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Own Your Web: Professional Website & Email for FREE

teacher avatar Roman Velic, Own Your Web

Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

24 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Welcome to Class

    • 3. Know Your Tools: Github

    • 4. Know Your Tools: Visual Studio Code

    • 5. Know Your Tools: Homebrew

    • 6. Meet Hugo

    • 7. Making New Site

    • 8. Adding Your Website to Repository

    • 9. Choosing a Theme

    • 10. Running Your Website Locally

    • 11. Configuring Your Website

    • 12. Editing Homepage

    • 13. Getting Social

    • 14. Advanced Editing

    • 15. Removing & Reordering Pages

    • 16. Your Own Blog

    • 17. Contact Form

    • 18. Google Analytics

    • 19. About Publishing

    • 20. Publishing Your Website

    • 21. About Domains

    • 22. EXTRA: Getting Your Own Domain

    • 23. EXTRA: Getting Your Own Email Address

    • 24. Conclusion & Class Project

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About This Class

You have a new idea, business plan or portfolio and you want to go live as soon as possible.

You want a professional look, custom domain and email like www.example.com and [email protected] but you don't feel like spending months or hundreds of dollars on development. You need something easy to learn, quick to build, with no maintenance and expensive monthly subscriptions. If that's you, I'm going to teach you how to create and own your professional online presence for free.

By the end of the class you will know how to build and publish your own websites, add content, pages, analytics, social media links and contact forms. You will also learn how to register your own domain name and how to use it for both your website and email.

In this class, you will learn:

  • Fundamentals of professional web development
  • How domains and hosting work and how to easily set it all up

You will also become familiar with those indispensable free tools:

  • Github
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Homebrew
  • Hugo

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Roman Velic

Own Your Web


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1. Introduction: you have a new idea or businessman or portfolio, and you want to get your own professional website. But what are your options today? Really, you Can I just spend hundreds of dollars or mountain development, or you can decide to build it on your own? But remember, Web development is a full time career. My name is Roman and throat. Within 13 years of experience in what they opened, I'm going to show you how you can create your own professional website and email for free. 2. Welcome to Class: thank you so much for joining the class these days. My wife is making her new portfolio and she asked me to help her out. And of course she wants everything there. She wants to have a whole block. She wants to have all the links over social accounts as well as a contact form. And she wants to know what are the visitors doing on the page where they're looking So she can always improve the website. And for that, we're going to use Google Analytics in this class. I'm going to show you step by step, how to build your own website. At the end of this class, you will have your own professional website running, so let's start. 3. Know Your Tools: Github: before we can start building our website, we need to get some tools. Let's have a quick look at three essential tools that we will be using surroundings Class one by one. I will show you each to Why do you need it and where to get it. Let's start with Get help. Get help is the platform where millions of developers are daily, creating and reviewing coat, managing their projects, collaborating with others and hosting or storing all off their coat. And this is also where you will be storing all of your codes and finals off your website. It's really something like a Google drive or home off your website. It's really place where all of the development happens. I think the easiest way to work with Kid help is to use their desktop up, had to desktop the kid, have come where you can find the link. Once you have that installed, you can sign right in with your kid. Have account. If you already have one, I'm going to create a new account. The important part here is the user name. Why? Because if you want your website to be running completely free, use the name will become a part off the website address. So, for example, if I choose my user name like this and I need to choose a user name that's not already being taken, OK, this will become a part off our website address. Like so there will be another way how, toe change these user name or create new ones or have completely different address, but for now, true something that you're happy with. In step two, you can choose your subscription. I highly recommend choosing the free option since get have is very generous and you will get everything that you need with your free subscription. You only need to pay for it if you're working for a very large organization or with a lot of people, or you want to have a lot of private repositories. But for us, this is more than enough, and you can skip this that three 4. Know Your Tools: Visual Studio Code: next. We need some tool where we can edit and save all those changes that will be making to our website. We need a code editor. Now. Don't worry. Called editor is essentially just a fancy note pad where you have a lot of additional features. But we will be on Lee using what comes right out of the box. I recommend through the visual studio coat that I've been using for a while now and I'm quite happy with it. You can Donnelly that code the visual studio that come and again it's for free. You don't even need any account to Donald it 5. Know Your Tools: Homebrew: developers are using a lot of tools, sometimes kopek, ITRI's and we will need some of those packages for our website in order to install the Spectra. Jeez, you need something called Package Manager in this class will be using homebrew now before you get too excited. Homebrew cannot actually make fresh beer for us, but it can get all those packages. Installation of Homebrew might be a little bit different from what you are used to, but it's still pretty easy. I'm Bruegel as age. You will find this line of court that you need to copy. Then you open the terminal that came with your computer, Prince told, and you paste it in. After that, you will be asked to confirm the installation by pressing, return or enter, and after that you will need to enter your password that you're logging in to your computer . For Windows users, there is an alternative called chocolatey head to chocolatey. Don't work where you will find something very similar again. A package manager and the installation is also very similar. Just copied this line of code instead. Did you need to run in your common line, which is alternative terminal, but in this class will be using home group 6. Meet Hugo: a lot of work goes into creating professional website from scratch. Remember, Web development is a career, but in this class we want to go as fast as possible. And that's why we're going to use Hugo. Hugo is the world's fastest friend work for building Web site or, as they say, the most popular open source. Static sign generator waters. Let me. Well, websites are not a single files. Websites are collections off files with those of lengthen between them, and Hugo is going to do all this heavy lifting for us creating this structure. Hugo comes with a lot of things, like more than 300 teams, that you can still completely cast allies, and you can only focus on adding and changing your content. The installation is now really easy because we already instill homebrew so install you go open a terminal Enron brew install. You go after installation is complete. You can check your version with Hugo version, and you should be seen something like this. If you have any problem asking that this cash in and I will help, you said, it's over 7. Making New Site: Finally, we can start building our website. So open your terminal and run Hugo you site and then the name of the site. At this point, it doesn't really matter. What you choose always going to do is to create a new folder on your computer with all the files inside. But let's choose the user name, then be used for could have account. So for Chris, it would be like so and he enter. You were already creating new website for you, but for now the website only sits on your computer. We need to get it out there. We need to upload it to get help for that. We're going to use our get help this cup. So open the app and signing with your kid have account you have. It's all about collaboration. And that's why when we run this up for the first time, you will be asked to enter your name and your email. And this is just sort of your signature off the changes that you made. In case you want to work on the website with more people 8. Adding Your Website to Repository: now that you're signing, when your account we can create new project on get her projects are called repositories. So he to creating repository on your are very button. And again, we're going to use our user name for the name of the report description can be whatever you like. And for the path. This is a path to folder where Hugo created our new website. You can also choose it with this button here. But I think the best way is to go to terminal. And here we can see where you go created. So copy all of it without a doubt pan based in right here. Just replace it. And because the name we already have, we can remove it. You can skip those three and that's it. 9. Choosing a Theme: So you created new side of Hugo and we even added to project, but we still wouldn't see anything useful. And why is that? Because our project only had the basic structure. It doesn't have any content and it doesn't have any themes. So let's get some things on Go Hugo, that I oh, we can go into themes and themes are the designs. So Justice Hugo is our developer. Themes are designer Chris wants a portfolio and we found a really nice theme called Cross Fuego. So I'm going to click on there one and I can even prevue with dental. I think it looks really nice. So I go back and I hate Donald Button and this will take me to the kid, help page off that thing. See, everybody is using get up for all kinds of projects. I mean, we need to make sure that I'm signed in as Chris and I will hit our clone button. Cloning is really different word for downloading and then opening this group and this will open our distal up where we can again choose where we want this thing to be installed and we select our project themes open We can change the name if we want to, but we can keep it like so. And he the club get help. We'll clone or download the theme into our project. Now we need to tell you go to use our thing and to add some content. So let me open. I find the window. I will open two of them so they can easier See what I'm doing. But you can do the same inside. Just one of them I'm going to do. I'm going to go into our project into themes. See, this is no longer empty. There is our thing that we don't know it and instead everything that is example side folder . So go inside and select all of them. Inside our project, we have the same kind of structure, but more so. Conflict is here, Continous here. Big guys here. Static is here, but they're all empty. And that's where we bring in this example into our project. So we based it all here. And because our conflict is already here, we need to replace it 10. Running Your Website Locally: Now we will be finally able to see something I found. The best way to do this is to open. You find the window, right. Click on your project folder and hit new terminal at folder. This will open terminal at the correct location where you need to run the next comment. Hugo Server, Hugo Server. Run your website locally on your computer and you can access it from this U R l or website address competing to your browser and Walla. This is exactly the website that using online on the Devil page and you have about here. You have bloke here portfolio contact. Everything is here and we're ready to customize it. Remember, this is still running just on your computer, so we will need toe publish it online to ever get happen to see it from outside. If you want to stop this, you can press control C and to run it again. You go server 11. Configuring Your Website: Now we are able to do some changes on our website. First, we need to make sure that you're running the Hugo Server. You go server. This will start our website and when we really loved No, it's back on again. Let's look at kid. Have to stop. We need to make sure here that were switched in tow our project and we can see all kinds of changes and new files. And they're all coming from us, coping everything from example side before. Let's open it up in visual studio code where we can see all over the files and folders off the project and we start with configuration file. Configuration files is a special kind of file that defines all kinds of settings about our website. Usually this part off configuration file, it's more or less the same across themes, and the rest of it could be different in everything. Let's change something here. We can see cycle, and this title is work appears here. I'm going to change it simply to crease, and that will heat safe for file and safe because Hugo is running is going toe automatically reloads the website and change it for us. And if we open terminal, we can see there is being changed, detected 12. Editing Homepage: Now let's customize these for Crease even more. I want to change this headline to say hi, I'm Christiana instead. So we go back to our visual studio and now we don't know where we can change this. It is not in our configuration file because this is a specific, specific text on one of our pages. Well, I know for this theme this is going to be either in content or in data, and sure enough, I can see there is home page with this text right here, so I could just change this. But maybe in your thing, it might be somewhere else. Over the file is called something else. And this is where visual studio or any other co editor really comes handy. What you can do is copy a bit of text that you're searching for, and then hit the search button based in. And the coordinator will search through the files that you've opened inside the project and will find inside the files. I can see home page Why? Mel is right here. If I click on it able opening for us and this is where it can change, I can remove this bit and this special character year or a bit of coat is just to say I want this to be on a new line, so I want to keep this one here. But this is the last minute of the league safe, and there we go. Now, if you want to change the logo here and for pretty much everything, this is going to be the same place it is going to be in our static folder and inside stuffing, we can see logo PNG. If we could commit, you can see the logo. So if you want to change the logo, you can create another file with the same name and just replace it, and this will be replaced here. 13. Getting Social: next I want to update all those social ings for Chris. The thing came with those four, and Chris doesn't really use dribble, so I will remove this one and let's say she wants Instagram Toby first. So I'm going toe cut this one and pasted at the beginning. And when I save, I will see Dribble is no longer there and Instagram is first. Now I just need to replace the address or the wirral with the actual one. So for Crease instagram your Alex Here, replace the hash, Save it. And now when I click on Instagram Michael, it takes us right into over instagram account. 14. Advanced Editing: Now we can fall down the home page and we will see different sections about skills, experience. And this is following exactly the structure of the website about skills, experience. And you can edit them as you like again similarly, that we change our social links. You can delete some, you can reorder them or more. You can change the text, the colors and the values. So, for example, Crease doesn't like this. Clients liner here with lots of different images of floor goes of companies right here. So what we can do? We can either just completely delete the section, but maybe we'll need it later. Or maybe we just want to change the locals here. So what I'm going to do Instead, I'm going to disable the slider enabling and disabling works with two values. True for enable fools. For these able it's safe bakery loads, and I don't see them anymore right here, ladies appeared. Let's see again if I said to True and they're big. If you want to just change the energies, you can see where these thoughts images climb. Logo's client local three number. So we will go to static because this were or aesthetic files are like images, images, client logo three. And right here there's the local. We can just replace this file just as we did for our logo on our home page. 15. Removing & Reordering Pages: crease doesn't really like this about page with a picture and signature and work process and team, and that's why we can remove it for her. We go back to our configuration file and scroll down until we find navigation. Navigation is where all our menu from here is defined, and we can remove about. Remove it safe and it's gone. But you can see we are still on this page. This bitch is still there. We just removed the link for her, and that's why we need to go to files. We can also do it from our visual studio, but I want to show you in different ways. Well, we goto content and about. We removed that one and it's still here. See, for these kind of actions, when you create new page or dealing page, you need to actually stop you go and started again. And when you refresh for a four page not found means there is no such thing like about page anymore. So we go back to our home page and see this one is still winking for about. We can change that. We can go to our home page find about and she would like to tell a little bit about her, but she doesn't need a separate page, and that's why we can change this world to go toe portfolio. Instead, it's safe. This is refreshed. And now when we hit this, we are in port full again, just as if we would click on portfolio here on There is one more thing about the menu attempts. You can reorder them by changing the way they see that weight is 345 here, which means broke. First portfolio contact last. If I want portfolio Toby before block, just reordering will not really help in configuration file. See, Brooke is still first. I need to change the way. So the lighter this the earlier it is displayed and portfolio is now first. Well, first after home. Home is a special item right here, which always takes us back to our home page. 16. Your Own Blog: Let's have a look at Block Block is a special kind of page where you can see all the block posts from our example site. We have six look posts already here, and each of them is a picture. Has a tackle, description and button to see the actual post. So what if Chris wants to add a new post and we need to go to content and open the block folder into book folder? We have all the book posts and index file index file. We don't really have to change. And each of the book post has Title, which appears here, here and here. Also in our list of the Post, then we have Date, which will actually become are published. Eight. Right here we have a description, which is a meta description. So it's only for Arabs. Maybe just to remind us what was inside. Or maybe some kind of change do you want to make? And there is an image that we can again find in our static folder images block and hear about the post images. Then we have the content on the actual block. So if you want to create a new one, let's create a new file found new file. And I'm just going to copy everything from this existing post tasted heater. And I will change the title, Man, you post. And now the important part is also the name off the file because the name of the file will become part off the address. So if I If I name it ISS New post knew the post don't MD for marked down. This is now. Here is new file, and if we go back to block, we should be seeing this. Yeah, right here. Mind your post if I click on it. This is coming from our name off the file. So this is how you creating you boast. You can create. Of course, as many as you want. If you want to delete one of the post, just delete the file. 17. Contact Form: an important part off every website is contact form, especially for business websites or portfolio, like the one we creating for Chris here because you want to have a way for your clients and potential customers to reach you directly. And also, that's why the creator of the steam decided to include contact form on every single page. Here on the home page of Botham, you have contacting for same, you can find portfolio bloke and there is even a dedicated page for contact form Now. These contact form doesn't work at the moment. It doesn't send anywhere, and that's why we need to change this. If we go back toe are configuration file and we scroll all the way down, we will find a contact settings here. We can again these able contact. If you don't wish to have any contact on your website and you have formed action and we have a note here, contact form works. We form spree i O. And that's why we need to goto forms pre io where we will find how we can get these right up and running. It's super easy. It's free. You don't need any registration and connect your phone. So all we need to do is to take here what we have inside quotes as form action. We'll copy this, and we placed it in here as our form action. The last part here is to change these email address to your actual email address. Then you save the file, you go back to form and you can feel in the name you can feeling email. Some message, Chris and sent form. Speed is going to verify for the first time you do this, that it is actually you who setting this up for this email address so it cannot be misused . Once you prove to a rowboat that you are not a Robert, you can go to your mail inbox and check the activation link. Click on the link and you re mainly sit up. Next time you said meet, you will just directly sent to your email 18. Google Analytics: today's Internet is all about data and analytics and is the most powerful tool that you have for any kind of feedback on your website. Analytics helps you track what users air doing where they're looking, where they clicking where they spend most of their time, and this helps you to potentially turned your visitors into your clients in Hugo Analytics is really easy to set up with Google Analytics. All you need to do is to go again to your configuration file, find Google Analytics I d. And here you need to paste your I. D. If you don't have Google analytics, I d yet just looking into analytics that cook that come, go to add mean you will create a new account and other account. They will create a new property. This is like a new website. Basically, you can sell it a bit Website. Here, enter any kind of name you are all now you are again is going to be our use name that get help the i o and you can silica category and six select a reporting time zone. After that you will get a tracking i d. The striking I D. Is what you need to paste into Hugo Configuration file. In Hugo, it's really easy. You just need to copy the I D. Maybe in some other templates, you need toe copy this whole thing. But for this team, we just need the I d save it. And we have Google analytics already. Now, locally, on our computer. Right now, Google analyst is not going to do much since you're not running it in. They use in the website that we set it up for, but anyway, we don't need it locally We needed once we publish our website on the web. 19. About Publishing: well done if you made it this far. I think already the most difficult part is behind us. But everything within so far was Onley locally on our computer. We need to get it out there, we need to publish it. And publishing a website is just like publishing a book. Imagine you're publishing a cookbook and you've bean taking your notes and trying the recipes and improving the recipes, taking some pictures and saving all this information on your Google drive. And these Google drive represents our project that we've been working so far. But this is not what we want to send to our publisher who will bring the book and selling to the audience. We need to create a version that is nice and finished for publishers, and that's what we're going to do now. 20. Publishing Your Website: following On our real life example, we can start off by saving all those changes that we made to our recipes and our pictures off our dishes. And we're first going to store everything we have Oakley somewhere online to arrogate have account. So here on the left side, in our get her best of ab, we see all those changes. If we click on any of those files, we see the changes that we've made. For example, in the configuration file, all those green lines are usually the new lines. The new changes to the files and the red ones are what we delete it or what we have replaced. Every time you want to save something, we can give it a short summary, and we have to give you the short summer. In fact, this is just so we know what every change. Waas and I had a recommend putting something meaningful like, um, the initial theme set up. We can give you more description if we want and we hit. Commit to master. This means to the main version. After that, we need to go repository and push. This just means we're goingto upload all our changes onto our kid have account. If someone wants to work further on our project or if we want to access it from another computer, we would then go repository and pool and pull. We'll download all the changes that we just made. We're now ready to publish those changes for our publisher who can pick it up and print it and everybody can see it. So for this, we're going to create a new repository. It is very important that we choose this format off repository name and these tales get help that this is a special kind of name of repository that will work as our website. And again we're going to remove it from the local path. We can ignorant those three and he'd create repository. Now we can see there are no local changes and here we have our new report, which is empty. So we're going to need to generate this version that is ready for publisher. To do this, we first need to make sure that our Web server is not running anymore on our computer. So for that, I'm going to press control, see, to generate the version that is suitable for publishing. We can simply run. Hugo and Hugo will create all our pages and static files and side maps, everything that's needed for publishing. And we can see by going to find her that there is a new folder called Public Inside Public . There is everything. This is the final version that everybody will be accessing. But I don't really want this version. Toby inside this project. Then why would we create a separate project for this? So I'm going to delete this now, and I'm going to run our Hugo comment again. But this time with a D. H D perimeter for destination and I'm going toe give it a destination, which is users class. This is my user on my computer and then the repository itself, and after that, it will generated there instead. See, the public folder is not here anymore. And if I go to our new public project, all of the files are here now. This is very tidy, and it will help us to separate those things really nicely. I can go back toward the get a pistol, and here I can see there are all those new files now I'm going toe. Give it first look summary he'd commit for safe and publish to a repository. Yeah, this is OK, but I'm going to make sure this is not private. If I keep this private, no one else will access it. I need to make this repository public publish. We can go to our u R l and it looks like it's loading. We have the world correct. We have the title here, but it looks a little bit weird. It looks like not everything is long it properly. And this is a good example to show you How can we fix issues like this? Well, I know. And I need toe reopen. My folder problem here is because of base. You are. This is still the one coming from template. But I want to replace it with our You are all here. So let's do that. I will hit safe and I will rebuild this again. We'll go back toe, get help there. Stop and I can see all those changes. See, every file that was using before the world is now using our own. And I'm going to come in fix base. You are out. I will save it and I will push it into a repository. Once this is complete, the change is actually published and we just need to reload the page. Let's see, we still don't see the changes, but now I know this is because Chrome is trying to be smart and it's tryingto cash all of the views for us. So what we need to do is to clear browsing data and we will clear cached images and files. Let's try again. 21. About Domains: everything we did. A new so far, including all tools and subscriptions, was completely for free. So can stop here if you want. But if you like Reese, she's not totally happy just here. She wants to get her own domain, and getting your own woman is actually pretty easy and cheap, its third somewhere about a door a year. But you can use this domain for your website and for your email address, and it will really help you to get your branding to the next level. 22. EXTRA: Getting Your Own Domain: So if you are like craze and you want that domain and I highly recommend that you do because having a domain makes your website just look much more professionally strongly communicates your branding, and people can recognize the domain and they can remember it. I've been using for my domains name cheap for quite a while now, and I can recommend it because they had good prices, very good services, always some new ops and services. And they also have something special, a feature that we were abusing for email. So if you want to registered just goto name, she go comb, and here you can search your domains. Now I recommend getting dot com domain, which is probably the most trusty than most known the main. But there are lots of other ones with dot com. The only problem is that there are a lot of the mains taken already. You really have to be creative and choose something that is not being taken already. So here I am, already signed in named Chip Account, and want to have your domain both. You can go into the main least where you find your domain and you will go to advanced in advance. VNS you will find this Dennis Ryker Toby Empty. And that's why you need toe Ask new record. You can see I have here to already And I have here too, because I am already running my own website. And for crease. I'm going to set up sub domain. So just to explain, if you buy a domain like I bought here, you will have something like this. Okay, but for my website, I want something like this and for Crease. I want something like this. So I will show you how to set up all of those. If you just bought your domain, only thing you need to do is to go here Toe Evans DNS Click add new record and then as alias. So you would choose an alias here. Then in the host you would at your user name Bookie happened I o and in the value you would as your domain that you just bought. Video can be stayed automatic. You will save it. And this will this row appear here? Will every here. So this you wouldn't have here. Okay, remember just it. An elegance record with your user name and your domain here and that's Oh, now I'm going toe Add one for crease now as well. For that we use See name if you want to Some domain. So for Chris, I would do see name creased and you have to and I can say this now up. These sometimes can't take while maybe an hour until it kind off propagates through Internet and so confined it. So be a little patient. It can take well before these actually works. And also, when you want this to work you all something to go to your get half account. And we need to go to this repository because this is where our DNS is going to be pointing in the website repository hit settings and then we scroll down to get her pages because this is basically the feature that we are using for our website and you can see our side is published right here, but we can change it to our custom domain. So that's what I'm going to do, crease Exquisite, safe. And now we telling get hap that we don't want toe just run in here. But we want to run it on our own domain So now we can go toe, Chris. Thanks, Wise it. And you can see this is already working. So for now, this is not secure. For days I really recommend going back to get help and turning this enforced https. Once you do that, you will have your website more secure. And it will also give it Give a good feeling to our visitors. They will see this. Look, it means if there, for example, said anything any contact information, anything that written here, it will be encrypted. 23. EXTRA: Getting Your Own Email Address: I want to share with you one more tip, and that's getting your own email address. Now you probably already have email address or many of them on Gmail and iCloud, and that's fine. But with your new website running on your domain, do you really want this branding? Toby communicated in your email address as well. So if you have your email, maybe something like this for Crease. This is just an example. Of course it will have these Gmail there and these. Gino doesn't really present anything, you know. It's just it's just a personal email address, but we want a brand it email address, and the way that we can do it for free on named Chip is by using redirect. You know, retail redirect. Email will simply forward everything that comes into our custom email address to our real one, so it acts like a gateway. So, for example, if we add a new form of other here with Chris, and we want everything to go toe Chris, Jimmy address, we say this. And now everything that goes into Chris at Village ex wives that we'll go to her email address. This is great. This gives us a lot of options because you own the domain. You can add a lot of them here. I have one for me. Set up a swell, and you can have also something like info or Hello or contact, and you can really present yourself professionally. Now the only catch here is you cannot reply from email address set up like this. So every time you will reply in, the reply would appear creased email as as the sender. But I think that's fine for most of the cases. If you just presenting yourself, we just want to receive this email. You just want to give some of this car. It's OK over until you're until business really starts when it does, and you really need to have this branding all over. Then you can go and sign up for something like a private email. And that's another solution that will give you a complete male books just like Gmail. But with your own domain name and your own space and everything but you have to pay for is not very expensive, but it's not for free, but this is how you can do it completely for free with your email address 24. Conclusion & Class Project: congratulations. At this point, I'm sure you have a stunning website already running. So please take a screenshot and with website at risk posted in our project files. And if you miss something or if you have any problem for suggestion, please post a comment below so I can do my best to help you. And it will really also help me to these and future classes.