, and I will bless this one. It's easy out of this, so that's it. We have created our full single sided PCB with power supply with very minimum knowledge off how Eagle actually books, and that's exactly what I want you to do. You don't need to know this After completely to get started with designing on, we should be loading hold. This often works and all the features on the state path sip as we create them. I hope youll enjoy doing this exercise tragedy would in number of different weights like it's a horizontal layout, try to become particle layouts trying to make a squarely ouch that's watching this video. Happy learning. 10. Adding Name and Labels to Eagle Schematics: as we have seen in other last session up to know what we have done is we have hard, however, hands dirty on how quickly we can create a single sided PCB. So that's the PCV that we have designed on. This is the bold or the schematic that we have. So this is the schematic, and this is the Mississippi. So far, you must have now understood that the PCB design is a two step process where we first create a schematic off the circuit that we need, and then we convert it into a board file, which career? Something simply for its. So far, what we have done is we have just taken all the components that are needed on. We interconnector them all like this, and then we created a board out off it, the board outlining process sorts, first placing the components and then routing it with her desired worth off the track. Now this approach is very much better for smaller circuits. But when you have a larger circuit then connecting all the wiles together with each other like this, it's simply not possible. And that's why they never were creating any large species or any large sockets on any large schematics. What we need to do is we need to some advanced tools, and that's exactly what we're going to use in this video. So let's start for now. Let's take the target off, creating a microcontroller based bold Let's shoes at Mega 3 to 8 p for other reference. And if we want to create a simple board off at military to it be with all the port wins open now for such a kind of bored this much off the schematic is a mandated condition because this is a power supply. And after power supply, we need a microcontroller socket, so let's see how we can do it. This is the number of components that we need for this particular session. So the crystal 0.1 Micro Ferretti capacitors, then we sissy ground connectors, and these are something stacked switches have not needed. Let's remove it from now, so that's what we need for microcontroller. You just need to service foreign military to it be, and so that's the component list. Let's start so here, just like before, I like the right click on the add button or just type are typing is much comfortable for me now. He has just like this. You have to search for admitted. Tow it. I'll just a PD i p package because it's the D A B practice useful for creating a single cider PCB. And let's just place it. Not by chance, if you have placed two components like this, whether you can drag it like this, and then you can use a command called Dill it. This is the deal it Commanche, or the tool that you can select and just select this symbol out here. Now, if you do it or press here, nothing will happen. So you have to precisely deal it somewhere close to the symbol. No, that board has been diligent. No lipstick, other components. We need capacity constraint to connect over here. So just add, and here, between our wild cards type Kristen, you will see many different crystals over here much better if you follow this and type crystal puth because we also want a printer through a hole or a truthful crystal packets. Crystal PPH will give us into this park fun close library, and we can choose anyone has ever needed. So this is a smaller crystal. Usually what we use is this one. So let's choose this. Then let's place it somewhere. I'll just put it here along with the crystal. What we need are two capacitors. Boozer. I'll choose 0.1 microphone, Erica Percenters just for the package. And actually, we need 20 to pick off added or 33 pick off error. But the package remains the same, so just let's take this to capacitors. We connect them with Crystal like this, and then what we do is we connect the capacitors terminals to ground. No connecting all the pins, for example, this ground pin over here, then this stupid Over here, everything toe this ground off the power supply. It's not physical benefits visible. It doesn't look good. And that's what we need to do is we need to something called that's necklace thing. So in net listing what we do, it's simply add some symbols. Lexi, this ground symbol all places their own symbol over here on a place of decency symbol. We'll let you. So there's the businesses symbol and no, just connect them toe wherever need it. So choose the net, Commanche for connecting them and then from here to here. Just like yesterday's options. Now, wherever you use that ground symbol, what we can do AIDS. What we can assume is dot symbols are interconnected to each other. So much better than ever taking ground symbol place multiple of them. Some might be astir, some will be used here, and some might be used some barrels. So let's shoot some more off them. We can believe them further. When did it similar thing for me? Sissy? So sparked fund. Is this a symbol? Just some extra. Vince, No. Let's do the net terminal and connect this wired to crystal dis capacitors. This spin to the crystal again over here. Then it's still together on Goes to ground. Yes. Similarly disclosed to brunch. Oh, you And when you're only one symbol, so we need to move command for it. So this is the move command and just dragged the symbol to wherever you want to be, sissy. So here I have the sissy. And here again, take the net command and then connect this terminal. The teacher So that does our book. Now what? We need to do it. We need to connect these two wires to this two points over here for the icy. So you can do it definitely like this. But there is another way. Let's choose this way off. Turning divide and another way is to add labels. Now these labels are required many places. Whenever there is a big schematic, we can just draw part of schematic at one corner and connected with the controller to using labels how to put labels. Let's see, take a net off some length and just like once and then live, it's gonna this year click once and again Vince and Live and then shoots a tool called Label and place it over here. Choose another door and bless it over here. Now these are the two labels that we have connected to this true next. Now you need to do it's named ALS labels, so here I'll call it X'd one. And let's call it extreme Now, wherever you want to connect, ext even an extra two what you need to do, it's simply take further to labels. One over here are taken net first a little bit of it, and then label another level over here. Now, with the name tool. Change those neighbors to extreme one and extruded. Now with this, what happens? Aids? This is what is neck listing. So what we have done is there Just added some labels on those labels gets collected over here directly. No need to route a wire into the schematic like these and place it over here. So that's about decision. There's a net listing reuse for visit, See Ground, then Crystal and then for anything that you mean it. So I'm going to give you a complete schematic to finish off by giving you a PdF and a print off that particular socket and the same thing you have to finish off next. Radio will also show you how to finish that socket that's watching. 11. Microcontroller PCB Project with Eagle Part 1: Hi there. Now that we have seen what is net listing? How to connect shinning on label So that bigger interconnected with each other, I want you to finish this dramatic like me. So what I'm going to do in this magic is I'm going toe have a number off, really needs some collectors on some bear connectors for the microcontroller sports and a couple of validates switch, and that's it. So now I want you to look at this video, check the components as needed, and then finish this schematic as I'm doing it. So let's begin. That sounds schematic. This is general purpose here, microcontroller schematic. You may or may not be available it, but just for your convenience or just for practice, you can assume this now you have used name on labels are a number of different places to make some connections like these three led AIDS. This is B I connector over here, and all of these things I know are receiving the Ninja Lin or switched board. I can see along with power supply, have all these components and they're completely interconnected to each. Now your project or a job, it's toe properly. Me outdoors components so that they can be located. The teacher The next video. We'll see how we can have a li out. We can create Leo off this particular complex schematic and then create a PCO has a large in this video. 12. Microcontroller PCB Project with Eagle Part 2: Hello there were learning the receiver designing with Eagle on in the last session we had created his big school magic. We had also learned how become makings off the rules called name on a label toe assigned labels to DIV IRS so that they can be interconnected, which is without dropping a big. So this, Al anyone over there gets connected to this the number level of this icy. Similarly, the 61 extra toward here gets directed to the stupids off Crystal and so on were completed . I was a small microcontrollers magic, and then we were about to creatively out of the fridge. So after clicking on this board, what video is this? Well, this is a work space there. We have only a little bit of power supply. And now what we have to do is we have to add our microcontroller Knoller's camp owners over here. So let's begin. First of all, what I do, it's I will look out for this box and I will increase of sites so that it takes all the complainers properly. For now, if you're just getting started, I would recommend you take a bit bigger size. Voss. So that box is nothing but your we see the size of the sea. Next, it's about doubting. So first thing is this. I see it's completely object you on. This is purely based upon your choice. How you want your I see to be appears to generally whenever I have a power supply like place I prefer placing Nice is like this. You can place it like these basically that it isn't natural. So this is the I suggest that I take this crystal which is connected to this stupid it's now look at it. It's quite natural that I should keep Purcell close to depends or any component close to the prints off a interconnection. So if I see is here And if I can administer somewhere over here Useless Alexis footage close, which sometimes it will be good. Semantic is there. I'm not Remember There This was stolen hold. All other companies have their with so logistical. Look here. The answer. Lucy. Three minute crystal slicks look out for secure city here. There. So they said this. It's simply I'm using the middle mouse button toe. Move this command like this. Soc soc trip list. Then the number one is the recent win where we have correctly switch s one. So it's natural to keep it real stupid. Number one like that. Okay, Next, we have three allergies. Anche religious just for them. So let's see how we place them again. Do as natural as possible. Give them together. So what? This already should come close or interrogator with the respective resistor? Same thing was for the other unity. Last one on three ladies are list Well explicit. This connectors again. As you can see, the most natural placement of this connector would be like this. Not some Their leg. It's OK. Sported to you. This is another connective. This should go here and then I can move this which a little bit farther from the particular points. So the city has been a little bit shifter from exposition. Lastly, we have this war connector looks good like this. And then there is this. I speak. I speak it now. The virus for the ice creditable go through a number of different. Still, I'll find some natural place, Mitch, which is there with this character, so I can keep it all here or something like that. Now this complex My layouts NYSE again See almost all of the things that I have can be place a little bitch about Nevertheless, I can address it. Is the sites off my board? No. And then you can struck, resulting the boards. Now, if we can see there is a big gap over here. And if you have done a nice stress mental pecan partners So here at this point, let's use another commands called Group. With this God commands, you can select multiple components on your board and then you can move them in a single. It's trench, something like this. I have moved it over here. Now let's just reduce the size of the board. A little bitch just like the movie Go munch this face off the board unders. But it is the same if needed. You can No further optimization zit instrumental. Now what next? Is there blocking off this board again? Go for the room. You can immediately get started with voting. So we have seen this again. Remember to select the layer Toby bottom. If you're committing a single several Pacific which mia and then selected black words something like 20 and you'll get a good excites for you lives. So you have to just go on placing the tracks like this. There will come a time there You will have to find the part two is the track. So, for example, if this is the ice, let's see this understanding from inside of the A C this one lets were taken from Ouch. So first I'll connect this one the gel again from the insert. And now at this point, I used the Republika Munch toe, the Mo Gates straw material and then I elevate crouch. But this time I will get a smaller built like 10 and then I will drop this from this gap. Then l again make it 20 for this off the tracks. So this is another pin or I'll just truths can for now, for finishing up some small sized things. You can also choose how your Draco base like this. There are many features with Megan. As I said Guan, it's moving slowly, quickly. First, it started with local designing the basic designing at list. This is the ground group them all together and on and on and on. You really talk to that? I would dig the entire art for you? No, not at all. I'm just showing it to you off by connecting some common tracks. So what you need to do, it's beginning to finish helping your PCV in this way. And then remember, you have to make sure all the tracks street at this layer bottom lip. These are the futures. Ignore obstacle. Walk around off circles on those things is try them on. These are the main trails. How you want. It likes to a bench and make sure you take liberty. That's 2010 15 something like that. So that's it for this video. Now what you have to do its completeness and girls undersea magic on. Then we will go for how to create a double sided PCT that's watching this video. 13. Microcontroller PCB Project with Eagle Part 3: Hi there. I have routed most off my PCB, as we have seen in our last session. But now, as you can see, there are two tracks which are this included in this one and this one. So that's why I would say that basically designing is a science as well as art at the same time. Now what you need to do is you need to find out your Veii out off all the harder is to reach to that point from this point. Now, quickest way to do that. Using eagle is just dry rounding it. You have to have selector tool and then you have to have selected walk around off second and then just try toe Look it up, please. I was against it. This is the one living with this began which and we don't want that another one Is this one here? If I want to connect this to this, there is this way going from between all the blacks and doing everyting and coming to this point. So this one is fairly okay on a simpler let's just first Just our tracks a little bitch Onda, uh, your stick, roach And take a smaller one here it's been That's not good. See by right clicking this exchanged over here how to obey my crack if Scott sitting up, then at lunch. So I just despair style on a little bit closer. This 90 degree bench would do but first again diluted that track. Get out this Minister. But this year seems completely impossible, at least in this scenario. And I must say, this is not the best layout, but just something to just get along with. Okay, so when you do it plays or companies properly. Now, if you don't get a work around in this situation, what we do, it's something called Desert Top Copper Road. So let's tryingto get out as much as possible. Let's see. So if you're at all making a single said relevancy, then do one thing at this one. Just click it once, just once, okay? And then come here. Select top player. Then again, come to that point. Select bottom live And then Blissett. Now what were then just here is we have routed one track from top cover. Now I know that we are going to create a single Senator Kyl city, But in that case. What happens is this stop. ShopperTrak provides us with parts off jumper. So with this true minor holds here, which are called as violence, bigotry, top copper track, which will act as jumper and that finishes are basically that's watching this video. 14. Adding Copper Pour to Eagle PCB: so far, you have seen how we can create a signal sent in as well as a double standard Pacific using eagle so we can place the complainers on began a route those tracks. But there is one important thing missing so far from your decision on Let's do It now. That is how we can add the gamblin off the copper poor onto the PCB, which you see something like this. Apart from checks, the most important thing that Mexico City look beautiful and broom to a lot of different types of my sis. It's this extra Cooper poor. Generally a proper polar legis is added and connected to the ground. Midge, let's see how we can add this for purple using Egan. So this extract copper is there to reduce the noise and keep the Operation Smoot on the PC and most of the times it will also added thereto. Inconsistent looks are certification of the Pacific. It's a very solid region made up of copper, which is left from reaching now how to addict. Let's see a PCB order designed without proper before we look like this acceptable senate, but with copper color, it would look something like this, and that's what we're going to do. So let's see how we can do this in our schematic. So this is the microcontroller baseboard that we had designed before. And to introduce our toe added copper pour onto days. You need to be a fair off totals or you need to know in Italy the Stupples called polyglot , and that's NIST. Let's see hope so the very first thing to do It's here, either your type polygon. You can take it from here. Once again, the Polygon Select very want to put the cop earlier, either. It is a top bottom layer on top. Here. Been a lot with bottom There. You can also decide the spacey are the isolation. So this is the distance of isolation. Let's leave separate zero for now, and then you can just start select the done and then just start drawing it. Just add it like this. Is this how duplicate ones? And there's a line that you just draw and then finished. What's a finished drawing? The polygon. You have to divest signal name to it. It's just like adding the in San Liberals just blankly GNB our ground here and you're comfortable is here Now you will also tell me that the copper poor is not seen. I want to see the very nice looking blue area are cooperate area So for that sick What it true? Just too easy to hit Historical racks nest So to speak on here are I can type it hopes blacks n'est and you can see they're headed accessed But you can also see that we have done it with very little clearance. So it is very close to the plaques and almost entirely city is very witness copper Except this much So for that what we need to do is we need to increase this isolation so But it's toe control sets then Joe's polygon. Now let's draw it again like before. Yeah, but before drawing just this placing with some Jews in it already the spacing lip service from Impediment Grant And then, like NIST contents and invalid only gone because there is some mistake here. Let it it controls that and I haven't read right. So that's what we have experimented you're gonna polygon on Let's let's stripe here because my spacing appears to be too big. It might not get it. So I'm just using it here and then hit recklessness. No agency. The spacing is a bitch. Good. Now and it don't go inside the icicles if you're using edible centerpiece city, do it for both. Decide. Stop as well. Esti Important said remember Toodles, polygon. A rat's nest. That's what you 15. Double Sided PCB Design with Eagle: So far we have seen on lunch how we can create a single sided receiving in Eagle. We have created one powers up next Hokage as well as we had commuted a microcontroller best circuit. Along with that, I have also given you a number of different sockets for experimenting with the single said Admissible design on. Now let's start with double sided BCB designed it a good So let's begin So double sided received me. As we have seen in the very first basics lecture is same signs off piece of your same kind of basic lexical Seremban. The only difference is it has operated position on both sides off the substrate. So there is a substrate and there is a copper from topside as well is there is a couple from bottom side. The benefit is first benefit is you can in search components from both the sides so you can insert company from here in solidarity Here are in circumference from here and then solder it Here There you can use surface honking components on top as the designated surface mounting components on bottom. Although we can't do these in general practice, it is recommended to place all your components on concert. Let that be truthful already be assembly. So what a singles had received me. If I'm using surface mounting components, then component comes like this. Soldiers here and surface wanting company in six here but in the center of the city. You can have it on the same site off course in certain cases if the other components are placed on board the sex. So let's see how we can create the secret. This what happens is you create some particular track on this layer, and then what you can do is you can just make a hole between the substrate, a plate, a whole a plate of its metal and then the stop Hillary can get indicate to the bottom and thereby it gives us chances to a great number of different types. Off circuit tracks Lexi So the bulls headed B C V. It's something they're covered except visit on both sides. Components may or may not be president, not saves. Stopping quarterly deserve the two years we used. No player. Generally, in almost every designing software is colored. Sandra desperate and bottom layer cracks are layered, It's blue, and that's the reason why so far we have created some receive beads and that's what we have seen. The track color. It's blue, The default view on eagle or well, we look at the PC is always top selling you our top side of you. So this is how the pieces looked like after manufacture. And that's why whatever. We're looking at it from a top U popsicles. Basically, this dialogue on led in this kind of letters, but it's quite as a top silk. You you always located from the autopsy. I been looking at it from the top side. You. This is the blacks present on bottom live. You never see the plaques on the popular. And whenever you have a back on the popular, it will appear red like this. So this was a jumper replaced it last station I How would connect this bottom track and how we can it is. This strike on the topside is using a very small hole. Yes, sir, than the ice is dream. It's just a lot of us via is basically a whole. This creates a connection between top and bottom layer, so it's a whole correcting top and bottom. Here it connects the interconnection between the two years, and it is most important to understand where you in devastated design. So a whole is made, and it is Ford with conductive metal, which makes its A pre pH or printer approval, thereby. It can correct this top layer or the track coming from the top, the big cracks going on in the bottom. So let's start creating our conceiving with another sided technique. Let's get this in Microcontrollers Hokage and instead of routing it completely, using bottom side or the Bottom Corp earlier Next strategy is the top layer. As soon as the bottom and the next video, we'll see how we can create the same socket in double sided with. And then we'll see a smaller circuit, which we can fit into a much lesser sites so that the double sided it's it is just different. Generally, very specific technique is used to reduce this piece on. That's why we have to have a circuit which is complex enough, which is fixed into a smaller stays. There we can use the double sided. This is designing technique more or another side. It is a standard we know there is not a very big difference in singles and intangibles. Energy Citizen. And that side is honorable. Prefer. If tracks are not broken on one side, then they will prefer do it is the sites on both the six. So let's exactly double sided. Thank you. 16. Double Sided PCB Design ( Hands On): hello there. Now that we have seen how we can create a bus heading TV, let's try some hands on using a simple is committed that we have. So this is a schematic that I have on now. What I'm going to do is I'm going to try and create a double sided CB out off this particular geometric. So that's begin as well. That's fasting is you have do such to deport. And once this visually board, make sure you have forced please on the components and trying to basic opponents ask close to each other. That's possible. Your Leo should be natural. That is very more printing. And that will come only out off some practice. Once we have all your components, place too lightly in place like his. Then you have the structure. Drawing are start creating your jack, the lock off your busy. So this is the layout. And now what? We have to do it not to do that. We have reels of tooling Gordon loves. And when he wasn't out, dude here again, select that I love baby wants. So this is a bench save usually prefer and choose a layer there sick bottom and then you can start creating your cracks just like what we have done in our tree. Just walk, then you certainly single Senator Density. You can. All such was the very over here. They're safe. Just a friend get minimum and they're so again, stock meeting. We'll start hoping their secrets. No. And you can see my design has a very basic floor and have purposely keep so this tracks should work with this point. And my ladies are placed little, which was a direction. So what I have to do in this case is this point should come onto this side so that it gets gets really connected with this place off with this point here under the ice. So what? You need to do it simply. Just Just don't select your reality. Double click the right picture plants that will get you really do it for all of them. And you will see now the placement looks natural. Move the mouse button By doing so, residents will change. Is this no against start? Let's start talking the checks now. There is no difference in preaching a single sedately city edible centerpiece city, except for in the devastated city. What we'll do is we'll drop the strikes. What? The sex of your PC? Why do that? Because millions, what happens is we have to fix some components, innovated a signature space on. So it becomes very difficult for us to adjust all the years are all the tracks goingto single in such this we try toe pick. We prefer having no one said it. I'm just doing it roughly not agency for at this point to go in this side, I have to create a track from become place like here. So you have to make sure you can find the tracks like this, then shot all of these together and then will come a time that you have more stool age from single. And there you have it. Oh, geez, the other side a little. No, I won't be getting this lunch here. That creativity complicated track like this which I don't want. So what I do in studies on Chase earlier, and I just want to talk about no changes a little when you have been just started, attract like this, Then use the scroll big and just presage not up for no, no, we're just presage, which is called as military Got people's and as a Georgia GNC high I'd seen there and then the last color changes not become very no I Connecticut. If needed, you can change it back to the bottle using the same Most wanted to know the proper track in selected. So all the tracks will no one onwards, sweetie. Placed in just the opposite. I mean, if you need, you can change the lib by going to here in this change, make it bottom complete as well. It Lex, it's a good I'll see I have connected here. So just change the bank You Another way to change the layer is just started back leverage by taking most once they just warn you. And Jake is the little no. So it shows a high up. Is that pile like me changing your slave? If I want to change the live I'm getting to that point are afflicted riddle Muslim. Here's the file and but don't cover to leave it over and so on and complete your look. So I just remodeled interconnections here. Now this is not coming out of here, so I change the You want a little bit and then finished so similarly drunk on the tracks in your busy me and finish earlier. Now I have exist. Read outs of year. I will change the lives, make it more cover, then continue again. Make it global. Then they could like this again make its modern Then don't make yeah, Don't so and come ph This one connection is remaining. Just you could get this. So all our connections sensory completed and that is the simplest possible. Devon cited this even getting angry again. It's not necessary. That is insufficient on your hatred is in the service. Very technique. I have used this commanding for the demonstration after the assembly components that you be starting in the next session. It is mandatory to use for the tracks because so let's get sore note on the other side. In some stuff this morning, hoarders don't There gets complicity here. It was not complicity. I could have extended the size of a little bit. I could have walked out on the beach and I could have a period all from bottom up earlier. But if you have about like sockets which requires that have been circuit routing, then you have to make yourself this technique and get your Children. So experiment with this socket and see how it gives that's watching. 17. Surface Mount Devices in Eagle: hi there. So far we have seen on created or practiced how we can create a signal Serapis City as well as how we can design on develop double surgery Pacific Now going further with Eagle, we have to see how we can use as em the components. And for that we have to understand. Five. We use assembly components how they look like and what are the basics? Let's get started. This is a small picture I have purposefully put over here to give you an idea off. What is a 75? We use it so generally through a whole company looks like this. It's gets it gets drilled onto the PCB from one layer to the other earlier. And then it takes a lot of space like this. This is it interesting. Under similar terms, this is also register, which is an SMD first order. It's also Valette surface mounting device. This SMD resistor takes quite a lot off less pace as compared to this one on. It gets sold on the same side there expressed, so it's a very big difference or there is a very big amount off space saving the never reveals assembly that's completely true. True. So let's itself what is assembly or did surface mount technology. It's a technique of correcting circuit components. Topi City, where the solder joint forms using bag on a PCB and metal pin off the component. So there is no need to use a hole or a physical hole to be made in the PC Lee for creating the connection. While comparing the surface mount and true hole, the surface marched excellent off less face and threw. It takes a bit more space, but it's easier. So on a 200 city you this whole storm on the circuit board, which is very easier for hand surgeon, but it takes more space surface mounting technique uses pads to mount the circuit components onto the board, excitedly figured to hand solder, and there is a big advantage that it takes very less pace. The component itself is very smaller as comfort to the truly competent. This is the differences between surface mountain through all components as empty parts. Almost all of the parts are available in assembly. Former know what is every manufacturer who is of lipping and led Alexei, who is developing a particular icy mostly semiconductor manufacturers. So almost every icy is available. S assembly version, so there is a through hole version as well isn't SMB version, so you'll get assemblies off ICI's capacitors. Resistors in doctors ladies as well. It's some collectors. Assemblies primarily argues when there is a space concern, and if you open up your mobile phone, sometimes you might even see that there is no trouble component at all, and almost everything is assembly. Day by day, the usage of has some days increasing on. There might come a time there. We will not see this through hole components anymore, but nobody for now and for endless coming 40 50 years. We'll see them so as discussed. My assembly it smaller, faster, cheaper, said space and once except space. That's what ultimately saves the Pacific cost also, and many new products are only available in surface mounting type package. For example, those guys telescopes you might tell Seon or accelerometers. Some specific microcontrollers specializes, and since races this come only in a 70 package, so there are no true whole margins off them. The PCB footprint off our Pacific package often assembly component looks like this. This is the most common package, off resistant and capacitors and the package have their specific course just like cruel packaging. And somebody has their specific course. So. Zero x zero c 06030051060603 literally specifies the dimension. So the Lent it's 0106 inch are one point fireman and the verite. It's 0.3 inch or 0.8 fire, which is very small. What does 06 is a package which has 60.6 point well inch wit and two point women height. A starting 0.12 inch width and 0.6 inch built. It is possible to hand soldier what does address. It's comfortable. I have seen people with a lot of practice to even solder 005 Answer. Is rotary also by their hands? I have not such before. I can sort of want to the rose it's on. I hope you will also find it comfortable to sort of want to service accepts pretty big package. You can hold it, you know, a tweezer very comfortably. As far as a stranded seven dials, they are generally presented this kind of packages so this assembly, transistors and dyers mostly share the same type of package, which is also called This Is 13 23. So this is in a certain 23 packets line, which consists of treatments. But if it is a Niall, it only consist off to usable pins. But number one is actually useless, but it has to be there to physically support the border. Today there is a transistor usually looks like this. This is the alkaline off BC at 1st 7 transistor. So it has got this three pins. And this is the distribution of those treatments, usually every components that I should will give you. Look for the detection of your dollar transistor for identifying the pins. If you're using any assembly packages, most of the ice is also come. This image it's taken from start from dot com, so deserve the different packages off Isis. So there is a pretty a prepackaged, and then there is hell to cpac it. So this is through a hole, and this is assumed even the common one R B Griff before, before, where there are 11 points on one side, and similarly there are such foresight. So they're bad gives it 44 prints, then S O B 28 14 on itself a soapy eight or s 08 as less This is strange Trip in a melty were there some communist packages presenting assembly as a general practice through a hole on a board are placed on one side and assembly's also placed onto the same side. But depending upon the requirement, you can place the assemblies from either side of the board. It's comfortable with soldiered on and he said There's actually benefit off using a double sided crucitti. You can place your components on both sides, so that's about the assembly components. Here is your project. So this is I'll show you how to create a schematic. This is an F t 232 You will be too PTL converter. So we have to design this board using assembly components. All of them has to be assembly components. These are the packages for the ice is resistors, capacitors, salaries and fuse that we're using. So find out all those components and we have to create a schematic of of this and then clearly out for it. So let's get started 18. SMT based Schematic (FTDI Project): I. That's institutionalization. The best use. So this could be the new budget you make some may and then you use your magic touch. A decision is going to find out all the parts that are getting this magic and all this box is empty. I'll get in, price departs, the sea will be seen. Second thing is, you packages Would you have just This was this video. See how you can service those simply parts you can be. Is them the reconnection? Simple, Just like vehicle. It is nothing because I accept that you're parts of present with some different package things. So there's just look at some letters. Look at all those components here in this magic. This is the package. This is what you need. So that's the package you can see those are all very pillar Thanks their village and then all the distance, capacitors and melodies which are there. You have to find a package so I can use different mind cuts. I know different opulence lets them on to you look space and then it. So they searched a ladies fashion. Everything is assembling six package. So it's continue keeping almost magic, you know so that's pretty much about it. Finishing with connections. Personality schematic, off order. It's finished. That's about it. No, I have to report instantly and we see it. All the external borders would have taken so that six years ago to the 19. SMT and Double Sided PCB Design: so whatever. We have business in the SNG and set design. Next, finish those things, this beauty I design. So it is my magic off the on now what you have to do is so we have used all those reporters the just imagine. And now here as against this is the kind of job that the other abuses the icy. This is the connector for caring connection, a tool connection. Actually, that's all the components that serves the passengers living thing. It's is having a package of what you 06 as this people because those are pleading to be pencil. That's why we have used those little 60 handsome in my body. Holds just like people way have to do. It's obviously products. What happened here is starting to only what we need to do is to make decisions. It's how we actually about signals. So maybe sometimes we need some checks on, so there's finish it. So yes, lunch. And then we begin talking about numbers. - No scythe, board size, actually music video. No. So will definitely start from we can. This is old like begins. This is how to stop it. A point yes, of Maya other. What do you need to do is take people's then have been changed and then you start. Let's see also make sure that you reduce the size of the owners so it backs are properly aligned. It is not only gonna put expect this is our the benefit music and loves a bottom over and over. I'm getting a problem. So what we have to do is have just click it once, just just human, like selected it is here. Big lunch, no shows a spears that is this a bit of practice, you know what happens. So we have to put my because the icy surface knocking back Charles on top of a sexually doesn't have affordably so fictional everybody. Then it's going to be I see, but will be connected that something against character has a pair off this water connector . All leave Jackson come. So there's no you know, as needed. Just place that blacks strict over and I never needed. Because if you just go and jeans the black site as well as the track year and help you so that's that, would you if needed, he goes, Add this one to say, but not much remember changed my video whenever we want to change the way you can, almost never by raising the really most fortune off the school. But I can't change or never actually just eyes on my list. I needed some extra help. The city, The more things on the obesity knows that Germans are available. So do your PC and finish your design. So that's it for this video I hope you will enjoy in on the secret designing your nastiness about your picnics. I will help you in your designs, projects or whatever policy use finish Olympics in sciences as Stephen, so as to become and exploding to this speech. That's much. 20. Eagle Create Custom Library Part 1: so far. Now you have seen how we can clear it. Nice PC beats and inside it as principal sided with eagle. But what happens most of the times AIDS. We don't get a particular part that will do using our circuit intraday Slattery's. Although the library's off eagle is very vast, including the Playbill batteries as well as there are, a number of different lab is available on Internet. Sometimes it happens that, for the part that we're looking out yields if we don't find a really available. So in this video, what we're going to do is we're going to study how to create a person part in even. This is a three step process. Let's begin. So library in eagle is nothing but story. The device symbols on device package in a properly. So what we need to do is we need to create a package. Then we need to create a particular symbol and then combining both off them. What we need to do is we need to create a device on all the steps are covered under creation, off elaborate, so we'll know every step each of this one by one. But selecting a particular device for which we want to create for that. What we need to know is what are the parents or holds off a package? The dimension of the package. Sell, screen, outline, name and values off the package and you notice details. What we need to do is really to go into the pressures of leaderships off any part of basic and against us. The exact and accurate information off how the product package will look like next begin with particular device. So I want to use this particular model from soon. It started so more for the Oreo Modern and the package. For this, they say it's not available into the Eagle. So let's go see what this device, it's how it it's orchards, readership and then let's screech library for it. This is how it looks. It's basically an MP three player model. So let's download the Depression, which off the scene once, we don't know the details shit. We have to open the message, and then we can look into the Dimension spark. So this is the device that message on it consists off all the information like there is a lot of information into it and you have to as a designer, understand how to read reductions whenever you open the readerships. Only look for that part which you need for that moment. So now I want to create a package slaughtered. So I'll just look at the device. It's been out and then I will look out for its a kitchen for mission because I want to create a package forage. I'm not interested in any other details as off now. So this is the mechanical drawing. It shows what is the distance required from dimension to dimension but into the other in hold all distances it remember And this is between two holds its 2.4. So let's try to create the package. Love this device now for next sick. I have just distant out something here, so I just feels it out. Also, village would have done previously. So whenever you open eagle, this is what we get. What you need to do is go to the file menu, click on new and here you can library a new library. Something like this will open in front of us. What is the attribute? And first did save this leverage given some name once living for dollars. I'm giving My name is a M i T. And that's a view. Once I save a particular library, what I can do is I can create a symbol, footprint or package. Other device. We just combination off footprint and symbol. So for now, let's greater footprints. It will ask me the name off footprint. I'm creating it for sumo. More noon. This cake, OK. Really new footprint stricken? Yes. You And here? Yeah. So this is ah, footprint editor. It will also have some tools like this. The very first thing you need to do. It's select the great sites. No, we have seen that the distance between rules, we've launched its 2.5 for. Mm. So it's back up. We take the greed in dulce off. Mm. And it should be 1.71 point 27 is half off coupon. Fireman their scotch, and let's get the display on style. You can choose drawers or lines and prefer lines. Click on. OK, now is assuming you can see the distance veteran. Two holes is 1.7. No, What I need to do is I need to use this packs so here. You can choose what kind of parents he wants here. And you can also choose what he wants. That real size to be what you want the dimension to be. For now, I will just look introduced. Detach it, and let's see what is the standard dimensions so that the others under dimensions, So I'll just start placing the purse. So one point year, the other point should come here. This is between this becomes Super five for him. How many pins have their own? It serves 12345678 Selects place eight parts like this. Four, five, six, seven heat. So there. So it's I have a list eat. Gonna get you backs. Now is the other apes, which are list on this side, which is agent Mm. From this one. Now, I don't know how to measure it in Mm, from this point. So let's choose this Dimension Stone. It shows unit in mm. On lives. Exactly. Beginning disappoint. Let's see. There a minimum. So this is 17.7 each. Mm. Which is good enough for us to assume has it in him now, let's again. Is the parts over here one you'll did he. Four, five, 67 It you can just diligence dimension, but your work is done Now we have guessed the holes at a particular required distance with this spacing and this place improperly taken a drug? No, but I need to do EADS. Let's look at the bills now. So what would you typically did? The library received it and it started with creating a package. We gave it a name. Then we set up the good Then who plays the holes now when it to air the region Point So this is a 20 p I select structure and this is my number one one of going. The origin is hiding one square hole and adding all the other says longer hoods other actually is you simply draw a circle on through the layer 21 people. This this is the 21 people a slayer legis draw circle over here because our greatest big circle appearing is big one. So let's most radiant separated states Little bitch for now, listen, good points. It'll five and let's move it you What's my job is done. I am going to make it 1.27 There's no reason. Points no. What's the origin point person? We need to really independently give it order, willing to give it the numbers in which they have to be. So this is the number one 89 and this is 16. So to really in the packs, this is this step. Just take the name Drew, or you can just type on here or click on here, which is the name to it. The just click on each one. Simply call it one have been the same strip, too. - Now we have real names. Our parts in this case we have holds not really clear the Pakistan image. It's to add the practice dimension. We need to draw our dimensional at this layer 51. You don't to do that. Let's use this line, too, is the layer to 51 which is a document layer. This defines the maximum package dimension as a standard practice. I used to keep rich a little bit more than the actual That's six. Once here package dimension addition is done now are the silkscreen same processes to computer, but the layer 21 which is the simples, this fire, the silk screen like this and added exactly above it. Next six. But it's a skip Funston. No, you have also did sell screen. The last step to do is put some placeholders where the device the value will appear. How to do that? Just use the next cycle. And here enter text name exactly like it's the course. This me place of somewhere where you want the name to appear, usually name. Want to appear at this point explicit here before that, Make sure you place the me at the layer 25 so let's take next name and place it on there. Grant defense limbs repeat the same process for value this time. Jules, 27 layer and dick. We are just type the text value. It's even value implicit over here. If you want any other information onto it like device name or something like that, Just jewels on text, like so more for B. That's what I want to appear. And I want to appear on silkscreen, which is 3 21 in this. This is like this, so that's about it. Once they're done, it justly conceived on your device. It see? So here we have created our first package, the next treatments to create a symbol and the last thing is toe are the practice to the symbols. So let's finish this. Complete this assignment Andan. Let's move on to the next for your victory elite symbol. That's what you 21. Eagle Create Custom Library Part 2: Hi there. So in our last session, what we did mostly created a particular custom footprints or package. Now what we need to do is to create a symbol for the particular package. So if you look at the whole country panel now in the libraries in the library that you have created in the footprints, you can see all of the footprint. It's generator. No, we have to do a package or here to create a symbol for this particular package. So just right, click this library and you can open that will open the particular elaborated section from here Way had taken footprint before to create a footprint. Now, like it are, never click on this symbol so that we can create a new simple forage again in the same way . Here we have to give us a full name. And he was so more 40. Are you? It can really name that he wants for your device. Great meal symbol. Yes, it's exactly like before we are open here now to create a symbol in agreed. But this time his greed will affect us. It won't find that creamy for our rights. So let's just turn it off. But given the size this 0.1 inch are reported five foot, remember, That's okay. Now what we need to do is really to create this kind off symbol. So simple square with eight points on each side, will you? The first thing we need to do is all the sex aeroplane here, which will be available for you. The first thing. It's a link prints. Select the spin symbol over here, or just type will. And you can go on adding Prince Avalere H mints one after another. 1234567 h. Then I will click right click once and then I don't particular distance. Really click eight more. 12345678 So all six infants have been done placing now what? We need to raise money to change the pin names. They should match our device like this on, so we have to change the pin names according to distance. Let's go to assemble now and click on name this gold clicking in each unusual. I don't like it here. What is the force? Brendan, You is deep lis if needed. What you can do is you can arrange this window here and you can arrange this window here so that you could see them say the best. The second been we have. It's U S B minus. Her bill, I can see is next slash limbless. Next is review slash volume Ellis. Then a week even you think you do ground, Mrs. These are statements. Let's move ability between this minutes vcc this business ground. So let's if the ground is already existing your started, don't you? This minutes optics this with sticks BC and those are the U. S. C. Underscore. Speak less and this is my house. I won't allow me to create through bins labeled girl scholar ground in this Impala weaken my newly connected particularly no. We have changed opinions off all our prints. Next thing to do is adding us symbol outline so it won't look good in our schematic. So really tried a symbol outline. Do you know that just like on this line button, I'm John, create a symbol out like this? Sure, it looks. Goods is the Wantage. If you don't want this big symbol, you might try it changing our you would like taking all the pins and all the symbols closer . To do that, you'll have to manually move each one off them like this. But no nurse later, mixing a pride in simple outline, it's to place the name and dilute. Yes, older, just like how would you? Didn't they package so? Name should be a text like this. Rest regular. Nine different things take on the extra name on lips. Click it on Layer 95. Thanks just would name here, then repeated for value this sandwich 96 Value 96. After all is done, we can change the pin directions as the let's let. So you know that really true. It's simply take on the particular pin, going to properties and just see the direction. Most of events I always okay, which is input as fellas or put in for all the pins. But if needed, you can manually change. Some are imports and some or all ports. Liquids by the forge, all of the pencil look like I hardly you can also travel tcisa lent, and you can just see for different lengths are available for those bills. So shark is something like that. Really, it's something like this is available on the long would give us very long. So far, not this little bit is okay for us. So that's about creating a particular symbol for our board. Looks tragedy Jing. This spins too, huh? Parliaments in the properties stretching industry knows little always So you have to decide which means are needed to be watch according you And if you don't know this isn't matching And just after you're done people see But so we have created a package as a lesson here created a symbol In this video we'll see how we can create a device which can explode the package and symbol to each other assortments video. 22. Eagle Create Custom Library Part 3: so we love studying how we continue to custom part in Eagle. So far, we have commuted a footprint on. We have created a symbol. And now it's time to create a device out of the studio. So let's figure so in creating the device. What you need to do is simply open your library over here. Just like what we have been doing. But now you can see a footprint. Is there? I understand. Borders do. What do you need to do is create a device. By clicking on this, I can again given name to your device. I'll give it a name so more 40 morning. Just so more for diesel. So okay, create new delis. Yes. Now this is the device vigil. The very first thing to do is we need to add a symbol over here. Then we need to add a package over here. And then we need to collect them. Using this Alper Fix. And Evelyn, have you place hold up here and do some things? Let's just click on the Ashburton are here. We can also find there are part. It's this is it. I You can see our symbol over here because they look in. The same library is double click touch and add it to the middle position. Now we have taken over Symbol Over here. Here, this look on new at local packets. You have You have the back is that they had a commuter that comes over here. How about a minute to do is we need to collect this symbol names toe those particular pills So going connects here. I need to connect all the spins to the pin numbers. Let's look here for reference. Let's stand from lips So you is the place. It's number one So U S B plus it's been number one click on collect U. S. B minus has been number two. Gonna Let's just go on doing it next. It's been number three. Reveals has been number four. Next, just been number three. Reverses Been number four. Do it carefully. Any given a ticket to I six Ground. It's seven. It is based. Then we have number nine muses C number 10 ground to but number 11 on X three X Alex. Then DX the number tardiness Serious er and then the are and then I speak it bliss. On a speaking miles. So we have connected all the pills to the respect opens in the package. About from that, you can also change the prefix. We have created a model, so let's give a prefix would be even a simple M would have done. Also click on the value time over here so that the value editing can vigil in the device. And let's are some description off the particular components over here. This is so more 40 or your model, which I created on for this. Give him That's okay. So after we collect this involves and been packages, we are prefix and we had a description That's pretty much about which safe your device. This slip on our clear close the lab, I Let's open our projects. One of our projects. Oh, you can see a hodge. What? You Our ships are supply. There's open this schematic. Let's see if we can add our model, which is called That's So move already because it's Saturday, the libraries in use so so more for the so more still, not less. Once more, going to the library's youth. Close the eagle completely. Unless we start being they should know. So once they have you to the package. We have to follow all the steps creating package clearing symbol and in creating a device while reading device, really to connect all the pins to their respective pills. Um, the leadership leadership is very, very important. Whenever you are creating any kind of custom symbol, you must not skip on. Looking at the dimensions over here, similarly can also create 70 devices off ICI's or any kind of device. Inborn thing is looking to the Detach it over here and look for some standard packages. Let's open the schematic again on Let's Try to See If we can find the so more 40 as the delays and so more 40 is there. Along with this package, you can just place it and you can start using it. Normally, as against the big names, numbers are all connected to each other, prefix emotive. One is also there. I'm That's pretty much about creating a device that's watching this video 23. Use Autorouter for single sided PCB: So far, we have seen how we can route our PC Meade's manually by dragging every single track. But you must all know that there is a shortcut to this matter, and that's called it's or the rotor. Many people call using out rotor as a cheating with Pacific design, which is technically not true. But, yes, the PCBs, which are auto rotated, are not as good as the ones which are my newly daughter. But if you know that your project, it's simple, and you don't have to do any complex design on if it's a simple one time job or anything like that, you can definitely use order, Rhoda. But before using Auchterarder, also, it is important that your placements or the Leo should be appropriate. For example, dis crystal gets connected to the students, so it's not at all logical to place this crystal from instrument here. Toe here at disposition, so mixture on your tracks or your components are placed appropriately close to each other, the for using all the road to get the best pencils. So let's say in this video how we can alter out using a single layer are only using this single cider PCB. And in the next video we'll see how toe double sided Pacific No before order routing. I need to manually, completely under out all the traces. So let's under out all of them at once. Just use the same command, ripped up and give us semicolon with semicolon. It will rip up all the signals. Now all the signals are ripped up, and now you can start using the order odor. So just go to the tools on the road. Here you can select the layers. I want only bottom copper to be routed so all of the layers, including top, should be and are not available if needed. You can also go on to select some rules for it. Basically, there are three settings low, medium and high, so let's choose low efforts and click on. Continue the PCB now affiliate completely or toted. As for other requirement, the track sizes are chosen to be the default ones, and one sex completed. It shows 100 person. I'll just do n job here magic and see. The entire PCB has been on the road completely. Now you can see that the size off the area or the size of the track is a little bit different as compared to the fort was needed. Okay, so let's go to the DRC. These are the present rules. So layers, clearance distance sizes. So minimum track where you can set it over here. And then when the order wrote off, let's see what difference baggage I'll just do. Control set. Then I'll go to tools, DRC and in the science minimum verite. I'll choose it to be 15 minutes and just look on. Apply Now Let's try to run the or the rotor once again stuck. Now, this time it will be routed with the chosen track sites. You can see the progress here based upon the spirit of the computer. Okay, I made one mistake. I chose both dealer's lot of voting vignettes. I should have manually choosen on leave only again go to tools or two wrote off and choose . Only Bottomley continue stuck so they do not know their PCB. Make sure whenever your views about the rotor do it safely. Check the design rules hasn't been needed for what track sizes You need to be presenting your PC. No, it's done. I just enjoy. You can see No, the tracks are there with the press. Azov 15 mils. So that's how we do the auto routing for a single sided PCB. 24. Use Autorouter for Double sided PCB: they're in our last session, we have seen how we can order out or use the order out on a tour of the single cider PCV. Now let's see how we can do it for a double sided Chris Eby. And for that sick. We have chosen a different board here. So again, following the same process, go to tools the RC. Make sure you change your track says as per expectation. Now I have chosen 10 as my taxes and then go to tools so tough Continue. So it started. No, just enjoy. And you can see it's been broken completely. So that's about it. Divi us are placed automatically. The track surplus automatically. Everything is there completely done for us. Make sure you choose Arturo wisely and properly. That's watching. 25. Copy frequently required parts in your library: Hi there. In this video, we're going to see how we can create a sub library are simply see, copy some parts which are very frequently used in number of different projects and which represented a number of different libraries into your one library so that they're accessible. Any time anybody want to create a new project under, you're lively in them. So far, we have seen how to create a library off our own by going into the library section. So just follow through in this video, what you have to do is you have to open your library by clicking here into this lab to the section. Then it will show up the libraries and here you have to select the one which is your library here. In this case, it's my library in Libya. I have just created one component year in the demo video that we have seen. But I have added two more components inviolability when I have operated them from some of the level. Let's see hope so go to the Adivasis here and just like on import after getting import the same at a components Monroeville, open up where you can choose any component that you want to add in your library and then just save your level. So this is the Inter Library open to me. What I can do is I can just search for a component. For example, I'll Jude's microcontroller. It didn't f for 52 for example. I got that. And now I want to add this. I see. And the package to my left is just click OK, here it will open that device into your library. What you have to do next is just savior. Levity and Rick Close double click that device. Oh, they're just tried some of the fun. Let's choose the style, which is really commonly used. Lewis. Just double click that device and it opens up. What you need to do is simply click on save right, close this window next time, then you want to get or at a new part just like iron and in the component window that comes out school down to your liability. So this is my library, a meteor. You can see one in 4004 It's added here, just like okay and you will be able to place the company. I hope that's also issue whenever. If you face this kind of issue on it is also handy tune to have all the components at one place, which used frequently under you elaborate as much of this video. 26. Print a Single Sided PCB: now say this is our single sided PCB on whenever we create a single sided BC me we many times usedto want to solder it or create the PCB completely at our home, using the teaching solution on printing and doing all those things become also carry out this operation for a prototype PC. So generally the process. It is very simple ability to print out the layout on toe a particular photo paper you choose photo paper, typically the same foot of paper materials for renting or photographs. So choose a four sides for the paper and then he was a laser printer. So what happens is when we printed using laser printer on toe for toe paper. What happens is that tuna in the laser gets engraved onto the or get sprinted onto the photo paper. Now the toner gets printed due to the huge and Richard and said the predator Next what? You have to do it. You have to place that for the paper onto your PCB and then use a hot iron toe. Press it from the top said so that the tuner again get seated, and now it gets transferred from paper onto the PCB many of your normal distinct. If you don't know, you can always message me to know more about this things that's not part of this course. A living. It's a retail operation. You just google it and you'll find it. We'll see how we can create a printout off our ppd ho how we can create a printout of ours layout for doing this single centered operation. Before that, make sure you check your PCB correctly if needed. You may also want to modify The distances of the tracks are, if needed. You can also modify the track sizes as needed to take the printout. It's very clear that you have to go to file and print option. But what happens by default is that whenever mutual sprint option, the entire PCB wants to get printed like that. We don't want that. If I have to create a single centerpiece city, I want only the blue tracks and this holes the component holes. I don't want this silkscreen. So for that, go to the view on layer settings. Here, almost all the layers are visible, so what you need to do is go on removing those layers which you don't want. For example, I don't want Tom Player. I don't want under out there area. I don't want the names. I don't want to be names. I don't want the values. I don't want to be pollutes. I don't want uh this origins people is and BP's all agreements now are not symbols. Just go on removing them one after another, dimensions will lead, so just keep it whiles We don't need parts we need. So let's see the origins. Those are the layers of the symbols and that's above. Click on. OK, make sure you know what you have made or what you have onset. Now this is ready for printing. No, go to the file menu. She was the print. If you have a print to pdf, very good human. Better printed off to a pdf file before printing directly from laser. Otherwise, you can also printed directly, So these are all my printers available. Make sure the scale factor has to be only one. It shouldn't be anything else. As for your requirements, you may or may not want to Mineral PCB. Generally, if you're generating a single centerpieces me with the matter that I have shown. Then there is no need to moderate, because anyways, the page would be flipped. Then you're going toe. Use the heart, Ryan. This just the scale factor being one and click on OK. If it's sprint to pdf, it will pop up a window to save the period. Fine. Let's save it. If it's barricade printer or directly given to the printer vendor print, develop print pitch. Let's see. So that's the PC. You can not directly parentage. If neither you can further do some experimentation to remove this whole as the let's remove some tracks which are seeing here UnTech and so on. So that's thought about printing the particularly out that's watching this video. 27. Gerber File Extraction: Hello. Everyone in this station will see how we can extract Gerber files from the design. Were wit eagle PCB designing software here I'm using the registers off. There are the latest version of Eagle, which is 9.1 point three on here is like sample secretly saying we all know that evil is one of the most popular software for the iron makers and the company's altogether. So let's see, how do we extract the Gerber files and how you can send it to the manufacturer? So let's have done completing you're designing with Eagle. All you have to do is go to the file menu and here, locanda campuses. Once you click on the campus, sister and I love but still open there you can select what I paths are what you need. So in the global section here, you can select the food most of the medical channel support, along with US support artists to someone before exe so select others to zone before exe. Then you can select the variations off whatever be layers that are present year. This is the drill data here you can select toe are exported as it's fine are unusual finds will be output. Remember this output refrigerator in the exact same folder where your PCV it's kept. So this design files let me see. Those are here in this 4 to 3 to break out. So there is this very honest each time after it, click the process job my garbled datable Bischel. Later, in the same folder, it asks me for a location. I'm choosing the same folder and click on see So as you can see, the gonna verify initial later about from that. If you want to save this job, then you can save each other ways. Just close this window by giving this card is your message. You can see this is the tip line, which is needed to be sent to the manufacturer for manufacturing European cities. Just send this file as an attachment through the email drip referred manufacturer. They'll understand how to make you something straight up and quote you for the PC. It's thanks for watching this video 28. Generate Bill Of Materials: so far we have in generating lots of different receive its single said it has a vegetable seller wants indecision will see how we can export the bill of materials off the PCB. Beloved metal, basically is the fact sheet which a soldering person has in his hands to know what is the value of this are to register. What is this, Stephen? What is this d two and how these things are to be connected? 1,000,000,000 is very important from the manufacturing point off you. Whenever you're manufacturing Europea series in house or whether you're getting it manufactured from someone with the bill of material, you don't need to look into the schematic all the time to know that he is. This is a one can register and this It's exercise here and so and so So let's see how the considerate Bill of Material Toe General Bill of material Go to this schematic file off your PCB and go to the file menu and just look for export Here you can have this be om tap . A simple partners car also exported. About 1,000,000,000 is better. It's properly formatted. So part number, their values the device package description all these details are present, you know, be way more bill of materials. You can choose whether you want to see us. We find ordinance Jamil file or a text file. Anything will do so if I just shoot extreme ill, then I can view the building and it looks like this. If I want, I can also save it in the last me for some location Lex shoes downloads as a location. I have open it if 2 to 3 to release Chairman that Faillace sit. If I want. Next, I can say with That's next. Next was the same location downloads after do the European. Here is my honors for love. So this is after 23 Do not txt the beloved mental. Not that properly arranged. But if you look at this file into a browser, then they should look a little bit better. A CS refile also can be exported, as have seen into the options. So that's about it. That's all you should read. Abuse him for your PCB so that it becomes easier for you to manufacturer solder those boards that's watching this video 29. Conclusion: Hi there. Congratulations on completing the scores off. Principal design using Eagle. I hope you have enjoyed the loaning off the Pacific design using Eagle on you might have completed all the assignments till now. Now, the key to success in PCB design or any kind of circuit design is practice. The more you practice, the more export it will become into it. So I want you to practice it eagle as much as possible at least once in a week or twice in a month. And keep designing some sample circuits on order the Pacific's online from multiple different website and wherever you face any difficulty in designing with Eagle, just shoot me an email. Happy learning.