Oyster Confidence: The Practical Guide to Boost Your Half Shell Game | Julie Qiu | Skillshare

Oyster Confidence: The Practical Guide to Boost Your Half Shell Game

Julie Qiu, Oyster Sommelier & Bivalve Blogger

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10 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Consider the Oyster

    • 3. Types of Oysters

    • 4. How Oysters Are Grown

    • 5. Going Out for Oysters

    • 6. Tasting Oysters

    • 7. Visiting the Lobster Place

    • 8. How to Shuck Oysters

    • 9. Traveling for Oysters

    • 10. More Culinary Classes on Skillshare


About This Class

Up your half-shell game with expert Julie Qiu of In A Half Shell’s light-hearted, practical guide to oysters. Covering everything from the life of an oyster to how to order, buy, shuck, and serve our favorite happy-hour bite, this on-location, 45-minute class is for every curious enthusiast and aspiring connoisseur. In addition to video lessons, take advantage of Julie's 9 curated worksheets to kickstart, track, and extend your culinary adventure. This is the perfect class for making the most of any oyster bar visit, dinner party, and trip to the market.







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Julie Qiu

Oyster Sommelier & Bivalve Blogger

Julie Qiu is an oyster connoisseur and half shell expert. She loves oysters because not only are they delicious and nutritious, but they are also vital to a healthy aquatic ecosystem. What's not to love about that? Think of it this way: just as some people enjoy wine, she happens to enjoy oysters and learning about them. Maybe you adore them too? Or are a tad bivalve curious? Whatever the case, welcome and thanks for coming!

In A Half Shell is Julie's oyster website, showcasing the mos...

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