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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Overcoming Stage Fright Introduction

    • 2. Be Passionate Overcoming About What Your Teaching

    • 3. Open Mics & Karaoke Bars

    • 4. Record Yourself Speaking or Performing

    • 5. Get a Part Time Job Selling On Commission

    • 6. Join a Choir at Church

    • 7. Overcoming Stage Fright Thank You

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About This Class

This class will give you some practical tips you can apply to your life immediately to start flushing out that stage fright or fear of being on the stage.

I've been on thousands of stages performing, speaking, and teaching so I understand what it's like to be nervous or afraid.  

Sometimes you have to do it afraid until you've punched fear in the face.

If you want to conquer fear and own the stage sometimes you have to just DO IT AFRAID! 

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Christopher Greenwood



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1. Overcoming Stage Fright Introduction: Hey, guys, thanks so much for checking out this course on overcoming stage fright. Whether you're a speaker, a singer or dancer or just a presenter at work, or you just got to give a lot of public speeches. This course is for you. I remember struggling with stage fright and just had so much nerves running back and forth to the bathroom before I had to go on stage before they'd call my name to get up there. It used to freaked me right out. So I want you to know that you're not alone, because now I can go up on a stage and I don't even care anymore. I don't run to the bathroom. I don't have nerves. I just get up there and I do my thing. And I'm actually excited thinking up on that stage. It's like my home. It's like I lived there. I love it and I want that for you. And so in this course, I want to go over a lot of different tips on how you can really build up your confidence and get rid of stage fright forever so you don't have to deal with it so you can focus on your message. Focus on what it is that you want to do and just enjoy yourself because I think public speaking or performing or dancing anything you're doing on a stage, it should be fun. That's why you do it. That's why you want to do what I think is because you feel like maybe you have a message insider. You Maybe you just have something you want to deliver and so you don't need to be dealing with that fear, that fright, that stealing your joy because you want to enjoy, you wanna love it and you want to crush it. And so I just want to say, you can do this in the practical tips that I'm going to give you in this course are gonna help you huge. 2. Be Passionate Overcoming About What Your Teaching: the first tip I want to give you about overcoming stage fright is be passionate. Whether you're talking about dog training with your talking about health, food, fitness, computers, anything motivational, whatever it is you're talking about going to be passionate about it, I want you to think about why it is. You're sharing this. Like if you really want to help people to help overcome maybe from alcoholism or something like that because you conquered or suicide or something like that. I think about the person and the fact that you want to help them. You want to see them conquers. You want to teach them this. You want to impart something, and so stop thinking about you and how you look and start focusing on your message and how passionate about it you are and that you want to share with someone. It's like you want to get this information that's inside of you out to these people because you know it will help them. Because you know what? I'm making a difference in your life, right? That's probably why you're going up there. Maybe whether it's dancing or whatever it is, you want to put it on to split. You want to help people, You want to make a difference. You want to make an impact. So think about those people don't think about Oh, well, how am I gonna look and focusing all on yourself? That's one of the big things that changed for him when it came to getting up on that stage . I stopped thinking about me and I started thinking about the people and then I care about them and I want to deliver the best thing I can because I care. Not because I'm, like, worried I won't. But no, because I want to rocket. I want them to get this information. I want them to apply it to their lives. I want them to get results. Whatever area that is that you're doing, whatever it is that you're sharing, you want them to get results. You want to add value. So I really encourage you when you're when you're putting your thing together. When you're putting your performance together, think about how passionate you are about this and how excited you are and channel that when you get on that stage in before, whether you're just about to go on the stage your eyes. You're the days are approaching for that event. I want you just think about me. I'm gonna help some people. I'm gonna change some people's lives and that will totally flipped the trigger. And I'll flicked the switch on how you think about it. And it will flush that fear out in that stage fright completely. 3. Open Mics & Karaoke Bars: This is one of my favorite tips in this whole course and that is going toe open mikes or karaoke bars. Yes, it's so true. I'll never forget going downtown, and I'd sign up to these open mikes and I put my name down and I'd be sitting there hanging out, having a drink with my friends and also maybe like they call my name. I'm like, Oh my gosh, I got to go up there And you know what? I couldn't just like not go up there with my friend and there's people like looking at me just like a gay. It's time to go up there, you know, there's like there is no backing down. And I remember getting up on that stage for the first time of that open Mike and I was so scared. I was so nervous. I did my thing. And then I quickly walked back to my seat. You want what happened? The guy who was hosting it called me back up and said, Do something else and I was like, What? I was so awesome. And it's just like, man, find a chicken down. I kept on just letting fear rule My life and I didn't get back up there. I'd still be afraid. And so I was living high that night. But guess what? I went back the next weekend, and I signed up again and I was still nervous. I was still scared, but I wasn't a scared his last time. And then I went again. And then I went the next week and the next week in the next week, and I build up this confidence where they would actually called me the Iron Man of the Open mikes. And I was just like that. So cool, man. And you know what? The fear was gone. I don't care who was in there. I'm gonna go up and I want to do my thing. You know what? The same thing for you. Go sign up, find out. Open mic in the downtown area. See if you can look one. Even if you have to travel a couple hours, start signing up them. Go to a karaoke bar. Get yourself used to being in that line like and not caring. You know, it was a skill. Never forget when we were shooting a lot of music videos in public places, or I'd be sharing my story like this in a public place. It's very easy right now. There's no one around me, just me and the camera guy here, me and you. But there'd be people walking by and I had to get used to kind of talking like this as people are walking by. But you know what? The more I did it, the more I just tuned out these people because I was so focused on you like I'm still focused on you and I want to help. You want to get this message to you? You know, I could care less who was walking around. I could care less. Who is behind the camera went out because I just want to help you out and I just get up there again and I get up there again and I get up there again. So would encourage you've never done it. Go sign up to an open like go sign up to a karaoke. Anything with some friends. Go have some fun and get rid of that stage fright 4. Record Yourself Speaking or Performing: Okay, This one likes sound a little crazy, but what I want you to do is I want you to set up your laptop just like I have my laptop right here. It's got a little camera right there. I want you to open up your quick don player or whatever it is on your PC. And I want you to practice recording and talking to the screen, sharing your presentation. I want you to film yourself, talking to the camera, practicing, doing your little thing, record it, and then I want you to watch it back. I want you to point out the things you do like point of the things you don't like, But I want to rehearse. I'm gonna practice. You can see yourself talking. I know maybe you might be state. You'll be standing when you're giving that presentation or singing or whatever it is you're doing. But practice and film yourself. If it's dancing, I don't care what it is. Practice yourself and force yourself the watch it back. I do not like watching myself back on camera, but I've done it so many times. Why? Because I wanna get better. I want to get better, and then the more I can pick out, like I don't really like the way I do that. But the more you are Hearst, the more you practice and do your thing, the better you're gonna be one. My favorite quotes is poor. What is it? Pour on. Uh, poor preparation equals poor presentation. Poor preparation equals poor presentation. So you want to prepare? You want to practice so you can have a great presentation and kick stage fright in the but 5. Get a Part Time Job Selling On Commission : the next thing that will really help you out for overcoming stage fright is selling on commission. What do I mean by that? I mean about picking up the phone, calling people, sending e mails and trying to sell something. Whether you're trying to sell insurance while you're trying to sell a house while you're trying to sell a speaking engagement of performance engagement, Just sell anything. Get used to picking up that phone, talking to someone on the other light like a cold call. You have ever done cold calls before, but I've done them for my speaking business. I've done that from the music business where I had sent somebody an email about something and maybe they responded. Maybe they didn't. I pick up the phone and ask a is a John there? Hey, John, what's going on, man? I want to talk to you about that email I sent. I don't know if you had a chance to look at her what? Not like OK? And sometimes I get their secretary. Sometimes I get them, but I forced myself to pick up that phone and get on the phone to kind of overcome that fear of rejection get used to talking to people cold and just get me kind of freestyle talking. That will be really good for you, for when you get on that stage and performing to kind of get rid of that stage fright. I was talking about this kid he wanted start performing. He was to start singing on stage and kind of get up there to speak and share his story. And he was worried about what people thought about it. And I said, Man, people are not thinking about that. I said, You know what? You need to just get up there. I said, You remember the first time you called your girlfriend? He's like, Yeah, I'm like, you're scared Morning. I'm like, Were you scared the second time? He's like, No, I said, And then I brought up something else that like, have you ever worked at a job before? He's like actually starting a job next week. I'm like, a little bit nervous. He's like, you have a little bit nervous. I'm like, but you're going, aren't you? I was like he's like, Yeah, well, I'm like, well, get on that state, get on that stage I said, Don't he's like, Yeah, okay, okay. You know, here's one of things I want to ask you. What's the worst thing that could possibly happen if you get up on that stage, What's the worst thing? Write it down. What's the worst thing that could possibly happen? And I said that to this guy, and he's like, You know what? When you put it that way, it's not that big of a deal. I said, Right. Well, what are people gonna They're gonna jump up and start saying You suck your terrible boo. No, it's all in your mind, that's all in your mind. The quickest way to conquer stage fright is to do that, what you're afraid to do. It's actually the conquer fear. If you want to flush, fear out, which is the same thing of states rights, we're talking about fear. If you want to get rid of it, you've got to do that. What you're afraid to do. You got to get it up on that stage. You gotta make those calls. You got to get in front of those people. Do your dance, do you routine whatever it is you got to do, get up there again. And then when you get up there again will be less afraid. And when you get up there again, you'll be less afraid. And the more and more and more you do it, the less you will be afraid. I promise you, it works all the time. You just get up there and then it becomes natural. It becomes really natural. I really hope this part of the course is really added value to you. I want you to do right now is right now the three things that you're most afraid of getting on that stage and look at them like, Oh, that's really not that big of a deal. I guarantee it'll help you out. 6. Join a Choir at Church: This is a really fun tip, whether you're religious or not, or you belong to a different organization but joined the choir at church. Get up there and start singing in the choir and a big group of people so you can kind of hide a little bit. But at least it'll get you on that stage and get you used to going up there. I don't know where you're at. Another one is a share. Your testimony share your story. Sometimes a lot in churches or one of the pastors always looking for someone to share their story of what something happened in their life or what God did in their life. See for opportunities where you can get up on stage and share your story. Give a testimony given vice, you know there's so many different programs and courses and charities and different things that you can get involved in where you can be active in a community in sharing and being a giver and being a volunteer. When you're giving and you're putting yourself in that position, it allows you to talk. It allows you to help and again when you put yourself in a position in a leadership position. Just sharing your story. Getting up on that stage, man. That's gonna help you and build up even more confidence. 7. Overcoming Stage Fright Thank You: Hey, guys, Thanks so much for taking this course. I really opens added value in overcoming stage fright. You know, it didn't happen for me overnight. I had to keep getting up over again and again and again and again until I didn't care anymore. And you know what? Nerves are not necessarily a bad thing. You know, I've heard some speakers say that just means you appreciate the stage. And you know what? You should be excited. I'm not saying you shouldn't have any nerves at all, but I just don't want you to have that fear of you stopping from getting on that stage. I don't want You have the type of fear or nerves that cause you not to be yourself and not to be free on the stage. And the more you practice and put into practice these things I've taught you in this course , the more you're gonna be free to move around and not care. And just be yourself, right? Because like people in the thing, they would be amazed if they could be what you are doing. What you are on stage. You know, you are a non oddity in that way. And you are special in that way by just having the courage to get up on that stage. One of my favorite quotes and I want to end with this is this. Courage isn't the absence of fear. Courage is the Willingness Toe Act. Despite the fear, Do it afraid. Do it afraid. Do it again until you're not afraid and you own that stage. This is Chris Greenwood, four time Juno Award nominated hip hop rock artist, entrepreneur and bestselling author of the book Fighter Five Keys to Conquering Fear and Reaching and Dreams. I Believe in You. Let me know if you have any questions or if I can help cheers.