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PALMISTRY: Learn Palm Reading Secrets!

teacher avatar Sage Logan, I Teach Spiritual Topics.

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Palmistry INTRODUCTION

    • 2. Hand Shape & The Fingers

    • 3. The Primary Lines Of The Palm

    • 4. The Mounts Of The Palm

    • 5. The Minor Lines Of The Palm

    • 6. Special Lines Of The Palm

    • 7. Palmistry Conclusion

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About This Class

Enroll Today in this Palmistry class and gain insight into the hidden meaning and wisdom written on your palm of your hand! The ancient art of Palmistry can provide a valuable glimpse into your life’s purpose, potentials, abilities, talents, and opportunities. You will learn all about:

  • The Four Types Of Hands, & Which One You Are!

  • The Mounts of The Hand, & Their Meanings.

  • Understanding The 3 Basic Primary Lines.

  • What Your Fingers & Joints Say about You.

  • The Significance of the Minor Lines.

  • Special Lines, Found Only on The Hands of Few.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sage Logan

I Teach Spiritual Topics.


Hi, I'm Sage, I Am A Musician & Tarot Card Reader In NYC. I Have Taught Spiritual Workshops For Many Years In NYC. I Teach On Topics Like Intuitive Development, Fortune Telling Methods, Natural Magic, Meditation & Shamanic Spirit Journey & More! I Am Excited Now To Teach Here On SKILLSHARE!

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1. Palmistry INTRODUCTION: Hi. I'm Sage Logan. Welcome to this brief class on palmistry. Have you ever wanted to learn more about palmistry? Have you ever seen a line on your hand or shape on your hand? My square or star and thought, Huh? I wonder what that means in this brief class. I'm gonna teach you the basics. A palmistry. So in the first section, I'm going to cover the hand shape before we get into the lines. There's a lot that you can tell from the shape of the hand whether somebody has been skinny fingers, but that they have large hands, small hands, whether they have soft hands or hard hands, rough hands, smooth hands, pale or colorful in terms of lots of color in the hand. A lot of those things could tell you about hand in the second section. I'm gonna cover the primary lines. That's the lifeline Hartline headline. I will get into those lines in the meetings of the various things that go on with those. Then in the third section, we're gonna cover the mounts you might ask. Well, what is amount with amounts are fleshy pads within the hand at certain sections might be more by the hill. Other ones more like a valley and you'll see with that section what those mean and next we'll cover the minor lines. Now the minor lines are lines like Fate line, the health line, the marriage line, the Children lines thes airlines that not everybody has, but most people do, and then lastly, will cover the special lines. These airlines that not everybody has, actually very few people have. But when you do have them has a very interesting meanings. So if you want to learn more about palmistry and be able to take a look at people on the street and see their hands or somebody sitting in a restaurant and know something about them that enrolled in the class today, let's get started. 2. Hand Shape & The Fingers: Hey, so welcome to the course. And before we get started on the lines, we have to look at the hand itself. So the hand itself can tell you a lot of things before even look at the lines. This is very useful because if you're looking at people across a table, you can really tell a lot about the person before you even look at their hands. So here are before you look at the lines. So here are some things that you can tell. So, for instance, this is a basic idea of the forehand types You have air, fire, water, earth, air. People are very intellectual. The ideas are important to them and they're they're good at inspiration and coming up with ideas. Fire people are very active. These of people that are athletes, people that are leaders. They're not so much with thought, but very much with action. They do things and they just get things done. Then there's people who are water waters, emotions, feelings. These people are compassionate, they're loving their caring. That's the water people. And then you have the earth people who are very practical, right, very practical, very organized. They think things through. You know, they think to the end. You know exactly how to do things in an organized way. So people with long fingers but and a narrow palm are having air hand right. Sometimes that will correspond even to their signs. So you might want to ask them what their sign is. That might be an air sign as well. People who have short fingers but still a narrow palm are fire these air action people, right? And then you have people with long fingers and a wide palm right. These air water people these air the feelers that people who like to feel people like to explore their their emotions and feelings. And then you have short fingers and a wide palm or broad poem thes of the Earth people, their sturdy, practical people who were, you know, this is an earth hand, right? So those are the four basic types of hands. There's other types, but this is the basics. So after you figured out what type of hand a person has, whether it's air fire, water, earth, really, the fingers of the thing that gonna help you to determine that long fingers, short fingers narrow wide palm right? But the next thing to look at is the the feel of the hand itself. So if somebody has large hands, this is somebody who has a great attention to detail somebody with small hands. They like the broad strokes. They don't necessarily like the details. Details bog them down. Another thing to look at is the color of the hand, right? So if the hand is to read, write. This is This is somebody who's very passionate about life, a pale hand. It's somebody who's really very blase about things. They're just like a whatever and really that like that. Not many things get them going, but people would. Very red. Vibrant hands are people who have, ah, lot of life and and love of life, the smoothness of the hands, how smooth or rough the hand is. Naturally, of course, people you know they're doing construction work or something like that can make their hands rougher, but or or they're using a lot of moisturizer so they could make their hands smoother. But the idea that the smoothness of your hand is how you come off the others, So if your hand is very smooth you come up for a friendly and personal to others, but if the hand is very rough, then that means you come off. You give a strong impression to people. So I've seen. Sometimes I've had you done readings for women that were very attractive. But then you feel their hands and their hands are very rough, and you're like, Well, that's surprising And they're like, Yeah, I rub people the wrong way. So the thing is, is that the warmth of the hands right also tells you there's an old saying. Warm hands, warm heart cold hands, cold heart, right? Some people say that it's the reverse, but I've always heard it that way. Warm hands, warm heart. So feel how warm or cold a person's hands are if you're reading somebody's poem. The other thing is, Is that how soft or hard somebody's hands are so soft? Hands basically mean laziness, right? Somebody who likes comfort and then hard hands or people who have a very strong work ethic , you know, So if you're pressing into the hand, you can feel how hard or soft the hand is, and then the thick and thin nous of the hand people with a thick hand and thick lines. If you look at the lines of their hand, their hands are very ah, their lines of very thick. This means somebody who really is a very strong sense of self, right. Ah, thin hand is very much like somebody who's kind of, ah, almost like a ghost. They're not really there. There, there, there, not very present in their life. Right? And so some people have thinner hands, and some people have thick hands that the cans or people who are just a imposing presence. So the next thing you want to consider is what's called the slope or the cast off of the hand. So if you look at the orange line right, all the fingers on this particular hand tend to start at pretty much the same level. But for most people, their pointer finger is gonna be a little bit lower. And they're pinkie. Finger's gonna be a little bit lower, right? And so the thing is, is that the height of your pointer finger where it starts is your trust in yourself how much confidence you have in yourself? The height of your pinky finger is how much trust you have in others, right? So some people have a very low pinky, and then they don't trust others too much. But then very strong confidence in their Selves. And then sometimes some people there are the reverse there. Pinky starts very high, and there they're pointer hand is very lower. Oh, Arlo Set. So that's something that keep in mind. So if the pinky starts out lower, that's what he said. This is the trust in others. And then this is your trust in yourself. So the next thing to consider is the the flanges eso I've have have them number Here you have the first tip the fingertip, the second middle middle section of the of the finger, and then the third section of the finger. Right. And so these three sections 12 and three. If if you look at your fingers, there won't be evenly spaced meaning all your ones are all your twos or all your threes will be longer. Whichever section is longer has a different meaning. So if you're ones, if the fingertips portion with one section of your fingers is the longest part, that means ideas are the thing that's most important to you, right? If the threes are the longest than comfort is what's most important to you. And if the twos are the ones that along is the middle sections of your of your fingers, then that means activity is what's most important to you. So these are the three sections of the fingers that it's something toe Look at now, if you look at this one I have here are drawn in the nails. Now the depth of the nails, how deep the nail goes. That Dale about itself is how open minded and how patient you are. So some people who are very patient, very open minded will have very deep nails, right? But then there are other people who have nails that arm or like so there are other people have nails that arm, or like this 2nd 1 where all the nail beds are shorter. So when the person is shorter nail beds, that means they're not so open minded. Not so that's open minded and not so patient. So, for instance, one time I was on a train and a guy who was reading a Rush Limbaugh book had very small nails, very thick hands, which means that he's a very strong personality as well as he had a very rough hands. So I thought that was really interesting. So I got gives you an overview of hand shape. So with hand shape, you want to think about the size of the hand. Large hands, small hands, the color of the hand, whether it's red, whether it's pale, um, the feel of the hand, whether the feel is smooth or whether the feel is rough, the temperature, whether it's warm, whether it's cold, how firm are soft and is the strength of the lines and the thickness of the hands themselves. Aan den. Think about the nails, the cast off of the fingers, the various shapes, whether it's air, whether it's fire, whether it's water, whether it's Earth. So these are some of the things that you can tell without even seeing the lines of somebody's hand 3. The Primary Lines Of The Palm: next we're going to talk about the primary lines in the palm. So these are the ones that everyone knows the lifeline, the headline and the heart line. So first I want to talk about the lifeline. So people think that if you have a long lifeline, that it means that you're gonna have a long life in a short lifeline, that a short life and sometimes it's true, but not unnecessarily so in classical palmistry, the way it is is that the lifeline itself is this line here that everyone has in the hand. Right? So that line is the thickness of the line. Comptel you certain things. So the thickness of the line gives you Ah, people have a very thick lifeline. People have a very strong constitution. These are people who are built like an ox. They don't get sick very often. They're very strong. Some people have a very thin lifeline. When they were very thin lifeline where it's vertes, it's not so thick, Right? These are people who can someone times to be frail and especially of the lifeline is so thin where you can barely see it. These are people who could be sickly sometimes, and they have to watch their health more carefully than other people. Some other important things. So most people will have some kind of chaining right by changing, I mean little loops at the beginning of the of their lifeline And that Consignia Fi some ah , tumultuous beginning or that there was the beginning of life was rough going, that there was rough family life and most people goes to write about their now estimate people's life. One of the ways that you can do this is you subdivide the line. So imagine this right or figure out timing on the line. So we figure it this way. If this part here is the beginning of the line, this part here, the end of the line, right? So let's say if you assume a natural life span of 80 let's say then this midpoint here is going to be 40 right? And then you can cut it in half again, and that's gonna be 20. So when people have things like ah, break in their lifeline, where their lifeline just breaks and it continues on. But there's a big break, those things can mean things like, ah, major separation in their life. Or they can also mean that there is going to be, unfortunately, the loss of a child. Sometimes. Even so, those are the type of things where it basically means a major upset where swear your life gets overturned when there's a break in the lifeline. Um, so those are some of the basics of the lifeline itself. Now the line in the middle of the hand right is the headline. Now, one of the ones that's really funny is that, classically in classical palmistry, the headline has to do with your intellect. But there was, if you had a headline that started on the edge of the hand, went full into the other edge of the hand and was completely straight, straight like a butter knife, just completely straight. That was a classical palmistry line that meant the hand of a murderer. So if you're dating a guy and he's got a lifeline, that goes headline. I should say that goes from here to here, and it's completely straight with no deviation. Run, run for your life. So I'm joking. But at the same time, not till drugging s. So that, I guess, is that that So that's the headline. Now the headline has to do with your intellect now one of the things to watch out for with headline that this is something to be careful with some people's this part of the bottom of the hand with the heel of the hand. Some people's headline curves upward. Some people's goes downward. If it goes just slightly downward, that's normal. But if it goes all the way down or even touches this edge of the hand, then that's something to be careful with. Because those are people who have a tendency towards depression. If that if the headline goes all the way down because this is the area of Luna or the section of the Hannah will get its amounts later. But then it curves upward like this one does. Then that's excellent, because that somebody who has, ah, cheerful disposition Now this third line here right is the heart line, right? So you have the lifeline. The headline is in the middle in the heart line, so the hardline itself is your ideas about romance and some of the of how how romance or come to you in your life. So one of the things that's interesting is this section here under this finger. If you're Hartline ends under the middle, finger ends there right then that somebody who could be somewhat of a cold fish when it comes to romance means they don't really give a damn one way or another, you know, whenever the romance ends, like next on to the next one, the people whose, whose hardline ends here? These are people who are devastated by a romance that was a week old and it ended, and they can't get over it for a year. You know, these are people who are just everything affects them. Probably 85% of people's falls in the middle, which essentially means that it depends on the relationship. Some relationships affected deeply other relationships, not as much. One thing that's important is to have a strong heart line because the heart line is strong . That means that there's going to be a strong connection in the romance, and there's some special lines that happen later that we could explain that I'm gonna explain that have to do with romance as well that have to do with how many kids you're gonna have. How many times will be married. That type of thing will get into that in the next section. Now this next line, there's usually most people have a line that goes right down the middle of their hand, which is the fate line. So it's considered sometimes or sometimes career line for some people that they consider it . So the fate line is considered one of the lines that not everybody has a fate lines. If you don't have a fate line, don't worry about it. But there's a double edged sword with the fate line. The good part. If you have a fate line, it means that you have a certain protection over you in terms of your you have a certain fate to fulfill, right. But if you have no fate line at all, it means you don't have a particular fate line, a particular destiny in this particular life. But you have a lot more freedom because you can. You can have a lot more freedom in what you do now in terms of where it goes Traditionally , if your fate line was to end on this finger here, then that means that's basically ah famous fate line. That's people who who goes under the pointer finger. That's Jupiter. That means they're destined for fame. Okay, so I had somebody who I was doing a reading for. He had to clear fame markers, one being a star right on Jupiter. And he had the fate line going to do better as well, which told me, Oh, this guy, I was like, Are you famous? And he was like, Well, actually, I used to be a comedian and I had a comedy special on Comedy Central. I was interesting. So this one has to do with Saturn. If it goes to this finger is more Saturn and seriousness right on dso these air. Most people, most people will go to that one, but it's just that's that's there. And then it goes to this one here, Apollo. Then that's Maurin, the creative arts, right? So somebody who is bound to be an artist of some sort, right? So this one is Saturn. To be more clear, Saturday is basically having a regular path of regular path is the best way I can explain it for their. If it goes to this finger, your fate line, then that means that your pack is mercury, which is science, science or communication. Essentially so that's the path of the fate line. Now some people named the line differently, meaning if it goes to Saturn, they call it the Saturn line. If it goes to Jupiter, they call it the Jupiter line. If it goes to a hollow or the sun, they call it the Sun Line. Some people have more than one fate line. So if you have a line that goes to the pointer finger, one that goes to the middle finger, one that goes to the ring finger, one that goes to the pinky finger, all four lines, right, that is supposed to be a sign of a miraculously happy life that your life will be amazingly happy. All the years that I've been reading poems, I had only seen that once an Asian woman that I was reading her problem an elderly Asian woman that was near the South Street seaport and I was like Well, you got super line, but that But like I said, the only only a few of us will have all four fate lines. So there you go. So this is an overview of what the hand itself totally looks like. So you've got your lifeline. You've got your headline. You got your heart line and then the fate line that goes down the middle. So most people will have these four primary lines. Now some people worry that, like over their fate line, their lifeline is short. They're worried that you know they're gonna have a short life. It doesn't necessarily mean that. But the thing is, is that it's mawr to look at the strength. The thickness of the lifeline tells you more about the length of life because if you have a short lifeline, but it's very thick, that's fine. You have a short lifeline and it's very thin. Then you might want to be careful and not be. Do like, you know, skiing or something like that. But but those Those are some of the ideas of the basics of palmistry. 4. The Mounts Of The Palm: Hey, So next we're gonna talk about the mounts. So it's important with amounts. Amounts are the fleshy sections off the palm itself. So you'll see in the second when I mean so. For instance, this section here right is Venus. So some people will have a situation where this is part of Venus is very thick, right? Onda fatness of it. So the fatness of it is basically of that Mount of that section is when it's Venus is is very thick. It means that you have a love of luxury and a love of love itself, being in love and a love of beauty. So, like, for instance, somebody like Oprah Winfrey, I would imagine that she would have a very strong Venus section because she has a love of luxury. She has a love of life that she's in love of beauty. She's always talking about beauty. Okay, so that's something That's Venus, the Mount of Venus. So the next mount would be the Mount of Jupiter. Okay, so Jupiter is right underneath the point your finger. So if that section off your of your hand is fleshy, right, like mine is right, then that means that you have a, ah, strong ambition That means you're are ambitious person. You're a driven person, that type of thing. So some people have instead of having a hill or a mound on Jupiter, they have a valley. So somebody who has no ambition would probably have a valley in the section of Jupiter where it's just a hollow instead of being instead of bulging out and kind of just sinks in . So next would be the Mount of Saturn, which is right underneath the ring finger. So Saturn has to do with two things. Saturday's restriction right? But it's also that from astrology, people will know that Saturn is a strict restrictions or it limits you. It's the limiter, but Saturday's also rebelliousness. It's how you deal with authority, right? So, for instance, I for many years used to wear a ring on the Saturn finger. And if you think about it, when somebody gives somebody the finger, which finger do they give of the Saturn finger? So that's what that that has to do with. So the thing is, is that if somebody and it's also how you handle responsibility, so somebody has a valley in the section of Saturn that it means that they have inability to deal with. They're not good adult ing, right? So they're not good at doing handling regular responsibilities. But if they have a, um, they have a strong and not great with authority in terms of if they have a valley there. But if you have a mound there, then this is somebody who's you know, they've got all their insurance payments and they've got over, you know, everything. Every payment for everything is in a line, and they're perfectly good with adult ing. And they're good with authority and that type of thing. And the next mount is right here. Amount of Apollo, which is underneath the ring finger. So that section of your hand is fleshy right? You have a kind of of a mound or hill. They're right then that somebody with a strong creativity So Pollo is also in some palmistry books listed as the sun. Right? So it's the sun, and basically it means two things. One a Jovi. If you have a mound, there means a jovial nature. Somebody was fun loving, who's who's funny and who, like looks to be creative, right? But if there's a valley there, then it means somebody who really not so fun, not so creative, kind of boring. So that's That's basically that the meetings off when there's a valley in Apollo Now, this mount here underneath the pinky finger is mercury. So that section of your hand is very fleshy, right? There's a lot kind of a bump right underneath that that finger, then that's a strong skill in science and communication. So somebody who's a scientist, you might find that they have a longer mercury finger. Or that their mercury finger might have AH, star there, which means that they have a talent in science. Now the whole middle section of the hand is called Mars. This these areas are upper Mars, and this is the lower part of Mars, right? Mars has to do with aggression but also discipline, so people will have a strong amount of Mars, have a strong ability to be disciplined and stick to their plans. So that's something that keeping in mind in terms of Mars, So the last mount is the Mount of the moon, which is found at the base of the hand down here, so that if you run your hand on your finger gets your hand if it rises up towards this section, so you start in the middle. If it lifts and then drops off. That means you have a strong section of the moon, and that means you have kind of strong intuition. Now, if you have that on both hands, that means basically you're into it. If you have, you have intuitive abilities and that you can do readings and stuff like that. Some people's hands, instead of raising as you go over it, goes, blew up and it just falls right off. Just there's no amount of the moon if that somebody is lacking amount of the moon on both hands. That means that somebody who has to really check with others to find out about people because their their their instincts about people, especially our way off. So that zone something to keep track of. So there you go. There's a basic overview of the mounts themselves of the different fleshy sections of the hand on Been in general. If you find a star in any amount, then that means that there's a talent in that area. If you find a grid something that looks like a tick tack toe. That means it could be a blockage in that area. If you find a square something like that, Um, if you find something that looks like an island, it also could mean a blockage as anything Looks like a star or a triangle is. Basically, if there looks like a triangle of lines, is something that means that there's ah highlighted area in that in that in that in that area. So, for instance, in terms of ambition, in terms of Jupiter, right, if somebody has a star on Jupiter, that's a strong marker for fame, right? And we'll get into into that later in terms of the individual markers for specific what they call special lines. 5. The Minor Lines Of The Palm: Now we're going to cover the minor lines of the hand. So we covered the shape of the hand, the primary lines and amounts. Now you're gonna cover. We're going from minor lines. Now, These 1st 2 minor lines are the ones that I get asked about when I do palm readings most often when I'm gonna get married. And how many kids, Mike? And 1/2. Right. So this section here, right near the heart, line itself at the edge of the heart line on the side of the hand. That's where you'll find the marriage lines. Show you where you can find them. So here's an example is if you have your hand open, This is the hand that you write with, by the way. So if you're right handed, you know, look on your right hand. If you're left handed, you're gonna look on your left hand. So you look on the edge here, this side of the hand, it's called the percussion. Okay, so this section here you see how many lines you have in between this line and that line in between these two lines. When your hand is open, that tells you how many marriages you're going to have. The long lines are long marriages or long relationships, and the short lines are the short relationships now the same area. But when you close the hand is what tells you how many Children that you're likely tohave. Okay, so when you close the hand, how many lines appear in between this line? You don't count this line, you don't count this line. You can't the lines in between in this little fleshy section there, right? So though right here on the edge of the hand there. So the thing is, is that the long lines mean boys. Short lines mean girls andan. Sometimes people have 1/2 a line, and if they're there, partner has 1/2 a line than that. Also could be interesting because they may have a child together. That's that's from a separate marriage type of thing. It's kind of funny sometimes when you have a situation where the guy has five child lines and the woman has three child lines, which means he may have two kids without her about outside the marriage. So I've had what I'm doing. Readings for people from really funny moments like that. I also had one woman that once afternoon what her child lines were. I said three, she said, No, you're wrong, Huh? And walked away and then came back to me realize and realized later that she had lost a child many, many years ago in the war and forgot, and because they've been 50 years ago. So, like the it's interesting how accurate sometimes these these lines can be. Now we're gonna look at the sibling lines so the sibling lines tell you how many brothers or sisters you're likely to have. Let's say these can be accurate. I've found them to be not as accurate, but the thing is, but this is the classical way that to look for siblings. So in terms of the heart line here, if you look on the side of the hand below the heart line, so above the heart line is your Children. How many kids and marriage is you're gonna have below the hard line is how many brothers and sisters you have. So if you look at that section there, right down here will tell you how many brothers and sisters you're likely to have, and it will be little lines that across the side of your hand on that on that side like that. So that's we'll tell you how many brothers and sisters you're likely to have now at the bottom of the hand, right? The very bottom of hand at our wrist. Everybody has these little lines called bracelets, essentially is what they're called palmistry, so the bracelets basically equal. Each bracelet equals 30 years of life. So that's one of the indicators of how long you're going to live when people ask me how long they're gonna live, that's what I'll look at. So like, if somebody has three that would predict a life of 90 somewhere between 75 90 because some people say is 25 per bracelet. Some people say it's 30 so somewhere between 75 90 would be the the answer for that one. But of course, these things change. His life goes on. So one of the old amazing lines that I've come across that some people have it, and it's it's a legendary line Is that the lifeline itself? If the lifeline goes so far down that it actually connects with the first bracelet, that's another indicator of a remarkable life, somebody who's going to live of special special life. So if you have that, you're in a very lucky few. That's another line that have Onley scene a few times in my life. And lastly, the last of this section of minor lines would be these lines right down here down in the Mount of Venus, you'll see these little lines that shoot up, and they're very thin. They're very thin lines, but those lines called the travel lines. And so the more lines you have there, the more likely you are to travel a lot in your life. Also in modern palmistry, not old palmistry, they have a additional mount down here at the base of the of the Palm called Neptune, which also means that you're going to travel a lot. But that's a modern amount does not included in the old classical ones, which is the old seven planets instead of the modern nine. But these are some of the ways, so we've just looked at some of the minor lines, and you can check your hand for those 6. Special Lines Of The Palm: And lastly, here's the coolest part. We're gonna cover the special lines when I mean special lines. I mean, these airlines that not everybody has on their hands on Lee. Special people have these special lines, so you may have none of these. You may have all of these. You may have some of these, but these air interesting lines nonetheless. So we're gonna cover the special lines. The 1st 1 is the one that I've mentioned earlier, but I thought you'd like to see it. So right here on the Mount of Jupiter, right underneath the pointer finger. If you have a star right there and it's not gonna be that boulder that thick is these lines and I'm drawing it will be much thinner. But if you have a star on the Mount of Jupiter, that is a classic line having to do with fame. That means that basically, you're going to be famous at some point, are known for something, at the very least, at some point in your life. So the special lines, this is the one that I find the most often that I find people have. It's a line that it's above the heart lines of the hard line here that read, write and above that I've drawn a black line that goes in between the middle finger and the ring finger right, and some people have that line, and that's called Venus's girdle. That's what Venus's girdle means is that it's basically it's like the player line. It zits the lie that means that you really, really love being in love. You're so in love with being in love. That doesn't really even matter who you're in love with. Like I love up in love. What's your name again, anyway? I'm in love, you know. So that's that Venus's girdle. It basically means you have a deep love off the feeling off, being in love. So that's That's Venus's girdle. This special line is one that I have in my hand, and it a blessing and a curse after here. This way. Okay, so right In between the Fate line and the lifelines of the green is the lifeline. The purple is the fate line. Some people have a little cross that's in between those two lines and what that line is. It's called ST Joseph's Cross, as in Joseph and Mary. So ST Joseph's Cross means that you are a crusader for fairness and that being an activist in some way in your life is important to you. But especially that things be fair. That's why it's a blessing. And, of course, because life is often not fair. I like is that I myself have this line. And so when life becomes unfair, it really drives you crazy. But then it drives you crazy in a good way because you take action and help to right the wrongs. So that's called ST Joseph's Cross. Now this next one is called the Mystics Cross, so you'll find this one between the heart line and the headlines. The blue line is, that is the headline. The red line is the heart line, and you'll find a little X that's in between the two. If you have that, it means that you have a mystical sense of the world and that you have, ah, very deep intuition. So it's was said it's rumored that Nostradamus had that line the Mystic cross. In the middle of that, if you have it on both hands, it's an extremely rare thing, but again, it means you have a strong mystical gift. I have it on one hand and on having on both for myself personally. But yet but that he said that that's the Mystics cross. If you have a bunch of tiny crosses in between the heart line and the headline, then that is a line that means you have ability to do kind of free verse, mystical poetry where just you have ability kind, almost channel poetry without, you know. And so I've seen people who have that, like a bunch of tiny crosses in between those two lines. So this one is a particularly useful one to have. So some people have a fork at the bottom off their headline. And that's called the Writers fork. So you find that on authors, playwrights, screenwriters they'll have this fork of the bottom off their headline and that it notes writing ability that you have the ability to communicate well now, not everybody who has many times I've found people who have the writers fork and you say, Oh, you got the writer's work. You're good at writing and they say I hate writing, but then they'll have a friend next to them, and I can but you write really, really well, you know, And so they're like, Yeah, what I do. So just because you have the writers fork doesn't mean you love writing, but it means that you have a skill in it, that you have the ability to write very well. So this next one is the health lines that the the term it was, it was the Via lines or the VLS Kia in Italian, which meant the lines of constitution or Constitution lines. So right next to the lifeline, it's two lines going horizontally. That way they can be in varying thicknesses. I've seen them actually is thick as I have them drawn here on some people's hands. Some people have two very strong lines. Sometimes they even continue further up. But some people have them right there, and then some people have a thinner way. It's not quite as thick is that, but they have those health finds. What those health lines mean is that you have extremely strong constitution where something has to really be powerful to knock you out, that you one of those people that just never gets, and it's also very strong indicator of long life. If you have health lines, so it like that It means they have a very strong constitution. And last but not least, is the angle of luck. So if you look at the bottom of your lifeline and the bottom, this would be the top of the headline. This would be the bottom of the headline, the bottom of the headline, the angle between those two. How much room is between the bottom of the lifeline and the bottom of the headline? That's called the angle of luck. So there's no actual line there, the way I've drawn it. This just I'm just showing with the arrow there to show there would be no actual line. But it just showing how big that spaces tells you how much luck you have. So some people's headline ends like here somewhere. It goes down this way and this way. So they're angle of luck is like none. And then other people very big to have a very big angle of lock, which generally, ah, lucky person. So their egos. There's a quick overview of palmistry to give you just the idea of some of the various lines. Palmistry is something you could spend your lifetime doing so There's a lot more in depth than this for sure on. But if you want to look for mawr palmistry books, Aiken certainly put at some in the resource is thanks a lot. 7. Palmistry Conclusion: so thank you for taking the class, and I hope you enjoyed learning about the hand shape, the major lines, the mounts, the minor lines, special lines. You enjoy the class. Please give it a thumb's up here on skill share because it really does help skill share to know which classes air doing well in which people are enjoying. Additionally, I have a new class that I just released that's on skill share here about staging and smudging, which is using incense smoke, using white sage to clear yourself and to clear spaces. So we want to know more about that. It's gonna learn how toe use charcoal, incense and how all the different types of incense and great create your own incense as well as create your own smudge sticks. So that sounds interesting to you. Check out the class here on skill share. Thanks a lot