PC Maintenance 2015 | Hannah Kramer | Skillshare

PC Maintenance 2015

Hannah Kramer

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12 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Introduction to PC Maintenance

    • 2. Data on the Desktop

    • 3. Checking for Duplicate Virus and Malware Programs

    • 4. Remove Unwanted Programs

    • 5. Turn Off Skype When Not In Use

    • 6. Update Your Graphics Card Drivers

    • 7. Windows Updates

    • 8. Run CCleaner On A Monthly Basis

    • 9. More Ram Will Speed Up Your Computer

    • 10. Run Disk Degragment Once A Month

    • 11. Run Check Disk Once A Month

    • 12. The End!


About This Class

In this ONE hour live, on-line course your tutor will reveal:

  • The startling truth about computer maintenance – And why it is important for you to learn how to do it yourself
  • Ten tasks you should do regularly to ensure your PC or laptop runs at its best
  • Secrets ONLY 5% of computer users know that guarantees a fast PC every time

Why take this course?

Yes, you can do your own computer maintenance. Here are five reasons why you need to learn to do it yourself:

  • It saves you money – no more expensive trips to the techies
  • It will save you time – the techie has a lot to do and will either take your PC away, or be busy working on it, for a while
  • It will speed up your computer and extend its life
  • You will be in charge of your own computer and not have to rely on someone else to manage it for you
  • You learn some new skills

Course requirements

You will need a Personal Computer or a PC Laptop with windows 7 or 8. Students with earlier operating systems have found the course beneficial, but you need to be able to apply the differences yourself. You also need a headset with a microphone.

The course is co-written by an IT support veteran and a qualified teacher, each with 30 years' worth of experience.