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P.S. Write Soon: Retain Your Clients And Grow Your Business

teacher avatar Erin Flynn, Simplify your creative business

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Why Keeping Clients Is Awesome

    • 3. Set The Foundation

    • 4. Adding value and keeping them coming back

    • 5. One Month Follow Up

    • 6. Friendly Follow Up

    • 7. Sales Follow Up

    • 8. Referrals

    • 9. Other Ways To Stay In Touch

    • 10. Get It Scheduled

    • 11. Wrapping Up

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About This Class

Hustling up new clients constantly is HARD. Wouldn't it be nice if you could work with clients you already know you love? PS. Write Soon! is a self-lead course that gives you the tools you need to work with clients you love–and have already worked with in the past.

In this course, you'll learn: 

  • Why past clients are the best clients
  • Benefits to keeping clients around
  • Prepping clients for follow-up services
  • How to create products and services that keep clients coming back
  • When and how to follow up (including copy+paste scripts!)
    • The after-project-completion follow-up
    • The friendly (not sleazy) follow-up
    • The sales (but still not sleazy!) follow-up
  • Other great ways to stay in touch with clients (and on their mind!)
  • How to schedule follow-ups so it's not stressful or time consuming

This course was created for web designers--other small business owners will find it useful, but the language is geared towards designers.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Erin Flynn

Simplify your creative business


Hi, I’m Erin! I help creative entrepreneurs design profitable and sustainable businesses that are simple and streamlined so that they can work less and live more. Because the truth is: business doesn’t HAVE to be complicated. I’d love to help you too!

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1. Introduction: PS right soon. How to stay in touch with past clients and stop the hustle time and time again, I hear designers and other small business owners saying that business is slow, that they need new clients. They don't know how to reach new people. All the while, they're during their best source for continuous income, their past clients. What could be better than continuing to work with people you already know and love working with? Sure, not every past client is someone you want to keep around forever. But why not follow up with those you enjoyed working with and continue to help them reach their goals while reaching your own past? Clients are the best clients. Not only do you already know how they work their quirks and probably have some insider knowledge of what they're all about. We've already done the hard work of vetting them, making sure they're a good fit and that they pay on time. Why wouldn't you want to work with someone like that again and again? It's a symbiotic relationship. Working with past clients allows you to form long term business relationships that benefit both the client and yourself. The client gets the benefit of having you in their pocket when the need arises and you get the benefit of not only additional, possibly regular income, but seeing the long term effects of your expertise. Imagine this. You're a Web designer who makes incredible websites for small business owners. You've worked with some amazing clients who are going places, but if you only offer a website and then it's see you later, then you're missing out on all the fun by offering a range of follow up services In keeping in touch, you'll not only get to see where your clients end up, but you'll be a big part of the process as an added bonus past clients to keep in touch with 10 to refer new clients, reducing the amount of hustling you have to do to bring in new customers. Always a good thing I can say without a doubt that my best clients have been repeat customers that I've been able to continue working with as their businesses grow and change . I've enjoyed keeping in touch with them and seeing not just for their businesses take them , but where their lives take them. I've helped climbs perp for everything from product launches, two new babies and I've been honored to be a big part of the process. Hi, I'm Aaron, and I've been making websites since 1999 and running my own Web is on business was 2012 in this course, I'm going to share with you my tips for creating products and services to continue to serve your customers and keep them coming back for more. My schedule to make following up easy peasy and my scripts and tricks to make keeping in touch completely non sleazy, because when customers remember you, they remember to rehire you. Let's do it. 2. Why Keeping Clients Is Awesome: my keeping clients is awesome. PS right soon, it said in the intro. But I'll say it again. Past clients are the best clients. Imagine this. You've just finished work on a great product with a client you adored working with. Would you rather a hunt down a brand new coin who may or may not be as great to work with or be? Continue working with a client you already know you love well. There's nothing wrong with new clients. They're totally great. There's a lot less work involved in selling to a client who already likes and trusts you their varying statistics that tell you just how valuable cut past clients are. And while citizens are fantastic, the important thing to remember is this. Clients who have worked with you before no, and like you, they trust you and feel comfortable handing over their hard earned cash because you've already proven yourself. Yep, just like you have already checked them out. And, no, you enjoy working with them. Past clients have already checked you out, and no, they enjoy working with you. It's easy to see how that kind of relationship makes it easier to sell the past clients than to new ones with brand new clients. He had to do the following Get in touch with them, either via website face to face phone etcetera. Make sure you can and want to work with, um, sell them on why you are the best fit for their project established good rapport and trust , set boundaries and expectations. Get them to sign a contract and fork over the cash with past clients. You've already done all of that. You know they'll pay on time, and they know that you won't take their money and run. You know that. Respond promptly the emails and they know it will provide quality work. The list goes on or not. Have I made my point? Yet past clients are the best quiets. You'll spend less time hustling up new clients in going through that entire process, and then you may not even close the deal. Then you will shooting an email to a past client who is already familiar with working with you and would love to work with you again and less time spent. Doing all that screening means a lot more time to spend on actual billable hours, so more money with less hustle and clients you love what could be better Get to work, Fill out the top section of the clients I love worksheet to narrow down the clients you want to work with again and again Thanks for watching. 3. Set The Foundation: set the foundation PS right soon. In order to properly follow up with clients, you'll need to set a good foundation throughout the initial project. Prepping your clients for follow up makes actually sending out those follow up emails. Easy. If you don't prep your clients, they might wonder why you're emailing them three months later. If you want to follow with clients and keep them coming back, there are a few things, so make that follow up easier. The first is obviously great customer service. Clients who love were he with you will love to work with you again. I can't go in depth in the customer service in this course is because spoon weeks on it. But keep in our mind is it's the foundation of any great business what we can and will cover in this course or two fairly simple practices that will make following up a breeze, collect information likely when you start working with someone, you require them to sign a contract and perhaps fill out a questionnaire about the project . This is a great time to collect. Personal information will help you keep in touch with them later. My brand is fairly laid back, so I could be a little casual in my language. But no matter what kind of company you run, you can ask clients to fill out a profile. We haven't covered gifts yet, but you can use this profile to figure out what your client likes and brainstorm gift ideas for them. Just for fun. These are the questions I'd like to ask. I'll keep in mind the client would be filling this out. So while it's a little bit awkward in this presentation, it makes sense when they're actually filling out a form. The questions are, my name is my birthday is on. My favorite drink is my favorite snack is my favorite animal is. If I went to Hogwarts, I'd be in this house. I would love to read the following books. I'm really into these hobbies. You should also know this about me. In case you can't guess. I like to send my client's books and things so much on. And if I can a card or gift around their birthday, you can tweak the questions based on what your customers are like to receive. But the important part is that you start collecting this information So you're not pulling out your hair at the end of a project over something a simple ascending a gift, which should be fun. Anyhow, a goodbye packet is great. It lets you provide important information to the client as well as prep them for follow up services with you. What is a good bye packet? It can be a simple or as complex as you want, but for the most part is a document that contains important information about the project for the client. For example, if you make websites, you can include log and information font and color information. Instructions for how to use specific plug ins. Tips for maintaining the website in ways that clients can work with you in the future. You do not need to do a hard sell. Simply list a few services that the client may be interested in its sentence or two about each the link to learn more. You may not bilk additional services right away, but they are made aware that you offer them so they're prepped for follow up. And don't worry, we'll brainstorm ideas for follow up offerings in the next module. Get to work, create a client profile questionnaire. Or add questions to your current questionnaire to collect personal information about your client that you can later use to follow up with, um, use the collect info worksheet to brainstorm questions and clutch the information from your clients and add. It's the clients I love worksheet. If you don't already have a goodbye packet, use the worksheet below to create one, and then we'll add follow up services to it after you complete the next module, which is where we brainstorm. Follow up services. Thanks for watching. 4. Adding value and keeping them coming back: adding value and keeping them coming back. PS right soon. Are you excited to keep working with your past clients yet? I hope so, But if you're scratching your head saying, um, it's great, Aaron, But what do I offer them? I've got your back. It's not enough just to want to work with clients again. You got to think about what they're going to need from you that will keep them coming back and need to consider there is something you want to actually offer. Scenario your Web designer and you just lost a killer website for a fantastic client. You'd love to work with her again, but you don't know how. It's time to put yourself and your client shoes. You already know quite a bit about your client. Obviously, you know, it's service you just provided to pretend you hard that client. I'm thinking about what you be doing next. Imagine this. You're your client. You just got a brand spankin new website. What's uni Next? You might want videos teaching you how to use it. Support while you get used to the new functions monthly maintenance. You don't have to worry about backups and updates. SDO to boost your site traffic, matching social media covers and avatars or a variety of other things you're back to being . You think about what your customers struggle with and write down any offerings that would help them after they work with you and purchase to your primary offering. Don't worry right now. If some of them seem a little out there, we're gonna analyze each potential offering and see if it's a good fit for the client and for you. Some offerings might be good ideas, but we might not be qualified to offer them, or we might not want to offer them for a variety of reasons. The first thing to consider is whether this is something your client would actually be interested in purchasing. If you're not sure what your clients are having trouble with, don't be afraid to ask a simple email scripted Be Hi, Suzie, how are you? I hope you're enjoying a new website. I just want to drop you a line because I'm working on Experian. My offerings. I'd appreciate it if you could take him in it and let me know what you're struggling with and how I can help. I'll take any ideas you have into consideration and try to refer you to someone who could help if I'm not able to. Thanks. Ask a few clients and looked for commonalities. If multiple clients say they're struggling with analytics, you could consider kidding you book course or one on one training on integrating and understanding analytics. Once you know it's something your claims would be interested in, you have to consider whether it's something you actually want to offer. If you hate explaining things, I figure one on one training session would not be the best idea. If you travel a lot, you may not want to offer monthly services that require you to be a computer at a certain time. If you hate picnics, emails and phone calls like Ideo, you probably do not want to offer website hosting. That's a lesson that I learned. Consider what would be involved with offering each service or product and whether you would enjoy offering it. Of course, you may get some responses that you absolutely no right off the bat. You don't want to Ada's offerings, and that's okay. You can refer client to someone else, send them a YouTube video or do a quick Google search to thank them for their time and responding. They'll feel taken care of, and you'll be able to move on and offer. Thinks you want Teoh. Here's an email template for that scenario. Hi, Susie. Thanks for the ideas. I love the thought of offering monthly maintenance, and we'll look into alert, something I can add to my services. I don't think I'll be able to offer Google analytics training, but I did find this great YouTube video that you might find helpful YouTube link If you need more help, Jennifer offers this service, and I'm happy to introduce you via email if you'd like. Thanks again. Everyone is different, and you shouldn't feel bad for not offering a service that will make your clients happy if it will make you miserable. If it's something you see a need for but don't want to offer yourself, see if anyone else saw offering it or if anyone else in your industry would be interested in offering it. Having a great network of other professionals who will take care of your clients as well as you dio is an incredible resource. Get Tau work, complete the follow up offerings worksheet for every potential service. And once you've narrowed down your follow up services, add into your goodbye packet that will complete your good bye packet and you'll be ready to send it to clients. Then go back to the clients. I love worksheet and add the appropriate follow up offerings for each client. It'll make sense when you look at the work sheet, but feel free to ask me any questions you have. If any of this was confusing, thanks for watching. 5. One Month Follow Up: the one month follow up. P. S right. Soon. How soon is too soon to follow up? When I was starting my business, a big fear of mine is that I come across is pushy or sales ian Sleazy, which is a gross. But the thing is, no one is gonna know. They can heat working with you unless you tell them you need to get your new services on your website. Or if you want to keep them past claim exclusive, put them in a pdf incident to clients is part of the goodbye packet for your initial offering. You don't have feel push about it because you're not screaming. Hey, hey, look here. Hey, Hey, look at me. Hey, buy this. Hey, hey. Ah, People do that and it's awful. You're not doing that. Instead, you're saying, Here's information on your new project and the next steps. You should take you into these yourself, or you can hire me. It's not a hard sell. And at this point, it does not need to be. Many clients wanna try things themselves or get used to things before getting overwhelmed with updates and next steps. About a month after you finish a project, follow up and see if the client is having any problems or just has questions. This is a great toner mine in the U offer. Additional services. The correspondents may go a little something like this. Hi, Susie. Just checking in. I really enjoyed working with you. How are you liking your new website? Everything going smoothly? Let me know what questions you have. Susie may respond with. Hey, I love my new website. I was wondering how I changed my password. Thanks. And you can respond with Hi, Sesay. You can change your password on her dashboard, then go to users. Click on your user name, then click Edit. Let me know if you have any problems. If you need more help, I offer one on one trading here and monthly maintenance here will love to keep working with you. The reason this format, which is a little more time intensive and just having links to your services in the first email is great is because it reminds clients of how helpful you are. It also gives them something for free, which makes them happy. But it's still establishes that if they really need help, they need to pay for it. Because as much as we love to help people, we're not running a charity. And we need to be paid for our time. If you prefer to leave out that extra step or, you know, your clients don't have time for the back and forth, he's had an email more like this. Hi, Susie. Just checking in. I really enjoyed working with you. How are you liking your new website? Everything going smoothly? If you're struggling with something, you might want to check out my additional services. I offer one on one treating here and monthly maintenance here. Or let me know if you need help with anything else. We'll love to keep working with you. Either Method is most effective about a month after launching clients project as it gives them enough time to get in there and look around after a month. Clients have had time to calm down from the frenzy of the project, which is really important. They've also had time to look over everything. They have been able to take a step back and evaluate their next move. And most importantly, they have not forgotten who you are. Get you may need to play around timing based on your clients or industry. But most cases a month is a good amount of time for clients to really see what value given them, but not so much time. You forget what it was like working with you. Get to work, get your services on your website or create a PD after Senate passed clients. Or if you've included everything in your goodbye packet, you're done with that part. Draft up your own email templates and make one month follow ups. Easy. Feel free to use my template as an example, but tweak it so it makes sense for your clients and the language is your own. Thanks for watching. 6. Friendly Follow Up: the friendly follow up P S right soon email list are great, and many of your clients may subscribe to your newsletter. But there's nothing like a personal connection to make clients feel loved. After the one month fellow, you should follow with clients approximately every three months while directly pitching them no more than twice a year. How? By keeping notes In addition to asking questions at the beginning of a project, you can use the worksheet in this course a simple spreadsheet or a fancy CRM detractors information. But the point is that you stay in touch of their clients directly but are not always pitching, though. For example, I'll make those like this about my clients. Griffin Door teaches social media marketing courses, loves dogs, struggles with being a perfectionist, expecting a baby in July, Hagar's houses totally optional. But if you know someone is a fan of something, it makes following up that much easier. Really. A follow up email could be something fun like this. Hey, Suzy saw this and thought of you. JK Rolling released a new story about James and Sirius. You could read it here. Love that. We're getting some more backstory on the marauders. I would love to get that email, but if that's too Gigi for you, you can try something more like this. Hi, Suzy. I saw this and thought of you. It's a really interesting article on how social media affects our relationships. Hope everything's going great with you. Of course, these kind of emails work best at their genuine. So do not sense and boring Facebook article. He don't think your client would actually find it useful or interesting. Make it easy. I recommend Streak to send emails if you run across an article you think a client will love . But you just talk to her and you don't want to bother her again, you can write the email and scheduled to send later within streak. But unless you're emailing every week, I have never had a client complaint about me sharing something with them. If it's time sensitive or fixed your problem to share with you, do not be afraid to share it with them. Hey, Suzy, I know we were talking last week and you mentioned wanting to go your email list before you book lunch. Have you tried this 30 day list building challenge it's free and it looks really good. Hope you find it useful now. You might be thinking great, but what if I've got nothing to share? Its not have to be complicated and you can just check in. Hey, cuz I was thinking about you today. I wanted to catch up and see how you're doing. Let me know what's happening. I love to hear from you. It doesn't have to be hard complicated or sales by being a consider a person and dropping clients align. Every few months. You'll stay at the forefront of your client's mind, not just when they need something, but when they run across someone else wanting a referral. Get Tau work. Go back to the clients I love worksheet and add an additional notes about your client. If you want to use a CRM, start loading in your client information from the clients. I love worksheet. Thank you for watching 7. Sales Follow Up: the sales follow up P s. Right soon Sales email should never feel sleazy or slimy. Here's how to sell without being annoying. Once or twice a year, I will remind past clients of additional services. Of course, those who says go to my newsletter will get pitched to more often, but I find a direct reminder, and a personal email is far more effective. I never go for a hard sale. It's not my style. You can tweak these scripts to fit your brands and the level of sales that you are comfortable with. If you notice the client struggling with something and you offer a solution, you can use this script. Hi, Sesay. I just want to touch base with you and see how you're doing. I took out your website and Facebook page, and it looks like things are going great. I saw you mentioned you're having trouble with the Web site updates. I'd love to help. I offer a course on website maintenance if you want to do it yourself or monthly maintenance packages, which might be useful to you at this stage. No pressure just wanted to remind you that I'm here if you need me. If you're offering something that has a limited availability, the following script would be helpful. Hi, Suzie. How are you? I checked out your website and Facebook page, and I'm so impressed with her. You've taken your business. I wanted to let you know that I am now offering one on one training. But I only have a few spots available. I think you'd be a great fit for this because you mentioned struggling with managing your website. If you're interested, please let me know or sign up here. Would love to keep working with you. Whatever your style. Never, ever, ever said the generic pictures someone unless it's just in a newsletter they can unsubscribe from. If you are personally emailing a client, you need to personalize the email, check in on their website, blood or social media accounts, and show you care by addressing problems They've mentioned any sales pitches should be because you think you're offering will genuinely help them. Ah, few minutes of sleuthing is worth the time spent. If you provide relevant and useful solutions to your clients, get tau work. Check out past clients, websites, social media accounts or whatever and know what they're struggling with. Can you help at items your clients were struggling with? The clients? I love worksheets. Thanks for watching. 8. Referrals: another reason past clients are the best clients. PS Right Soon I get most of my new clients, the ones who actually book a project, a referral from past clients. Your past clients are your champions when someone who trusts your client here is that your client trust you your place in a whole new category above people in your industry that they've just heard about in passing or stumbled across. The problem is that if you don't stay close the top of your clients minds, they may not think to recommend you imagine this you're past Client is in a Facebook group and someone asked. Her killer Web designer says she hasn't heard from you since the launch of her website a year ago. You do not even come close to crossing her mind. She just keep scrolling right on by. But if you regularly connect with your past clients and offer them continued value, whether it's links to useful articles or just something that puts a smile on their face like a cute kitten, you'll always be in the forefront of their mind. And they'll be quick to recommend you when someone asks, Get tau work. If you haven't yet start falling up with past clients. Now set a timer for 15 minutes and shooting email to three past clients. Just a touch base. Thanks for watching. 9. Other Ways To Stay In Touch: other ways to stay in touch. PS Right soon. There are more ways to stay in touch than just email. The email is very effective. Mixing it up with other forms of connection is a fun way to keep following up from feeling boring or like a chore. Social Media is a great casual way to stay in touch. You can create a Twitter list for past clients to keep tabs on what they're up to, have quick conversations and promote their stuff. A simple retweet is always appreciated, not into Twitter. You can follow clients on Pinterest, instagram, Facebook or whatever floats your boat. I like your comment can go a long way in helping clients remember who you are and remember . The whole point of this is to stay at the forefront of our clients. Minds online is not the only way to stay in touch, though. Of course it's convenient. If you really want to treat your clients, there is nothing like good old fashioned snail mail. Keep in mind that as a general rule, at least in the U. S, you can write off up to $25 per client per year for gifts. I personally will gladly increase this amount for clients who sent other amazing clients my way or if I happen to find a gift that I think is perfect, but keep track of what you're spending and make sure you can afford it. You don't want to spend half of what you made on a project on gifts. It just doesn't work. You need to make a profit, so pay attention to what you're spending. Do try to snail mayor clients once or twice a year. It's a lot more fun to get something in the mail in Justin email, even if it's just a simple card wishing them a happy birthday, it shows he's for the time to make me feel special. And clients love that snail mail ideas you can keep in touch for birthdays. Ah, simple birthday card, a gift card to Starbucks or a full on present is sure to make your client feel loved and want to return the love by singing your praises. Holidays are very classic time of the year for companies to send gifts declines. This is a time I prefer to avoid, because gifts can be overlooked with everything else going on the holidays for most people are nuts. It is the time of year you'd like to sound presents or cards. I find Thanksgiving is a nice alternative. You can express your gratitude for their business referrals they sent you during the year or whatever, but you're more likely to stand out if you're not just one of 50 cards they receive in the summer. You can also send something just because maybe you run across a great newspaper article like you know, actual paper newspaper. You want to send it to them or you went on vacation to Costa Rica, and that's where your client honeymoons. A quick note or postcard is a fun way to surprise clients and show you really care. Whatever you do, don't overthink it. If it cause you too much stress to think about pay for plan, you won't do it. Gift cards can be purchase and meal directly from amazon dot com, with no more stress and sending an email. So if that's all you can manage and don't feel bad about it, sesame is a great option. If you want to send a prepackaged gift set, your clients will still love that you took the time I thought of them, even if it really only took you five minutes. So you might be thinking, Wait, do I send the gift after working with them or on their birthday? Or for Christmas? Ending a large project with a gift is the best plan. The new consented card for the holidays or birthdays. If you feel so inclined, you do not need to purchase a gift for client both the end of the project in again for a holiday. Unless you want Teoh. If you know you'll be working with a client throughout the year on multiple projects and in the initial large project with the gift and then gifting a second present around the holidays is nice. For example, if you launch a website for them in January, you can give them a present at the end of that launch. And then in December, you can you send them another present if they hired you throughout the year for things like maybe Facebook covers or social media strategy, or ever other follow up services you provide. If the client is a returning client with small projects here and there throughout the year on Lee one gift for the holidays or birth is needed. But keep in touch, and I don't know how much you appreciate their return business. So in that case, I am talking about gifts. Um, you can still feel free to send postcards or handwritten notes, whatever works for you, because remember, it is up to you. Do what feels comfortable. Don't do something that stresses you out and pay attention to how much you're spending. If you were to give a $25 gift for each small project, let's say it's a $50 product. You'd soon go broke. You wouldn't be making much of a profit at all and it wouldn't be worth it, and it would stress you out. But if a client comes back for six small projects throughout the course of the year, gifting them something at the end of the year is a nice gesture. Do it feels right for you, works for your business and doesn't cause you undue stress. Gifts should be fun. Get to work using the personal info you've collected from clients. Brainstorm a few fun gift ideas for each client you listed on the clients. I love worksheet. Thanks for watching 10. Get It Scheduled: get it scheduled PS right soon. It's time to make the time to get in touch. Every single thing I've just told you is worthless unless you actually do it. So get your follow up plan on your schedule. Don't worry about it being ultra precise. Just contact clients about a month after you finish working with them and in approximately every three months. After that, split your follow up. Follow up with a few clients per week instead of following up with a bunch at once. The reason why is if they want to hire you for something you want to make sure you have room in your schedule in the near future. So don't you know, email 50 clients all the beginning of June and then wonder why you're now swamped with enquiries and work by the middle of June. Space things out space. Your client Fellow ups. You're getting in touch with 123 clients per week and then simply block off 15 to 30 minutes to write and send or to schedule emails once a week. Or you can batch your follow up if you prefer to batch your emails. That's okay. If you'd rather set aside more time. Is that emails for the month or even the quarter? You can take an afternoon, write them all at once, and then you streak or boom ranked schedule emails to go out when appropriate. Do whatever works best for you. When should emails arrive? Follow up with your clients in the middle of the week. Mondays Air too hectic and you risk your email just being deleted. And on Fridays, people only thinking about the weekend. So the emails to arrive Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Get to work, taken our and add your client. Follow up to your calendar or dive right in and start scheduling emails to send thanks for watching. 11. Wrapping Up: the wrap up PS right soon. Working with past clients is amazing. Not only do you already know you work well together, but they're more likely to buy from you again. They understand your processes and then recommend you to others in return. You know them. You trust them to pay you, and you can deliver on their needs more easily because you actually understand what those needs are. It's a win win situation for everyone involved. Staying in regular contact with past clients can be simple and easy for you and beneficial to them. It will also keep you in the forefront of their minds if they need assistance or to give a recommendation to somebody else. If you are nothing else from this course, please walk away with this. Contact should always be genuine and non sleazy. Strike. Provide usefulness and form a real relationship with clients. The sales will follow. I hope you enjoy this course if you haven't already, be sure. Take action and get your follow ups scheduled. Thanks for watching PS right soon