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PARENTS: How to Raise an Entrepreneur in your Kids

teacher avatar Sandra Lynn, - practical life skills

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Intro - Get Started with your Entrepreneur

    • 2. Entrepreneurial Parenting

    • 3. Recognize Traits & Support Mindset

    • 4. Grow Mindset & Skills

    • 5. Raise an Entrepreneur: Project

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About This Class

Do your kids dream of starting their own business? This Skillshare lesson will show you, as parents of a school-aged kid, How to Raise an Entrepreneur by identifying skills and growing their mindset for small business and making money.  


Brought to you by Kidsperiences Team - where kids teach kids cool stuff they’re into, and families have fun learning together.

Maybe you have an older elementary, tween or teen asking about starting a business or trying to make extra money. For parents with a budding kid entrepreneur in your home, this course is for you.

According to CMO Magazine, Gen Z kids are telling us they want to be entrepreneurs. About 72% of current high-schoolers want to own their own businesses, and 76% hope they can turn their hobbies into full-time jobs.

We will show you how to recognize entrepreneurial traits, how to support and grow the entrepreneurial mindset, and ideas for how to get this going in your home.


Kidsperiences works to support you and your school-aged kids with fun educational information delivered in all media brought to you with how-tos from other kids. Fresh content any way you like you – read, watch, share, take with you.  We stay ahead of trends, and kids can work on anything they are interested in.  We partner with families, and kids make their experiences their own.

Meet Your Teacher

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Sandra Lynn - practical life skills


Offered by, these courses are lead by an experienced strategic marketing entrepreneur, and seasoned business owner who has helped hundreds of leading businesses develop new business and organize for growth through direct marketing and interactive marketing, and business development consulting. She's been nominated for Working Woman Magazine's Entrepreneurial Excellence Award, Inc./MCI's Positive Performer Award, Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year, and GE's "Women Helping Women" Award. She's taught e-marketing classes at NYU Stern, Columbia, Pace, and FIT, as well as continuing education programs; and worked with several of the Shark Tank hosts.

She is active in the mentoring and tutoring of young people and entrepreneurs, and taught toddlers at Sunday... See full profile

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1. Intro - Get Started with your Entrepreneur: you're in the right place. If you have a kid asking about how to make money, this lesson will show you his parents of a double digit kid. How to raise an entrepreneur brought to you by the kid's parents. His team, where kids teach kids cool stuff there into families. The fun. Learning again. Maybe you have an older elementary child Tween or teen asking about starting a business. We're trying to make extra money her parents for the budding kid entrepreneur in your home , this course is for you. Gen Z kids are telling us they want to be entrepreneurs. About 72% of current high schoolers want to own their own businesses, and 76% hope they can turn their hobbies into full time jobs. Way will show you how to recognize entrepreneurial traits like money management and good people skills a lot of support and grow the entrepreneurial mindset. Ideas on how to get this going in your home joined now by clicking the enroll button and let's get started 2. Entrepreneurial Parenting: well parents to the first video of this force on how to raise an entrepreneur. You get lots of practical tips soon, but let's start a little bit about the benefits of an entrepreneurial education. First. Did you take this course because you think you might have a young entrepreneur under your roof? Well, if you do, then you might already know that entrepreneurship is a lot more than owning a business. You learn to the innovative and creative lead and become more responsible and independent, too. This kind of mindset and these skills are needed in jobs, money management and even just a successful daily life. There was a place for everyone of business. It's not just kids who want to be a boss or run their own business someday. Every kind of entrepreneurial adventure needs all kinds of talents, from number work to create a talent to sales and growing their muscles for flexibility. And being adaptive in the future will take them far in in any area. So why is entrepreneurship so important? Well, even without a business, we've talked about some of the skills that are great benefits entrepreneurship, like critical thinking, decision making and money management. They all certainly also learned the value off. Working and serving, starting a business look great on school applications for college or maybe for private schools. It's something to set themselves apart. Kids can also distinguish themselves as leaders, team warmers and providing good service. Either way, raising your kids with an entrepreneurial spirit will give them a huge advantage. Living and thinking these principles from a young age, it's gonna put them years ahead of the game. If they actually do want to start their own business someday, we'll also make them stronger candidates in today's job market tomorrow and down the road. As jobs keep changing and the structure keeps changing and along the way this experience your parents come on a lot from a do Entrepreneurship is a talent that combines many skills and experiences and is one of the best ways to make money, offering lots of freedom and growth like no other career or working possibly provide. According to the Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education, seven of 10 high school students want to start their own business. I was surprised these days, right? They appreciate the opportunity to exercise their creative freedoms, and they have a greater sense of control over their life and future. Who doesn't want that? They also have a higher self esteem because they put their skills to use in a way that combines their talents from selling toe, handling money and working with people. And these skills conserve them well in life and the careers later on, whether they continue in the small business realm or not, Warren Buffett says the most important investment you can make is in yourself. We say an entrepreneurship education is one of the best ways to do that. Do you agree? Well, let's know. See how all this happens. Even though 43% of all kids and fifth through 12th grades say they want to be an entrepreneur Sunday on Lee, 7% say they had an experience to get them there something like maybe a mentor or, you know, a job internship or no actual part time work or something. So how can we support these kids in their efforts in entrepreneurship? Well, did you know that 42% of Jen's ears follow their parents influence compared to just 36% of millennials? So what does this mean? Well, the Gen Z's are your older elementary and Tweens. So it sounds like this there will listen better to parents than maybe they're millennials, which are the older teens. I don't know about that, but it might be so in your house, and that would be a great thing. But then, this also is a great thing to because it means that you, as a parent, can play a crucial role in helping them get a venture started. So now you're probably thinking, Oh, it's on May. Now what? Well, fortunately, entrepreneurial parenting does not take any special skills or even any business talent. Good news is you don't even have to own your own business to teach some entrepreneurial skills to your Children. If your child shows interest in business or making money promise in some of these areas that we've talked about well, there are ways to encourage entrepreneurship right at your home, doing the things you normally dio. Parental involvement is vital and kids ability to put their entrepreneurial mindset toe work. Since they may have some skills and talents, they really need your guidance and assistance in order to take this far with their business ideas. All in all, the point is unnecessarily to encourage your kids to have a business immediately. At this early stage, it's really just to teach them all the values that encompasses for any career or any future that they might have in mind. And maybe they can make some extra money right now to which would be a great thing. Well, okay. Our next video will share with you some ways to recognize these traits in your child and help you see if you really do have a budding entrepreneur in your home, Clinton now for the next video so that we can continue on that now. 3. Recognize Traits & Support Mindset: welcome to video to with How to raising cash for your course in this session will talk about recognizing the entrepreneurial traits and mindset in your kids and help you to get everyone thinking about business in general. We hope you find that parents are is interested in the same materials. So don't be so surprised if this gets you thinking If maybe you're an entrepreneur to From what we show you here, you can start to assess the skills and interests and discover business focus and concept. From the last video, we learned about all the great skills your child can learn through entrepreneurial training . Well, let's start back from there for a moment. Remember, entrepreneurial mindset can help your kids prepare for the real world. Whether or not they want to own your business soon or even Sunday. Skills that will pick up along the way will help him succeed in any work environment. These life skills for speaking, dealing with people, problem solving, creativity, money management, tenacity will serve them anywhere they want to go. Do you own your own business now or when you were a kid? Maybe you dreamed of being your own boss. Did you wish you could make lots of money and run the whole show. Well, maybe that's how to great then. But, you know, it's not quite that simple. Let's see what it takes. It's been said an entrepreneur. Isn't someone who starts a business. It's someone who makes things happen. Starting your own business takes the ability to see things before they exist and then go create it well, almost like an artist. Creating something from nothing is just incredible. So what mine entrepreneur should look like in your child? Well, there's no one formula for success here. It's really a mix of many different characteristics. And don't think of this as a total checklists as we go through them, but rather a general idea of some factors that typically lead to entrepreneurial success. Let's go over a few of them now, and maybe you can see how your child will make a great business leader now or in the future . Is your child curious? Let's ask a lot of questions. Why, Why, why? Why I was a child. Get excited about learning new things. They tackle new projects. Maybe your child likes money and serving others are coming up with projects. Is your child invent things like starting up new games or taking Lego and not following the kid but using the mixed up box and coming up with their own things? Entrepreneurs often teach and certainly lead others. You see this already in your child is your shot on the dreamer? Maybe they think of some really unusual, like really large ideas or some different ways of doing things than anybody would come up with. Did they get lost in projects like Just get into the flow of things? Was your child good with people? I mean unnecessarily outgoing, but at least friendly with people and asks questions and stands up for themselves. Maybe even a little stubborn knows what they want and knows how to get it. Being a good negotiator is a really important trait. Might be difficult now at home, but is a fantastic thing for their future. Do you have a risk taker? Well, that might carry a little bit right now, but that's somebody who doesn't give up too easy. And that's a really good trait in the long run. Maybe you think being smart is a given, but really what we're talking about here is street smarts. You know, that kind of grit that sees things that other people don't see in the real world, really getting down to it. It probably wars you a bit if your child is bored easily. But it's kind of a good thing because they'll come up with new ways to keep themselves interested. He coming up with projects and not be interested in just the regular things like everyone else. Is your child managed money well, or do they take all their gift and earned quick money and spend it right away that she could like numbers and solving problems? What about wanting to be a boss? Maybe they've already tried Eliminate stand or garage sale kind of business. Doesn't mind having to speak up. I mean that necessarily public speaking and definitely not, You know, sales the aggressive. But you know, stocks talks for themselves or maybe even a town election show off a little bit. Well, let's go kick going, and we know that there's lots of skills that have business knees. But if you could recognize some of the traits we talked about, watch how they handle money, maybe they talk about wanting some large items in the future or maybe being a video store on YouTube and also watch how they handle failure. These things are indicators, some strong personalities for actually a good success down the road, Richard Branson says. Business has to be involving, and it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts. Remember, entrepreneurship is not so much a job or work. It's much more of a lifestyle. Entrepreneurs see opportunities everywhere, and it's a way of thinking and seeing things. That's where the aptitude and the importance of life skills in relation to the academic focus just can't be stressed enough on Thomas have toe like working with all kinds of people, talk to strangers. Navigating these situations and find solutions to problems sounds a little different than your mainstream parenting advice. Right now, let's talk about how you can best support his business, Mind said. Right at home, maybe have a desk area. Maybe you actually do some teaching at home. I mean, I don't know necessarily home school, but you have an area where the kids study. Let them explore in an organized way, either being a partner with your child, or maybe just overseeing and doing some things on their own, encourage them to work from something ordinary. Maybe they can turn it into something really spectacular when he turned it into a gang and make any everything fun. You could take the kids on a field trip during the day, but also there are teachable moments and everything that you dio. Actually, you could just turn normal daily things into a game trip to the grocery store could be absolute drudgery. Or you could turn it into something interesting so the kids can work on their confidences with budgeting and money management meal planning. And then this way it kind of combines a lot of the talents and a lot of things that you'll need in the business, even cooking or baking. Concern. One simple task into a learning experience. You can work on things from the recipes to following instructions, being responsible, knowing that you need to clean up. I mean, there's a lot of aspects to working in the kitchen that kind of translate to business in many ways, and that brings us to the end of this lesson. We've covered the different traits for entrepreneurship and how to support the mindset. In the next video, we'll explore specific things you can do at home in order to grow your young entrepreneur clipped to continue now. 4. Grow Mindset & Skills: in this lesson, we'll talk about the 11 ways that you can grow the entrepreneurial mindset and skills that we've talked about in the earlier videos of this course. We've set up the foundation for you and lined up a strategy. So here are some specific things that parents can dio in order support your kids. Maybe some of the ideas ideas that we're gonna talk about will make sense for you when will fit in your home. And there's really no order to these 11 ways at all or no priority, just kind of pick and choose the things that make sense for you, and we'll give you some ideas on how to advance them in your home. Number one is to encourage their passions, invest in the things that they're the most interested in, encourage them to learn more about the things that they're telling you that that they like the most. You can look for local events about these particular things, and maybe even introduced them to some new people that friends that they hadn't had before that had these exact interests also visit some local spots that might really get their creative thinking going. I mean How many times have you heard about a Prodigy kid who makes a $1,000,000 from their business at the age of eight? And some kids really do have intense focus? It's worth exploring based on your kid's level. The second concept is to encourage them to look for opportunities. Don't tell them something's too expensive when they say they're interested in something, maybe say yes and ask them how they plan to earn the money for It. Kind of helped them come up with some ideas on what they can do to earn the money, and then they'll feel good that they can actually, you know, have a process to get what they want. Maybe try not to say no. I know it's hard and it may not fit in all situations. It is just a new idea, but what helps is to show your child how to break the job down into very tiny steps. You know, when you have baby steps, it's not overwhelming, and you can show them how to get there in a way that's age appropriate. Help them find ways to turn hobbies and interests into businesses, hits doing lemonade stands and yard work for money may or may not actually be entrepreneurs down the road, but making money right now really help them feel empowered and give him some good freedoms . We do have a small warning here about some of the legal issues that might be in your area. Um, you would have minority age business. You might need a vendor license or people were some certificates in order to do with Stand your booth in your city. Now we heard that the Zappos founder Tony Day out of business farming worms at an age of nine. I mean, there are just so many different ideas to make money someone to our last idea. This fourth way is to empower your kids with an open mind, kind of helping them come up with ideas from the things that they're interested in that are their hobbies, but kind of taking it into a twist, like making them think a little differently than they might. So if they love pets, for example, they could do adult walking business, or they could do a pet sitting business. They're kind of two opposite ends. You have a child selects, too, so we'll have them think about it in completely different directions. I mean, they could be repairing things where they could be creating things to different idea, maybe a Charles into crafts. Well, they could sell it in a understand at a garage sale. Or they could even sell it online at one of the websites that lets you do that. Um, if that's okay, appropriate for his age. What if you have a musician as a child? Well, obviously they could perform, and you know what to charge for that. But also there's so many other ideas they could create events. They could write music for other people. A lot of a lot of different way. Or what about the child was into technology? Well, maybe she could repair things or could teach seniors how to use the Internet or could maybe make a website. No adult gets a paycheck or free money weekly without work. So maybe just don't give your kids and automatic allowance. I mean, clearly there are jobs that are required as part of the family, and everybody has that cleaning cocaine, keeping their space in order, but maybe have some extra jobs around the house that are always available. People list on the refrigerator with dollar amounts assigned to these kinds of paid job experiences. Things like working on the car or window cleaning things. Maybe that happened monthly and aren't, you know, keeping track of their own space? Some families use allowance to teach money skills, which is absolutely a great thing. But one missed opportunity is to really associate work with doing the job well, doing quality work and not just getting it over with. So this is one way to associate money with that kind of work. Our six concept is to encourage your kids to do some non paid job experiences, both at home and at school or even out. Maybe they can help their sibling or in clean up their room or go back to the school and help out there help a neighbor with some errands. This kind of work teaches them to observe other people, care about what other people are doing and shows them how to serve. Others show them how to use a small business effort, like a vendor table or a selling booth in order to fund raise for school, church or groups they participate in, like sports teams or maybe they're scouting. How about taking that eliminates stand concept and start earning some money for a social cause, or maybe their favorite charity? Encourage money management? Financial education is crucial to future success. So if you are giving your child $10 maybe for something they earned or a gift they've gotten instead of giving them a $10 bill, give them 15 a couple of ones and the coins. That way they can divide up the money much more easily into their money jars. You know the three money jars spend, save, give. The other thing this does is if you keep track of the balances with an index card on top of the jars. It's exactly like the deposits in the credits when they're ready to open a bank account, then don't know exactly what to do as you go about your normal day with your child. That brings us to the knife way, which is taking a look around them and thinking about what they're seeing in signs and billboards and certain advertising. If you look at a magazine, what does it say? Do you really know what the company is selling and what they're trying to say to you, What about the signs and the colors? What do you reacting? Teoh Life, Education and the real world Examples helps solidify the things that they're learning in other ways. It's a great way to expand knowledge and bring it into the real real world. Our 10th idea is to use games and play in order to encourage the entrepreneurial mindset. Games like monopoly teach money. Life teaches well, life and just teaches strategy. So these things we know. But we can stretch and Lawrence new things, like participating in the school's junior achievement program or any of the after school business or leadership clubs. There are shows also on the Internet that you could watch online, like Shark Tank or Ted. Talks for Kids have other kinds of videos. There are also online games. I know parents, but there are brain teasers and money games and business skill builders. So you have to look out for those. You can do this every season. Have them put the stuff together that they're not using anymore, and I have to use your account or safely with you. You can go online Teoh E Day or Christ list or even just a local garage sale and sell these Ayotte's turn it into, ah, whole day's activity. If you want or get some other kids together and turn it into something fun, this is gonna teach them how to guess prices follow through a sales process and figuring out how to talk to customers, maybe even have to deliver something. So this is a great way to kind of bring entrepreneurship all the skills together. So build that mindset and build those skills as we come to the end of our force. Now there's one more thing that we need to talk about, and that's you. Most importantly, you as the parent of the caretaker Uran example. So think about how you're acting on the different traits and skills as you go through the day, what you're sharing with them and how you're handling money and business type activities there watching and you have a wonderful opportunity just being you. You also as a plus, put up and find a mentor, somebody who already runs a business that they could talk Teoh as they build this and things go on. Okay, here's where we come to the part where we ask you to give us a review, so there's a link below. So please do that. And the last thing is to start getting real about this. We're gonna have one quick video at the end. Now, Teoh, tell you about the project, so please click down. And while we hope to see you bring success to your family and really encourage and nurture your kids in entrepreneurship, thanks for joining us and take a look in some of our information and our bio or the about section that you can track us further and hope to see you on other courses. Take care. 5. Raise an Entrepreneur: Project: in this quick video are the details for you to be able to complete the project section below our project is to go out and interview an entrepreneur, have your child fine and talked to a local entrepreneur and learn how they got started and about their success. Everyone probably knows someone who owns their own business, Big One or a small business. Or, you know, maybe some neighbor has a business or a friend, or it might even be yourself. Most entrepreneurs are happy to give advice to young people and share their experiences and ideas. So get your child, Teoh, have that talk and then put a post down below into that section in the tab and let us know what kind of a person or industry they interviewed. And one key learning or great idea that they got. And that's everything for this course. So please don't forget to leave us a review and we'll see you next time. Join us online anywhere you've got the links in our about section or the overview and until next time, here's to your success