PALMISTRY: Learn Palm Reading Secrets! | Sage Logan | Skillshare

PALMISTRY: Learn Palm Reading Secrets!

Sage Logan, I Teach Spiritual Topics.

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7 Videos (37m)
    • Palmistry INTRODUCTION

    • Hand Shape & The Fingers

    • The Primary Lines Of The Palm

    • The Mounts Of The Palm

    • The Minor Lines Of The Palm

    • Special Lines Of The Palm

    • Palmistry Conclusion


About This Class

Enroll Today in this Palmistry class and gain insight into the hidden meaning and wisdom written on your palm of your hand! The ancient art of Palmistry can provide a valuable glimpse into your life’s purpose, potentials, abilities, talents, and opportunities. You will learn all about:

  • The Four Types Of Hands, & Which One You Are!

  • The Mounts of The Hand, & Their Meanings.

  • Understanding The 3 Basic Primary Lines.

  • What Your Fingers & Joints Say about You.

  • The Significance of the Minor Lines.

  • Special Lines, Found Only on The Hands of Few.






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Sage Logan

I Teach Spiritual Topics.

Hi, I'm Sage, I Am A Musician & Tarot Card Reader In NYC. I Have Taught Spiritual Workshops For Many Years In NYC. I Teach On Topics Like Intuitive Development, Fortune Telling Methods, Natural Magic, Meditation & Shamanic Spirit Journey & More! I Am Excited Now To Teach Here On SKILLSHARE!

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